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Bowser NSMBW
Studio(s) New Frontier Pictures
Distributor(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Live-Action Fantasy Thriller
Country of Origin America
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Budget $35,000,000.00 At the Very Minimum
Box Office TBA
Runtime approx. 1 Hour, 40 Minutes
Series Mario
Bowser's Revenge Will Also Be His Downfall.
Movie slogan, poster/TV ads

The Rage of Bowser: A Mario Movie will be a Super Mario motion picture that examines the timeline between Mario Bros and the first Super Mario Bros with elements of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Captain N and the Adventures of the Super Mario Bros. 3, and finally Captain N and the New Super Mario World. The plot borrows from The Terminator, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Capricorn One. It will be filmed by New Frontier Pictures and distributed by the film division of Nintendo. The film will have a budget of $35,000,000 at the very minimum.



The Mushroom Kingdom has faced a devastating holocaust thrown upon them by Bowser, and all of the Koopa Kingdom. Now as the forces of the Mushroom Kingdom are on the verge of taking back their land, led by Mario and Luigi, Bowser has had enough of the meddling Mario Bros., the Toad people, and the two princesses that Mario and Luigi protect, who are Peach and Daisy. But mostly, he has had it of Mario and Luigi. He knows that they returned to the Mushroom Kingdom in 1985 by Brooklyn time, so he decides to go back to 1983 Brooklyn, before Mario and Luigi save Princess Peach the first time in their first adventure. Knowing that Bowser is after her two protectors, Peach makes the painful, yet necessary decision to follow Bowser, in order to prevent him from changing the timeline, and to save the Mario Bros..

Act I

On a Friday night in New York, the year 1983, a flash of light emits from a green pipe stuck from out of a pier, on the docks of Manhattan. In that light, a human-sized reptilian humanoid turtle dinosaur comes out and emerges as a straight, stern-faced, mad-as-hell bodybuilder-like male human. He activates and deactivates his human form with the powerful magic gathering of all his anger until it reaches critical mass and explodes into pure insanity, or calms down into calmness and collectiveness. This is Bowser, ruler of the Koopa Clan and who has decided to try to change the timeline of the Mario Universe forever by killing Mario and Luigi before they can save Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom for the first time when they get sucked down the drain back to the Mushroom Kingdom in 1985. He wants to act out his revenge on them before they can foil him the first time.

Two dockworkers see this humanoid Bowser walk in the buff towards them, when he demands their clothes. They timidly comply when the Koopa King holds the two by the necks. Bowser sets off to acquire transportation to a phone booth. He sees a passing transit bus, and he orders everyone off, including the driver. He then begins the relentless stalking. Reports of him are spread all across Flatbush, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Harlem, Yonkers, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx, indicating a manhunt is underway, and that his target is said. Mario and Luigi watch this report from their shop and apartment, the Mario Bros. Plumbing Company, and they worry about this madman who stalks them, that they don’t know of as of now.

A half-hour after Bowser appears, in an area of Manhattan, another warp pipe pops up out of the ground in an alley, and there is another explosion of blue light as a beautiful, blonde haired woman emerges from the pipe and lands on the ground. She emerges naked just like Bowser's human form. This is Princess Peach, the one that Bowser always kidnaps, and that the Mario Bros. always have to go out and rescue emerges from the light and starts running. She arrives in 1983 Manhattan, near a department store. A local cop corners her, but she slugs him just enough to pin him to the ground. Taking his gun, she demands what place she is in, the date, and the year. The cop groggily tells her, and she starts running again, and dives through the window into the department store.

Peach frantically searches the store for the right clothes to disguise herself with, and then notices a sporting goods area, so she searches for a rifle. She breaks out of the store with her clothes and her rifle and heads out into the teeming Manhattan. She heads for the town hall, and is given a driver’s license, and she tells the reason why she has a gun, using a cover story as an agent of the Witness Protection Program to get her permit, and then she heads to the local bank to get her a credit card. Then the bank is turned upside down by Bowser who didn’t recognize Peach because of her disguise, while he was searching for Mario and Luigi. She realizes that she must hurry, so she quickly buys a used car from the local Ferrari dealership, and she heads for the address of the Mario Bros. Plumbing Company, while Bowser can’t find them.

