The Story of The Legends is a story, done by Mega Studios. Please don't edit this, unless you see a mistake in grammar.


Chapters: Part 1

Chapter 1: The Earthquake

It was a dark and damp time in the Smash World. Marth the Swordsman, and Ike the Swordsman, were wandering through the world.

Meanwhile, in another dimension, a cat travels to find seven emeralds, to save her world, and every world.

A certain hedgehog and fox are doing the same thing, but in a different dimension.

  • Tails: Hey, Sonic! There should be a Chaos Emerald around here!
  • Sonic: Alright! Let's go!

Meanwhile, a disaster happens in the Smash World

  • Marth: Gah! What's going on!
  • Ike: It seems someone has caused an earthquake!
  • ???????: GRRRRAAAAWWWHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, in another area in the Smash World; another fox and bird are having their own problems.

  • Fox: Falco, get the blasters ready!
  • Falco: On it, Fox!
  • Fox: If Star Wolf is gonna attack us, be ready Star Wolf, as we don't take intruders very--- GAH! FALCO! WHAT'S GOING ON?!
  • Falco: Fox! ITS AN EARTHQUAKE! Something has unleashed its power!
  • Fox: It seems we'll have to mess with Star Wolf later. Let's go, Falco, we have a job to do!
  • Falco: Yes!

Meanwhile, back with Sonic and Tails

  • Sonic: Tails? What's going on?!
  • Tails: It seems something has unleashed its ultimate power, and its reaching throughout the entire Smash World! Even to space!
  • Sonic: Found the Chaos Emerald! Now, let's get before it gets worse!

Meanwhile, in Blaze's dimension

  • Blaze: This earthquake is nothing like I've felt before!

Meanwhile, in another area in the Smash World

  • Pokemon Trainer: What's going on?
  • Lucario: This is just what I expected. The creature from the underground, whom people call Groudon, is unleashing a powerful earthquake, enough to make the world unbalanced; and make the unthinkable happen!
  • Pokemon Trainer: The unthinkable?!
  • Lucario: Pokemon Trainer, there is no time to lose! We need to get to Groudon, and quick! Pikachu! Jigglypuff! Let's go!

Meanwhile, back with Blaze

  • Blaze: I have gathered all seven Sol Emeralds. All worlds are safe... but still, why is this earthquake still going on?... I have to find the source of this problem! *exits dimension*

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails arrive at the Smash World, at the same location of Marth and Ike

  • Sonic: Hey! You two!
  • Marth: Yes?
  • Sonic: What's goin' on?
  • Ike: We are not sure.
  • Tails: Uh... guys...
  • Sonic: Hm, you found something interesting, Tails?
  • Tails: Guys! This is the powerful earthquake causing Groudon! He's causing the world to go unbalanced, which then the unthinkable will happen!
  • Lucario (standing on a hill): That's what we've come here for. (Jums down, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Pokemon Trainer follow)
  • Sonic: You know what's going on?
  • Lucario: Yes. I have encountered this being known as Groudon, the lord of land. If he unleashes an earthquake so great and powerful, the world will go corrupt, and the unthinkable will happen.
  • Blaze: Count me in too. *jumps off a hill*
  • Pokemon Trainer: Um... guys. Where's Pikachu and Jigglypuff?
  • Lucario: Oh darn...
  • ??????: GGGGGAAAAWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!

As our heroes look, there is, Kyorge, who had captured Pikachu and Jigglypuff

  • Lucario: YOU!
  • Kyorge: Gaw! *unleashes Hydro Pump*
  • Blaze: Who is this?!
  • Lucario: This is Kyorge; the lord of water.
  • Kyorge: Gaw! Gaw! Gaw! *unleashes Hydro Cannon*
  • Lucario: ...
  • Sonic: ...Uh...
  • Tails: RUN!

As the heroes run, Kyorge makes way with two captured Pokemon in grasp; Pikachu and Jigglypuff.

Meanwhile, the earthquake had ended... meanwhile in another part of Smash World

  • Luigi: Mama Mia, Mario! What just happened?!
  • Mario: It seems like an earthquake.
  • Peach: Not what I expected
  • ??????: Keep your traps shut!
  • Luigi: Wha... HEY! LET GO M..?!?
  • Mario: ME TO...O?!?!
  • Peach: AN... D ME?!?

Meanwhile... underground

  • ??????: The job has been done, sir.
  • Groudon: Good, now place them there, Bowser.
  • Bowser: Yes!
  • Groudon: These fools have no clue what they're getting their selves into. BWAHAHAHA!!! I WILL RULE ALL... AS THE LORD OF LAND! FEAR ME!

