Birthday Blitz

The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz is an expansion for Super Mario and the Underworld Trials. It notably features the Rescue Squad, Toad, Toadette, Waluigi, and Bowser Jr., as the main protagonists and playable characters. The game is similar to how New Super Luigi U was an expansion to New Super Mario Bros. U, as it was released as both downloadable content and as its own standalone game. Later, a compilation game, Super Mario and the Underworld Trials + The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz was released.

It has been stated that while Super Mario and the Underworld Trials has a more serious plot, The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz focuses on more lighthearted humor.


The game opens in Bowser's Castle, where Bowser Jr. is seen sleeping in his bed. He wakes up when his phone begins ringing. He picks it up and sees that he had recieved a message from Ruby, the ruler of the Underworld, saying that she needs him and the rest of the "Rescue Sqaud" to come to the Underworld. Hopping into his Jr. Clown Car, Bowser Jr. flies out the window is seen telling the others to come by to the Underworld Teleporter (he drops a note in Toad and Toadette's house, and throws a brick with a message taped to it through Waluigi's window), and they all eventually meet up. Using the teleporter, they travel from the Mushroom Kingdom to the Underworld.

Once they arrive, Ruby and Pearl greet the Rescue Squad, happy for their return. After the Underworld ruler tells Pearl that she should go upstairs and play some games, Ruby begins explaining why the Rescue Squad was brought here; today is Pearl's birthday, and she wants to send them to the neighboring kingdoms and invite the royal families to the party. Waluigi is reluctant to help, but ends up going through with the plan anyway after Toad, Toadette, and Bowser Jr. beg him to come along. Ruby does mention, however, that the train used to get from kingdom to kingdom is udner repairs; in the meantime, she suggests to head into the Underworld Trials and invite Belle, Brooke, and Brittany from Honeyhive Elementary and Sarina from Thundervolt Castle.

Once the train is fixed however, the Rescue Squad catches sight of a group of characters in party hats, named the Party Planners, standing with an Underworlder, around Pearl's age. They overhear that this girl, named Diamond, is planning to collect the most extravagant items from each of the Kingdoms and use them for her birthday party. They hide as the Party Planners head to the now-repaired train, and decided to try and beat them to the items to make sure Pearl has the best birthday party ever. The then board the next train and head off.


Much like Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz focuses on exploration on a 3D plane similar to Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Odyssey. The player will explore large, expansive areas to collect Party Stars. Unlike the original game though, this game takes more inspiration from Super Mario Odyssey, where there are many more items to collect and the player is not booted out of the area upon collecting one. The game is also uses a combination between  Super Mario 64Super Mario Sunshine, and the Galaxy games' usage of a hub world and the lack of one in Super Mario Odyssey; the Rescue Squad will use a train to travel to most of the levels, which while somewhat limited, still ahs many interactable things in it. This was based off of the Excess Express from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

Like Super Mario Odyssey, every kingdom has two types of Coins; global yellow Coins that are found in every kingdom and regional purple Coins that are specific to each kingdom. Like Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, these can be purchased in the kingdoms' various shops to buy birthday presents for Pearl. Power-ups also return, and are utilized in a similar way to Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, which provide temporary abilities that can be used to advance the game or help defeat enemies.



Character Description Attributes
Toad SM64S
Toad is one of Mario's biggest allies, and helps him on a variety of quests by providing power-ups from Toad Houses. He is also a member of the Rescue Squad, and is quick to help out Ruby plan Pearl's birthday party. However, upon seeing Diamond and the Party Planners going to the various Kingdoms to get the best party supplies, he takes it as a challenge and he and the others try to race them to it. Toad is the fastes character in the game, having high enough speed to even run on water for a short time. He does, however, have the lowest jump height of the cast. He is also strangely heavy; he can defeat enemies that would normally take more than one stomp to defeat, like Chargin' Chucks, with one jump.
Toadette SM64S
Toadette is an ally of Mario who helps him on his many adventures. She is also one of the members of the Rescue Squad, and is happy to help Ruby by inviting the royal families of the neighboring Kingdoms to Pearl's birthday party. However, when she sees Diamond using the Party Planners to get the best birthday supplies in each of the Kingdoms, they all agree to beat her to them so Pearl can have the best birthday. Toadette, compared with Toad, is a lot slower, though jumps higher than him. As such, she acts as a balanced character, similar to Mario in Super Mario and the Underworld Trials.
Bowser Jr. - Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle
Bowser Jr.
Bowser Jr. is the son of Bowser and hier to the Koopa throne, as well as a constant thorn in Mario's side. He is also a Rescue Squad member, willing to help Ruby and Pearl with birthday plans. He does, however, also plan to one-up Diamond when she sends the Party Planners to the neighboring Kingdoms to get various party supplies. Bowser Jr. is unique in that he pilots the Jr. Clown Car, which grants him decent seed and jump height. Of the four characters, he is the only one who doesn't have a punching attack; instead, Bowser Jr. has a projectile attack where he launces a cannonball from the Jr. Clown Car.
Waluigi is Wario's partner-in-crime, and is a constant rival to the Mario bros., especially in sporting events. He is also a member of the Rescue Squad, and while reluctant at first to help Ruby with Pearl's birthday party, the others convince him. When he sees Diamond sending the Party Planners to the other Kingdoms to get party supplies however, Waluigi and the others race to get them first. Waluigi plays very similarly to Luigi in Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, where he has high jumps but has terrible traction. Notably though, these atrributes are more pronounced.


Character Description
art by Pyrostar (tbc)
Ruby is the ruler of the Underworld, as well as the adoptive mother of Pearl. In this game, she calls in the Rescue Squad in the hopes that they can help her set up a birthday party for Pearl by inviting the royal families of the neighboring Kingdoms. She serves a very similar role in this game as she does in Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, though is a little more secretive on her intents whenever Pearl is around.
art by Pyrostar (tbc)
Peral is Ruby's adoptive, six-year-old daugher, who became fast friends with Mario and co. when they came to the Underworld. In this game, she is anticipating for her seventh birthday party, though doesn't know that Ruby has called in the Rescue Sqaud to invite the neighboring royal families to the party. She can usually be found in her room, playing with her toys, as well as the children of the families when the arrive. In addition, presents can also be bought for Pearl.
art by Pyrostar (tbc)
Diamond is a rich Underworlder girl who lives in the Underworld, in a huge mansion that rivals that of Pearl and Ruby's. She serves as the main antagonist of the game, as she has hired a group called the Party Planners to travel to the various Kingdoms and get the best birthday supplies. The Rescue Squad sees this as a challenge, and race to get these items first so Pearl can have the best birthday ever.
Party Planners
Party Planners
The Party Planners are a group of birthday party planners. They are hired by Diamond to travel to the various Kingdoms neighboring the Underworld and collect all of the items necessary for the best birthday party ever. Each of the members are battled in every Kingdom.
Belle, Brooke, and Brittany
art by Pyrostar (tbc)
Belle, Brooke, and Brittany are a trio of Bea students that attend Honeyhive Elementary. However, being children, their stingers have yet to develop. Belle is spunky and tomboyish, and often the leader of the trio. Brooke is more intelligent, and serves as the voice of reason. The two often get into arguments, but are quickly stopped by Brittany, the more shy and soft-spoken member of the trio. In this game, they are playing in their secret hideout until the Rescue Squad invites them to Pearl's birthday party.
Sarina is the young princess of her kingdom. Kind, generous, and respectful, she is a noble heir to the throne. She was born with mysterious powers that could strengthen those around her, which lead to the giant Hikark kidnapping her until Mario and co. rescued her. Since then, she has lived in the castle. In this game, Sarina is seen in more athletic attire, wearing a sweater, sweatpants, and a headband, and is seen playing sports with the other children in the castle until the Rescue Squad invites her to Pearl's birthday party.
A traveling Bea singer, Bailey can be found in several of the game's Kingdoms throughout the Rescue Squad's adeventure. She can usually be found looking for the other members of her band, who are always goofing off somewhere in the Kingdom. If the player can retrieve all four of them, Bailey will give the player a Party Star.
Small, snail-like creatures with crab arms and octopuses as hair. They also have shells and small, glowing antennae. They're a relatively friendly race, and even provide passersby with helmets whenever they come to visit. However, they can't actually breathe air, so they need to stay submerged in water to survive.
Golem-like beings that are native to the Cliffside Kingdom. Thier hard bodies and spherical build makes them pretty tough to damage, though getting hurt isn't a problem for them; they can simply regenerate their bodies back.
Small, blue ghosts that are native to the Ghost Kingdom, and loyal followers of Empress Mildeberg. They are quite playful and somewhat mischeiviois, and though open to any and all visitors, take enjoyment in scaring victims from time to time.

