The Other Side of the Journey is the second season premiere of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It is co-written by RTA fan (tbc) and Sr.Wario (tbc) and first aired in June 2016


The Other Heroes go through the portal and end up meeting the Special Ops, of whom recognise Jess, Jerry, Skye and Blaze as well as Amy and Krystal.


The episode starts out with Tommy Djekovic and Ashlee Murphy walking through New York, when they suddenly see Krystal and Amy walk out of a portal, with Nick stumbling out behind them. The rest of the team come out of the portal regularly. Ashlee notices Krystal and Amy and screams in happiness.

Amy: Wow, you're excited for something, aren't you?

Ashlee runs toward and hugs Amy and Krystal.

Ashlee: You guys are my idols! Don't you remember me? Or Tommy?

Blaze recognises the name Tommy and is given a flashback to Journey to the Other Side.

Blaze: Wait, I know these guys!
Skye: Me too!
Jess: I know who the fuck they are as well...
Jerry: Same.

After a while of trying to figure out who they are, Tommy finally realises who they are.

Tommy: Oh, it's you guys! But, who are the others?

Tommy points at the rest of The Other Heroes.

Blaze: They're our colleagues.
Tommy: Oh.
Nick: Hey, I have a question. Where the fuck are we?
Ashlee: This is the other universe that the portal in Anaheim led to.
Nick: Okay then.

Hitomi appears from the portal and Ashlee notices her quickly. An shot of Earth is shown, with Ashlee's scream being heard. Tayshaun then also stumbles through and the Milky Way is shown, with Ashlee's scream still being distinct.

Jess: Jesus fucking Christ, can you sound any fucking louder?!
Tommy: Probably.

Ashlee stops screaming and tries catching her breath.

Tayshaun: Is she alright?

Ashlee falls over in exhaustion from the screaming but Tommy catches her before she hits the ground.

The two teams are seen chatting in the Special Ops house as Ashlee wakes up.

Matt: So, what brought you guys back?
Amy: The other universe is pretty safe right now, so we decided to just come here.
Kenji: You can't turn your back for a second.
Laura: We managed to go to Disneyland and not even pay attention to anything happening and there were still no people trying to destroy the world.
Link: Well, I mean-
Beth: Shut up, Link! It was two goddamn weeks ago!

The Special Ops look at Beth.

Donnie: Did something happen to her that caused her to be like this?
Beth: They don't trust me because of something that happened a while ago.
Alex: You burned my thigh!
Danielle: I'm guessing you guys have some tense relations.
Jerry: Nah, everyone else gets along just fine.

Hitomi walks into the room and Kenji jumps up and runs toward her, hugging her. Ashlee finally decides to talk.

Ashlee: What happened?
Leah: You managed to scream louder than any human being ever could then passed out.

Ashlee sees Krystal's leather jacket and it all comes back to her.

Ashlee: Oh yeah! All my idols are here! And those guys who helped us!
Nick: Idols?
Tommy: Ashlee admires Amy, Krystal, Tayshaun and Hitomi.
Nick: Huh.
Tayshaun: I have an admirer?
Tommy: Yup.
Blaze: So, what stuff happened after we went back?
Tommy: Well, me and Ash are together now...
Skye: Oh, nice!
Ashlee: It happened pretty much right as you went back.
Blaze: That's sweet.
Danielle: D'Angelo & Sons are after us still.
Jess: Fucking hell. Do they fucking know when to fucking stop? I wanna fucking punch whoever's in fucking charge of that fucking company right in his fucking stupid fucking face!
Matt: You really don't hold back on swearing, do you?
Aminu: Yeah, that was eight fucks in one uninterrupted line. That's a record, even for you.
Flynn: We shoulda brought the chamomile tea.

The two teams continue to chat. Matt is seen slipping out to the pool, where Kirsti is seen sitting on a sunbed.

Matt: Hey, good-looki-

Kirsti holds up an engagement ring.

Matt: Dammit!

Kirsti chuckles as Matt goes back in, embarrassed.

Hitomi and Kenji are seen sat in Kenji's room, having a chat.

Hitomi: So, what gave you the inspiration to go through the portal?
Kenji: I needed to brush up on some things. anger better.
Hitomi: Which things are we on about here?
Kenji: Get stronger. Get wiser. Reach inner peace, so I don't ever burst into rage again.
Hitomi: Hm. At least your rage isn't like Jess's... not sure if you've seen that side of her ye- wait that's her all the time.
Kenji: No. She say the least. I get mad when someone hurts my friends. Or threatens my little sister.
Hitomi: Yeah. She's a 5'4" Hulk without the green monster side. It's sweet that you always look out for me.
Kenji: It's my job to. like any boys? Or girls?
Hitomi: I like that Tayshaun guy a bit... Krystal too...
Kenji: Hmm. They seem okay. Ashlee likes them and I trust her. I suppose I wouldn't have to evaluate them...
Hitomi: Yeah, they're fine. Well as soon as you look past Krystal's tentacle stuff and the gun record she has, she's fine...
Kenji: A gun? A gun?! Never mind, I have to go into big brother mode again...
Hitomi: Well, she mostly uses it for taking care of threats...
Kenji: I've always preferred martial arts. Less bloody. More civilized.
Hitomi: Even with that time you broke a guy's ri-
Kenji: Never speak of that again.
Hitomi: Okay. Sorry.
Kenji: No. It's my fault I embarassed myself like that.
Hitomi: Alright. So... what do you think of my teammates?
Kenji: Good people. They have some....odd issues. But my team has issues as well.
Hitomi: You'd be surprised by what some of them can do. Carli can become a griffin sometimes and Laura narrowly survived inhaling radioactive ash.
Kenji: At this point, nothing surprises me. Speaking of teammates, what do you think of mine?
Hitomi: They're cool, takes less time to learn all the names. Matt seems pretty brash though.
Kenji: He's a little obnoxious. But he has a good heart. Humor is a defense mechanism for him. But he's a hopeless romantic and a real hero.