Meanwhile... above water, towards a large tree, and an ocean, Kyorge rests, along with Pikachu and Jigglypuff

  • Kyorge: Sorry for that guys, but you will not be in a good position.
  • Pikachu: WHA?! You're speaking and not attacking?!
  • Kyorge: Yes, I was only to help you. Let me tell you the story about Groudon, me, and the last lord.
  • Jigglypuff: Last lord?
  • Kyorge: Not exactly the last lord... there are many lords in the universe, but I shall only tell of these. There was a time when there was a mighty battle, which had consisted of me, and Groudon, the land lord. Ths fume was ended, by the Sky Lord, the being known as Rayquaza. Our rivarly, both me and Groudon, had reached the limit, and now was the time to finish me, once and for all. Yet, for all this time, there as been no sign of Rayquaza. Groudon unleashed the most powerful earthquake yet, enough to make the world unbalanced.
  • Pikachu: What's the "unthinkable?"
  • Kyorge: If any earthquake reaches the limit, all worlds will be destroyed, including ours.
  • Jigglypuff: What do we have to do to beat Groudon?
  • Kyorge: You are brave, young one. We have to fight Groudon with water, which is his only weakness. But... the only real way to defeat Groudon... is Rayquaza.
  • Pikachu: Then let's do it.

Meanwhile, the heroes make it halfway through the underground, and are almost to Groudon.

  • Lucario: I sense that Groudon is close. We to make way, before somebody catches us.
  • Sonic: On it! *Grabs hold, runs like a speeding bullet, and rams into a throne*
  • Blaze: Real smart.
  • Sonic: Do---
  • Groudon: RRRRRRRRRRWWWWWAAAARRRRRRR!!!! *Uses Blast Burn*
  • Bowser: Bwahahaha! *Breathes fire*
  • Pikachu: There's no need to fear! Pikachu is here!
  • Pokemon Trainer: Pikachu! You got out of Kyroge's grasp!
  • Pikachu: Uh... actually, he helped us.
  • Kyroge: Its time you go down, Groudon! GAW! GAW! GAW! *Uses Hydro Cannon*
  • Lucario: Where's Jigglypuff?
  • Jigglypuff: I'm here! *Pulls out a long, long, LONG, hose, and turns it on*
  • Groudon: Darn you!
  • Bowser: Gah! Take this! *rams into Pikachu and Jigglypuff*

The room goes white, and a roar is heard.

  • Kyroge: Is it him?!
  • Groudon: It can't!
  • Pikachu & Jigglypuff: ITS RAYQUAZA!
  • Rayquaza: End the earthquakes, Groudon, before the unthinkable happens!
  • Groudon: Never! Bowser! Get them!
  • Bowser: Koop Troop! Attack!
  • Hammer Bro. 1: On it, sir Bowser!
  • Rayquaza: You have left me no choice, Groudon; you have reached the limit. It is time this is finished. PokeGods! Rise! Arceus, Lord of Towers; Mew, Lord of Telepathy; Ho-Oh, Lord of Flames; and Darkai, Lord of Darkness. Rise all, for who want to defeat Groudon, Lord of Land, and save thy land from thy mighty strength!
  • Arceus: Thy Groudon; thy reign over thy world and land shall end!
  • Darkai: With the big bang being around the bend!
  • Mew: We, the Lords of the World, shall end thy reign, as thy only cause much more damage to this world!
  • Ho-Oh: And this where thy face the facts, Groudon!
  • Rayquaza: Be ready to say your last words!
  • Groudon: No... nO... NO... It can't be happening... GRRRAAAHHH! IT CAN'T!

The room suddenly turns black, and the lights are back on, but Groudon and Bowser are nowhere to be seen.

  • Mario: Mama mia! How'd they get out?
  • Kyorge: It seems Groudon as crossed paths. *Turns to Blaze, Sonic, and Tails*. Groudon is heading to your world next, so gather as many friends as you can. We will join.
  • Blaze: Come on, then!
  • Sonic: We have a job to do!
  • Ike: Come for we---
  • Marth: ---need to move quick---
  • Tails: ---before Groudon gets there first!

Meanwhile, in abother part of the Smash World

  • ???: I shall get my revenge on Marth and Ike, and destroy all! Hahaha!

