m (Scene 3)
(Scene 3)
Line 1,160: Line 1,160:
'''Lima:''' Nuh-uh! No way! I'd rather get caught by the Octolings than go down there.
'''Lima:''' Nuh-uh! No way! I'd rather get caught by the Octolings than go down there.
'''Peter:''' (''frustrated'') Oh come on. It's just a bit smelly, that's all.(''Squidwin, Callie, Pen, Rose and TJ go into the sewers. Peter waits while Lima makes up her mind.'') We haven't got time for this! Hurry!
'''Peter:''' (''frustrated'') Oh come on. It's just a bit smelly, that's all.(''Squidwin, Callie, Pen, Riri and TJ go into the sewers. Peter waits while Lima makes up her mind.'') We haven't got time for this! Hurry!
(''Suddenly, three Octolings ambush them, grabbing Lima. Another one makes a reach for Peter, but he manages to knock them back with the manhole cover. He quickly goes down into the sewers.'')
(''Suddenly, three Octolings ambush them, grabbing Lima. Another one makes a reach for Peter, but he manages to knock them back with the manhole cover. He quickly goes down into the sewers.'')
Line 1,232: Line 1,232:
'''Callie:''' (''to Squidwin'') What's your big idea? Hurry up!
'''Callie:''' (''to Squidwin'') So what's your big idea? Hurry up!
'''Squidwin:''' (''picks up a manhole cover and begins to surf on it'') THIS WAY!
'''Squidwin:''' (''picks up a manhole cover and begins to surf on it'') THIS WAY!
Line 1,256: Line 1,256:
(''Meanwhile, at Squidwin's House, Aqua is vacuuming in the hall before going into Ruthie's empty bedroom and sadly looking at it for her memories of her daughter.'')
(''Meanwhile, at Squidwin's House, Aqua is vacuuming in the hall before going into Ruthie's empty bedroom and sadly looking at it for her memories of her daughter.'')
'''Aqua: '''(''sad; to herself'') Oh, Ruthie, if you were still here, I wish you could help out your little brother. He always wanted to be like you. And I feel kinda harsh on him. (''Suddenly, she hears glass breaking, which makes her concerned'') What the heck was that? (''She goes back out into the hall and calls out.'') Hello? Squidwin, was that you? (''She then notices a broken window in the kitchen, and then a fat Octarian in her fridge, stuffing its face with food.'') What the....?
'''Aqua: '''(''sad; to herself'') Oh, Ruthie, if you were still here, I wish you could help out your little brother. He always wanted to be like you. And I feel kinda harsh on him. Besides, if he want you back, I want you back too.(''Suddenly, she hears glass breaking, which makes her concerned'') What the heck was that? (''She goes back out into the hall and calls out.'') Hello? Squidwin, was that you? (''She then notices a broken window in the kitchen, and then a fat Octarian in her fridge, stuffing its face with food.'') What the....?
'''Ogordo:''' (''turns to look at Aqua'') Hey, lady, where do I find ketchup?
'''Ogordo:''' (''turns to look at Aqua'') Hey, lady, where do I find ketchup?
'''Aqua:''' AAH! (''grabs a broom'') Get out of my house, you fat slimy creep! (''Before she can whack him, he uses his tongue to snatch the broom away from her and swallows it before belching at her'')
'''Aqua:''' AAH! Yoi're not Squidwin! (''grabs a broom'') Get out of my house, whoever you are you fat slimy creep! (''Before she can whack him, he uses his tongue to snatch the broom away from her and swallows it before belching at her'')
'''Ogordo:''' Not bad. Could do with some salt though.
'''Ogordo:''' Not bad. Could do with some salt though.
Line 1,290: Line 1,290:
'''Ovilo:''' (''dizzy; referencing "The Wizard of Oz"'') Auntie Ann? Are we back at Kansas? Because there's no place like home! (''collapses on the floor'') Ow...
'''Ovilo:''' (''dizzy; referencing "The Wizard of Oz"'') Auntie Ann? Are we back at Kansas? Because there's no place like home! (''collapses on the floor'') Ow...
'''Octino:''' Okay, anough with this, we still got an Inkling to be squidnapped. Okay, lady, this time you--- (''but then discovers Aqua is gone from sight'') Oh, great, where can she be this time? (''he then realises the window is open, through which Aqua already escaped. He and the others look outside to watch Aqua runs away from her house.'') Well, she can run from us, but she can't hide from us. (''To Ogordo and Ovilo'') Come on, we gotta get her!
'''Octino:''' Okay, enough with this, we still got an Inkling to be squidnapped. Okay, lady, this time you--- (''but then discovers Aqua is gone from sight'') Oh, great, where can she be this time? (''he then realises the window is open, through which Aqua already escaped. He and the others look outside to watch Aqua runs away from her house.'') Well, she can run from us, but she can't hide from us. (''To Ogordo and Ovilo'') Come on, we gotta get her!
(''The scene cuts to Aqua, who is running away to seek somewhere to hide from the Octarians. She rushes to Inkopolis Square where she discovers that the city is under Octarians' attack.'')
(''The scene cuts to Aqua, who is running away to seek somewhere to hide from the Octarians. She rushes to Inkopolis Square where she discovers that the city is under Octarians' attack.'')
Line 1,306: Line 1,306:
(''The Octarian aims its Splatterscope at her, but Aqua dodges as an Octarian fires. Aqua runs with the Octarian chasing behind her. She quickly hides in an alley before the Octarian runs pass her, not knowing where she's hiding'')
(''The Octarian aims its Splatterscope at her, but Aqua dodges as an Octarian fires. Aqua runs with the Octarian chasing behind her. She quickly hides in an alley before the Octarian runs pass her, not knowing where she's hiding'')
'''Aqua:''' Oh, man. Sure thing he didn't notice. But now what? (''She leans against the wall accidentally pressing a button, which causes the ground to open up beneath Aqua,'') Oh, dear. (''She falls down the hole'') AAAHHHH!
'''Aqua:''' Oh, wow. Sure thing he didn't notice. But now what? (''She leans against the wall accidentally pressing a button, which causes the ground to open up beneath Aqua,'') Oh, dear. (''She falls down the hole'') AAAHHHH!
(''Without being noticed by Aqua, the three same Octarians look down the alley, where they see the hole close.'')
(''Without being noticed by Aqua, the three same Octarians look down the alley, where they see the hole close.'')
Line 1,330: Line 1,330:
'''Crusty Sean:''' Hey! That's not my name--
'''Crusty Sean:''' Hey! That's not my name--
'''Annie:''' Break it up you two! Fighting is not very fresh of you. And you, Moe, show your respect to people.
'''Annie:''' Hey hey hey hey! Break it up you two! Fighting is not very fresh of you. And you, Moe, show your respect to people.
'''Moe:''' Well, pardon me, Annie, (''points to Crusty'') but that lobster is the one who needs to show respect to me.
'''Moe:''' Well, pardon me, Annie, (''points to Crusty'') but that lobster is the one who needs to show respect to me.

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Here's a sub-page of a transcript of The Splatoon Movie.


(Universal logo; which its theme music sung in Woomy vocals)

My try to woomyify the Universal Intro
(Someone trying to replicate the intro described in the transcript)

(DreamWorks Animation logo; which again its theme music sung in Woomy vocals)

(The film opens to the town of Inkopolis as the camera moves to a small house while the signs showing on screen "DreamWorks Animation Presents" and "In association with the humans of Nintendo". Inside the house, we enter to a dining room where the three groups of the Inkling family are having a birthday celebration)

Inkling family: (singing) ♪Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Squidwin. Happy Birthday to you... And many more!

Squidwin: Aww, gee thanks a lot everybody. It truly means a lot to me for my sixth birthday... I can't wait to see what presents you all got me!

Ruthie: Yup. And six you are now, my little dude. Stay fresh!

Aqua: Here you go, Squidwin, my little Squishie-Poo, (places a cake in front of Squidwin) blow out these fish-shaped candles!

(Squidwin blows all six candles)

Ruthie: Now what is your wish, little bro?

Squidwin: Simple, Ruthie, I wish for my own supercharged Ink Gun from a 5-star company. (intimating shooting with his fingers) Yeah! Splatting all the foes! Blastin' all those darn Octolings to the concrete ground!

Aqua: Well, let's not stand here and chat, time to chow down with a... (Squwidwin swallows a whole Japanese strawberry cake) cake.

Ruthie: Geez, Squid'. I know it's your birthday, but you should've let us have a share with your cake. That cake cost $15 plus tax!

Squidwin: I can't help it. (burps) It was delicious. (burps again loudly) Sorry.

Aqua: Okay then, sweetie. What're you gonna do next? Party games or...?

Squidwin: Presents! Yeah!

Aqua: Yeah that too. Well, go ahead, kid. Choose which present you like.

Squidwin: (Zips towards the bunch of presents) Sweet! Thank you! (Opening all the presents one by one) Wow! My first video game console, which has a cute maple leaf sticker on it, and my first video game, which happens to be Sea-Sweeper! Wow! look at this, my own action figure! Oh, boy! My own Cool Breeze Head hat! Oh, look at this.

Ruthie: (to Aqua, her mother) Whoa, gosh. Would you look at him? He sure's really hyped with presents.

Squidwin: Oh, thanks so much, everyone! They're the best gifts ever!

Ruthie: That's nothing, bro. But I have a last present for you.

Squidwin: Really?!

Ruthie: Chill down, dude. Let me get it for you (hands a large present to Squidwin) Here.

Squidwin: (joyfully) Whoa! A big present... PROBABLY THE SIZE OF AN ELEPHANT FOR CAPT.'S SAKE! You didn't! (opens a present to reveal an Ink Gun) Wow! My own Ink Gun!! Yippie! (as he tries his gun out, it shoots out water) What? (to Ruthie) It's only shoots water. This isn't a real gun I want, is it?

Ruthie: Well, that's all I can give you right?

Squidwin: (depressed) Oh, well thanks, it was nice of you to give me with this, but I still really want the grown-up gun to blast out even more ink.

Ruthie: Look, Squidwin, I know you're very desperate to recieve  what you want, but the truth is, you're not old and responsible enough to get your own real ink gun yet.

Squidwin: I understand. But all I want is the same cool grown-up ink gun you have.

Ruthie: Oh, you mean my own Custom Splattershot Jr.?

(The scene cuts to Ruthie's room where she shows Squidwin her Custom Splattershot Jr.)

Ruthie: I got that gun two years ago. It helped me out a ton ever since. 

Squidwin: Wow.

Ruthie: And I even have my achievement with bunch of awards and trophies, for being the most famous trusty hero for all in Inkopolis.

Squidwin: Cool... So when'll I get those trophies? I have a feeling that I can dream of having them.

Ruthie: Shoot your dreams, because one day, you will have your own of Custom Splattershot Jr. once you're older, and along with those trophies as long you'll become a hero too. Now, why don't you go out and play with your friends. I'm sure they're all waiting for you.

Squidwin: OK! Catch ya later Ruthie! And thanks for my gift!

Ruthie: You're welcome! See you soon! Oh, and stay close to home and don't go to Octo Valley! (but seeing Squidwin runs far away, to herself) Well, I hope he heard me.

(Scene change to outside Squidwin's house, where Peter and TJ await him)

Peter & TJ: Happy Birthday Squidwin!

Squidwin: Hey, Peter and TJ. Whazzup my favorite dude and dude?

Peter: Did'ja get the ink gun you wanted?

Squidwin: Sure. Ruthie got me a water gun. It looks like a real Splatterscope, but it's not quite the same. Though I still wish I can have my very own grown-up Splatterscope, like she has. It's my dream of my future herohood.

Peter: Are you kidding?! That's so cool!

TJ: It looks just like a real one. Water guns like these don't come around very often.

Squidwin: So? You wanna play?

Peter: Okay then (taps Squidwin on the shoulder) Tag! You're it!

(The Inklings spend several hours playing around in the sun with their water guns. Evening comes around and the sky becomes dark.)

TJ: What a great day. I should probably go home now. Last time I was out late my mom got so angry...

Peter: Me too. See ya Squid'.

Squidwin: Wait! Just one more game! (begging) Please, for my birthday?

TJ: I'm sorry, Squidwin, but I have to go ho-

Peter: (interrupting) I guess one more game can't hurt! Let's play hide-and-seek.

Squidwin: Great! I'll hide and you two count and then seek. (They play hide and seek. Squidwin runs down a dark alley, the entrance to Octo Valley, and gazes in awe at the entrance gate, ignoring the warning signs.) Whoa! Swag.

(TJ comes up behind him.)

TJ: Gotcha! I win! (pauses and looks up at Octo Valley) Woah. Is that what I think it is?

(Peter approaches them)

Peter: Octo Valley, huh. I didn't realise it was so close to Inkopolis.

Squidwin: Well? What are we waiting for? Let's go in!

TJ: (worried) Woah woah woah. Are you kidding? Octo Valley? Do you know how dangerous it is there?

Squidwin: Can't be that bad.

Peter: I have to agree with TJ on this one. Even the adults don't go into Octo Valley.

Squidwin: (pleading) Come on! Please! It'll be so cool!

Peter: (reluctant) Fine. Come on then, TJ. But if anything bad happens, I'm blaming it on you, Squid'.

(Going into Octo Valley, they explore the alleys and tunnels, and end up having a great time)

Squidwin: Woohoo! This place is so cool! Why don't they let us come here?

Peter: Wait up, where's TJ?

TJ: (screaming) HELP! SOMEONE HELP ME!

Squidwin: (startled, scared) Does that answer your question?!

(They run around the corner and see TJ, who is backed into a corner, surrounded by three Octolings.)

Octoling 1: It's an Inkling.

Octoling 2:Kill it.

Octoling 1: Of course I'm gonna kill it. But it looks different from all the ones I've seen.

Octoling 3: I think it's a child. Kill it anyway.

Squidwin: (scared, yet angry, Squidwin draws his Water Gun) GET BACK! And leave our friend alone you all big creepy octopuses!

Octoling 2: Oh look. A whole group of these useless eaters! And one of these fellas are about to shoot us with his cute water gun. (faking fear) Oh, no, We're scared! (he and the other Octolings laughs, until Squidwin pulls a trigger to shoot out water to the Octoling's eye) OW! MY EYE! (angrily, he snatches Squidwin's water gun and wrecks it by steping on it

Squidwin: This was my birthday present from my big sister, you big meanie! Please don't hurt me or my-

Octoling 2: Shut the heck up, you little brat! Don't you all kids know we reguarly LYNCH OFF Inklings, especcially namby-pamby ones with weak ink guns? Now prepare to get blasted off of OUR property! (fires a blast of red ink at Squidwin, who ducks to narrowly avoid being splattered)

Peter: (too scared to move) Run. (Squidwin and TJ run away)

Octoling 3: Blast em' outta here, fellas!

Squidwin: (screaming) What the heck are you doing Peter?! RUN!!

(The Octolings chase the Inklings through the narrow streets of Octo Valley. Eventually, they reach a dead end.)

TJ: (gasps) Oh no! It's a dead end! We're doomed! We're gonna die!

Octoling 1: (preparing to shoot ink at all three of the Inklings) Oh, you're so dang right you gonna be, because this is why you kids shouldn't use our territory as a playground!

(A blast of purple ink appears out of nowhere, splattering the Octoling which immediately disappears. Squidwin, Peter and TJ look to the side and see Ruthie, with her Custom Splattershot Jr.)

Squidwin: (happily) Ruthie!

Ruthie: If you Octolings want to hurt my little brother and his gang, you've ought to splat ME first! (the Octolings begins to fire at Ruthie, which she dodges and shoots away at the Octolings to fight. She shout at Squidwin and his friends) You three kids get out of here! Go and hurry! I'll take care the Octolings! GO!

(The three young inklings get up and run for their lives across the bridge which leads back into Inkopolis. But Squidwin stops to look over Ruthie battling with the Octolings)

Peter: Squidwin, why're you stopping? We're loosing you!

Squidwin: Go on, you two. I have to go back and check that Ruthie will be alright. I'll catch you up.

Peter: What?! Are you crazy?! It's way too dangerous, dude! You'll get killed by those darn Octolings! We'd better hurry back home fore' those Octolings bulldoze our apartment!

Squidwin: I'm not going without Ruthie! She's my greatest sister! Just go!! (He turns around and runs back, much to Peter and TJ's disapproval)

(Scene switch to Ruthie, who is frantically dodging shots from the two remaining Octolings, occasionally trying to get some shots off on them)

Squidwin: Ruthie! We need to get out of here!

Ruthie: (furious) Huh? SQUIDWIN?! I told you to get out of here! Now GO! And by the way, you're in big trouble, mom and I told you to stay away from this place due to is hazardous surroundings! LOOK OUT!!! (she pushes Squidwin a side to dodge the Octolings' ink blast)

Squidwin: Sorry, sis', but I'm not going without you! Otherwise the Octoling's evil dictactor would turn us into scrambled cuttlefish!

Ruthie: Well, we'll talk later, because it's time to go! Hold on!

(Quickly, Ruthie picks up her brother and runs, the Octolings in close pursuit. They eventually reach the bridge)

Ruthie: (to Squidwin) We're almost outta there, little dude! (but she trips over on a rock, badly injuring herself as she yells in pain and Squidwin accidently falls on the ground) Owww-ah! (Squidwin gets up and tries to help her out) NO! RUN SQUIDWIN! Forget about me, just save yourself!

Squidwin: No! I can't! I won't!

(The Octolings catch up, and Squidwin backs off slowly, waiting for his sister to get up and follow him. They fire a blast of ink at Ruthie, and she disappears in an explosion of magenta ink.)

