The Pretender
The Pretender, the rogue Standing Ripple.
GENDER Neutral
SPECIES Standing Ripple
ALIGNMENT Against its user
Grimwald Callaghan (user / enemy)
Sarah Needlenam (occasional ally)
Reading, opera, music, fighting, poetry
Inaction, its user and the Doomsayers, food
Heightened strength, heightened speed, heightened precision

The Pretender is a humanoid Standing Ripple that has achieved near-total independence, in part thanks to its user, the Doomsayer patron Grimwald Callaghan, being completely unaware that he even has a Standing Ripple at all. It now uses its knowledge of Grimwald's plans to sabotage his criminal activities in hopes of relieving itself of guilt.

It is, technically, one of two Wallverse versions of Doomulus Grime.


The Pretender's physique very closely resembles that of a human, and though its body has an almost mechanical appearance to it and it lacks hair, it can easily hide its lack of humanity behind clothing and a wig. The only exception is a mask-like protrusion around its eyes, which can easily be mistaken for an actual mask when The Pretender is fully disguised.


Normally, Standing Ripples only speak up of their own accord when absolutely necessary (assuming they even have mouths), and demonstrate practically no personality whatsoever. However, The Pretender's level of independence from its user grants it significantly more character than other Standing Ripples.

The Pretender is a focused and calm individual most of the time. Between its lack of expressiveness and its tendency to put on an aloof air when dealing with strangers, it can seem like it doesn't have any emotions at all sometimes. Deep down, however, it possesses a wellspring of passion and rage that only really comes up when the subject of its user arises. The Pretender possesses an extremely strong sense of right and wrong, and cannot stand all of the wrong that its user unleashes upon the world. It sees setting things right as its duty and responsibility as the "good half" of such a terrible person, and likely would not be able to forgive itself if it turned a blind eye to any sort of injustice. This side of The Pretender is at its most visible in the heat of combat, during which it is more often than not visibly furious as it channels its anger into its attacks.

All of the interests that The Pretender pursues in its spare time are somehow connected to art, as it has a bad habit of trying too hard to understand what others think and how they feel based on what they've created. (It describes it as "an exercise in empathy for others.") They regularly spend time reading stories or watching plays and operas, and occasionally express an interest in drawing and painting.


As far as Standing Ripples in the Wallverse go, The Pretender's abilities are extremely minimalist. The only thing exceptional about it in this respect are its enhanced strength, speed, and precision, which can make it a formidable martial artist but leaves it outclassed in versatility by other, more exotic Standing Ripples.

Its "true power" is its ability to function with complete independence from its user. It has no range limit, can travel as far away from its user as it wants, and does not transmit any sensations to its user. However, it is still aware of everything its user sees and hears.


Prior History

It is unknown how long The Pretender has existed for simply as an ability, but it was only manifested for the first time a mere two years ago, in 1823, during a tunnel collapse. Its user, Grimwald Callaghan, had unknowingly called forth the Standing Ripple by instinct right as he was passing out from oxygen deprivation. Acting to save itself, the Standing Ripple used its strength to blast open a small hole through which Grimwald could breathe, then phased through the rubble to escape on its own. Its original intent had been to explore for only a few hours and then return once its user was conscious and fully rested, but as it learned more about the kind of terrible things he had done to others, it began to hate itself for saving such a person. It ended up never returning, and eventually started sabotaging Grimwald's heartless enterprises from afar to relieve its own guilt.



  • The Pretender is named after and inspired by the Foo Fighters song of the same name.
    • Its nature as a completely sapient Standing Ripple is partially inspired by a character named after Foo Fighters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 6: Stone Ocean.
  • The Pretender's somewhat bare-bone set of powers are directly based off of the abilities that the Stand Star Platinum possesses in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders.

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