The Unknown World is a First-Person Action/Adventure Puzzle game that is available on the PC through Steam. The game features a Hero (which you can decide on it's gender and name) who discovers a lost land beneath the surface. The game has a large 3D environment and is Rated T, and will have a release date of January 18, 2013.


There are overall 5 chapters in the game.



Name Description
Bat Bats are the most simplest enemies in the game. They usually fly around and can swoop to attack, but they are only defeated in one hit.
Spiders Spiders are enemies that are kinda larger than a regular Spider and are only seen in webs. They attack by launching themselves to the player's face and trying to bite him/her. They can only be defeated with just one hit.
Scorpion Scorpions are enemies that can use their stinger to attack, but are only defeated in just two hits.
Wolf Wolves are enemies that take a couple of hits to defeat and can jump on the player to attack. Wolves can be defeated easier with larger weapons and other items.
Bear Bears are large enemies and are more harder to defeat than Wolves. They can attack by grabbing the player or using it's claws to attack as well.
Giant Mutated Worms Giant Mutated Worms are enemies that emerge from the underground and will try to attack the player by swallowing him/her then spitting them. The Giant Mutated Worm can only be defeated with guns.
Giant Spiders Giant Spiders are very large Spiders that can be seen on very large webs that are mainly seen on ceilings. They will come down to the ground and try to attack the player. Giant Spiders can be attack by hitting their weak spot (which is their front side) a couple of times.
Toxic Sea Monster Toxic Sea Monsters are Sea Monsters that are only found in pools of Toxic Waste Water. They will emerge from the water and try to spit Toxic Waste at the player to attack. The Toxic Sea Monster can be defeated with guns, dynamite, and bombs.
Ghosts Ghosts are the spirits of the residents that once lived in the city before the incident happened and fell underground. They can attack, but can not be defeated.
Zombie Zombies are enemies that were once residents and were exposed to radiation just like Mutants. Zombies are instead weaker than a Mutant as a Zombie takes only about 2 hits to be killed.
Zombie Torso Zombie Torsos are enemies that are Zombies who all they have is just a torso. Zombie Torsos can crawl very fast and they can grab onto the protagonist's leg. They only take about 2 hits to kill.
Mutant Mutants are enemies that were once residents of the large land, but turned into horrifying creatures after a radiation explosure. Mutants die with a couple of hits.
Zombie Policeman Zombie Policemen are enemies who were once Police Officers before they were turned into infected zombies. Zombie Policemen have their own weapons such as their pistol, and flash grenade.
Zombie Riot Guard Zombie Riot Guards are enemies which are Riot Guards who have been infected by the virus. Zombie Riot Guards are very fast and can attack with their shield and batton.


Melee Weapons

Name Description
Crowbar Crowbars are a simple weapon it can use used to fix bolts and screws, and can also be used to swing at enemies.
Hammer Hammers are weapons that can be swung around enemies and can cause damage to them.
Mallet Mallets are smaller Hammers, but they do take good damage, but they are weaker than a regular Hammer.
Frying Pan Frying Pans are weapons that can be used just to swing enemies. Simple as that.
Baseball Bat Baseball Bats are weapons that can cause major damage to enemies when swung fast.
Golf Club Golf Clubs are as well strong weapons, but they are a bit weaker than a Baseball Bat.
Hockey Stick Hockey Sticks are weapons that are very useful when fighting Zombies and Zombie Torsos.
Knife A simple weapon and can cut enemies which causes damage to them.
Shovel Shovels are strong weapons as they can instantly kill some enemies such as Zombies, Scorpians, and Giant Spiders.
Axe Axes are weapons that can be used to chop up enemies when swung at them. Axes can also be thrown which can cause major damage to enemies.
Guitar Guitars can be used to swing at enemies and can cause damage to them. When the Guitar is used many times, it will break into pieces.
Club Clubs are weapons that are large pieces of wood. When used, they can cause major damage to enemies.






Healing Objects

Name Description
Ham Ham is one of the objects in healing objects in the game. Some of the player's health is healed when eaten.
Drumstick Drumsticks are objects which heal the player's health when eaten.
Sandwich Sandwichs are another item that heals the player. When eaten, the Sandwich heals a bit of the player's health.
Chocolate Bar When eaten, the Chocolate Bar will heal a lot of the player's health and can make him/her fast for a very short period of time.
French Fries When eaten, the French Fries heal half of the player's health.
Cheeseburger When eaten, the Cheeseburger heals all of the player's health.
Pills Pills are objects that when used, they heal some of the player's health.
Syringe Syringes are objects that are used whenever in low of health or a zombie bites the player. The player's health will be healed half way and he/she will no longer be in risk of being infected.
First Aid Kit First Aid Kits are objects which heal the player's health completely when used.



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