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The Tribulations of Chulu: Rebirth of the Spirit is an upcoming 3D Action-Brawler released for the Nintendo Switch. The game is the third entry in the Tribulations of Chulu series and serves as the second entry to take place outside of a Fantendoverse and extrapolates on the Ångström.



The game's plot revolves around Chulu's Group, a band of various characters either encountered during The Tribulations of Chulu: Shelter from Foul Realities, introduced at a prior point or entirely new. The group travels across the Ångström in search of the remaining pages of the Arg'Noktra to complete it and keep the pages from falling into the hands of dangerous individuals. The events of the game occur six years after the previous game with Chulu having gathered various pages over the course of her travels and gradually amassing a large range of magic from them.

The in-game plot sees the crew of the S.V. Eclipse travelling to various world to gather the missing pages of the Arg'Noktra, along the way encountering resistance from the unwilling victims of the Auguries who were having the pages used against them. As the plot progresses the crew also learn of the involvement of Judge's faction who're attempting to take control of the pages for their own purposes, the three-way struggle eventually comes to a head during the tenth Chapter as Chulu's mind, affected by the Arg'Noktra is afflicted leaving her volatile and attacking in a rage. Seeking to take down Judge directly the crew track down Strero an ancient being who'd been in a long struggle against Judge, managing to reach Judge however, him and Chulu enter their dream worlds where Judge attempts to explain his goals to Chulu affirming them to be more benevolent than she initially expected.

After Chulu and Judge explore their inner minds while the now combined forces of the crew, Judge's faction and the victims of the Auguries work together to regain the last remaining pages, the group reunite with a singular goal of taking down the Auguries, managing to cause significant damage forcing the Auguries themselves to react. Having remained mostly in the shadows up to this point the quartet reveal themselves and challenge the combined crew, however each of them are taken down with the last member, Trip, whom had served as an inside informant for Judge was off-handily killed by their leader The Verum/The Fabula (referred to as Verum Fabula) who attempts to squash the crew through an arduous realm that they rule over, despite this however the crew manage to reach and challenge Verum Fabula, even edging enough damage to force their retreat into a broken mirror, through which Chulu, using the Arg'Noktra (which by this point had regained its full power) follows him.

After a second confrontation inside a vortex of the fundamentals of the multiverse, Chulu emerges victorious, giving her time to incite the power of the Arg'Noktra casting it into the Vortex, destroying it in the process. This results in the creation of a new multiverse, where the cyclic nature of existence isn't required as it possesses infinity, allowing the resources to not be limited. In the ending scene, Verum Fabula and Chulu meet up on the Outpost Gamma which Chulu had returned to as the Arg'Noktra had disappeared.

Game Events

Rebirth of the Spirit is split up into 20 Chapters each with several levels which take place across the particular location that the group has visited, during the gameplay the player will have to run through levels with a certain set of characters however on subsequent playthroughs of the levels can choose different characters to play as instead as they're unlocked allowing for alternate paths and non-canonical dialogue exchanges.

Chapter 1


The first Chapter has Chulu, Monu and The Jackalope return to Cravice, the planet where Chulu originally met The Jackalope after reports of unusually changes on the planet. The planet is split up into four levels, the first having them travel through a run-down settlement on the berg planet that usually serves as the trading port with extraterrestrial travellers. After arriving the group find the area overrun by strange slime-like creatures that appear to have painted over various parts of the settlement seemingly to mark territory.

The trio progress through the settlement and reach the Brew Train a mobile bar and hotel that takes them across the vast ice sheets as they battle their way through the corrupted workers of the train who've been painted by the strange slime creatures. Whilst travelling the group reminisce about the last time they were on the planet as they progress through the area with Chulu wondering how they never noticed a second page on the planet last time. The third level takes place within the memory of their first visit and recants the events leading to Chulu and Monu meeting The Jackalope and has them fighting off against waves of strange creatures that had invaded the planet managing to recover that page in the past by teaming up to take out the monster that had used the page of the Arg'Noktra to turn useless minerals into gold.

The final level returns to the present as the Brew Train arrives at the large base, a massive gallery constructed over the old mines where the slimes seem to be congregating. Battling their way through the gallery the group soon come face to face with the first major boss of the game PAIN-T v6.0 whom is using a page of the Arg'Noktra to create the slime-like creatures and assert control over the planet, using it to lure and trap people on the planet with their mind controlling abilities. The group attempt to get PAIN-T to come to her senses however are unsuccessful and forcibly battle the android and her painted slime forces, managing to defeat her and snag the page from her, causing the slimes to dissipate away, reading through the page Chulu notes how it doesn't seem to make sense for PAIN-T to be trapping people on Cravice since there's very little of value on the planet, deciding to take PAIN-T with them a crystal on PAIN-T's chest shatters as a strange figure is seen hiding amongst the shadows watching the group as they depart.

Chapter 2


The second chapter follows some time after the events of the first chapter, before accessing the first level a cutscene plays with the group in the ship the S.V. Eclipse introducing the various existing members of Chulu's Group, overhearing some interactions between the various characters, following Chulu as she enters a large room with a map with many star systems laid out on a large orb, amongst the central table are Stiltana, Darüber & The Jackalope. Chulu asks if they've managed to find out any information on pages of the Arg'Noktra, The Jackalope speaks up noting that he's fairly confident that he's managed to identify a possible page on a planet called Lophic as the planet's star appears to be behaving erratically. Agreeing to investigate, The Jackalope heads off with Stiltana noting that she's concerned since her's and Darüber's research into the Ångström's past suggest that there might be higher forces at work behind the pages turning up randomly. Chulu agrees although notes that for the time being they'll just have to rely on following the trails left by the pages and hope they lead to an answer.

As Stiltana and Darüber head off, Chulu is approached by Monu's Dad, wondering if she's alright noticing Chulu pause, looking down at the Arg'Noktra before looking back. Chulu assures him that she's fine and promises to not push herself too hard, although still concerned about her well-being, Monu's Dad accepts Chulu's promise and tells her that he'll consider the issue settled for the time being although insists that they can handle collecting the pages on her behalf if things get too much. Reassured by Monu's Dad's sentiment, Chulu asks him if he'd be able to come on the next mission just to be sure, Monu's Dad agrees as the scene ends.

The second chapter is split between four levels, Chulu and Monu's Dad arrive on the planet's surface with Cattleya hurrying to join them, declaring that Monu let her swap places for the mission. The first level takes place in the large mountainous area outside of the main Ilawa Temple, various stone-like creatures guard the area as well as deformed Wax people who've lost their minds thanks to the intense heat melting them partially. As the trio progress up through the mountain they contend with various obstacles, the second level, taking place around the peak of the mountain and the valley leading to the temple has them dodging falling boulders and more of the Mad Wax people, eventually coming across pure Fire Elementals who pose a significant danger to Cattleya.

As the group approach the Temple Grounds, they find the exterior to be sealed shut, the third level having the group search for a way in while having to contend with the Wax Sages, powerful martial artists who like the villagers outside of the temple were driven mad by the intense heat, various fire elementals including ones that inhabit the bodies of the Wax Sages becoming Candlelights also pose a resistance. Managing to make it into the Temple proper, the trio find they need to ascend a mighty tower where more Wax Sages and traps await them, reaching the top they find a strange robotic creature praying at the temple, before stopping after noticing them. Getting up the creature introduces himself as Liameno, pondering if they've come to accept the blessing of the Auguries, pointing to the surrounding maddened Wax Sages as examples of the blessing. Chulu retorts, demanding the Arg'Noktra page from Liameno, however Liameno refuses declaring the trio to be lowly creatures who's hands have no right to touch the divine parchments.

A battle between the group and Liameno ensues, the latter using his full arsenal of weapons against them, despite his resistance and the onslaught of Wax Sages and Fire Elementals, Liameno is defeated and collapses, however before passing out, Chulu asks Liameno where the other pages are, Liameno merely laughs however and comments that the Auguries have given them to those that would make devout followers. After collapsing from exhaustion, Liameno relinquishes his page and the sun begins to cool off, a chilling air flowing through the temple grounds as the group leave, the Wax Sages beginning to regain their sanity. Chulu wonders if they should bring Liameno back with them, although Monu's Dad reassures her that the ship has plenty of holding space and they can try to get more information out of him or PAIN-T once they wake up.

Chapter 3


The third chapter has the group head to the planet of Terra Nova III, an earth-like planet mostly inhabited by humans with one megalopolis known as TNT City where most of the people live. Upon arriving on the planet, Stiltana & Brynyn immediately question Helluva Bodacious on his claims that a page would be located on the planet, although despite his very laid-back response he assures them that they're on the right track declaring that the vibes of the people on the planet are out of wack.

The chapter is broken up into five levels, the first level with the group exploring the city streets, coming face to face with gangs of Enhanced Humans, nicknamed E-Humans capable of generating magical abilities running wild, towards the end of the chapter the trio are surrounded by a horde of the E-Humans who're part of a gang that controls the region of the city which Helluva Bodacious believes the page is located in, fortunately however the group is rescued by another group of E-Humans who specialize in generating music which manifests apparitions on their behalf.

The second level has the trio agree to help the Musical E-Humans in exchange for backup storming the area where the page most likely is. The second level having them take back lost territory in a harbour area where the trio have to work their way through a fishery, several docked ships and a packing factory. The third follows on from this with the group crashing a party held by the enemy gang attempting to take control of more people to join their gang, confirming Helluva Bodacious' suspicions that a page of the Arg'Noktra was on the planet, the page's wielder however manages to escape before they make it to the location and so agree to one more job with the Musical E-Humans to get access to the enemy gang's base. The fourth level has the group ride atop a super highway, jumping over various vehicles on the highway attempting to reach a shipment of stolen musical instruments, managing to secure the package and return it to the Musical E-Humans.

The last level of the Chapter sees the trio heading into the HQ of the enemy gang, a giant amphitheater where strange music is heard over the speakers as illusionary effects plague the building causing strange warping effects with weird butterflies appearing to impede the trio's progress. Despite this however, the trio manage to make it to the main performance stage where a lady dressed in a long black coat plays the piano as small blue butterflies hover around her. Noticing the trio, she stops her playing as a humanoid drops down from the rafters above appearing between the pianist and the trio, the humanoid appearing to have butterfly-like features herself introduces the pianist as Vanessa Ridley and herself simply as One. Helluva Bodacious questions One on what kind of a name that is, however One dismisses him as an idiot not worth wasting time over and instructs Vanessa to kill the group.

Vanessa attacks mainly by keeping her distance and using her butterflies to attack having them swarm the trio and attempt to inject the hallucinogenic attributes gifted to them by the page. Despite her offensive, Vanessa is defeated and stammers dropping the page as its control relinquishes over her, One attempts to grab the page however Brynyn intervenes freezing the area around the page forcing One to back-off declaring that the Auguries are aware of the group's actions. Brynyn goes and seals the page as Stiltana and Helluva Bodacious hurry over to Vanessa as the E-Humans begin to regain their sense of self, the Musical Gang steps in and takes control allowing the trio to leave, suggesting they take Vanessa with them since it's no longer safe for her on the planet.

Chapter 4


The chapter opens with a cutscene, where Chulu and Skeletrax approach the brig where PAIN-T, Liameno and Vanessa are being held. As they enter the room, Vanessa is seen still unconscious from their previous bout and PAIN-T hasn't re-activated, Liameno however is seen sitting rather calmly in his cell. The duo approach the Evangel and ask him who the Auguries are and how they've managed to get their hands on the pages of the Arg'Noktra. Liameno merely laughs and notes that even he doesn't know who they are and explains that the pages they were given were laced in some way and took control of their minds, although admits that given he was able to serve a higher power he didn't mind.

Somewhat befuddled by the response, Chulu asks Liameno if he knows where any other pages are, Liameno pauses and thinks noting that he does remember getting into a fight with another page wielder, some ferocious beast that lived on a Desert Planet, noting that the Auguries don't have absolute control and there's still regions of space that rebel against their rule. Liameno agrees to point out the planet for Chulu and Skeletrax on a star map and the duo prepare to leave, however Skeletrax turns and asks if Liameno knows why PAIN-T hasn't re-activated yet, Liameno responds noting that she'd run out of power and needed a new power source noting that the new power source was what gave the Auguries control over her although since Chulu and the others destroyed it she's without power. As the duo leave the brig, Skeletrax comments that he'll try to find a possible power source for PAIN-T so they can try to get information out of her although follows up with wondering if it's really a good idea for them to follow Liameno's advice and go after this page wielder on the Desert Planet since it'd just play to the Auguries' goals.

Chulu agrees with the sentiment although notes that regardless of the external forces at play, the pages are too dangerous when outside of the Arg'Noktra and have to be contained, noting that they might be able to convince the rebel faction to join them. Although somewhat doubtful of their prospects Skeletrax agrees and goes to set a course.

As the ship arrives at the Desert Planet of Scilia, Chulu, Monu & Skeletrax arrive in a vast open desert stretching far into the horizon with ancient rusted structures erupting from the sand with vast sand falls careening off them. The chapter is split up into five levels, with the first level having the group traverse the desert towards a massive metallic structure in the distance, along the way coming face-to-face with the Sand Bandits, rogue humanoids who ambush prey from beneath the sands. After completing the first level the group soon arrive at the base of the massive metallic structure, finding an entrance the second level has them scaling the structure's interior and exterior, clearing out massive sand piles that clogged up the machine's engines as it gradually roars to life once more. Upon reaching the top of the structure they find a large draconic creature devouring a dead sand bandit, the creature turns to face the trio and cackles loudly commenting that he'd expected them to show up, introducing himself as Vortagryn, rather slyly declaring that his master had warned him about them, holding a page up in front of them Chulu orders Vortagryn to give them the page however the beast merely laughs and takes flight.

Realising they need to pursue him, Skeletrax looks over the ancient automaton's control panel and after pressing a few buttons manages to find the power switch and reactivates the giant robot as it whirrs back to life, creaking as massive geysers of sand pour out from its torso. The third level has the robot in pursuit of Vortagryn as the group navigate the interior of the robot attempting to clear out the attacking winged creatures summoned by Vortagryn through strange portals as they attempt to destroy the robot. As the third level concludes, the robot arrives at an ancient city buried among the sand, the robot collapses due to the damage and the group get out beginning the fourth level as they search through the city, coming across unsettling sculptures of people who'd perished in a disaster long ago as well as devious Stone Gargoyles that hide amongst the statues attacking the group when they least suspect it. Fighting through the city the group make it to the large palace at the heart of the city where Vortagryn had fled into, passing through the palace the group soon track down the beast once again.

Refusing to give up his page, Vortagryn attacks the group with his powerful aerial attacks and summoning creatures to fight on his behalf, using ultrasonic sound waves to cause the ground beneath the group to crumble leading to tombs lying beneath the palace. Despite putting up a serious fight, Vortagryn is defeated and falls to the ground, his wings clipped by the group and unable to regain flight admits defeat. Chulu snatches the page from Vortagryn and demands to know who his master is, Vortagryn remarks that he serves the shape-shifter to which Chulu, somewhat surprised by this revelation remarks that Judge is active once again, Skeletrax a bit befuddled asks to be clarified although Chulu reassures him that she'll explain when they get back to the Eclipse and notes that they should take Vortagryn with them since he probably can't survive for long on Scilia.

Chapter 5


The chapter opens with the group arriving at a massive deep space station called the Orbital where the group had picked up suggestions of a page being present within the facility, although its effects being felt in the Digital World in the Orbital's recreation district. The chapter is split up into five levels, the first opens with a short cutscene with Chulu and Darüber planning to enter the Digital World, as they do they're greeted by a girl named Zhurenno who had actually gotten into contact with the group although notes that since Chulu and Darüber are inexperienced with the digital world she'll need them to complete the training course before taking them into the digital world proper.

The first level comprises partially of this Training Course that Zhurenno had set-up complete with training dummies which attack the player, after completing the Training Course to Zhurenno's expectations she decides to join the group and help out in dealing with the invasive force. The second part of the level takes place in the entrance of the Digital World, a large greek-style pantheon with many portals leading to small themed zones where enemies pour in from. After managing to find a portal that wasn't blocked off on the other side the second level begins. Finding themselves in a retro-future style world, the group find the source of the chaos to be originating from a digital world connected through several portals, finding the portal that will bring them closer, the group travel through the futuristic city where astronauts with jetpacks attempt to shoot at them with ray guns.

The third level follows the group as they pass through the portal into the next world, a world where the geometry is incredibly simplistic with even the characters' appearances reflecting it, strange cuboid creatures that exist in the world attack the group as they ascend a massive pyramid that stands in the middle of the world. After reach the top of the pyramid and jumping into the portal at the top the group land in a strange monochromatic world that looks like it was sketched on a blackboard comprising the fourth level.

Traversing through a sketchwork forest and waterfall the group manage to reach a portal leading into the world where the entropy affecting the other worlds was originating from, finding the world to be a film noir-style city with an eternal rainstorm, traversing the world where strange figures in trench-coats attempt to shoot down the group with Tommy-guns, following the trail leads them to an old-style coffee house where a woman dressed in ragged shinobi dress with netted clothing underneath and see-through skin. The lady stands up from her seat and introduces herself as Ethereal informing the trio that she has been well aware of their presence and welcomes them on behalf of the Auguries to the Digital World, noting that it's a favourite location for the Auguries. Readying herself for battle, Ethereal quickly disappears, camouflaging herself with her surroundings and creating distortions in the Digital World causing the coffee shop to gradually shift over the course of the battles between the various environments the trio had travelled through to get to Ethereal. Despite her extreme evasion and deadly aiming with her firearm, Ethereal is eventually bested, the page she was carrying slipping out from her dress allowing Chulu to quickly grab it as the distortions begin to overwhelm the world, Zhurenno commenting that the Noir World was being held together by Ethereal's psyche and suggests they get out quickly.

The group manage to escape with Ethereal into the safer sketchwork world as Zhurenno generates and exit door for them, as the group exit, Zhurenno asks the group if it'd be alright if she brings Ethereal aboard the ship since once people start leaving the digital world they'll likely be after her. Although somewhat hesitant about this, Chulu agrees, as Zhurenno hurries off Darüber confronts Chulu wondering if she's alright noting that she hadn't hesitated over the last few enemies they rescued, Chulu apologizes noting that she must just be feeling a bit off from the Digital World.

Chapter 6


The sixth Chapter begins with Ethereal being brought to the brig by Chulu and Darüber, within the holding cell Fuzzarin, the ship's mechanic is seen working on PAIN-T attempting to get her re-activated, as the duo bring Ethereal in, Liameno approaches them questioning why they brought them here, Chulu simply comments that they figured it was safer for Liameno and the others if they weren't around without the pages of the Arg'Noktra when the planets they were on regained their sanity. Liameno pauses, somewhat understanding of their plight and notes that Chulu should talk to the beast (referring to Vortagryn) as he's probably not told them what's actually going on.

Somewhat perplexed by this, Darüber tells Chulu that he can handle Ethereal and suggests that Vortagryn might give them some more information on Judge now that there's been some time since their fight. Chulu agrees and heads over to a separate holding area where Vortagryn is seen harking down an unfortunate rodent that had snuck aboard, noticing Chulu, Vortagryn quickly wolfs down the rest of the animal and stands to salute her before snidely grinning as he hunches back over. Vortagryn comments that he knows she's come to find out more info on Judge's plan and asks Chulu why she thinks Judge having the pages is such a bad idea, Chulu remarks that she knows from experience how the pages corrupt people, pointing back to Liameno and the others pointing out that most of them were being controlled by the pages themselves. Vortagryn merely snorts in response commenting that the corruption of the mind is merely a sign of a weak willpower and asks Chulu why she think Judge wants the pages, Chulu remarks that given his track record from their previous encounters she believes Judge is intending to attack the Auguries to take control. Vortagryn grins and remarks that she's not entirely wrong but replies that Judge's intents aren't entirely selfish and she should consider carefully which side she's on.

Chulu chirps back that she's not on Judge's or the Auguries' side and is getting the pages back so they can't be a threat to anyone, Vortagryn sits on his cell's bedframe and remarks that he sympathizes with her plight and believes that she does mean well although notes that the pages always corrupt even if it takes time. Somewhat perplexed by his response, Chulu fails to respond and so Vortagryn notes that if she wants to find out more on Judge she should go to the planet Flitlock and find Miu, noting that she might not have a page but she knows a lot more about Judge and would at least be able to give Chulu an idea on where the Auguries are hiding their remaining pages.

As Chulu walks away from the cell, Cattleya approaches her wondering if she intends to follow Vortagryn's suggestions, although hesitant Chulu admits that for the time being they haven't really got a better lead for finding the pages and if Miu knows more about Judge then she might be able to help them find where he is. Cattleya agrees and the duo head off from the brig. A few days pass and the ship arrives at Flitlock as the first level begins; Chulu, Cattleya and Brynyn head down onto the planet arriving in a beautiful town nestled amongst the mountain peaks with trees warped by strong winds decorating the surroundings. As the group enter the town proper, they find they're immediately onset by Judge's forces as well as the local Harpies that call the town their home, seemingly working for Judge as well. As the trio fight their way through the town's streets, weaving through the narrow passages and buildings they reach the town square they're confronted by a large force of Harpies who after defeating them find a secret underground passage beneath the fountain in the middle of the town square.