Underworld Express Passengers

Character Description
Tostareans are a race of small, skeletal creatures that wear sombreros and panchos, native to Tostarea of the Sand Kingdom. This particular one is riding on the Underworld Express, and will want to play a five-question quiz with the player. If five of the eight questions are answered correctly, he will give the player a Party Star.
Dreambert is the prince of Pi'illo Island who helped Mario and Luigi defeat Antasma. He is found in the Underworld Express, and talking to him will provide access to the dream realm. Here, a boss battle, the Dreamy Underworld Express, can be battled, and defeating it will grant the player a Party Star.
Shy Guy
Shy Guys are a race of timid troublemakers, wearing robes and masks that cover their faces. A Shy Guy can be found sitting by himself in the dining car of the Underworld Express, looking saddened. If the player sits next to them, the Shy Guy will begin talking to them, giving a Party Star afterwards as thanks for spending time with him.
Starlow - Mario & Luigi Paper Jam
Starlow is a Star Sprite who helped Mario and Luigi on a wide variety of adventures. She is found in the Underworld Express, and will provide hints on where Party Stars in the Kingdom the player is going to are.
Uncle amiibo
Uncle amiibo is a small machine that is often found on the Underworld Express. Talking to him will allow him to scan amiibo, which can give the player special presents to give to Pearl depending on the amiibo scanned.
L.K. is a young, aspiring Lakitu photographer sometimes found on the Underworld Express, going from Kingdom to Kingdom to take pictures of their landmarks. However, his prized camera has gone missing, and finding it on the train will have L.K. give the player a Party Star.
Timid Guy
Timid Guy
art by Drybones157 (tbc)
Timid Guy is a former underling of Bowser who went rouge, wanting to use his skills for good. He is sometimes found aboard the Underworld Express, trying to unlock the door to his room. Once the player kicks down the door, Timid Guy will be able to enter the room. A Party Star is then found inside a drawer.
art by Drybones157 (tbc)
Trumbone is a Dry Bones who has a knack for music. He can usually be found on the roof of the Underworld Express, playing music to himself. He can give the player Party Stars if they give him Music Sheets for him to practice music on. Five of them can be found throughout the game, with each one being one of the themes in Super Mario Bros. 3.
Beatrice is a young, traveling Bea artist, known across the Kingdoms for her near unmatched painting skills. She can sometimes be found on the Underworld Express, and will give you paintings in exchange for Coins. These paintings can be placed in the player's room, and can be entered in to re-battle bosses, albeit stronger, for Party Stars.
ACL Blaze the Koopa
Blaze the Koopa
Blaze the Koopa is a Koopa Troopa who is sometimes found on the Underworld Express. Thanks to his shell, Blaze is able to expel flames. Despite this, he ends up getting frozen in a block of ice in the freezer. To free him, the block of ice must be ground pounded on. After this, he will use his fire powers to melt another block of ice, which has a Party Star in it.

Royal Families

Character Description
Queen Muraka
Queen Muraka
Queen Muraka is the kind ruler of the Dampermians living in Damperma. She lives in a large undersea castle near the village, with her daughter Squishy. She is a close friend of Ruby's, with the Swamp Kingdom being the nearest Kingdom to the Underworld. As such, she almost immediately accepts the invitation to Pearl's birthday party.
Squishy is the young, three-year-old princess of Damperma, living with Muraka at Swamp Castle. Though she can be quite naive at times, she's fun loving and has an oddly huge appetite. She and Pearl have met on a few occasions, and became really close friends. When the Rescue Squad comes over to invite the royal family to the party, Squishy is excited to see her friend again.
King Rokarok
King Rokarok
King Rokarok is a large, square Rockhinger and the king of Rockhinge and the ruler of the Cliffside Kingdom. He often stays in his castle carved into the cliff, where he oversees the construction of the kingdom and provides directions for further orders. He rarely steps outside the castle, though when the Rescue Squad comes by to invite him to Pearl's birthday party, he decides to attend.
Empress Mildeberg
Empress Mildeberg
art by Samtendo09 (tbc)
Empress Blantasia Mildeberg is the ruler of the ghosts who reside in Bloo Hoo Mansion. She's quite massive, moreso than any of her followers, and as such lives in the woods outside the mansion. She communicates with her followers via a smaller, telepathic clone of herself, which lives in the mansion. Her two children have actually yet to see her in person. When the Rescue Squad arrives to Bloo Hoo Mansion, the ghost residents are in a war against King Boo and his Boos, who have taken over the top floor. After shooing them off, Mildeberg thanks the player for their efforts, and accepts the invitation to Pearl's birthday party.
Prince Blan and Princess Blair
Prince Blan and Princess Blair
Prine Blan and Princess Blair are the children of Empress Mildeberg and live in Bloo Hoo Mansion alongside the other ghosts. Though the clone Mildeberg creates stays and watches over them, they have never seen their mother physically. Despite his young age, Blan leads a small squadron of ghosts to rescue Blair, who was kidnapped by several Boos. Once she is rescued, both of them give the Rescue Squad a Party Star, and later accept the invitation to Pearl's birthday party.


There are 15 total locations that the Rescue Squad can explore, most of which are referred to as "Kingdoms". Much like Super Mario Odyssey, every Kingdom has a specific theme, with some being seen in previous Mario games with others being new. Diamond and the Party Planners are after various items in the majority of these locales, all of which tie into her birthday party.

It should also be noted that, whereas Super Mario Odyssey had inconsistency with the number of Power Moons in each Kingdom, The Rescue Squad: Birthday Blitz has a total of 50 Party Stars per Kingdom. In addition, as with Super Mario Odyssey an additional Party Star can be bought in each Kingdom, and 15 more can be collected by finding all 30 Blue Coins in each Kingdom, with 30 more being collected on the train. In total, this adds up to 820 Party Stars to collect.

Kingdom Description Birthday Item Party Star Color

Honeyhive Elementary

A large honeyhive modeled into a school where Beas, humanoid bee creatures, attend. Several Bea children are found all across the school, either attending classes, eating lunch, or playing on the playground. The Rescue Squad needs to invite Belle, Brooke, and Brittany to Pearl's birthday party.

  • Playground, a small area with slides, swings, and more where Bea students play.
  • Main Hall, a large room inside Honeyhive Elementary, connecting to the various classrooms.
  • Cafeteria, a room serving lunch food to the Bea students.
  • Bathrooms, the rooms where Bea children can use the bathroom. Toad, Bowser Jr., and Waluigi can access the man's room while Toadette can access the woman's room.
  • Roof, the roof of Honeyhive Elementary.
  • Gym, the indoor gym of Honeyhive Elementary, where sports are played.
  • Secret Clubhouse, an area located higher above the tree Honeyhive Elementary is hanging from, where Belle, Brooks, and Brittany go to hang out.
  • Treetops, the top of the tree Honeyhive Elementary hangs from, where various monsters reside.


Mystic Stones

Thundervolt Castle

A large castle above the clouds. Due to the giant Hikark's defeat, the castle has fallen in shambles, though many monsters still live there. A large beanstalk is found, which leads to a kingdom on the ground below the clouds where Sarina lives. She needs to be invited to Pearl's birthday party.