Squidwin: NO! RUUUUUTHIEEEE!!!!!

Octoling 1: Ha! I knew this Inkling girl wouldn't stand a chance.

Octoling 3: Yeah. (laughs evilly)

Squidwin: (starting to reveal his anger sob; to the Octolings) This isn't fair! You Octo-monsters are gonna regret this! You killed my sister!!

Octoling 3: (imitating crying to Squidwin) "Wah, wah, wah"! SHUT UP!!! (pushes Squidwin) Here's a lesson to you, kid, so listen to me. We don't ever want you to come here in Octo Valley EVER again, understand? Your sister won't be able to save you next time! (crying, Squidwin picks up Ruthie's ink gun and runs away, across the bridge. The Octolings let him escape) Good riddance! (to Octoling 1) Come on let's move back for some grub.

(Then Squidwin collapses in tears after he reaches Inkopolis, where TJ and Peter were waiting for him)

Peter: He's back. Thank goodness. At first, we thought he's dead for sure.

TJ: Wait! Where's Ruthie? Is he crying? Yo, Squid', what's wrong? What happened?

Squidwin: (sobbing) Ruthie's...gone.....

Peter: Oh, oh no.... We're sorry about that, Squid' ol' dude, we're so sorry.

(The camera pans out as sad music begins to play, and we see TJ and Peter hug Squidwin, trying to comfort him. A montage begins, where we see Squidwin and Aqua dressed in black in a church. Flowers are planted for Ruthie. Scene change to Squidwin's bedroom)

Squidwin: (crying, to himself) It's all my fault... She'd still be alive if I didn't screw up... I'm sorry, Ruthie... I just want you back... (angry) Grrr... Those no-good Octo-jerks are going to be sorry. And I will grow up to become a well-known hero for all of Inkopolis just like you, sis'. (and smiles for his hope in the future) And I won't wait!

(Then the scene fates to the opening credit with list of names of the voice talents shows up one-by-one, such as Zac Efron, Liliana Mumy, Raven-Symoné, Jeremy Shada, Olivia Olson, Josh Gad, George Lopez, John Cleese, Martin Short, John Leguizamo, Craig Robinson, Anne Hathaway, and Tom Kenny and the title "The Splatoon Movie" on screen while the song "It's a Blast!" sung by Tacocat is playing throughout)

Voice-over singer: TBD

Scene 1

(After the opening credit, the screen shows a sign says "8 years later" before the camera cuts to an over head view of urchin underpass, covered in blue and orange ink. It slowly zooms in on Squidwin, now 14, who is spreading blue ink across the map. He dodges ink and runs forward, inking ground for his team. He is now being pursued by a team of three orange inklings)

(The camera pans to Beako, the pelican and Fins, the fish)

Beako: And Squidwin dashes cross' the concrete as he's being chased by 3 members of the Orange Team! How's he gonna escape from this chaos?

(The camera pans to the Squid Sisters, who are next to Beako and Fins. The Squid Sisters are nibbling on jellyfish-shaped sugar cookies.)

Marie: Which team do you think will win, Callie?

Callie: (pumping fist into air) Blue, of course! Blue's on my side, and there ain't no losin'!

Marie: Are you squidding me? The Orange Team might take the cake!

Callie: (facepalms) Why must we disagree on everything that bounces outta' our salty tongues?

(The camera flips back to Squidwin.)

Fins: From the looks of things, Squidwin's managed to back himself into a tight corner here. He's gonna have to seek out some shelter if he wants to get out of this one without getting splattered!

Squidwin: (realises he is cornered) Oh, Hermit Crab! Hey, blues?! Over here, come help me out!

Blue Inkling 1: We're preoccupied by the floor, dude! There's way too much orange ink over here!

Squidwin: (frustrated) Argh! Every single time, they leave me to fend for myself!

(A blast of orange ink strikes Squidwin and he disappears, only to respawn back at his spawn point.)

Beako: Oh and would you look at that! They got him, and now the Oranges are going to move closer towards the Blues' spawn point. So far, the game has been fairly one-sided but anything could change in these last 60 seconds!

Blue Inkling 2: 60 Seconds?! NO WAY, SQUIDDOS! Hurry, everyone to the middle in an INSTANT!

Fins: From what we can see, the Blues are co-ordinating an attack to the Oranges' turf. If they're successful, this could really turn the tables!

(Camera pans over to the cheerleading stand.)

Lil: (cheerleading) Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Go, go, go Orange! You can kick those Blues' rear behinds! (softly at the camera) And especially with Squidwin on the team, those silly "Bloosers" don't stand a chance!

(Camera pans towards Sir Jacques, the jellyfish TV reporter, and Earl, the penguin cameraman, who are reporting live at the event)

Sir Jacques: Welcome back to Squid News, where we're delivering the latest news to you live from Goby Arena... and only 60 seconds remain for this darn Turf War!

Earl: Show's almost over! The Orange team's gettin' away with their mean schemes!

(Camera cuts back to the action)

Squidwin: How the heck should we be in the winning lane at this point? This is all of your faults! If you'd come and help me we could have done this sooner!

Blue Inkling 3: Come on! You can't pin this on us! No use complaining now, let's just pull this back as best as we can.

Orange Inkling 1: Surprise! (splatters two of the Blue Inklings with a Slosher, leaving only Squidwin and Blue Inkling 2 remaining. Two more Orange Inklings appear from behind him.)


(Squidwin makes eye contact with Pen, and he blushes as his eyes begin to widen)

Blue Inkling 2: Squidwin! Strengthen your tentacles, cause we can't give up now!

Beako: This is incredible! Those two Inklings are currently holding off against the entire Orange Team without any assistance!

(Camera cuts to the Jellyfish Pizza Prince Pizzeria, where TJ and Peter are watching the event while eating a large pizza)

Peter: (mouth full of Veggie Pizza) Squidwin might actually be able to pull this back!

TJ: I wouldn't think so. They've got 20 seconds and look how much Orange Ink there is...

(Sheldon and Crusty Sean enter the pizzeria)

Sheldon: Woohoo! Go Orange! I told you they'd win, as they've got the tangerines to-

Crusty Sean: (sighs) Of course you did...

(Camera back to Callie and Marie)

Marie: This is so exciting! Both teams are fighting for the medal!

Callie: 15 seconds. Blue might do it if they can pull themselves together here...

(Camera on Squidwin)

Squidwin: We're doing it! Everyone, to me- (he is splattered)

Pen: Thought you could get away from us, did'ja? Orange Team, SCRAM!

Beako: Ouch! What a terrible explosion as Squidwin got blasted in the last few seconds! Countdown starts now! 10!

Fins: 9!

(Camera begins to pan across the audience, showing shots of the characters as everyone counts down)

Callie: 8!

Marie: 7!

Lil: 6!

Cheerleader Inkling: 5!

Crusty Sean: 4!

Sheldon: 3!

TJ: 2!

Peter: 1!

(An airhorn sounds and the Inklings stop fighting.)


Beako: All participants must make their way to the changing rooms! This game really blew our socks off! Yeah!

(Beako jumps in joy and accidentally swallows Fins. Fins shouts inside of him. Quickly he punches himself in on his belly causing him to cough Fins out. Fins coughs and gasps before glares at Beako)

Beako: (laugh nervously) Sorry, Fins. I'm just little enthusiastic.

(Camera goes back to Squidwin's group)

Blue Inkling 2: Well, you can't get every medal into your hands...

Squidwin: If you two had been where you had supposed to be we might have had a chance...

Blue Inkling 3: She came out of nowhere! What was I supposed to do?!

Squidwin: Not get hit, maybe? You could see her coming from a mile away!

Blue Inkling 1: (taunting) Of course you could, Squidwin.

Squidwin: What's that supposed to mean?!

Blue Inkling 3: You were crushing on her, big time, dude. We saw your cheeks go red when she was in your face!

Squidwin: (irritated) Shut up! You're just trying to change the subject from the fact that you screwed this whole think up!

Judd: Ladies and gentlemen! Squids and all! The results are in! Li'l Judd and I have studied the area and we have decided on a winner!

(crowd goes silent)

Li'l Judd: And the winner is... With 60.3% of the arena covered in their ink...

(suspenseful silence)

Li'l Judd: ORANGE!

(crowd cheers)

Marie: (to Callie) I knew it! Told you so!

Callie: Oh, Sea Rats....

Marie: Now the pay-up you've promised?

Callie: (reaches her coin from her pocket) Here you go. (Marie takes it and laughs)

(camera back to Squidwin)

Squidwin: (furious) Oh, son of the Ink Gun! This's just perfect!! Of course! This is all your faults, you know! If you hadn't ditched me when I was cornered!

Blue Inkling 1: Chill out! It doesn't matter now!

Squidwin: (angry) Do you have any idea how much this game meant to me? This was going to be my big break, and you three ruined it!

Blue Inkling 2: Okay, okay. Let's not overreact...

Squidwin: (still angry) OVERREACT?! I'm not overreacting! The whole of Inkopolis was watching that match, now everyone knows what a loser I am!

(camera goes towards Sir Jacques, who is interviewing members of the Orange team)

Sir Jacques: So miss, uh... your name please.

Pen: Pen.

Sir Jacques: Miss Pen, thank you. Since you and your orange team had won in the Turf War, beat the blues, and won money, what're you gonna do next?

Pen: (thinking) Well.... I don't know. Just going home.

Sir Jacques: Everyone, give it up for Pen, the captain of the Orange Team!

Earl: Good job, girl. I was rooting for you all the way.

(Camera goes to the pizzeria, where TJ and Peter have finished eating their pizza.)

TJ: Do you think Squidwin will take losing very well?

Peter: To be honest? No. It's Squidwin we're talking about. He always wants to win everything. Life's a competition for him.

Jelly: Is that your friend in the Turf War?

Peter: Yeah, but he doesn't take losing very well. He's gonna be grumpy all weekend...

(Camera goes back to Squidwin's group, in the changing rooms. Squidwin is on the edge of anger.

Squidwin: Every time I get a shot at something, someone has to mess it up! (raises fist)

Blue Inkling 3: Calm the heck down! Are you five years old or something? We lost. It's bad luck. We'll have to do better next time.

(At a loss for words, Squidwin throughs a punch towards Blue Inkling 3, but he misses. Blue Inklings 1 + 2 go Squidwin to hold him back.)

Blue Inkling 1: Whoa whoa whoa. Break it up. There's no point getting angry over it. You're just making a bigger fool of yourself.

Squidwin: Oh, so that's what I am now, huh?! A fool?! (breaks free from his allies' grip).

Blue Inkling 1: Chill down, bro! What're you think you doing now?

Squidwin: What am I think I'm doing now?! I'm gonna go out there and show them what I think of their stupid Turf War. Does this concerned you?!

(Squidwin leaves the changing rooms and goes out into the crowd.)

Blue Inkling 2: Squidwin, stop!

Blue Inkling 3: Just let him be. He needs to let off some steam.

Blue Inkling 1: What a knucklehead. I don't want him on my team ever again.

(Camera follows Squidwin as he pushes through the crowd, making his way towards Beako and Fins, who are talking to Sir Jacques in a live TV interview)

Fins: There were some incredible moments in that game. We can replay the footage and see when Pen managed to ambush the Blues in the final 20 seconds. That must've really annoyed them!

Sir Jacques: Certainly, Fins. And Beako, what are your thoughts on that game?

Beako: That was the best game I've watched in a long while, Jacques. As Fins said, some of those moments were unmissable and-

(Squidwin pushes Sir Jacques out of the way, interrupting Beako's speech.)

Squidwin: (enraged) Alright, listen up. It might have looked like we lost out there, but I did all of the work! I was left to do everything while my teammates messed around, doing absolutely nothing!

Earl: Whoa stop right there. What are you doing?! This is a live broadcast!

Squidwin: Do you think I care?! This whole thing doesn't even matter, anyway. It's rigged - I tell you - completely and utterly unfair!

Beako: (calling out) Can we get security?!

(Camera goes over to Lil, as she watches the events unfold on the stadium's big screen)

Lil: (laughing) Poor little Squidwin can't take losing. Serves him right. He's a whiny "blooser" anyways.

Cheerleader Inkling: What's going on?

Lil: (amused) Squidwin's having a little tantrum because he lost.

(Scene change to the Pizzeria)

TJ: (holding his head in his hands, embarrassed) Oh, for Kraken's sake...

Peter: What is wrong with him?

(Crusty Sean, Sheldon and Jelly look up at the TV screen)

Sheldon: Is that your friend?

Peter: (embarrassed) ... No. He's just someone else who was on the team...

(Scene goes back to Squidwin.)

Sir Jacques: Earl. Stop the cameras. (to Squidwin) Do you realize what you've done?! Ruining our show?! I hope you're sorry!

(Squidwin freezes, realising the fool he has made of himself.)

Fins: Yeah, nice job kid. Now the whole of Inkopolis knows how much of a brat you are!

Squidwin: (shouting, running away) I hate this whole stupid competition!

Earl: Let's try that again...

Beako: Apologies for the interruption folks, but one of the competitors is having one of his moments...

(Camera follows Squidwin as he runs through Inkopolis to get to his home where his mother is watching a soap opera on TV)

Aqua: Hey, buddy! How'd the game go?

Squidwin: (relieved that his mother wasn't watching, sighs) Oh yeah. It went great.

Aqua: Did you win?

Squidwin: (muttering) Of course I did. (Aqua comes over to hug her son)

Aqua: I'm so proud of you, son! (nuzzles his nose) Ruthie would be proud too... (baby talk)

Squidwin: Yeah... That's great, but please don’t do that! I’m not a toddler anymore, okay, geez. I'm going to bed. I'm too tired right now.

Aqua: Okay honey! Let me know if you want anything!

(Squidwin goes into his room where he collapses in bed. Checking his phone, he sees a message from TJ which says "What the heck?". He throws his phone on the ground and pulls the bed covers over him, while watching his pet nudibranch, Clapper.)

Squidwin: (sighs) I hate this life. I never want to be in a Turf War again.

(the camera slowly pans out and fades to black as Squidwin falls asleep, exhausted from his rampage.)

Scene 2

(The scene fades to Inkopolis High School in next day. A roofless car stops to the school's front yard before we cut inside the car to see Squidwin and Aqua)

Aqua: Well, here you are, sweetie. And today's gonna be a perfect day for you.

Squidwin: Yeah, I know.

Aqua: (grabs her son for a hug) Have good day, Squishie-Poo. Here's some date cookies I made with added electrolytes in them, for when you play intense sports! (kisses him on a cheek and hands him cookies)

Squidwin: (removes out) Mom! Please... not in front of those other freaky kids over there! And please stop call me Squishie-Poo. (hops out of their car)

Aqua: See you at the doorstep, love ya! (drives away)

Squidwin:(waves good-bye at Aqua) Yeah yeah, I know that. See ya! And Thanks for these electrolyte cookies. Because I need 'em, since you know how I love those... (embarresed upon hearing other Inklings laughs at him) Oh, great. This is gonna be a long day for me.

(Squidwin walks pass the laughing crowd of inklings)

Klips: (to Lil) Oh, wow! Did you see that?

Inkling Girl: Yeah! This same squid crybaby was featured in yesterday's Turf War! Haw-haw!

Inkling Boy:  Hey, ya lil' namby-pamby!, aren't you too young to be a freshman in high school? Why won't you go back to your wimpy lil' preschool?

Lil: Oh, look girls! It's the "Blooser" who threw royal screaming fits on live television! How entertaining! Ha ha ha!

Squidwin: Lil? How do you know? And who's the guy you were talking with just now?

Lil: Oh Squidwin, everyone knows about your little... incident. And that guy? That's Klips. My new boyfriend. He's SO much better than your floppy tentacle biceps ever were, just saying.

(Other school inklings continues laughing as Squidwin, angry and embareseed keeps walking)

Squidwin: (softly, to himself) Grrr... Just ignore those baddies, Squidwin... (sees TJ and Peter together in the distance) Hey, TJ! Peter!

Peter: (quiet) Oh. Hey, Squidwin.

Squidwin: Have you guys finished Book 2 of your Geography assignments?

TJ: (stuttering) Um... we're not sure, can we talk later during basketball?

Squidwin: Why wait to talk til' basketball? What's wrong? (notices that some other Inklings are laughing while Squidwin talks to them) Wait a sec... You're not-

Peter: (quickly) No. Don't worry about those dumb Geography books... see ya later, alligator! (they both leave as the school bell rings, leaving Squidwin feeling betrayed)

Squidwin: (under his breath) Fine then. We'll talk about it during basketball.

(I'nside the school, Squidwin walks over to an vending machine to purchase a granola bar. He places his coin through the slot, but the vending machine malfunctions)

Squidwin: (growls) Come on!!! (with his fit of rage, he makes a living bangs and kicks at the machine much to Lil's amusment)

Lil: (to her friends) That's exactlly what I'm talking about, he even throw his royal fits over that machine getting his favorte treat. 

(Lil and her friends leaves, laughing, leaving Squidwin groans in his embarresment  as he heads to machine, before suddenly the vending machine bursts out an avalanche of chocolate bars instead of a granola bar, bayering Squidwin. He appears out from a pile while Peter shows up to his site)

Peter: Hey, Squidwin. Can't we save these chocolate bars for our next challenge? (picks up and holds a chocolate bar)

Squidwin: Sure! These chocolate bars' caffeine and sugar will keep us fueled up during our next battle!

(Peter places a few chocolate bars in his backpack for later.)

Peter: We'll still have a talk during basketball. See ya.