The second level follows the trio as they traverse the underground caverns where rushing water and more of Judge's forces pose challenges as they traverse the crumbling remains of the path. Managing to get through the caverns the group arrive at an underground mausoleum where the town's dead are buried, the third level takes place in the mausoleum as the group contend with harpies and their ancestor's spirits who attack the group, dealing with the various ancient traps set up by the harpies' ancestors to dissuade intruders the trio manage to make it through the mausoleum, finding themselves on a vast cliffside overlooking the giant ocean the engulfs much of the planet. The fourth level has the group carefully traversing this cliffside path as Harpies and Judge's forces from above pelt them with boulders and spears attempting to knock them off as the old path crumbles beneath them.

The group manage to safely reach the large palace-like museum sheltered away from the rest of the town by a mighty wall, the fifth level has the group exploring the museum, finding various routes to traverse the area however no sign of Miu, however by solving the Museum's puzzle the group manage to open a large pair of golden doors that sit in the middle of the entrance hall, despite seemingly going nowhere, looking through the doors the group find the Curator's quarters allowing them to enter, finding Miu reading over the piles of books within. Noticing the trio enter, the Draconian sorceress attacks immediately with a powerful fire. Managing to evade the attack, Miu angrily snarks at the trio commenting that all the commotion they were making fighting her guards made her lose focus.

Chulu demands Miu to tell them what she knows about Judge, Miu puts down the book she was reading and orders back telling Chulu that she has no obligation to answer her questions, declaring that Chulu and the others barged into her reading quarters unannounced and just expect a response. Sealing the door behind them with her magic, Miu declares that they'll pay for breaking her focus with their lives, as she engulfs the room in an arena of flames. The group battle against Miu who uses her aerial advantage and dangerous, fiery attacks to put pressure on the player, however after being worn down by the group, Miu lands, kneeling in exhaustion and admits her defeat agreeing to forfeit the battle. As the door is unsealed the group exit the museum finding the Harpies had returned back to their senses as the remnants of Judge's Forces are captured or escape through portals, the Harpy's leader approaches the trio and thanks them noting that the foul witch they have with them had put a spell on their minds. Chulu asks the leader if it's alright for them to take her, wondering if they have laws that must be upheld, the leader notes that for her crimes against the Harpies, Miu is banished from Flitlock and can never return and agrees to Chulu's request.

Chapter 7


The seventh Chapter opens with a cutscene where Chulu is seen with Monu and her father sitting opposite Vortagryn and Miu in their part of the brig, Vortragryn comments on his disappointment that Miu couldn't stand up against them, noting that she hasn't been practicing. Miu however quickly snaps at Vortragryn and tells him to shut it, directing her attention towards Chulu noting that she'll help them find Judge but wants them to help Judge in return, rather hesitantly, Chulu asks Miu why they should help Judge. Miu holds back a laugh, clearing her mind before replying, stating that Judge's intentions with the pages isn't for a grand takeover of the Ångström, something she's sure Chulu has been considering up to this point. Assuring the group that she's serious she presents a holographic message given to her by Judge with instructions to track down and clear out Augury presence in three planetary bodies. Miu points out to Chulu that Judge doesn't have an interest in controlling the Ångström, he's looking to clear the Augury's presence out of it, Chulu however remarks that she's doubtful that Judge would just leave the Ångström open to anyone to lay claim as its new controller like that.

Miu comments that Judge isn't interested in the affairs of the Ångström and is looking beyond it, somewhat perplexed by her response, Chulu talks to Monu and her father, wondering if Judge is trying to find a way out of the Ångström. Monu's father ponders on the thought however responds that it's unlikely such a thing would be possible, commenting that the Ångström seems to be a result of universes collapsing in on themselves and it's unlikely there's much beyond the Ångström at this point anyhow, noting that Darüber and Stiltana seem to be in agreement from their research. Monu chimes in, commenting that even if Judge's intentions are more malevolent they can just beat the crap out of him if need be, although a bit bewildered by Monu's response, Chulu agrees and decides to take Miu up on her offer, glad to the response, Miu comments that if Chulu's group helps clear out the three worlds that Judge had specified then she'll direct them to Judge's location.

The Eclipse heads towards the first location, a small planetoid where a gigantic amusement park towers across the largest continent. Miu comments that one of those under the Auguries' thrall had managed to tap into the computer systems of the planetoid according to Judge and has been gradually taking control of all robotic lifeforms. The trio of Chulu, Monu and her father head down to the planetoid's surface right to the entrance of the amusement park. The chapter is split into six levels each having the group travelling across the amusement park. The first having them near the entrance where massive rollercoaster that surrounds the entrance races across the tracks releasing Electrical Sprites from its wheels, the trio having to dodge the areas of the tracks that come down to the ground level as well as deal with the robotic attendants who fire laser weapons at the group.

The second level follows the group as they head into a haunted section of amusement park where more attendants attack them, dressed up as halloween monsters while flying camera robots attempt to fire a prolonged energy beam at them. Managing to get through the haunted house section the trio arrive in a water park section of the amusement park, comprising the third level, where large slides connect the level's major areas together and the large pools hide more attendants lurking beneath. The fourth level follows on from this where the group hop aboard the amusement park's monorail system and have to battle their way through the train where various enemies attempt to block their progression to the front of the train. At the end of the level the train comes to a stop and the group overhears on some speakers a woman's voice call out to them ordering them to leave her amusement park immediately, Chulu attempts to respond back demanding the lady surrender the page of the Arg'Noktra, however this only infuriates the voice over the speaker who blocks off all but one of the trio's exits from the station forcing them into the fifth level into the fantasy section of the amusement park.

Entering the fantasy area the group have to contend with merry-go-round robotic ponies who attempt to charge at them through the dense foliage of the area, finding their way towards a large castle in the middle of the fantasy area, Miu communicates to the group informing them that their target should be within the castle. The group head inside leading to the sixth level, finding the castle having many animatronics which attempt to attack the trio throughout as they climb up the towers of the castle eventually reaching the tallest tower where within a large room with numerous computers looking all over the park can be seen. From within the largest of the computer screens a woman appears on the screen laughing, initially silently before coming through on the speakers, she introduces herself as Pixel and declares the trio as unwelcome guests in her park, clawing her way out of the computer screen taking physical form she attacks the group using various computer functions against them as well as hopping between the computer screens to disorientate them.

Despite her tricky attacks, the trio manage to defeat Pixel, Monu's Dad managing to find the power switch for the computer monitors and shut off the security monitors preventing Pixel from escaping, causing her to crash into one of the screens and knock herself out. Chulu finds the page Pixel was carrying and goes to grab it however gets a slight electric shock from it, to their surprise Pixel faked getting knocked out and attempts to electrocute the trio, however fortunately for them Miu appears with a strange collar which she places around Pixel's neck, draining her of most of her energy and leaving Pixel in a more passive state. Somewhat surprised by her appearance, Chulu demands to know why Miu is out of the brig. Miu comments that she knew they were going to have trouble dealing with Pixel and decided to just let herself out, Chulu questioning if Miu did anything to her friends, however Miu reassures Chulu that she only means to help. The group with Pixel captured head back to the Eclipse, Miu noting that the Auguries are likely beginning to get agitated from the group's constant interference noting portals appearing around the castle as they depart where strange creatures begin to appear.

Chapter 8


Chapter 8 begins with the Chulu talking to Miu in the brig, asking her about where the next target is, Miu remarks that there isn't really a planet for the second target as they're hiding in the Digital World, Chulu noting that they'd tracked down Ethereal's page through that method last time. Miu comments that they'll need to hook up to the Digital World while the rest of the crew triangulate where the target is hiding in actual space. Miu hands Chulu a small disc commenting that the disc has the information regarding where in the Digital World they'll need to go as Chulu heads back out from the brig.

As she's about to head out however, Chulu overhears the others in the brig talking and approaches them finding PAIN-T to finally be active once again, remarking that she should thank Fuzzarin for fixing her up. PAIN-T apologizes for her actions and comments that she knows some information about the Auguries and offers it to Chulu, accepting her offer, Chulu listens to PAIN-T as she elaborates. PAIN-T describes the Auguries as four powerful entities who's control over the Ångström is more indicative of a sort of pressure, noting that they often simply make suggestions and things flow the way they want. PAIN-T further clarifies that the pages were cursed by One who seems to be working with the Auguries on her own free will rather than being mind-controlled to degrees. Chulu asks PAIN-T if she knows if One is the target in the digital world, PAIN-T apologizes however and notes that they never told any of them who the other page holders were, probably to keep it a secret. Chulu thanks PAIN-T for giving her the info although as she's about to leave PAIN-T asks Chulu what she's going to do with them if she manages to get all the pages back, Chulu admits that she's not sure and simply replies that they'll cross that bridge when they reach it before heading off.

The eighth chapter is comprised of six levels where Chulu, Helluva Bodacious & Zhurenno must traverse. The first level opens with them travelling to track down a report of abandoned Digital World devices, as the group arrive at the small spaceship carrying them, they find as they explore the run-down ship portals open up and the Auguries send forces through in an attempt to stop the group. After managing to find the machines and bring them back to the Eclipse, Zhurenno works on making them functional again. A few days pass and the second level begins as the group enter the Digital World once again, this time following the coordinates laid out on Miu's disc. The level has the group traversing through a cyberpunk city appearing rather run-down and chaotic, following towards a strange bar nestled in the back streets of the city where the target's doorway to their realm is located, as the group arrive at the bar however they find it locked up, Chulu attempts to break in although Zhurenno comments that it won't work since the lock is digital in nature, this however ends up causing Chulu to accidentally set off an alarm as police sirens begin to blare in the distance, Zhurenno noting that Chulu must've triggered a protective software and suggests they try to find a back door to the bar. The group look around, fighting off the protective software that takes the form of police and terminator-esque androids.

The third level begins once the group break into the bar through a back door, finding the interior to be far larger than the exterior, Zhurenno commenting on how it's actually pretty normal for this sort of thing in the digital world. Exploring the bar the group are onset by more of the protective software as they explore the labyrinthian layout for the doorway leading to their target while contending with multiple shoot-outs and bar brawls as much of the bar's furniture is used for both cover and as weapons. After managing to find the doorway they travel through, finding themselves in a strange cathedral-like building comprising the fourth level as the group attempt to track down their target finding numerous murals and decorations relating to four figures, listening over their communications, Miu chimes in noting that the cathedral is most likely a manifestation of the target's perception of the Auguries. As the group delve deeper through the cathedral they encounter strange creatures attempting to block their path, Zhurenno noting that they're likely digital constructs designed to protect the cathedral. Fighting their way through the constructs, the group find a passageway leading underground into a basement section where distinctly coloured candles provide the only light in the area, as the group progress through the underground as the fifth level they come across strange hooded figures who similar to the constructs attempt to block their progression, as the group delve deeper into the underground the architecture becomes warped and twisted, the walls taking on an organic-like appearance as strange runes glow on the ceiling and floor.

The sixth level has the group make their way into a large cave opening where a pedestal sits atop a tower, hanging from the ceiling. The group traverse the area encountering more resistance although eventually manage to make it to the tower by way of a bridge, finding within the tower four large tombs as they ascend upwards. Managing to reach the pedestal, Zhurenno wonders where the target is, noting that they seem to be right next to them. As the group look around, Chulu gets an unearthly feeling like they're being watched and notices out of the edge of her vision a blade of red energy come sweeping towards them, quickly grabbing the other two and ducking down they manage to avoid the blade as it cleaves part of the pedestal off. Looking around the trio notice a humanoid creature staring back at them on the bridge below, suddenly shifting its form the creature very quickly begins ascending the tower's exterior as the trio ready to fight. The mysterious target attempts to ambush the group repeatedly by attacking from beneath and using various melee and ranged attacks in an attempt to knock the trio off the tower, however this also leaves the target open to attacks from the player as they gradually whittle down the target. Managing to clamber up onto the tower's peak the target collapses in exhaustion, over the mic the trio hear Skeletrax comment that they've managed to track down where the target is in the real world and tells the group they'll be brought out.

As the Eclipse arrives at a small cloaked ship drifting in space, they head aboard where they find the unconscious target, looking around Chulu finds the page of the Arg'Noktra sealed in a sort of container, removing it from the container as Chulu grabs it she has a sudden vision of the tombs from the tower unsealing themselves. As she regains herself she sees the trio detaching the target from the Digital World, finding a small note in the container referring to the target as NULL. Wondering why NULL never used the page of the Arg'Noktra against them, she approaches NULL who suddenly awakens, knocking Helluva Bodacious and Zhurenno off their feet and stammering back, however before Chulu can do anything NULL grabs onto the helmet attached to her head and claws at it repeatedly tearing it apart, managing to get it off as an electrical discharge is released through the removed helmet before exploding. NULL rather abruptly collapses after this as Helluva Bodacious and Zhurenno get back on their feet, Chulu commenting that it looks like the Auguries were trying to prevent NULL from surviving if she was captured as the group bring NULL back to the Eclipse.

Chapter 9


The ninth chapter is comprised of six levels, the first level opening with the Eclipse arriving on the planet of H'shice a frigid tundra of a planet with small floating settlements that bore into the land below. The level opens with Chulu, Stiltana and Brynyn traversing the entrance and interior of a large icy cavern which has slippery floors causing the trio to slide around chaotically, as the level progresses we find out that their next target is in fact One who had managed to set-up on the planet some time ago and was using the page of the Arg'Noktra to enhance her mental abilities warping the minds of the locals to such a degree that they believed they were ravenous demons. As the group progress through the icy cavern they begin to come across structures hinting at the floating settlement above while dealing with the territorial wildlife within the cavern.

Managing to reach a large building encased within the ice, the second level sees the trio attempting to reactivate the teleporter leading up to the settlement, Stiltana remarking on the incredible force fields the people of H'schice possess given their ability to block non-authorized teleportation. After managing to reactivate the teleporter's engine and clearing out a pack of Lycarians who'd holed up in the control room of the teleporter the trio head up to the settlement proper, finding that despite its altitude the weather is far more pleasant as the third level has the group traversing the settlement where buildings appear to have been built gradually on top of one another as the population grew, refusing to build another floating settlement to reduce the overcrowding. The group find as they attempt to approach the large central hall in the middle of the settlement that they're blocked by the warped townsfolk of the settlement.

Despite considerable resistance the trio manage to make it to the large hall beginning the fourth level where massive portraits of past leaders as well as numerous statues depicting the gods of the H'shician people can be seen including a very large and prominent figure for the Auguries themselves. Chulu comments on how the coordinates suggest that One is likely hiding beneath the statue, although intending to destroy the statue, Chulu is dissuaded by Stiltana and Brynyn who manage to convince her that it would be best to simply move the statue. Agreeing to this, the trio manage to find the switches needed to shift the statue revealing another teleportation pad.

Taking the teleportation pad the trio are brought to the fifth level of the chapter within a strange set of laboratories where numerous animals are seen being kept in containment pods as their DNA is experimented on by the researchers of the labs. As the group head through the labs they find records on dozens of species some even reportedly originating from the universes that lead to the Ångström. Coming across ferocious abominations that appear to have spliced the creatures together the trio fight their way through the unsettling labs. Eventually coming to a large set of doors opening up to the sixth level where they find themselves in some sort of enclosure as animals and hybrids move about freely. Eventually after some exploring the trio come across One resting rather peacefully atop a tree, noticing the trio One instinctively gets up, looking at the plants around them warping them into twisted and unrecognizable appearances in an attempt to intimidate the trio.

One comments that she knows why they came, presenting the page of the Arg'Noktra in her hand, noting that she'll let Chulu take it if the trio can best her in battle, commenting that it seems to be a bit of a tradition among so many lifeforms. Although a bit put-off by One's strange mannerisms Chulu agrees and the trio charge at One to battle. The battle against One is rather distinct as she generally avoids direct attacks and so instead utilizes her mental manipulation to create false copies and generate powerful beams of energy that the trio perceive as real. Although proving remarkably dangerous to go up against the trio seem to edge out a victory, Chulu walking over to pick up the page, however as she does so One regains consciousness attacking Chulu with a mental attack causing her to briefly see glimpses of the Auguries before collapsing. Despite attempting to escape, Stiltana and Brynyn manage to snag One by using a combination of Stiltana's Hydrokinesis and Brynyn's Cryokinesis to freeze One's wings preventing escape while also quickly attaching a collar around her neck preventing her from messing with their minds.

Realising they don't have much choice for the time being, Stiltana and Brynyn decide to bring One and Chulu back to the ship, remarking that she seemed to be exhausted from all the battling recently.

Chapter 10


The tenth chapter opens with a cutscene taking place shortly after the events of the ninth chapter, with the crew resting following the encounter with One, the scene shows the brig where One and the others are gathered. One questions whether they intend to stay, with PAIN-T admitting that she hasn't really got anywhere else to go, Liameno remarks that he doesn't know what the crew expects to accomplish from collecting the pages, remarking that the Auguries haven't even shown themselves yet. PAIN-T however, rather optimistically notes that it's possible they could overcome the Auguries, although Ethereal comments wondering whether removing the Auguries from power would be such a good idea given the Ångström seems to be functioning pretty fine as is, however Vanessa chimes in reminding Ethereal that they'd been forcibly put under mind control by the Auguries shifting her glare to One who rather sheepishly backs off. Liameno admits that he's cautious about the whole situation and suggests they sit back and see how things pan out, siding with whomever emerges victorious, although frustrated One agrees with Liameno's sentiment.

Some unknown amount of time passes as Miu and Vortagryn have been let out from the brig after gaining the trust of the crew, the scene shows Miu as well as Chulu and the ship's celestial navigator Gilyd S. Ynreth a rather pompous little mammalian detective, gathered around the map room. Miu points down onto the map to a part of space rather absent of any celestial bodies, Chulu questioning the significance of it, remarking that the density of space varies plenty from place to place, however Miu argues back noting that it's not just an gap in space density but a deliberate one, noting that they'll need to go there to see for themselves. Although hesitant Chulu agrees and asks Gilyd what he thinks of the situation, Gilyd remarking that either Miu is telling the truth or she's leading them into a black hole, surmising that the latter is unlikely since Miu has no means of escape if they get pulled in. Although not confident with Gilyd's response and the possibility of falling into a black hole Chulu snarks at Miu that they're currently out of leads and so will head to the coordinates.

The tenth chapter is comprised of six levels, the first taking place in the void of space where the group identify and decloak a small space port, barely large enough to dock the Eclipse on. Hopping out; Chulu, The Jackalope and Cattleya head towards the entrance. The first level has the group contending with Judge's forces attempting to protect the space port cluing the group in on the validity of Miu's claims. Managing to get into the space port they find a teleporter which takes them onto a planet hidden within a special field, cloaking its mass and spectral appearance, the planet's rather strange yet familiar atmosphere giving Chulu uneasy vibes. Looking up they confirm that the planet is indeed hidden out of view as the Eclipse can be seen maintaining an orbit above. The second level has the trio heading through dense jungles and swamps fighting off native wildlife as well as scatterings of Judge's forces on the planet attempting to prevent the group from pressing onwards. As the group manage to make it to a clearing they come across a rather advanced looking city nestled amongst a vast valley of vines and giant trees, as the group approach the city however they overhear Judge's voice through some sort of communications system warning the residents of the city that unlawful intruders have entered the city and declares a lockdown, to Chulu's shock however as guards begin appearing around them from the side streets of the city she finds they're in fact Snail Dragons, although confused about the entire situation she has little time to process the situation before the trio are onset by a deluge of attacks from the guards.

Managing to escape through the city, the trio find themselves led into an old mineshaft where the Snail Dragons chasing them seal the entrance behind them, seemingly to try and trap them in the mines. Although confused about the entire situation, Chulu buries her thoughts and ignores The Jackalope attempting to bring up the strangeness of the situation to her, remarking that they need to remain focused on the goal of finding Judge. As the trio head through the third level, taking place in the mines they find they're not alone as ferocious and unsettling arachnid-like creatures hiding within the mines attempt to attack the trio, however thanks to some fortunate equipment left behind by the old miners the trio manage to escape after riding on a motorized minecart on the crumbling tracks. The fourth level sees the group arrive out through the top of a waterfall and crashing into another swamp-like environment on the outskirts of the city, a poignant odor fills the air as the trio attempt to make their way back to the city with Chulu remarking that Judge is almost certainly back in the city somewhere, as the group travel through the swamp they come across the origin of the foul odours, a strange fungi-like creature that disguises itself amongst the foliage which attempt to chase the group, only to be ensnared by a massive Venus-Fly Trap-esque creature.

Managing to make their way back to the city, the fifth level shifts things up with the return visit seeing a much more heightened security force of Snail Dragons attempting to find the trio, leading to the trio having to fight of hordes of enemies if they get caught in the spotlights raining down on the city from airships above. Eventually the group manage to find a large structure that Chulu surmises must be where Judge is holed up as she quickly races ahead of the others, getting separated as a large gate shuts behind her. The Jackalope and Cattleya are only playable during the first half of the sixth level where they have to traverse the back areas of the arena where more Snail Dragon Guards and Judge's Forces attempt to ambush them, eventually making it up to the rafters where they head towards a seating area for the leader of the arena, however upon arriving they find it strangely empty. The second half of the sixth level cuts back to Chulu trapped in the arena as Snail Dragons pile into the arena cheering, a voice is heard over the speakers in the arena as a lady welcomes Chulu to her kin's home planet, Chulu somewhat taken off-balance by this declaration stammers to question the announcer where Judge is, however the announcer and the crowd merely laugh noting that Judge wouldn't leave himself so vulnerable to attacks by hiding on a planet.

