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The Temple of Dreams Logo.png
Developer(s) Illusion Works
Publisher(s) Illusion Works
Platform(s) Tropicon
Genre(s) Adventure
Series Temple
Predecessor N/A
Successor ???
Release Date(s) Flag of the United States.png April 4th, 2016.
Flag of European Union.png April 4th, 2016
25px-Flag of Japan2.png April 5th, 2016
Flag of Australia.png April 5th, 2016
Age Rating(s) 12Rating.png
Media Included Tropicon Game Disc
Fortune is a terrible master, but a wonderful servant.

The Temple of Dreams is an open world Adventure, Role-Playing and MMO video game created, developed and produced solely by Illusion Works for the Tropicon platform as one of the extensive launch titles. The game is set to release worldwide on April 4th, 2016. The game follows the tale of five individual travelers all on their vast journeys seeking whatever their heart desires, whether it be love, fortune or fame. Subsequently, there is multiple presences of evil lurking in the shadows, and the only heroes able to stop it are unaware of its existence. A lot of inspiration derives from the Summon Night series and the Fire Emblem series respectively.


The Temple of Dreams works in a similar fashion to your stereotypical Role-Playing game but with a more unique twist on the system. 


As one of the five playable heroes in The Temple of Dreams, you can equip many different weapons, shields and accessories to your character to add to their overall look. Some are made more to look good with your character and others increase your attributes.


Each hero in The Temple of Dreams also own seven different stat attributes which you can improve from defeating enemies or from using items. Those seven attributes are: Melee, Shield, Mana, Wisdom, Dexterity, Charisma and Luck. Below you can find a more detailed description of these attributes.

  • Melee - Melee is your physical attack stat. It increases the damage your attack with Weapons deal. It also allows increases your chances of critical hits with the weapon you have currently equipped.
  • Shield - Shield is your normal defense stat. It increases how much damage you are able to withstand from the opponents attacks, whether they be physical or special. Increasing this stat also increases your Health or HP.
  • Mana - Mana is your special attack stat. It increases how much damage you can deal with special magic powers your character may possess. It can also be used to help you set up spells like Health Regeneration or Statuses (like Paralyze).
  • Wisdom - Wisdom is your intelligence stat. It increases your brain power, and how well you are at making decisions. It makes it easier to pick the right options in quick-time events and you can predict the opponents moves and possibly dodge them and deal counter attacks.
  • Dexterity - Dexterity is your skills stat. It increases how many types of different gear and goods you can carry. If you're high in Dexterity, you can carry up to three different weapons and/or shields on your person, making it easier if your opponent is using a weapon which does not work well with the one you have currently equipped.
  • Charisma - Charisma is your social stat. It increases how well you can befriend other players and how quickly. You find it easier to socialize with people in public situations and you know exactly what to say when people require your input. You can also play the role of sweet talker, and you can easily lie to other characters in an attempt for them to trust you more easily and quickly.
  • Luck - Luck is your chance stat. It increases how often you can find collectibles and other items. It also increases your probability to find rarer collectibles than people who have not invested in this stat. You can also luckily dodge attacks in battle and in quick-time events.


The controls in The Temple of Dreams are set out a little differently from an average Tropicon title's controls, however they are changeable by the own player's discretion, allowing them to create the control layout which suits their play style most accurately. These are just the default layout of controls.

Control Stick.png: Move Around (Change Direction Accordingly)
D-Pad.png: Change your Character
Abutton.png: Jump
Bbutton.png: Defend
Xbutton.png: Attack
Ybutton.png: Swap Weapon set
Control-StickWiiU.png: Move the Camera
STARTbutton.png: Go to Bag
SELECTbutton.png: Go to Game Menu


In The Temple of Dreams, there are various items in the over world can be collected by the player approaching it with their character and pressing the A button to pick it up. All items have different spawn methods and placements so it can become a challenge to find the last remaining items in a collection, and when you complete a collection you can receive a big prize which can range from stat increases to new weapons becoming unlocked. Below are lists of the items that can be collected by the player. 

Character Creation

In The Temple of Dreams, once you complete the main story mode of the game you unlock Character Creation. You are able to create an avatar with all the customization options available and then you can delve into the MMORPG aspect of the game. There are several options you can customize such as Eye Color, Hair Color, Facial Features, Clothes and a lot more.