Chapter 2: The Destruction of Dimensions

In a pursuit to defeat Groudon and Bowser, our heroes race to Sonic's World

  • Tails: HAH! SONIC! There's a Chaos Emerald around here!
  • Sonic: Sorry, Tails! We have to keep moving!
  • Lucario: I sense somebody nearby.
  • ???: Haha! You guessed correct, Lucario!
  • Lucario: No!
  • Marth & Ike: It can't be?!
  • ALL: ROY!
  • Roy: That is correct, fools. I come back, after all these years, to get revenge on Marth and Ike, for making me suffer!
  • ????????: And me! For you shall pay, like a hurt kid on a busy playground!
  • Tails: Who are you?!
  • ????????: My name is Dimentio, soon to be ruler of all dimensions! And now, I strike; like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium! *strikes the PokeGods, making them fly far back*
  • Arceus: Who is thy guy? Thy Dimentio is too strong for our powers. We must retreat... already!
  • Rayquaza: Let's do that. *PokeGods run off, while being hurt*
  • Pikachu: Let's do this!

Meanwhile, Blaze had happened to escape with Jigglypuff and Kyorge, and both entered Blaze's dimension.

  • Blaze: We're too late. My world is being destroyed already!
  • Kyorge: We can still save it! Where do you keep the Sol Emeralds?
  • Blaze: In a tower, located all the way to the back of my world.
  • Kyorge: Then that's where we go! *Blaze, Jigglypuff, and Kyorge rush to the tower*
  • Groudon: You are too late!
  • Bowser: We have already destroyed Sonic's World---
  • Groudon: And now we destroy this world!
  • Blaze: We aren't going to let you do that!
  • Jigglypuff: Let's do this!
  • Kyorge: Gaw! *unleashes Hydro Pump*
  • Jigglypuff: JIGGLY... PUUFFF!!! *uses Rollout*
  • Blaze: HAHHHAHAHHH! *unleashes Axel Tornado*

Meanwhile... in space

  • ??????: So it seems Groudon has once again attacked, if I'm correct?
  • ??????: It seems so, Palkia. Groudon is not going to go down without a fight.
  • Palkia: Then let us help handle him, and finish him off, shall we Diagla?
  • Diagla: Let's do it!

Meanwhile, flying through the sky, is the Great Fox; whom the ship is flying over the battle of Dimentio, Roy, and the heroes.

  • Slippy: Fox! Enemy alert!
  • Fox: It seems Star Wolf has now come to attack. Hmmm *glares downards*... What's goin' on?!
  • Falco: Another ultimate battle to save the world.
  • ????: And you aren't gonna help! *windows break*
  • Fox: Who's there?!
  • ????: Me. Wolf. We're gonna have fun with this thang! *pulls out his blaster and starts attacking*
  • Tails: *glares upwards* Guys! Up in the sky!
  • Dimentio: So it seems help has come, like World War II and armymen!
  • Sonic: What the heck was that?
  • Dimentio: I dunno... some stupid caption. *snaps his fingers*. Enough of this foolishness. Let us finish this!
  • Falco: Fox, we have to get down there!!
  • Fox: You go. Let me take care of business first! *attacks Wolf*
  • Falco: Ok... Slippy, come on! *jumps out the window, Slippy follow*
  • Roy: GAAHH! *is stomped on by Falco*
  • Falco: Take this! *fires blaster*
  • Slippy: EEK! *runs back to Corneria*

Meanwhile, back in Blaze's dimension...

  • Blaze: This... *gasp* creature *gasp* is too *gasp* strong...
  • Jigglypuff: *gasp* Not... too *gasp* strong... *gasp* VERY *GASP* STRONG!
  • Kyorge: So, does the end draw here, Groudon?
  • Groudon: Never, Kyorge. The lord of land will always rule over you, and the lord of sky.
  • Palkia: How about the creater of time and space?
  • Groudon: ...
  • Bowser: *gasp* No... *gasp* this reign... *gasp* must never end!
  • Kyroge: 'Fraid it has too! GAW! GAW! GAW! *uses Hydro Cannon*
  • Palkia: BBBBRRRRAAAAAWWWWLLLL! *uses Special Rend*
  • Diagla: RROOOOAAARRR! *uses Roar of Time*

Both Groudon and Bowser are sent flying, millions of miles away

  • Blaze: My world has been saved. Thank you.
  • Jigglypuff: Uh... what about Lucario and 'em?
  • Kyroge: We have to move quick to get to them!
  • Palkia: We will leave, as this is no battle for us. Kyorge, you and your friends have the world to save. Now; go!
  • Diagla: Let's go.

