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The Super Koopaling Channel
Producer(s) Koopompany (Ghostracer, Marx422, Fandro, Withersoul 235)
Type Cartoon series, Anime
Genre(s) Comedy, Action
First Air Date(s)
December 27, 2017
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin U.S.A
Original Language American English
Season(s) Currently 1
Runtime 45 min. (each two episodes)
Status Active

The Super Koopaling Channel is a 2017 animated cartoon series, and also has something as an anime. The main story is about the Koopalings' crazy adventures while trying to stop the evil Fawful.


  • Koopalings : Bowser's children. In total he has 14. They are the main characters of the series and are often victim from Fawful's actions.
  • King Bowser Koopa : The father of the Koopalings. Running Gag: He always breaks a hole in the wall of Fawful's base when he has the Koopalings held hostage.
  • Dark Bowser : Bowser's dark, hard-grained, cold-blooded duplication, created and powered by the Dark Star.
  • Fawful : The master of Dark Bowser and the main antagonist. He attempts to kidnap the Koopalings to use them for his own darksome plans.
  • Dark Ludwig (also known as Vortex, or Nexus): After an experiment went wrong, a nuclear implosion created this dark Koopaling made out of dark mass. He is powered by the Dark Star, and sometimes appears to be a bigger threat than Fawful. He works independently from Fawful, contrarily to Dark Bowser. He's purple and his eyes are yellow. His right hand can turn in a sword at will. Dark Ludwig has no legs, but can levitate. He leads an macabre army, the Abominable Horrids.
  • Koopa Troop
  • Were-Goomba
  • E. Gadd
  • Luigi
  • Dr. Shroob
  • Football hooligans
  • Elite Trio
  • Terralings


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Episode List
Episode number Episode Name Short Summary Trivia/Important Notes
1 (Pilot) Roy Goof Roy loses his memory after a chinese vase falls on his head. This is the pilot/first episode of The Super Koopaling Channel.
2 Short Fuse
3 Crash Mort Morton gets tricked into joining a club of football hooligans. First appearance of Morton and the football hooligans.
4 Pink Flower After getting stung by a ZzzzBee, Iggy, Larry, Lemmy and Ludwig all get a sleeping sickness and only Wendy, Morton and Roy can save them by plucking the Magenta Plant.
7 Infection of Doom Ludwig got bitten by a Were-Goomba. After Lemmy, Bowser Jr. and Ludwig dissapear missing, furniture starts hovering and creepy sounds and voices are heard, things get strange around the house. This episode is Halloween-based.
8 Blood Manor As a sequel to the previous episode, Iggy and Morton Koopa call ghost hunters Luigi and E. Gadd to solve the mystery of Castle Koopa. First appearance of Luigi and Professor Elvin Gadd.
9 The thing who betrayed me There's a traitor in Castle Koopa who deceives everyone ! It seems to be Dr. Shroob, after all... First appearance of Dr. Shroob.
10 A Turtle Christmas The Koopalings celebrate Christmas. This episode is Christmas-based.
12 Toy Crush Dreams Larry and Lemmy visit the new toy store, but they are unaware of Fawful being the director !
15 Blizzard Firestorm Ludwig von Koopa tries  to save Lemmy Koopa, who has been frozen in a ice storm.
16 Koopaling-in-distress Dark Bowser attempts to kidnap Ludwig. First appearance of Dark Bowser.
17 Shroob Invasion The Shroobs decide to attack the world ! First appearance of the Shroobs.
19 Night of the living corpse
20 Yoshi vs. That Big Fat Ugly Terrapin  Yoshi and Bowser fight over who can lead Dinosaur Land.
25 The Doopliss Attorney Ludwig gets abducted by Doopliss. First appearance of Doopliss.
26 The Cunning Duel Ludwig and Iggy engage in a combat to see who's the cleverest.
27 Peepa Trouble Big Boo has some mischievious Peepas as pets but accidentally releases them and the latters wreak havoc in Goomba Borough.
28 A decease Two Paratroopa's try to terminate Bowser.
29 Deste-ROY-ed Morton has to protect Roy from a hitman.
30 Planner's Colour Dark Fawful decides to unleash a horde of Vampire Dry Bones on Kastle Koopa. This episode was made to celebrate Fantendo's new Halloween Skin.
31 Stalemate! In order to get released from captivity, Iggy has to beat Fawful in a match of chess.
32 Alternate Dimensions, Part 1 Fawful zaps Lemmy, Iggy, Wendy, Larry, Ludwig, Morton and Roy into the dimension of Super Mario World and The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, turning them into Hp, Hop, Kootie Pie, Cheatsy, Kooky, Big Mouth and Bully.
33 Alternate Dimensions, Part 2 Fawful takes the Koopa Kids (as how they were called in SMW and TAOSMB3) on a bus rit, telling horror stories that infect their minds.
35 To Yoshi's Island Iggy and the others travel to Yoshi's Island of the Past, only to land in a abandoned ghost town that really seems to be haunted. First appearance of Sunnycide and his stronger form, Dark Sunnycide X.
36 Wrecker Ludwig gets abducted by a Boss Galaga, and Bowser Jr. has to save him.
37 Iggy's Nightmare Fawful invents a spray that puts one to sleep forever. When all Koopalings get caught, Bowser and Private Goomp have to go in their dreams and save them from their worst nightmares. This episode is a Halloween special.