Game Modes

Story Mode

TTOD Story Mode.png

Story Mode is the main mode of The Temple of Dreams. In Story Mode, you experience the tale of The Temple of Dreams from the point of view of all the playable heroes. The story explains itself in a chapter by chapter approach in which you play through as the character that the chapter is designated to. After the completion of Story Mode, you unlock the option to create your own character with the avatar builder in-game and you can replay the story how you would with your own personal character. There are some plot differences when you play as your own character such as the decisions you would pick.


TTOD Online Mode.png

Online Mode is the secondary mode of The Temple of Dreams. In Online, you can play online with your friends or with strangers and declare war against them. You can battle other people or you can tackle the game's maps online with others. You can chat through the speaker in the controller or you can chat using text in the sidebar where the chat lies. Your character must have a name and a username, then you are able to go online. Your character will gain experience and stat boosts from defeating enemies and others. You can also equip items you acquired through the main Story to your character to further increase their viability.


There are a wide range characters in The Temple of Dreams, specifically, five heroes, ten villains, and five NPCs, creating a total of 20 characters in the game overall.


Hero Biography Realm Signature Move
Aloe is very well known in his small Realm labelled Nexus, whenever evil presented itself in any form which seemed unstoppable, Aloe would be the first person to delve into the enemy and make sure it was defeated for the sake of his homeland's people. When he was much younger than he is now, Aloe would always show interest and be curious in what the world had to offer him. He was also a very helpful person around the Realm and helped anyone he could whenever they required his help. Aloe will never give up on anything or anyone, and he certainly won't give up the opportunity to acquire vast fortune and fame.
Nexus Axe Assault
Charity is a very feisty and hostile girl from the Realm of Bounty Retreat, she has grown up always harboring her deepest desire which no one close to her such as friends or family could ever deliver her - fortune. Her greed has started to become uncontrollable, to the point where she steals gold and money from her local town houses, feeding her addiction even further. She decided to start travelling around the world to uncover the most luscious of riches the world is hiding, and make a name for herself of course. She is described by a lot of people as self-absorbed and greedy, and with her lust for gold and treasure becoming more controlling, we will possibly never see a change in her personality.
Bounty Retreat Heavy Metal Heart
Dimitri is a very valiant and daring hunter from the Realm of Raid Hallows, a place where hunting is the main focus and produce which keeps the Realm's ecosystem in balance. Like the rest of the Raiders, he loves to hunt for wild prey and often cooks his catches himself, he is also a fan of drawing sketches and symbols to communicate between himself and his friends efficiently in a somewhat secret language. He left home at a young age as his parents thought it would toughen him up for the world and the life ahead of him. Dimitri is travelling the world in an attempt to find and hunt the wildest beast in existence, the Alpha Boar, so he can hang it in his bedroom to admire.
Raid Hallows Divine Arrow
Esme is a very relaxed and quiet person to anyone who doesn't know her very well, but if you do that's a whole other story. She is the youngest in a very large family, which is known for its intellectual and smart genes. Her parents religiously encouraged and nurtured her to follow the family tradition and get involved in a elite profession such as Doctor or Lawyer, because of this she often lived in the shadow of her brothers and sisters for not wanting to become one of the elite like the rest of her family. After being teased at school for being a smart student compared to the others, Esme decided that it would be best for her to run away from her life in Woodland Escape and set her sights on travelling around the world to discover the mysterious the universe has to offer, and to possibly find out something new about herself as a person.
Woodland Escape Fists of Fury
Meadow is a very ambitious and athletic girl who was adopted at a young age by an over-aged couple in their fifties. She was put up for adoption for as long as she can remember, and has no recollection of her true parents. A couple of months ago, her foster mother passed away along with the father a couple of weeks later both of naturally becoming old. Meadow decided that is was about time that she stopped living in the past, and with the question that will haunt her life forever on her back, she decided to leave Treetop Sanctuary and go on her own journey around the universe, in hopes of tracking down and finally meeting her true parents before it's too late.
Treetop Sanctuary Enchanted Trident


