"The Other Earth"
Season 1, episode 14
Airdate:  ???
Director: Exotoro & RTA Fan
Story: Exotoro & RTA Fan
Written &
storyboarded by:
"Body Closet"
"Prom Night"

The Other Earth is fourteenth episode in the first season of Fantendo Now. It is the fourteenth episode overall.


Unten meets some new people from another dimension.



Amy, Krystal, Tayshaun, and Hitomi stand in front of a portal.

Amy: Well this is it...
Tayshaun: Where do you suppose this will take us?
Hitomi: I honestly don't know... maybe we should go back.
Krystal: Bullshit! Let's go!

Krystal goes inside the portal, followed by Amy, Tayshaun, and ultimately Hitomi.

Written by Exotoro
Input from RTA Fan

Unten, Rachel, Strafe, Sakeena, and Leah sit in a restaurant near a ski lodge.

Unten: So...

Rachel sips on some hot chocolate.

Rachel: So.
Strafe: Well jeez, if we're not gonna have a real conversation-
Leah: Shut the hell up, Jack. Enjoy the calm before the storm.
Unten: Wait... storm?
Leah: Why do you think there's been so relatively few people here at the ski lodge?
Sakeena: Leah did you book us tickets to a ski lodge knowing there would be a massive storm?
Leah: That is exactly what I've done.
Unten: Leah... what?! Why would you do that?
Leah: Tickets were cheap.
Unten: Oh jeez, we got to get the hell out of here.

Unten grabs his skiing gear as the others rush out. Leah leans back, laughing before falling over as they were sitting on benches.

Leah: Ack.
Rachel: Leah, you gotta get the fuck out of here! We aren't coming back for you!
Leah: Ah jeez, alright. Fine.
Unten: Speaking of a storm... shouldn't they be closed?
Leah: Why do you think there wasn't anyone here or at the slopes?
Rachel: ...I'm really not liking where this is going.
Leah: Look, are we going or what?

The gang piles into a rental van and heads down the snowy roads.

Leah: To be honest... I really wanted us to be like trapped at the restaurant, could have been a nice little bottle episode as we learn to trust each other in a tight space and run out of food... always wanted to know what Beorns tasted like...

Sakeena jots Leah's babblings down in her notebook. Strafe rolls his eyes as Unten looks offended.

Strafe: Yeah... doesn't sound like a good episode to me personally.
Leah: Oh, what the hell do you know Jack?
Rachel: Good thing we got out when we did otherwise something bad could have happene-

The sound of someone being run over plays.

Rachel: F-fuck, fuck...

Rachel gets out of the car to see Amy Jackson standing in front of it, brushing herself off. Tayshaun, Krystal, and Hitomi follow closely after.

Rachel: Did I run you... over?
Amy: No, no. You didn't.

Rachel closes her eyes and breathes in relief. Unten and Strafe come out.

Rachel: Oh thank god. What did I hit?
Amy: A... turtle?
Rachel: Eh...
Amy: So!

Amy, Tayshaun, Hitomi and Krystal pile into the van as it takes off again.

Unten: So... where are you guys from?
Amy: Oh... uh... Anaheim.
Unten: Yeah... Anaheim... that's a real place.

Sakeena whispers into Unten's ear.

Unten: Oh! California.
Strafe: You guys have some big eyes.
Amy: You have some small eyes. How do you see?

Strafe ponders for a moment.

Rachel: How... did you guys wind up here?
Amy: Hitomi made a portal to here.
Hitomi: Um...
Unten: Wait, you guys made a portal to another world... how?
Hitomi: Well you see... I have the power to create portals but... I'd rather not showcase that right now. Y'know? Heh...
Sakeena: That's fine.
Krystal: So... what's going on with... this?

Krystal waves to Unten.

Rachel: He crash landed here, beat and demoted a deity alien and he's been living on Earth ever since, I guess...
Krystal: You guys just hang out with an alien?
Unten: Beorn.
Krystal: Huh... would have thought space aliens would have tentacles... not look like giant teddybears.
Leah: At least it wasn't any of that "gray" shit. Plus, it gives me a versatile expanding list of insults to use.
Krystal: Like... Winnie the Blue?

Leah is taken back.

Leah: You're a natural at this thing, holy shit.
Krystal: Heh, thanks.

Unten crosses his arms.

Rachel: Anyway... there's a big storm coming around the bends so we gotta keep moving but ya'll hungry or anything?
Tayshaun: I suppose we could eat, yeah.
Rachel: Noted.

Rachel pulls the van into a hamburger joint called VirBurger. Tayshaun, Amy, Hitomi, and Krystal exit out. Rachel rolls down the window.

Rachel: Hurry up and order... storm's coming so... I mean... I'm sure Leah would be overjoyed to be stuck in a car with us but I wouldn't so...
Krystal: Noted.

Krystal clicks her teeth and points at Rachel before heading in with the others. Rachel looks anxiously at them.

Rachel: Actually, one of you go in after them. Strafe.
Strafe: Why me?
Rachel: I dunno, you're the first one that came to mind.