The camera cuts to Matt approaching Carli.

Carli: Jesus fuck, how tall are you?!

The camera goes back to Hitomi and Kenji.

Hitomi: Yeah...

Kenji checks his watch, realising that it was past the time of normally getting commands from F.A.N.T.

Kenji: Looks like an off day. Those are rare.
Hitomi: Most of the time the other guys mess around while someone else is stuck in a situation.
Kenji: Not the best way to work together.
Hitomi: True, but it's fun to do stuff like playing Smash 'till god knows when.
Kenji: I guess hanging out does have some uses.
Hitomi: Yeah. Takes a load off. We just do taunt parties when it comes to Smash and Skye told me they played Mario Kart 8 blindfolded once...?
Kenji: What a group. I've never been especially good at video games though. Have no time to brush up on my skills, either.
Hitomi: They're a fun group to be around. From what I've been told, they saved the other world from D'Angelo & Sons and all they were doing beforehand was getting Jess to beat Mr. Dream in Punch-Out while she chugged a bottle of wine.
Kenji: From what I've seen of her, that's oddly fitting.
Hitomi: Hmm. Jess was apparently wasted for the entirety of the fight.
Kenji: Who knows. I've heard of martial artists who fought drunk and were rather successful.
Hitomi: Huh.

Blaze pops her head in.

Blaze: Hey. Nikolai decided to make us some of his "Slovenian meatballs". You wanna come try some?
Hitomi: As long as it isn't an innuendo, alright.
Kenji: Hitomi!

Hitomi laughs as she and Kenji walk through to the kitchen.

Nick walks into the kitchen to see Matt eating a meatball.

Nick: Hey.
Matt: Yo.
Nick: Hey, can I ask a question?
Matt: What?
Nick: What do you think of Krystal?
Matt: Depends. Is she taken?
Nick: Nah. I may have... y'know... done that with her a couple weeks back.
Matt: Nice! That's a real accomplishment. She's pretty hot. Dani and Ash think so too.
Nick: Huh. Isn't Ash taken?
Matt: Yeah. Tommy. Real nice guy. Dani's not but....take it from NOT hit on her. I would know.
Nick: She not into guys?
Matt: Completely and totally.
Nick: Ah. I mean, a while back I managed to sleep with a girl who wasn't into guys. Don't have a clue how, but it happened.
Matt: That much of a charmer? Fuck.
Nick: It was just telling Krystal that happened that resulted in me and her doing... that.
Matt: Jesus. It's almost like you and I live in different worlds.
Nick: Do you get opposite results every time?
Matt: Not every time! Just...mostly.

Nick smirks as Danielle walks up to the two.

Nick: Hi. Are you the aforementioned Dani?
Danielle: Oh boy. Matt's been talking about me.
Nick: We were on about Krystal and he may have brought up your name in the list of people interested in her.
Danielle: Damn it Matt!

Matt shrugs as Nick chuckles.

Nick: Do you reckon we should see who can impress her the most?
Matt: I'm up for it.
Danielle: Prepare to lose.

The three smirk at each other as they prepare what they want to do. Nick goes up first, giving her a bunch of roses.

Krystal: Nick. The whole sex thing was a one-off.

Nick looks at her, feeling rejected. Matt is then shown trying to wow Krystal with his magic by making tiny firework explosions and them eventually making a love heart shape.

Krystal: I can make messages out of my powers too.

She moves her hand around as bolts of electricity form the words "fuck off". Matt walks away, cheeks red from embarrassment as Danielle approaches.

Krystal: Before you try a line, I'm not fucking-

She turns to see Danielle.

Krystal: Oh.
Danielle: Hello there.
Krystal: Hey.

The two chat in front of Matt and Nick to wind them up.

Nick: Well then.

They both walk away as Krystal and Danielle notice.

Danielle: Nice one.
Krystal: They actually fell for it!

The two high five.

Ashlee is seen in her room, looking at a napkin and a piece of paper. Skye walks in.

Skye: Hey, Ash.

Ashlee jumps up, scared. Skye then laughs.

Ashlee: Don't do that!
Skye: Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya. Anyway, what're you looking at?

She holds up the napkin and the paper to show two signatures.

Skye: Oh, nice. Who signed them?
Ashlee: Amy and Krystal.
Skye: You met Krystal? I know you met Amy, she told me about it a couple weeks back, but when did you meet Krystal?
Ashlee: A few weeks back. She was looking for you, Blaze, Jerry and Jess.

