The Party of Time is a crossover party game between Fantasy Factory and Moonlight Studios, although it contains some characters made by Pika Productions. The game will be for the Wii U and 3DS and is set to be released in 2014.


The gameplay is somewhat similair to Mario Party: players move by hitting a dice and can win by collecting special items (different on each board). However, there are also differences. Players can collect Special Items unique to their series. These items are very powerful. The game also marks many more boards, each based of a time period and with unique gimmicks, but the game still includes some boards relevant to the particular companies series.


The game begins in London, where the characters are celebrating the Olympics. After the first board has been completed, the characters go onto the podium and are about to get their medals. When, suddenly, GherooB attacks and places a huge machine in the middle of the stadium. He presses a huge red button and a dimensional vortex appears and drags in all the competitiors. When they wake up, they are in the Nile.


There will be 20 characters in the game, 10 from Fantasy Factory and 10 from Moonlight Studios. The artwork will be based off of the game, TaBooki: Growing Up.


Image Name Series Company Duo Partner
TaBooki TaBooki Fantasy Factory TaBella
TaBella TaBooki Fantasy Factory TaBooki
Flynn TaBooki Fantasy Factory Theodor
Theodor TaBooki Fantasy Factory Flynn
Tucans TaBooki Fantasy Factory Bello
Bello TaBooki Fantasy Factory Tucans
Douglas Cursed Enigma Moonlight Studios Grim
Grim Cursed Enigma Moonlight Studios Douglas
Zenn Ninja Scripts Moonlight Studios Rare/Meka (Once Unlocked)
Rare Element Warriors Moonlight Studios Zenn/Raion (Once Unlocked)
Lucazs Eternal Dusk Moonlight Studios Dragonia Koopa/Corey (Once Unlocked)
Dragonia Koopa Super Mario Moonlight Studios Lucazs/Macc (Once Unlocked)


Image Name Series Company Duo Partner
The Character is yet to be confirmed! TaBooki Fantasy Factory ???
The Character is yet to be confirmed! TaBooki Fantasy Factory ???
The Character is yet to be confirmed! TaBooki Fantasy Factory ???
The Character is yet to be confirmed! TaBooki Fantasy Factory ???
Meka Ninja Scripts Moonlight Studios Zenn
Raion Element Warriors Moonlight Studios Rare
Corey Eternal Dusk Moonlight Studios Lucazs
Macc The Year Crystals Moonlight Studios Dragonia Koopa

How to Unlock

Name How to Unlock
Play the game for more than 5 hours in total.
Have an overall item total of over 1000.
Collect 80 Stands.
Complete Story Mode.
Meka Complete a Board without using any food, candies or attack items.
Raion Defeat all Bosses in Boss Battles without using a recovery sphere.
Corey Obtain 30 Stands.
Macc Complete Story Mode without losing any board once.


The game will include 12 boards; 8 of which will be based on time periods and the other 4 are based on the series. Chester from the TaBooki series hosts them all.


Name Time Period Descriptions
Grumble Prehistoria Prehistoric The land of the dinosaurs comes alive on this board. Dive through jungles and across fiery volcano lands, as well as dodging the dinosaurs, although some may be a help.
Fiery Dunes Ancient Egypt The Ancient Egyptian pyramids are awake on this board. Delve into the pyramids and sphinx, watching out for mummies that may put a curse on the player.
Victorian Streets Victorians The Streets of London in Victorian Times appear in this board. Roam through the secret alleys and hideouts, keeping out of sight from the mystery kidnappers.
Knights Castle Medieval The castle owned by King Arthur and Merlin. Escape the Dungeons and head for the Castle Hall, dodging Merlin's secret magic attacks and knights that will take you back to the dungeons.
Olympic Days London The Olympics are in London and the characters set their sights on more than just Gold Medals. Competing in many sports, the players must get to the top of the podium.
Boo Woods TaBooki The Forest was the first place were Yvan first visited as his new self. The Woods have many hazards which are awaiting to jump out on the player.
Bridgeport Streets Cursed Enigma The dark city streets where Douglas, Grim and Pheros live. The streets are alive with shadow beings and other monsters as well. Cars also can knock the player down.