  • Cloudy Road, a large plane of clouds.
  • Thunder Temple, a large temple surrounded by thunderclouds.
  • Ruined Castle, the castle previously owned by Hikark, which has fallen in shambles after his defeat.
  • Beanstalk, a large beanstalk that connects the sky to the ground below.
  • Ground Kingdom, a kingdom on the ground where Sarina and her family rule over.
  • Sarina's Castle, a large castle where Sarina lives.
  • The Village, a small village where the kingdom's people reside.
  • The Mines, an underground mineshaft.


Mystic Stones

of the Swamp Kingdom

A Kingdom situated near a damp swamp, inhabited by snail-like creatures with shells called Dampermians. A good majority of the kingdom is underwater, where many monsters reside, and there are very few areas above water. Due to this, the civilians provide the Rescue Squad with a helmet, allowing for them to traverse longer underwater without air.

  • Stone Path, a large plane above water, albeit does have water at feet-level. There are several waterfalls surrounding the area.
  • Damperma Town, an underwater city where Dampermians live.
  • Rammerhead Habitat, an underwarer area inhabited by Rammerheads.
  • Secret Garden, a secret flowery garden accessed through the underwater area. The sky is bright and sunny here as opposed to the rest of the Kingdom.
  • Swamp Castle, the castle located near Damperma town, where the royal family lives.
  • Swampy Maze, a maze located underwater.
  • The Deeps, the deepest part of the underwater, reaching the ocean floor where Eely-Mouth resides.

Blama Bubble Machine


of the Cliffside Kingdom

A Kingdom located on the side of a large mountain located over an abyss, with many of the structures carved into the cliffside. It is inhabited mainly by small, rock-like creatures called Rockhingers, though Toads and Piantas can be found here as well. Though the Kingdom is rather large despite being on the side of a cliff, several Rockhingers are working to make the Kingdom even larger by carving through deeper and deeper.

  • Stoneton, a small village with homes carved into the walls of the cliff.
  • Castle Rock, a large castle carved into the cliff, where the king lives.
  • Puzzle Road, an area where buttons must be pressed to open up new paths on the cliffside.
  • Steamy Springs, a secret pool where Rockhingers come to relax.
  • Construction Site, an area where several Rockhingers are carving through the walls of the cliff to expand the Kingdom.
  • Mountaintop, an area on top of the cliff Rockhinge is built on.
  • Rockhinge Underside, an area underneath Rockhinge, with bouncy Mushroom Platforms and grates to climb on.

"7th Birthday" Statue


of the Treetop Kingdom

A Kingdom set where many large trees grow. Though the majority of the Kingdom is built on these trees, with bridges and such connecting them, some of the citizens, mainly consisting of Whittles and Treetopians, potted flower-like creatures, are found on the ground.

  • Ground Plaza, a portion of the Kingdom built on the ground.
  • Murky Canopy, a lush area on teh outskirts of the Kingdom where monsters reside.
  • Tree Top Town, a portion of the Kingdom built on the trees, interconnected with bridges, wooden platforms, etc.
  • The Tops, an area set on the very top of the tallest trees.
  • Royal Tree, a unique, yellow tree where the royal family lives.
  • Dead Forest, an area outside the Kingdom, which is notably less bright and colorful and more dark and gloomy, as well as being full of monsters.

Birthday Bonsai


of the Toy Box Kingdom

This Kingdom puts a heavy emphasis on festivities, hence why there are decorations everywhere. The majority of the citizens here are small clown creatures called Partyloozers, and many of the buildings resemble presents. There are also areas constructed out of sweets, ribbons, bubbles, and more.

  • Present Central, a town in the Kingdom where Partyloozers live.
  • The Party Tower, a large present building where the royal family lives.
  • Dessert Lane, an area of the Kingdom made out of sweets such as cake, chocolate, ice cream, etc.
  • Toy's End, an area of the Kingdom with large toys.
  • Bubble Way, an area above the Kingdom, hosting large bubbles the player can swim through.

Special Wrapping Paper


Cropurma Acres
of the Farm Kingdom

This Kingdom has a heavy agricultural society, with the citizens growing crops for food. Cropurmians, the citizens of the Kingdom, are vegetable-like beings. In addition to the ranches on the Kingdom, there is also a forest, as well as an underground tunnel.

  • Cropurma Ranches, a group of ranches run by Cropurmians.
  • The Barn, a large, barn-like building where the royal family lives.
  • Green Forests, a light forest of the Kingdom.
  • Deep Woods, an area deeper inside the woods, notably darker and where monsters live.
  • The Tunnels, an underground area under the Cropurma Ranches, where monsters live and constantly steal food.
  • Dark Cave, an area deep within the tunnle. It is very dark and torches need to be lit to light the way.

Fresh-Salad Bouquet


of the Fantasy Kingdom

This Kingdom takes a fantasy theme, with mythical beasts, exotic locales, and outlandish landmarks. Pangerians, the inhabitants of this Kingdom, are wizard-like beings that commonly practice magic. A large dragon resides in a castle outside the Kingdom however, and the Party Planners are using it to gain the Birthday Kid's Crown.

  • Magic Road, a calm, grassy plain where monsters roam.
  • The Village, a village where many Pangerians live and practice magic.
  • Colud Castle, a large castle where the royal family lives.
  • Serene Skies, an area above the Kingdom, consisting of several clouds.
  • Dragon's Castle, a large castle outside the Kingdom where the dragon Wingtail lives.
  • Dragon's Peak, a volcano near Dragon's Castle.
  • Lava Road, an underground lava area inside Dragon's Peak.

Birthday Kid's Crown


Bloo Hoo Mansion
of the Ghost Kingdom

This Kingdom is relatively small compared to the other Kingdoms, as it all takes place in one large mansion, though that doesn't make it any less full of life. Bloos, ghost-like creatures, inhabit this mansion. They are, however, at constant war with King Boo and his Boo minions over who gets to rule over the mansion.

  • Front Yard, the area in front of the mansion's entrance.
  • Library, a large room in the mansion run by a Bloo in large glasses.
  • Commons Room, a set of large rooms where Bloos live.
  • Attic, the top of the mansion where the royal family resides.
  • Backyard, the backyard of the mansion.
  • Mildeberg's Hideout, a huge oak tree where Empress Mildeberg and a few of her subjects reside.
  • Boo's Cellar, an underground area underneath the mansion where many Boos reside.
  • King Boo's Lair, an area deep within Boo's Cellar where King Boo resides.

Glowing Tablecloth


Moonview City
of the Neon Kingdom

A Kingdom that takes place in a large city. It is almost always dark in this area, so several of the buildings have neon lights to illuminate the area, hence the name. There are large buildings that the Rescue Squad can enter. Monnviewers, beings that resemble New Donkers, also live in this area.

  • Main Street, the central area of the Kingdom.
  • Construction Site, an area with various multicolored girders and ladders, a reference to Donkey Kong.
  • Central Park, an open area within the city with trees and such.
  • Moonview Sewers, the city sewers where monsters reside.
  • Moonview Arena, a large arena in Moonview City.
  • Casino Road, a large pinball-like area within the city casino.
  • Mayor's House, a white building within the city where the mayor and her family reside.
  • The Skyscrapper, the top of Moonview City's tallest skyscrapper.

Prized Jukebox


Nimbus Station 8
of the Heaven Kingdom

A Kingdom set on a large cloud above a ravine. There are large cloud structures, as well as large stone towers surrounding the Kingdom. Cloud-like spirits called Nimbusians reside in this area. There are also several stations within the Kingdom, and the Nimbus Station allows for quick travel between them. This Kingdom is protected by the legendary bird goddess Thunderbeak, which the Party Planners have taken control of.