Squidwin: Me too, dude. (hears a bell rings) Shoot! Classtime! (he scurries away, before the scene changes, showing Squidwin in a History class with his teacher, Mr. Lob, teaching the class about the Great Turf War and about Sgt. Kuttles. Squidwin is falling asleep and drooling on his desk from boredom, until someone taps him in the shoulder from behind.)

Klips: (taunting) Worn out from your good ol' crybaby tantrum, Squidwin?

(Squidwin quietly clenches his fists in anger, but says nothing.)

Lil: (giggling) He's too embarrassed to spill those beans bout' his royal fit!

Mr. Lob: (raising his voice) Excuse me! You two at the back! Wind yourselves down, or tou'll be sent outside to a hall.

Lil: (whispering, to Squidwin, provokative) Just so you know, Squidwin, we all know about your tantrum. Your fit was featured on live TV! There's no need to act all shy about it. (giggles)

Pen: (whispering, to Lil) Hey! Shut up! I'm trying to take notes about Sgt. Kuttles here.

Lil: (teasing) Oh Pen... You don't want to defend the 'Blooser' do you?

Squidwin: (shouting, standing up from his desk) ALRIGHTY, I'VE HAD IT!  I've had it with your stupid little comments!

Mr. Lob: (angry) Excuse me?! What is going on that makes you have to disrupt my class?!

Lil: It's alright, Mr. Lob. Squidwin just has trouble controlling his feelings sometimes. I just hope he dosen't turn into a bull in a china shoppe!

Pen: Drop it, Lil! Everyone knows about his tantrum now, so you oughtta zip your lips so we can focus on our lesson!

Mr. Lob: (asserting his dominance) Alright. The next person to speak out of turn can leave this classroom. Understood?!

Klips, Lil, Squidwin & Pen: Yes, Mr. Lob.

(silence falls over the classroom, but Lil continues to provoke Squidwin by tapping his chair. Klips quietly laughs while Squidwin becomes more and more visibly irritated)

Squidwin: (annoyed; to Lil) Really! How old are you?! Can you please do us a favor for me to stop and (shouting) LEAVE ME ALONE?!!!

Mr. Lob: Squidwin Cephalopod! Leave this classroom right now so you can wind yourself down! We will speak at the end of the lesson!

Squidwin: (defensive) It's her! She's trying to annoy me and remind me of my little incid-!

Lil: I'm not doing anything! HE'S the one who's responsible for disrupting our session!

Pen: Yes, you are. I've seen you doing it, so just leave him alone!

Lil: So I guess it's every students' fault here, including mine!

Mr. Lob: Miss Pen, if you'd prefer to leave the room as well, be my guest. Now Squidwin, exit this classroom before things get worse for you!

(Squidwin accepts defeat, gets up and leaves the room, waiting outside the door.)

Pen: This isn't fair, Mr. Lob! He's being bullied! Can't you see what's going on?!

Mr. Lob: You're on thin ice, young lady. If you want to argue against me, then you can lead Squidwin out towards the hallway and take him to the principal's office.

Pen: (defiantly) Fine then. (she gets up and goes outside, much to Lil and Klips' amusement) (Scene change to outside the classroom, where Squidwin and Pen are waiting) (hesitant) Hey... Are you alright?

Squidwin: (Looks at Pen, somewhat entranced by her appearance. However he quickly snaps out of his and responds) Oh yeah. I'm fine... I get overwhelmed every once in a while, and sometimes I lose my marbles.

Pen: I can tell by your demeanor that something's wrong here. You're usually one of the loudest ones in the class. What's got into you?

Squidwin: Nothing! Just don't mind my business! (Awkward silence. He's opening up) Well, my life isn't tops at the moment, okay? I messed up at the Turf War yesterday, I'll admit that. But now, no one is letting me forget about it. I lied to my mom to avoid being scrolded, and that jerk, Lil, is making things even worse.

Pen: No one likes her, since she's a party pooper. Why do you care aout her opinions?

Squidwin: (awkwardly) She was my girlfriend once. She dumped me after a few months, but ever since she broke up, she's just been the worst. Taunting me, mocking me, making my mere existence a living nightmare.

Pen: What about your other friends? TJ? Was that his name?

Squidwin: TJ and Pete? They're too embarrassed to be around me at the moment. We've been friends as long as I can remember but all of a sudden they don't want to talk to me because of yesterday's fiasco.

Pen: I'm sorry to hear that. Look, from now on, I'll stand up for you. No one should make fun of you from now on, without dealing with ME first. And by the way, what's your name again? Squid---

Squidwin: Squidwin. Squidwin Cephalopod. Yours?

Pen: Penelope Inkwell. But call me "Pen" for short.

Squidwin: Gladly to meet ya, Pen. But I-I just wanna clarify that I'm in need of some help, okay? I'm way too fed up already. But thanks anyways.

(Squidwin droops his head for his sadness)

Pen: You're welcome, blue dude. Anytime.

(The bell is heard ringing before the scene cuts to the food court where the Inklings are been served for their lunch meal)

Squidwin: (to a food server) So what are you serving today, ma'am?

Food Server: (places a food on Squidwin's tray) Same stuff as always, kid. Cheap chum sauce from some cheap catering kitchen 3 blocks from this establishment!

Squidwin:  (looks at his chum sauce in his discust) Eww.... (to the server) Well, do you have any different grub on hand?

Food Server: Sorry, kid, this's what we serve. We were gonna serve surimi sticks, but Lil gobbled them up before any other kid could! Enjoy devouring your creamy sludge. Next!

(Squidwin walks off looking at his "food" in disgust)

Lil: That was a great meal with those surimi sticks. Oh, hey, Squid', I see you got yourself a chum sauce, as a looser meal. (giggles before walking off)

Squidwin: (to himself groans in his annoyance) That Lil.... Man, who wants to eat this gloopy slop?! Yuck. (sees TJ and Peter sat at a table with Riri and Lima, and goes to sit next to them)

Riri: Oh. Hi Squidwin.

Squidwin: Hello Riri. I was wondering if TJ and Peter were going to let me sit at this table, as they appear to be too humiliated to even whisper into my ear.

TJ: Look, Squid'. It's not like that, okay?

Squidwin: Don't try to fool me. (sits down) Why do you care what everyone thinks all of a sudden?

Peter: Listen Squid'. I'm gonna be honest with 'ya. Everyone knows about what happened. It's never going to be the same, so maybe we should just move on.

Squidwin: Exactly. That's what I suggested. Now-

TJ: Squid'... When Peter says "let's move on", it means we're going to move on. It was nice being friends with you, dude. (the four of them get up and go to a different table)

Squidwin: (under his breath) Those backstabbing jerks...

(Pen, who has collected her food, comes to sit next to Squidwin)

Pen: Hey, where did your friends go?

Squidwin: They don't want to sit near me anymore. They decided that they want to break up our friendship. I can't believe they betrayed me like that.

Crush: Hey look! It's the "Blooser"!

Pen: Oh no. It's the TentaCrew. We need to get out of here. (she gets up and walks away, Squidwin does the same in a rush)

Gippy: Where ya goin'? HEY! Get over here!

(Squidwin turns around to face the TentaCrew)

Squidwin: What do you guys want?!

Plumma: We were so amused by Squidwin's royal fit he threw on live TV yesterday!

Pen: HEY! Leave poor Squidwin alone! He has emotional problems and can't always help himself!

Squidwin: She's right, you guys have no right to find my issue that amusing. You turned to be just like Lil, but much worse!

Crush: Well, what's on this fragile fruitcake's mind of yours? Are you gonna throw another tantrum at the next turf war? (sarcastic) Oh, guys, we're so scared by this screamin' squid boy! (he punches Squidwin's face, knocking him on the ground, before Squidwin gets up revealing his black eye. Then Gippy pulls up Squidwin's wedgie before dropping him again on the floor. The TentaCrew laugh as a crowd forms)

Gippy: You're too infantile to operate in this establishment, kid.  You know that this establishment offers good therapy programs for wimps like you?

TJ: (watching, whispering to Peter) Good job! we've ditched him when we did. Otherwise they'd be bullying us as well.

Pen: Hey! TentaCrew! What do you want from him?!

Plumma: Come to protect Squid kid, have you? (grabs Pen by her arms, holding them behind her back)

(The crowd grows, cheering "Fight! Fight!" while Squidwin and Pen struggle. Pen breaks free, kicking Plumma while punching Crush. She goes to try and help Squidwin get up, but Gippy pushes her on the ground.)

Gippy: If you try to fight back, we're just gonna make it worse for you.

Plumma: Let's get out of here. We don't want to waste any more time with these losers.

Crush: We'd better not see you two again today. Got it?!

(As the TentaCrew leave, Squidwin and Pen get up, brushing the dirt off themselves)

Peter: (to TJ) They got off lucky. Remember the last kid they picked on? He was in the hospital for a week once they were done with him...

Squidwin: (looks at Pen) Sorry. For dragging you into this.

Pen: You're cool and all, Squid'. But if I'm going to get beat up for just being friends with you, then it's probably best that I don't hang around with you. Sorry.

Squidwin: (enraged) Now you're stabbing in the back?! I can't believe it. You can't trust anyone in this stupid school.

(The camera follows an Inkling who collects their lunch, only to trip over on a piece of litter on the ground. As he falls over, his slop flies off his plate, over Pen and Squidwin, landing on Crush's back. He turns around, furious, and sees Squidwin and Pen, holding their empty lunch trays, and assumes that they threw the food at him.)

Crush: (angry) You two are dead! You better start running if you want to stay alive!

(Pen and Squidwin drop their trays and run out of the cafeteria, with the TentaCrew chasing them. They run to the upstairs hallway, and manage to hide in one of the cupboards.)

Squidwin: (out of breath) Okay. I think we're good. We have to stay away from them for the rest of forever...

Pen: (whispering) Shut up! They might hear you!

(The TentaCrew pass by the cupboard, looking for Squidwin and Pen)

Plumma: They got away. We'll get them next time.

Squidwin: (to Pen) I have to sneeze, Pen.

Pen: Well don't! They'll find us!

(Squidwin sneezes, and the TentaCrew open the closet. Luckily, both Squidwin and Pen manage to get out and run away. The school bell rings for the end of the day. Squidwin and Pen run out into the streets, but the TentaCrew follow. They run uphill where Squidwin stops and came across the trash cans, and pushes them downhill to loose TentaCrew. The TentaCrew slips back on the rolling trash cans and crash to the alley)

Squidwin: (to the TentaCrew) Ha! Take that, "TentaDrools"!

Pen: (Grabs Squidwin away) Come on!

Plumma: (to Crush; about Squidwin) Wow, man. That "Squid-dweep" is so intelligent to prevent us very easily, don't you think?

Crush: Intelligent shmelligent! Let's keep chasing after 'em!

(They reach Squidwin's house, where Aqua is seen watching TV through the window.)

Squidwin: Follow me. We can hide in my house.

Pen: Ok.

(They manage to run into the garage, which is open. Squidwin shuts the door before the TentaCrew can get in.)

Squidwin: Whew... We're safe. (taunting the TentaCrew) Hey! TentaCrew! You can't get us in here!

Crush: Oh, It's alright then. We know where you live now, Squid boy. We can pay you a visit at any time.

Squidwin: (realizes what he has done) Oh no...

Pen: (to Squidwin dryly) Oh good job, my hero big mouth.

Plumma: (to Squidwin) Yeah. We'll be paying a visit when you least expect it. Ha ha ha! Come on, gang. Let's go. (they leave)

Pen: So... What now?

Squidwin: Just waiting for the inevitable, I guess. Can't run from them forever.

Pen: We're gonna get so badly beaten up tomorrow... I can't be your friend anymore Squidwin. It's too dangerous.

Squidwin: You can't! You're the only friend I have at the moment! Everyone else hates me! Name one person who doesn't!

Pen: Um... Well...

Squidwin: Exactly!

Pen: I'm sorry Squid', but if there's the risk of being bullied, it's not worth it. See you later. (she opens the garage and leaves. Squidwin is left alone, angry that he was betrayed by Pen)

(Squidwin closes up the garage goes into his house, where Aqua is speaking to a Mail Stork)

Aqua: Good afternoon, Mail Stork! Isn't this a happy day or what?

Mail Stork: (dryly) Yeah, happy day for you at least.

Aqua: Wow someone who is an early bird, no doubt. So any mail for me today?

Mail Stork: Sure. (hands the mails to Aqua) Bills for you.

Aqua: (awkwardly) Oh, right. Bills. again. Thank you.

Mail Stork: Don't thank me, but thank to the bill payer. (Flies off just before Squidwin arrives to Aqua)

Squidwin: Hi, mom.

Aqua: (turns to Squidwin) So how is school, Squ-- (gasps in her shock upon looking at her son's black eye) Oh my codfish! What happened to you?!

Squidwin: I know you'd ask. Bully problem.

Aqua: Oh, I'm sorry. Come on let's get inside our house and get you clean up.

(As Aqua walks inside the house, Squidwin, follows along with her while not aware that Dug the dog and Gus the goose spots him while working as a moving people)

Gus: Hey, Dug, (points to Squidwin) Look, did you saw who I think it is?

Dug: (looks at Squidwin) Sure. Let's talk to him.

(The two knock on the door, and Aqua goes to answer. Squidwin hears the knock on the door and panics.)

Squidwin: (straddledly jumps and turns, think if it was the TentaCrew) AAH! NO NO! DON'T HURT ME! I ALREADY TOLD YOU GUYS THAT IT WASN'T ME!! (Then sees and relizes that it was only Dug and Gus and sigh in relief) Oh, sorry.. I-I thought you two are the TentaCrew.

Aqua: (to Dug and Gus) Sorry about my son. He's had bully problems lately. It's shaken him up a bit.

Gus: Actually, we were just wondering if we could talk to your son for a bit.

Aqua: Okay. (calls Squidwin) Hey Squidwin! They want to talk to you! (he comes to the door)

Dug: Are you the same blue squid kid from the Turf War competition we watched on TV yesterday?

Gus: Yeah, what he asked.

Squidwin: (grumpy) Firstly, I'm someone else. Secondly I don't talk strangers. And thirdly why would you two mine your own--?

Aqua: (interrupting; to Dug and Gus) Of course he is!

Squidwin: Wha'? Mom?! What the heck?!

Aqua: (to Dug and Gus) This same inkling from the Turf War, and my only son! Glad you two able to recognized.

(Squidwin groans softly in embarrassment; facepalmed)

Gus: Told you, Dug, that it's him.

Aqua: (to Dug and Gus) And yesterday he won the Turf with his own team.

(Squidwin gasps much to his horror upon hearing her)

Dug: Really?

Aqua: Yes. Of course! My boy has his dream of following his sisters shadow to become the most unforgettable hero in all Inkopolis in history, like how she was. (giving Squidwin a awkward hug) Am I right Squishie-Poo, my man?

Squidwin: Yes, whatever. Nothing to it. Can you please let me go? (Aqua releases him. He gasps for air and clears his throat) Okay, okay. So, that was really nice thing to give words to those two strangers, mom. And I hope they're impressed. So let's go back inside and--.

Aqua: Hey hey hey, little tiger! What's got into you? I'm not quite finished talking with them yet. I want to hear his thought first.

Squidwin: Come on, mom, seriously, there's no need to hear their comments about me, okay? They get it now. Plus you don't even know those two (pushes her to the doorway) Now go inside!

Gus: (halts Squidwin and Aqua) Whoa whoa whoa whoa, stop here, you two, just stop! Okay? Because we need answer from you ma'am: if your son just won that yesterday's game, then upon watching via TV, then why did you say he won? I thought the blue team lost yesterday?

(Squidwin, in his horror, tries to please Dug and Gus to never spit out his secret to his mother as she continues to discuss them)

Aqua: (to Gus) What? I think you're mistaken. Squidwin was in the blue team, and he won yesterday.

Dug:  Nope. The orange team were the winners yesterday. It's all in the papers (he holds up a newspaper, with the headline "Orange beat Blue at Turf War")

Aqua: (angry to her son) Squidwin?!

Squidwin: (nervoisuly gupls and laughs) Well, I think... this is some kindda mistake here... You see, these two are obviously losing their minds from watching too much TV. Yeah, yeah. Y-you know how it happens to everybody that watches too much TV, right? (Aqua furiously grabs him by a ear with a pinch) OW!!

Aqua: (angry) It's time to talk. (To Dug and Gus) Sorry, I was mistaken before, this won't happened again.

Dug: No need for your apology, ma'am, we're just reminding you that's all. Come on, Gus, let's go.

(After Dug and Gus left, Aqua, still furious, takes Squidwin back to the house befoe letting go of him)

Squidwin: Ouch!

Aqua: (upset) Squidwin. Yesterday that you told me was a lie? What were you thinking? Hello?!

Squidwin: Mom, please, just chill, okay. I can explain abo--

Aqua: I knew it! You've been hiding your real secret from me, huh?! You made me think you and your team won, but you've lost?

Squidwin: But, mom I-I-I (sighs in depression) Okay, okay, you're right. So I lied to you yesterday. I didn't want to disappoint you. But it wasn't really my fault, it was the rest of the team's fault that we lost. I just wanted to make you proud.

Aqua: Well, guess what, young man. All you did was betray me. You betrayed Ruthie by lying. If I can't trust you to tell the truth, how can I trust you to be responsible in Turf Wars?

Squidwin: No mom, don't say that! Please! At least I can still have a chance.

Aqua: Well, I doubt it, son. And I don't think you're ready. I'm so disappointed. Just go clean yourself and go to bed.

(depressed, Squiwin walks upstairs to his room and collapse on his bed, sobbing softly)

Squidwin: (angry and crying) Why she thinks it's my fault? And why is my life?