The announcer declares however that this meeting isn't about Judge however declaring that Chulu herself is the focus of this meeting, asking the crowd if they know what time it is as the crowd cheers back loudly the words "Rite of Passage", the announcer asks Chulu how much she really knows about her heritage to which Chulu sheepishly admits that she doesn't know much but then rather confidently declares that it doesn't matter, however the crowd boos Chulu for this response as the announcer declares that for Snail Dragons, adulthood isn't just about reaching a certain age but rather proving one's self to be competent and notes that for Chulu's rather brutish nature the most fitting proof would be a trial by combat as the crowd erupts into cheer. The level progresses through a series of waves where Chulu alone must face off against numerous enemies, initially those encountered throughout the chapter however about 1/3 of the way through the waves the announcer introduces a new enemy called a Polymorph which is able to take the form of enemies from other chapters to give the player more trouble. Although a brutal fight Chulu manages to stave off the waves of enemies as the crowd cheers at her success and boos when she takes significant damage. After a penultimate round against a rematch with the fungal monster from the fourth level of the chapter the crowd cheers and the announcer congratulates Chulu on her success, Chulu demanding to talk to the announcer directly, the crowd going rather silent from this request, the announcer rather calmly responds that she'll grant Chulu that wish, as a puff of smoke appears on the opposing side of the arena as the announcer appears before Chulu, introducing herself as Calea second-in-command of Judge's forces. Chulu demands Calea tell her where Judge is, however Calea remarks that even if she did want to tell Chulu there's no way for Chulu to get to Judge and notes that it wouldn't matter anyhow as she has yet to fully prove herself as an adult in the audience's eyes.

Chulu questioning what Calea means to which she responds that in Snail Dragon culture, requests made during a rite of passage are considered a challenge relating to that rite and as such Chulu in the eyes of the audience has sought to face Calea in battle. Chulu attempts to walk back on the accusation remarking that she has no intention to fight Calea, however Calea calls out to the audience what their response is as the crowd bellows with a desire for the two to fight. Calea removes her cloak revealing her true appearance including a distinctly coloured arm which swirls with energy. As Calea charges at Chulu to attack her the fight begins, Calea using powerful elemental magic in an attempt to constantly force Chulu to keep moving and rapidly shifting between the four types of magic to remain unpredictable while using her wings to quickly jump back in case the player attempts to play overly aggressively. Although Calea proves to be exceptionally tricky to deal with Chulu manages to overcome her barrage of attacks and after defeating Calea tackles her to the ground as a rainstorm approaches causing the audience to quickly leave, the two now alone aside from the Jackalope and Cattleya who manage their way down to the arena itself where Chulu is seen furiously punching Calea in an uncontrollable rage, as Calea refuses to admit defeat, even grabbing the Arg'Noktra from her side, however The Jackalope's quick reactions shoot the book out of Chulu's hand as Cattleya uses her plants to restrain Chulu although only barely. As Calea simply laughs at the entire ordeal, getting up to her feet clutching her arm in pain, the Jackalope quickly reacts using an adhesive arrow which quickly shuts Calea up and keeps her from using magic as Cattleya releases Chulu from her binds as Chulu falls to the ground, punching it in frustration.

The Jackalope approaches Chulu, rather cautious to her lashing out as he looks closer seeing her mind in a blank state as she just stares at the ground, attempting to get her attention, The Jackalope looks directly at Chulu as she finally realizes his presence snapping back to her sanity before rather abruptly passing out. The Jackalope tells Cattleya that they need to leave now and Cattleya agrees as the duo carry Chulu with Calea following alongside them, bound by the adhesive arrow and the Arg'Noktra returned to Chulu.

Chapter 11


The eleventh Chapter opens some time after the events of the previous chapter, Chulu having collapsed after fighting Calea wakes up back on the Eclipse, with Stiltana and Brynyn seen keeping an eye on her, with Stiltana welcoming Chulu back wondering if she's alright. Chulu remarks that she doesn't really remember, commenting that she remembers fighting Calea but thought she blacked out part way through, Stiltana remarks that she'd heard from the Jackalope about the fight and asks if Chulu remembers beating Calea and what happened after that although Chulu notes that she can't remember.

Brynyn questions if Chulu felt strange during the fight although Chulu comments that she just felt very in-sync with herself during the fight as though her motions were being carried by an external force. Brynyn notes that he's wants to investigate the Arg'Noktra, concerned that it might be affecting Chulu's mental state, although hesitant Chulu agrees and gradually recovers herself. The scene shifts to a few days with Chulu back up on her feet and is seen heading into the brig where Skeletrax and the Jackalope are seen talking to Calea. Chulu asks the duo if they've managed to get much out of her to which Calea makes a snide remark at Chulu telling her that she should work on her punches, although a bit put off by this Chulu rather abruptly apologizes to Calea admitting that she doesn't know what came over her. Calea tells her not to worry about it and comments that she was just telling the duo about how feeble it would be for them to try and find Judge, as Chulu sits down in the vacant seat she asks what Calea means. Calea recants that Judge doesn't just hide himself in the three spacial dimensions but also in time itself, commenting that the Auguries might be powerful by they have no governance over time as it doesn't properly flow in the Ångström.

Chulu asks Calea how they would find Judge to which Calea remarks that with their current tech there's no way for them to reach him, rather snidly declaring that Judge is always a few steps ahead of everyone, however catching Calea off guard, Pixel chimes in from the other side of the brig, declaring that Calea's probably forgotten about him, causing Chulu to ask who "he" is, to which Calea rather abruptly shuts up, Pixel, deciding to take control of the conversation asserts that Judge has a long history that the Auguries have been keeping track of with an individual named Strero noting that he's at least as old as Judge and has apparently been hunting Judge for years. Chulu asks how they can find Strero to which Pixel admits that he's a bit tricky to get a hold of, remarking that her only encounter with him was years ago when they happened to cross paths during one of his active hunts, remarking that he's probably already aware of Judge's decision to hide within time and so is probably devising a way to access Judge's hiding place and suggests the group track down anything to do with speed; races, experiments, athletic events as he'll probably use something of the sort to mask his true intentions.

The eleventh chapter begins proper with Chulu, Skeletrax and Monu arriving on a large planet-shaped space port that Skeletrax declares as the Infinium Sapienta remarking that the collective consciousness of the Ångström's computers under Augury control gather and store information in the space port, although remarks that they probably won't give up the information willingly. The first level of the chapter has the trio breaking into the Infinium Sapienta to track down information on Strero, finding the labyrinth-like design tricky to navigate. Eventually managing to find mention of him participating in a space race. The second level follows the group as they head towards the location where the space race is intended to start, however along the way are onset by Space Pirates who attempt to attack the ship, Skeletrax surmising that they're likely hired hands by the Auguries for revenge against their trespass on the Infinium Sapienta. Despite posing a significant threat to the Eclipse the group manage to fight off the space pirates, freeing them from their chase allowing the ship to make an escape.

After the dust settles the third level has the group arrive at the racetrack, a series of floating buoys and a series of small space ports around the starting line. The group attempt to find where Strero is although have little luck, however begin running into Judge's forces, realising they were using the group to help bring them to Strero, managing to fight them off the group manage to track down Strero. A cutscene plays out where Strero threatens the trio questioning their loyalty, Chulu attempts to explain their intentions which manages to calm Strero down, remarking that he'd thought he'd managed to escape the assassins sent after him although rather perplexingly wonders how they know about Judge. Chulu catches Strero up on the events to which Strero remarks that their deductions about his intentions are correct and he's managed to track Judge through space-time itself, although hesitant he admits that with the way things are Judge will know he's still being hunted and will put up a more considerable defence than usual and agrees to help refit the Eclipse with the technology needed.

The fourth level has the group travelling via the the Eclipse through space-time, however as they do so they begin to run into a number of Judge's forces once more attempting to stop them, the trio along with Strero backing them up fight off Judge's forces, managing to dislodge the ships that had attempted to latch onto the Eclipse. Eventually with the ship's engines building up enough potential energy the Eclipse vanishes just as two massive space ships collide with one another in an attempt to destroy the Eclipse. As the fifth level opens, the ship rather abruptly loses control and crashes into a moon-like structure, although badly damaged Strero asserts that they can fix the ship up later and insists that they hunt down Judge before he decides to make an escape, exiting the ship the fifth level has the trio and Strero traversing a massive ancient canyon with ruins of an ancient civilization that seemed to worship Judge being found throughout, managing to fend off a number of Judge's forces and the undead guardians of the canyon, Strero becomes separated from the group when inspecting a series of glyphs believing they were a secret passage.

The sixth level continues with the trio now on their own coming to a massive obsidian spire bursting from the ground and seemingly having grown like a tree in spite of its metallic and rocky appearance. Traversing the spire the group run into nearly overwhelming numbers of Judge's forces who attempt to prevent the trio from progressing upwards, however with enough force and ingenuity in dealing with Judge's strange space-bending puzzles the trio make it to the top of the spire where they find Strero captured in an electrified cage that is seen draining his energy as a familiar figure is seen standing of in the distance looking out over the horizon. Judge turns to face the trio welcoming them to his little home away from home, declaring that he's impressed they took the time to visit remarking that he'd heard they were on a rather busy schedule with collecting some pages for an old book, wondering where the book is as Chulu doesn't have it on her. Chulu orders Judge to hand over whatever pages he has on him although Judge's playful attitude shifts to a more serious tone as he remarks that Chulu is in no position to make demands of him and declares that he'll only consider her request if the trio can at least prove that they're not wasting his time with their existence. Judge snaps his fingers as the electrified cage over Strero strengthens and causes him to screech in pain as it wraps around his body like the strings of a puppet.

With no other option, the trio are forced to fight against Strero being controlled by Judge through the electrified cage, forcing Strero to use his time-bending abilities and Electrokinesis in an attempt to outflank the trio, as well as using his energy grinding ability to unleash powerful blasts of pure energy from his mid-section. Despite Judge's control however the trio manage to fight off Strero as Chulu calls out to the Jackalope revealing him to have been hiding the Arg'Noktra on him, Judge rather disappointed to see the book as Chulu uses its power to channel one of the pages tearing the electrified cage off Strero who gasps for air as he's freed, Chulu immediately flips through the pages to Immolate and unleashes a powerful fiery blast directly at Judge who quickly metamorphizes into a Fire Sprite absorbing the energy without trouble. Judge remarks that Chulu is far too predictable with that book and comments that her collection of pages are nothing compared to his natural abilities, shifting again, Judge transforms into a cloud of Popox Spores that rapidly spread through the air latching onto the trio draining them of their energy and knocking them unconscious as the chapter concludes.

Chapter 12


The twelfth Chapter immediately takes place after the previous chapter with the player being taken into the dream state of Chulu, finding herself alone on a manifestation of Terminal Outpost Gamma, the space station she'd grown up on. Looking around Chulu finds the place eerily quiet with none of the usual bustling noise she associates with it, a figure approaches her from the shadows initially appearing as a silhouette of her mother however quickly shifts form revealing himself to in fact be Judge. Chulu almost immediately prepares to attack although Judge tells her that he has no interest in fighting for the time being and comments that he brought them into her dream to try to understand one another better.

Chulu rather aggressively questions Judge's motives commenting that he's just after a power grab by pushing the Auguries out of power to which Judge simply shakes his head in disappointment and asks Chulu to guide him through this dream world of her's noting that he's not very familiar with it. Although reluctant Chulu agrees, the twelfth chapter is comprised of six levels with Chulu and Judge working as a duo whilst traversing the dream world the first level taking place on the manifestation of Terminal Outpost Gamma where Chulu's memories are at their most potent, as they travel through the mechanical halls the rooms shift and warp forming unnatural almost Escher-esque layouts, along the way encountering Shub Cultists, who Chulu remarks were the first real adversaries she ever faced commenting that in hindsight they almost seem quaint although Judge attempts to sympathize with Chulu commenting that standing up against an opposing force is merely a matter of perspective and notes that he'd read up on the Do'Mkai when initially finding out about the Arg'Noktra and surmises from the literature that the Cult of Shub's chaotic ways would've only led to destruction with the Arg'Noktra, Chulu however remarks that his attempts at appearing agreeable are blatant and after traversing through the outpost finds a doorway leading to her room, only for it to drop them in a massive, freezing labyrinth made of rock, ice and metal.

The second level takes place in the labyrinth with Judge commenting that the labyrinth is a manifestation of Chulu's id and warns her that most people's ids are animalistic in nature, sure enough the duo begin encountering purely bestial creatures in the labyrinth some appearing as draconic monsters with acidic breath and others as giant gorillas capable of shaking the ground, Judge determining that Chulu's heritage has lead to her id forming two competing factions and wonders which is more dominant to her. Chulu just ignores Judge's attempts at striking up another conversation and focuses on finding her way through the labyrinth, eventually reaching the very heart of the labyrinth where a giant statue of Chulu herself stands atop a large platform, Judge admitting that it's rather quaint, Chulu questioning Judge as to what he means to which Judge simply replies that it doesn't matter, approaching the statue the duo stand on the pedestal as Judge comments asking Chulu what she would do about the Auguries, as the pedestal activates rising up through the air, Chulu comments that she's not sure herself but she knows that whatever he has plans to do would only lead to more damage. Judge, a bit disappointed by the response remarks that Chulu would rather perpetuate the titan-like grip the Auguries have over the Ångström rather than take a chance that maybe he has good intentions. Chulu attempts to rebuttal the argument although simply fumes in frustration as the pedestal reaches a large building floating in the sky above the labyrinth, finding themselves within an ancient-looking temple with many decorations of human and snail dragon origin throughout.

The third level has the duo traversing the temple as Judge attempts to pry into Chulu's logic, prodding her with questions of what she would do if one of her friends became loyal to the Auguries and what she would do if she either had to let herself be killed or kill all the Auguries at once, although Chulu attempts to respond to the questions she simply gets frustrated and lashes out against Judge telling him to shut up, Judge deciding to abide by the demand remains silent for the rest of the level as the two explore the temple encountering large suits of armour that guard the inner areas of the building. Eventually finding another doorway the two head through, landing in a rather whimsical forest where a soft fog blows through as small fireflies illuminate the surroundings. The fourth level has the duo exploring the forest as they're onset by wolves and will-o-the-wisps which attempt to attack them from the darkness of the forest's foliage. Judge attempts to explain his intentions to Chulu, insisting that he has no interest in a power grab however insists that no matter what resistance she may put up he will not be stopped in his goals. Chulu attempts to cut into Judge's logic by questioning if he'd be willing to risk losing Calea and the other followers if it meant success to which Judge rather nonchalantly replies that it's a sacrifice they're all aware that he's willing to make. Although attempting to turn the shift of the conversation on Judge, Chulu finds that he simply responds to the questions she asks coldly and without hesitation as the duo work their way through the forest it becomes darker and darker, almost reaching an inky-black void.

As Chulu finally notices the shift in scenery she questions where they are, Judge remarks that they're on a horizon and warns Chulu that the road ahead is not one he would normally travel down. Chulu asserts however that there is no part of her mind that isn't in sync with her, however Judge simply responds by questioning that certainty. As shapes begin to form around them, the duo enter the fifth level where a twisted wasteland on some lonesome planet drifting far into space envisions itself around them, Chulu remarking that the scenery is rather dreary, however before she has much time to respond she notices something on the horizon, twisted humanoid forms with jittery and unnatural movement charging towards them, screeching in agony, somewhat upset by the sudden sight, Chulu and Judge fight off the abominations as more appear, the duo finding refuge in a large abandoned skyscraper seemingly in the middle of the wasteland, however as the duo head into the skyscraper they find their safety to be more of a deathtrap as the abominations manage to ignite the base of the building as a fire begins climbing its way up, Chulu and Judge attempt to outrun the flames as they ascend the building fighting off the few abominations unlucky enough to have been in the building. Eventually reaching the top Chulu begins to panic fearing that she's going to die, Judge attempts to snap Chulu back to reality although as the flames grow closer decides to make a more drastic decision and asks Chulu if she trusts him, Chulu at this point however having completely froze up doesn't respond with Judge remarking that it'll have to do as Judge picks Chulu up and jumps from the building, morphing his legs into powerful grasshopper-like legs before quickly growing wings to fly, however an intense gravity surrounds them causing Judge to begin crashing towards the ground, however with a last minute thought manages to shift his core into that of a ferromagnetic creature using magnesis to slow their descent, managing to land safely.

As Judge puts Chulu down on the ground assessing the surroundings he asks her if she's alright to which Chulu, finally manages to respond rather timidly responding with no. Judge comments that it's not much of a surprise given where they are and tells Chulu to focus on anything else except where they are right now, although clearly having trouble Chulu does so and a doorway manifests itself allowing the duo to leave the desolate world. The sixth level has the duo arriving at a recreation of the arena that Chulu had fought Calea in before, Judge suddenly feeling his body overwhelmed is pushed back to the opposing side of the arena where Chulu comments that she'd hoped when they travelled to that world she'd finally find him and put an end to his terror as a crowd of spectators appear along the rafters. Chulu readies herself to fight Judge as Judge realises he has no other option but to fight, despite possessing a large number of abilities Judge seemingly decides to stick to his standard arsenal of attacks, rather restraining himself as such the fight is rather easy, almost intentionally so with Chulu's attacks seeming to have more kick to them.

Having been thoroughly beaten Judge collapses as the crowd cheers for Chulu although she remarks that this is all just make believe as her joyful disposition fades along with the crowd, the arena seemingly shrinking around them until it's nothing more than a small stage. Chulu questions Judge why he brought her to this dream world to which Judge asserts that he wanted to understand Chulu's perspective on things and asks Chulu if she'd consider the same consideration of perspective for his side of things. Although clearly hesitant, Chulu accepts although asks what's going on back in the real world, Judge temporarily disappears before shortly reappearing confirming that it seems Strero after waking up from the electrical cage had brought Chulu and the others back to the Eclipse and seem to be trying to sort things out at the moment. Somewhat gladdened by this Chulu decides to take Judge up on his offer as a doorway, distinctly decorated like Judge himself appears as the two head through.

Chapter 13


The thirteenth chapter begin with a cutscene in the Eclipse as the crew are seen sitting around a table attempting to decide what to do, although unsure of what to do the Jackalope attempts to assert that they should continue on with the mission of gathering the pages of the Arg'Noktra, although admits that they'll need to find whatever pages are left to do so. As the group begin to bicker among themselves however Miu enters, with Skeletrax questioning why she's interrupted their meeting, Miu comments that clearly the group is without focus thanks to Chulu being out of action to which Cattleya rather snidely remarks that it's Miu's group's fault for this chaos. Miu attempts to take control of the situation declaring that given the state of things they're stuck together and right now there is a bigger enemy for both to face.

The Jackalope hushes the group and asks Miu what her idea is, Miu notes that at least from Judge's records there are two more pages in the Arg'Noktra although given the Auguries heightened awareness of the crew they're probably hiding them better than before, remarking that the holders are a Bladikori named Curion and a Voltrik named Indutor, rather relieved to hear a clear plan the Jackalope declares that he's in favour of the plan since it'll give Chulu time to recover, although the others seem less certain they eventually come around.

The scene shifts as the crew along with Miu are seen in the map room using a special frequency to detect the presence of Augury loyal vessels, Miu remarking that they can be a bit tricky to keep track of on account of their frequency changing periodically but asserts that they just need to tap in for long enough to identify the clusters. Sure enough after looking around they manage to find a particularly dense area of control around a spacial rift, Miu remarks that at least one of their targets is most likely in the rift itself, probably masking any energy the pages radiate. Miu then comments to the Jackalope that the resistance from the Auguries will likely be significant and suggests letting the others in the brig help out, asserting that even if he doesn't trust them they'll need all the help they can get when facing off against a force this size. Although hesitant, the Jackalope decides against it asserting that it was tricky enough getting them captured in the first place somewhat disappointing Miu as she accepts the Jackalope's decision, attempting to flirt the idea to Skeletrax who rather promptly shuts her down remarking that he's still unsure that her plan will even work.

The chapter is split into seven levels with the first having the group arrive at the coordinates of the spacial rift, however are rather immediately onset by gunfire from the Augury starships, forced to fight back the Eclipse charges at one of the starships using it as a shield allowing Skeletrax, Monu and her father to board. The trio fight their way through the ship, fending off the numerous Augury subordinates aboard the ship, traversing the strange stone-like halls with idols to the auguries. Eventually managing to reach the bridge, Skeletrax manages to tap into the systems overriding a lockout put on the ship causing it to open fire on the other Augury ships knocking them out of the battle. Monu questions what they should do next to which Miu is overheard on the communications remarking that the ships probably had some method of opening the spacial rift to travel through, sure enough Skeletrax manages to follow a trail leading to the Captain's Quarters where they fight a rather powerful Augury subordinate using a powerful drill as their weapon, despite this however the trio overcome the fearsome adversary and find another control panel which after messing with it Skeletrax manages to activate a powerful sonar blast which shakes the space around them forcing the spacial rift open as the Eclipse and the rammed Augury starship travel through.