  • Sky Path, an area outside of the Kingdom consisiting of small clouds where monsters roam.
  • Nimbus Transport, a small area run by a large Lakitu in a bus-shaped cloud that operates transport between Nimbus Stations.
  • Rainbow Hill, a large, hilly passage with rainbows.
  • Nimbus Central, the main city where Nimbusians live.
  • Thunderbeak's Pass, a path of clouds leadiing from Nimbus Central and to Thunderbeak's Lair.
  • Thunderbeak's Lair, a large stone tower where Thunderbeak and her babies live.
  • Castle Nimbus, a large castle where the royal family lives.
  • Thundercloud Valley, an area largely consisting of thunderclouds, where monsters roam.
  • Lightning Hideout, a large thundercould where Lakithunder resides.

Cloudy Cake


Wildern Range
of the West Kingdom

A Kingdom that takes place in a large, western setting, with cacti, tumbleweeds, and a lack of vegetation. Wilderners reside here, which resemble New Donkers but have western attire. The buildings are all constructed of wood, stone, and other material.

  • Wildern Town, the central area of the Kingdom where Wilderners live.
  • Mayor's House, a small house where the mayor and her family live.
  • The Watering Hole, a large body of water.
  • Cactus Cove, a dry area covered in cactus where monsters live.
  • Rocky Canyon, a large canyon located near Wildern Town, where monsters roam.
  • Deep Mines, a mineshaft located under Wildern Town, which expans to interconnect between the other areas of the Kingdom.

Confetti Cannon


Leafway Junction
of the Leaf Kingdom

A Kingdom that is placed deep in the jungle. Notably, the Kingdom is full of streets and roads constructed of wood and held up by vines in the trees. This is mainly due to the inhabitants of this Kingdom, Junctioners, being part-animal part-vehicle.

  • Busy Street, a large interconnection of roads where Junctioners move around.
  • Muddy Swamps, a large swamp where monsters live.
  • Royal Road, a large street that leads to the home of the royal family.
  • Tire Works, a large factory where tires for the Junctioners are made.
  • Junction Skyway, a road leading to the sky, where large platforms are located.
  • Leafway Raceway, a large racetrack where Junctioners commonly race.
  • Cascade Falls, an area of the jungle with a large waterfall where monsters reside.
  • Bubbletrucky, an underwater area near Cascade Falls where fish-like Junctioners live.
  • Test Track, a small area where young Junctioners start to learn how to move.

Grand-Entrance Carpet


Port Pixel
of the Minus Kingdom

A Kingdom set by the sea in a pixelated area similar to that of Super Mario Bros., albeit there are elements from other NES Mario titles that appear. However though, the area constantly glitches, causing a number of random things to happen. Because of this, the Kingdom's residents, the Pixelators, made settlement by the water where glitches are less common.

  • Port Central, the harbor that makes up Port Pixel.
  • Pixel Town, a sall village made of pixelated houses where Pixelators live.
  • Bit Fort, a pixelated castle where the royal family lives.
  • Tile Seas, a large, pixelated ocean by Port Pixel.
  • Bitlands, a pixelated area outside of Port Pixel, where monsters and glitches are common.
  • Second-Level Caves, an underground area full of monsters and glitches.
  • Glitchy Chasm, a large chasm with Mushroom Platforms. Glitches and monsters are commonplace here.
  • Glitch's End, dark area where glicthes are the most common.

Pixel Refreshments


of the Cinema Kingdom

A Kingdom that is very reminiscent of old black-and-white cartoons. The towngoers, Rubberians, are cartoon animals. In addition to this, there is a large castle where the royal family lives as well as a skyward road constructed out of rolling film

  • City Streets, the main area of Rubberhose where Rubberians live.
  • The Cinema, an area in Rubberhose where movies are shown.
  • Harmonia, a large field with a castle where the royal family lives.
  • Filming Skies, a strange skyway path constructed of filming material.
  • Outer Space, an area above Rubberhose set in space. Gravity is notably low here.