Aqua: (shouting, angry) Young man! Get here right now!

Squidwin: (sighs to himself) What is it now. (he goes outside his room. Aqua is holding her phone)

Aqua: I just received a text from one of your teachers. He says that you were disruptive in his classroom. You're in so much trouble, young man.

Squidwin: That wasn't my fault!

Aqua: (depressed) No more talking today. I cannot trust you for lying and to misbehave at school. But we'll talk tomorrow, young man. I'll decide on your punishment before then.

Squidwin: But, mom, listen...

Aqua: (sobbing softly) Just go away to your room and good night.

(Squidwin feeling sorry as he looks Aqua crying and goes back into his room where he then sits on his bed)

Squidwin: (looks at Ruthie's Custom Splattershot Jr. and picks it up to stare it) Oh, Ruthie, I blew it yesterday, I truly lost in the Turf War, all thanks to my no-good and useless teammates. They let me down. This's why I won't able to be on the Turf again. (sadly sighs) Though, I wish you're still alive to be around for my help.

Yellow Inkling Girl: Little bro'?

(Squidwin looks out the window tow watch a yellow Inkling girl, who is older than 16, walking around the backyard)

Yellow Inkling Girl: Where are you?

(A young Inkling boy, who is her brother, peaks out from a tree before playfully launching at her)

Young Inkling Boy: Gotcha!

Yellow Inkling Girl: Whoa! (falls on the grass along with her brother then the two giggles) Okay, okay, little bro', you win now.

Young Inkling Boy:  Aw, sis', you're my favorite big sister I ever had ever.

Yellow Inkling Girl: And you're my favorite little brother.

(The two Inkling kids give each other a hug, which reminds Squidwin of his own sister Ruthie)

Young Inkling boy: Let's race back home, sister.

Yellow inkling girl: It's on! Ready? Go!

(the two Inkling kids runs back to their own house before Squidwin, sadly, closes the curtains before heading back to bed)

Squidwin: (depressed and sighs) Man......

Scene 3

(The next day where Aqua, who still feels disappointed, stops at Inkopolis High School to drop Squidwin off)

Aqua: (still sad and angry) Have a nice and better day at school, son. Those dumb bullies shouldn't stand a chance!

Squidwin: (concerning his mother's emotion) Sooo... Do you want to blow me a kiss? (But Aqua is still annoyed) Okay then, I'm assuming this is a "no". (unbuckles his seat belts then sighs) Look, mother, I am sorry you're angry yesterday, but at least you can understand --

Aqua: (grief) It's over now, Squidwin. Just get out.

(Squidwin, feeling sorry to Aqua, gets out of her car before Aqua drives away home)

Squidwin: (to Aqua) I'm assuming we'll be talking about it after school, right? (to himself) Well, at least today, it won't get worse like it did yesterday!

Lil: (walking pass him along with Klips; talking about Squidwin) Hehe. Look who's here in school again, Klips. The "blooser" who throws screamin' fits on live TV... Heh.

Klips: Hah! That was so amusing, when he got beat up by the TentaCrew.

Lil: Come on, let's leave him be. I don't wanna be seen around him.

Squidwin: (to himself; embarrassed) And now it's back. (sighs and walks off to school) Man, why did I speak too soon?

(Squidwin walks pass a female hummingbird gardener, Ms. Hummer, who is planting flowers)

Ms. Hummer: (to Squidwin) Good morning, young man. I'm watering my bachelor buttons so they stay uptight and healthy!

Squidwin: (gloomy) Only for you.... can you pick me out one of those bachelor button flowers?

Ms. Hummer: (concerning about Squidwin's feelings) Something troubling you? Why are you so blue? You're as droopy as a shriveled marigold that's been drying out in the August sunshine!

Squidwin: (gloomy) No, I'm fine.

Ms. Hummer: You know, tending to flowers always makes me feel better! Why don't you take a sniff at this patch of gardenias?

(Squidwin smells the gardenias and gags in disgust. His face turns red in allergic reaction.)

Squidwin: (gloomy) Thanks, but I hate most flowers. Overly fragrant ones make my nostrils runny! (walks inside the schoolhouse)

Ms. Hummer: (about Squidwin) Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. What a buzzkill. Some people really have their moments. (continues tending to her flowers)

(The scene cuts to the Chemistry class where Mr. Lob, now a Chemistry teacher, is teaching his class)

Mr. Lob: Okay, class, we will begin with a simple experiment, but please try to be careful not to spill any chemicals. (Interrupted as Squidwin enters and some other Inklings quietly laughs at him) Well, Mr. Cephalopod, late again?

Squidwin: (miserable) Whatever.

Mr. Lob: Just get to your seat and I will explain the assignment... just beware of the fact that my wooden ruler arsenal is well stocked, just in case any pupil acts like a jerk during this session!

(Squidwin walks to find his stool to sit until seeing TJ, who is sitting besides his empty seat and then looks at Squidwin)

Squidwin: (to TJ) Well, are you gonna reject me again or what?

TJ: No, no, Squid', you're cool, just have a seat.

(Squidwin sits down with TJ, who is hesitant upon seeing his bored face)

TJ: Soooooo...... So, dude, um.... Did they get to you yesterday?

Squidwin: Well, the good thing for me yesterday was that I finally escaped from the TentaCrew. But Mom found out about the whole Turf War thing. That I lied to her about winning.  (sighs)  Boy, she definitely scolded at me. For now, I'm so grounded. So here I am, living in my same boredom. I mean, really. What's next?

TJ: Look, Squid'...

Squidwin: Please, TJ, I'm not in the mood to talk now. Just go back to mixing those weird liquids up!

TJ: Okay then, buddy. I was just going to say that Peter and I are sorry about yesterday.

Squidwin: About what? Being too embarrassed to hang around with me because of my behavior two days ago?

TJ: Yeah, something like that. Anyways, we understand that the Turf War means a lot to you, but throwing a temper tantrum upon loosing is not the way to solve it, and if anything, it will just make things worse. So, listen here. If you are really desperate to have your chance, to make your life better, considered to be loved by everybody in Inkopolis, and to make your mom and your sister proud, all you need to is few things. Just control yourself and learn to tough it up, and think before you do something crazy. After all, what else can go wrong? (suddenly a school alarm is heard loudly, much as TJ startles by it) AAH! (hides under the table) WHAT IS THAT?!

Squidwin: (calmly) A school alarm. What could it be this time?

Mr. Lob: (calmly) Oh, great. Another fire drill. Come on, class, we will start this again once this test is over. (At that moment, Ms. Hummer bursts open, panicked) Ms. Hummer?

Ms. Hummer: (in panic) Everybody, please get out of this school immediately! We must escape!

Mr. Lob: What's the worry, ma'm? It's just a drill. No big swea-

Ms. Hummer: (in panic) No no, Mr. Lob, sir, you're not understanding! It's not a test!

Mr. Lob:  (shocked) Wait. What do you mean?!

Ms. Hummer: (in panic) This school is under attack!  Everyone needs to escape! Hurry! (runs away)

Inkling Boy: Is this real, Mr. Lob?

Mr. Lob: (laughs in disbelief) Nonsense. That bird is just--- (loud explosion is heard, alonside drill noises) What the heck?! (he rushes to check what's going on in the school hall, and true enough, the whole Inkopolis High School is really under the attack by the groups of Octarians, shooting toxic ink and terrorizing everyone. The drill noise comes from Construction Worker Octarians who are drilling holes through the building. Chunks of the ceiling fall down like hail in some rooms.) OH MY COD! This isn't good!

Peter: What's happening, sir?

Mr. Lob: It's the Octarians! They're in the building. (shouting) EVERYONE! ESCAPE THE CLASS, NOW!

(Every Inkling starts to run and shout for their fear)

Peter: Let's get out of here, TJ! Squidwin, you too!

(But as Squidwin and his friends runs out to catch up with the others towards the exit, Squidwin hears a cry)

Pen: AAH!! HELP!!

(Squidwin turns back to see Pen, who has been grabbed by a giant Octarian grabs her)

Pen: Let me go, you Octo-Freak! Or I'll kick your---

Octarain: (covers her mouth) Nah-uh, girl! After all, you're a pupil, so hustle back to your seat in whatev-

Squidwin: (shocked) Pen!

(Thinking fast, he quickly returns to a chemistry classroom to grab one of the filled test tubes before heading back to the hall for Pen's rescue)

Peter: Squidwin?! What're you doing, you crazy?! You'll get killed over there! (Squidwin ignore Peter's warning as he continues running; to himself) My cod! He is crazy alright!

Squidwin: Hey you, Octo-Jerk! Put her down, because I have this potion which I'm not scared to use!

(But the Octarian laughs until Squidwin throws the flask at him, which causes him to transform into a chicken (Rhode Island Red) and drop Pen on the ground.)

Pen: Squidwin! You saved me!

Squidwin: Don't worry about it. Let's just get outta here.

(Squidwin, Pen and Peter runs off outside the school)

Octarian: (as a chicken; clucks) Get them, Octarians! These lil' fruitcakes are fleeing from our troop!

(Other Octarians runs pass the chicken Octarain before the dopey one grabs him by the neck.)

Dopey Octarain: Mmm, fresh chicken. Where's the seasoned Kentucky batter mix to dip this stuff in?

(The chicken slaps his face)

Octarian: (as a chicken; clucks; to a dopey Octarian) Hey! It's me, you moron! Put me down!

(Squidwin, Pen, TJ, and Peter runs towards the school exit.)

Squidwin: Come on, squids! We're almost there to exit! (A group of 4 Octolings break through the ceiling, landing in front of the exit and blocking Squidwin's escape path.) Oh, crab! Maybe not.

Octoling #1: Going somewhere, Inklings?

Squidwin: (to his comrades) Quick! Run like the wind, cause those Octolings are runnin' wild! (they start running in the other direction)

Octoling #2: Bust their fragile fruitcake bums NOW!

(Suddenly, a blast of slimy green ink splats Octoling #2, before the camera pans to Lima and Riri at the rescue with their ink guns.)

Lima: Leave our friends alone, Octo-Jerk!

Riri: If you mess with one of us, we'll all be deep fried!

Octoling #1:  All units! Get them!

(The group of six Inklings, Squidwin, Pen, TJ, Peter, Riri and Lima, finally escape from school, along with several others including Ms. Hummer, who then stops and looks at her flower garden)

Ms. Hummer: Oh no! I can't let them destroy my precious flower garden! Those darn Octolings are so impulsive and I don't know w-

(Ms. Hummer turns back to run to her flower patch, but she is quickly cornered by some Octarians and a tall, female Octoling named Octavia.)

Octavia: Ha! There's no way you can save your precious little flower patch now, birdy. We have you now.

Ms. Hummer:(slowly back away with a fright; to herself) Oh no. (to Octavia, smiles nervously) Well, hehehehe, glad to meet you, young Octoling, but I better head home now. Toodaloo!

(But more Octarians surround Ms. Hummer)

Octavia: (evilly) Woah, what's this rush for? Why don't you stay around and play with us for awhile?

Ms. Hummer: I'd love to, but sorry, gotta go and fly. Bye-bye!

(Two Octolings grab hold of Ms. Hummer while Octavia uses her brainwashing powers on her. Her eyes go red as the brainwashing process is completed, and the Octolings let go.)

Octavia: Isn't that better? Now, go and find those Inklings, and bring them to me so our troops can bust their fragile fruitsy-tootsy bottoms!

Ms. Hummer: (brainwashed) Yes, masteress.

(Ms. Hummer flies off to find the Inklings. Meanwhile, Squidwin's group reach Inkopolis Square, where the police force are prevalent with many Octolings raiding shops, including Jelly's Jellyfish Pizza Prince Pizzeria, Ammo Knights, Cooler Heads and Jelly Fresh. The group hide behind some dustbins to hide from the Octolings.)

TJ: (whispering) Now where are we supposed to hide, Squidwin?

Squidwin: (whispering) My house is just around the corner from here. We should be safe there, and my mom told me that she's making skewered sardine fritters for dinner tonight!

Lima: (whispering) Bad idea. If we get caught on the road, it's game over. We must remain Incognito for now.

Squidwin: (whispering) But she's my mother! I have to make sure she's alright!

Pen: (whispering) She's an adult, Squid'. She'll manage things just fine by herself!

Callie: (whispering) You kids hiding from the Octolings, too?

(Startled, the group turn around to see Callie, who is wearing a mask as disguise, and they are relieved to see another Inkling.)

Riri: (whispering) Who are you? I've seen you somewhere before...

Callie: (whispering) That's not important. Come with me. I have an escape route.

Peter: (whispering, unsure) Wait, how do we know to trust you? You could be an Octoling in disguise!

Callie: (removes her mask, and everyone recognizes her instantly; whispering) I didn't want to reveal my identity this quickly. Come on. I know where it's safe.

Pen: (exclaims) CALLIE?! What are you doing here?!

TJ, Squidwin, Lima, Riri & Peter: SHH!

Callie: (whispering) Escape now, talk later. Come on.

(The group of six follow Callie behind Ammo Knights, where they find a manhole leading to the Inkopolis Sewers.)

Lima: Nuh-uh! No way! I'd rather get caught by the Octolings than go down there.

Peter: (frustrated) Oh come on. It's just a bit smelly, that's all.(Squidwin, Callie, Pen, Riri and TJ go into the sewers. Peter waits while Lima makes up her mind.) We haven't got time for this! Hurry!

(Suddenly, three Octolings ambush them, grabbing Lima. Another one makes a reach for Peter, but he manages to knock them back with the manhole cover. He quickly goes down into the sewers.)

Octoling #1: Heheh... Found you, Inklings! (into a microphone) Rogue Inklings found, behind Ammo Knights. They're escaping.

Lima: Let me go!

Octoling #3: Not happening, girl. But we will give you two choices. Either join us, or get splatted.

Lima: I'd rather get splatted as opposed to joining your-!

Octoling #4: That can be arranged.

Lima: No no! I was kidding! Don't kill me!

(Suddenly, Octavia appears from around the corner, and uses her powers to brainwash Lima.)

Octavia: All of you, follow those Inklings. We oughtta retrieve and recruit em' into our troops!

Octoling #1, Octoling #3, Octoling #4 & Lima: Yes ma'am.

(They go into the manhole and enter the sewers. The camera cuts to Peter catching with his friends inside the sewers.)

Squidwin: Peter, what's taking you so long?

TJ: And where's Lima?

Peter: The Octolings got her. I think they're coming after us.

Callie: Oh, boy. We better make a move, and fast.

TJ: (to Peter) W-Wait... Did they... Brainwash her... Or...?

Riri: Oh wait, there she is.

(Lima approaches the group, but here eyes are strangely red.)

Squidwin: Oh, thank cod. Yo, Lima, how did you manage to escape from those Octolings?

Lima: (brainwashed; to the Inklings) Under orders of Colonel Octavia, you must all come with me.

Pen: Lima? What are you saying? We don't have time for jokes...

(Octavia, accompanied by some Octarians, enters the sewer)

Peter: Oh, crab! Don't tell us they...

Octavia: (to Lima) Good work. These Inklings are as good as ours.

Callie: (to the Inklings) Run for it!

(The six Inklings make a run for it.)

Octavia: Get them!

(The Octolings and Lima chase after the six Inklings through the sewers, until they reach a dead end, where the sewage flows into an underground river system.)

TJ: Now what?!

Octavia: (showing up with her Octarians and Lima) The game's up. Who wants to be brainwashed first?

Callie: No one! We aren't going with you!

Squidwin: (notices several manhole covers, scattered across the ground) Uh... Callie. I have an idea.

Octavia: Let's start with the turquoise-haired one. Grab him.

(Lima and an Octarian grab TJ by the shirt, dragging him over to Octavia.)


Callie: (to Squidwin) So what's your big idea? Hurry up!

Squidwin: (picks up a manhole cover and begins to surf on it) THIS WAY!

(Pen and Callie follow Squidwin and do the same. Meanwhile, Riri and Peter help free TJ, before doing the same.)

TJ: Uh... I don't know about this...

Octavia: (to Lima) Don't let him get away!

(TJ plucks up the courage to pick up a manhole and start surfing. The camera cuts to the other five Inklings as they surf through the rapids.)

Riri: WHOOOOO-HOOOOO!!! Now we're talking!

Callie: Fasten your seat belts! Because we're in for a ride! Woohoo!

(TJ catches up with the group)

Squidwin: TJ! You're alive!


(Meanwhile, at Squidwin's House, Aqua is vacuuming in the hall before going into Ruthie's empty bedroom and sadly looking at it for her memories of her daughter.)

Aqua: (sad; to herself) Oh, Ruthie, if you were still here, I wish you could help out your little brother. He always wanted to be like you. And I feel kinda harsh on him. Besides, if he want you back, I want you back too.(Suddenly, she hears glass breaking, which makes her concerned) What the heck was that? (She goes back out into the hall and calls out.) Hello? Squidwin, was that you? (She then notices a broken window in the kitchen, and then a fat Octarian in her fridge, stuffing its face with food.) What the....?

Ogordo: (turns to look at Aqua) Hey, lady, where do I find ketchup?

Aqua: AAH! Yoi're not Squidwin! (grabs a broom) Get out of my house, whoever you are you fat slimy creep! (Before she can whack him, he uses his tongue to snatch the broom away from her and swallows it before belching at her)

Ogordo: Not bad. Could do with some salt though.

Aqua: (picks up her mobile phone) If you don't get out of here, I'll call the police.

(But before Aqua can call the police, Ogordo snatches her phone with his tongue, and swallows it)

Octino: (Climbing through the hole in the window, and seeing Ogordo) For cod's sake, Ogordo! We're suppose to be capturing the Inklings, not stuffing our faces!