Diagla and Palkia leave, while Kyorge, Blaze, and Jigglypuff head back to the Smash World.

  • Wolf: OOOOOWWWWWWOOOOO! It is over, Fox! Feel the wrath, as your friends suffer!
  • Fox: Nev...*gasp* GAH! *attacks Wolf*
  • Sonic: Take this! *Spin Dashes on Wolf*
  • Fox: Wha...? Who are you?
  • Sonic: Sonic's the name, speed's my game. Now, let's take care of this Wolf guy!
  • Fox: Let's!

Chapter 3: Fin?

  • Bowser: Koopa Troop! CHARGE!
  • Groudon: These fools think they finished me once and for all. BWAHAHAH!!! It is only the beginning of me, and the end for them!


  • Fox: HAH! *uses blaster*
  • Wolf: OOOOOWWWWOOOOO! *uses blaster*
  • Sonic: *dashes into Wolf, both blasts collide*. YOU'RE TOO SLOW!
  • Roy: AAHHH! *slashes part of the Great Fox off*
  • Wolf: Oh...
  • Fox: No...
  • Sonic: We're doomed...

Kyorge, Blaze, and Jigglypuff arrive at this moment, as the Great Fox crashes into the ground

  • Hammer Bro. 1: ATTACK!
  • Kyorge: Huh?! YOU?!
  • Blaze: I thought we had beaten you!!!
  • Groudon: Seems you haven't, fools. The lord of the land shall always rule and live!
  • Rayquaza: Not on my mark! *uses Hyper Beam on Groudon*

As everybody fought, it seemed as this was War of the Worlds! The Koopa Troop were keeping up with the heroes, but earthquakes from Groudon, flames from Bowser, sword slashes from Roy, speed from Wolf, and magic from Dimentio were too much for the heroes. At the last second, they fell to the ground.

  • Groudon: So it ends here! *lifts up foot, then stomps it down*
  • Dimentio: That will take care of them.
  • Groudon: Now, we shall move on, and take over the world!

A blast goes through Groudon's back

  • Bowser: WHA?!!
  • Slippy: I haven't been gone for long! *shoots blasters*
  • Dimentio: *snaps finger, a lighting bolt strikes around Groudon*
  • Roy & Wolf: What's goin' on?!
  • Dimentio: Did YOU people really think I was on your side?!
  • Bowser: You traitor!
  • Groudon: *slashes Dimentio and Slippy's Arwing*. Guys! Let's move! We have no business with these fools.

The bad guys run off, heading towards Sonic's World

  • Dimentio: It seems they would like more. Its time to fight fire with fire. You, Slippy, stay here and get these guys back up. I've magically healed them with magic. And now, I strike; like an unseen dodgeball in an echoing gymnasium! *disappears in an instance*
  • Rayquaza: *rises back up* I will go to.
  • Kyroge: So will I. *gets back up*
  • ALL: And so will we! *everybody are back up on the ground, ready for more fighting.*

Chapter 4: The Story of The Legends

As the battle continued, it seemed nothing would happen. Swords slashed. Roars were heard. Water was flooding. The Smash World was falling apart by this battle. But now, it was coming to an end.

  • Groudon: Face it, Rayquaza! There is no way to defeat me!
  • Rayquaza: Ugh... this is it. It seems I have to. *starts charging up power*
  • Pikachu: Hmm? What are you doing Rayquaza?!
  • Rayquaza: Kyorge, get Pikachu and Jigglypuff out of here. They should not see me suffer.
  • Kyorge: I... I... will. Let's go. *rushes off with Pikachu and Jigglypuff to the same location where they were held before*
  • Dimentio: So, it seems the time has come.

