You may be looking for the original 1993 game.

The Shadows in the Stars is an action RPG based on the original SNES title of the same name. Previously under development by Lone Planet Productions and its subsidiary, Auracom (who created the original game), development shifted to Pyro Enterprises after the creator auctioned the property off. It is planned to release for The V² and the Pyrohedron.

The game works almost exactly like its predecessor; it sets the stage using a simple plot rather than the complex stories of most RPGs of its time.


In the mystical kingdom of Aimlo, the people are in a crisis. King Raxun is dying, and only one of his children will take his place on the throne. His daughter, Princess Kalatia, is the older sibling, who is destined to become the queen of Aimlo. His son Dominic, while younger, believes he should inherit the throne because according to him, "Men are politically stronger than women."

After a fierce battle between Kalatia and Dominic, the prince banishes the princess to the farthest reaches of Aimlo, thus proceeding to become king. Now, it is up to Kalatia to stop him from corrupting himself with his power.

"Sometimes, you have to see the shadows in the stars."


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