Entering into the Spacial Rift they find a rather strange sight, a seemingly infinite plane of desolate land with an atmosphere, wondering how such a thing could exist the crew decide to land the ship leading into the second level, however as they do the ship is quickly onset by automatic defences on the surface of the wasteland that attack the trio as they head out of the ship onto the ground. Managing to evade the numerous defences the crew come across a control tower of sorts nestled atop a rather large pile of boulders, somehow managing to stand upright despite the unstable surface. The third level has the group ascending the boulder-like mountain and through the control tower, Miu noting that there is more than likely a communications array that can pinpoint them to wherever Curion or Indutor are located if they are in the infinite plane. After fighting their way through the control tower, sure enough the trio find the communications array that Miu spoke about, accessing it Skeletrax manages to project it back to the Eclipse allowing Miu and Fuzzarin to modify the signal allowing them to see where their target is located, Miu comments that there is some sort of ruins not far from the control tower that it had been in communications with, suggesting the group head there.

The fourth level sees the trio traversing across the wastelands, finding remains of various ancient cities seemingly of entirely different origin to one another, Monu wondering what this place is, Miu remarks that she doesn't know much but she'd heard Judge once mention that there exists a part of the Ångström where the Auguries left all the useless stuff they didn't need when controlling it and the place is essentially a giant garbage pile in a sense, as the trio traverse the barren lands and ruins they run into scavenging creatures, human-like in appearance but clearly warped in many ways that attack them and attempt to make off with their possessions. Managing to reach a cliff's edge the trio see the ruins that Miu spoke of in the distance, Skeletrax remarking it to be some sort of ancient castle, Miu noting that they'd managed to decode some of the communications and confirms that they're on the right track, noting that it seems like the target hiding in the ruined castle is Curion, commenting that it seems rather fitting for him. As the fifth level progresses the trio travel through an ancient and dead forest leading up to the castle, initially appearing as dead trees the trio soon realise the plants are actually coral and they're in an ancient basin where a vast sea once existed. Travelling across the drained basin, Skeletrax questions Miu if she knew about these other two servants of the Auguries why she didn't mention them before when they were tracking down the other three, Miu responds that at least from what Judge had told her their goal wasn't actually to obtain the pages but just rile up enough attention to get the Auguries to come out of hiding, noting that Judge seemed fairly confident in his abilities to defeat them.

Skeletrax remarks on Judge's assertions that it sounds like hubris to which Miu rebuts commenting that it's not unwarranted noting that the Auguries aren't some static gods who's positions are absolute, noting that Monu's spirit of combat isn't too dissimilar to the Auguries just on a much smaller scale. As the group manage their way through the vast ocean they come up to the entrance of the castle, finding the gate rather unsurprisingly sealed the fifth level has the group finding a way inside, using the drained moat to travel through the catacombs under the castle as they enter within, finding that despite the exterior's ruined appearance the interior is rather lavish and well-maintained, somehow managing to appear perfectly fixed despite Skeletrax noting that it seems like several parts of the castle shouldn't exist anymore. Miu comments that it's probably Curion's doing to make the environment more comfortable for himself noting that the pages should be underestimated. Sure enough after traversing the castle the trio find themselves in the throne room where they see Curion kneeling in front of the two empty thrones, turning to face the trio he questions who they are, appearing rather agitated as a result of their intrusion. Skeletrax attempts to assert that they've just come for the page however Curion rather paranoid at this stage declares them as enemies of the king and holds up the page as their surroundings begin to shift causing the castle to appear to be in the middle of a battle now as Curion attempts to flee, the trio chase after him through the seventh level while dealing with the Augury guards hidden amongst the fighting masses.

Eventually managing to track him down again, Monu's dad pipes in demanding Curion hand over the page to which Curion refuses, declaring himself as the royal knight of the king and queen, Skeletrax remarking that he's lost in his fantasy determining that they'll have to knock him out. As the battle between the trio and Curion ensues they find Curion's melee abilities remarkably skilled, able to use his arms as blades as successfully as Monu or her father and capable of powerful magic to create weapons to fight on his behalf. Despite the pressure put on the trio however they eventually prevail, Curion being knocked aside as the trio recover the page putting it in a container to reduce its influence. Curion rather surprisingly to the trio gets up and seemingly still in his delusion attests that he is the royal knight of the king and queen of this land as Skeletrax remarks that they already know that however rather surprisingly Curion kneels before the trio thanking them for saving him, remarking that he is in their debt, somewhat caught off-guard by this Monu asks what they should do, Skeletrax taking the opportunity puts on a regal voice and declares Curion's actions against them forgiven and asks if he will serve alongside them to which Curion agrees swearing his fealty.

Rather glad by this response the trio and Curion, now a quartet work their way back out of the castle where Gilyd piloting the Eclipse arrives to pick them up, remarking that Fuzzarin had gotten into the Augury ship and stole the sonar device so they can leave without the other ship. As the ship takes off, exiting the Spacial Rift, Skeletrax is seen putting the page with the others commenting that the book's almost complete once again wondering what'll happen when it is. Calea rather suddenly appears however causing Skeletrax to question how she got out of the brig to which Calea remarks that their brig's security system is flimsy, Calea tells Skeletrax that once the book is brought back together the Auguries will stop at nothing to halt the group from overturning their order and asserts that even if he doesn't share Judge's ideology they will not survive without his help. Skeletrax pauses to think on Calea's claim and remarks that he'll think about it although asserts that if she doesn't return to the brig on her own volition he'll bring her back in pieces raising his blade as it ignites pointing it at her throat, Calea although unintimidated leaves Skeletrax heading back to the brig passing Stiltana in the hallway catching her completely off-guard as she runs over to Skeletrax quesitoning if it's alright for Calea to be out of the brig to which Skeletrax remarks that it won't matter soon enough, lowering his blade as he walks off.

Chapter 14


The fourteenth chapter returns to the dream state that Chulu and Judge are in, now finding themselves in some sort of endless white void, Chulu asks Judge where they are, Judge elaborating that they're on a bridge, the mere suggestion of which causing the void to suddenly transform into a vast suspended bridge over a jungle river with a waterfall crashing down on one side. Judge notes that they're coming up on what he can show Chulu, crossing the bridge the trees warp around them giving way to a small cottage in the middle of the jungle. Judge tells Chulu that the only way for her to understand the true nature of the Auguries and the Ångström as a whole is to see it through his eyes.

As the duo head into the cottage the chapter starts proper, comprised of seven levels, upon entering the first they find a vast stone palace rather lavishly decorated in serpentine and draconic architecture, Judge commenting that he had come close before to dealing with the Auguries so his mind is recreating the memories of the event. Through the first level the duo come across Naga and Basilisks that attempt to resist the duo, Chulu questioning if they're part of his memory or his mind trying to keep him out, Judge comments that it's most likely a bit of both and remarks that even with good control of one's mind there is still the more primordial aspects that don't like being probed. After managing to work their way through the palace the duo come to a massive statue of a strange creature's head, Judge asks Chulu if she recognizes the face to which Chulu remarks that she remembers seeing one like it when she was tracking down NULL. Judge comments that they're one of the Auguries and notes that even as the weakest they're able to unleash plagues upon the Ångström with debilitating effects, remarking that it's just one of the ways the Auguries subjugate the people.

The second level begins with Judge punching the statue causing it to shatter revealing a slide leading beneath the palace, after riding down the slide the duo find themselves in a series of sewers, Chulu rather snidely questioning if Judge's mind is always this messy to which Judge remarks that she should be glad she didn't have to trudge through the real sewers the memory is based off. Fighting off more serpentine creatures as well as strange bog-like monsters dwelling in the sewers the duo manage to make it through the sewers finding themselves in a large arid desert as the blistering heat evaporates the water that pours out. Chulu questions where they're supposed to go, to which Judge points to a shimmering part of the desert with seemingly nothing to it, although hesitant Chulu follows along as the duo head through the desert dunes, running into undead skeletal creatures, Judge commenting that he'd learned that the Augury who controlled this particular region was able to drain water from their surroundings including living organisms, noting that it wasn't just one planet but the entire system was devoid of typical forms of life. Managing to reach the mirage, Judge asks Chulu is she trusts him enough to jump through, although still dubious on Judge's intentions Chulu agrees excusing her reason as to be to get out of the heat. The duo jump through the mirage finding themselves in a surprisingly cold building's interior, Judge commenting on it being a tomb for those long passed on the planet, although also served as the Augury's base at the time thanks to all the undead spirits.

The fourth level sees the duo traverse through the pyramid's tombs where more undead attempt to impede their progression, eventually reaching the base chamber where a large sarcophagus that Judge modeled after the Augury in his memory is seen, Judge asks Chulu is she recognizes the face to which Chulu recalls seeing the face as well while they were looking for NULL asking Judge why she needs him to see if the faces match up, to which Judge remarks that his memory is from time ago and he believes something changed about the Auguries but isn't sure what. Pushing the sarcophagus open, Judge and Chulu jump through finding themselves amidst a series of floating islands in a thunderous sky beginning the fifth level. Traversing the floating islands, the duo run into numerous Valkyries and other winged creatures attempting to attack them from all angles, Judge comments that he found the third Augury the most fun to track down, remarking that they always put up a good fight, Chulu wondering if Judge had encountered the Auguries multiple times, to which Judge replies that for the others it was only once but for whatever reason the third Augury and him always seemed to find one another. Sure enough coming up to a large floating island the duo enter an acropolis where large temples sit, passing through Chulu notices many statues of figures she doesn't seem to recognize wondering who they are, Judge remarking that they're gods of the universes of the past, although corrects himself saying they're Chulu's and his relative past noting that the Ångström's flow of time is unusual noting that if they were in a normal universe then Strero wouldn't have been able to so easily enter his domain.

Reaching the largest of the temples the duo head inside finding a mighty statue of a warrior-like figure to which Chulu immediately recognizes noting him to be another of the faces she'd seen when chasing NULL, Judge remarking that there's still one more Augury she needs to see, leading Chulu through a doorway at the back of the temple as the world seems to shift around them becoming a rather unusual setting, an old gothic village nestled amongst a vast mountain range, Chulu questioning why an Augury would be hiding in a place like this, to which Judge remarks that the last Augury was rather cunning, remarking that given they were able to hold onto the souls of the deceased for their own intentions they hid themselves in such a way that their abilities would go unnoticed remarking that the village had always been a place of death and sin, remarking that it hardly seemed surprising to anyone that the spirits of the deceased weren't passing on properly. As the duo head through the village they're soon accosted by strange creatures disguising themselves as the villagers, vicious werewolves and vampires able to hide as bats amongst the village's many awnings. As the duo head up through the village's winding pathways they eventually come across a small, rather unassuming house nestled amongst the rest, Chulu almost passing it by unnoticed, Judge remarks that it's fortunate she wasn't the one trying to hunt the Auguries down since she would've just missed one of them letting them escape, Judge kicks open the door and leads Chulu inside. The seventh level has the duo work their way through the house, initially appearing normal it gradually shifts its form becoming comical and exaggerated in its features with the furniture seemingly coming to life and attacking them.

After managing to work their way to the house's attic, Judge leads Chulu inside finding a small doll laid on the ground covered in dust, picking it up Judge asks Chulu to see if she recognizes the face, Chulu looks over it closely, flipping the doll over although remarks that she doesn't recognize it, Judge commenting that he figured she'd say that remarking that it can only mean one thing, Chulu asking Judge what he means to which Judge replies that the fourth Augury is dead and someone has taken their place, somewhat confusing Chulu as she wonders how someone could just have killed an Augury without the whole Ångström going into an uproar to which Judge reminds Chulu that time doesn't flow naturally in the Ångström and so inhabitant's perceptions aren't how they appear asking Chulu how long does she think it's been since they last met on the Prison Colony, Chulu remarking that it'd been about six years, Judge commenting that that's just the nature of the Ångström noting that to him it's been several hundred years, noting that he'd actually detected Chulu's crew's arrival in the Ångström not that long ago and surmises that there was a sort of reaction to the death of an Augury but it was subdued by the passage of time and it's been so long since their death that the inhabitants don't realize the power had shifted.

As the duo leave the attic and return to the entrance hall of the house they see a rather strange figure standing in the doorway, Chulu attempting to get a closer look is pushed back by Judge who quickly reacts unleashing multiple attacks against the figure as it rapidly darts around the room snuffing out the candles illuminating the house. Judge helps Chulu back up warning her to stay on her guard as they have an intruder, Chulu questioning if the figure is part of Judge's mind to which Judge remarks that they're not warning Chulu that it's a demon loyal to the Auguries known as Elebine and had probably been watching them carefully noting that Elebine can enter the memories of people to attack them. Sure enough a battle between the demon and the duo break out, as the two have to keep an eye on their surroundings avoiding Elebine's lightning fast attacks while countering with their own as the house becomes ravaged and damaged. Eventually however Judge manages to land a clean hit on Elebine knocking him back as Judge quickly shifts one of his arms into that of a Chematorox dripping acid on Elebine as he screeches in pain before disappearing in a puff of smoke. Chulu questioning Judge if Elebine is dead, Judge remarks that he can only hope the acid reached his real body noting that he's tried killing Elebine several times already but the demon always manages to escape beforehand.

Judge notes however that there is one last place he needs to bring her so she can understand to which Chulu, seemingly having overcome her initial concerns agrees to. Judge creates another door in his visage and the two walk through finding a small campfire in the middle of a forest, seven logs situated around the campfire as Chulu and Judge sit at the two closest to them, one of the logs rots away as another crumbles into dust, the third becoming engulfed in flames and burning away and the other being drained and left without colour or any sign of life having ever existed within it. Atop the final log a shadowy figure appears to sit opposite them at the campfire to which Judge tells Chulu to just look at the fire, as she and Judge do so the figure attempts to speak to them asking if they've come to disturb the peace of the Ångström to which Judge remarks that it's hardly peace they'd created. The figure disappointed by this response comments that the peace achieved is the best that can be obtained to which Judge responds that the best simply isn't good enough and questions why they don't change the nature of itself to achieve a better peace, the being responds noting that such a thing cannot be with their current power and further elaborates that such peace would require a change that could lead to chaos, Judge wondering if the being wouldn't risk such a possibility for better peace to which the being simply responds that they wouldn't. Chulu decides to chime in and asks the being why they fear chaos to which the being simply responds that they cannot fear and that chaos is simply undesirable, Chulu about to respond looks up towards the being to rebut their claims although in doing so the figure disappears. Chulu apologizes to which Judge tells her it's fine remarking that the reason she couldn't look at the figure was because he doesn't have a memory of their appearance, Chulu asks Judge what this better peace is to which Judge notes that the nature of the Ångström is one where only a certain best peace can be obtained, comparing it to having a limited number of resources and so the being that rules over the Ångström uses the Auguries to ensure that peace is maintained. Chulu asking Judge if he truly believes that a better peace could exist to which Judge remarks that he truly does although remarks that the being they encountered would not permit it.

Chulu seemingly having come to a focus decides to agree to Judge's plan, agreeing to help him although warns Judge that she doesn't fully trust him to which Judge notes that in time she will have to eventually, although accepts her decision and notes that he'll bring them out of the dream world as the chapter concludes.

Chapter 15


The fifteenth Chapter begins bringing the player back to the rest of the crew as they continue attempting to find the location of Indutor, the second of the Auguries' remaining page wielders. In the map room; Skeletrax, Miu, Curion and Monu are gathered around the map, Curion remarking that he's thankful for them letting him try to help to which Skeletrax questions if he knows whether the others would be willing to as well, Curion notes that he doesn't really know although asserts that it'd probably beat remaining in the brig for all this time. Just as Skeletrax and Curion are about to continue their conversation Monu notices something strange on the map, calling their attention and pointing to a node where it states there to be no Augury presence, Curion questioning what's odd about that to which Miu comments that it means they're hiding and switches the map over to another view providing a clear picture of the location Monu had pointed to, finding a small rogue planet, looking over it, Miu asks Skeletrax if he can trust her to get Calea noting that she has her suspicions but needs Calea to confirm them, although hesitant Skeletrax agrees telling Monu to keep an eye on Curion.

As Miu and Skeletrax head towards the brig Skeletrax asks Miu why she needs Calea to determine if the location is where Indutor would be hiding to which Miu replies that if it is the planet she thinks it is then something very wrong has happened to the Auguries and Calea's memory can back them up. As the duo arrive in the brig, Calea greets the duo rather coldly asking if Miu's decided to betray Judge fully, to which Miu simply remarks that they're still working towards a common goal, Skeletrax then approaches Calea and presents a screen with the map position asking her if the planet holds any significance, Calea looks closely and then to Miu before facing Skeletrax and telling him that Judge and her had gone to that planet a long time ago to deal with one of the Auguries. Satisfied with the answer Miu asserts that the planet is their target to which Skeletrax tells Miu that this time she's leading the attack, telling her that if she decides to try to bail on them then he'll just leave her on the planet, telling her to pick two of the other brig members to take with her.

The fifteenth chapter has seven levels and sees Miu, PAIN-T and NULL head towards the planet's surface, NULL questioning Miu as to why she picked them to which Miu remarks that she'd found out about how they were both controlled by the Auguries forcefully not just through the pages and surmised that it probably meant they were more trouble for the Auguries than the others. The first level has the trio arrive on the planet, landing on the outskirts of a dense forest with old, rotting trees covering surface and massive arachnids lurking in the shadows to attack them. Managing to get through, the trio come up towards a large mountain, Miu contacting Skeletrax over the communications asking where they should be attempting to reach, Skeletrax commenting that the grave site is near the peak of the mountain near an old temple. As the trio make their ascent up the mountain's lower reaches for the second level they come across powerful golems, animated by strange magic emanating from the mountain itself. Traversing further up the group come to the snow point of the mountain as a frosted wind begins to blow over them, despite the chilling winds the trio find that the third level hides a number of Ice Sprites amongst its snowfall as well as avalanches which almost crush the trio.

Making it to the mountain peak, the fourth level has the trio exploring the ancient and abandoned temple grounds, the strange and ancient structures coming to life similar to the golems affirming PAIN-T's suspicions that the location is likely some sort of hallowed ground. After managing to track down the graveyard the trio begin looking with PAIN-T questioning why Indutor would be dead to which Miu remarks that he's not dead but he's hiding among the dead, with NULL questioning how that's possible to which Miu notes that they're looking for a very particular person's grave. After some searching as NULL passes by a grave Skeletrax chimes in over the communicator telling the trio that NULL had just passed the grave asserting there to be strange energy readings coming from the corpse below. The trio manage to bring up the corpse, finding a withered an ancient looking skeleton, NULL questioning how long the body had been buried to which Miu remarks that it hasn't actually been that long remarking that she remembers seeing this Augury alive seemingly not that long ago, somewhat baffled by this NULL and PAIN-T question Miu to elaborate to which Miu declares that the corpse before them is that of Death, one of the Auguries, noting that it means she'd been usurped and killed by someone, NULL somewhat confused asking how someone can kill death, to which Miu remarks that despite her name Death wasn't the literal embodiment of death but was just often associated with it.

As the trio look over the body Miu pulls out a small glass cylinder containing some floating spores, PAIN-T analyzing them and realising what Miu is planning to do, telling NULL to ready herself as Miu throws the cylinder on the ground as it shatters and the spores rest on the corpse causing the trio to fall asleep. The fifth level opens with the trio arriving in the dream world of Death, NULL questioning where they are, Miu remarking that they're inside Death's dream state, to which PAIN-T questions how that's even possible with Death being already dead to which Miu replies that a dream world is tied to one's spirit, Death's spirit hasn't been destroyed so their dream world continues to persist, noting that the Auguries probably intentionally did this to hide Indutor. As the trio begin to explore the strange lands before them, massive tombstones erupt from the ground creating a giant labyrinthian layout where undead monsters attempt to attack the group as they progress.

Managing to make their way through the ominous, twisted graveyard the trio come across a rather strange sight, a rather cheery looking village almost tonally whiplashed from the previous level, the sixth level has the trio traversing the permanently cheery, springtime village whose sunny disposition seems almost overwhelming as Augury forces attempt to stop the trio's progression towards the village's windmill where the Augury defences appear the most dense. After demolishing several dozen of the Auguries the trio bust their way into the Windmill, finding the place to be decorated as though it was lived in with various portraits of people who appear to be part of Death's family adorning the walls. As the trio make their way up the windmill they find it warp becoming a massive tower stretching into the clouds as more of the Augury forces attempt to impede them however are quickly overwhelmed. With little standing in their way the trio make it to the top of the windmill where they find themselves on a balcony overlooking the town below as Indutor stands at the opposite side of the balcony holding the last page of the Arg'Noktra, turning to welcome the trio he remarks that they weren't the ones he was expecting although admits that he'll be glad to face them regardless declaring that they don't need to exchange any further words as the fight begins.

