The Randomest Game You'll Ever Play is a random game made by Studio MF for PC.  It stars lots of characters and has a random story.



  1. Shroom
  2. Gobo
  3. Mudkip
  4. Weegee


  1. Smarty
  2. Goomba
  3. Pac-Man
  4. Turtle
  5. Pico
  6. Moose A. Moose
  7. Zee The Bird
  8. Malleo
  9. Elmo
  10. Walleo
  11. Waweegee
  12. Nyan Cat


  1. Boom Boom
  2. Porky Minch
  3. Ganon
  4. Herobrine
  5. Koopa's Kids
  6. Koopa


Chapter 0

  • Level 1: Nubcaik Training: Smarty teaches you the basics of the game and you have to learn them in order to beat the level.
  • Level 2: Rookie Training: Smarty teaches you some intermediate stuff and you have to learn them in order to beat the level.
  • Level 3: Advanced Training: Smarty teaches you some advanced stuff and you have to learn them in order to beat the level.
  • Level 4: Recap Time!: Now it's time to show our skills and "kick Boom Boom's shell"!

Chapter 1

  • Level 1: Happy Hills: You have to go through "a freakishly happy place" filled with smiley faces with feet, rain storms of coins and flying pigs singing to SML2 music played on kazoos and a xylophone.
  • Level 2: Mushroom Polka: You have to travel some NES-Styled SMB1 athletic level while "Spazzmatica Polka" plays.
  • Level 3: Pipe Maze: You have to find your way out of "a sea of pipes, plants and bad stuff".
  • Level 4: Maple Syrup Road: Based on the level with the same name from Super Talking Time Bros.
  • Level 5: Rage In Grass Land: You have to travel a grassland infested by "Ragefaces having a war on who is awesomer" while dodging their bullets, grenades and gas attacks! D:
  • Level 6: Up And Down: You have to climb a each couple of block towers standing on a blanket spikes and jump down to the next tower.
  • Level 7: Koopa's Kids V.S. The World: Must you battle Koopa's Kids in a tree with elevators.

Chapter 2

  • Level 1: The Bridge To Rust Canyon: Pico builds a bridge that leads to the infamous Rust Canyon and you have to cross it dodging sea gulls and sharks.
  • Level 2: Welcome To Rust Canyon: You enjoy a stay at a village in Rust Canyon, known as Copper Village. Suddenly, a clan of ninjas invades the village, dismantling nearly the hotel you stayed in. To your reaction, you have to knock out the ninjas using a pirate sword.
  • Level 3: Canyon Free Falling: This is the first freefalling level. You have to dodge cactuses, barbed wire and sharp rocks as you advance to the bottom.
  • Level 4: Ivory Sewers: You land into the Ivory Sewers, being surrounded by rats and bats. You must get out of there!
  • Level 5: Yucky Waters Ahoy!: Moose A. Moose and Zee give you a trip to Porky Minch's Island in their very own speedboat. On your way there, sea bombs and sea monsters roam. You have to jump and duck to get through until the boat crashes leaving you into Porky Minch's Island. There you have to fight Porky Minch, who is riding his Bed Mecha 3000x2.

Chapter 3

  • Level 1: Timestop Attack: On your way to Herobrine Temple, you have to dodge Bullet Bills and Banzai Bills by using stopwatches that stop time!
  • Level 2: Walleo And Waweegee's Quiz Show: You stumble into a quiz show that is hosted by Walleo and Waweegee! They give you questions that you must answer correctly for a 500 septillion dollar prize!
  • Level 3: Power Plant Nightmare: You have to go through an abandoned power plant overrun by Amps and Chain Chomps.
  • Level 4: Balloon Tripping: Mounting "a bouquet of balloons", you have to fly to Herobrine's Oasis, where Herobrine Temple is, dodging "deadly sparks and man-eating sea creatures".
  • Level 5: Creepy Creeper Forest: You have to go through a forest with Creepers in it.
  • Level 6: What A Short Level...: Similar to the short level in SMBX episode, The Invasion 2!
  • Level 7: Touch Fuzzy, Get Caved In: Deep in a cave, there are Fuzzies. Use wise directions to exit the cave and try not to get Fuzzified.
  • Level 8: Sumo Electro: You have to fly through the sky on a magical pony, dodging lighting bolts from Sumo Bros. on clouds.
  • Level 9: Jaunty Grasslands: To the beat of Shake Ya Boogie, you have to run, jump and clear a path on your way to Herobrine Temple in a lively grassland.
  • Level 10: Herobrine Temple: There it is. Herobrine Temple. Dodge his deadly traps and at the end, face a battle against him.

Chapter 4

  • Level 1: Llamas Of The Caribean: As you take Herobrine's boat, you have to battle a fleet of pirate llamas.
  • Level 2: I Like Trains: Getting ran over by a train, you have to control the train off track by jumping over ravines and mines.
  • Level 3: Manic Little Ponies: After the train falls into Equesteria, you have to fight Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Ms. Rarity and Twilight Sparkle for the second time, but with wings.
  • Level 4: Escape From Planet Equesteria (And Ponyland): You have to run from Mayor Mare as she throws exploding apples at you in order to escape Ponyland!
  • Level 5: I Rule Hyrule: Now you have to travel Hyrule, which is taken over by Ganon's minions.  But, the gameplay is done to the beat of the music.
  • Level 6: Revenge Of Ganon: Now you have to travel to Ganon's hideout, explore it and defeat Ganon.  After defeating Ganon, you have to escape the crumbling hideout and hop on the Nyan Cat!