Skye looks at the signature on the paper to see a large octopus with "Krystal Pérez" written on the head.

Skye: (in her mind) Doesn't surprise me that her signature is an octopus.
Ashlee: Hey, can I tell you the truth on something that you can't tell anyone else?
Skye: Alright, I guess.
Ashlee: I... kinda find Amy and Krystal hot.
Skye: Really?
Ashlee: Yeah. There's something about them I really like, and I'm kinda jealous that Jerry got Amy first.
Skye: Don't worry, you have Tommy, He's a nice guy, isn't he?
Ashlee: Of course! Don't get me wrong, I love Tommy. I care about him...more than anything.
Skye: That's sweet. I'll be honest, when Amy got with Jerry, I was kinda jealous at first.
Ashlee: Thank you. I feel stupid about it. I'm glad that I'm not alone.
Skye: Yeah, it's always nice to have that someone to relate to sometimes. How did you find out about Amy, Tayshaun, Krystal and Hitomi's heroics in the first place? Was it over the news or something?
Ashlee: I was born with...powers...y'know? It was always a very scary thing to me. I was always scared of being singled out. I was walking, in the city one day, and I saw them save a bunch of people's lives. That made me realize that my powers could HELP people rather than hurt them.
Skye: Hmm. That singled out feeling is definitely a feeling you don't want. I mean, a lot of people I know have powers, but hardly any have cryokinesis. It's mostly pyrokinesis or telekinesis or precognitive powers. But we always use them for good, like how Jess exploded and punched a sealed, locked door down that no one else could get through.
Ashlee: Yeah. Maybe someone sees you saving someone and then YOU'RE their hero. That's why I never stop fighting.
Skye: Having fans and great affiliates like you and your team is also what adds to the satisfaction of saving the world.
Ashlee: Definitely. It's a big world out there too...
Skye: Yeah... there's also all the guys who're out for our blood in that D'Angelo & Sons company who spice up what we do daily. Although normally a day with my team ends in us doing stuff such as playing Super Mario 3D World with the controllers behind our backs. Or watching Nina and Jess playing Mario Kart drunk.
Ashlee: That's the stuff that makes Earth worth fighting for.
Skye: Yeah. Nina's barely affected by alcohol somehow. Like, it doesn't go through her system like a normal human being and Jess gets smashed when she goes at the wine. It's pretty funny watching two people with different alcohol reactions do alcohol at the same time.
Ashlee: It must be. Hey....thanks for talking about all that with me. I won't forget it.
Skye: No problem.

The two go out of Ashlee's room and into the living room to show the two teams sat together.

Blaze walks into a room where she sees Donnie, and sits down next to him, reeling her hair in like a fire hose.

Blaze: Hi.

Blaze eventually gets all her hair in the room, with it being bundled up next to her.

Donnie: If you don't mind me do you have all that hair?
Blaze: A ton of extensions. My hair's only really 8 feet long. The other 92 feet are the extensions.
Blaze: When I lived in the Czech Republic, my nursery did a Rapunzel play. I was in love with the story and took the role of Rapunzel and I liked the whole idea of having long-ass hair, so I decided to just waste money I got from my job as a spy on extensions when I first joined the agency I worked for.
Donnie:....That's kind of sweet actually. Being a secret agent, doesn't it get in the way?
Blaze: Sometimes it gets in the way. I have to hide confidential stuff all the time and it can be really stressful.
Donnie: Jeez. That's gotta be a lot of pressure. I...definitely couldn't handle something like that.
Blaze: Yeah. The government were finding me a bit shady too. They thought because I'm 17 and Czech that I was working for some bad guys.
Donnie: That's messed up. How do you deal with that stuff?
Blaze: By doing stuff like this.

She gets her phone out and puts up a video of her in a warehouse throwing shurikens and battle axes into some punching bags being hung up, slicing through the strings and knocking the bags down.

Donnie: Jesus. I usually just sit and talk when I'm stressed.
Blaze: That works too, but knocking stuff down is great at stress relief if it's something like hiding top secret stuff from the public.
Donnie: I guess it's different things for different people.
Blaze: Yeah. I'm a spy with ninja-like instincts, two hearts and precognitive powers and you're a guy who wants to stop shying away from combat.
Donnie: I don't like fighting's necessary sometimes.
Blaze: Yeah. Sometimes the universe likes to throw shit at us, all we gotta do is stand our ground against it all.
Donnie: It's nice to have friends though. Keeps you going.
Blaze: Amen. Saving the world is satisfying when you save someone from a horrible death or from some rogue ex-agent who's out for the person for no reason. (in Czech, subtitled) The world can be a son of a bitch at times, and friends are all you need to pull through.
Donnie: Cheers to that. Czech is a nice language, by the way.
Blaze: Always nice to have that second language at hand to confuse people.
Donnie: I know Spanish, which is unfortunately a bit more common then Czech.
Blaze: Heh. I know a couple more, the majority of the central and eastern European countries have their own languages and my mom and dad taught me all of them.
Donnie:'re really prepared. Considering the crowd you hang with.
Blaze: Being part of a group that connects worldwide helps too.
Donnie: I would think so.
Blaze: I'm teaching myself Japanese with that Rosetta Stone stuff. If I ever become fluent in it and we meet again, I could give my copy to you if you want.
Donnie: Thanks. I get really busy with hero-ing sometimes. Hard to focus on education...
Blaze: Believe me, if you saw how we save the world in the other universe, you'd hardly be able to tell we're saving the world. Some of our methods are just ridiculous. At one point Jess caused an inferno after getting severely pissed off that almost engulfed the International Space Station.
Donnie: Every team works differently.
Blaze: Yeah. You and your team get focused on the task at hand, while my team fucks around with a video game until we're called upon and even then we don't act serious.
Donnie: I dunno. We relax sometimes.
Blaze: Like today?
Donnie: Yeah. Just talk. Everything is....nice right now. Ash and Tom are together, we have some leads, and today we get to hang out with you guys.
Blaze: It's nice to have days off. Do you wanna head back through to the living room?
Donnie: Sure. Nice talking to you.
Blaze: Same to you.