Ogordo: What? Oh yeah! Lady, you're gonna have to come with us.

(Aqua runs away, as a slim Octarian named Ovilo enters through the front door, noticing the damage caused by its allies.)

Ovilo: You guys are so dumb! The front door was open, you didn't have to break the window.

Octino: Um, hello? She's getting away! Are we gonna get her or what?!

Ovilo: Oh, right. We should probably do that.

(Ogordo, Octino and Ovilo run through the hallway to Aqua's room, where she has locked herself in.)

Octino: To one side, my dudes. Watch dis! Hyah! (kicks the door to make a hole and peaks his head through) Heeeeere's Octy! Hehe, I love doing this pop-culture reference thing.

Ovilo: (climbs through the hole in the door looks around Aqua's bedroom) Hello? Are you in there? We kinda have to kidnap you now. (Aqua suddenly strikes Ovilo with a frying pan.) Ouch!

Ogordo: (climbing into the room) Now what happened? Did she hit ya?

Ovilo: (dizzy; referencing "The Wizard of Oz") Auntie Ann? Are we back at Kansas? Because there's no place like home! (collapses on the floor) Ow...

Octino: Okay, enough with this, we still got an Inkling to be squidnapped. Okay, lady, this time you--- (but then discovers Aqua is gone from sight) Oh, great, where can she be this time? (he then realises the window is open, through which Aqua already escaped. He and the others look outside to watch Aqua runs away from her house.) Well, she can run from us, but she can't hide from us. (To Ogordo and Ovilo) Come on, we gotta get her!

(The scene cuts to Aqua, who is running away to seek somewhere to hide from the Octarians. She rushes to Inkopolis Square where she discovers that the city is under Octarians' attack.)

Aqua: Oh boy. What are those Octarians here for?

Mario-alike Inkling: (frantically) I dunno, woman. But you must take shelter or they'll getcha! (runs away)

Aqua: I gotta find Squidwin. I hope he's not in trouble or anything. (She runs around Inkopolis, weaving in and out of the combat between the Inkling Police Force and the Octarians.) Squidwin? Squishie-Poo? Yoo-hoo! Sweetie? Where are you?

(Aqua bumps into someone)

Aqua: Oh, excuse me, sir.. (a stranger turns around revealing an Octarian.) Oh, crab.

(The Octarian aims its Splatterscope at her, but Aqua dodges as an Octarian fires. Aqua runs with the Octarian chasing behind her. She quickly hides in an alley before the Octarian runs pass her, not knowing where she's hiding)

Aqua: Oh, wow. Sure thing he didn't notice. But now what? (She leans against the wall accidentally pressing a button, which causes the ground to open up beneath Aqua,) Oh, dear. (She falls down the hole) AAAHHHH!

(Without being noticed by Aqua, the three same Octarians look down the alley, where they see the hole close.)

Ogordo: (to Ovilo) Hey, boss. Why'd this lady fall down this hole?

Ovilo: Because, genius, this was the gateway to the underground shelter, where the Inklings hides for safety.

Octino: Well, let's just go down and----

Ovilo: (into a microphone) Ovilo reporting. I reckon I've found the entrance to their secret base.

(As the three Octarians leave, the camera pans down underground where it zooms in on the room directly below, where Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe are playing poker, having escaped to the shelter.)

Crusty Sean: Well, it's lucky for us that this shelter keeps us away from those nasty Octarians. Anyway, what are we playing? Go fish?

Moe: (to Crusty) It's poker, you dork!

Crusty Sean: (to Moe) I wasn't asking you, "Nemo"!

Moe: (fuming) HEY! My name's Moe, "Cruddy"!

Crusty Sean: Hey! That's not my name--

Annie: Hey hey hey hey! Break it up you two! Fighting is not very fresh of you. And you, Moe, show your respect to people.

Moe: Well, pardon me, Annie, (points to Crusty) but that lobster is the one who needs to show respect to me.

Crusty Sean: Hey! Don't call me "lobster", you clown. I'm a shrimp.

Moe: Don't like being called that huh, "lobster"?

Jelonzo: Yo, guys, guys. Are you going to continue bickering or keep playing poker?

Sheldon: We ain't got all day, you know.

Jelly: Okay, everybody, time to show your cards.

Annie: (puts Moe back on her head) Fine. (everybody shows their cards until Annie notices that she has won the game) Ha! Take that suckers! All four in a row! Now pay up!

Jelly, Julanzo, Sheldon, and Crusty: (grumpy as they hands their money to Annie) Awwww..

(Aqua is heard screaming as she falls into the secret hideout)

Crusty Sean: Hey can you hear that?

Sheldon: (looks up to the hole in the ceiling while the screaming grows louder and louder and closer and closer) Sound's like we've got company. Clear away!

(The six scurry from the table before Aqua falls onto the table, causing it to break.)

Aqua: Ouch... Not the softest landing...Where am I?

(Sheldon goes to Aqua, to help her up.)

Sheldon: (to Aqua) You came to the right place, ma'am, since you finally found our shelter that you're welcome to stay for a while.

Aqua: (looks around the shelter) Wait, I know you guys...

Crusty Sean: Yup, we're Inkopolis Square shopkeepers.

Jelonzo: And since you're here, lady, (wooing Aqua) Are you single? (Aqua, disgusted, punches Jelonzo to the wall where he crashes and then thuds to the ground) I think she loves me!

Annie: (to Aqua) Sorry, Jelonzo's not so great at talking to women, so, like, please excuse him. So, your name is...?

Aqua: Aquarium Cephalopod, but 'Aqua' for short. (hears screaming from above) Hey, what's that sound?

(Lil and Klips fall from the whole in the ceiling, landing on the broken table.)

Klips: So this must be the secret hideout everyone talks about, huh?

Lil: Ugh... Where are we?

Sheldon: (to Lil and Klips) Ah. Two more. Welcome to the Inkling Underground Hideout.

Aqua: Wait! Oh no, my son! Mt Squishie-Poo! I forgot I had to find him!

Annie: Whoa, whoa, stop, Aqua! There's no need to get out yet.

Moe: Yeah, you could be splatted up by those Octarians up there, no doubt.

Aqua: But, my poor baby boy's up there! He could be in trouble.

Jelly: Calm down. I'm sure he's safe.

Aqua: I highly doubt it. I can't let those Octarians hurt my Squidwin. (The shopkeepers, Lil and Kilps are surprised upon hearing her.) What?

Jelly: Wait, you mean "Squidwin" from the day before yesterday's Turf War?

Aqua: Yeah.

Lil: You know him?

Aqua: Sure, he's my son.

Lil: Really? Hey, Klips, did you hear her? She's a mother of a "blooser"! (laughs)

Aqua: Hey, don't call my son that! Wow, it's no wonder that Squidwin got in trouble yesterday at school.

Klips: (quietly chuckles and whispers to Lil) And she does called Squidwin "Squishie-Poo".

Sheldon: Okay, okay, let's not fight anymore and be happy that we are all safe down here, and nothing can be happen to us.

Ovilo: (voice-over) Or can it?

(They turn to see the Octo Crew arrive.)

Sheldon: Oh, blast. Never mind.

Octino: Yeah, you're all gonna have to come along with us, okay? We can't have any more of you freely roaming!

Anne: (to her friends) Let's get outta here now!

(Aqua, Lil, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe run from the Octarians.)

Ogordo:  Hey come back here! After them, Octarians! Don't let 'em get away!

Lil: (looks to see the three Octarians chasing after them; to Klips) Can't those freaks just give us a break?!

(Aqua, Lil, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe stop as they comes across Octavia, blocking their exit)

Octavia: Got you now. There's no escape.

Aqua: Who are you?

Octavia: That's not of your concern.

Jelonzo: (smitten about Octavia) Wow, this Octoling is lovely.

Annie: (angrily soft slaps at Jelonzo) Dude.

Jelonzo: (to Annie) What?

Sheldon:  (to Octavia) Hey, lady? Why would you get out of this shelter and pick someone in your own size?

Octavia: Like you, little crab?

Sheldon: (nervously) Heh, heh, kidding.

(The Octo Crew arrive and surrounds them)

Ovilo: End of the line, friends. Your game ends now.

(Ogordo spits up a slime-like substance, which sticks Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe to the ground. Octavia then uses her brainwashing powers to brainwash all of them. Fortunately, Lil escapes.)

Octavia: One of the them escaped! Minions, after her!

Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe: (bainwashed) Yes, Octavia.

(Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe chase after Lil. She stops and looks around to find a way to escape the shelter until she spots a ladder which leads outside. She turns back to see Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe right behind her and she quickly begins to climb up with Klips right behind before grabing her foot.)

Lil: Klips! What are you doing?! It's me, Lil! Snap out of it!

Klips: (brainwashed) You're coming with us, Inkling.

Lil: (kicks Klips to the ground) I don't wanna hurt you! But I wish you should snap out of it! (She continues climbing up to the surface and she continues to run for her life, while Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe also climb out and continue to run after her. But they lose sight of her, before Octavia shows up)

Octavia: Never mind about her for now. We'll find her later. We must head back to Octo Valley for our plot.

Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe: (brainwashed) Yes, Octavia.

(Octavia and the brainwashed Aqua, Klips, Jelly, Jelonzo, Crusty Sean, Sheldon, Annie and Moe leaves before Lil, comes out from a trash can she's hiding)

Lil: (looks at her brianwashed friends walks away in tears feeling heartbroken) Oh, Klips. My boyfriend's been squidnapped. I have to find a way to save him. Somehow... (she runs away to finds help)

(Once again, the scene changes, this time to Squidwin's group, who have entered the sewers.)

Scene 4

(The scene fades inside the sewers where six inklings, Callie, Squidwin, Pen, Riri, TJ, and Peter are still surfing through the rapids)

Callie: Woohoo! We're almost there!

TJ: (scared and nauseous) Oh, I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this I hate this. I think I'm gonna besick... (vomits to the water, unseen)

Riri: This is a blast!

Squidwin: I can see the exit!

Callie: (looks at the waterfall) Uh-oh.. Everyone get ready. It's the big finale!

(So Callie and other Inklings holds tights and screams as they fall down to the falls. Later, the scene fates to another land where few manholes appears out from a water with no inklings in sight. Then we see Callie, Squidwin, Pen, Peter, TJ, and Riri appears out from a water to a land, coughing and gasps for air)

Riri: Woooooooooie! That was a blast like a theme park ride! Let's do again.

TJ: Well, no. Count me out. I am NEVER wanna do that again.

Callie: (twists her hair to get a water out) Well, at least we all alive from rapids and finally escape  from those Octarians safe and sound.

Squidwin: Thanks to you, Cal', because we would've be splatted alive by them if you're not willing to help us. So the question is: Where are we? This place seems new.

Pen: Second question: What are those Octarians doing attacking our city home for?

Peter: And thirdly: How did you escape and what did you want from us for?

Callie: We are in Octo Canyon, far away from Inkopolis to Octo Valley.

TJ: O-o-Octo Canyon?!

Callie: Yup.

TJ: (nervously) Oh man, now you're saying. We're in a lot more trouble.

Callie: Calm down, stop being a cowardly catfish. There're not Octarains now. But let's just seek out for my secret hideaway just in case if this place out here has all ears. And then I'll explain the rest of your questions. Come on.

(the six Inklings heads off to the hideaway while TJ is shaking in fear)

TJ: (stops and froze nervously) Mmmmmmm.........

Peter: TJ, dude, what's your prob'?

TJ: (nervously) I-I-I may not know this Octo Canyon, but the far as I reckon that this in Octo Valley, the place we've been there eight years ago. Remember?

Peter: Yeah, so, like Callie said, Octaraians and/or Octolings are nowhere in sight for now.

TJ: (nervously) But what if they're hiding? I know that they're very sneaky and very smart considering that they're full of intelligence. So this's why this place is not safe for every Inkling. (then he starts to move in panic; gasps) Oh no, oh no, OH NO!

Peter: What, what?! What's happening now, TJ?!

TJ: (gasping) It-it's-it's-it's-it's..... IT'S MY PANIC ATTACK!!!!!!!!! (screams) PETER, HEEEELP!!! I CANNOT CONTROL MYSELF!!!!!!!!! I CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!

(TJ collaps on the floor, screaming and moving in fast pace having his panic attack)

Peter: Oh no! Not again! (thinking fast, he reaches a paper bag from his pocket and places it to TJ's face to make him breathe in and out to calm down) Breathe breathe breathe breathe breathe! (TJ slowly breathes through the bag) Yeah, that is it, buddy. Continue breathe and calm down. Breathe in and out, in and out, in and out (TJ is finally relaxed) Better?

TJ: That's what I need. Thanks dude.

Peter: (hands his bag to TJ) Here, just in case it's coming back to you.

Callie: What're two doing back here? We're gonna loose you you know.

Peter: Oh, well, please excuse TJ here since he's a bit anxious the way how this place made him.

Callie: Whatever. Now come on, before anything else can happen.

TJ: (to himself) Well, the things I do for the Inkling community.

(they arrive at the mountain)

Callie: We're here!

(five Inklings looks around)

Squidwin: Where's here?

Callie: Our hideaway.

Riri: Wait, you call this spot our hideaway? Aw, give us a break. Like, how could this be a place to hide where everyone can see us?

Callie: That's because you don't even know how we able to get inside.

Five Inklings: How?

Callie: This....

(pulls a rock like lever, causing the ground open to a hole, leading all six Inklings fall through the hole to the ground before the hole closes to the darkness)


Peter: (voiceover) Whoa whoa whoa, TJ, you're starting out again. Use my bag!

(TJ is heard breathing in and out through a paper bag until he is calming down)

Callie: (voiceover) Now what happened?

Squidwin: (voiceover) My friend, TJ, is not only claustrophobic, but he's also nyctophobic.

Callie: (voiceover) Well if he wants light. (heard her clapping, causing the light to reveal the entire room with all six Inkings) Because we got light.

TJ: Goody of mighty. Where are we now? Is this our hideaway?

Callie: Winner! Because this is definitely our hideaway.

TJ: Oh, so that figures.

Callie: Come on. I'd love you to meet someone.

Pen: Who?

Callie: My grandfather. (they enter the room) Oh grandpappy!


Squidwin: Well, nobody seems to be home right now.

Callie: That's because he's obviously not home yet.

Squidwin: Soooo.. as we're waiting somehow, can you please explain the questions we asked you earlier?

Callie: You mean those other questions you squids asked before?

Squidwin: Yeah...

Callie: Okay, here's a thing, y'all: First of all, not only I'm one of the pop stars in Inkopolis, but I'm also an agent.

Squidwin, Pen, Peter, Riri, and TJ: (in awe) Wow....

Squidwin: (in confusion) I'm.... Sorta lost you.

Callie: (facepalms) Urgh! I've been trained to be like this, blue boy.

Squidwin: The name is "Squidwin".

Callie: Whatever.. But never mind that. Let's continue my story, shall we? Ahem. So here I was, (scene fades to a flashback in the hand-drawn animation style) back in Inkopolis where me and Marie were just minding our business setting up for our tonight's concert, until suddenly with no warning, that was where those Octarians came to the attack. We managed to escape from them, but unluckily for Marie, she then get captured that tall-looking Octoling leader, Octavia, who has her power to hypnotize and brainwash her. As I rushed back for my cousin's rescue, I---

(suddenly a flashback poofs as Squidwin interrupts)

Squidwin: Wait wait wait wait, halt there.

Callie: (annoyed) What now?

Squidwin: Who's your cousin?

Callie: Marie.

Pen: No... You and Marie are cousins?! I thought you are sisters, hence your name "Squid Sisters". What's going on?

Callie: Firstly, not really, because we're both just cousins. And secondly, there's no reasons why we named ourselves "Squid Sisters". Now can you please don't interrupt my story? Okay now, where were I left off? Let see (thinking) Concert, Octarains attack, escaping, Octa-- Oh right! (the fades back to a flashback) Yeah, as I said before, As I rushed to my cousin's rescue, I was too late considering how Marie is now under Octavia's power and started to attack me in the process. Though thankfully for me, I hid inside the shop where I paid to buy those clothes to disguise myself to eliminate myself to be caught. And it worked since Marie didn't notice as she left before I finally escaped from the attack and then met you guys. (fades back to the present day) Though I have no idea what are those Octarains and Octolings want in Inkopolis. But the only way I know who will know about that chaos is my grandpa, he's very wise as he's knows everything about Octarains. Though he should be here by now.

Pen: Gee, so they brainwashed Marie, huh? That is the same thing happened to our friend Lima. I wonder why they're doing that.

TJ: (raises his hand) Um... Excuse me... Miss Callie.

Callie: Yes?

TJ: Where's the bathroom?

Callie: (points to a nearby bathroom door) Behind you.

TJ: (turns to looks at a bathroom) Thanks. (he walks inside a bathroom where he then hears a sound coming from the toilet. He gasps and investigates the toilet.) W-what's that? Are you in there? Hello? Who's there? (then two eye balls appear inside the toilet one-by-one until an elderly Inkling jumps out of the toilet, startling TJ) AAHH!

Captain Cuttlefish: Well, I'm finally home at last. (looks at TJ) Oh, hello there, youngster.

(TJ screams and runs out from the bathroom)

Squidwin: What happened, TJ?!

TJ: There's a monster in there!

Squidwin: What!?

Captain Cuttlefish: (comes out of the bathroom; to TJ) What's wrong with you, youngster? I don't bite!


Captain Cuttlefish: Come on now. Why would I wanna hurt another fellow Inkling?

Callie: (to Captain Cuttlefish) Grandpa? What were you doing in there?