Chapter 5

  • Level 1: Shroomdious: On your way to Planet Crazy, you have to fight a fleet of Haters, aliens, Tac Nayns, toaster dogs, Pedobears, ninjas, mine turtles, flying hippos, cosmic clones a Moon bear named Desmond barfing Pedobears barfing rainbows.
  • Level 2: Space Unicorn: The Level: To the beat of Space Unicorn, you have to run on rainbows, jump over black holes, shoot intergalactic Trollfaces and dodge lasers from a neon Pegasus.
  • Level 3: Planet Boom Boom: You have to travel the inside of Boom Boom Planet and defeat Boom Boom.
  • Level 4: Hopping Over The Stars: You have to jump from asteroid from asteroid over clutters of stars.
  • Level 5: It's Those Kids Again!: Another battle against Koopa's Kids. This time, they're in their clown car.

Chapter 6

  • Level 1: Welcome To Planet Crazy: You have to travel the first section of Planet Crazy, which happens to be a place under the effect of a Fuzzy.
  • Level 2: Battle For Green Island: The second section, Green Island is where you have to defeat the contestants of BFDI. Announcer told them to guard Green Island from "doofuses".
  • Level 3: Holy Hail!: The third section, which appears to have frequent hailstorms.
  • Level 4: Blue Skidoo Land: The fourth section. You have to go from dimension to dimension by blue-skidooing out of the way of danger in order to beat the level to the beat of The Blue Skidoo Song.
  • Level 5: Football Frenzy: The fifth section. You have to dodge a bunch of Chucks playing football.
  • Level 6: Koopa's Main Lobby: You enter the sixth section, AKA, Koopa's Castle. You have to travel the main lobby by dodging his minions.
  • Level 6 1/2: Koopa's Balcony: You have to travel the balcony by dodging firebars and Podoboos and Koopa Statues.
  • Level 6 3/4: Koopa's Twin Towers: Similar to Up And Down, but, there's a zipline to the second tower.
  • Level 6 4/5: Koopa's Guard Room: You have to cross the guard room without getting hit by the Koopatrol!
  • Level 6 5/6: Koopa's Main Tower: You have to climb the main tower, where there are ghosts roaming. After that, you have to battle Koopa's Kids--yet again.
  • Level 6 6/7: Koopa's Airship: You have to raid the airship and destroy its fleet. Then you have to defeat Koopa in his clown car.
  • Level 6 7/8: Freefall From The Airship: Another freefalling level. You have to dodge everything that's flying.
  • Level 6 8/9: Koopa's Miserlou: To the beat of Miserlou, you have to escape Koopa's Castle.

The Lost Chapter

DISCLAIMER: This chapter is a secret chapter. You have to select a file while holding the spacebar, the X button and the Y button to unlock it. You also have to beat Chapter 6 as well.

  • Level 1: Outta My Way: You have to travel the Gibberish Jungle, explore the Ticklish Temples and fly in the sky on a mosquito.
  • Level 2: Falling Up: While falling from Upside Down Island, you have to dodge lightning bolts falling into the island until you land right into your rightside up place.
  • Level 3: Spoiler Alert! Again!: You take place at the end of a level and must go backwards undoing everything that has happened in the level and avoiding paradoxes until you reach the beginning.
  • Level 4: Back To The Old Days: To the beat of The Entertainer, you must run and jump through a classic cartoon-styled world.
  • Level 5: Oh God It's A Remake Of That Water Level: A remake of the second level of the second world of Super Talking Time Bros. 2.
  • Level 6: How To Survive A Zombie Invasion: You have to escape by shooting zombies with Billy Guns.
  • Level 7: THE UNFAIR LEVEL: A level based on the hardest video games there are.
  • Level 8: Nico Nico Douga: Based on an Automatic Mario level. You have to go through a series of random places while Nico Nico Douga plays.
  • Level 9: ChemicOH Plant Zone: You have to go through a chemical plant and avoid the "OHs".
  • Level 10: Standing Ovation: The FINAL final level. You have to be a super player enough to beat the level.
  • Top Secret House: A secret place with items, duh!
  • Boss Rush: You have to beat ALL the bosses in appearance order to beat this one!
  • Ending/Credits: Kinda like the The End level in STTB, but, longer due to a credits roll.


  • Some characters have been referred to these:
    • Toad has been referred to a short word for mushroom.
    • Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi have been referred to Malleo, Weegee, Walleo and Waweegee.
    • The Koopa has been referred to his species name.
    • Ganondorf's name has been shortened to Ganon.
    • Bowser has been referred to his Japanese name.
    • Toadbert has been referred to Smarty.
  • After he beats a level, Mudkip says "Yoylecake!", which is a reference to BFDI.
  • Blue Skidoo Land is a reference to the phrase, "Blue skidoo, we can, too!"
  • In "The Bridge To Rust Canyon", Yoshi's Island is mentioned far away from the middle of the bridge.
  • At the beginning of "The Bridge To Rust Canyon", Pico says, "Bloop!  Let me build a bridge for you!", then builds the bridge.
  • The game is considered a parody of various video games, according to Satoru Iwata.
  • Before the game starts, a Nintendo logo shows up, but, a Studio MF logo "falls out from nowhere" right on the Nintendo logo, squishing it.
  • Most level names have been references to lots of stuff, but also, there are levels, which have names that are parodies of things.
  • ChemicOH Plant Zone is based on a Scratch project with the same name.
  • At the beginning of "I Like Trains", the heroes get ran over by a train. Also, Weegee says, "Is that kid who says 'I like trains' up to something?"
  • In the ending of "Standing Ovation", a burst of fireworks explodes, saying, "A winner is you", which is a reference to Pro Wrestling.
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