Indutor uses his powerful electrical attacks as well as surprising control over rapid movement almost appearing to teleport as he leaves behind after images indicating his direction. Despite Indutor's incredible speed however the trio manage to best him in battle causing him to trip and fall over the edge dropping the page of the Arg'Noktra as he grabs onto the railing, the trio quickly rush over with Miu and NULL pulling Indutor back up onto the balcony as the effects of the page on his mind seem to wear off as he looks around dazed before panicking in fright and attempting to run before tripping again and knocking himself out. Somewhat befuddled by Indutor's bumbling presence Miu remarks that they should bring him back since he'll probably hurt himself in the dream world. As the trio head out of the Windmill they find the page nestled amongst a bundle of hay, PAIN-T grabbing it and putting it in a container to dampen its power as Miu explains that they need to focus on returning to the real world as the trio manage to wake up after a short time and begin heading back to the Eclipse as Miu gets in contact with Skeletrax to report their success, Skeletrax remarking that their timing is impeccable as Chulu had just woken up and Judge is one the ship with them.

Chapter 16


The sixteenth chapter begins where the fourteenth and fifteenth chapters capped off, Chulu having awoken from her dream world with Judge reappearing as Miu, PAIN-T and NULL return from gathering the last page of the Arg'Noktra. As the group reconvene aboard the Eclipse, the entire crew including the brig members gather, Chulu questioning Judge as to how they're going to find the Auguries to which Judge comments that he would normally track them down but he has a better solution and suggests they try to lure them out, remarking that he knows a few depots where the Auguries try to exert themselves, remarking that even without the pages of the Arg'Noktra the Auguries aren't to be trifled with. Uncertain about this Chulu wonders if it'll really be alright, however before being able to respond an alert signal is sent across the ship as they detect a massive incoming fleet of Augury ships heading their way, without much time to prepare the crew quickly scramble to ready themselves for the oncoming fight.

The sixteenth chapter is split into eight levels, the first of which follows; Darüber, Vanessa and Strero fighting off powerful Augury forces attempting to breach the Eclipse, managing to secure the lower parts of the ship which had been targeted, eventually pushing hard enough to dislodge the grapples used for the boarding, freeing the ship. The second level occurs concurrently with Skeletrax, Liameno and Zhurenno leading a charge onto the opposing ship as Gilyd is heard over the communications directing them to the control room, after fighting off similarly massive forces of Augury devouts the trio make it to the bridge finding the ship's steering, Skeletrax takes control and asks Gilyd to identify the fleet's flagship, after a brief pause leading to more Auguries attacking the trio Gilyd manages to track down the ship and has Skeletrax fly the Augury ship into the flagship. The second half of the level has the trio traversing the Augury Flagship finding elite Augury attempting to defend their ship, however the trio manage to overwhelm the greater numbers through their force and take control of the flagship, Liameno questioning what Skeletrax's plan is to which Skeletrax remarks that given the Augury seem to attack in unison he figures the flagship probably controls the rest and so taking it out will leave them disorientated, as Skeletrax taps into the ship's systems Liameno and Zhurenno work together to fight off the hordes of Augury forces that attempt to breach the control room, managing to fend the forces off Skeletrax finishes his work and sends out an EMP blast across the Augury ship's communications frequency, leaving the other ships aside from the Eclipse dead in the water, Skeletrax sends a call to Gilyd to pick them up as the second level ends.

Returning to the ship, Judge remarks that the closest Augury depot they can target is on a planet called Rymathion, with a goal set in mind the crew decide to head towards the planet, after a short while the group arrives with Cattleya, The Jackalope and Vortagryn heading down onto the planet's surface where they find violent thunderstorms raining down on a dense, flooded jungle. The third level sees the trio traversing through the jungle as carnivorous plants attempt to impede them as well as Augury search parties attempting to track them down, eventually however the trio make it to the depot where they find the interior to be a massive factory. Managing to traverse the fourth level's winding layout as they destroy several of the machines in the factory causing the place to wind down, they run into a powerful Augury General at the end of the level that attempts to block their escape, however despite the General's imposing presence the trio manage to defeat the General and escape back to the ship.

With the Depot shutting down, Judge remarks that it looks like they were able to swat the hive noting the incoming fleet of Augury ships and suggests that they move onto another depot, noting that the Auguries themselves will more than likely appear directly rather than with a fleet. As the group depart from Rymathion they manage to evade the incoming fleet as they look over the map for more depots finding another one on the planet of Orbalessence. Following the coordinates to the planet's surface they find the planet to be rather beautiful with giant crystals covering much of the planet's surface as Gilyd remarks that the planet is in fact a supermassive geode. As the fifth level begins; Monu, her father and Ethereal cross from the landing site through a glistening cavern on the planet's surface where strange silicon-based life attempts to impede their progress, Monu's Father remarking that in all his years visiting planets he'd never seen one so distinct, as the trio approach the depot they find it to appear like a tick on the planet, a massive crater having formed as a result of its drain on the planet. As the sixth level begins the trio wreck havoc, tearing up the interior of the factory as the Augury Forces haplessly attempt to stop the trio. Sure enough like on Rymathion the trio runs into another Augury General, this time backed up by more Augury forces, despite this added challenge however the trio manage to escape as the factory collapses in on itself however just as they do so they get a communication from Skeletrax informing them that a ship just appeared overhead at their location, as the trio look up they see a large dome-shape ship as it suddenly comes crashing down onto the planet, latching onto the surface.

Fortunately the trio manage to evade the ship's attempt to crush them, Monu calls over the communications telling Skeletrax that they'll go ahead and investigate as although Judge protests asserting that the Auguries shouldn't be underestimated, Chulu reassures Judge that she has confidence in Monu and the others. Monu, her father and Ethereal head inside with Ethereal remarking at the strange architecture as the ship appears almost organic on the inside with strange pulsating tubes carrying energy across the ship. As the trio traverse through the ship as the seventh level they come across a number of Augury Forces including strange mutated ones that spew a noxious and foul gas from their mouths forcing the trio to keep their distance. After exploring the ship the trio manage to come across a pair of doors with a rather distinct and ornamental design, traversing around the ship they manage to find the switches to open the doors and head through. The eighth level sees the trio in the heart of the ship, a rather strange environment, appearing as a sort of bog with acidic water flowing through, as the trio carefully navigate the heart of the ship they manage to break a series of vines holding up a large plant, as the plant falls it reveals a pathway up through the ceiling.

Heading upwards the trio enter a rather strange room, a figure is seen sitting atop a throne with several dead Augury devouts around them, Monu asks the individual if they're one of the Auguries they'd heard so much about, the figure stands up and approaches the trio introducing himself as Pestilence, remarking that if that's what he's being called nowadays then he supposes he is one of these Auguries. Just as suddenly three other figures, a blindfolded woman, a demon clad in armour and a man carrying a long pole appear before them, the demon questions Pestilence as to whether he's really going to fight such lowly creatures, to which Pestilence responds to the demon, referring to him as War, remarking that if he would be so permitted. War sighs and remarks that he doesn't need permission to get into fights but reminds Pestilence that if he loses he's out to which Pestilence simply hisses at War. War approaches the trio and declares that they're indeed the Auguries and profess that they've been watching the events unfolding and will accept their challenges to power handing Monu a device which War explains will allow them to find the other members if they can survive Pestilence's onslaught, Monu accepts the device as the Augury trio wish Pestilence the best of luck with his battle before disappearing. Pestilence rather angrily hisses at Monu and the others remarking that he is the great plague bringer and has brought empires to their knees, Ethereal however barges in and tells Pestilence to can it noting that she's heard the same kind of speech before, Pestilence somewhat caught off-guard by this teleports back to his throne as the fight begins.

Pestilence proves to be a troublesome adversary able to create powerful pools of acid amongst the ground and spew toxins from his mouth, his whip-like arm being able to grapple and hurl the trio if they get too close and his barbed-tail proving equally as dangerous as it allows him to sweep the room in an attempt to disorientate the trio. Although proving to be incredibly dangerous, the trio manage to force him to back down, as Pestilence begins speaking in tongues, sure enough the walls themselves begin to shake and move as the trio realize the room itself was in fact a massive serpent under Pestilence's control, as the second portion of the battle begins the arena greatly expands as the trio attempt to fight off both the giant serpent and Pestilence, as Pestilence keeps back simply hurling acid and creating clouds of disease in an attempt to trap the trio so the giant serpent can attack, despite this however the trio manage to get enough hits in on the serpent as it reels in pain, Pestilence becoming visibly frustrated stamps his foot causing a tremor as the third phase begins, his attacks becoming faster and more vicious as well as being able to generate powerful tremors and slither along the ground to evade attacks. Despite his increased speed and additional attacks however Pestilence eventually collapses, kneeling in defeat as the other Auguries reappear, the blind woman remarking her disappointment, declaring that Pestilence was always a bit of a pet anyhow, but remarks that now the pet must be punished as she approaches Pestilence touching his forehead causing Pestilence to completely dehydrate and wither away into a cloud of dust.

The woman turns to face the trio introducing herself as Famine and remarks that when they're ready to face her she'll be elated to play along as the Auguries disappear once again. With Pestilence defeated, the trio return to the ship and recant the encounter they'd had with the Auguries as Skeletrax remarks that they'll need to think carefully about how to handle facing against Famine as the chapter concludes.

Chapter 17


The seventeenth chapter is comprised of eight levels and opens with the Eclipse arriving at the coordinates left by the device given to them by War indicating the location of the second Augury, Famine. As the ship arrives on the planet they find the place to be seemingly barren of life, over their communications the crew hear Famine speak to them welcoming them to her old home, Chulu questioning what happened to which Famine simply remarks that it had long served its role to the Ångström and so like all good civilizations died when it was told to, remarking that the decay of the stone and metal left behind just takes more time. Noting how dangerous the terrain appeared to be Skeletrax remarks that himself, Liameno and Pixel will be the best to handle the environment, although cautious of the dangers posed Pixel agrees and Liameno, albeit belligerently also agrees remarking that he'll be able to truly assess the divinity of the Auguries.

As the trio head down onto the planet's surface they're immediately greeted by an intense dryness, with almost all water vapor in the air appearing to have disappeared. Chulu contacts the trio over the communications remarking that Famine has her base shielded and so the trio will need to target the power source on the planet first, elaborating on its location to the group in an underground tunnel system near an ancient volcano. As the trio traverse the first level, crossing the dry and eroded soil they come across Augury forces attempting to fight against them, however the intensity of the planet leaves these enemies weakened and rather pathetic to fight, however as the trio push deeper into the territory they come across robotic enemies capable of functioning normally forcing the trio into a more combative state.

After crossing the drylands the trio make it to an ancient city which Chulu remarks to be roughly above the tunnel system, suggesting the trio try to find an access point, exploring the city the trio cross through the decayed and crumbling buildings, coming across strange organic creatures that devour the raw materials with Famine interjecting elaborating on the creatures as Converters remarking that they're a very useful species in breaking down materials like concrete and steel. Having to face off against the ravenous monsters, the trio eventually make their way towards a large, torn up road leading underground, however just as the trio are about to enter a massive dust storm surrounds them as the ground beneath them appears to give way, concluding the second level. The third level opens with the trio finding themselves on the back of a massive beast travelling through the underground, Famine appearing over the communications once more further elaborating that Converters can grow quite large, with Skeletrax remarking they should try killing the creature to which Famine rather angrily snarks at Skeletrax telling him not to hurt her pet. The third level has the trio working across the massive creature's back, fighting off the robotic defences put along it to protect the creature as well as the Augury forces attempting to use the creature as refuge, after managing to get to the head of the creature the trio find an Augury General controlling the creature through a control panel on the top of its head, fighting off the general the trio take control and force the creature to burrow downwards eventually breaking into a massive underground volcanic lake, the trio jumping off at a pathway leading down towards the lake as the giant Converter careens into the lake seemingly perishing as Famine cries out over the communications, although after a brief pause merely laughs remarking that it's no big issue noting that she has dozens of Converters bigger than that one, wishing the trio luck and suggests they might want to take a dip in the pool of lava.

The fourth level has the trio traversing down towards the power generator, using the heat and movement of the lava to generate power, fighting their way against robotic defences and more Augury forces the trio even encounter some Fire Sprites, using the intense heat to sustain themselves, Famine communicating that she doesn't mind if they take out the sprites remarking that they're a pest and steal the energy she's collecting. As the trio manage to make it down to the power source they tear through the interior eventually causing the machine to shut down, eventually managing to grab Famine's attention who remarks that she's satisfied with their abilities and initiates a self-destruct on the trio who're forced to quickly make an escape from the power structure as it implodes in on itself as a massive Converter erupts from the volcanic lake below to eat the condensed material. With the disruption to the underground cavern however the trio find they need to make a rapid escape, following the giant power-lines leading out of the cavern. The fifth level sees the group commandeer a vehicle from some Augury devouts allowing them to race out along the electrified highway, fighting against more Augury forces along the way as after a series of short encounters the group find themselves heading towards Famine's base, a giant biomechanic structure that seemingly harvests the Converters and material around itself.

The sixth level sees the trio breach the giant structure as Famine is heard ordering the Augury forces within the construct to stop their progression, however this proves fruitless as the trio manage to break their way through the massive barriers erected by the Augury forces entering into the massive structures main engine room. The seventh level focuses on this giant interior where giant gears and machines rotate in unison as the level progresses in an almost beat-by-beat manner as the group circle around a massive device in the middle of the building which Famine remarks is an Endless Engine noting that its near eternal rotation allows for the endless harvesting of materials and can only be destroyed once its designated destruction is reached, remarking that in a way it's like a controllable black hole. With no way to destroy the machine however the group decide to press on, Skeletrax rather disappointed as Liameno seems to be more fascinated, almost attempting to touch the device at one point before Skeletrax and Pixel manage to pull him back before he gets pulled in. Eventually making it to the top of the structure the trio find themselves in a rather strange area, Famine elaborates on the building explaining that they've entered the building's brain and it'll use its own abilities against them, sure enough the trio find themselves travelling through a bizarre series of rooms laid out like some sort of office space however with machines merged with the walls appearing through to try and halt their progress firing off powerful lasers and generating hardlight constructs that protect the building. However the group eventually manage to reach the core of the brain, a massive gathering of wires leading to a single spherical construct, as the trio attempt to approach it Famine appears along with the other two Auguries, as the trio jump back, Famine remarking that she won't let them take out the machine so easily.

War comments that Famine's confidence had left her vulnerable, questioning why Famine thought it would be a good idea to bring the crew to one of the Endless Engines to which Famine barks back, assuring War that she does so only in her certainty that they won't escape alive. The fourth augury comments to War that they should leave Famine to fight the trio and prepare for the crew's eventual arrival at their bases, War agrees as the two depart, Famine remarking that she's hurt the other Auguries have such little confidence in her, as she turns to face the trio once again and reaches into her hollow innards pulling out a machete-like blade as she readies herself to face Skeletrax and the others.

As the battle commences the first phase sees Famine attempting to fight off the trio through rapid melee attacks, generating powerful gusts of wind which attempt to blow the trio around as well as striking the ground beneath them causing a pillar of energy to erupt from beneath. Although attempting to force the trio to keep their distance however Famine takes numerous hits and is forced to step back whistling as a massive Converter is heard burrowing through the building as it erupts through the ground pulling the trio and Famine up with it into the air.

As the battle continues in the air, the trio have to contend with Famine now summoning miniature tornadoes in an attempt to knock the trio off the giant Converter as well as the Converter's own defences attempting to shoot at them, this however proves rather futile as soon enough the creature crashes back into the building, as the trio and Famine jump off as the creature gets pulled into and devoured by the Endless Engine causing the whole building to rapidly regenerate with energy causing the arena to shift once again, becoming larger with the building itself getting in to fight during the third phase as Famine continues her attacks and the building creates false duplicates of her in an attempt to disorientate the trio, however eventually after much persistence the trio manages to best Famine who keels over in defeat, getting knocked aside. In a moment of clarity the trio run over to the power core of the building and tear it out throwing it into the air, as Famine screams out in fear, however just as the power core erupts into an explosion, the other two Auguries reappear with the fourth Augury absorbing the blast entirely.

The two, now appearing near Famine in the rapidly crumbling building, War remarking at his disappointment in Famine's performance as he takes Famine's blade away from her and remarks that she's not worthy of wielding such a weapon, telling Skeletrax and the others that they should leave as the building will collapse soon enough and Famine's fate as an Augury has been set. Skeletrax attempts to argue back however as the building begins caving in on itself, Pixel and Liameno assert that they need to escape to which Skeletrax, albeit reluctantly agrees as the trio leave with War kneeling down next to Famine remarking that he'll ensure their leader's goals are still realized even without her as the chapter concludes.

Chapter 18


The eighteenth Chapter follows Helluva, One & Curion taking on the third Augury, War's bastion. Arriving at the location given to them the crew find themselves on a rather strange planet, much of its natural structures appearing to be made out of playing cards or having patterns of such. The chapter is split into eight levels as the trio progress across the vast kingdom seemingly under War's control, the first level with the trio in a magical forest with a strange layout where as they progress they run into many splitting paths offering different challenges each way and some looping back to previous areas to get the group lost.

Somewhat frustrated by the confusion of the forest, One questions why they're even bothering trying to fight War anyhow remarking that she still believes the Auguries would be able to give them a reasonable trade off for giving up the pages of the Arg'Noktra, however Helluva surprisingly responds with an unusual degree of seriousness remarking that One should really consider the existence that the Auguries perpetuate and whether that's really something someone like her would want. Although intending to snark back, One seems to remain quiet as the group reach a clearing where they find a large mountain in their path, over their communications they hear War greet them, apologizing for the mountain, suddenly appearing before them and making a cleaving motion in the air causing the mountain to sever its peak from the rest of the structure as the peak falls off down the side, tearing up the very forest the trio had just been lost in. Somewhat caught off-guard by this and with little other response Curion instinctively thanks War as he departs, causing One to question why Curion would say that when it's obvious War's trying to set up a trap or something to which Curion responds that he was just being courteous.

The second level sees the trio crossing the now cleaved mountain, crossing it they see strange elemental creatures, some they ran into in the forest attempt to impede them, these creatures coming from the different sides of the mountain's base to try and take control of the new territory as Helluva laments how they have to get involved in a conflict that War has perpetuated, to which One seems confused, however as the trio pass over the mountain she realizes that the mountain's peak which War had cleaved off had destroyed a natural barrier that was preventing two of the elemental groups from attacking one another, causing the destruction to spread. Sure enough crossing over the mountain the trio see the ravages of War's influence as the third level has them crossing an ancient and war-laden battlefield where more of the elemental creatures had fought, leaving the ground cruel and dead as nothing grows amongst the scorched and damaged land.

War attempts to contact the group again, this time remarking that he'll be waiting for them and points towards a fortress in the distance which upon closer inspection the trio realize is in fact a city with War remarking that the people who live in the city are loyal to him and will prove the power that his rule has created. Sure enough the fourth level has the group attempt to breach the city finding its defences nigh impenetrable, forcing the trio to find a work around while avoiding a hailfire of arrows from the archers above as well as interference from Augury devouts on the ground.

Eventually the group find a weakness, a strange tower constructed on the wall itself, seemingly far more ancient allowing the trio to enter the tower although quickly realize why the tower existed as the freezing temperatures within the tower severely dampen their abilities, One in particular lamenting over the cold, managing to use her mental manipulation to get a number of Augury Devouts to gather firewood for her to keep warm, causing Helluva and Curion to question her why she doesn't do that with the other Augury Forces to which One rather off-handily notes that probing the minds of such feeble beings is gross due to their obsession with the Auguries, comparing it to Helluva's questionable attire to which Helluva takes a great deal of offense towards.

After managing to scale the tower the trio manage to enter the city proper, finding themselves in a rather strange area, despite the city's industrial shell of its walls the interior is rather whimsical in nature, the sixth level following the trio as they traverse the wonderous gardens where living plants attempt to trip the trio up as well as the soldiers who are seen relaxing within the gardens proper. The seventh level continues onwards as the trio arrive as a large gate at the front of a sort of palace, War is heard over the communications asserting that if they want access to him they will need to force the hand of the monarchs, sure enough the group look around the palace managing to find many traps and guards patrolling and coming across the throne room where within the King and Queen of the city had been converted into mutagenic monsters by War as a means of forcing the endless war between the elemental creatures, though managing to put the King and Queen out of their misery, Helluva laments their fate and reluctantly gathers the keys around their necks as the trio head back to the gate, using it to open a gateway.

Travelling through the gateway the trio find themselves deep underground based on communications from Gilyd on the Eclipse. Curion wondering if this is some sort of hell as the fiery pits and demonic creatures would suggest however Helluva remarks that it's only approximating anything like hell, asserting that the place is just a wannabe of hell much like War being a wannabe of much greater power. The eighth and final level sees the group traversing the hellscape evading the demonic creatures and more Augury forces before approaching War, sitting atop a throne made of his servants, as he gets up they disband and flee. War, welcomes the trio and asks what they think of his operation above ground, remarking how the conflict is his magnum opus, remarking that he's been able to keep it going for hundreds of years, a constant source of rage to be injected into the Ångström, however Helluva interjects, espousing that War's tactics are brutal to which War simply replies that Helluva is too stupid and set in his ways to see the beauty and comments that Pestilence and Famine fell because they were weak-willed, however surmises that he will not be the same as the battle begins.