They walk through to see Tommy stood with Ashlee.

Tommy: So, Ash....I was talking with Jerry and Amy and we had an idea...
Amy: Wanna go on a double date with us?
Ashlee: Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. I gotta go change....oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!

Ashlee runs to her room frantically to find the best clothes she has as Tommy, Jerry and Amy laugh.

Ashlee, Tommy, Jerry and Amy walk out of the mansion to show Amy's car outside the house. She snaps her fingers and it turns into a limousine.

Tommy: Is that just a thing you can do now?
Amy: I've been able to do stuff like this since December.

The four step into the limo as Amy focuses her mind on the steering wheel and it goes into a self-driving mode.

Tommy: Must be useful to have a girlfriend who can do all of this, Jerry. Or embarassing...
Ashlee: Tommy!
Jerry: She has one more thing she can show with this, I think
Amy: Beast, go into flight mode.

The car's steering wheel turns into a plane steering wheel as the limo goes into the air, flying over New York's skyscrapers.

Tommy:....Now I look like a real asshole.
Ashlee: EEE!!! WE'RE FLYING!
Jerry: I can see the Statue of Liberty!
Tommy: This is pretty nice.

Ashlee snuggles into Tommy as they both look out the windows.

Amy: I managed to get us a reservation at the fanciest place in the city. It costs about $30 for a meal and the reservations were, like, $4000, but it's all worth it.
Tommy: How did you afford it?!
Amy: Money from rewards, my dad earns a lot, and I have an aspiring career with this.

She pulls a skateboard out from behind her seat.

Ashlee: Awesome!
Tommy: Oh nice. I've skated in the past myself.
Amy: Nice.

The limo dips down as they arrive at the restaurant and the limo returns to normal. The four go into the restaurant.

Waiter: Is this the reservation for Ms. Jackson?
Amy: Yes it is, sir.
Waiter: Right. Follow me.

Amy, Jerry, Tommy and Ashlee all follow the waiter to a room high up in the building, with a window spanning across a wall, showing the New York skyline.

Ashlee: Wow....this is....gorgeous.
Tommy: Never been this high. Feels weird.
Jerry: Not even while you've been on planes?
Tommy: I didn't look at the windows. Too busy sleeping and eating crappy peanuts.
Jerry: Fair enough.
Amy: Our table's over near the window.
Tommy: I've noticed.

They go over and sit down at a table with roses and luxury chairs. They all take a look at the menu.

Ashlee: Ooh. I think I'll have the grilled shrimp.
Tommy: Sirloin. Well done.
Jerry: I think I'm going with the ribs.
Amy: I'm going with the classic fish and chips. Gotta pleasure that British ancestry.

Amy writes down the orders on a piece of paper and hands them to a waiter.

Waiter: The food should be ready in 30-45 minutes.
Amy: Alright.

She goes back to the others.

Amy: So, how did you guys get together?
Tommy: I got beat up...bad. In the hospital bad.
Amy: Ouch.
Ashlee: We were all there to visit him and...he just said something really sweet. And we kissed. I was a long time coming! Took him long enough!
Jerry: I think I was there when you got beat up. Jess incinerated a locked steel door into nothing that day.
Tommy: Yeah, Rizzo was talking to you guys while I was in the infirmary.
Jerry: Thought so. Jess got pissed over being given a reward for catching that leader.
Tommy: Is she always pissed off about everything?
Jerry: Pretty much, aside from when a guy in the other universe called Brendan's around. Or when we have chamomile tea.
Ashlee: Love calms her down? That's so sweet!
Amy: Yeah. It's something everyone falls into at one point or another.
Tommy: Like it or not. How about you two? How did you guys get together?
Jerry: We knew each other as kids, we grew up together and I always had a crush on Amy. I finally had the balls to say I loved her two years ago and we've been together since.
Ashlee: Two years! That's something to yearn for.

The two couples continue to talk as they wait for their food.

Nina, Nikolai, Leah, Kirsti, Laura, Alex, Link, Aminu, Flynn, Anna and Beth are all seen chatting as they hear a alarm go off from the TV. Helen Rizzo appears on the screen.

