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Creatures of The Spectroverse is a lore centric project taking place in the ever expanding world of the Spectroverse which as of now has 8 known layers/rings that all contain their own flora, fauna, and various types of strange and wild ecosystems that dot these many rings.

Each ring has its own distinct style, name and variety of creatures each of which fill niches that suit their environment well, the further down the layers go, the more horrifying and deadly the creatures and by extension ecosystems get but to even just get to the next ring takes a long while since each of them are separated by a 30 million mile drop in an endless void keeping each ring apart.

The list of currently known layers include the following:

  • Alda Zone - The very top of the spectroverse, this is where the most tame and safe creatures lie, while they can still cause harm to you they aren't very likely to kill you.
  • Xeno Plain - The Second layer with some of the largest creatures, some even rivaling the size of most planets and stars, a moderately safe place to travel through though it is still quite dangerous regardless of that
  • Nocturnis - The Third layer which is dotted with ruins and deformed looking landscapes with surreal and strange oddities roaming around said landscapes, some are harmless while others are very much deadly.
  • Abyssal Plain - The Fourth layer which is mostly pitch black with very little light being able to reach it, creatures here emit their own light to lure targets in so they can easily snatch them up for their next meal, all creatures located here are very hostile.
  • Ash Plateau- The Fifth layer which is dotted in tall mountain ranges and very narrow valleys while also being constantly bombarded by constant lightning strikes and rain fall, this layer contains very deformed and eldritch looking life-forms that some would call Lovecraftian in nature.
  • Alien Purgatory- The Sixth layer which is a infinitely spanning cold, grey desert only being lit up by a lone white dwarf start despite this, this layer is stuck in eternal night, creatures here are hairless, winkled, and being mind controlled by a force that no man or machine can detect.
  • Hadal Valley- The Seventh layer which is very dry and arid with constant volcanic eruptions and lava flow being a constant here, some of the spectroverse's most dangerous and reality defying creatures make their homes here, very few make it down here alive let along get out.
  • Ring of Gods- The Eight and final layer known to use right now contains all of the divine and god-like creatures who have either been created with these powers already in their possession or have earned them one way or another.

The layers of the Spectroverse all have varying degrees of danger marked by a specific name this also includes creatures, plants, and structures, the list of ranks includes:

  • Docile- while no ring in the spectroverse has achieved this ranking many of the flora and fauna have, this signifies that they will not attack you unless you provoke them.
  • Warm- anything with this rank is generally safe to be around although they might attack if they do think you are unwanted or a source of good food when nothing else is around
  • Fuego- The layers of the Alda Zone, Xeno Plain, and Nocturnis have all received this rank which means that these areas/lifeforms are generally hostile and would most likely cause some serious harm to whoever is in its way.
  • Life-Risking- The layer of the Abyssal Plain have received this ranking, anything that has this rank is considered a death sentence if you ever come into contact with it you will be lucky if you survive.
  • Reaper- The layers of the Ash Plateau, Alien Purgatory, the Hadal Valley, and the Ring of Gods all have this ranking, anything with this ranking is basically death walking if something or someone of this rank catches you, there is no escape.

Aldanian Flora and Fauna

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The Alda Zone is the top most layer of the Spectroverse being categorized as a Fuego Level threat, despite such a high danger warning this is one of the more safe areas contained in the Spectroverse with the only threats being poisonous plants and predators that usually attack on sight.

Aldanian creatures and plant-life while simple comparatively to the rest of the Spectroverse is still quite alien, with many of its life-forms looking akin to mirrored versions of animals found on our very own planet which signifies that the Alda Zone has developed similarly to how earth did considering that many of its biomes are simple grasslands, deserts, and vast oceans.

The name Alda means "long lived" being named as such after scientists pulled a sample of alien stone from the bottom of a steep canyon revealing that the Alda Zone was around 7-8 Billion years old meaning that the Spectroverse is 3-4 billion years older than our own earth but also found in the rocks were millions of tiny microbe like beings that had been trapped in air pockets that wouldn't you guess it are the exact age as the rock sample.

Despite all of these discoveries they haven't been able to find what caused these single-cellular life forms to follow along a similar lineage to our own earthbound fauna, considering that factions of the animal kingdom like mammals, amphibians, birds, reptiles, and insects have made their homes here which further the confusion with no answer in sight.

Xenoite Flora and Fauna

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Nocturnite Flora and Fauna

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Abyssal Flora and Fauna

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Ashened Flora and Fauna

Ash Crest.png

Alien Purgatory Flora and Fauna

Alien Purgatory Crest.png

Hadalian Flora and Fauna

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Ring of Gods Flora and Fauna

Ring of Gods Crest.png

Notes of Interest

The Spectroverse is also a free-to-use concept meaning that users from all across the site can make their own head-canon's, extensions or entirely brand new lore for the series that might even be added to the main canon, ideas will be moderated just to keep a level of quality control in check however, there aren't really any guidelines aside from don't recolor any of the creatures and call it your own nor make anything for the sake of a cheep joke, that wont fly with me.

Along with that you can also make a spectroverse project out of any medium you want weather it be a book, movie, tv show, video game, anything really, the sky is the limit so remember to always go nuts. ~ Scarlet Hellraiser


  • This project has been stuck in development hell for almost 2 years before the creator finally decided what path the project should take.
  • Creatures of the Spectroverse started out as a fighting game before it moved over to a open-world survival game then it switched back to a fighting game before the creator finally turning it into a lore based project with it also combining 2 other cancelled projects those being Glyph Casters and Bloodbath
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