Sure enough and true to his word, War proves to be an incredibly dangerous boss, his first phase using his blade-hand as his primary means of attack, slashing rapidly and striking the ground causing lava plumes to erupt beneath and around the player, his sheer strength allowing him to shrug off most attacks without so much as flinching. After sustaining some degree of damage, War swaps up his attacks more so, shifting his weapon from a blade to a hammer, to an axe and a crossbow, using each to try and counter the trio in some manner, as some of the demons attempt to intervene. After taking considerable damage, War collapses for a brief moment, before getting back up again much to the despair of the trio as he flares up in a rage prepared to initiate a third phase, however just in that instant a blade pierces War's core, tearing upwards and splitting the Augury in two, the fourth Augury appearing behind War asserts that he's wasting time, looking down as an hourglass with a strange material flowing through it. War attempts to turn to face the Augury however all thought and life leaves his body before he can respond.

The trio, somewhat shocked by this leads to Curion calling out the fourth Augury as dishonourable, remarking that he stole War's warrior death from him, One even caught off-guard questioning why the fourth Augury would kill War to which he simply remarks that the Arg'Noktra has forced the Augury's leader to accelerate plans, and War wasting that time trying to play games was pushing his patience too much. The fourth Augury readies to leave and informs the trio to ignore the device as he's not going to play any further games, telling the trio they will come to a set of coordinates and relays them with a small starchart before disappearing, preventing the trio from asking more questions, leaving them bewildered and confused.

Chapter 19


The nineteenth chapter starts off where the eighteenth chapter concluded, after arriving back on the ship Helluva relays the information back to the rest of the crew as the group gather around to determine what to do, Chulu asserting that they'll have to heed the warning and go after the last Augury, Judge and Skeletrax both agreeing, however One questions the decision remarking that whatever forces are at play seem far beyond their own, however Indutor interrupts remarking that although his memory isn't perfect he remarks that despite the sheer force behind the Auguries their leader still relies on others to operate, determining that such force can't be absolute, even commenting that they've damaged so much of the Augury forces at this point that their leader seems to be acting more like a cornered animal.

Somewhat instilling the group with a sense of confidence, Indutor's short speech riles the rest who agree to put a plan into motion with the crew following the Starchart left to them by the fourth Augury leading them to a rather unusual location in space, seemingly insignificant aside from a small habitable asteroid floating by. Without much else to go on the ship lands on the asteroid beginning the first level. This level sees Monu, Indutor and Zhurenno travelling through the strange island located on the asteroid as the turbulent waves crash up against the shoreline. Indutor remarking how he didn't think it was possible for an asteroid to be habitable to which Zhurenno responds that it's not and suggests that there are likely atmospheric generators making the asteroid habitable. As the trio traverse the island they come across some rather savage creatures, diminutive in appearance however boundlessly aggressive they attack the trio with powerful electrical attacks, attempting to shock them with great power, however the trio manage to fight back and cross through the dangerous beachfronts where these creatures appear to hide in the ocean itself, attacking on land before retreating again. Eventually after crossing a portion of the asteroid the trio come to a strange little house on the landmass, entering inside they find the house to be a rather warm an inviting location with an old couple living inside.

Somewhat caught off-guard by the pleasantness of it all, Monu asks the couple if they know about the Auguries, to which the couple look over and acknowledge the trio remarking that they'd been told to expect visitors and tell the trio to head back to their ship and they'll open up the portal for them. Somewhat baffled by this interaction the trio head out, thanking the old couple for their help, on their way back running into more of the savage creatures including a bunch attempting to attack the ship's exterior with Skeletrax and the other crew members bombing them. After helping out, the trio return to the ship, relaying the information and sure enough a large portal opens up around the asteroid pulling it and the ship through as the trio find themselves in a completely different region of space, seemingly without any stars around them, however as the ship takes off to get its coordinates the crew realizes a massive super planet beneath them. Heading down towards the planet they find much of the planet covered in a protective shield with no way to properly land, however just as Skeletrax prepares to fire the ship's weapons they hear over the communications the voice of the fourth Augury, remarking that they'll be permitted access to the planet but decides the location, opening up a small hole in the shield allowing the ship to land however as it does so a gravitational field is applied, causing the ship to be unable to take off again, Skeletrax lamenting that he'd fallen for the gravity trap again.

The second level sees the crew split up into four groups, the majority staying on the ship and three trios attempting to gather intelligence on where their target is, the first group being comprised of Stiltana, Brynyn and Darüber heading out towards a large valley region. As the trio approach the valley they begin to encounter strange centaur-like creatures who feverishly protect the valley, although uncertain as to why as the group delve in deeper they discover the valley to be swarming with the spirits of the deceased, Brynyn surmising that the valley acts as a sort of catchment for the caught spirits and wonders if the Centaurs harvest them, setting off a rage within Stiltana she declares they have to help the spirits, as the group systematically work their way across the valley destroying structures pulling the spirits down onto the planet's surface, with a sufficient amount destroyed the spirits manage to free themselves as the trio celebrate in victory although Stiltana laments that it's likely just one of many as Brynyn assures her that if they find more they can just take them all out if that's what's needed.

The scene shifts to the second trio comprised of Miu, The Jackalope & NULL traversing towards a large tower, along the way running into Augury Forces, confirming their presence on the mega planet, as the trio near the tower they find massive cables leading into the tower, following along one finding massive amounts of energy being funneled into the tower as a strange device within its center whirls with immense power, unsure of what the device does, the Jackalope asserts that they shouldn't interfere with it, remarking that it might blow up in their faces if they do, sure enough as the group ascend the massive device seems to eject a cluster of pure light out into deep space before disappearing into a portal to places unknown, concerned about this Miu determines that there must be some sort of opening at the top of the tower for them to get a better look at the surrounding area, the group continue to progress upwards as the Augury forces become more and more focused, intensifying as the trio ascend, as they manage to reach the top of the tower, another immense beam of light erupts from the device below, nearly blinding the trio, although fortunately NULL's quick reaction allows her to pull herself and the others out of harm's way as the beam of light shoots off into space. The Jacaklope and Miu thanking NULL for saving them although NULL somewhat abashedly brushes it off as the trio climb through the opening and look out over the tower's dome to the land beyond.

The fourth level catches up with the third group; Monu, Ethereal and Vanessa as they approach a colossal wall seemingly stretching across the planet both westward and eastward. Monu surmising that their best bet would be to climb the wall however Vanessa shoots down the idea, communicating that they should instead try to search for an entrance of some kind, Monu rather happily agrees, immediately striking at the wall multiple times with her blade causing several cracks to appear before kicking it causing the wall to shatter as Monu stands proudly in front of the rubble, however Ethereal laughs remarking that Monu's brutish thinking was planned for as Monu looks back to see another layer of wall behind the first, lamenting this Monu agrees to do things Vanessa's way as the trio begin looking for an entrance. The level sees the trio traversing along the wall's side fighting off the patrolling Augury forces as well as the unfortunate creatures flung out from windows above who appear to be flung by the Auguries to distract and confuse the trio. Despite the resistance however the trio have little trouble working their way towards an entrance, breaking in and scaling the wall's interior where the group are frequently bombarded with traps, eventually managing to make it to the top the trio look around seeing the other side of the planet's surface rather barren and wasteland-ish with Monu remarking on the strange duality as the group look back towards the ship, as the scene shows all three's perspectives as they rely their information back to the Eclipse itself where Skeletrax learns from the three groups of a large dome-like structure in the distance.

A short amount of time passes as the group reconvenes at the massive dome, finding the entrance to be somewhat welcoming as they head inside finding it surprisingly normal looking given the strange and unusual environment outside. Skeletrax laments them having to leave the Eclipse behind, although Gilyd asserts that they'll be able to go back for it later. The fifth level onwards allows the player to play as any combination of characters in a group of three as the story progresses with the whole group, the level in particular seeing the group traversing through a massive interior factory where energy seems to be drawn in from various portal sources with the group managing to get a brief look seeing similar Endless Engines similar to the one operated by Famine on other planets being used to bring the energy from those planets to this factory. As the group continue onwards they come face to face with the fourth Augury as a massive gate-like structure with a portal emanating from within its ring, the augury introduces himself to the group as Trip and remarks that he's but one of many to share that name although seems to become somewhat saddened upon stating that as he notes that there are a few less in existence now, however before the group are able to question him further he taunts the group and jumps into the portal forcing them to follow after him.

The sixth level sees the group arriving in a vast, seemingly endless city, a world controlled entirely by the Augury, as they begin to search through the city for Trip, they hear over their communications a strange voice seemingly in contact with all in the city that seems to try and guide the people of the city in various ways, although Augury forces attempt to stop the group they realise the forces seem less present that previously with Trip communicating to the group directly that the Augury Forces know that heavy interference with this place will result in them being erased from existence, Trip encourages the group to seek out the divine building and ceases contact. Left with little in the way of navigation the group soon find the city to be more like a maze as the streets and roads twist in and around on one another, however after much searching the group seem to find that all their paths seem to lead to a small chapel nestled amongst a park, some wondering if a higher force is guiding them. As the group enter the chapel, they find the interior far larger than the exterior, and look around seeing many divine figures, some which the group recognize as being the gods of their old universes, wondering what the place is, as they delve deeper into the building they begin to find various relics from the old universes, seemingly maintained in a stasis where they would never decay, relics from the various pasts. However amongst these relics the group soon begin to run into a strange defence system, creating hardlight creatures that mimic beings from the old universes; Meta-Humans, Beorns, Pokemon, Catoneans, Androids, Missyntiles, Demons and Sparklings. Managing to work their way through the bizarre building they come across another door with a welcome mat, attempting to open the door they find it to be locked, however inspecting under the mat find the key and unlock heading inside.

The eighth level of the chapter taking place in a bizarre night club fused with a radio tower, the beings within appearing to be various humanoids, dozens of various origins although upon noticing the group enter the music stops as Trip welcomes the group to his private abode, introducing the crew as guests and introducing the already present party-goers as his dimensional brothers and sisters with the group somewhat disorganizing in an attempt to introduce themselves all as Trip at once, although thanks to a particularly late responder the crew get the message. Augury Trip remarks that the other Trips know the deal, anyone who fails to kill the crew is dead themselves and sends his regards before cutting connection. Without little time to think ahead a massive fight breaks out between the crew and the various Trips, finding many to attempt to fight although most simply run and flee, after facing off against dozens of Trips the group manage to breach their way through to DJ Trip's room and find a stairwell leading up the radio tower, as the group ascend Augury Trip regrets thinking that his dimensional equivalents would live up to expectations, however asserts that even now their battle will be fruitless. After the group manages to catch up to Trip they find him atop the radio tower as a vicious thunderstorm strikes as the radio tower causing an intense deluge of rain as Trip stands opposing the crew, pulling out his polearm which ignites revealing its true nature as a scythe as the battle commences.

Trip's first phase seeing him use blistering lightning speed to shoot around the arena attempting to ambush the player with several sweeping strikes of his scythe, as well as keeping his distance otherwise leaving the player's only opportunity to attack him to be a retaliation to his own attacks. In addition Trip generates powerful energy waves from his scythe in an attempt to blast the player away, as the battle progresses Trip changes up his tactics creating rolling waves of energy which home in on the player as well as generating false copies of himself as after images of pure light that appear to attack the group although set them up to dodge into his actual attack. Despite this deceptive play however Trip is caught off-guard enough times for him to retreat back as he calls up into the clouds above demanding more power, sure enough a massive bolt of energy strikes the radio tower as an apparition takes humanoid form, made of pure energy, the group now finding themselves having to dodge the punches and kicks of this massive entity while waiting for gaps in its surface to open up to strike at the metallic core holding it together. After dealing enough damage the creature collapses as the energy dissipates into the surrounding city causing a massive power surge causing a total blackout aside from the radio tower. Trip, frustrated yells at the clouds above that they're useless and laments that he has to do this himself as he focuses his energy, thrusting his scythe through his midsection as he keels over seemingly defeated, blood pouring out of the massive gash in his body, however electricity ripples through the blood as limbs and faces begin forming, Trip remarking that he wasn't sure he'd be able to pull it off and informs the group that Augury power shouldn't be underestimated as from Trip's blood the beings take form appearing to be recreations of Pestilence, Famine and War as the third phase begins with the trio now having to deal with the combined efforts of all four Auguries at once leading to a hectic flurry of attacks coming quickly one after another as each Augury takes turns affecting the arena as a whole in their own way.

Despite the incredible force put up against them the crew emerge victorious knocking each of the Auguries out one by one leaving Trip stammered and defeated, as the crew approach him, Trip looks up at Judge and wonders if he's really ready to which Chulu questions Judge as to what Judge means, Judge smirking as he kneels down to Trip, thanking him for his efforts, taking Trip's scythe and beheading him and the Auguries causing a massive distillation of energy, flooding out across the city as the clouds above thunderously attempt to recover the lost energy as it dissipates, however with little success, the overwhelming energy creating a tear that leads up into the clouds themselves. Judge remarking to Chulu that he always has a mole on the inside against his enemies and declares to the whole crew that they don't have much time, pointing to the rift and running ahead jumping through as the Chapter concludes.

Chapter 20


The final chapter begins directly after Chapter 19 ended with the crew jumping through the rift arriving in a strange sort of realm, looking in the distance seeing the featureless expanse converging on a singular point, as a wave of energy rushes over the expanse causing the seemingly inert world to take shape as the crew find themselves on a beach. The first level having the crew traverse the beach, fending off against giant ancient sea-life that attempt to drain their life force. Managing to reach the tip of the beach they see a massive waterfall careening over the edge, however as they approach the edge the water below seems to rise up to approach the crew, somehow becoming shallow in the process allowing the crew to progress, however as they begin to cross they realize the water to be rising and sinking back down to its original position.

Managing to get out of the water they find the land around the body of water to have changed appearing to be a reflective series of buildings with a night sky now above them emanating constellations onto the buildings. The second level having the crew crossing through the reflective town, as the constellations take the form of Taurus, Sagittarius and Pisces attempting to attack the group through the surfaces of the buildings. Despite their assaults, the constellations are pushed back and the crew press onwards finding a building not reflective like the rest, heading inside finding it to be an Auditorium, immense in size with seats designed for giants. The third level has the group needing to traverse across the giant auditorium as giant creatures, far beyond that of the crew funnel into the auditorium to take their seats forcing the crew to avoid getting trampled, whilst dealing with strange musically-shaped insects appearing from beneath the seats that attack the crew. Managing to make it to the stage, the crew find their way backstage, becoming entangled through seemingly infinitely tall curtains as their path gives way to an old and worn cobblestone path in an intense downpour.

Entering into the fourth level where the crew work their way through the ancient looking and run-down town where Augury Forces attempt to stop them, they come across a statue of the four Auguries, managing to break it through a prolonged combat encounter allowing them to progress onto the next level. The fifth level bringing the crew into the space beneath the statue, finding themselves back at the beach they'd initially found themselves on, however looking around they realize the vast topography that had previously attempted to obscure their path to the convergence point was now behind them, however just as they prepare to move on the water itself catches alight forcing the group to move quickly, dealing with hordes of enemies erupting from the flames of the oceans around them while working their way towards the convergence point. Managing to reach the convergence point, the crew find the spirits of the four Auguries sitting around it, seemingly at peace, Chulu attempts to question them as to where the convergence point leads to, Trip responds rather calmly that it leads to the domain of their leader and questions if they intend to head through. Asserting the necessity Chulu declares that they are as the crew head through the convergence point as a blinding light envelops their vision.

As their sight comes back into focus the crew find themselves situated in a sort of heavenly domain, cloudy islands with angelic-like creatures attempting to block the crew's way as they climb upwards, Judge commenting it to be an illusion to which some of the crew question Judge on this to which he rebuttals that the Augury's leader is just trying to dissuade the crew, sure enough as they climb higher the clouds darken and the peaceful atmosphere of the realm begins to give way. As the sixth level ends the realm appears twisted and deformed, massive Lovecraftian beasts appearing from the clouds in an attempt to destroy the peaceful realm and the crew in the process, the seventh level focusing on the group evading these monstrosities as they begin to hear a voice calling out to them, warning them that they are not prepared to stand against such divine majesty, however this proves ineffectual as the group presses onwards, determined. As the group manages to reach the top of a massive cloud structure, they find a large palace sitting atop the clouds, already battle-damaged from the Lovecraftian creatures summoned to defend it, the eighth level sees the group head inside where they find the palace to be a strange structure with a non-Euclidian layout as the group attempt to navigate the way through its winding and maze-like hallways filled with mirrors seemingly showing worlds far away from the palace itself, allowing the creatures within to appear and attack the crew.

Despite the seemingly perilous deluge of paths the crew manage to find their way into the central chamber, where a lone figure is seen sitting, playing with a ball, bouncing it against a broken mirror's frame. A cutscene plays out as Chulu asks the figure who they are, the figure, seemingly ignoring Chulu and the rest of the crew communicates to them telepathically, introducing themselves as The Verum before correcting themselves and declaring they're The Fabula, before remarking that it doesn't really matter, as to them they're one in the same. Skeletrax devises the name Verum Fabula for the being to which they accept the name, commenting that the "The" part was always just a title that people insisted on giving beings such as themselves, noting that they always found it a bit funny since there was rarely just one of them that was capable of doing the same function. Verum Fabula asks the group why they'd come here, what were they expecting to happen, Chulu declaring that the Ångström is being irrevocably damaged by Verum Fabula's actions, the constant destruction leading to a sense of things coming to an end, Verum Fabula however counters this noting that it is cyclic, all that is destroyed is simply being reborn again in a new form however Judge interjects, affirming that that reborn form is one that benefits Verum Fabula, to which Verum Fabula attempts to argue back, questioning why such a thing would be so bad, however to the crew's surprise Indutor steps up commenting on his own experience, remembering how his people thought their world was coming to an end and even though he survived the destruction he saw those survivors eternally fearful as the Auguries forces were dogmatic in their pressure. Verum Fabula simply ignores this however, continuing to play with the ball, noting that it's not their business what the Auguries decide to do, however Judge notes that clearly that's not the case as when faced with opposition Verum Fabula decided to smite down Trip instead of letting him live.

Having seemingly finally grabbed Verum Fabula's attention they stops playing with the ball, throwing it away as they stands up and gesture for the group to approach them, stating with their actual voice that they ensure the eternal cycle of life in the Ångström and their interference would only lead to stagnation and death, remarking that the time for words has ended as they reveals their second set of arms, tearing a crystal blade out from one of the statues in the chamber as the fight begins. The first phase of Verum Fabula's fight sees them use the crystal blade to attack with a melee style of combat, creating after images to confuse the group before striking as well as generating light from the mirrors to create powerful energy blasts and strike the ground causing the light to erupt from beneath in giant pillars. Managing to survive the onslaught of attacks, the crew manage to break through the crystal blade, shattering it into pieces as Verum Fabula congratulates the crew on their performance so far, even stating that they're doing almost as well as the Auguries on a good day. Verum Fabula holds their arms up into the air as colour focuses into each arm, taking on a fiery orange, stony yellow, miasma green and frigid grey colouration. In the second phase Verum Fabula shifts their style to be more ranged used magical attacks generating massive pillars of fire, throwing out volleys of stones that ricochet off the surfaces, unleashing clouds of noxious gas and even summoning regular enemies to fight on their behalf. Despite this shift up, the crew manage to persist even catching Verum Fabula off-guard and landing a direct hit on them.

As the second phase ends, Verum Fabula summons a chariot and pulls out a bow readying to attack the crew on another offensive. The third phase being about timing as Verum Fabula disappears through the various mirrors of the chamber only to reappear from another in an attempt to ambush the crew and catch them off-guard either running them over or shooting them with the arrows enriched with pure light, constant attacks however allow the crew to damage the chariot before one of its wheels flies off and the whole ride crashes on its side. Verum Fabula managing to climb out, seemingly unscathed, bored by the whole ordeal escapes through the broken mirror, causing the group to become confused as to where they'd disappeared, however Chulu approaches the mirror opening the Arg'Noktra up and using its magic to forcibly repair the mirror.

The ninth and final level of the game sees Chulu pursue Verum Fabula on her own, chasing him into the mirror where they find themselves within a sort of vortex, Chulu questioning where they are to which Verum Fabula remarks that even they don't entirely know, noting that the cyclic nature doesn't just apply lowly mortal beings like Chulu and her crew, suggesting that perhaps this is the nature of some aspect of the universe. Refusing to give up however a structure begins to form in Verum Fabula, initially appearing as a heart, Chulu and Verum Fabula battle against one another with Chulu using the pages of the Arg'Noktra to shift between different combat styles on the fly to combat Verum Fabula's own abilities including their magic and ability to generate weapons out of thin air. As the battle progresses Verum Fabula's heart expands growing thorns and into their left leg, however Chulu keeps up the offensive and eventually manages after extensively breaking apart Verum Fabula's defences to show the Arg'Noktra to them, as it absorbs Verum Fabula's energy seemingly draining them, although in an instant Verum Fabula regains consciousness, confused as Chulu remarks that the Arg'Noktra draws its power from ancient beings noting that Verum Fabula gives it power beyond what it had possessed.

Confused by the outcome Verum Fabula questions Chulu as to what she's planning to which Chulu remarks that Judge had a point in his plan, the Ångström as it is works cyclically, there is no gain or loss and she determines that given the way Verum Fabula had treated it and the other universes that wasn't a way to live, even noting that the very vortex they find themselves in only perpetuates itself through a loss somewhere else, declaring that they'll just have to start over with one change. Chulu opens up the Arg'Noktra and mutters something illegible under her breath, before casting the book out into the vortex as it is seemingly torn apart by the tide of the vortex, Verum Fabula confused asking Chulu what she just did, to which Chulu responds to just watch.