Rizzo: You don't look like the Special Ops or D'Angelo & Sons personnel. One of you looks suspiciously like Needlenam.
Leah: Who's Needlenam...?
Rizzo: Not important.
Kirsti: Who are you, exactly?
Donnie: That is Helen Rizzo. She's our boss.

The team turn to see Donnie, Matt and Kenji walking up to the team and sitting down with them.

Rizzo: Ah, hello. Where are Mr. Djekovic, Ms. Murphy and Ms. Parker?
Laura: They're occupied elsewhere.
Rizzo: ...Right. Are you guys affiliated to anyone we should know?
Kenji: They are allies of Jackson, Caballero, Sankovic, Zednik and Pierce. And my sister.
Rizzo: Well then. Let's get down to business.
Alex: What business?
Rizzo: I was planning a raid on another base. But considering your current company.....take the day off. I'll send a squad to do the job.
Donnie: Oh, okay then.

The transmission cuts out as the Special Ops ponder. Nina pulls out a Wii U with all it's cords.

Nina: Wanna fuck around on this?
Kenji: What do you mean?
Nina: Hey Jess, wanna play a game of Super Smashed Bros.?
Jess: Fucking right I fucking want to!
Matt: I thought it was Super Smash Bros....?
Nina: It is. Super Smashed Bros. is where we get fucking hammered then play Smash.
Matt: Oh. Wait, are you allowed to drink?
Nina: I'm 24.
Matt: Oh.

Jess goes into the living room and Nina gives her two large cans of beer. Nina gets herself two large cans as they chug both down quickly.

Donnie: How do you manage to drink stuff like that?
Nina: 'Cause games are a ton more fun when you're drunk. By the way, we normally do these matches in teams because if it's just two drunk people the match isn't gonna be fun to watch, so are any of you guys up for a match?
Kenji: I suppose.

Nina reaches for the bag she got the Wii U out of and realises that there are seven Wii controllers and nunchucks.

Nina: ...Oh yeah, we can do 8-man Smash! Anna, Nik, do you guys wanna get hammered?
Anna: I'd rather be sober. I have a PhD, I wanna look civilised.
Nikolai: Same. Just minus the PhD part.
Kenji: A PhD? Your group is interesting to say the least.
Donnie: Looks like we'll have the advantage...
Jess: (slurred) Since when the fuck have you had a PhD?
Kenji: Ms. Pierce clearly doesn't hold her alcohol well.
Laura: She can handle it, it just goes to her brain super fast.
Donnie: Not surprised.

Nina opens up Smash and gives controllers to Jess, Donnie, Kenji, Matt, Alex, Leah and Kirsti as the match is set up. Flynn then acts like an announcer, saying who's who.

Flynn: In the red corner, we have... Nina Chevoski, Donnie whatever-his-surname is, Leah Auvic and Kirsti Jones!
Donnie: It's Fox...
Flynn: Okay then. and in the blue corner, we have the shitfaced Jess Pierce, Matt something-or-other, Kenji Yamaha and Alex Schmidt!
Matt: Bosh.
Kenji: I take offense.
Flynn: What, was that not it?
Kenji: Yamamoto.
Flynn: Oh. Close enough. Anyway, let's smash!

The eight start the match as the others watch.

Beth: Wait, who's watching over the other universe while we're here?
Link: I talked to Emma, McCloud and Oaklyn and they said they'd watch over it while we're here.

Donnie is seen playing as Luigi and meteor smashes Kenji's Ike, with whom he keeps Aether-ing off the edge with. Matt uses Little Mac and keeps failing to judge how far the Jolt Haymaker will take him, sending him off-stage every time he tries it. Alex uses Marth and gets some good moves in, but is held back by her team's ability. Jess is seen asleep with her controller on the floor.

Alex: This is what I get for picking the side of a drunk angry person.

Leah is seen playing as Ryu, getting a combo on Jess's idle character and knocking her downwards off stage, Nina is seen taunting at the edge of the stage, Kirsti is seen assisting Leah and Donnie continues what he was doing before.

Nikolai: Leah, are you just naturally talented at anything Nintendo?
Leah: It's mostly the other guys tripping up a lot.
Kenji: I am absolutely terrible.

The timer runs out as the game blares out "The winner is... red team!" Donnie, Leah, Kirsti and Nina cheer as Kenji, Matt and Alex shake their heads.

Leah: You guys were great!
Kirsti: Thanks! It's nice to fight alongside you. You're gonna be the best wife ever.
Matt: Hey Ken, maybe we'll fight better if WE get married.
Kenji: Stay away from me and my sister.

Matt puts his head down in shame.

The camera shows Mr. Cross in Anaheim, scouring the streets.

Cross: So this is the other universe. Hm. Never expected it to be so short of people protecting-

He is hit over the back of the head by a crowbar, to show Jennifer Oaklyn behind him.

Jennifer: Oh, sorry sir! You looked shady to me so I jumped to conclusions.
Cross: Word of advice: try not to attack strangers. Say, have you seen any superpowered people anywhere?
Jennifer: Uh... why are you asking?
Cross: I run a program that could benefit these gifted individuals. It's quite the opportunity.

Jennifer squints her eyes at him skeptically, seeming untrusting.