As Rayquaza charges up, Pikachu asks Kyorge why Rayquaza wanted them to leave

  • Kyorge: You see, this is it. The final battle as come towards the end. I have told you before, that Rayquaza was the only thing that could defeat Groudon. ... But this is not true.
  • Jigglypuff: What?!
  • Kyorge: Arceus, whom is called Lord of Towers, is not Lord of Towers. You see, Arceus is... the God of all Pokemon. He was the one that created life for Pokemon. He was the first Pokemon, and he created all other Pokemon. Arceus wanted the whole Pokemon World and Smash World safe, so he put three Pokemon in charge of guarding Pokemon. Those Pokemon were creatures with far more powerful strength than any of us. The first guardian is a creature known as Mew, who then lead to creating three smaller gaurdians; three birds, known as Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos. Soon, another smaller guardian was created, known as Mewtwo, whom was cloned from Mew. Our second guardian is Ho-Oh, whom created three "dogs" to help guard, which they were Entei, Raikou, and Suicune. Another bird was created by Ho-Oh, so that the legendary bird trio was continued with Lugia. Our third guardian is Rayquaza. He had created the trio known as the "Regis"; Regice, Regirock, and Registeel. He soon created me and Groudon, and we both went into a deep sleep after Rayquaza suddenly disappeared. I shall explain this later. Then we have our fourth guardian, Arceus. He had created the most gaurdians; the first being the legendary trio, Azelf, Uxie, and Mesprit. He then created Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Heatran, Cressila, Manaphy, and Shaymin. At the beginning, when all creatures were created, and life had begun, there was darkness around the world. Arcues then decided to create the creature known as Darkrai.
  • Pikachu: So, there is four Pokemon Gods in the Smash World?
  • Kyorge: Yes.
  • Pikachu: Then we have to go find Arceus, Ho-Oh, and Mew.
  • Jigglypuff: Then we can probably beat Groudon!
  • Kyorge: Young ones... I'm afraid its already too late. Rayquaza... ... has sacrificed himself to defeat Groud--- Huh? What's this?!
  • Jigglypuff: An EARTHQUAKE?!
  • Pikachu: But, I thought you said--
  • Kyorge: I did, but it seems somehow Groudon survived!

Earthquake stops.

  • Pikachu: Wait, wouldn't the unthinkable happen if there was an earthquake so powerful?
  • Kyorge: Yes. Why do you ask?
  • Pikachu: Then Groudon has unleashed that earthquake. This means the unthinkable will happen! Let's go! We need to go get Arceus, Ho-Oh and Mew before it happens!
  • Jigglypuff & Kyorge: Let's!

As Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Kyorge rush to find the Pokemon Gods, an unknown creature rushes through the shadows chasing them.

Chapter 5: Gods and Darkness

While rushing to the first God, Pikachu asks Kyorge something.

  • Pikachu: Hey, Kyorge, what did you mean earlier about you and Groudon going into a deep sleep?
  • Kyorge: Pikachu, you see, Rayquaza created us to help guard the world, and he would tell us to go help, yet, until one day. Rayquaza had disappeared, and then me and Groudon had gone into a deep slumber. Then we were awoken, and meet at a city in the region known as Hoenn. Me and Groudon fought, until Rayquaza himself appeared. He stopped the battle before the city was destroyed, and we both parted ways, never to battle again... until this time.
  • Jigglypuff: You've seemed to have a rough past, haven't you?
  • Kyorge: Yes.
  • Pikachu: And now we've lost one God, haven't we?
  • Kyorge: ...Ye...s. Because of this, the world will always be unbalanced... until the four Gods form, and since one is gone... the world... will be destroyed.
  • ???????: And yes, so it seems.
  • Kyorge: Huh? Darkrai?
  • Darkrai: Yes, it is me. I have been hearing you, and I would like to help you find the Gods.
  • ???: And it seems you've found one of them already!
  • Kyorge: Yes. Pikachu, Jigglypuff, this is the second Pokemon God created; Mew.
  • Mew: Its a pleasure to meet you. I've heard about the battle, and I'm ready to help!
  • Jigglypuff: And we're going to need all the help we can get!
  • Pikachu: Hey, Mew, you think you can teleport us to Ho-Oh?
  • Mew: Sure! I can do that right away!

As Mew teleports the heroes to where Ho-Oh is located, a shadow is rising in another part of the Smash World... a part where nobody knows its there.

  • ????? ?????: So, Dimentio, has everything been planned out?
  • Dimentio: Yes, master, it has. I will go and destroy Kyorge and the Pokemon Gods.
  • ????? ?????: Good. Good. Larry, bring out the prisoners!
  • Larry Koopa: *walks in with three birds locked in cages, which nothing can break*
  • ????? ?????: BWAHAHAHA! I have caught the Legendary Trios of all, and nothing can stop me from ruling all! Now, Larry, bring out XP1000.
  • Larry Koopa: Yes sir! *brings out a creature stuck in a cage, which nothing can break*
  • ????? ?????: Nothing will be able to stop me. Larry, send out the troops.
  • Larry: On it... sir!

Dimentio and Larry leave the room

  • ????? ?????: So these creatures need to get the Pokemon Gods, do they? Well they'll be stopped by I, Count Bleck! BWAHAHAHA!