Captain Cuttlefish: Long story, Callie, but I lost my keys. And who are these youngsters?

Callie: Oh, yes. Grandpa, these are the young Inklings I rescued from Inkopolis... And Inklings, meet my grandpa, Captain Cuttlefish.

Captain Cuttlefish: None other. (shakes Squidwin's hand)

Squidwin: So, you're an agent too, huh?

Captain Cuttlefish: Very good guess, young man. I may sure be old, but I've got enough life left in me to help you fight ours foes. Boy, it makes me feel like a young squid again! Ha ha! (injures his back) Owww!!! My back!

Squidwin: Uh... Is he okay, Callie?

Callie: He's fine. As you were saying, grandpa...?

Captain Cuttlefish: Anyways, ahem. Tell me, Callie. When did you rescue these Inklings? And where from?

Callie: Oh. I forgot to mention. The Octarians are here again. They invaded Inkopolis.

Captain Cuttlefish: Oh, I see--- What?! Octarians?! They've come back?!

Callie: Yup. Thousands of them raided Inkopolis. I don't think many Inklings survived except these six, which is us. And they even caught Marie.

Captain Cuttlefish: Oh my cod. Not again. They're still after it... I just know it.

Pen: "It"?

Squidwin: Excuse us, sir, but what's "it"?

Captain Cuttlefish: (gasps) You squids don't even know "it", do you? Everyone knows what those savage Octarians are after.

Riri: What?

Captain Cuttlefish: They're after this. (shows the Inklings a picture of a yellow fish)

Pen: Hey, I think that's a Zapfish.

Captain Cuttlefish: The Great Zapfish, the creature that gives power to the all of Inkopolis.

Peter: So this fish is what they are after?

Captain Cuttlefish: You got it.

Squidwin: So do we know what they're gonna do with it?

Captain Cuttlefish: Well, despite knowing what they want, we don't know why would they want to use it. They probably want it to power their ultimate invention so they can conquer the world, or maybe they want it to power their world. If I'm not mistaken, some Octolings have brainwashing powers, which they won't hesitate to use on Inklings. This is why I'm worried about Marie.

Riri: Oh boy. So what you're saying is most of the Inklings in Inkopolis have probably been brainwashed?

Squidwin: Oh cod! I forgot! My mom! She's still in Inkopolis! Do you think she's been brainwashed?!

Pen: I'm sure she's safe, Squid'. After all, like I said before, she is an adult. She'll know what to do.

Captain Cuttlefish: Well, since we're at a desperate time, what do you say about stopping the Octarians for ourselves? I know this may be risky, but the Inkopolis will not be safe until those Octarains are eliminated and their plans are foiled. This means war and you will all be registered as agents.

Riri: (overjoyed) Us? Agents? Sweet! Count me in!

Peter: I'm in!

TJ: (scared) Um. N-No thanks. I think I'd rather stay here.

Peter: TJ, you have to be brave. Either you join us and help us, or Inkopolis is destroyed and Inklings are wiped out.

TJ: F-Fine. I'm in.

Pen: That's a plan, Capetian Cuttlefish, and you can count me in. What did you think, Squidwin? Squid'? Blue dude? Hello?

Squidwin: (to himself, in his head) Volunteered? Us? Agents? Including me? Wow, this'd be my chance to be loved by everyone and make my family proud. And especially to show Lil who's a "blooser" now. (speaking aloud) I'm in.

Captain Cuttlefish: Hm. I'll take orange, purple, pink, turquoise, and Callie, of course.

Squidwin: Huh?! Wait what about me?!

Captain Cuttlefish: You'll stay here.

Squidwin: Why stay? Come on! There's no point that I'm not accepted to join your mission party. I wanna join in too.

Captain Cuttlefish: I dunno, kid. I saw you on TV the other day...

Squidwin: What're you talking about?

Captain Cuttlefish: Well, considering the Turf War where you lost, you don't think you'll be reliable on the field. Face it, you don't have quite experiance.

Squidwin: What?! Please! This is my big chance! To prove to everyone that I'm not a loser!

Pen: Captain Cuttlefish sir. I think you should let him join. He's been calling a "blooser" ever since he lost. But he's tried really hard to make his family proud and happy.

Callie: Gee, I guess he should join. What did you think, grandpa?

Captain Cuttlefish: (thinking) Well... I guess he's in.

Squidwin: (joyfully and quitely) Sweet!

Captain Cuttlefish: As long he doesn't fail us in the mission.

Squidwin: Oh no, no, I won't, Cuttlefish. I won't.

Callie: We'll begin a task for two of the Inklings to go out to the Pufferfish Cliffs to find out who's leading the Octolings. Yes, I know Octavia may be a leader of them, but I have a hunch there'e someone else who's commanding them all. And if you find out who, we'll be able to put a stop to their schemes.

Captain Cuttlefish: Who will it be then?

Callie: Well, let see...... (looks at the five Inklings. Riri excitedly raises her hand, and Peter does the same. TJ, hopes not to be picked. Then Callie looks at Squidwin and Pen) Maybe those two, the blue one and the orange one will do.

Pen: Me and him? Really?

Squidwin: (smiles) Sweet. You can count on us, Callie.

Captain Cuttlefish: Oh, wait. I almost forgot. (hands Splattershots to Pen and Squidwin) Here are your own Ink Guns, just in case there's any trouble on your mission.

Squidwin: Our own Ink Guns? Sweeeeeet!!!

Pen: Well, it looks it's just you and me, Squid'.

Squidwin: (developing a crush as he looks at Pen) Yeah, you and me both.

(The camera cuts to Squidwin's point-of-view where we a background is bright pink light right behind Pen, which her hair blows in the wind while a romantic music is played in the background)

Pen:  Squidwin? Are you okay? (the camera cuts back to the camera view where Squidwin still staring at her with his smitten eyes. She is hesitant.) Why are you stairing at me like that?

Peter: (realising Squidwin is smitten with Pen) Oh, boy. (Slaps Squidwin to snap out of it; whispers) Don't get carried away, Squidwin. (normal voice) Listen, Pen, just in case if Squidwin goes into trouble, feel free to contact me for my help, clear?

Pen: No problem Peter. Come on Squidwin. We've got an important mission ahead of us.

Squidwin: Sure, I'm right with ya, Pen. (sighs for his crush on Pen)

Peter: (whispers) Gosh, Squidwin. You do like Pen, don't ya?

Squidwin: (whispers) Shhh.. Don't let her know. Let's just keep it a secret, okay?

Pen:  Yo, Squidwin! Come on! Let's move it or lose it!

Peter: Well, be careful, Squidwin. Just don't go crazy on the mission over her!

Squidwin: Trust me, I won't.

(Squidwin catches up to Pen)

Pen: What were you doing there, blue dude?

Squidwin: What? Oh, uh, nothing much, that's all. Why are you concerned?

Pen: I'm assumed that you and Peter were talking about someone. Who can it be?

Squidwin: Now why would I talk about someone who's not my concern?

Pen: Okay, whatever.

(Both Pen and Squidwin walks off to the distance. Meanwhile, in Inkopolis, the TentaCrew are hiding inside an abandoned house from the Octarians.)

Gippy: That was a close call.

Plumma: Those Octo-Creeps came out of nowhere, just as we were going to give that "blooser" a piece of our mind. That little blue-headed twerp, right Crush?

Crush: It's no big deal. We can pummel those Octo-Jerks when they come back. But for now, we're safe in here, where they won't catch us off guard.

(Suddenly, the OctoCrew shows up)

Octino: Speaking too soon, pink-head.

Plumma: (dryly) Oh, perfect.

Gippy: Now what are we gonna do?

Crush: Stop being Squishies, you two! I'll crush these Octo-Twerps. (cracks his knuckles; to Octino) Okay, little shrimp, if you wanna get us, you'll have to get through me first. (raises his fist to punch Octino) A little shrimp like you will be no match for Crush. (but Crush hurts his knuckles upon giving a punch on Octino's head) OW!!!

Octino: (not injured by Crush) Heh heh. You fool. Octarians are way stronger than Inklings, so don't waste your energy fighting back.

Crush: (to his gang) Guys, help me out here. (Plumma and Gippy come to help Crush, and they surround Octino)

Octino: (nervously) Oh, didn't realise you hand friends with 'ya. Well I'd better be going now...

(Suddenly Ogordo and Ovilo approach from behind.)

Ovilo: Looks like its 3 vs 3. Come at us, Inklings.

Crush: GET THEM!

(A fight breaks out. Plumma picks up two old Ink Guns off the ground and passes one to Gippy while Crush repeatedly attempts to punch the Octarians. However, neither team are doing very much to the other, until Octavia shows up.)

Octavia: OctoCrew?! You guys are useless! You can't even capture three Inklings! Let me handle this! (aims her gun at Crush)

Crush: (haistant) Oh, crab....

(Octavia fires magenta ink at Crush, much to Plumma and Gippy's horror)

Plumma and Gippy: CRUSH!

(The two Inklings rush to the puddle of ink where they notices that Crush is gone, and all that's left is his scarf)

Gippy: Oh, Crush. He was the best leader we ever had.

Plumma: This is not good.

Octavia: Now, you two Inklings, since your leader is out of our way, you're either come with us or be splatted like your leader.

(Plumma and Gippy makes a run for it but they are caught by Ovilo and Ogordo, who hold them in place until Octavia brainwashes them.)

Octavia: Now you two will join us.

Plumma & Gippy: (brainwashed) Yes, ma'am.

Octavia: (to OctoCrew) You guys really need to step up your game. There aren't many Inklings left now, apart from the ones that got away, so that should be our next objective. For now, return to base.

Ogordo, Octino, Ovilo, Plumma & Gippy: Yes, ma'am.

Octavia: (to herself) Don't keep on escaping from us, Inklings, we're still not giving up tracking down on you. You'll be ours, you'll see. (laughs evilly)

Scene 5

(The scene fades back to Octo Valley, Pen and Squidwin arrive at Pufferfish Cliffs)

Squidwin: So this is Pufferfish Cliffs, huh, Pen? This didn't look pretty though.

Pen: I think so, though I hate the look of this place. It gives me goosebumps...

Squidwin: I know, right? I hate this place so much...

(Unbeknownst to the Inklings, a shadow begins to follow the Inklings.)

Pen: I can't see anything to do with the Octarians, and Captain Cuttlefish said it would be obvious when we got here. We have to find out who's leading those Octo-Creeps.

Squidwin: I think I know. You know the tall Octoling lady? What was her name - ?

Pen: No, besides her. Who's leading all of them? Someone must be giving orders to her.

(Suddenly, a noise is heard)

Pen: (startled; rises her ink gun) What's that?

Squidwin:  Oh crab! I knew it was a bad idea to come here!

Pen: Hey! Whoever you are! Reveal yourself!

Squidwin:  Our guns are loaded!

(Then they hear a shout)

Sparkles: Hey! HEY! (a dogfish runs out from the bushes, carrying a boot, while behind it comes a female Octoling chasing it.) Give me back my boot you-- (as she snatches her boot from a dogfish, she stops to stare at Pen and Squidwin, realizing that she's been caught) Oops...

(She smiles nervously after placing her boot back to her foot. Pen and Squidwin glare at her, aiming their Ink Guns at her head.)

Sparkles: Heh heh heh, (pats the dogfish) nice dogfish, isn't he? (She moves her hand away as the dogfish snaps its jaws, trying to bite her. She looks back to Squidwin and Pen.) Heh heh. Oh! Gotta go! Bye! (she runs away)

Squidwin: (to Pen) What are you doing?! Come back here!

Pen: That was an Octoling. She must have been a spy!

Squidwin: Well we can't just stand here and let her get away. Come on!

(The chase begins as both Squidwin and Pen run after Sparkles, as she runs through the forest. Squidwin and Pen stop and notice that they have lost sight of Sparkles, until they notice some rustling in the trees up ahead.)

Sparkles: Oh, great... Dead end. What's next?

Pen: Gotcha!

Squidwin: It looks like there's nowhere to escape from us now, Octoling. (He and Pen aim their Ink Guns at Sparkles.)

Sparkles: (Calmly) Now now, take it easy. I didn't hurt you, so you shouldn't hurt me. We can all walk away from this and pretend we never met each other.

Pen: We're too smart for your tricks. We're not letting a spy like you get away! (She prepares to pull the trigger.)

Sparkles: Wait wait wait! Don't! Just don't please! Here me out! I will show you where the Octarains are hiding if you spare me!

Squidwin: That'll never happen. We don't trust any Octo-Jerks with--

Pen: (puts down her Ink Gun) Hold your fire, Squidwin. (to Sparkles) You know our mission?

Sparkles: Yes. And I know where their lair is. Can we just talk this out somewhere else? This place gives me the spooks...

Squidwin: (putting down his gun) Fine, but I'll be watching you, Octo-Creep.

(Scene change to the mountain path, where Squidwin and Pen were originally walking.)

Sparkles: You see, I worked for those Octarians earlier, but...

Squidwin: But what?

Sparkles: I was fired. Kicked off the army. Being part of the Octarian's army was the only thing that ever meant anything to me, so I want to get revenge. I can help you free your friends--

Squidwin: Wait. You're saying that the other Inklings are all in captivity, huh? Why should we trust you?

Sparkles: Do you want help or not! I'll tell you everything I know--

Pen: (thinking) Hm...

Squidwin: Pen, let's talk privately for sec.

Pen: (to Sparkles) Will you excuse us?

(The two Inklings walks away from Sparkles for a private talk.)

Pen: What is going on, Squidwin?

Squidwin: She's a spy, right? She could stab our backs at any moment. How can we trust her with anything she says?

Pen: I know what you're thinking, but as long as we stay alert, she won't be able to get the best of us, right?

Squidwin: I doubt it. Those Octarians always know how to trick someone.

Pen: Let's just keep her around for now. She might be useful.

Squidwin: (sighs) Okay, but don't forget that I warned ya.

(They turn back to Sparkles.)

Pen: Okay, Octoling, it's a deal. But first, we wanna know who's leading those Octarian Army. Who's the master mind behind all of this?

Sparkles: Our leader is named DJ Octavio.

Squidwin: DJ Who?

Sparkles: DJ Octavio, a mighty Octarian who leads the Octarians and Octolings. He ordered the entire army to raid Inkopolis, and brainwash anyone they came across.

Pen: Yes, we already know that. And their goal is to steal the Great Zapfish, right?

Sparkles: Wow, you already know about their schemes, huh?

Pen: Of course. This is why we're here - to put a stop to their schemes. (her phone rings) Sorry, I gotta take this. (She answers the phone.) Hey, Pen here.

Callie: (on phone) Are you two squids there yet? And have you found the lair yet?

Pen: We are in Pufferfish Cliffs, Callie, but no lair in sight.

Callie: (on phone) Well, don't stand there forever. We need to know where they're based, and who their leader is. We're all going to Octo Gorge, so chat with ya later. (hangs up)

Pen: Okay, Octoling. Wait, what's your name?

Sparkles: Sparkles.

Pen: Sorry?

Sparkles: Sparkles is my name.

Pen: Oh, okay. Well, Sparkles, like I was gonna say, you are coming with us to our hideway for a talk.

Sparkles: Not a problem.

Pen: Now come on. Let's go.

Squidwin: Wait, why go all the way back. We've come this far, let's just keep going. Need'nt Callie know about Sparkles.

Pen: Alright then. Callie said that the others are going to Octo Gorge, so we'd better head that way to meet up with them. Let's get going then.

Squidwin: Right.

(Pen walks away while Squidwin pats Sparkles on the back, as he starts walking.)

Sparkles: (to Squidwin) Hey, what's your deal now?

Squidwin: Well, duh, you heard her, "Sprinkles". We get moving, now.

Sparkles: It's Sparkles.

Squidwin: Whatever. Get walking.

Sparkles: Don't tell me what to do, because I heard her. (She and Squidwin follows Pen) Geez, like really, what's up with you? Do you have trust issues or something?

Squidwin: Listen Octo-Freak. You Octolings have destroyed my home, and done even worse things before that. So I'm not gonna fall for any tricks you decide to pull on us. Just remember that Pen and I won't hesitate to splat you down if you betray our trust.

Sparkles: Why am I gonna stab you in the back, "blooser"?

Squidwin: (In a fit of rage, he leaps back and pins Sparkles against the ground) What did you just call me?!

Sparkles: Hey! Get off me!

Pen: Squidwin?! What the heck?! (She pulls Squidwin off Sparkles) Don't you know how to treat someone with respect?!

Sparkles: (to Pen) Y'know, if he's just gonna be rude, you guys can find the Octo Hideout on your own.

Pen: Sparkles, I'm sorry about Squidwin. He has his moments. Now, can we just carry on without you two bickering?!

Sparkles: I'm sorry, Pen. I won't let him bother me anymore.

Pen: ... Squidwin?

Squidwin: Ugh. Fine. I'm sorry.

Pen: Now let's carry on. Octo Gorge is up ahead!

Squidwin: Come on, Octoling. (he keeps walking until he stops and turns to look at Sparkles, who is just stood still) Umm... Hello? Earth to Sparkles? (he looks at her concerned face) What's wrong?

Sparkles: Shhh. It's coming.....

Squidwin: What?

Sparkles: (afraid) It's getting closer... We gotta move.

Squidwin: (confused) What are you talking about? What's "it"?

Sparkles: (worried) We have to get out of here.

Squidwin: You what?

Sparkles: RUN! (she runs away swiftly, passing Pen)

Pen: Hey! What's up with her? Squidwin!? What did you do now?!

Squidwin: Don't try to blame me! She just ran off for no reason!