But when Peach gets to Brooklyn, she finds the place deserted, without anyone there. But then she finds a note, written by Mario and Luigi to their mom Pauline, saying that they are being hunted, and that they are going out of town for a while, out towards Philadelphia. Peach realizes that she must hurry if she is going to catch Mario and Luigi. She leaves just before Bowser finds the note, and is then hot on the trail of them too, as his hunt may reach its climax.

Act II

The next Sunday evening, Mario and Luigi are making a call to their mom from a nightclub pizzeria called “Taste of Brooklyn”. They are getting very worried about their mom, while they’re talking to her. But it is really Bowser who is their “mom”. He has their real mom tied up and gagged, and is 50/50 on mimicking their mother’s voice. Bowser then hops back onto the transit bus he hijacked, and is on his way, but due to a wiretap in the phone, made by Peach, she finds out their location too from a payphone in Philadelphia. She enters the place, and is at the counter, ordering a small martini, just to provide some cover. But then a familiar looking bus pulls up at the “Taste of Brooklyn”. Bowser is closing in for the kill.

Bowser announces Mario and Luigi’s name to the crowd. He is brandishing a rifle that can fire right through any person’s body. But he amped it up with his dark magic, so he can vaporize the Mario Bros., and leave nothing but the blood from them behind. Just as Luigi and Mario are about to defend themselves with nothing but the stuff in front of them, Bowser begins the final approach. Then Peach catches sight of Mario and Luigi stepping back in fear. She then pulls out her rifle and fires two shots at Bowser, just as he is about to make his kill. She shouts to the Mario Bros. to follow her if they want to live. Peach leads them through the kitchen to the back parking lot, and they hop into the Ferrari. But Bowser is still close behind, and they are barely able to shake him off the front windshield, and escape towards the outskirts of the city.

While trying to weave through heavy traffic, Peach gives Mario and Luigi her name, and why she came here. She also tells why Bowser is here, and what he’ll do in the future. The Mario Bros. think that she is crazy, but they decide to trust their fate into her hands for now. Bowser continues to prowl around for them, but they have stopped under a bridge. Mario is then in for a shock when Peach fully reveals how much she loves him, by giving him a passionate lip-lock kiss. Then before moving on, she tells of what the Mario Bros. must do in the future in order for the timeline to continue as it is. Now Mario and Luigi don’t have any difficulty in believing Peach’s story, but she then asks for the nearest air force base. Luigi says that there is McGuire outside of Philadelphia, so they head there.

They make their way to McGuire Air Force Base, where a Lockheed C-141 Starlifter sits vacant. Smashing the car through the barriers, they sneak onto the Starlifter, and are able to steal it. Then the Bowser Bus comes up, trying to prevent the getaway. He parks it on the runway, and is almost to fright when the plane pulls up right over his face, but it only heightens his rage, and decides to steal a fighter plane after it. He sees an F-4 Phantom, and he throws it into full speed right after the bomber, which is now going over the Appalachian Mountains. Peach is taking Mario and Luigi out towards the Rocky Mountains, which is quite a few several hours heading out to the west. Meanwhile, Peach updates the Mario Bros. on the status of the Mushroom Kingdom, as she sits back at the controls of the old transport, making Mario and Luigi more excited to go there, and worried, raising their drive to protect it.


Bowser meanwhile, morphs back into his regular Koopa form inside the cockpit of the Phantom. He knows that a fighter closing in on a fellow transport will sound suspicious, so he drops the plane back a little, and heads down below the commercial and military flight radar. He is now trailing the transport that Peach is flying to carry Mario and Luigi to safety at silent running. The only way his cover will be blown is if he closes in of the transport too soon, then he’ll have the entire United States Air Force on him, thinking he is a Soviet MIG in disguise, trespassing into American territory. The hunt for Bowser’s “White Whale” of the Mario Bros. continues.

At about 7:30 AM Mountain Time, Peach flies the plane across the Texas-New Mexico border, where they might be home free. But after they finish crossing into Colorado towards Utah, the Starlifter runs out of fuel, so she tells Mario and Luigi to strap in, as she tries to find a level area to land. Knowing that Bowser could try to steal it back to continue the hunt, Peach crashes the plane to the ground without the landing gear. Now that the plane is derelict, they now have to split up to throw Bowser off track. Luckily, Luigi had found a military survival kit in the plane, so he splits up the rations and the gear needed for survival. Now they need to continue on, with Peach going northwest, Mario going west, and Luigi going north. They have fled towards the Wasatch Mountains when Bowser arrives at the scene of the crash. He decides to cover all the tracks, at least until they reach the nearest city, keeping in touch with each other by radio and flare signal until Salt Lake City. Now the game’s afoot.

