How in the name of law does that Sick Madman get away with such an operation? He's killed not 1, not 2, but over 10,000 people! But now? We end this devil's life and take back what was once ours.
A particular rebel during the beggining of The Riot (Segment 4), ???

The Surge was a military operation organised by Raven Industries as a reaction to the Government confiscating 2/3 thirds of the funds given to Raven and had the contract which the government signed had been burnt in public. The event lasted for a week and in that single week, over 10,000 Civilians were killed by Raven Drones during the event including most the government. The remainder of the government had joined groups of rebels to counter the attacks done by Raven. The player is one of the Rebels and The Surge serves as an intro level for the Player, as the player is armed with some of the more powerful guns and is shown the controls during the level. Even after The Surge, Raven still kills civilians. (Although the number of fatalities had decreased since then)

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