The Twisted Cross Symbol

The symbol of the Twisted Cross.

The Twisted Cross is a organization residing in the Fantendoverse. It consists of four members. The group is made up of doctors who do cruel experimentation, with their morals based off their twisted interpretation of the Holy Bible. Leah Needlenam previously was part of the group, but she left the group after a moral conflict.


Pre X-Ray

The group consisted of four members. Oliva, Susan, Kathleen, and Leah all consisted of the group. It is unknown when the group was formed. The group did some nasty experiments on "patients", often deforming them or killing them. One day, a girl who would later be known as X-Ray (a nickname Oliva gave to the girl as Leah left them, as X-Ray had revealed that Leah was nothing more than a squirming coward) was meant to be experimented, but Leah could not bring herself to operate on the girl as she had fallen in love with her. Leah briefly began to realize what she had done and attacked the group, leaving some of them lodged with their own medical equipment and set the place on fire while leaving with X-Ray. The group from then on declared Leah Needlenam a coward and a traitor.

Post X-Ray

The group reformed after Leah's arson and began a search for a new member. They found in it Beth Operatino, who served as Leah's replacement. They began to preform experiments again, this time with some of The Fan's blood. They created a new race of humans called the Esperes, which ranged from stable to unstable. One such Esper was named Trip and he was interesting due to the fact that he was a Catalyst, albeit a very unstable one.

They still look for Leah Needlenam and wish to kill her and X-Ray for betraying them.


The symbol of the Twisted Cross is a distorted cross, made to look similar to a blade. The cross has one edge entirely messed up, while two of them have sharpened into blade ends. The bottom looks like the end of a screwdriver, representing them "unscrewing" the human race.


Known Experiments

  • Switchblade
  • X-Ray (planned to be one, did not work out)


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