Chapter 6: A Battle of a Trio

  • Dimentio: These fools don't know what they're are getting themselves into. *turns to Larry*. You, release them.
  • Larry: Yes, second-in-command master. *opens two cages*
  • Dimentio: Now, birds and XP1000 go attack them, and bring nothing but captured half-dead fools back! BWAHAHA!

Meanwhile, our heroes are on a rush, trying to find Ho-Oh

  • Pikachu: Has anybody found him, yet?
  • Kyorge: No; not even a clue where he's at.
  • ???????: HAH! *jumps off a cliff*
  • Jigglypuff? Hmm? Lucario?!
  • Lucario: Yes *gasp* it is I, *gasp* Lucario. *Gasp* I have come *gasp* to tell you *gasp* that you *gasp* will be under *gasp*... attack.
  • Darkrai: Attacked? By whom?
  • Lucario:...Let me tell you. Dimentio had turned traitor on us, and had blown every *gasp* one of us away. I was able to escape, unharmed, and I cam here to tell yo----*a ball strikes where Lucario is standing*
  • Mew: What?!
  • Kyorge: Who's there?!
  • XP1000: It is I, XP1000!
  • Dimentio: Ah, so we meet again, fools.
  • Pikachu: You?!
  • ??????: HHHHAAAWWW!
  • Dimentio: Bwahaha! Now you will feel the wrath of our ultimate creation, XP1000! Step foward, XP1000!
  • XP1000: Yes, master. *steps out into the sunlight*
  • Jigglypuff: No...
  • Mew and Kyorge: It can't be...
  • Pikachu: Mewtwo, the guardian?!
  • XP1000: HAHAHA! You fools have guessed correctly!
  • Darkrai: HAH! *uses Shadow Ball on XP1000*
  • XP1000: Is that all you got?!
  • Lucario: GAH! *unleashes Psychic on XP1000*
  • XP1000: BWAHAHA! Now its my turn! *pulls his arms out, puts them in front of him, and a streak of lighting crashes into Darkrai and Lucario*
  • Dimentio: And now, I shall go search for this God. *snaps his fingers and disappears, the birds follow*
  • Pikachu: We can't let him get away!
  • Kyorge: Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mew, go find Ho-Oh and beat Dimentio, I'm going to go find the others, and see if I can find Groudon!
  • Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Mew: Yes! *they run off*

As Lucario, Darkrai, and XP1000 fight in the forest, Mew, Pikachu, and Jigglypuff rush to Mt. Faraway, the location of Ho-Oh, where they climb to the very top, only to see the great God himself, and Dimentio and the three birds.

  • Ho-Oh: Gah! How you could you?!
  • Dimentio: Its the only way to finish and kill you! Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, attack!
  • Jigglypuff: Not for long! *uses Rollout and crashes into Moltres and Zapdos*
  • Pikachu: Yeah! *uses Thunder on Articuno*
  • Ho-Oh: HHHHHHOOOOOOOWWWWWOOOOO! *unleashes Sacred Fire on Dimentio*
  • Dimentio: Oh no...

Chapter 7: The Battle of the End!

  • Dimentio: So, it seems its come to the end. *starts flashing, the attacks are dismounted*
  • Pikachu: Huh?
  • Jigglypuff: How'd he deflect it?!
  • Mew: You see, Dimentio is... *sigh* the destructor of dimensions, meaning he can do anything; even kill.
  • Ho-Oh: You two, your best chance is to run; let us take care of this.
  • Pikachu: NO! We're in this as a team; and there's no way we're leaving our friends! Right, Jigg?
  • Jigglypuff: Yes!
  • Dimentio: That's what all you think! As the destructor of dimensions, I am only here to rule over you; only by killing you all. Be ready to feel my wrath! *starts snapping fingers, lighting bolts start striking around the five*
  • Mew: This is it.
  • Ho-Oh: Ths is the end.

Back in the forest, the trio continue their battle.

  • Lucario: HAH! *jumps up and lands on Darkrai, giving him the chance to use three Shadow Balls on XP1000 while in the air*
  • XP1000: GAH! You shall end, now, fools! *uses Psychic*

Meanwhile, in the underground

  • Kyorge: So, we meet for the last time, eh?
  • Groudon: So it seems. GGGRRRRRAAAAWWWWHHHHH!!!

At a place called The Hill of Legends, the final PokeGod sits, looking over Mt. Faraway.