Hero Biography Realm Signature Move
Commander Redd is a very tough and emotionally stable person. From a young age, she always shown interest in combat and becoming the general or captain in the armed forces. She formed her own clan and titled them the "Redd Clan", to which she gave herself the self-proclaimed title of "Commander Redd". Her main goal is to find out who the five destined to destroy the five pillars of the universe are, and destroy them before they destroy her and her plans. Her signature weapon is a sledge hammer which is colored Red, so she can crush any foe which stands in her way with ease.
Crimson Marsh Redd Dredd Redemption
Pyra, like Redd, is very tough emotionally and has a great head to make decisions with. Pyra is the smallest cadet in the Redd Clan but she makes up for it with possessing the ability to float around. While not looking it, Pyra is also very strong with her arms, to the extent where she is able to throw large objects with ease. She became friends with Redd shortly after Redd began to form her clan, and has aided by her ever since.
Crimson Marsh Volcanic Distortion
General Cobalt.png
Cobalt is a very hardworking and law-abiding citizen until he met his match in Redd. They both went to the same school at a young age and coincidentally wanted to do into the same profession, however they didn't remain as friends for long as the competition to get a place in the Armed Forces became fierce and competitive. The course took its toll on Cobalt, and made him a much more power-hungry being, leading to him wanting to create a clan like Redd did, but much better with him at the helm. His signature weapon is a very sharp light blue scythe, making him appear deadly to others who stand before him.
Marine Depths Scythe Slash
Frostbite is a depressed soul corrupted by the spirit of ice taking over his body at a time when he was too young to realize the changes that he would under-go eternally. He used to be a blonde haired beauty which caught the eye of strangers very rapidly, but Frostbite was given the spirit of the Ice Mage, which transformed him into the only living person able to use the ability of Ice to the level which he possesses. He joined the Cobalt Clan very early on and was able to rise through the ranks very quickly due to his ability and attitude, and earned a lot of respect from the leader Cobalt himself.
Marine Depths Elemental Blizzard
Inca (Boss).png
Inca is a very nature-loving individual. She is the guardian of the desert, so she makes sure to keep everything in order in the Realms with desert-like landscapes. She possess the ability to summon desert creatures into battle with her mind, such as Cobras and Snakes, which all act under her control. She uses them in battle because she doesn't believe in the use of weapons but she still likes to have a way to defend herself if trouble were to ever arise in her lands.
Deserted Sands The Pyramid's Curse
Scarlett is a very flirtatious and devious person, she loves to have her way with men and then dispose of them at her beckon and call. She uses them to get what she wants in every and any situation that she can think of. She is very manipulative and a great liar, which impulsed her to become a bounty hunter, and because of her very cute demeanor, she pulls off the job flawlessly.
Bounty Retreat Kiss of Death
Violet is a cheerful and outgoing individual, but there's a secret she prefers to hide about herself. She lives in a fantasy world where she is the Princess, third in line to inherit the Lila Manor where her supposed family live. When she was younger she wanted to enlist in the military but didn't receive any position and left in distraught. She then became socially inept, and began to spend all her time indoors with her toy dolls, and sure enough she became insane. She likes getting more attention in public when she uses the whole Princess facade, but deep inside she also wants to visit various places around the universe and go on her own adventure, so she set her sights on The Temple of Dreams.
Lila Paradise Bewitched Blades
Larvae is a bloodthirsty insect creature from a distant planet on in a nameless universe, she eventually decided to live in Vulture's Nest, so she can observe the universe and be able to act quickly if she ever needs to catch a certain victim of her vulture-like way of life.
Vulture's Nest Insect Infestation
Ophelia is a magical witch hailing from Myth Meadows. Ophelia first claimed her fame after winning billions in Las Vegas from her ability to count cards with the utmost ease. She used the money to buy a luxurious mansion in the middle of Mythic Meadows which was previously uninhabited by new human life.
Myth Meadows Straight Flush
Ivory is a menacing and "poisonous" girl coming from the Venomous Pier, a place where all the low-lifes of the New Human race co-exist. Ivory decided to live there after she became fed up with all the rich people in her previous area, and she enjoyed her new life in the slums of the Universe.
Venomous Pier Poisonous Panther


There are a group of five NPCs that spawn randomly in The Temple of Dreams. These are the default color palettes, and when they appear in certain cities the colors will be randomized.