Old-Fashioned Recorder


List of Party Stars

Honeyhive Elementary
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
#01 Buzzing Bee-ginnings Use the Bee Mushroom to fly to a discarded tree branch and collect the Mystic Stone.
#02 Climbing the Honey Wall Use the Bee Mushroom to climb a honeycomb wall and collect the Mystic Stone.
#03 Party Shards in the Playground Collect the five Party Shards in the Playground.
#04 Jump Rope Champion Play jump rope with two other Bea children and get at least 100 points before failing, with each jump making five points. After this, the Bea children will grant the Mystic Stone.
#05 Fat Kid on the Seesaw The player must ground pound on one end of the seesaw to send the fat Bea student flying upward. When he comes falling down, he will launch the player into the sky, landing on a cloud where the Mystic Stone is.
#06 Secret Yoshi-Go-Round The player must ground pound on the one purple Yoshi on the Yoshi-Go-Round, taking them to a secret obstacle course. There is a Mystic Stone at the end of the course.
#07 Turn the Camera The player must find the Mystic Stone in the obstacle course, hidden in an aclove in the wall behind the player.
#08 Lost and Found The player must find a stuffed bee in the Lost and Found bin in the Main Hall and return it to a Bea student in the Playground, who will trade it for a Mystic Stone.
#09 Locked in a Locker The player must unlock a Bea student's locker in the main hall by correctly answering a combination of questions, with the Mystic Stone being inside the locker.
#10 Pest Control The player must help an adult Bea defeat Mandibugs and Scuttlebugs in the storage room; he will grant a Mystic Stone in return.
#11 Stuck in the Roof The player must use the Bee Mushroom to climb honeycombs, leading to the Mystic Stone on the ceiling in the Main Hall.
#12 Homework Help The player must help a Bea student by answering a question on her homework. She will thank the player by giving then a Mystic Stone.
#13 Stone in the Drawer The player must open a drawer in the math classroom, releaving the Mystic Stone.
#14 Portal Panic The player must mix the red and blue potions in the science classroom, revealing a portal to an obstacle course. There is a Mystic Stone at the end of the course.
#15 Party Shards in the Portal The player must hit a switch in the obstacle course, causing five Party Shards to appear. These must be collected within the time limit to reveal a Mystic Stone.
#16 Uncork the Toilet As Toadette, the player must uncork a toilet in the girl's bathroom, revealing the Mystic Stone.
#17 Flushed Mystic Stone As Toad, Bowser Jr., or Waluigi, the player must travel down one of the toilets to reach a hidden area where the Mystic Stone is.
#18 A Leaky Toilet As Toad, Bowser Jr., or Waluigi, the player must ground pound a leaky toilet in the boy's bathroom, unveiling a Mystic Stone.
#19 Janitor Duty The player must pick up food from the ground in the Cafeteria and throw it away. An older Bea will thank them and give them a Mystic Stone.
#20 Lunch Rush The player must help the Cafeteria Beas by serving lunch food to the Bea students. This is rewarded with the Mystic Stone.
#21 Mystic Stone Recipe The player must help the Cafeteria Beas collect food items from the kitchen and mix them in a large pot. This creates some stew, in addition to a Mystic Stone the player can collect.
#22 Air Duct Hijinxs The player must climb through the air duct of Honeyhive Elementary to find the Mystic Stone.
#23 Stingbies in the Gym The player must help a group of Bea students in the gym defeat a team of Stingbies in dodgeball by defeating them. A Mystic Stone is awarded afterwards.
#24 Behind the Bleachers The player must find a Mystic Stone hidden behind the blechers.
#25 D-O-N-K-E-Y The player must play a game of D-O-N-K-E-Y with a group of Bea students; using the Bee Mushroom, the player must drop the ball in the hoop. Missing the ball six times results in a failure. If the player is the last one standing however, a Mystic Stone is awarded.
#26 Setting the Score The player must hit the scoreboard until it comes to the score of 19-85 (a reference to the release date of Super Mario Bros.). Doing so will unveil a Mystic Stobe.
#27 Secret of the Hoop Using the Bee Mushroom, the player must fly through a glowing hoop to be taken to a secret obstacle course that tests the player's skills with the item. A Mystic Stone is found at the end of the course.
#28 Bea Racing Using the Bee Mushroom, the player must win a flyng race against a group of Bea students. Victory results in a Mystic Stone.
#29 Some Encouragement The player must help a Bea student struggling with flying in the gym using the Bee Mushroom. She will give the player a Mystic Stone afterwards.
#30 Exploring Off Campus The player must climb the Treetops to find a Mystic Stone in a hole.
#31 Mad Mandibug! The player must defeat a Mandibug Stack in the Treetops to get a Mystic Stone.
#32 Red Coins in the Leaves The player must find eight Red Coins scattered in the tree branches, getting a Mystic Stone afterwards.
#33 Snapping a Twig To get the Mystic Stone, the player must kick away a small branch with a golden leaf on it.
#34 Buzzing with the Wind Using the Bee Mushroom, the player must buzz with a gust of wind to reach a cloud platform, which has a Mystic Stone.
#35 Lost Bea The player must find a lost, crying Bea on a tree branch and return her to campus. Her parents will be waiting there and will thank the player by giving them a Mystic Stone.
#36 Crack Opening The player must find a small crack in a tree branch and climb inside, where a Mystic Stone is found.
#37 Hidden Honey The player must ground pound a certain area in the tree to release a river of honey. Then, using the Bee Mushroom the player must climb down the honey to reach the Mystic Stone.
#38 Spray the Sun The player must use F.L.U.D.D. and get on top of a large platform with a telescope on the tree. They then must spray the sun with F.L.U.D.D. to unveil a Mystic Stone.
#39 Inviting the Beas The player must find the secret hideout of Belle, Brooke, and Brittany to invite them to Pearl's birthday party. Doing so awards a Mystic Stone.
#40 Under the Clubhouse The player mustcrawl under the secret hideout to find an opening, taking them to the Mystic Stone.
#41 Toy Chest Secret The player ground pound near the toy chest in the secret hideout to open a hidden obstacle course area. The Mystic Stone is found at the end of the course.
#42 At the Top! The player must find a Mystic Stone at the top of the tree.
#43 Scuttlebug Scurry! The player must defeat Scuttlebugs while protecting an adult Bea explorer. Defeating all of them will have the explorer give the player a Mystic Stone.
#44 Red Coins in the Treetops The player must collect the eight Red Coins in the top of the tree to get the Mystic Stone.
#45 Climbing Mandibug's Tower The player must use the Bee Mushroom to scale a large tower in the Treetops, getting a Mystic Stone on the way.
#46 Mandibug Rumble The player must hit a switch to drop a block on a large group of Mandibugs, defeating them all and granting a Mystic Stone.
#47 Through the Window The player must break through a window in the tower to enter a secret room where the Mystic Stone is.
#48 Bugaboom on the Tower The player must defeat Bugaboom on the top of the tower.
#49 Dodgeball Rematch! The Stingbies must be defeated once again while helping the dodgeball team in the Gym. However, there are a lot more now, as well as some Urban Stingbies.
#50 Bug Army Attack! The player must defeat a swarm of Mandibugs around Honeyhive Elementary and rescue Bea students. Bugaboom must also be rematched on the school roof, this time alongside other Mandibugs.
Thundervolt Castle
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
#01 Hidden in the Clouds The player must clear away some fog to find a Mystic Stone.
#02 Sprouting in the Sky The player must find a seed and plant it in a patch of dirt in Cloudy Road. After awhile, it will sprout into a flower, unveiling a Mystic Stone.
#03 Target Practice with Lakitu Using the Penguin Suit, the player must freeze Spinies thrown by a Lakitu and throw them at a cage, breaking it to free a Mystic Stone.
#04 Under the Temple Some cloud platforms must be used o travel underneath the Thunder Temple, where the Mystic Stone is.
#05 Trials of the Temple The player must solve puzzles in various rooms of the Thunder Temple, similar to the Riddle Tower in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Afterwards, a statue rises from the ground, with a Mystic Stone.
#06 Draft in the Temple The player must climb to the roof of the Thunder Temple and travel down a hole, leading them to the rafters where the Mystic Stone is.
#07 Digging through the Rubble The player must find a Mystic Stone in the Ruined Castle.
#08 Secret of the Jar The player must enter a large jar that takes them to a secret area located underwater. Red Coins must be collected to earn the Mystic Stone.
#09 Jar's Secret Cavern The player must find a hidden cavern in the secret area in the jar, where the Mystic Stone is.
#10 On the Castle Wall The player must collect the Mystic Stone on a large pile of rubble in the Ruined Castle.
#11 The Spirit of Hikark The player must defeat Hikark's Spirit in the castle's rubble. His defeat will award the player with the Mystic Stone.
#12 Blooming Flowers The player must ground pound on flowers to make them bloom. After all 10 have bloomed, the Mystic Stone is rewarded.
#13 Secret Leaf The player must use the Cloud Flower to access a leaf that is otherwise unreachable, which has a Mystic Stone on it.
#14 The Beanstalk's Red Coins The player must collect eight Red Coins that are scattered on the Beanstalk. Collecting all of them will grant the player a Mystic Stone.
#15 Between Two Stalks The player must collect the Mystic Stone buried in a patch of dirt between two stalks of the Beanstalk by ground pounding it.
#16 Crate Breaking 1 The player must help a Toad by destroying several crates within 30 seconds, similar to the crate-destroying mission in Super Mario Sunshine. Afterwards, he will reward the player with a Mystic Stone.
#17 Crate Breaking 2 The player must help the Toad break a more difficult arrangement of crates within 30 seconds. Afterwards, he will grant the player a Mystic Stone.
#18 Crate Breaking 3 The player must help the Toad brak an even more difficult arrangement of crates within 30 seconds. Afterwards, he will grant the player a final Mystic Stone.
#19 Well Well Well The player must find the Mystic Stone at the bottom of a well.
#20 Wagon Escort The player must escort a wagon full of supplies from the Ground Kingdom to Sarina's Castle while protecting it from enemies such as Goombas and Shy Guys.
#21 A Fake Window The Mystic Stone is behind a wall painting of a window. It must be washed off with a bucket of water to reveal it.
#22 Garden in the Town The player must pick up and carry seeds all over the Ground Kindom and bring them to the garden. These seeds will grow into Sunflower Kids, who will give the player a Mystic Stone.
#23 Underground Theives The player must travel under the garden and defeat Monty Moles who are stealing food from the garden. Doing this rewards the player with a Mystic Stone.
#24 Beat Block's Beats The player must enter a special door in one of the houses of The Village, taking them to an area identical to Beat Block Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Mystic Stone is found at the end of the area, awarded after collecting the eight Red Coins at the end.
#25 Inside Beat Block Pyramid The player must find a hidden Mystic Stone near the end of the Beat Block area.
#26 A Clogged Chimney One of the townspeople has a clogged chimney. After ground pounding it, the chimney will clear, and the player will be rewarded with a Mystic Stone.
#27 Rickety Rails The player must travel into The Mines and ride a mine cart to dodge obstacles. There is a Mystic Stone at the end of the track.
#28 Secret Path on the Rails The player must take an alternate path on the rails to collect the Mystic Stone.
#29 On the Yellow Path The player must follow a trail of Coins near Sarina's Castle to lead them to a cave where the Mystic Stone is.
#30 In the Rafters Using the Cloud Flower, the player must find a Mystic Stone in the rafters of Sarina's Castle.
#31 Tanooki Suits Me The player must use the Tanooki Suit and transform into a statue, revealing a hidden path of blocks above Sarina's castle. Climbing the blocks will lead to a Mystic Stone.
#32 The Gold Bird Using the Cloud Flower, the player must chase a golden bird, and catching it will reveal a Mystic Stone.
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Cropurma Acres
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Bloo Hoo Mansion
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Moonview City
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Nimbus Station 8
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Wildern Range
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Leafway Junction
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
#01 Kickball Calamity The player must score some points by kicking a blue ball into a goal while avoiding a young Junctioner on the Test Track. After this, a Party Star is awarded.
#02 The Golden Truck The player must find a large, yellow truck-like Junctioner and climb into the back of it, finding the Party Star inside.
#03 Signs, Signs, Signs The player must help a Junctioner set up some signs around Busy Street. A Party Star will be rewarded.
#04 Treasure Map The player must help guide two young Junctioners around Cascade Falls, leading them to a Tostarean. It will give them a Party Star for their efforts.
#05 Destruction Function Using the Rock Mushroom, the player must help some Junctioners on Royal Road by smashing into train cars, connecting them in the right order to spell "PARTY". After this, a Party Star is granted.
#06 Clambulance Chase Using the Frog Mushroom, the player must take a young Junctioner with a busted engine to a nearby ambulance Junctioner in Bubbletrucky. Doing so will grant the player a Party Star.
#07 Pineapple Panic The player must destroy a large pineapple on the seafloor of Bubbletrucky, where a Party Star is.
#08 The Puppet Show The player must control a set of puppets to put on a show called "Bert and Burnie". If successful, the audience will grant the player a Party Star.
Port Pixel
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
Underworld Express
# Party Star name How to get Party Star
#01 The Tostarean's Grand Questionaire The player must talk to the Tostarean on the Underworld Express, and answer five of his eight questions correctly to earn a Party Star.
#02 Dreamy Trainwreck The player must talk to Dreambert on the Underworld Express, providing entrance to the dream realm. Here, the player must defeat Dreamy Underworld Express to earn a Party Star.
#03 C'mon, Cheer Up! The player must talk to the Shy Guy sitting by himself on the Underworld Express, who will give a Party Star as thanks for spending time with him.
#04 Lost Camera The player must talk to L.K., who is looking for his camera. After finding it in the storage car of the Underworld Express, L.K. will give the player a Party Star.
#05 Jammed Door The player must talk to Timif Guy, who locked himself out of his room. The door must be kicked down to access the room, with the Party Star being found in a drawer.
#06 Trumbone's Colorful Tune The player must give the Music Sheet found in Honeyhive Elementary to Trumbone, who will then use it to play the overworld theme of Super Mario Bros. 3. He will then give the player a Party Star.
#07 Trumbone's Graceful Melody The player must give the Music Sheet found in Partylooza to Trumbone, who will then use it to play the underground theme of Super Mario Bros. 3. He will then give the player a Party Star.
#08 Trumbone's Spiritual Song The player must give the Music Sheet found in Nimbus Station 8 to Trumbone, who will then use it to play the athletic theme of Super Mario Bros. 3. He will then give the player a Party Star.
#09 Trumbone's Touching Music The player must give the Music Sheet found in Leafway Junction to Trumbone, who will then use it to play the castle theme of Super Mario Bros. 3. He will then give the player a Party Star.
#10 Trumbone's Heartful Piece The player must give the Music Sheet found in Port Pixel to Trumbone, who will then use it to play the Hammer Bro. battle theme of Super Mario Bros. 3. He will then give the player a Party Star.
#11 Blaze in the Freezer The player must take a frozen Blaze out of the freezer and break him out with a ground pound. After this, he will melt another ice cube with his powers and give the player the Party Star inside.
# Party Star name How to get Party Star