Terrapin Yuletide

Fawful seems to have finally gave up his evilness and offer presents - or not ?

39 Snow Fete What seems to be a snowball fight turns out to be running for your life when Blizzard Midbus unleashes a snowslip on the Koopalings.
40 Dark Ludwig's Entrance Dark Ludwig tries to take over the world.
41 Dark Dive Dark Ludwig tries to impersonate King Koopa. This is the sequel to Dark Ludwig's Entrance.
42 The Curse After having a spell put on him, Boom Boom, along with Morton, goes on a rampage. This is the season finale.
Season 2
Nr. Title Story Trivia
43 Roy Golfing Roy constantly irritates Iggy during a game of golf. The latter tries to retaliate.
44 Morton's Problem Morton has a problem, but doesn't want to tell it until Larry dissapears.
45 Legend of Bowser Bowser has to save his children from Dark Ludwig.
46 Another Clan The koopalings meet Abel, Austin, Aidan, Aiva, Nolan, Niko Jr., and Matthew. Roy doesn't seem to like them and tries to get rid of them. They reveal they want to be raised by Bowser. First appearance of Emerald's koopalings. Their father, Niko Koopa Sr. is mentioned in the episode.
47 Nabbit Nabbed Larry gets kidnapped by Nabbit, who tries to sell Larry to Peach, who wants to imprison him.
48 The New Mushrooms A new type of mushroom is introduced. It's effects seem to make the Koopalings terribly sick.
49 Enough of that Roy leaves the castle after an incident.
50! Anniversary A episode celebrating 50 episodes full of bloopers.
51 The Synopsis of Justin This episode explains the biography of Justin Koopa.
52 The Goat As reconciliation gift after a quarrel, Larry gives Iggy a goat. The goat, however, escapes to the borough and causes havoc. This is a spoof of Goat Simulator, a game for the Xbox One and PC.
53 Murder Mystery There is a silent killer in the castle. Will the Koopalings unmask him ?
54 The Glasses Iggy accidentally drops his glasses, and Ludwig decides to equip it. He sees it through his own vision, however...
55 Lethal Augury Iggy gets a nightmare in which Lemmy chokes to death in a brick after Morton accidentally drops one in his mouth. When it appears Lemmy dreamed about his own funeral, Iggy finds out his nightmare was a vision, and he will do everything to prevent his brother's death.
56 Christmas Koopas The Koopalings find out they're on Santa's naughty list and don't get presents unless they can perform a good deed within 24 hours.
57 Dark Shadows Dark Ludwig returns yet again, along with the Terralings. This time, he decides to devastate Kastle Koopa. He sends his army to invade it. When the Koopaling hear this, they set traps to keep them out (in a similar way to Home Alone).
58 The Dark Ludwig Finale After a failed attempt to quash Kastle Koopa, Dark Ludwig tries to engulf the entire planet into darkness, turning it into a cold, dark wasteland in which nothing can survive. It's all or nothing now; the final battle can begin. This is the final episode to feature Dark Ludwig.
59 Raid on Bowser's Airship! Mario and his troops lay siege on Bowser's airship armada, managing to kidnap Bowser Jr. right in front of Bowser's eyes. Ludwig, jealous of Bowser Jr, attempts to prevent anyone from going to save him, but ends up feeling guilty and goes to Peach's Castle with Larry to save his former rival.
60 Return of the Antilings The remaining Terralings, feeling cupable of helping Dark Ludwig, decide to join forces with Bowser.


  • The Super Koopaling Channel is one of the three Koopompany products to feature fanon Koopalings, the other ones being the comics and Harley, Roy and Ludwig U.
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