Jennifer: I mean, I have a weird thing I can do with my hand...

She makes a water drop shape with her hand.

Cross: How much can you do with that aquakinesis?
Jennifer: With that what?
Cross: Water power.
Jennifer: Oh. I can fill a glass of water at best with it.
Cross: Hmm. I don't think you'd be fit for the program. You have any friends like that?
Jennifer: I have a friend with what she calls precognitive powers...
Cross: Now that's interesting. Could you direct me toward her?
Jennifer: Okay! I just have to see where she is.

She texts a woman called Emma Jackson and asks where she is. She gets a reply.

Jennifer: She's near some portal.
Cross: Thanks for the help...

He sets off toward the portal, smirking. Jennifer follows him to make sure he isn't a bad guy.

Amy, Jerry, Tommy and Ashlee are seen in the restaurant, being given their meals.

Jerry: This looks great!
Ashlee: Wow...looks delicious! Thank you so much!

Tommy nods appreciatively.

Amy: Always nice to give a little back to those who have helped in the past.
Tommy: It was worth it to see Ash so happy.
Amy: I also kinda planned this so Ashlee could spend some more time with me too, 'cause we only spent about... an hour together that day you guys saved me.
Ashlee: You wanted to spend more time with me? Wow that's...
Amy: Yeah, I felt sorry for you 'cause you were sick that day so we were like "why don't we do something so Ashlee gets some more time with me, since she idolises me?"
Ashlee: That's so kind!
Amy: Kind is just my game.

She gives a smile to Ashlee.

Tommy: I can see why both of you like her so much.
Jerry: Amy, you're possibly one of the kindest people in the course of history. I'm so lucky to have you as my girlfriend.
Ashlee: This is so sweet...

Ashlee gets a napkin and wipes her eyes with it.

Amy: The entire planet saving thing is stressful but I always managed to stay cool and collected. Having all these people admire the actions we do daily, seeing people's faces light up when they see us, knowing we're saving lives, stopping grotesque ends, it's all just satisfying. It makes you glad you made the choice of rescuing people, stopping evil people who hate you and the world. Those villains normally have a motive, but when we're around, they ain't never getting through.
Ashlee: Exactly. That's why you're my hero. Because I want to affect people like that.
Tommy: I just wanna kick Cross' ass.
Jerry: Trust me Tommy, we all do.
Amy: So, how about we all eat? That speech got me in an eating mood.
Tommy: Sounds good to me.

The four pick up their knives and forks as they start to dig into their food.

Amy: This is amazing! It reminds me of when I was younger and my dad would take me out to a British-themed restaurant.
Ashlee: It brings back memories for me too. And it's delicious.
Jerry: This is possibly the finest thing I've ever had.

Tommy nods silently, chewing.

Amy: Hey, what do you think the others are up to?

The camera cuts to Jess waking up with a hangover.

Nikolai: Hey, Jess, you alright?
Jess: Fucking hell- fuck- AGH! FOR FUCK'S SAKE!
Leah: Have you seriously already got a hangover?
Donnie: Jeez.
Laura: Like I said, she processes alcohol fast.
Kenji: Almost superhumanly fast.
Alex: Well, I mean, she is a superhuman with her powers.
Donnie: This is...something else though.
Aminu: Her body's probably adapted to alcohol a lot more than ours. When we first started saving the world, she was pounding a bottle of wine a day.
Kenji: I can't see that being very helpful. Or healthy.
Aminu: True. She said she used it to make up for having a lack of blood to suck.
Donnie: Scientifically, that raises several questions.
Aminu: She's half-vampire, vampires love blood, and according to her red wine looks like blood.
Kenji: What a world you guys live in.
Nikolai: Isn't it also a world you lived in?
Kenji: Fair point.

The camera abruptly cuts back to the date. Amy is seen digging into her fish and chips meal.

Amy: This is better than that restaurant ever was!
Tommy: This is more my style.
Amy: What do you guys normally have back at your house?
Ashlee: The normal fare, usually. Donnie's a pretty good cook though.
Jerry: By "normal fare", do you mean stuff like sausages, pork chops, the occasional burgers, stuff like that?
Ashlee: Pretty much.
Amy: As long as you have food in, that's the main thing.
Jerry: My family normally just gets takeout cos they either can't be bothered or just want some Chinese or Indian or Italian food. So this is a huge step up for my food experience. Fanciest thing I've had before this was tapas.
Tommy: I took what I could get when I was younger. This is...quite the step up for me as well.
Jerry: Weren't you an orphan growing up?
Tommy: Yeah. On the streets.
Amy: Sounds like a harsh life.
Tommy: I've done things I'm not proud of. Know things that most don't. So...having a house and friends and an amazing woman who I love is a huge improvement.
Jerry: It definitely is. Ash is a great person, she's got Amy-level positive vibes.
Tommy: No one knows it better than me.
Ashlee: Daww.
Amy: You two are really meant for each other. I really hope you guys marry one day.

Amy cracks a big smile.

Ashlee: Me too!

Tommy raises his eyebrows but smiles a bit.

Jerry: This has been a pretty great double date.
Ashlee: I agree!
Tommy: Yeah.