Pen: Wait, what if there are Octarians here?! (Pen pulls out her Ink Gun)

(Heavy footsteps are heard, getting louder and louder as the ground rumbles.)

Squidwin: An earthquake?!

Pen:  (looks at the shaking ground) I doubt it, Squid', sounded closer.

(A shadow then appears over the two Inklings, and they turn around to see a Giant Crab staring at them.)

Squidwin: Oh crab.

Pen: That's a giant crab! Run for it!

(The two Inklings run for it, Squidwin dropping his Ink Gun in panic.)

Crab: Hmm... Inklings. My favorite meal.

(Pen and Squidwin carry on running, until the giant crab knocks over a tree, which blocks their path.)

Pen: Ah! Quick, go the other way! (They quickly turn around, but they are face-to-face with the crab)

Crab: Heh. It's not the first time Inklings have wandered here. You'll end up like the rest of them - just another snack for me!

Pen: (Slides underneath the crabs legs to escape) Squidwin! Follow me!

Squidwin: (Attempts to do the same, but falls over, injuring his ankle) ARGH! MY ANKLE!

(The giant crab grabs Squidwin by his legs, picking him up and holding him in the air.)

Crab: So, you're the unfortante Inkling who's going to be my snack. Tell me - what's your name?

Squidwin: Let me go, you oversized freak!

Crab: (chuckles) That's a funny name. Well that doesn't matter, because I'm going to eat you now.

(Suddenly, a blast of paint causes the giant crab to drop Squidwin onto the ground.)

Pen: (holding up her Ink Gun) Leave him alone! We both have weapons, you know!

Crab: Aw... How cute. You think you stand a chance against me, eh? (He snatches Pen's ink gun, crushing it between his claws) Now what are you gonna do?

Pen: Uh-oh. SQUIDWIN! RUN!

Crab: (sarcastic) Where are you going? You don't want to leave the party, do you-? (He launches a huge boulder, blocking Pen's path. Now the two Inklings are trapped within the area, with no escape.)

Pen: Squid'! Get it together! We're gonna have to take this thing down if we want to see the light of another day!

Squidwin: (in pain) My ankle - I think I broke it... I can't move...

Crab: That's good. All the more easier for me to catch you! (He grabs Squidwin with his right claw, and grabs Pen with his left.) So, any last words from you two?

Pen: I guess this is it then. It's all over. Squid'?! Are you gonna do anything?!

Squidwin: I can't! I dropped by Ink Gun!

Crab: Goodbye Inklings! (He raises them into the air as he opens his mouth.) Thanks for the snack!

(As he drops the Inklings into his mouth, a blast of purple ink knocks him back, causing Squidwin and Pen to land on the ground. The camera pans across as we see that Sparkles is holding an Octobrush.)

Sparkles: If you wanna get those Inklings, you'll have to get through me first!

Crab: An Octoling?! Oh ho! How funny. I thought you were supposed to be enemies! It doesn't matter though - the more food, the merrier! (He attempts to grab Sparkles with his claw, but she manages to blast it back.)

(Squidwin and Pen get up off the ground, and they limp towards Sparkles.)

Sparkles: Alright you two. We're crab food unless we can pull something off here. Squidwin, take that vine and start tying it around the crab's legs. Pen, I'm going to go to the top of that mound and start pushing the boulder down here - I want you to distract the crab. If we're lucky, we'll be able to knock the crab right off the cliff edge.

Pen: Ok... I guess we have to choice but to trust you here.

Squidwin: Ugh... My ankle. I can't do it.

Pen: Sparkles! Are you pushing the boulder yet?!

Sparkles: It's heavy! I don't know if I can do it!

Crab: You're all defenceless. Time to give up your fight and let me feast.

Pen: Oh crab. Squidwin, go and help- (She is interrupted as the crab picks her up.)

Sparkles: Pen?! Oh my cod. Squid'?! You have to help me, else we're dead! (she starts pushing the boulder)

Squidwin: I... Can't... Walk... (He falls unconscious, succuming to the pain.)

Sparkles: Oh great... If I can just push this boulder a little more... (She dislodges the boulder, and it begins rolling towards the crab.)

Crab: Heheh... Too late for your plan, Octo-Girl! (He opens his mouth, and flings Pen up into the air before slamming his jaw shut.)

Sparkles: NO!

(The boulder finally crashes into the crab, knocking it off the edge of the cliff and into the sea below.)

Crab: (falling) Curse you Inklings! I'll get my revenge one day! (splashes into the water)

Sparkles: (Goes over to Squidwin who is unconcious.) Oh - I blew it. My plan failed, and Pen is dead. Squidwin, wake up buddy. Please...

Pen: Hey, who said I was dead?!

Sparkles: (surprised) PEN?! YOU'RE ALIVE! (she hugs Pen) I thought you were eaten?

Pen: I managed to get out of the way... But is Squidwin alright?

Sparkles: I think so. Perhaps it was all too much for him. He'll wake up soon, I'm sure he's ok.

Pen: Hey, so - um. Thanks. You know, for saving us. If you didn't help us, Squid' and I would be dead right now. I guess we were wrong about not being able to trust you.

Sparkles: Don't worry about it. This proves that we could defeat a much bigger foe, so we should be safe to go into the Octarians' fortress.

Pen: Now, should we take a rest? I think we all need it.

Sparkles: Good idea.

(The two of them sit down, as Pen retrieves a bandage from her backpack and puts it on Squidwin's ankle. The scene fades to Octo Gorge where Captian Cuttlefish, Callie, TJ, Peter, and Riri are arriving)

Peter: I wonder if Pen and Squidwin would able to find us in here in Octo Gorge upon searching the Octarians' lair, Callie?

Callie: I don't quite know if they do, Peter. But we could find that lair before them. Now keep staying close together.

TJ: I wish we should've stay home, Peter.

Peter: Stop whinning, will ya? You need to learn to tough it up if you want have courage.

Riri: Yeah, so that way it would be fun to go on this situtation.

(a sound is heard)

TJ: AAH! What..... was that?!

Peter: Sounded like someone is following us, coming from that forest. Why won't take look TJ?

TJ: Me?! No! Nuh-uh. I'll never set my foot to invesicgate. No way.

Riri: Come on, spoiled sport, this'll be your chance to show off your courage. (slaps TJ away)

TJ: Don't do that, Rose. Can you notice I'm so parnoid here?! (in nervous wreck, he point his ink gun as he ventures off to the forest to investigate) H-hello? Who's there following us? Show yourself.

(Suddenly an other female Octoling named Sakura falls down onto TJ to the ground. TJ groans while an Sakura' gets up)

Sakura: Oopsie.... Sorry, about this. Are you okay?

TJ: Not bad as much, but that's o--- (shocks to see an Sakura, he smiles and laughs nevously until screams in fear) AAAAHHH!!! OCTOLING!!! GUYS!!! GU---!!!

Sakura: (covers his mouth; whispers) Shhhh!!! Shut up! I'm not going to harm you. I promise. I'm come in peace.

(suddenly Riri lauched and pins down Sakura)

Riri: (aims her ink gun at Sakura) You leave our friend alone you octopuse-freak! Get ready to be splatted!

Sakura: Please, you wouldn't dare!

TJ: Riri! Don't shoot her!

Riri: This Octoling is trying to brainwash you, TJ.

TJ: But she said she come in peace.

Sakura: (pushes Riri) Right. Now get off me.

Peter: TJ, what's all the screaming I heard you? 'You okay?

TJ: I am just fine, even there's an Octoling who snuck on me.

Peter: What?

Sakura: Just call me Sakura. And I used to work at the Octarian Army until I got fired too.

Peter: "Too"?

Sakura: Yeah, my friend Sparkles got fired before me. But since I got dumped in this rotten place, I can't find her anywhere. But at least I can lead you to the Octarians lair to---

Peter: Stop those Octo-wiredos and save the other Inklings?

Sakura: Good guess....

Peter: Well, we don't know, because we need our leaders to trust you upon our mission. But I guess you might as well join us if you wish to.

Callie: Hello? What are you Inklings doing over here? We could've left you behind--- (looks in both awe and shock to see Sakura) Is that an Octoling?!

TJ: Yes, but she's---

Callie: Grandpa! We got an Octoling here!

(Captian Cuttlefish kaunches and pins down Sakura to the floor, along letting out with his karate cry)

Captian Cuttlefish: You're not going to pull your evil trick among our fellow Inklings, Octoling, but you must pull your trick on me first.

Sakura: Let go, you old creep! I am come peace.

TJ: Captain, please listen to her---

Captian Cuttlefish: Stand behind, son, I won't let this creature to take you in hostage. Kind of think of it, let's all take this Octoling in hostage, shall we?

Sakura: Or if you let go of me and trust me that I don't mean any harm, I can lead you away to the Octarians' lair you're looking for.

Captian Cuttlefish: (suspicously) You...?

Sakura: Yes, yes. Did you think I lied? Please let go of me! (sniffs) Plus, your hands smells filthy.

Captian Cuttlefish: (Lets Sakura go) Sorry, I don't have time to wash my hands. 

(Sakura gets up and brushes of dirt from her shoulders in disgust)

Callie: (whispers) Excuse me, Grandpa. I highly doubt that we trust this Octoling for our serious mission. You know how Octolings are very TBD.

Captian Cuttlefish: (whispers) We keep on watch over her every moment, don't worry. (normal voice, to Sakura) You're in for now. Now come Inklings, we must keep moving and let this Octoling lead the way to the Octairians' lair. (to himself) as long she is never gonna pull her sneaky trick to us. But first my commrates, we must make camp to sleep over, it's getting dark.

(So the Callie's group walks off to set up camp. The camera then fades to later on where)

TJ: Man, all this mission through this Octo Gorge really tires me out. So glad that old Cuttlefish guy has a good disistion for us to relax for the night.

Callie: Yes, but keep in mind, you squids, this is no fun camp. We still have a long way to go according to my grampy. We need alot of energy once we will keep on moving to seek those Octo's lair.

Peter: Yes, ma'am, as long we got a help with that harmless Octoling with for our trusty guide.

Riri: Speaking of an Octoling, have you ever notice where could she be at? I can't find her.

Peter: I'm assuming she's in her own tent to have a rest too. I understand that she won't be disturbed or anything.

Captian Cuttlefish: Our camp looks pretty decent so far, soilders. Now time for me to take my confy slummber. (he enters inside his tent just to be suprise to see Sakura who is on an Inkling gear she sported) AAH!!! Octoling! This tent is off-limits, even from Octolings!

Sakura: (dryly) Well, I'm sorry, grandpa, but do you know this girl needs a privacy here?

Captian Cuttlefish: The only way you'd get your privicy is your own tent. And explain why did you ever bother wear this Inkling gear? It's not a fit for any Octoling! Hello!

Sakura: Well, it ftts on me at least. Why's this a matter to you? This make me feel like I'm on your side. (leaves Captian Cuttlefish's tent)

Captian Cuttlefish: (in discust; to himself) Riff-Raff.

(The camera cuts outside to a camp)

Riri: There you are, Sakura. Hey, where did you get this cool gear from? This look like to me an Inkling gear.

Sakura: I know. Pretty defined I'd say.

Callie: Okay, who wants a some grub?

Scene 6

(The scene fades back to Pufferfish Cliffs, where Squidwin's group is setting up camp during nighttime. Sparkles is fixing up a meal at the campfire while Pen is setting up her tent and Squidwin is seen laying down on a sleeping bag, having a nightmare as he moves)

Squidwin: (gasps as he wakes up) AAH!! MOM!!! (panting heavily) Huh? Where am I?

Pen: Chill down, Squidwin, you were just have a nightmare that's all. And by the way, if you don't notice, Sparkle saved us from that crab and she and I helped you up with your broken ankle.

Squidwin: (looks at his ankle which is bandaged, relising that she's right) Oh, so it is. Didn't know that Octolings can help Inklings too. Oh, well, I guess I can trust her too. Anyways, I hope my mom's okay, because if anything happens to her I would be in rage and go on to take down of those Octo-Jerks.

Pen: (facepalm) Oh, Squid', come on, really? do we have’ta go through that again? Chill. I said before, hopefully your mom's alright. She's properly safe from the Octarians. What else can go wrong with her?

Squidwin: Don't get hopes too high on me, you even know my mother. I am starting to be pretty anxious about her. 

Pen: Well, let's just shut up about for now and put our minds by setting up our tents.

Squidwin: Fine... (reaches a little cube from his pocket while Pen does the same) So have any clue on how to activate this square-thing? (he presses a button which causes the cube to grow into a tent) Oh, so that's how did you do it. Duh. So, Pen, how's.....yours.... (in his awe, he gazes at Pen's tent, which compare to his, is bigger and much fancy with a pool, dinning room, bedroom, living room, and weight room) Cool. That's some tent....

Pen: Yup. It's very easy to tell that Captain Cuttlefish has some cool device in his sleeves. How generous he is.

(Squidwin's tent falls down much to Squidwin watch over it)

Squidwin: May I mind as well join yours, Pen?

Pen: Sure.

Sparkles: Dinner's ready.

(two Inklings and Sparkles sits on the log in front of a fire)

Pen: What have you cook for us, Sparkles?

Sparkles: My favorite grub. (places food on to three plates and hands two of them to Squidwin and Pen) Fish Chum.

(Squidwin and Pen gaze their food in their disgust)

Squidwin: Not again. (to Sparkles) Is this all you cook for us?

Sparkles: Well, what else I can cook for you? Now eat up.

(both Pen and Squidwin, in their disgust, takes a bite of their chums and chews slowly four times before swallowing them with a gulp.)

Squidwin and Pen: (quietly to each other) Eeeeeeeewwww....

Sparkles: How was it, you two? (gulps up her whole chum) Delicious?

Pen: (hesitant) Well.... it's...... tasty. Darn tasty you served us.

Squidwin: (quietly to himself) Much tasted like vomit to me. Yucky...

Sparkles: Glady. My family always made some good chum, even my eldest brother who was the great on making the most tendernous chums, from chum pie, chum burgers, chum sundae, chum dog, and spaghetti with chum sauce. Mm-mm. I remember growing up where my brother used to teach me how to cook chums, teach me on how to be an expert of that, and until finally know how even today. (sad sigh) I missed my bro, if only I wish him back for me.

Pen: What happened to him?

Sparkles: Huh? Oh, I can't say that to you. It's nothing.

Squidwin: We don't think it's nothing.

Sparkles: That's not concern you, "Seaweed".

Squidwin: My name is Squidwin.

Pen: Aww, come on, what's got into you all the sudden? You've saved us. So we want to know. Let out your words.

Sparkles: Well okay.... But just to warn you guys that this could offend you while I spit out my story.

Pen: We'll try our best to not be offended. Just go ahead.

Sparkles: For eight years ago where during the time that I remember as a kid, when I ventured in Inkopolis, those Inklings were trying to kill me, until for my luck would come when my brother attempted to rescue me. And finally he did, but he wasn't so lucky since the Inkings had finished him off. I can never forget about that. I always wish for him back. He was hero for me. And he was like my father to me.

Squidwin: You know something? That was same thing happened to my older sister, after she rescued me from those evil Octolings.

Sparkles: Really?

Squidwin: Yeah. If it weren't for those Octo-Jerks, not you or course, she would've be with me around. But dream on. Though this would be my revenge on those Octos once I'm about to become her successor for my big dream, no matter what level of this mission I can take. And once this's done, I especially want to show everyone how I'm not a looser as they think and treat me like that. And this time, I'll never be called "blooser" ever again.

Sparkles: Well, shoot your dreams, blue buddy. And I hope your sister would be very proud of you following her destiny, surely.

Squidwin: Thanks.

Pen: Well, I think that's enough chatting and dinning for a night. Let's get some shut-eye. We got our important day tomorrow, for Octo-butt kicking.

(Squidwin, Pen and Sparkles throws their plate away and puts out the fire before heading off to their tents. Before heading inside his room upon entering Pen's tent, Squidwin gazes with smitten eyes over Pen before she turns around staring at him under her concern)

Pen: Squid'? What?

Squidwin: (realizing he's been caught, he snaps out of it) Huh? Oh. Nothing. I am just want to say good night that's all.

Pen: Oh, okay. Good night, blue dude. Sleep well.

(Squidwin puckers his lip as he's about to kiss Pen, but of course Pen is hesitant and zips into her room much to Squidwin looks on and sighs for his crush on her)

Sparkles: (to Squidwin) Well, well, well, mr. Romeo. If I wish to know that, you sure got your smitten feeling about that orange Inkling girl, huh?

Squidwin: (hesitant) What?! Uh..... No, no, no....... (laughs nervously) well, not really though, not on this mission. She's part of our team. I mean what else do you expect? (yawns) Well, since I'm bushed for now, it's time for me to hit a hay. And by the way, "Sparky".

Sparkles: Sparkles.

Squidwin: Whatever your name is, I want to say, thank you for saving our butts from that big ugly crab and fixing up my angle here. So we think you'll be worth it for our trust to join this mission party. You feel welcome to our team, you know that?

Sparkles: I know you'd trust me already. And also, I'm sorry for calling you..... uh... I can't say this, but....

Squidwin: a "blooser"? Oh, I understand that, thank you, there's no sweat, girl. But just you wait to prove that I'm not a looser as everybody thinks, which today, everything will change.

Sparkles: You know, something, Squid'?

Squidwin: What?

Sparkles: I was a same just like you. I've been also treated like a looser by those Octarains and other Octolings, as I was trying so hard for by best to be desperate to be succeed.

Squidwin: Oh? Well, no worries, because the only people are gonna be treated like looser are going to be those mean Octo-Looser.