In an instant the vortex begins to change colour its vivid white and cyan streaks giving way to a vast, deep indigo with small golden starlights. Chulu remarks that the Arg'Noktra is a book of infinite potential limited by a cyclic existence and so in exchange for its infinite potential the Ångström will get its own infinity. Sure enough one of the starlights beyond the vortex explodes and from its boundless colours ripple through the vortex causing it to destabilize, Verum Fabula declaring that they need to get out of the vortex, Chulu agreeing as they quickly generate a mirror back to the central chamber finding it strangely different from before, the other mirrors having all disappeared as well as the rest of Chulu's crew. Verum Fabula asks Chulu where they will end up, to which Chulu remarks that she's going back home and welcomes Verum Fabula to visit whenever they feel like it.

As a blinding light similar to the one that Chulu had seen when entering Verum Fabula's domain engulfs her she wakes up, finding herself back on Outpost Gamma with Galea talking to her about an opportunity to visit the Snail Dragon homeworld soon as some of her family is coming to visit. Chulu agrees and thanks her mother before heading out, sure enough as she looks out over the main hub of Outpost Gamma she sees Verum Fabula leaning over the railing looking down on the people below, Chulu approaches Verum Fabula and asks if it worked, Verum Fabula responds noting that they believe so, creating an identical copy of the ball they were playing with earlier, seemingly confirming the infinite potential existence as the story concludes.


Rebirth of the Spirit is an Action-Brawler game, using a combo-based system to reward the player for consistently damaging enemies and avoiding taking damage. Each playable character has their own movesets and is able to unlock additional moves through an upgrade tree, characters can also unlock moves that use the same combination and so can swap between moves in the character section of the menu to pick the moves they prefer.

Characters can unlock new moves through gaining experience (although some moves are unlocked through gameplay) which is gained through defeating enemies, higher combat multipliers reward greater experience for the character.

When the player begins a level they'll enter the level with three characters, if the player is replaying the level they can select these characters from the available pool of characters. Each character has their own Health Bar and Ultimate Attack Bar, the latter fills as the player deals more damage without taking damage themselves, while all three characters share a Combat Multiplier Bar making it easy to chain attacks between characters to keep the combo high. If a character runs out of health they'll be swapped out for another character, reaching checkpoints or using healing items can restore KO'd characters however if all three characters are KO'd the player is sent back to the last checkpoint they reached.

The Ultimate Attack Bar allows the player to perform Ultimate Attacks for that character, characters have different Ultimate Attacks requiring a certain number of the bars to be filled, all characters have a 16 Charge Ultimate Attack although often have other Ultimate Attacks that don't require a full charge allowing them to be pulled off sooner.

The HUD for Rebirth of the Spirit


Challenges are one method of unlocking new moves as well as alternate costumes for various characters over the course of the game, Challenges come in two forms; Chapter Specific and Global. Chapter Specific Challenges are presented for each individual chapter, completing them can only be done in the particular chapter they're tied to, in addition Chapter Specific Challenges are the only method to acquire unlockable characters. Global Challenges meanwhile are challenges which can be done in any chapter, they're often more general and typically reward new moves although also uniquely give accessories which can be attached to characters giving a second layer of customization.

Multiplayer Mode

In addition to the main playable story mode, players can fight in 1-6 Players on various locations based on those seen in the main story. The controls are identical to those in Story Mode and, like in Story Mode, the player can shift between three characters each with their own independent HP. In addition to the 34 playable characters available through the Story Mode (some of whom do still need to be unlocked in the story mode to be playable in multiplayer mode) there are additional characters unique to specifically Multiplayer Mode who're considered either insignificant canon appearances or non-canon appearances.


Rebirth of the Spirit features a fairly large cast of characters encountered and playable throughout the game.

Combat Style: Ranger
Available from Start
Chulu is the main protagonist of Rebirth of the Spirit, she is a Snail Dragon-Human Hybrid who is skilled in magic especially thanks to the Arg'Noktra which gives her access to forms of magic she would not normally have access to. She often leads the group in searches for the pages of the Arg'Noktra and hopes to gather all the pages of the Arg'Noktra so they don't pose a danger to anyone.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Available from Start
Monu is the current wielder of the Spirit of Combat, although in the Ångström its power is diminished, she is never the less highly competent in combat thanks to her years of training. She seems to have a greater control over herself thanks to the dampening of the Spirit of Combat's abilities and has a greater degree of focus.
1) Beach Party Magic (From Beginning)
2) Rubber Duck Army (From Beginning)
3) Magnetism (Complete Chapter 2)
4) Boom Burst (Complete Chapter 4)
5) Glass 'em (Complete Chapter 6)
6) Memory Photography (Complete Chapter 9)
7) Energy Weapons (Complete Chapter 15)
1) Bronze Age (From Beginning)
2) Fiery Fists (From Beginning)
3) Ripper Mode (Chapter 1 Challenge C)
4) Under Wraps (Chapter 4 Challenge B)
Helluva Bodacious
Combat Style: Spacer
Available from Start
One of the youngest members of Chulu's Group, although inexperienced, Cattleya is dedicated to the goal of finding the pages of the Arg'Noktra, believing that there is no value to anyone possessing the pages due to the damage they can cause to people. Cattleya herself is a bit of an oddity as well, a hybrid of a Floral (the general term for plant-based lifeforms) and a Genetically Engineered Human, giving her remarkable control over plants.
Combat Style: Ranger
Available from Start
Self-proclaimed time traveller from the 20th Century, Helluva Bodacious is a human skilled with electricity, having a seemingly infinite supply within his body he can generate shock waves to electrocute enemies and power his musical weapons to inflict devastating damage to his enemies.
1) Tree Traps (From Beginning)
2) Shredder Leaves (From Beginning)
3) Heat Absorption (Chapter 2 Challenge C)
4) Giga Ferns (Chapter 6 Challenge A)
1) Radical Noise (From Beginning)
2) Neo-Synthwave (From Beginning)
3) Rhythmic Groove (Chapter 3 Challenge C)
4) Remixer (Chapter 8 Challenge B)
Brynyn New.png
Combat Style: Spacer
Available from Start
An avid explorer, Stiltana joined Chulu's group during the Prison Colony incident and has used the opportunity to explore the strange ruins and artifacts of the Ångström. Although she is still somewhat inexperienced, Stiltana's Hydrokinesis has developed significantly with her having greater control and being able to use water in more inventive methods thanks to her travels.
Combat Style: Brute
Available from Start
Sworn protector of Stiltana, Brynyn less so joined Chulu's Group and more so focused on continuing to protect Stiltana leading to his goals aligning with Chulu's. Although he can be a bit cold and distant to others he's not overly familiar with he is generally friendly to the rest of the group although isn't overly concerned about the pages of the Arg'Noktra unless they threaten him or the group directly.
1) River Rapids (From Beginning)
2) Bubbles (From Beginning)
3) High & Low Tide (Chapter 3 Challenge D)
4) Ripple Dance (Chapter 9 Challenge A)
1) Cryokinesis (From Beginning)
2) Frost Armour (From Beginning)
3) Ice Age Rage (Chapter 6 Challenge B)
4) Snowbreaker (Chapter 9 Challenge B)
The Jackalope
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Available from Start
A Beorn archaeologist, Darüber originated from the Ångström and has been exploring it attempting to uncover its history, working alongside Chulu's group in hopes of finding the history of the realm they now exist in. Darüber is generally a fairly passive and friendly individual, often trying to find common ground to connect with others, although he is somewhat lacking in his combat skills his synergy with Rebellatrix a living weapon, helps him deal with any tough situation.
Combat Style: Ranger
Available from Start
One of the more recent members of Chulu's Group, The Jackalope joined when the two's interests in dealing with the same individual aligned, although normally an assassin for hire, The Jackalope has been on a prolonged break as he seems to have an underlying fear of falling too deep into his job and losing his sense of empathy. This fear however is often clouded by his laid-back and calm attitude which conceals his concerns from others.
1) Gravity Hammer (From Beginning)
2) Gravity Knives (From Beginning)
3) Pressure Blade (Chapter 2 Challenge D)
4) Gyro Mace (Chapter 5 Challenge C)
1) Composite Bow (From Beginning)
2) Poisonous Bolts (From Beginning)
3) Adhesive Bolts (Chapter 1 Challenge D)
4) Frictionless Bolts (Chapter 10 Challenge A)
Monu's Dad
Cpt. Skeletrax
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Available from Start
The Father of Monu, his real name, unknown, Monu's Dad is a rather wiser member of Chulu's group, having joined hoping to continue his studies into various cultures and combat styles, he is a master with the blade and a ferocious fighter. His raw strength is often his greatest asset, being superhuman in nature he has little to no trouble handling creatures many times his size.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Available from Start
Skeletrax, formally known as Ri, is the undead captain of Chulu's Group, providing the transport that the group uses to navigate the Ångström. Often a bit of a klutz, Skeletrax relies on his innate durability and sheer force of will to handle situations, not much for problem solving he often takes a more laid-back approach since thanks to his seeming immortality he has the time to spare.
1) Frostberge (From Beginning)
2) Chainbreaker (From Beginning)
3) Baton Passer (Chapter 7 Challenge A)
Winged Axe (Chapter 13 Challenge A)
1) Burner Cutlass (From Beginning)
2) Gallows Hook (From Beginning)
3) Treasure Chest Surprise (Chapter 4 Challenge C)
4) Bone Club (Chapter 11 Challenge A)
Combat Style: Brute
Complete Chapter 1 Challenge A
Although a bit of a ruffian in her mannerisms and general behaviour, Zelleni is a very friendly and kind-hearted individual who often exerts a degree of confidence unseen in most people, this is even more so true when she manages to get drunk, making full use of her altered DNA to generate powerful crystalline structures that enhance her combat capabilities.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Complete Chapter 1 Challenge B
Crymaura is a soft-spoken Lucent, although not much of a fighter she is rather fond of Sonokinesis, the ability to use soundwaves beyond generating noise. She is fairly durable and has managed to survive various tough encounters in her life thanks to her regenerative abilities. Despite her knack for Sonokinesis, Crymaura doesn't actually talk much, preferring to simply listen to the sounds of her surroundings, some describe her as a bit of a cuckoolander in that regard.
1) Crystal Fists (From Beginning)
2) Ethanol Shards (Chapter 7 Challenge B)
3) Butanol Buster (Chapter 12 Challenge A)
1) Reverb Blade (From Beginning)
2) Echoing Shards (Chapter 11 Challenge B)
3) Bell Bomber (Chapter 15 Challenge A)
Combat Style: Ranger
Complete Chapter 2 Challenge A
Although a bit of a pyromaniac at times, Renée is a well-meaning individual with a knack for the creative arts. Renée possesses the ability to create living art, typically through her unique style of art which involves scorching materials to create shapes and patterns. She is quite outspoken about her interests although is also a bit hard-headed, ignoring the dangers that come with using fire.
Combat Style: Spacer
Complete Chapter 2 Challenge B
The child of a Dullahan and a Patchwork person, Dulcie is a bit aloof and a trickster by nature, often enjoying playing tricks on others, she has a fascination with anatomy, finding similarities and differences between different species attempting to piece together the common anatomical needs in intelligent species.
1) Smoke Art (From Beginning)
2) Living Sculptures (Chapter 4 Challenge D)
3) Cloud Painting (Chapter 13 Challenge B)
1) Head Spinner (From Beginning)
2) Quadrupedal Form (Chapter 8 Challenge C)
3) Wrecking Head (Chapter 14 Challenge A)
Combat Style: Spacer
Complete Chapter 3 Challenge A
One of the only Nionites believed to exist in the Ångström, Beat is a collected and assertive individual with powerful chromatic abilities allowing him to use light in a combative style. He is often very confrontational to those that oppose his goals although is diplomatic enough to stand down when convinced he's in the wrong.
Combat Style: Brute
Complete Chapter 3 Challenge B
A ghostly creature that is one of the native species of the Ångström, Addonis is a rather quirky individual often attempting to make light of any situation to keep spirits high. His ability to phase through objects makes him highly evasive and difficult to keep track of and so many are caught off-guard by his pleasant demeanour.
1) Chromatism Red (From Beginning)
2) Chromatism Green (Chapter 14 Challenge B)
3) Chromatism Blue (Chapter 19 Challenge A)
1) Phantasm Fists (From Beginning)
2) Cursing Grip (Chapter 10 Challenge B)
3) Spectral Takeover (Chapter 15 Challenge B)
Combat Style: Spacer
Complete Chapter 4 Challenge A
A rather long-lived Beorn, Origin's goal in life has been to try and prevent the destruction of Zeon across numerous Fantendoverses however has failed each time. Although he can be cocky at times he is often skilled enough to warrant his confidence and is often humbled whenever things become too tough willing to rely on others, he is particularly skilled with Ferrokinesis.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Complete Chapter 8 Challenge A
Destiny is a generally light-hearted and friendly individual, often attempting to help others wherever possible, although she is not overly assertive she is supportive and able is often sure to try and dissuade others from potentially dangerous goals. When in combat she relies on her powerful Energy Hammer and attempts to appear as serious as possible.
1) Ferrokinesis (From Beginning)
2) Rotational Armour (Chapter 13 Challenge C)
3) Spring-bound (Chapter 17 Challenge A)
1) Fluctuator Hammer (From Beginning)
2) Spiked Strikeout (Chapter 6 Challenge C)
3) Rocket Hammer (Chapter 18 Challenge A)
Zhurenno (Zutomayo)
Combat Style: Spacer
Complete Chapter 5 Challenge A
Despite her demonic heritage Zhurenno is a fairly meek and mild-mannered individual, always focused on trying to appear as passive as possible, she is often fearful of the powers she's inherited and so often avoids fighting outright, more so relying on her standing ripple, Zutomayo to fight on her behalf.
Combat Style: Brute
Complete Chapter 5 Challenge B
A creature of the stars themselves, Stelumbra is a strange individual who's fondness for magic has lead him to a vast literature of knowledge that he's gained through his travels, however this has also made him a bit of a social hermit often engrossed in his books and attempting to explain any situation through strange and niche forms of magic unfamiliar to almost anyone other than himself.
1) Shadow Threads (From Beginning)
2) Demonic Trickery (Chapter 10 Challenge C)
3) Negative Space Threads (Chapter 16 Challenge A)
1) Pisces & Aquarius (From Beginning)
2) Aries & Taurus (Chapter 12 Challenge B)
3) Scorpio & Cancer (Chapter 17 Challenge B)
Combat Style: Ranger
Unlocked in Chapter 12
A rather brutal individual, Judge is often portrayed as ruthless and cruel, although often trying to excuse this under a false pretense of the greater good. Judge's actions have caused a considerable amount of damage however through his twisted logic he believes there is a capacity for a better existence. His polymorphic nature allows him to use multiple abilities simultaneously making him unpredictable.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Unlocked in Chapter 13
A ferocious Draconian, Miu is a loyal follower of Judge although is also considerably wise in her own right showing a greater degree of independence and willingness to work with others than some of Judge's other subordinates. Her immense power with her Draconian form allows her to exchange her agility and blocking abilities for raw power in a pinch.
1) Hellfire Transformations (From Beginning)
2) Beast of the Wild (From Beginning)
3) Ex-Catonean (Chapter 19 Challenge B)
1) Brimstone Saber (From Beginning)
2) Draconian Feathers (From Beginning)
3) Cursing Sai (Chapter 7 Challenge C)
PAIN-T V6.png
PAIN-T v6.0
Combat Style: Spacer
Unlocked in Chapter 15
A rather carefree and peaceful individual, PAIN-T in her regular state of mind is often quite sociable, her frequent upgrades have given her personality a number of quirks making her a bit ditzy at times leading to her sometimes letting her ideas wander far beyond what's asked.
Combat Style: Brute
Unlocked in Chapter 15
Described as being a child at heart, NULL is an odd case, despite her generally dry wit she is often quite playful and tends to make bonds through whatever attachment she can find with those around her whether that's in share personality or interests, her adaptiveness even extends to her abilities with her powers stemming from internal copied abilities, however she has poor memory of her current abilities due to the effects of the Auguries.
1) Painted Barrier (From Beginning)
2) Painted Soldiers (From Beginning)
3) Acidic Canvas (Chapter 16 Challenge B)
1) Precision Blades (From Beginning)
2) Copycat (From Beginning)
3) Radiant Martial Arts (Chapter 18 Challenge B)
Vanessa Ridley
Strero New.png
Combat Style: Ranger
Unlocked in Chapter 16
Vanessa is a bit of a silent case, not one to talk much she often communicates through other forms of language having learnt over time to be able to control the butterflies around her to create sound that mimics her voice. Her rather unassuming nature makes her a bit of a social chameleon, blending into groups rather easily, which also makes it difficult for people to get a read on her since she'll only really speak when spoken directly to.
Combat Style: Spacer
Unlocked in Chapter 16
An extremely determined albeit to a fault individual, Strero's mindset had almost destroyed him many times in the past, seeking vengeance against Judge, this determination however dulled after many failed encounters leaving Strero somewhat drifting without a strong sense of his goals, more or less following Judge like a zombie in hopes of finding reason after dealing with him, as such Strero can often be rather impressionable and willing to help out anyone if he feels it can give him meaning again.
1) Song of Butterflies (From Beginning)
Mothsilk Strings (From Beginning)
3) Locust Swarm (Chapter 17 Challenge C)
1) Chrono Grinder (From Beginning)
Machine Harvester (From Beginning)
3) Universal Remote (Chapter 11 Challenge C)
Combat Style: Brute
Unlocked in Chapter 16
A strange figure, Liameno appears to have become a devout for the Auguries however became disillusioned when he understood their mortality, his strong beliefs in finding powerful beings to follow and worship have gone to extreme degrees in the past although it seems that his mind has become sharpened with the disappearance of his original deities forcing him to deal with external forces with his own moral code developing.
Combat Style: Brute
Unlocked in Chapter 16
Often mistaken as a simple-minded beast, Vortagryn is a cunning individual, often preferring to play coy and work towards his own benefits with minimal benefit to others. His innate strength often allows him to bully others although he also subverts this by disguising himself as a loyal follower of others who believe they can control his power.
1) Electroshock Brutality (From Beginning)
2) Thunder Clap (From Beginning)
3) Plasma Claws (Chapter 7 Challenge C)
1) Vicious Sweeper (From Beginning)
2) Raging Sandstorm (From Beginning)
3) Aridation (Chapter 15 Challenge C)
Combat Style: Brute
Unlocked in Chapter 16
A bit of an aloof, Ethereal often relies on her innate adaptiveness to make up for her faults, not much to take orders from authority she has a strong disdain towards the Auguries and is willing to work with makeshift groups to topple organizations she views as antagonistic, her camouflage makes it easy for her to evade enemies and get the drop on them.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Unlocked in Chapter 16
A living program, Pixel lost something long ago although her limited storage means she's gradually forgotten what, her prolonged existence leading to her tone mellowing out after repeated instances of requiring biological life to help her, although having developed a degree of arrogance she often seeks to prove she doesn't need them to be able to live and seems to now more often become disappointed in herself when she requires others help.
1) Whisper & Strike (From Beginning)
2) Phantom Flip (From Beginning)
3) Intangibility (Chapter 14 Challenge C)
1) Cut & Delete (From Beginning)
2) Copy & Paste (From Beginning)
3) Undo & Redo (Chapter 9 Challenge C)
Combat Style: Spacer
Unlocked in Chapter 17
Believed to be a rather dangerous individual, One seems to mostly be playing along with the group with her own goals in mind, though she is often conflicted about whether to return to the Auguries or not she seems to often be given some distance thanks to her sadistic abilities.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
Unlocked in Chapter 16
A noble individual, Curion seems to be a bit stuck in the past, not really understanding the modern world he often ends up starry-eyed as a result, often amazed by even seemingly mundane inventions. Despite his separation of time from most he is remarkably capable in battle able to use his natural sharp limbs to tear apart many a foe.
1) Psychadelic Waves (From Beginning)
2) Shattered Mind (From Beginning)
3) Refractive Vision (Chapter 18 Challenge C)
1) Knight's Claymore (From Beginning)
2) Duelling Lance (From Beginning)
3) Dragon's Tooth (Chapter 16 Challenge C)
Combat Style: Ranger
Unlocked in Chapter 16
A seemingly rather meek and unassuming individual, Indutor is for all intents and purposes just an everyday individual, a bit of a coward but otherwise fairly moderate in his behaviour, he attempts to emulate others believing that he may lack bravery but can find it through others, despite his personality however his innate powers make him incredibly dangerous thanks to his powerful lightning attacks, capable of draining immense amounts of energy.
Combat Style: Ranger
Unlocked in Chapter 17
Second to Judge in his group, Calea is devious and rather treacherous although is very loyal to Judge, an admiration that mostly goes unnoticed by Judge himself. Calea often seeks to push others to their limits, often to make them easier to work with although as a result can be quite difficult to be around even when being cooperative.