Strafe sighs as he gets out and enters the restaurant, seeing the mascot dance around in a glass cage.

Strafe: Is that a midget in a suit or...?
Mascot: I'm Virus and once I'm freed from this infernal cage and have my powers back, I'll murder all of you. I exist in every single dimension, there will be no place to run.
Strafe: Haha, cute!

Strafe taps on the glass teasingly and heads towards the line. Virus growls.

Virus: There won't be any pity for you when my reign begins. Those fingers will be chopped up and fed to Laverranoth the Destroyer when the rest of your body is devoured by Keetheevi!!!

Strafe didn't hear any of that, instead glancing at the menu.

Strafe: Hey, do you all know what you want?
Amy: Strafe, please. We're all adults here. Well... almost. I'm mature though, I know exactly what I want.
Krystal: We all do... well... except for Hitomi.
Hitomi: H-hey.
Krystal: Just sayin'.

Krystal shrugs as Hitomi adjusts her glasses.

Strafe: Okay, how old are you people? Ya'll look kind of young.
Krystal: Me and Hitomi are 19. Tayshaun's... shit. What age are you?

Tayshaun looks offended.

Tayshaun: I'm 19. Do you guys forget I'm here?
Krystal: Kind of.
Amy: ...yeah...
Hitomi: I don't...

Hitomi attempts to get closer to Tayshaun but Tayshaun moves up in line. Strafe winces.

Strafe, Amy, Tayshaun, Hitomi, and Krystal walk out as Rachel urges them to get in.

Rachel: Jesus christ, I thought I told you to hurry.
Strafe: What? We weren't fast enough for you?
Rachel: Kind of, let's go!

The van takes off as the storm approaches in the distance.

Sakeena: Don't mind her, she's just... stressed.
Krystal: About what?
Sakeena: I dunno. She just seems stressed out as of late.

Leah attempts to lay down, kicking her feet into Tayshaun's face.

Tayshaun: Hey!
Leah: I'm tired, let me lay down.
Tayshaun: You can't just...

Leah lays down across Tayshaun and Hitomi's laps, resting her head on Hitomi's lap. Hitomi blushes.

Tayshaun: Is she... always like this?
Unten: Well, she's not a "rude dog" for nothing.

Nobody gets Unten's joke. He hangs his head down in shame.

Krystal: Wait, this is a new universe right? So presidents... we have President Smith. Who do you have?
Unten: There are other presidents? There's only been one... Richard Independence.
Krystal: Wait... one? America's been around for hundreds of years... how can one guy be the president for all time?
Unten: I dunno... is it weird to only have one president for your country's entire history?
Krystal: Yeah...
Unten: Well, as you can tell, I'm not exactly what we'd call normal.
Rachel: Wait, what the fuck, you guys have more than one president?
Amy: You guys only had one president? This sounds fake.
Sakeena: Look, you can search it up on my phone here...

Amy types in Sakeena's phone.

Amy: WHAT?

Rachel keeps driving along. Pretty much everyone except Rachel, Unten, and Tayshaun are asleep. Tayshaun stares out the window.

Tayshaun: Think we outran the storm?
Rachel: Ehh...

Yellow light comes on.

Rachel: Shit.
Unten: Oh uh, what's going on?
Rachel: Gas. We're out.

Rachel, Tayshaun and Unten get out of the car. Krystal wakes up and exits out of the car as well.

Krystal: What's going on?
Rachel: We're out of gas.

Leah gets out of the car.

Leah: Ahahaheheh...

Leah pulls out a gun.

Rachel: What the fuck-?
Leah: I told ya'll this was gonna happen. I told ya'll we were gonna get trapped out in the middle of nowhere and we were gonna have to eat each other... just needed to run out of gas first.
Rachel: This is too far! Are you drunk?

Leah burps.

Rachel: Oh god...

Unten runs in front of Rachel with both of his hands out. Krystal yawns as she pulls her gun out and Tayshaun looks around confused.

Strafe, Sakeena, Hitomi, and Amy look outside from inside the van.

Strafe: Oh jeez, how the hell did she get drunk?
Hitomi: S-she's not actually gonna fire that thing right?
Strafe: Which one?

Hitomi thinks for a moment.

Amy: Krystal don't pull the trigger!

Krystal switches her aim to the frozen lake nearby and shoots the ice.

Leah: Why did you do that?
Krystal: I really needed to shoot something...

Strafe looks to Hitomi.

Strafe: You can make portals right?
Hitomi: Y-yes...

Strafe rolls down the car window. He nudges.

Hitomi: Okay, okay...

Hitomi creates a portal below Leah's feet. Leah slips in and finds herself in the RTAverse and sees a brown haired woman. In her drunken stupor she flips two middle fingers off.


The woman turns around, revealing herself to be Jess Pierce. She runs towards Leah who falls back into the portal which closes.

Strafe: Fuck.

okay so look i was supposed to finish this episode tonight but honestly i can't say in honesty it'll end how i want so ill be stopping here and waiting for it to end perfectly in my mind

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