The Three Amigoes are a group of pranksters consisting of 3 childhood friends. They are almost never seen apart, but do split up on occasion.


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Squirtle is the leader, and oldest of the group. His friends look up to him for his loyalty.


The second in command and Marill's cousin. He is the strongest of the three.


After some unfortunate happenings to his parents, Marill moved in to live with his cousin Poliwhirl. He is the fastest of the three, and usually the quietest, a trait none of the amigoes exceed at.


An Ex-Member who moved away and left the group.


  • Egg Launchers

A 2x4 that throws eggs with Gun-like accuracy. Main weapon

  • Amigo Racer

A simple Minekart-looking racecar mainly referred to as a minekart. It barely holds the Three Amigoes, and is usually their Racer of choice. It is strangly classified as a Go-kart.

  • Amigo Exploding Pies

a weapon for Novice Amigoes, these prank weapons are the weakest the Amigoes own

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