The Recolor War refers to a background event that happened sometime after Fantendo:Playing War. It was mentioned in both Fantendo Smash Bros. Scarlet Skies and Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered and is a huge part of the story in Fantendo Smash Bros. Cracked. As its name suggests, it was a war between "recolors" and "original characters". Not much information was given about it, but it is implied that the recolors lost and were either murdered in battle or were forced to relocate to The Wasteland.

Background info

The Recolor War seems to have been spurred on by White Goddess, who claimed the recolors were hollow clones of their originals and while genocide was suggested, the recolors would eventually populate the The Wasteland instead. Those who disagreed with the rule mysteriously vanished, with protests being present but silent to the point where many in the original Fantendoverse were unaware of the plight. While some recolors stayed in the normal reality, most were forcefully removed and plunged into a land that would forget about them.

Recolors generally lived desolate lives in the Wasteland, with the Wasteland becoming populated with small, worn out towns. The Recolor War would mostly play in the background, with recolors attempting to break away from White Goddess' oppressive rule and break back into the main reality- of which few were able to survive the transition. As White Goddess became more selective of what was allowed and what wasn't in the main reality, the recolors would be joined with characters that were deemed inappropriate, crowding the Wasteland even more.

The Recolors and banned characters took on the alternate title of "Banned from Fantendo" and became even more unruly as a result with even more unrest in the Wasteland. During this time, a young Aurora and two recolors named Koyn Kisunagu and Zelena Neon would attempt to put a stop to a plan created by a recolor named Crack the Hedgehog- who was actually a old friend named Lectro the Hedgehog who had been corrupted by The Fracture that had formed in the Fantendoverse thanks to the actions of Unten's time travel and changing of the events on Zeon.

Crack's plan was to open the Fracture and cause the event known as the Shattering- resetting the universe to take White Goddess out of power and place a more fair and balanced reality. However, Crack's mental state had degenerated severely, and seemed to have no idea what he was actually doing this for anymore. Although Koyn, Zelena, Aurora, and more characters from the Wasteland were able to stop Crack, it did require someone to rest inside the Fracture to close it in from the inside. As such, Koyn made the sacrifice, slowly becoming the distorted creature known as Clockwarx.

Zelena Neon and Aurora returned back to the Wasteland. Zelena was later captured by White Goddess due to her being implicated in the opening of the Fracture, which led a more grown Aurora to try and fight to get her back with another group of Wastelanders, those would consider themselves "Banned from Fantendo'. This was not quite a success, as Zelena would be critically wounded but freed, while Aurora was transformed into a mindless puppet servant for White Goddess. Those who had joined her crusade were transformed into Assist Pearls.

This would set the scene for Days of Shattering, when the Shattering was finally unleashed and despite a tough fight, required a universe reset, creating the present day Fantendo Multiverse.

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