They all klink their cola glasses together as the camera zooms out to show an aerial view of New York from the restaurant.

Cross arrives at the spot of the portal to see Emma Jackson, Robyn Palmer and James McCloud.

Cross: Three? I'll need back-up.
Jennifer: Back-up? For what?
Cross: I knew you were following me, by the way. I was in the war.
Jennifer: Which one?
Cross: You wouldn't know it.

Emma, Robyn and James turn to see Cross.

James: Who's the clown in the suit?
Cross: Charming.
Robyn: Hey, you can either tell us who you are, or you can eat gravel.
Cross: William Cross, if you must know.
Robyn: Hm.
Jennifer: So, what were the reinforcements for...?
Cross: To take down and, if necessary, contain you.
Emma: Ah no ya fuckin' don't!
Robyn: Right, prepare to eat dirt.
James: Why can't I have some special ability?
Robyn: Can't you call Falco, Slippy and Peppy?
James: Fuck off with the Star Fox jokes!

Cross skips the banter and blasts fireballs at them all.

Jennifer: Not today!

Jennifer blasts water at the fireballs and douses them all. Cross looks at her, stunned.

Jennifer: You're forgetful, aren't you?
Cross: I didn't think water cup girl would be that good.

Cross sends out a wave of ice toward them.

Emma: Well, shi-

A stream of fire melts the ice as Taylor Jamison is seen.

Taylor: Barry, come on! ...Barry?

Barry Robinson suddenly appears from out of nowhere and slaps Cross in the face multiple times.

James: ...Who are you guys?
Taylor: Taylor Jamison. This silent assassin here's Barry Robinson.

Barry waves as Cross, clearly agitated, steps behind him.

Taylor: Uh, Barry, you might wanna get out the way...

Barry turns around to see Cross, face red and staring him down. He cocks back his arm to attack, but misses Barry, who suddenly appears behind him.

Barry: Bitch, I'm a silent assassin.

He delivers a blow to Cross's face, who simply takes the hit and calls soldiers, who capture the six and put them in a van.

Taylor: Well, that went well.
Emma: Oaklyn, contact Johnson back at base. We need some pros to help us.
Taylor: Are you saying we aren't pros?

Emma stutters as Cross is seen, smirking. He then calls Mr. D'Angelo.

Cross: Sir, I caught six.
Mr. D'Angelo: Excellent.

The six are seen, hesitant about what's going to happen.

James: I just hope we make it outta this alive...

Alex and Matt are seen in a room, chatting.

Alex: So, what's this universe like?
Matt: Like the other one. A few differences. Talking Pokémon, bear aliens. Sometimes things seem darker.
Alex: Aminu is from the other universe...
Matt: Yeah, but over here, all of them are like that. I saw a Sceptile and his human girlfriend last week.
Alex: Oh.

Alex hears a crackling noise, revealed to be a walkie-talkie. A voice comes through.

Matt: Who the hell still uses walkie talkies?
Alex: The team I work with.
Voice: Calling Agent Schmidt. Your assistance is needed.
Matt: Looks like you need to get to work. And I need to go hit on some more women...
Alex: Hold on. What do you need me for?
Voice: Jackson, Palmer, Oaklyn and McCloud were kidnapped and taken through that portal.
Alex: By who?
Voice: They call their self D'Angelo & Sons.
Matt: Those assholes.
Voice: Cardona, Lynch, Justice and Scott are on their way toward them. I hear you're busy though, so I'll let you know if you're really needed.

The voice cuts out.

Alex: Thank fuck. I didn't wanna have to go through that (in German) bullshit (in English again) again.
Matt: Reminds me of our job.
Alex: I'm lucky enough to work in an agency with 75 members.
Matt: It's just us 6. But I have magic and Ash and Dani have we usually end up okay.
Alex: My agency has people with all sorts of powers. Terrakinesis, florakinesis, aquakinesis, the list goes on.
Matt: Nice.
Alex: I myself have precognitive stuff.
Matt: You can see the future? That might be useful...
Alex: Yeah, but there's some things I can't predict. Like, the entire kidnapping thing was unexpected for me, I thought they'd be fine.
Matt: So it's random?
Alex: Pretty much. Anna also has a weird power and Beth has three powers.
Matt: Huh. We have three people with no powers.
Alex: Most of the girls in the team we have with Jess, Jerry and that lot have powers or something to them. Carli has her griffin form, Blaze is a secret agent, Skye's got uncontrollable cryokinesis...
Matt: Donnie has training, Kenji knows martial arts, and I think Tommy has killed at least 3 people.
Alex: I think Jess's murder count is at 50 and Krystal's gun usage is at 100 bullets.
Matt: Cool.
Alex: It is from one perspective, but if you get on their bad side it isn't.
Matt: True.
Alex: There's also Blaze's shurikens and axes. They're razor sharp. They're also the reason she has the gloves on apparently, so she doesn't cut herself using them.
Matt: That's rad! she single?
Alex: Nah, she has a boyfriend in the other universe.
Matt: Damn! Are there any single women that like funny guys in your group?
Alex: Well, me, Nina and Beth are single...
Matt: You like funny guys? Who have magic?
Alex: Yeah, I suppose.