Sparkles: (laughs) I'll say, as long we'll do our best. (walks off to her tent)

Squidwin: I know. (walks inside his room. Sighs; to himself) Man, how would I can't help having my feeling about Pen? She's something. Though I still wonder if mom is okay.

(Meanwhile, the scene fades to a large castle which is called Octo Fortress, where the camera zooms inside to see Octavia and the group of the Octolings, Octarians and as well as the brainwashed Inklings, shopkeepers and other Inkopolis citizens arrives. Octvaia sees a brainwashed Ms. Hummer arrives as she flies down to join the group)

Octavia: Any sign of other Inklings, birdy?

Ms. Hummer: (brainwashed) unfortunately, ma'am, no sight of them.

Octavia: (angrily growls) They can't be gone, because they have to be hiding somewhere, but where else are they?

Ogordo: Masteress, I think we have enough Inklings to capture and brainwashed. Can we just cut to our mission?

Octavia: No, Ogordo, we have keep on our good search for those meddling squids around, because we won't able to go on duty if we don't. This why we must report this to our master, DJ Octavio.

Octino: (gulps nervously) I doubt we could spread the news for him, he'd be furious. I'm not sure what he's gonna do to us if we---

Ovilo: Chill out, you little dolt, I highly doubt if something's worse that he can pull. (they stops at the door which lead to a DJ Octavio thorn room) Or at least it can since I got a hesitant feeling about this.

Octavia: Hey, shut up here, and let me enter to his throne room for a talk, Octoling to Octarian.

Ovilo: (to other OctoCrew) Or for what he called her sweetheart.

(The OctoCrew laughs just before Octavia turns to glare at them, much to them gulping in their hesitance)

Octavia: Did you three want to get splatted?!

The OctoCrew: Nu-uh. Sorry.

Octavia: Then stop starting that and wait here. (she enters inside to throne room where DJ Octavio turns around on his throne chair)

DJ Octavio: Glad you all returned, Octavia, my trusty colonel, my love, what's the news you're about spread?

Octavia: The good news is, we captured and brainwashed the Inklings and other navies of Inkopolis. But the bad news is the trope is not completed since those remaining Inklings just escaped from us.

DJ Octavio: Well where else can they be locate?

Octavia: We're not surely know yet. We've search for them everywhere.

DJ Octavio: (angry) GRRR! (calms down) Okay, I'm cool. But suriously. (sighs) For years I'm in desperate for that Great Zapfish that everyone are pretty much been spread the words about. Its power is worth it for me to unleash it to my ultimate robot as far it'll make it unstoppable to conquer the Inkling world. Once it's done, all the Inkling beings will be our slaves and we follow Octos will able to get out of this rotten place to dominate world. And must make sure that no one can stand of our way. So, here's an idea; since it seems that those other Inklings out there are in thier mission party to search my fortress, thinking that they could free the Inkopolis fools you brainwashed, well, oh-ho-ho, no for long for them, becuase we might as well wait until they trasspass our lair, if they did, it'll be perfect time to ambush them so they'll be either brainwashed them or kill them if any cases.

Octavia: You know, not a bad plan, sir.

DJ Octavio: And by the way, Octavia.

Octavia: Yes?

DJ Octavio: Come closer. (Octavia walks towards DJ Octavio) Let me remind you of a present I received you. (shows her a large peril ring much to Octavia's amazement) Beauty isn't it? It for our wedding celebrate once we successfully done conquering the world.

Octavia: Oh, Octavio, that's very thoughtful you'd ever gave with this. I don't know how to comment this. It beautiful though. You made me adore my job for you.

DJ Octavio: Well, come here you...

(DJ Octavio gently grabs Octavia with one coil of his tentacles and leans her to him. She giggles and purrs and barley give him a kiss, but being interrupted by the OctoCrew who are watching them and quietly giggles)

Ovilo: Well, talk about lovefishes you two are, if we didn't better.

Octavia: (relizing being founnd out, she frees herself from DJ Octavio's grabs and clears throat to her seriousness) Get back to your procession! (The OctoCrew closes the door) Don't worry about them, Octavio, they're just need learn to leave from our moments. I'll spread the words to other Octos about your plot. (walks from DJ Octavio and turns back to to sign a heart with her hands as she walks backwards towards the door; whispers) I love you...

DJ Octavio: So am I.

(Octavia walks out from the throne room and gentelly closes a door and turns to lead herself to a door and slowly falls on the floor much to her sighing for her crush on DJ Octavio)

Ovilo: So, how did go, Juliet, hmmmm?

Octavia: (relising that they know about she's smitten with Octavio, she snaps out of it and gets up to her anger) Oh... uh...... No! No! Don't you ever think that I have my smitten feelings to our boss. Now from our master's regaurd, we must wait 'til our perfect chance to capture the remianing Inklings once they trasspass our lair.

Ovilo: (confused) Uuuuuuhhhh..... Excuse me, ma'am? Them, trasspass, our place? Okay, I'm not understanding what's got in to our boss. What happen to our policy that trasspassers must not waltz to our lair.

Octavia: That's his plan, just for once that is. And that's orders. Now keep on guard our lair while you keep your sharp eyes for any remaining Inklings coming here. We must wait for them to come here, and once they did, we'll be ready to trap them. And by the way, OctoCrew, take our brainwashed victims to the dressing, we made suits for them, because we want them to make them look edgy and evil.

The OctoCrew: Yes, ma'am.

(The OctoCrew takes the brianwashed Inkopolis citizens, including the Inklings away, leaving Octavia)

Octavia: (to herself) This time, Inkling fools, you won't able to come to stop us along saving your friends, the game will be soon over for you and you'll sure be with us in no time. We are waiting for you to come here, because I know your mission.

Scene 7

(The scene fades back to Squidwin's group at the camp during next morining. Squidwin, in his brief, gets out from his bed, yawns and streches before dressing himself, from his shorts to his shirt. He walks out from his room where he looks at Pen still sleeing in her bed in her room. He quitely laughs and sighs in his crush on her and heads outside, where he suddenly hears a sound as he gasps, and looks around in his concern)

Squidwin: (gulps; scared) W-wh-who there? Hello?

(a sound is caught Squidwin ears agian. Squidwin grabs an ink gun before walking off to investigate)

Squidwin: Uh, alright! I-I have this gun for my protection. Come out and show yourself who are!

(Then he hears a same sound again before turns to see the bushes, where the sound is coming from)

Squidwin: (points his gun at the bushes) If you're in the bushes, come out here! (but nothing showed up) Oh, so you won't? Well, fine, then guess what? I coming in and get ya! (uses his charge yell, he runs towards the bushes until went inside them to point his ink gun at the familiar figure, it is Lil)

Lil: (covering herself) Eeeekk!!! Please please! D-don't you even! Cut me some slack! I'm surrender!!

Squidwin: (slowly drops his gun) Wha'? Lil? What're you doing here?

Lil: Huh? (then looks to see Squidwin and smiles for her relief and begin taunting him) Well, well, well. Look who I came across eye-to-eye, Mr. "Squid-Whine" the "Blooser"! Ha ha ha! Boy last two days was very entertaining upon seeing you throw your tantrum like a Squishie on live! Ha ha ha ha!

Squidwin: (angered, he points his gun at Lil) GRRR!! You take that back, because you don't want me to my trigger to splat you up!

Lil: (angry) Whoa, watch it, buster! You have no rights to threat a girl like this.

Pen: (appears to Squidwin; yawning) Squidwin, like, what's going on? (sees Lil) Lil?

Lil: And look, a "Blooser's" new girlfriend. How sweet (giggles)

Pen: (angry as she raises her fist) Oooh, why you.... I'm gonna--

Squidwin: (halts Pen) No no no, Pen. Let me handel this. So, Lil, as I asked before, what's your story being here in Octo Valley, Lil?

Lil: I know you're going to ask? Back in Inkopolis, the Octarians brainwashed and captured almost everybody, including Crusty, Jelly, Annie, Aqua and my new better and favorite boyfriend, Klips. So I escaped to find help. An--

Squidwin: Whoa whoa, wait! Stop! Who's got captured by Octarians?!

Lil: Really? You're not even understanding or remember I just said? Fine! Let me repeat! Klips, my own new boyfriend who i--

Squidwin: No no no no no! You said "Aqua"!

Lil: You know her?

Squidwin: Well, duh, genius! My mom she is.

Lil: Oh.... I don't get it.

Squidwin: (facepalms in his embarrassment) Argh! (calmy) Well, you said Aqua got captured by those Octarians right?

Lil: Duh.

Squidwin: (facepalms in his anger) Oh, terrific, just terrific. Those evil octopuses is really gonna pay for that for stealing my only mother! Ooooh! Wait until I--

Pen: Don't get rage, Squidwin dude, we'll get your mother back, don't worry.

(Then Judd shows up exhausted)

Judd: Where can I rest?

Squidwin and Pen: Judd?

Lil: Mr. fat cat referee?

Judd: (to three Inklings) No no! I know you three are going to ask: "Judd, you too? What's your serious mission?". Well, same, my son Li'l Judd got catnapped by those Octarian weirdos and, me, going on my rescue mission until I came across you. There, hope you're satisfied. So can we please cut to the chase to our rescue mission for my son, (to Lil) your nerdy boy boyfriend, (to Squidwin) your widow mommy and of course the rest of Inkopolis creatures, okay?

Squidwin: (to Judd) Glad you know that already, becasue you're welcome to our team, tiger.

Judd: I'm a cat, you shrimp.

Sparkles: Good morning, squids. Who are those?

Lil: Eek! An Octoling!

Judd: (pins down Sparkles and reveal his claw to her face) Okay, Octoling! Where's my boy?

Sparkles: Now for one, kitty cat, why would I know about your boy? And two, I thought cats are supposed to be harmless or anything.

Squidwin: (grabs Judd away from Sparkles) Cool it, guys. This Octoling with us as our friend. Nothing that she can harm us.

Lil: Well, that is really just doubtful you remarked. It's unbelivable.

Squidwin: Do you want to save Klips or not? This Octoling knows how to lead us to that Octo Fortess.

Lil: Yeah, that's what I desperate. And what is an Octo Fortess?

Sparkles: The only way you'll know is me to lead you all there. Now let's pack our camp up and proceed our quest, shall we? 

Lil: (Sparkles, Squidwin and Pen walks off as both Lil and Judd follows along; to herself) I still really have my doubts about trusting that Octo-Freak.

Judd: You're saying that, girly.

Lil: (taunting) Talking about how you're pretty much a scaredy cat.

Judd: Now, why'd I act scared? I'm just hasitant.

Lil: Hasitant, scared, same thing.

(The scene fades to Octo Gorge where Squidwin's group explores through)

Squidwin: Now where are we at?

Sparkles: This is Octo Gorge, we are might getting to that Octarians' Fortress. Stay close.

Pen: What about Callie's group? We must find them first. I hope they're not in trouble or anything. But where could they be?

(the camera pans left to the other side of Octo Gorge to Callie's group)

Captian Cuttlefish: Make sure your guns are full, because we might be stalk by something around here. I can feel it.

Rose: What and where?

Captian Cuttlefish: You never know yet until it happens.

Callie: Just before we get to the fortress.

Sakura: Stay together, all, we getting closer to the Octarians lair.

(the camera cuts to an over head view where we see Squidwin's group and Callie's group on the sepreated sides in the gorge between a mountian)

Squidwin: I honestly don't see Callie, the captian and our gang ever from here. They may be lost.

Pen: Why would they be lost, Squidwin? They're properbly already se up thier own camp. So I bet we can find thier camping where we can meet them.

(The camera cuts to the end of a mountian where both Squidwin's group and Callie's groups meets each other much to thier supprise)

All: Whoa!

Pen: Callie? Captian? Gang?

Callie: Wow, how this a supprise? What're two doing here? And who's that another Octoling?

Squidwin: Well, we're still looking for the Octarians' fortress, but the same time, we were looking for you.

Callie: We were did the same thing.

Pen: Before, this is an Octoling, who suprisenly is unlike ant other Octolings is no harm to us. Her name's Sparkles and she knows away to get to that fortress.

Callie: We have our own Octoling here who is leading us to that Octarins lair for us too, Sakura to be exact.

Sparkles: Hey, Sakura!

Sakura: Sparkles! Long time no see, girlfriend!

(the two Octolings gives each other's hug before doing the greeting dance)

Sparkles and Sakura: Slap five, slap five, give me your hand! Bong head, bong hip, you're my friend! (giggles)

Squidwin: (to Sparkles) Excuse me, but, two of you know each other?

Sparkles: Correct. Me and Sakura are best long-time friends.

Sakura: So Sparkles, where you've been? We never seen each since we seperated.

Sparkles: Long story, Sakura.

Pen: Okay then, enough with this reuion, can't we just cut to the fortress we're searhing?

Callie: I see you got tagged along with another Inkling and Judd, too?

Judd: Yes, same reason here. I want a payback for those Octarians for stealing my son.

Lil: And I'm here for Klips.

Callie: Oh, boy.... Well, okay then, since this is suirous case for you two, join us, because I now devopled a plan.

Squidwin: What?

Callie: We will split up our group to form three divisions for minimizing ourselves for a chance to may be captured by those Octos once we find thier fortess. 

TJ: Captured? Oh.... brother..... I don't feel like I'm in to this. I know this mission not a good idea to come here.

Callie: Tough luck for you, dude, because what other choice do we have? After all, we have do this for our home town.

TJ: Fine, as long I won't able to be in cavtity with those Octo-creeps. Oooohhhhh.......

Callie: Good. Now, Squidwin, Pen, that girl with glasses...

Lil: I'm Lil.

Callie: Whatever... And TJ will all be in the first side. Peter, Sparkles, and Riri are the second side. And Me, Judd, Sakura, and Gramps are in third side. Now move out a find the Octarains fortress and contact me if each of you found sight of it.

(All the groups splits to three groups as they head off)

TJ: (to Lil) I still don't know about this, I'm hasitant.

Lil: Well, you should go back where you live, in the chicken coop.

TJ: (angry) Excuse me, but why would I do that?

Lil: Because you're a chicken, anything you expect?

Squidwin: Hey, can you please shut up back there and quit picking on TJ?

Pen: We are not supossed to bickering during our mission. That's orders from the captian and Callie.

Lil: Suit yourself. (to herself about Squidwin) Though I would I have to join with that "blooser" anyway.

Squidwin: I heard that!

Lil: Nothing you're concern!

(The camera fades to 'Peter's group keeps walking around the gorge while Riri is whinning and complaining much to Peter and Sparkles's annoyinace')

Riri: Are we there yet? I'm hungry! I'm thursty! I'm tired! I wanna go to restroom! I wanna rest! My feet're hurting! How long all this walking we take?

Peter: (in his annoyace) Suriously, Riri, do you really have to complain all thoughout our mission?

Riri: Well this is been like forever since we travel here, but no fortress in sight.

Peter: (TBD) Really? We just got started a minute ago.

Sparkles: We must not give up, the fortress is not too far away from here.

Riri: Um... Peter?

Peter: What?

Riri: Do you even love pink?

Peter: Well...... Yeah, but why's this relevant you asked? (Riri uses her hair to coil Peter and leans to her) Hey!

Riri: (flirty) Because my all-time favrorite color is purple. (giggles as she flickering her eye lashes to Peter, much to him embarresed and hasitant)

Peter: (releasing himself from her grabs) Hey hey hey hey! What's the big idea, girl?! What's got into you?

Sparkles: What's going on you two back here?

Peter: Oh, nothing. Riri however is acting a little strange.

Sparkles: Well, snap her out of it. There is absolutely no waste of time here.

Peter: (whispers to Riri) Just don't over-do it in this mission, okay?

Riri: Whatever.... Sweet heart..

(camera cuts to Callie's group)

Judd: I can't wait to give those Octo Crreeps a piece of my mine once we get to their fortress, for my son my son's rescue that is.

Sakura: We know, cat, but enough already about your son, because he's the only one to be rescued you know.

Judd: Hey, he's the only kid I have, right?

Callie: I'm still not sure how long will we reach to that Octo Fortress.

Captian Cuttlefish: You don't have to worry, as lon we have thise friendly Octoling to guide us there in no time, Callie. Though I wonder if the others would find that fortress first.

(Cuts to Squidwin's group)





Pen: Sqiudwin? Yo, Squid'! (snaps her figure at him) Talk to me!

(But Squidwin didn't awnser)

Pen: (facepalm) Oh, wonderful.

TJ: Oh, man! Do you think he's....dead?

Pen: Seemly, I can tell.

(All other Inklings gasps and TJ bursts out crying)

Pen: But, don't worry, all, I'll revive him (softly to herself) if only I can try. (to her friends) So stay back everyone, make room for a CVR! (Pen takes a deep breathe and leans down twoards Squidwin's face to give him air, until Squidwin, turns out that he's still alive, uses his hand to pushe her head on him to give her a kiss, however this cause Pen, in anger and disgust, to slap him in the face and spitting out and gurgles her mouth with water)

Riri: Oh, goody! Squidwin is alive.

TJ: Wow, like, a miracle!

Peter: But it was really disturbing that he did that.

Pen: (rubbing her mouth; to Squidwin) Yuck! Like wow, gross! That's disgusting! What was that for?! Why did you do that?!

Squidwin: Chill, girl. You have such a problem with your attitude. It was a kind of romance scene that all lovers can pull, aren't you impressed?

Pen: Well, don't do that to me again, pervert, or else you'll kiss my fist! (to herself) Ugh! Boys! I can't believe I'm teamed up with this weirdo.

Squidwin: (to himself) Wow, sounds like she does have some issues alright.







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