Regular Items

Birthday Presents

Using Coins and Regional Coins, players are able to buy birthday presents from the various shops around the Kingdoms to give to Pearl. Talking to Ruby will allow her to use her magic to wrap any presents the player has. Many of these presents make references to other Mario games.

Present Description Cost
Cappy Model Mario's cap friend from his journey across the world. Wear it on your head and it'll feel like you're right in the Cap Kingdom! 200 Coins
Yoshi Doll Who doesn't love Yoshi? He's nice and cuddly, especially as a plush toy. Take him to sleep at night for some pleasant dreams! 300 Coins
The Thousand-Year Door Poster Since the Thousand-Year Door isn't really a tourist attraction - after all it does lead to the Palace of Shadow - we figured a poster of it is the next best thing! 1000 Coins
Bowser's Top Hat A pretty slick top hat worn by Bowser for his big wedding. The hat also comes with a pair of boxing gloves, though when kids wear it, it's recommended to keep the safety on. 25 Regional Coins
Bowser Action Figure Disclamber: This store is not responsible for any damages done to property, loved ones, or one self. Play with caution. 20 Regional Coins
Tin Watering Can This large watering can holds lots of water, and is excellent for gardening! Just try to not spill it on your paper. 50 Regional Coins
Wario Car Wario's car is a pretty fancy ride, and with this miniature version you can ride fancy too! Perfect for when you want to turn a simple drive into a game of bumper cars! 15 Regional Coins
Nontendo 4DS Get your kids the new Nontendo 4DS for their birthday! It's got a lot of great games (not included) for your children to enjoy! What's that? The 4D part? Yeah... we don't know either... 30 Regional Coins
Yellow Trash Bin Ever need some trash in your room thrown away, but don't wanna waste the time to get up and walk downstairs to do it? Put this in your room and you can save yourself around 60 steps! 80 Coins
Cataquack-in-the-Box These Cataquaks, native to Isle Delfino, make for great trampoline partners. Wind up this little box to have one pop out and try to flip you over. It's not that successful, but he's trying his best OK? 200 Coins
Mario Party: The Board Game The new game you can play at parties for some family-style fun! Roll the dice, move the spaces, and get as many Stars as you can! Comes with six characters and eight different boards! 1000 Coins


Enemy Description / Locations Enemy Description / Locations

Goomba walk NSMBU

Goombas are small Mushroom-like creatures. They will walk around and charge at the player when nearby. The can be defeated with any attack.

Mini Goomba Icon SMO
Micro Goomba

Micro Goombas are small, yellow Goombas that are usually found in groups. Like regular Goombas, they will charge at players, though their small size prevents them from dealing damage, and instead slowing the player down. Simply walking over them can defeat them.

Thundervolt Castle, Rockhinge, Treetopia, Partylooza, Cropurma Acres, Pangeria, Wildern Range, Leafway Junction

Thundervolt Castle, Treetopia, Wildern Range

Paragoomba NSMBU

Paragoombas are Goombas with wings. They will fly through the air and will attempt to attack the player by swooping down on them, damaging them. Jumping on them will remove their wings.

Galoomba - Mario Party 10

Galoombas are small, round Goombas. They act identical in that they can charge at the player when nearby, though simply jumping on them will not dfeeat them, and only stun them. Galoombas can be picked up and thrown at other enemies when stunned, however.

Thundervolt Castle, Rockhinge, Partylooza, Nimbus Station 8

Partylooza, Pangeria, Wildern Range, Leafway Junction, Rubberhose

Goombrat SMR solo

Goombrats are Goombas that resemble persimmons more than Mushrooms. They act almost exactly like Goombas, though they will not chase the player off ledges.

Metal Goomba

Metal Goombas are, as their name suggests, Goombas made out of metal. They act identically to Goombas, though their hard bodies make them invincible. They are also quite heavy, and therefore can be used for solving puzzles, such as weighing down platforms and flipping switches.

Treetopia, Pangeria, Rubberhose

Leafway Junction, Rubberhose

MKDX Green Koopa Troopa


MKDX Blue Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopa

Koopa Troopas are humanoid turtle-like enemies that wear shoes. They will walk around, ignoring the player. They can be stomped on to make them hide in their shell, in which it can be picked up and thrown at other enemies and blocks. They can come in three color variants; green ones walk off edges while red ones turn at them. Blue ones are identical to red ones, but stomping on them allows the player to obtain the Blue Shell power-up.


Biddybuds are small fungus creatures. They are normally found in groups and will move from side to side. They can be defeated with any attack.