PeachMario, and Luigi are making their way through the Wasatch Mountains near Salt Lake City. They are doing a good job at eluding Bowser for now, but who knows how long they’ll be able to keep it up. Meanwhile, Bowser lands his Phantom at the Municipal Airport No. 2 in Salt Lake City. He decides to just wander around, in order to let Peach and the Mario Bros. make the first move. Five days later, the three fugitives from Bowser arrive in Salt Lake City. Peach decides to phone ahead to a Las Vegas hospital or hotel to be ready in case of injuries. But then Bowser catches up to her, but she then sees Mario and Luigi steal a Learjet. She bursts through a window from the place she was calling from, and she is able to get on to the plane, but not before Bowser is able to fire a shot meant for Mario. Even though it didn’t hit Mario, it managed to hit Peach on her knee.

Bowser then hops back in to the Phantom, and continues the hunt. He has the target plane in sight, and he fires two small rockets that hit the back engines of the Learjet. The plane starts to lose altitude, but they are closing in on the Las Vegas Strip. They decide to crash near the outskirts of Las Vegas, and are barely able to manage a three point landing, with cars out of the way. Mario carries Peach through the city with Bowser’s fighter closing in, but then he flies into a fireworks truck, causing the Phantom to explode, with Bowser’s Koopa skin and shell melted and burned away.

Act IV

Peach thinks that Bowser hasn’t been defeated yet, but Mario and Luigi are about to congratulate themselves. But from the fiery wreck comes the skeleton of Dry Bowser, which is very scary. Now the Mario Bros. cower with fear, as Peach leads them into a frozen pizza manufacturing plant outside Las Vegas. While Mario and Luigi look for a place to hide and run, Peach turns on the factory as a visual cover, so that it can’t track them. She keeps an eye out for the crazy Koopa skeleton of Dry Bowser that is trailing them. Using the last of a self-made explosive that Daisy and Toadsworth taught her to make, Peach is able to jam the fusing explosive into the pelvic cavity of the Dry Bowser skeleton. It explodes, hurling her across the factory. When she lands on the floor, she hits it with such force, that all the bones in her body are broken, and she’s bleeding internally. Mario rushes to her side, where she dies in Mario’s arms. Angry and broken over the sacrifice of Peach, the Mario Bros. are now going to take the fight back towards Bowser, to make him pay for Peach’s sacrifice.

When Mario and Luigi see the skeleton of Dry Bowser, now with only its arms, its shoulder apparatus, and its skull left, they are ready to fight. The Mario Bros. lure the Dry Bowser on a catwalk over a great grinder. As the menacing lord of the Koopas is about to kill his prey, the very bane of his existence by choking them, and dragging them down with him, Mario and Luigi do a self-made Mario Bros. power-up, and toss the skeletal Dry Bowser into the grinder. His bones are to help make the bread and cheese for frozen pizzas across the state of Nevada. After hugging each other on congratulations, they pass out due to the trauma they have just experienced. The next morning, Mario and Luigi are being loaded into an ambulance to be taken to a hospital. But Mario is crying as he sees Peach’s dead angel body be loaded into a body bag, to be taken back to Washington D.C., from his ambulance stretcher. Luigi knows how his brother feels, but now that he knows the future, they’ll be able to find her alive again.


Months later, Mario and Luigi are back to plumbing, but Mario is still thinking of Peach. Then, Luigi finds a suspicious looking drain pipe in the Hyatt Regency in Manhattan. He decides to unclog it, but they find the warp pipe that can return them to the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario and Luigi now pack their bags to leave our world for good, to find Princess Peach. They arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom, find the Princess waiting for them. Luigi looks with pride as Mario and Peach reunite. Roll Credits.




  • Mama Segale - Mario and Luigi's Mom



  • Boroughs of New York
  • Philadelphia
  • McGuire Air Force Base
  • Wasatch Mountains
  • Salt Lake City
  • Las Vegas
  • Some Random Pizza Factory (near Las Vegas)
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