Multiplayer Only Characters

Combat Style: Ranger
Capable of using high pressure water, Hightide is a dangerous adversary who's lightning quick attacks are able to utilize his reservoir of water in almost any situation. He is able to use firearms to direct his water into even more precise shots.
Combat Style: Ranger
A rather mysterious individual, hailing from a Kingdom far away, Kyra relies on a bow in combat and despite her quiet and reserved nature can be quite ferocious using barrages of arrows with rapid succession.
1) Super Soaker
2) Mist Coverage
3) Pressure Jet Force
1) Hunt & Strike
2) Arrowed Sharpshooter
3) Raining Arrows
Tommy Marone
Combat Style: Spacer
A strange traveller of sorts, Homuta seems to describe herself as a bit of a wandering spirit, and although not normally well equipped for dealing with external forces in combat the strange controller she wields possesses supernatural abilities allowing her to protect herself through summoning powerful entities that fight alongside her.
Combat Style: Brute
A wannabe hero, Tommy is hot-blooded and often one to seek to prove himself even if said efforts can put him in danger, his costume, inspired by comic book heroes was stylized after various insects and allows him to access similar abilities to the animals he themed it on.
1) Fantastical Summons
2) System Options
3) Bullet Hell Digitization
1) Ant-Power Strength
2) Arachnid Rampage
3) Grasshopper Bounds
Combat Style: Ranger
A kind-hearted scavenger, Atake along with his companion, Aka, provide a considerable duo as Aka's unusual power grants Atake considerable strength, able to use powerful ballistic weaponry in combat, he is often seen tinkering with his weapons in hopes of improving them further making them more useful in combat.
Combat Style: Spacer
Known otherwise as Gabriella Brooks, Chewout is a hero in her home city and is a bit of a lay-about, often preferring to just relax. During a freak accident she was able to manipulate an adhesive substance not dissimilar to chewing gum, giving her incredible flexibility in combat as she's able to control large volumes of the material.
1) Pulse Rifle
2) Grenadier Cannon
3) Gatling Pistol
1) Sticky Web
2) Bubble Bombs
3) Slinger Gum
Anna Snowpops
Combat Style: Brute
Rather immature in nature, Anna seems to always want to help people even if they don't ask for it, her icy abilities make her remarkably versatile and she can morph ice around herself to form compacted fists. Some find her annoying on account of her long diatribes and speeches while others appreciate her eagerness.
Combat Style: Weaponeer
A swashbuckler of the high seas, Mary's a pirate by nature and a ferocious fighter to boot, capable of wielding a hefty anchor she can be rather reckless in combat although can resort to her reliable cutlass if a situation demands it.
1) Pummeling Snowball
2) Avalanche Gauntlets
3) Icicle Knuckles
1) Ol' Anchor Sinker
2) Razor Cutlass
3) Rum Drum & Rope
Combat Style: Brute
Although a bit naive at times Proxxy is a level-headed individual for her age and often shows a significant degree of maturity in situations when it's demanded of her. Her combat skills lie in her stretchy limbs, although possessing other forms of supernatural abilities they appear dampened, however she can also coat her claws in mercury giving them toxic qualities.
Combat Style: Spacer
Energetic and yet very assertive, Taxi is a rather strange individual, having randomly turned up offering everyone rides, no one is entirely sure whether she's native to the region of space or not although professes an extensive knowledge of how to get anywhere. However it is wise to stay on her good side as she can go nuclear for those that don't pay for the ride.
1) Acid Claws
2) Rubber Boxer
3) Free-Form DDR
1) Traffic Violation
2) Safety First
3) High-Visibility Beams
Combat Style: Ranger
A trickster witch who's prowess at Magicka Thievery is rather distinct, able to harness the power of magic in many ways she can nick others abilities to use as her own, in spite of her otherwise somewhat average magical abilities. Her companion, the ghostly hat, Spoop can help out in combat by providing an additional caster.
Combat Style: Brute
Headstrong and at times dim-witted, Fire is a brutish and rather confrontational individual, often one to speak his mind his fiery temper (both literally and figuratively) can make him a major piece in any argument. His powerful control over all forms of fire makes him remarkably quick on his feet and able to take advantage of unaware combatants of his versatility.
1) Fiery Brilliance
2) Spectral Spellcaster
3) Chameleonic Magic
1) Solar Flare
2) Golden Flames
3) Plasma Burner


Chapter Levels Enemies Boss
Chapter 1: Return to Cravice Level 1: Painted Town
Level 2: The Brew Train
Level 3: Mines of Memory
Level 4: The Galleria
Painted Slimes
Painted Guards
Painted High-Life
Surreal Paintings
PAIN-T V6.png
PAIN-T v6.0
Chapter 2: The Melted Minds Level 1: Path to Enlightenment
Level 2: Soothing Forest
Level 3: Great Vermilion Wall
Level 4: The Wax Pagoda
Mad Wax Villagers
Fire Sprites
Wax Sages
Burning Ogre
Chapter 3: Musical Awakening Level 1: Welcome to TNT City
Level 2: Fishy Business
Level 3: Band Party Breakout
Level 4: Super Highway
Level 5: Silk-Laden Amphitheater
E-Human Grunt
E-Human Brute
Living Instruments
Vanessa Ridley
Chapter 4: In the Vastness Level 1: The Burning Dunes
Level 2: Rusted Engines
Level 3: The Mobile Titan
Level 4: City of the Drowned
Level 5: Forgotten Palace
Sand Bandits
Rustwork Soldier
Portal Flyer
Rustwork Paladin
Rustwork Knight
Rustwork Archer
Chapter 5: Breaking and Entering Level 1: Training Zone
Level 2: Space City '50
Level 3: Geometryland
Level 4: The Sketchwork Wilds
Level 5: Dangerous Noir
Training Dummies
Digital Anomalies
Sketchwork Goblins
Tommygun Trenchcoats
Chapter 6: Fossilized on a Wing Level 1: Gilded Streets
Level 2: Fungal Caverns
Level 3: Spirited Mausoleum
Level 4: Shrubwind Cliffs
Level 5: Ancestral Museum
Harpy Guard
Harpy Knight
Twisted Cephalo
Grub Monster
Harpy Spirit
Chapter 7: The Business of Fun Level 1: Thriller Entrance
Level 2: Freaky Mansion
Level 3: Waterwork Rush
Level 4: High-Speed Guiderail
Level 5: Fantastica
Level 6: The Dragon's Lair
Electrical Sprites
Robotic Attendants
Flying Camera
Animatronic Knight
Chapter 8: Return to the Digital World Level 1: Spaceship of the Lost
Level 2: Neon Rich Streets
Level 3: Escher Bar Brawl
Level 4: Cathedral of the Auguries
Level 5: The Living Walls
Level 6: Falling Tower
Augury Devout
Digital Anomalies
Malware Guards
Digital Constructs
Augury Acolytes
Chapter 9: Cracks in the Mind Level 1: Frigid Frost Caverns
Level 2: Shifting Rooms
Level 3: Overgrown Urbanity
Level 4: Hall of Giants
Level 5: Experimental Treatment
Level 6: Warped Biosphere
Snow Golems
Ice Sprites
Warped Minds
DNA Thieves
Chapter 10: Coming of Age Level 1: Lonely Space Port
Level 2: Jungle Depths
Level 3: On the Run
Level 4: Fungal Mire
Level 5: On High Alert
Level 6: The Arena
Twisted Cephalo
Grub Monster
Giant Mosquito
Snail Dragon Guard
Quartzite Spider
Fungal Beast
Chapter 11: Temporal Scream Level 1: Infinium Sapienta
Level 2: Boarded
Level 3: Racetrack Havoc
Level 4: The Time Warp
Level 5: Ancient Canyon
Level 6: Obsidian Spire
Augury Acolyte
Augury Bishop
Space Pirate
Pirate Commander
Twisted Cephalo
Bastion Guard
Bastion Knight
Strero New.png
Chapter 12: Comatose Level 1: Memory of an Outpost
Level 2: Labyrinth of Id
Level 3: Super Temple
Level 4: Forest of Thoughts
Level 5: The Fearlands
Level 6: Duality
Shud Cultist
Super Knight
Chapter 13: Uneasy Alliance Level 1: Boarding Party
Level 2: The Wasteland
Level 3: Communication Point
Level 4: Road to Ruin
Level 5: Forgotten Ocean
Level 6: Illusionary Castle
Level 7: Castle in Conflict
Augury Acolyte
Augury Bishop
Augury Commander
Automatic Defence-Robot
Augury Gunner
Living Suits
Chapter 14: Greater Forces Level 1: Serpent's Palace
Level 2: Basilisk Waterways
Level 3: Undead Desert
Level 4: Mirage Pyramid
Level 5: Thunder Islands
Level 6: Tedeum Village
Level 7: House of Death
Skeletal Warrior
Mummified Warrior
Chapter 15: In the Dead Level 1: Grimoire Woods
Level 2: Golem's Basin
Level 3: Blizzard Peaks
Level 4: Temple of the Necro
Level 5: Tombstone Labyrinth
Level 6: Sunnyside Village
Level 7: Golden Windmill
Magicka Golem
Ice Sprites
Mana Bone
Magicka Beast
Augury Devout
Augury Acolyte
Augury Commander
Chapter 16: Hidden in the Ångström Level 1: Defence on the Homefront
Level 2: Shipper Jumper
Level 3: Carnivore Jungle
Level 4: Spirit Eater Facility
Level 5: Geode Cavern
Level 6: Crater Breaker
Level 7: Mistfog Banks
Level 8: The Beating Heart
Augury Devout
Augury Acolyte
Augury Bishop
Augury Commander
Augury General
Augury Spewer
Chapter 17: The End of a World Level 1: Vast Drylands
Level 2: Crumbling City
Level 3: Tectonic Behemoth
Level 4: Volcanis
Level 5: Terawatt Highway
Level 6: The Giant Leech
Level 7: Eternal Rotation
Level 8: Brainstormer
Augury Devout
Augury Commander
Augury General
Automatic Defence-Robot
Fire Sprites
Hardlight Guards
Chapter 18: Realm of Cards Level 1: Twinpoint Forest
Level 2: Five Heart Mountain
Level 3: Infinite Battlefield
Level 4: Armoured Decagonal City
Level 5: Tower of Frost
Level 6: Maze of Suits
Level 7: Ace Keyway
Level 8: Joker's Underworld
Augury Devout
Augury Commander
Augury General
Fire Sprite
Ice Sprite
Chapter 19: Rules of Reality Level 1: Isle of Strife
Level 2: Wild Horse Valley
Level 3: Tower of Life
Level 4: Wall of the Blue
Level 5: Into the Moment
Level 6: Augury City
Level 7: Cathedral of Old Gods
Level 8: Disco Radio Tower
Thunder Demonling
Augury Devout
Augury Acolyte
Augury Bishop
Coiler Creature
Hardlight Copies
Fighting Trip Team
Chapter 20: A New Dawn Level 1: Last Sunset
Level 2: Constellationer
Level 3: Auditorium of Noise
Level 4: Downpour Reckoning
Level 5: Burning Beach
Level 6: Wonderment
Level 7: Untold Horrors
Level 8: Foul Realities
Level 9: REBIRTH
Ancient Sea-Life
Noise Fiends
Augury Acolyte
Augury Bishop
Augury Commander
Augury General
Fire Sprite
Augury Angel
Winding Wyrm
Verum Fabula.png
Verum Fabula

Multiplayer Locations

Polar Cave Bar Orchestral Tower Moon King's Castle
Main Theme - Covered in White
by Ujico*/Snail's House
Bonus - Ice Cap Zone Act 1
from Sonic 3
Main Theme - Pipe Dreams 2
by Animusic
Bonus - Bouncing Boss Battle
from Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Main Theme - Divinity
by Porter Robinson
Bonus Theme - Music Box (24-Bit)
from The Messenger
Noir Alleyway Experimental Labs Obsidian Tower
Main Theme - Any Major Dude will tell You
by Steely Dan
Bonus - Miles Edgeworth ~ Great Revival
from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies
Main Theme - Pure White Poison
by Utsu-P
Bonus - The Ing
from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
Main Theme - Freaking Out
by Mystery Skulls
Bonus - Birth of a Wish
from NieR: Automata
Castle Ablaze Wheat on the Hill Brainstormer
Main Theme - The Catalyst
by Linkin Park
Bonus - Harbinger
from DOOM
Main Theme - Morning Glory
by Ujico*/Snail's House
Bonus - Force Your Way
from Final Fantasy VIII
Main Theme - Too Long / Steam Machine
by Daft Punk
Bonus - CP Violation
from Half-Life 2
Dengue Swamp Fire & Brimstone Glitzy Radio Tower
Main Theme - Hikizuri
by Utsu-P
Bonus - Native Faith
from Touhou ~ Mountain of Faith
Secret - Dung Defender
from Hollow Knight
Main Theme - It's a Long Way to the Top
by AC/DC
Bonus - Lorule Castle
from The Legend of Zelda: A Link between Worlds
Secret - Hunt or be Hunted
from The Witcher 3: Wild hunt
Main Theme - Finale
by Madeon
Bonus - Fly Octo Fly/Ebb & Flow
from Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion
Secret - Twin Dragons
from Yakuza 0


# Song Title Artist Length
1 Fear! The Speaker People Utsu-P 2:24
2 Nero Forte Slipknot 5:18
3 Imaginary Express Ujico*/Snail's House 3:53
4 ROKI Mikito-P 3:50
5 Milabo Zutomayo 4:28
6 Dance Robot Dance Nayutalien 3:11
7 Ultimate Senpai Pinocchio-P 3:38
8 A Tale of Six Trillion Years and a Night (Wagakki ver.) Wagakki Band 3:57
9 Whatever Yama Says Goes Pinocchio-P 3:59
10 Otome Dissection DECO*27 3:49
11 Kick-Ass *Literally Pinocchio-P 3:28
12 Chocolate Girl Utsu-P 4:07
13 Black Hole Artist Utsu-P 4:16
14 Rikki Don't Lose that Number Steely Dan 4:31
15 Hunch Gray Zutomayo 4:09
16 Speed Demon Michael Jackson 4:03
17 True Faith New Order 5:51
18 Sekiranun Graffiti Supercell 3:35
19 DUNE Hachi 3:59
20 Corpse Attack!! Utsu-P 3:55
21 Thunderstruck AC/DC 4:52
22 Tusk Fleetwood Mac 3:38
23 Boring Life Nanawo Akari 3:23
24 The Dying Message Utsu-P 4:35
25 Firestorm SIAMÉS 3:30
26 Soda City Funk Tim Legend 2:54
27 Epitaph King Crimson 8:55
28 Ogre Utsu-P 3:39
30 Tengaku Yuuyu-P 4:35
31 FUSION Ujico*/Snail's House 3:21
32 Dead Memories Slipknot 4:28
33 Pretzel Logic Steely Dan 4:34
34 Daydream Sky Train Orangestar 4:06
35 The Lost Chord Gorillaz 4:03
36 Corona Utsu-P 3:56
37 Crescendolls Daft Punk 3:31
38 Ghosts Play to the Audience Pinocchio-P 3:50
39 Water of Love Dire Straits 5:25
40 No One Sleep in Tokyo Edo Boys 5:03
41 Cosmic Love Ujico*/Snail's House 3:40
42 The Hellion / Electric Eye Judas Priest 4:20
43 Superheroes / Human After All / Rock'n Roll Daft Punk 5:41
44 The Great Gig in the Sky Pink Floyd 4:44
45 Aerodynamic Daft Punk 3:32
46 Fastening Zutomayo 3:34
47 Delta C2C 3:43
48 (Rotten) Apple Dot Com Pinocchio-P 3:10
49 As You Get High SIAMÉS 4:34
50 Stylo Gorillaz 4:30
51 Down the Waterline Dire Straits 4:01
52 Heartbeat Jeddi 3:01
53 Antenna Pinocchio-P 4:17
54 House of the Rising Sun The Animals 4:28
55 Blue Monday New Order 7:30
56 Short Circuit Daft Punk 3:26
57 Monkey Doesn't Know (PTSD Ver.) Utsu-P 3:24
58 Voyager Daft Punk 3:47
59 It was all a dream Ujico*/Snail's House 2:44
60 Rock the Casbah The Clash 3:42
61 Bubbles and Your Dreams Ujico*/Snail's House 4:25
62 INVADER☆ Ujico*/Snail's House 4:55
63 Sunflower Ujico*/Snail's House 4:20
64 Distant Traces of Beauty (Sheddy ver.) Sheddy 4:11
65 Meteor John 8:36
66 Fury of the Storm DragonForce 6:46
67 Painkiller Judas Priest 6:05
68 Ghost Train Gorillaz 3:54
69 The Chain Fleetwood Mac 4:30
70 Overtime KNOWER 4:28
71 Master of Puppets Metallica 8:35
72 Unfragment Hanasoumen-P 8:57
73 Reversible Campaign DECO*27 2:52
74 Discommunication Alien Nanawo Akari 3:33
75 Can't be Right Zutomayo 4:01
76 Street of Fire Dave McLoud 4:54
77 Zero Pinocchio-P 4:04
78 Children's World Utsu-P 3:54
79 Adult's Toy Utsu-P 4:40
80 Holy Diver DIO 4:40
81 The Last Stand Sabaton 3:55
82 Andromeda Gorillaz 3:17
83 A Usual Life and the Earth's Frame Wowaka 3:44
84 Waiting for you, in Snowing City Ujico*/Snail's House 3:15
85 Goodbye to a World Porter Robinson 5:30
86 Do the Evolution Pearl Jam 3:51
87 Fields of Verdun Sabaton 3:17
88 Take Me Out Franz Ferdinand 3:57
89 How to Eat Life Eve 3:44
90 A Born Coward 164 3:12
91 Pogo Sticks Animusic 3:20
92 Daybreak Frontline Orangestar 3:37
93 Ain't No Rest for the Wicked Cage The Elephant 2:55
94 Unknown Mother Goose Wowaka 4:45
95 Night Sky Patrol of Tomorrow Orangestar 2:56
96 Rebel Yell Billy Idol 4:48
97 Dividing By Zero The Offspring 2:22
98 Don't Stop the Music Lou Grant 4:48
99 The Living Ghost is Alive Utsu-P 3:20
100 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap AC/DC 3:51
101 City Streets EX-LYD 2:54
102 The Top Ken Blast 4:40
103 Otome Dissection (Teddyloid Ver.) TeddyLoid 3:46
104 Veridis Quo Daft Punk 5:45
105 Reset 164 3:08
106 Promises Nero 4:19
107 Unity TheFatRat 4:09
108 Universion EX-LYD 10:31
109 Rhinestone Eyes Gorillaz 3:20
110 Waters of Nazareth Justice 4:25
111 Psychosocial Slipknot 4:43
112 The Source (Chaos & Confusion) The Bloody Beetroots 2:53
113 Innocence Madeon 3:44
114 El Mañana Gorillaz 3:50
115 The Devil Went Down to Georgia Charlie Daniels 3:34
116 Instant Crush Daft Punk 5:37
117 Slim Pickens Does The Right Thing And Rides The Bomb To Hell The Offspring 2:36
118 Tokyo Ghetto Eve 4:00
119 The Sun Goddess and Rat Utsu-P 4:14
120 Imperium Madeon 3:21
121 Thousand Cherry Blossoms Kurousa-P 4:10
122 The Kids Aren't Alright The Offspring 3:00
123 Children of the Moon The Alan Parsons Project 4:51
124 Hibana DECO*27 3:22
125 Da Funk Daft Punk 5:28
126 Given Up Linkin Park 3:13
127 Zephyr Madeon 3:39
128 Fire Coming out of the Monkey's Head Gorillaz 3:19
129 Before I Forget Slipknot 4:38
130 The Devil in I Slipknot 5:42
131 SLoWMoTIoN Pinocchio-P 5:10
132 Ride the Lightning Metallica 6:36
133 Shoot to Thrill AC/DC 5:17
134 Hands Held High Linkin Park 3:54
135 Study Me Zutomayo 4:40
136 Bleed It Out Linkin Park 2:44
137 La Lune Madeon 3:40
138 Boogie Wonderland Earth, Wind & Fire 4:52
139 I want to become a Stuffed Animal Utsu-P 4:35
140 Sea of Voices Porter Robinson 4:59
141 Pastel Ujico*/Snail's House 4:08
142 Alice in Freezer Orangestar 5:44
143 The Little Things Give You Away Linkin Park 6:24
144 Summer Nights SIAMÉS 3:53
145 Home Madeon 3:42
146 Kan Saete Kuyashiiwa Zutomayo 3:56
147 Striped Melody Utsu-P 4:24
148 Human After All / Together / One More Time / Music Sounds Better with You Daft Punk 9:58
149 Shelter Porter Robinson & Madeon 3:37
150 Dahlia Ujico*/Snail's House 3:31
Total Running Time 10:42:12


Item Rarity Function
Wrumple Fruit
Common Heals the player for 20% Max HP
Swiltron Fruit
Common Heals the player for 40% Max HP
Uraro Fruit
Uncommon Heals the player for 60% Max HP
Sagatarra Fruit
Rare Heals the player for 80% Max HP
Jarasta Fruit
Rare Completely heals the player
Uncommon Damages the player for 20% Max HP
Gilded Coin
Common Used to Unlock additional Movesets
Blarana Seed
Uncommon Increases the player's Attacking Power temporarily
Phallaron Seed
Uncommon Increases the player's Defensive Power temporarily
Altan Shield
Rare Gives the player Invincibility temporarily
Eye of Deception
Rare Gives the player Invisibility temporarily