NPC Biography
Florence is a very laid back and quite girl, she often reminds the player to save regularly in the case that they were ever tired.
Maisie is a rash and impulsive girl, she often reminds the player to save the money they collect and to not spend it all in one sitting, as money can come in handy very often.
Rebecca is a loud and a music enthusiast, she often reminds the player that they are able to switch between soundtracks of the game in the Sound menu.
Winston is a devious and fun guy, he often reminds the player that they can swap weapons and armour in the Weapons menu.
Person 22.png
Frankie is a very smart and studious guy, he often reminds the player that if they ever need any help in the game, they can look in their Quest Log for more information.


There are a total of 12 Realms in The Temple of Dreams. They are all based on real life places that exist somewhere in the universe.

Crimson Marsh.pngMarine Depths.pngLila Paradise.pngNexus.pngTreetop Sanctuary.pngWoodland Escape.pngDeserted Sands.pngBounty Retreat.pngMyth Meadow.pngRaid Hallows.pngVenomous Pier.pngVulture Nest.png


General Trivia:

  • The Temple of Dreams was the debut of Illusion Works' original game career, as previous to this game's creation, all other games weren't original projects and were homages to other franchises, primarily Nintendo.
  • The Temple of Dreams is also the first and only game made by Illusion Works to receive a direct sequel in the year 2015.
  • The Temple of Dreams is the debut of several of Illusion Works' trademark characters, such as Aloe, Charity, and Commander Redd to name a few.
  • This newer and updated version of The Temple of Dreams includes a lot more information on the game than the previous outdated version. Illusion Works has also stated that the game will include a lot more features and even new characters in the story line, so The Temple of Dreams will be advertised as a "Deluxe Edition".
  • The current version of The Temple of Dreams is the newest version of the game which was revamped in August, 2015. If you would like to view the project in it's older state  (which is a lot less developed than the current version) before the revamping took place, you can view it here.

Character Trivia:

  • A lot of the characters involved in the Reinforcements or NPCs sections were donated by .vectorDestiny (tbc) from an older version of his game Eternika, as the game had discontinued the art style of pixel sprites. Some even became fully-fledged bosses of the game such as Ophelia.
    • Pyra was originally in Eternika as a character called Pyro, but the owner cancelled the game and allowed permission of the design being used in The Temple of Dreams as Pyra. 
    • Frostbite was originally in Eternika as an unnamed character according to the file name.
    • Larvae was originally in Eternika as a character named Yang, supposedly the opposite to the character Yin.
  • Inca's original name was chosen as Cleo, but this was changed as the reference to Cleopatra was not favored by the creator.
  • Redd and Cobalt were originally going to be portrayed as a "partners in crime" duo but that idea was scrapped early in development.
  • During the transition from the older version of The Temple of Dreams, a lot of the signature moves of the character's changed. Here is a list below detailing these changes.
    • Aloe's Battleaxe Beater --> Aloe's Axe Assault
    • Charity's Mark of Destruction --> Charity's Heavy Metal Heart
    • Dimitri's Sharp Shooter --> Dimitri's Divine Arrow
    • Meadow's Trident of Enchantment --> Meadow's Enchanted Trident 
    • Commander Redd's Sledge Hammer --> Commander Redd's Redd Dread Redemption
  • Also, signature moves were added for the Enemies in the game, whereas before they were not officially specified, apart from Commander Redd.
  • Commander Redd's "Redd Dread Redemption" is a reference to the game, Red Dead Redemption.
  • Charity's "Heavy Metal Heart" is a reference to the same song by the artist Sky Ferreria.

Realm Trivia:

  • A lot of the Realms in The Temple of Dreams have changed significantly from the original version. For example, Crimson Sea was renamed Crimson Marsh to make the areas sound more interesting and unique. A list of the renamed Realms is below.
    • Crimson Sea --> Crimson Marsh
    • Azel Banks --> Marine Depths
    • Cape Bounty --> Bounty Retreat
    • Havell Court --> Raid Hallows
    • Sandcastle Crashers --> Deserted Sands
  • Also, Meadow was now given a Home Realm entitled "Treetop Sanctuary".
  • Treetop Sanctuary and Woodland Escape are the only two Realms that are shortened due to the oversized character length in the Realm images.