Emma, Robyn, Jennifer, James, Barry and Taylor are seen struggling, with Cross looking over them all.

James: What do you want from us?!
Cross: The non-superpowered? I'll kill them. The superpowered? Put them on ice and drain their blood.
Taylor: What the fuck, bro?!
Emma: Wait, where did Barry go?
Taylor: He's a silent assassin, he could be anywhere.
Cross: He got out? I'll have to design a new cell for that.

Barry appears behind Cross and punches him in the back.

Jennifer: ...Are you Houdini brought back to life?
Taylor: There's no time to explain how he does what he does. C'mon, let's get outta here before that psycho manages to get back up!

They all make a dash for the exit as Cross slowly gets back up and chases them. Barry then bumps into Amy, Tommy, Ashlee and Jerry as the others catch up, out of breath and sweaty.

Tommy: What's up with those clowns?
Emma: Some Cross guy... kidnapped us... wanted to use our powers...
Ashlee: Oh boy. He didn't...put you guys in ice, right?
Robyn: Nah, this guy here got us out before he could do that...

She puts her hand on Barry's shoulder as he waves.

Tommy: You owe him. Trust me, being put on ice.....even brings people like Ash down.
James: I'm guessing Ash is upbeat as hell.
Tommy: Someone who was made to give people bad dreams couldn't get to her. Getting put on ice is hell.
Ashlee: I saw all my friends....gone....and I had no power to save them. That's true terror.
Taylor: Wow.

Cross is seen approaching the team.

Tommy: Leave this douchebag to me.
Emma: Wait, where did Barry go-

Barry is seen punching Cross, not knocking him out, but weakening him.

Barry: The final blow's all your's, bro.

Tommy slams his fist into Cross' face, knocking him out and causing him to spit blood.

Tommy: That was....satisfying.
Jerry: Guessing that makes up for the day you had to team up with me, Jess, Skye and Blaze when you got seriously beat up.
Tommy: No. That was for when he almost killed Ash.
Jerry: Oh.
Robyn: Looks like he's out cold.
Taylor: Good.
Amy: How about we get back to the house?
Tommy: I'll stay and call Rizzo. She'll want to have him.
Amy: Alright.
Tommy: Cross is just a pawn. We need to get him to spill the secrets if we want to destroy D'Angelo & Sons.

The others get in Amy's car as it goes into flight mode again and goes back to the Special Ops house.

Amy: We're back!
Jess: Jesus fucking Christ, did you fucking have to fucking say that so fucking loudly?!
Emma: Jeez, what's wrong with you?
Jess: Just fucking whisper!
Skye: She had a bit too much beer and she's got a hangover now.

Amy sighs as they sit down with the others.

The next morning, Krystal and Danielle are seen lying in bed next to each other.

Krystal: Y'know, you look really beautiful this morning...
Danielle: look better.
Krystal: How do you think Nick and Matt would react to this?
Danielle: They'd be jealous....or think it's hot. Both.

The two chuckle.

Matt is seen waking up, and sees Alex sleeping next to him.

Matt: Matt wins!

Alex sleepily wakes up.

Alex: Huh?
Matt: Oh...nothing. Good morning.
Alex: Guten morgen.

She kisses Matt on the cheek. Matt blushes and grins.

Tommy and Barry are seen with Rizzo in her office.

Tommy: Let me guess, Cross is gone.
Rizzo: Unfortunately. My best agents were preoccupied, Cross had powers, and the squad I sent was outnumbered by his rescue team.
Barry: Shame.
Rizzo: Funding has been low this year. Lots of trouble. Cross just had to come second this time.
Barry: Finance is a bitch, to say the least. Wait, why did I come along...?
Rizzo: You helped us out. We'll pay you for your troubles. And offer a spot as an agent.
Barry: Oh, okay then. Could I be an agent in the other universe...?
Rizzo: Unfortunately not. Being an agent relies on you living here.
Barry: Ah. Sorry ma'am, I have to decline the job offer. I already work with some guys in the other universe. If I didn't, I probably would've said yes.
Rizzo: I admire your loyalty. You and your friends will be rewarded appropriately. In cash.
Barry: Oh, cool.
Rizzo: At least you got to punch the bastard, Mr. Djekovic.
Barry: I set him up for the knockout.
Tommy: Thanks for that, Barry. And yes, Director. It felt nice.
Rizzo: That's a victory in itself.
Tommy: So we keep looking?
Rizzo: That's all we can do.
Barry: Well, good luck finding that Cross guy. I'm off to Burger King with Taylor and the other guys.
Tommy: Thanks.

Barry walks out of the office to meet Taylor, James, Jennifer, Emma and Robyn as they go off. Cross is then shown, hiding.

Cross: Can't win every battle. Oh well, it'll just help me become stronger.

Cross shrugs and walks away to attend to business.




  • The episode could be seen as a sequel to Journey to the Other Side.
    • The episode name is also an opposite of the said episode.
  • The episode has references to Journey to the Other Side, Amy Jackson's Pro Skater and a few episodes of The Other Side.
  • The Other Side characters' lines were written by RTA, while the Journey characters' lines were written by Sr.Wario, which are usually sent to RTA via PM.
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