Honeyhive Elementary, Thundervolt Castle, Rockhinge, Treetopia, Partylooza, Cropurma Acres, Pangeria, Nimbus Station 8, Leafway Junction

Rockhinge, Treetopia, Cropurma Acres

Hammer Bro.

Hammer Bros. are elite Koopa Troopas that wear armor. They attack by throwing hammers at the player in arcs, damaging them from afar. Their armor makes them rather resilient against damage, though generally one attack stuns them and another defeats them.

Boomerang Bro.

Boomerang Bros. are blue Hammer Bros. that, as their name suggest, throw boomerangs as opposed to hammers. The boomerangs travel forward, damaging the player and then returning back to them. One attack can stun them, while another will defeat them.

Rockhinge, Treetopia, Cropurma Acres, Pangeria, Moonview City

Treetopia, Moonview City, Rubberhose

Fire Bro.

Fire Bros. are Hammer Bros. with red shells and helmets. They, as their name implies, throw fireballs at the player rather than hammers. The fireballs will bounce across the ground, ricocheting off walls they hit. A single attack will stun them, and another can defeat them.

001 (6)-0
Torch Bro.

Torch Bros. are purple Hammer Bros. that have leaves sticking out of their helmets. Like their name suggests, they will throw torches as opposed to hammers. The torches fly in an arc, and when they hit the ground, will create a patch of fire that remains there, damaging players that touch it. They can be stunned by one attack, then defeated with another one.

Rockhinge, Treetopia, Pangeria, Nimbus Station 8

Treetopia, Leafway Junction

Shy Guy CTTT
Shy Guy

Shy Guys are robed, masked creatures. They will walk around the area and, upon seeing the player, will begin chasing after them. They can't be defeated by jumping on them; instead they can be picked up and thrown at other enemies.


Bob-ombs are small, mechanical bomb creatures with legs. Upon seeing the player, they will light their fuse and give chase, exploding a short time after. They can be attacked to render them motionless, then picked up and thrown to destroy walls and obstacles.

Thundervolt Castle, Rockhinge, Treetopia, Cropurma Acres, Pangeria, Moonview City, Nimbus Station 8, Wildern Range, Leafway Junction

Thundervolt Castle, Dampermia, Rockhinge, Moonvie City, Rubberhose

Klepto Icon SMO

Kleptos are large condors that fly around the area. If they spot a player nearby, they will swoop down and attempt to damage them by pecking their beak. Kleptos can usually be found flying, though at points may also be found sitting down. They can be punched in this state to defeat them.

Sherm Icon SMO

Sherms are large tank enemies. They move around on treads and will shoot bullets at the player. Ground pounding on their head will defeat them.

Rockhinge, Treetopia, Cropurma Acres, Nimbus Station 8

Moonview City, Rubberhose


Bitefrosts are large, snow golem enemies that hide underground. As soon as the player steps over them, they will rise upward and attempt to bite them. They are invincible and cannot be defeated.

Grinder Artwork - Yoshi's New Island

Ukikis are monkey enemies and are pretty persistent troublemakers. They can ambush the player and steal Coins from them, and will need to be chased down. Punching, kicking, or jumping on them will defeat them and give the player their Coins back.



Stingby 3D art

Stingbies are bee-like creatures. They will fly through the air aimlessly, but will charge at the player when they come nearby. Any attack can defeat them.


Mandibugs are large insectoid creatures with large mandibles, hence their name. They normally stay in place, but upon seeing the player, they will charge at them, attempting to damage them with their large mandibles. The most optimal way of defeating them is a ground pound.

Honeyhive Elementary

Honeyhive Elementary

Urban Stingby
Urban Stingby

Urban Stingbies are mosquito-like Stingbies that wear gas masks. They act closely to the way normal Stingbies act, but fly slower. To compensate though, they can extend their proboscis to attack the player from afar, which will damage them. They can be defeated with any attack.

100px-Urban Stingby Larva Icon SMO
Stingby Larva

Stingby Larvae are small, infant Stingbies. They will move around the area slowly, and are so weak that simply walking over them will defeat them. However, if left for long enough, it will eventually grow into a Stingby or Urban Stingby. They are commonly found in large groups of enemies.

Honeyhive Elementary

Honeyhive Elementary

Blue Ant Artwork - Super Mario 3D World
Ant Trooper

Ant Troopers are small, blue ant-like creatures. They do not directly attack the player, but will rather continually walk forward, even going up walls and ceilings. Jumping on them isn't effective, though punching them will defeat them.

Horned ant trooper nsmb3 nx
Horned Ant Trooper

Horned Ant Troopers atre, as their name suggests, Ant Troopers that wear red helmets with a spike on them. They act identically to Ant Troopers, though the spike prevents them from being able to be jumped on. A punch will also simply knock the helmet off rather than defeating them, reverting them to a standard Ant Trooper.

Honeyhive Elementary, Cropurma Acres

Honeyhive Elementary, Corpurma Acres


Party Planners

Boss Description

Happy - Party Planners

Happy is a Koopa Troopa clown and a member of the Party Planners. He is battled in Damperma, taking the Blamma Bubble Machine. When battled, he can attack by sliding in his shell and bouncing off the walls. In this state he can be jumped on, which will pop him out of his shell and unveil the Blue Shell item. Using it, the player must hit Happy as he tries to run away, damaging him. After three hits, he is defeated, which grants a Party Star and the Blamma Bubble Machine.

Party Guy & Rex - Party Planners
Party Guy & Rex

Party Guy is a Shy Guy member of the Party Planners, running a petting zoo at parties alongside his pet Chain Chomp, Rex. The two are battled in Rockhinge, claiming the "7th Birthday" Statue. In the fight, Rex will rampage around the arena as Party Guy tries to hold onto his chain, throwing vegetables at the player to attack. The player must jump on Party Guy to damage him, which will cause Rex to become enraged and start moving around faster, chasing the player. He will eventually calm down, and Party Guy will start attacking again. After three hits, the two are defeated, granting the player a Party Star and the "7th Birthday" Statue.

Ribbon Bro. - Party Planners
Ribbon Bro.

Ribbon Bro. is an experienced ribbon-dancer and a Hammer Bro. member of the Party Planners. He is found alongside the other members in Treetopia, taking the Birthday Bonsai, and is battled in the same area. In combat, Ribbon Bro. will put his ribbon-dancing skills to good use; he jumps around the arena and attempts to whip the player with his ribbon. At times he can also twirls with his ribbon, releasing projectiles such as hammers and boomerangs. He needs to be jumped on when he isn't attacking. Afterwards, he will go into a rage and begin spinning around with his ribbon, damaging the player. After he's hit three times, Ribbon Bro. will be defeated, rewarding the player with the Birthday Bonsai and a Party Star.

Buster - Party Planners

Buster is a Bob-omb member of the Party Planners, in charge of the pyrotechnics. He is battled in Partylooza, where he and the other Party Planners are taking the Special Wrapping Paper. He isn't battled like the other Party Planners in that he must be hit a few times before being defeated. Rather, his entire battle sees Buster call in waves of enemies such as Goombas, Stingbies, Piranha Plants, Chargin' Chucks, and Hammer Bros. to try and defeat the player. After each wave is defeated, Buster will get more angry and begin calling in stronger enemies. Eventually, Buster will get so angry that he will explode, allowing the player to collect a Party Star and the Special Wrapping Paper.

Raikitu - Party Planners

Raikitu is a member of the Party Planners who specializes in providing music for the parties, most typically heavy metal. He installed a set of drumbs on his cloud, allowing him to make music wherever he is. Raikitu is battled in Cropurma Acres, being matched for the Fresh-Salad Bouquet. In his battle, he will beat the drumbs on his cloud, creating thunder projectiles that bounce around the arena. Sometimes though, one of his drumbs will detach from the cloud, which the player needs to use to gain the height required to jump on him. After this, Raikitu becomes angry and begins storming around the arena, releasing thunder from his cloud. After three hits, Raikitu will be defeated, giving the player the Fresh-Salad Bouquet and a Party Star.