  • Arceus: This Dimentio person sounds and looks harder then anybody I've seen. If I don't do anything quickly, the whole world will be devoured by his magical powers. I have to stop him. *rises up, and quickly heads to Mt. Faraway*

Meanwhile, in the throne room of a castle

  • Count Bleck: Larry, how are things coming for planned?
  • Larry: Everything seems to be good, sir. I hea---*alarm goes off*
  • Count Bleck: Larry, what's going on?!
  • Larry: It seems someone has broken into the castle!
  • Rayquaza: That's right, now tell me why you're here!
  • Count Bleck: Ah, so we finally meet again, Rayquaza. Care to take more assistance?
  • Rayquaza: NO! I'm sick and tired of all you're fooling around; Dimentio is a traitor, and I'm here to help these worlds from being destroyed. I was created as a God to help, love, and take care of the World; and I'm not letting this slip through the cracks! Its time you end!
  • Groudon: And you shall get some help.
  • Kyorge: That's right.
  • Rayquaza: You two?! Wha?! How's Groudon--
  • Kyorge: We... battled...
  • Rayquaza: And you finally learned?
  • Groudon: Yes; I've finally--
  • Larry: Eep. *leaves*
  • Rayquaza: Ready...
  • Groudon: Set...
  • Kyorge: GO! *All start attacking Count Bleck*

At Mt. Faraway, the battle rages on. The same happens in the forest.

Chapter 8: The Fall

  • ?????: This is more than I expected. Everybody is trying to fight them off, but it seems no use.


  • Darkrai: This guy... is unstoppable...
  • Lucario: But we aren't giving up!
  • XP1000: You fools never know when to quit! Its time for me to kill you!!!!
  • ?????: The battle in the forest seems bad. Yet, Ho-Oh are having the same problems. Its time I set out. *flys*

Back in the castle

  • Groudon: Its over, Count. Stop your attacks; or die.
  • Count Bleck: ...*gasp* La---rr-y, go--*gasp* and g--et Dim-----e--ntio.
  • Larry: On it, sir! *leaves*
  • Kyorge: Now where were we?
  • Rayquaza: *whispers*
  • Count Bleck: ...Darn...

At Mt. Faraway

  • Larry: Dimentio! Dimentio! Rayquaza, Groudon, and Kyorge have defeated the Count, and he said to come and get you.
  • Dimentio: NO! NEVER! I shall rule this world; killing all in it but me. BWAHAHAHA! *snaps fingers, a large fireball is shot at Larry*
  • ?????: Its over, Dimentio!
  • Dimentio: Hmm?! YOU?!
  • Ho-Oh: LUGIA?!
  • Arceus: It seems a half-god has arrived!
  • Pikachu: Arceus?!!?
  • Lucario: HAH! *jumps up and lands on Dimentio; Darkrai and XP1000 follow*
  • Jigglypuff: You guys?! Why is he still here?!
  • Lucario: Let's just say we got the hypnotic armor off of him.
  • Dimentio: ENOUGH! *starts snapping fingers; fireballs are shot, while lighting bolts strike down*
  • Rayquaza: HHHHHHHHHRRRRRRAAAAAWWWHHHHH!!! *uses Hyper Beam on Dimentio*
  • Pikachu: Rayquaza?! YOU'RE ALIVE?!
  • Rayquaza: Of course, Gods can't die.
  • Groudon: GGGGRRRRRRAAAAWWWWWHHHHH! *uses Flamethrower on Dimentio*
  • Kyorge: Everyone, attack!

The Battle at Mt. Faraway ends at this moment, as all attacks are unleashed on Dimentio

  • Dimentio: No... this can't be happening IT CAN'T!!
  • Rayquaza: Its ending, alright! *Uses Hyper Beam one last time, which is enough to... kill Dimentio*
  • Kyorge: GAAAAWWWW! *uses Hydro Pump, so that Dimentio is flown way past the Smash World*

This ended the great battle at Mt. Faraway; but this doesn't mean that the world was safe.

Chapters: Part 2

Chapter 9: A New Beginning

It was now two years after the attack of Groudon and Dimentio, and everyone seemed alright after these two years. The mass destrcution, done by the attacks, was soon fixed, as everyone put their effort into helping rebuild the Smash World. In the last two years, there had been no sign of Dimentio. Arceus had suddenly disappeared, while Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno left, heading off to other areas of the Smash World.

Also during these two years, Kyorge and Groudon disappeared, both presumed to be a deep sleep; while Mew returned to the forest, Ho-Oh to Mt. Faraway, and Rayquaza to Sky Tower. XP1000 had gone into a deep sleep, somewhere nearby where Mew rules. Darkrai had gone back into the shadows, watching over. Sonic and Tails both returned to their world, while Blaze returned to her dimension.

