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The Spewage Beast
The Spewage Beast, the beast that lurks in the depths of the underground.
SPECIES Terran Beorn (heavily mutated)
CURRENT STATUS Deceased (dead and absorbed by The Bogleech)
HEIGHT 26 feet
BIRTHPLACE Underground (Earth)
The Silent One (rival)
Unten (killer)
CLASS Spewage Beast
Eating his victims, destruction
Dying, Beorns

The Spewage Beast is a Terran Beorn that separated from The Spewage far too early, causing their genetic make-up to be less stable. It would eventually mutate into the Spewage Beast and would be hunted down by The Silent One and Lamile. When both were killed, it was up to Unten, Litwick, Fenne, and Radux to end it.


A giant creature, taller than any Fantendoverse character by far. It has no legs but four arms that resemble a typical Beorn's but has spikes extending out from them. It has one giant eye that resembles the typical Beorn arms and a ray of light extends out from it. It has a giant pair of sharp teeth. The lower half of it's body resembles a slug or snake's.


It has no real motivations to do what it does except out of possible feelings of abandonment, due to the fact it separated from the Spewage too early into it's life cycle. It it knows how to dodge Imperium's strikes and ruthless with it's opponents. It is fascinated by lights.


Separated from the Spewage too early, The Spewage Beast mutated into what it became later on. It killed several Terran Beorns before Unten ever came to the Underground, possibly before he was even born. The Silent One was tasked to take him out, but it exhausted her and gave her scars across her featureless face and chest. It was locked away near Radux's underground dome by the Silent One, who guarded it to make sure it didn't break free.

Powers and Abilities

It has no real special abilities aside from massive strength and being able to dodge Unten's Imperium strikes. When it was young, it could mutate itself based off the conditions thrown at it, likely from eating other organic beings.


Beorn Hallow

It's first and only real appearance, The Spewage Beast is the antagonist of Issue 8 and is killed within the same issue. It is later mentioned in Issue 9 as one of the bodies that Tweeky absorbs.


The Silent One

It's rival, who ends up being killed while "talking" with Unten. They have a long history with each other, the Beast being the source of her scars and The Spewage Beast likely learned how to dodge from her. It was locked away in a hole in Radux's underground dome.


Unten kills The Spewage Beast by stabbing it's eye during Beorn Hallow. There isn't really much history between them, however it seemed eager to kill him.

Tweeky/The Bogleech

Having similar backgrounds, the two mirror each other somewhat as The Silent One notes. When The Spewage Beast dies, it's body is absorbed into Tweeky.


  • The Spewage Monster was one of the last additions to the story and was made to help explain Tweeky.
  • The design was inspired somewhat by the monster seen in the Adventure Time episode "Dad's Dungeon".

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