Name Time Period Descriptions
Normadic Ship Vikings The Ship the Viking's sail. Travel through the room and passages and escape into the sea.
Cold, Cold Climb Ice Age The cold world of the Ice Age appears as a board. The cold stage is very slippy and many hazards occur. Beware large ice crystals that could fall at any moment.
World War Rampage World War Take to the Battlefield and Rally the Troops to the win more spaces and items
Pagoda Kingdom Song Dynasty Land of the Chinese. Travel through misty passages, dense forests and climb atop tall pagoda's, searching for the temples that contain the treasure.
The Future Future The Future land is full of technology and robots, however, there are some deprived areas. The players must travel through this board using all the technology they can to earn items. Many Fantendo Characters make cameos on advertising boards in the background of the board.
Super Boo Industries TaBooki TaBooki's first journey putted into a wild ride! The board has many variation, but mostly resembling a calm forest. In the last part, GherooB's Castle must be entered.
Moonlight Mayhem Moonlight Studios The Land of Moonlight tricks everyone that enters. First, the player is on a sandy beach, one step later, they are in space. Who knows what could happen.

How to Unlock

Name How to Unlock
Normadic Ship
Cold, Cold Climb
World War Rampage
Pagoda Kingdom
The Future
Super Boo Industries
Moonlight Mayhem



Food appears commonly throughout the board. There are many variation, depending on the board's time era.

Image Name Board
Red Berries Grumble Preistoria
Dinosaur Meat Grumble Prehistoria
Bread Fiery Dunes
Scallions Fiery Dunes
Pork Pie Victorian Streets
Treacle Tart Victorian Streets
Turkey Leg Knights Castle
Goblet of Wine Knights Castle
Hot Dog Olympic Days
Fish 'N' Chips Olympic Days
Stew Normadic Ship
Buttermilk Normadic Ship
Energy Bar Cold, Cold Climb
Seaweed Cold, Cold Climb
Potato World War Rampage
Carrot World War Rampage
Dim Sum Pagoda Kingdom
Chinese Noodles Pagoda Kingdom
All-in-one Drink The Future
Super Chocolate Sundae The Future
Crisps Boo Woods
Chips Boo Woods
Cake Bridgeport Streets
Curry Bridgeport Streets
Chocolate Bar Super Boo Industries
Cereal Bar Super Boo Industries
Kebab Moonlight Mayhem
Burger Moonlight Mayhem


Each series has its own special candy, which characters from there series can only use. As Moonlight Studios has many series, TaBooki's series gets the same amount as all the series from Moonlight Studios have.

Image Name Description Series
Aura Bonbon Allows the player to steal 2 attack items from different players. Cursed Enigma
Eternal Gobstopper Gives the player immunity to steal attacks and gives double the amount of items won for a 3 turns. Ninja Scripts
Element Chew Element Warriors
Magic Gum Gives the player a magic spell which can take a certain amount of items from the other players Eternal Dusk
Zodiac Bubbles Gives the player one turn from each of the players on the board. The Year Crystals
Koopaling Choc Allows the player to move triple the amount of steps and stop where they want. Super Mario
Thunder Fizz Gives the player a 6 step boost. TaBooki
Boo Burst Gives the player the power to take all items from one player. TaBooki
Jungle Hoops Gives the player the power to secure an extra 10 items. TaBooki
Tanooki Pops Gives the player the power to move to a random space. TaBooki
Doom Bombs Gives the player the power to drop 3 bombs on different spaces. TaBooki
GherooB Tubes Gives the player the power to move one player to a different space. TaBooki

Attack Items

Attack Items are items that can be used by anyone. They can steal items from other players, help move the player forward or even teleport them some place else.

Image Name Description Board

Collectible Items

Collectible Items are items which need to be collected to win the game. Each board has its own Collectible Item.

Image Name Board
Bone Grumble Prehistoria
Crown Fiery Dunes
Newspaper Victorian Streets
Shield Knights Castle
Gold Medal Olympic Days
Axe Normadic Ship
Sabre Tooth Cold, Cold Climb
Guns World War Rampage
Chopstick Pagoda Kingdom
Fantendo Card The Future
Tanooki Leaf Boo Woods
Shadow Orb Bridgeport Streets
Robot Tanooki Leaf Super Boo Industries
Madness Cube Moonlight Mayhem


Stands are collectible trophies found within the game. They can be unlocked in a variety of ways and no one stand corresponds to an unlocking method.


Unlocking Methods

Downloadable Content


QR Codes

Image Name Series Company Duo Partner
Swiss Cheese Cryptors Pika Productions Chedd
Chedd Cheese Cryptors Pika Productions Swiss
Kryptor Cheese Cryptors Pika Productions Cheddy Bear
Cheddy Bear Cheese Cryptors Pika Productions Kryptor

Wii U Shop/e-Shop

Image Name Series Company Duo Partner
TaBooki Fantasy Factory
TaBooki Fantasy Factory
Finn Eternal Dusk Moonlight Studios Travis
Travis Eternal Dusk Moonlight Studios Finn


QR Codes

Name Time Period Description
Skull Coliseum Roman Empire

Wii U Shop/e-Shop

Name Time Period Description
Eternal Dusk
Cheese Cryptors

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