Bowser had disappeared, also, during the years. Wolf had left the Smash World, saying that he would never come back again. Roy followed Wolf, and the two have never been seen again. It was now the third year, whereas all was peaceful. Pikachu stands at Mt. Faraway with Ho-Oh.

  • Pikachu: The world, it seems peaceful, as it should be.
  • Ho-Oh: We can hope it stays this way.
  • Pikachu: We can only hope. The attacks of Dimentio three years ago were harsh, and brought total chaos to the world. All seems fixed now, luckily.
  • Lucario: Ermm, so this is the Great Forest?
  • ????????: Yes, it is.
  • Lucario: Good, now let us find Mew, Knuckles.
  • Knuckles: Let's.

Chapter 10: Mew

A tree falls down, and Pikachu and Ho-Oh turn

  • Pikachu: Hmm? What's that?
  • Ho-Oh: There's only one way to find out.
  • Lucario: Any sign?
  • Knuckles: No. Not even a clue.
  • Pikachu: Lucario?
  • Lucario: Wha? YOU?! I have not time to mess with a fool like you.
  • Pikachu: Huh? What are you talking about, Lucario?
  • Ho-Oh: He talking about... finding Mew and killing it.
  • Pikachu: WHAT?!!?
  • Lucario: How do you know our mission?!
  • Ho-Oh: Why would Darkrai and Mewtwo be watching this place, right now?
  • Knuckles: The bird does have a point.
  • Lucario: SHUT UP! I'll handle things my way, and there's nobody that can stop me!
  • Ho-Oh: You think?
  • Knuckles: Lucario, go. I'll take care of these fools.
  • Mewtwo: Tisk, tisk, tisk. So it seems we have to get into another ultimate battle?
  • Pikachu: Mewtwo!
  • Lucario: Grawh. Not you!!!
  • Mewtwo: Yes me.


  • Sonic: So we've collected all the Chaos Emeralds, Tails?
  • Tails: Yes, Sonic. We have.
  • Amy: *Runs towards Sonic* Sonic! SOOONIIICCC!
  • Tails: I'd split, Sonic.
  • Sonic: On it! *starts running, Amy follows*
  • Tails: I sometimes wonder how Amy can keep---*watch starts beeping*. Huh? Another message? *clicks button, Shadow the Hedgehog comes on*
  • Shadow: Tails, Knuckles has disappeared.
  • Tails: He has? Do you know where he went?
  • Shadow: He went to the Great Forest, along with Lucario. I was able to hear Lucario say something about a God named Mew.
  • Tails: Great Forest? Lucario? God named Mew?
  • Shadow: Do I have to explain?
  • Tails:...Yes, please.
  • Shadow: Mew is a Pokemon God, living in the Great Forest. I heard Lucario say something about destroying Mew.
  • Tails: And Knuckles is helping?!!?
  • Shadow: Yes, so it seems.
  • Tails: We have to stop them!
  • Shadow: So we do; meet me at the Great Forest, and don't tell anyone about this.
  • Tails: Yes!
  • Jigglypuff: I'm really bored. Nothing has happened in the last few months. Huh? What's that? *walks through the Great Forest* Huh? Lucario? What is he doing here?
  • ????????: Grahwa!
  • Pikachu: Huh? Who's that?!
  • Ho-Oh: Grr, that's Regirock. It seems we've awaken the Regis from their deepsleep. This is bad.
  • ??????: Regiicie!
  • Ho-Oh: And this is Regice... only one left.
  • ?????????: Bwahwah!
  • Ho-Oh: And that's Registeel. We're in deep danger. Let's escape, we have to find Mew!
  • Jigglypuff: Mew? What does Lucario and this red thing want with Mew? Hm? What's that? *turns*, Tails?
  • Tails: Jigglypuff? What are you doing here?
  • Jigglypuff: I just came wondering around here and found a battle going on. Lucario and this red thing want something to do with a Pokemon God named Mew.
  • Tails: I've heard, and this red thing is our friend, Knuckles. Have you seen a black hedgehog around, anywhere?
  • Jigglypuff: Hmm, now that you mention it, I did see one head towards Mt. Faraway. Why?
  • Tails: Because I'm supposed to meet him, Shadow, there. He told me about this.
  • Jigglypuff: And taking a guess, you didn't tell Sonic?
  • Tails: No.
  • Jigglypuff: Then let's fight these guys off; let's go to Mt. Faraway and meet up with Shadow.
  • Tails: Right!

Chapter 11: The Meeting with a Black Hedgehog

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