Koopini - Party Planners

Koopini is a magician member of the Party Planners, being a Magikoopa. First found in Pageria, he is battled in order to get the Birthday Kid's Crown. In his battle, Koopini will teleport around the arena, launching spells at the player. They come in three colors which dictate their effects when they hit the ground; red spells create a fireball that bounces along the ground, much like Magikoopas in Super Mario Galaxy, blue spells create a patch of blue flames that remain on the ground, and green spells summon a Goomba. He must be jumped on while he is firing spells to damage him, and afterwards he will begin spinning aroudn and firing multiple spells at once. Koopini is defeated after three hits, granting a Party Star and the Birthday Kid's Crown.

Booline Twins - Party Planners
Booline Twins

The Booline Twins are Boo sisters and members of the Party Planners, responsible for decorations. The white one is Abby and the blue one is Darah. Both are matched in Bloo Hoo Mansion, taking the Glowing Tablecloth. In their battle, the twins will both fire blue fireballs at the player while moving in a circular motion, always facing each other. They can also spew a blue beam that connects with each other that the player will need to dodge. To attack, the player must punch one of the fireballs back at one of the twins, then jump on them while stunned. One sister getting hit twice will cause them to disappear, causing the other to get angry and start throwing projectiles more frequently. She may also use an attack where she spins around, spewing fireballs everywhere. Once both sisters are defeated, they disappear, revealing the Glowing Tablecloth and a Party Star.

Goomba Troupe - Party Planners
Goomba Troupe

The Goomba Troupe, individually named Jack, Jake, Josh, and John, are a quartet of Goomba entertainers that perform on a unicycle, all of whom ae members of the Party Planners. The four are battled in Moonview City for the Prized Jukebox. When battling them, they will ride on their unicycle, moving around the arena. The player must use the springboards around the area to gain enough height to jump on the top Goomba's head. This Goomba will fall off of the stack and become angry, putting on a spiked helmet and charging at the player. The Goomba cannot be attacked, and will make dealing further damage to the boss more difficult. After each Goomba gets knocked off of the stack, they put on spiked helmets and join the other Goombas in charging at the player, making attacking even more difficult. After all four Goombas have been jumped on, the large unicycle crushes them, defeating them and unveiling a Party Star and the Prized Jukebox.

Chef Pubby - Party Planners
Chef Pubby

Chef Pubby is the Spike member of the Party Planners, in charge of preparing food for the party. He is seen in Nimbus Station 8, controlling Thunderbeak in order to get the Cloudy Cake. In his battle, Pubby will upchuck gobstoppers and throw them at the player, as they roll across the ground. The player must punch these back at Pubby, stunning him and allowing the player to jump on him. Afterwards, he encases himself in a large gobstopper and begins rolling around the arena. After three hits, Chef Pubby is defeated, granting the player the Cloudy Cake and a Party Star.

Dr. Piranhaca - Party Planners
Dr. Piranhaca

Dr. Piranhaca is a Piranha Plant genius. She converted her Warp Pipe into an all-terrain tank, complete with a cannon to launch Bullet Bills. This also provides transportation, which is how she managed to join the team. She is found and battled at Wildern Range, taking the Confetti Cannon. In battle, Piranhaca moves around the arena in her tank as it shoots Bullet Bills. At times, the cannon can also fire Coconuts, which must be attacked. They will fly back at Piranhaca and stun her, allowing the player to jump on her without getting bitten. This must be done three times, and after the third time, the tank will explode and Dr. Piranhaca will be defeated, granting the Confetti Cannon and a Party Star.

Krash - Party Planners

Krash is a Ka-Thunk member of the Party Planners, responsible for taking pictures and framing them for memories. He is battled at Leafway Junction, being seen snatching the Grand-Entrance Carpet. He is battled in a very similar way to King Ka-Thunk in Super Mario 3D World; he will move around the arena, trying to damage the player with the spikes on his frame. When he falls down, it leaves a large pink, fleshy weak spot open, which muct be ground pounded on to damage him. After three ground pounds, Krash's frame will break, and he will be defeated, allowing the player to get the Grand-Entrance Carpet and a Party Star.

Squidito - Party Planners

Squidito is a Blooper, and a member of the Party Planners. Thanks to his rainbow-colored ink, he is able to create paintings for the party, allowing him to whip up wall murals just for the occasion. He is sent to get Pixel Refreshments at Port Pixel, and is battled in the castle where glitches are most common. When battling, Squidito will fly out of the player's range and squirt ink all over the arena, which will casue them to slip and slide. However, Squidito will throw no further attacks, and just needs to be jumped on. After two hits, Squidito will start using black ink, which will damage the player on contact. After three hits, Squidito rewards the player with the Pixel Refreshments and a Party Star, being defeated.

Gustavo - Party Planners

Gustavo, a Monty Mole, is the leader, founder, and boss of the Party Planners. He is responsible for client relations and troubleshooting, and leads the rest of the team to the various Kingdoms. Gustavo himself is battled in Rubberhose, taking the Old-Fashioned Camera. In his battle, Gustavo will dig under the arena, where he will stay for a short time. He will then pop out of the ground and begin chasing the player. If a ground pound is used, he will become stunned, and must be jumped on to be damaged. He may also throw rocks at the player while digging underground. After three hits, Gustavo is defeated, giving the player a Party Star and the Old-Fashioned Camera.

Other Bosses

Boss Description


Bugaboom is first found on a tower on top of the tree that holds up Honeyhive Elementary. Afterwards, he then appears on the roof of Honeyhive Elementary, leading an attack much like Super Mario and the Underworld Trials. He is battled in a rather similar way to Super Mario Galaxy; he will begin the battle by charging at the player, attempting to crush them with his mandibles. He must be ground pounded on his back, much like regular Mandibugs. After this, Bugaboom will become enraged and begin flying around. Using the Bee Mushroom, the player must climb upward and ground pound him. Doing this a few more times will defeat him. In both instances he is battled, he rewards the player with a Mystic Stone.

Hikark's Spirit
Hikark's Sprirt

Hikark was a giant that kidnapped Sarina and took her to Thundervolt Castle, using her mysterious powers to make himself stronger. In Super Mario and the Underworld Trials, Hikark was defeated by Mario and friends and Sarina was rescued. However, in this game he attacks Sarina's kingdom as a ghost, seeking revenge. The player battles him on top of Sarina's castle. The player will need to jump on his hand as he slams it on the roof and climb up on it, reaching his head. Then, using the Tanooki Suit, the player must transform into a statue and land on his head, damaging him. After three hits, Hikark's Sprit will disappear, defeated, and in turn revealing the Mystic Stone.

Dreamy Underworld Express
Dreamy Underworld Express

The Dreamy Underworld Express is an optional boss. To battle it, the player can talk with Dreambert if he is aboard the Underworld Express, who will take them to the Dream World. Here, an animate, living variant of the train is battled. The train is never battled directly, rather the player needs to chase them. Throughout the battle, the player is riding on a platform along paralell tracks to the train, armed with arrow switches that move the platform and buttons that fire cannonballs at the train. This platform can withstand six attacks before being destroyed however, this making the player lose a life. In order to defeat the Dreamy Underworld Express, each of the train cars must be destroyed first. The first train car will fire Bullet Bills and King Bills, the latter of which needs to be dodged by moving the car over. The next train car has a catapult that will launch Bob-ombs, whose explosions can damage the car. As such, whenever they appear they must be picked up and thrown off the car. The third train car combines both tactis, launching King Bills and Bob-ombs. After this, the head of the train must be defeated, which will constantly fire Bullet Bills to damage the player, as well as try to ram into the platform. After it is defeated, the Dreamy Underworld Express crashes into a wall and explodes, revealing a Party Star.

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