The Origins of Sreel: Electric Adventurer is a 2015 adventure/third-person shooter developed by Inora, as a downloadable launch title for The V2. The game is episodic, telling the backstory of Sreel, an anthromorphic electric eel from the jungle city planet of Protodon. A retail version was released in January 2016, featuring every episode. The game is an affectionate parody of superhero comics.

The game was created for the fourth Fantendo Character Creation event. Reception has been (TBA).


Episode 1: Legendary Thieves!

The story opens with an old-timey video of an electric eel with a curly mustache fighting crime.

Announcer: They call him the Electric Adventurer!

The electric eel takes out a number of thugs with crude-looking gloves that shoot short blasts of electricity at his opponents who fall down, un-harmed, and are arrested by a group of fish cops.

The camera then zooms out to show a little eel playing with his Electric Adventurer action figure as his mother calls him to dinner.


The electric eel kid, all grown up, is battling against three thugs, resembling the man on TV, but armed with advanced electric gauntlets. After a quick-time event, the eel takes out the thugs.

Electric Eel: That's what justice tastes like, fiends!
Thug #1: This the most cliche 60s superhero...and he kicked our asses.
Thug #2: I can't believe this. We are never getting hired again.
Electric Eel: And remember, if your bosses ask, I'm the Electric Adventurer.
Thug #1: I hate my life.

The eel, dressed in average garb, is walking through a city that is a hybrid of ancient architecture as well as modern cities. He arrives at a bank, where police fish are investigating. He shows an ID card labeling him as Sreel Srok, a journalist for Ray-ly News.

Sreel, walking around, jots down notes as he looks around and finds a few muddy footprints. After following a trail of them, he finds a dropped Ace card. Sreel picks it up and hands it to the police before going back to the Ray-ly News offices. After scrolling through files, he finds an old story about various robberies committed, with the perpetators dropping an ace card as their signature at the site of every crime.

Later, at night, Sreel heads home and puts on gauntlets and a bandanna before hearing an alarm go off. Sreel hops to action and follows the alarm through careful hearing to a bank where he finds various thieves trying to get away with stolen goods.

Thief #1: Why did you have to set off that alarm?!
Thief #2: It was an accident! Besides, it's not like some cliche superhero is going to put a stop to our plan.

Sreel chases their truck through the large bank, taking out their traps and minions along the way. They drive off, but Sreel simply charges an energy blast and fires it at their tires, sending the truck to a complete stop.

Thief #1: You just had to jinx us.
Thief #2: Looks like that's the end of the Ace Thieves.

Sreel calls the police anonymously before heading off into the night once more, asking himself who hired the Ace Thieves before the episode ends.

Following the credits, two police fish are talking.

Police Fish #1: I'm sure glad we have that guy doing our jobs for us. It's like we don't have to do anything! Why do we even exist?
Police Fish #2: To accuse him of being a rogue vigilante when we could just shut up?
Police Fish #1: Probably.

Episode 2: Robo-Murder!

In a tribal village, an electric eel is blasting electricity across a small room, and accidentally breaks a window. The eel realizes he has to find a way to control this, and begins carving something out of stone. As he does so, his mother calls him downstairs, adressing him as Sroop.

Sreel is writing a report about acts of kindness in a local small neighborhood, when his boss tells him it's closing time. Sreel heads home, and begins to head to sleep in his bed. Before he can, he hears a scream and glass shattering. Sighing, he gets up, suits up, and heads out to investigate.

Sreel follows the sound to a small neighborhood where he hears a light buzzing, but can't seem to find which house it's coming from. Sreel must then investigate around to find the correct house before time runs out. If he does so, he'll eventually reach a basement where he finds a robot next to a woman tied up.

Sreel: Let her go, fiend!
Robot: ....
Sreel: Is that a yes? Give me some signs here. Like beeping robot talk. Y'know, beep-boop. Am I getting through to you?
Robot: ........................

Sreel, having no choice, walks toward the robot slowly, but is blasted by electricity from the robot's gauntlets and falls down onto the floor.

Back in the tribal village(which is showing signs of expansion), Sroop is walking to a movie studio to pitch a show. Although the executive, Mr. Urchin is prickly at first, Sroop is unwilling to give up.

Mr. Urchin: Why are you pitching a show, Mr. Srok?
Sroop: I have abilities. I can make people happy with them. I can entertain a city. I know being an entertainer isn't as important as fighting crime. But it gives people hope and puts them in a good mood. That's important. And I know it.

Mr. Urchin is moved by his speech, and after a quick-time sequence showing off his powers, is hired to make a show called the Electric Adventurer.

Sreel is writhing in pain, and the robot heads over to him to kill him. Sreel plays dead, but when the robot approaches, he uses an electrified punch to knock through the robot's lower section. The robot sounds an alarm that attracts various crew members who run over and pick up the robot. Sreel un-ties the woman and goes to pursue the crew members.

Sreel hops on a car and begins a shoot-out with the crew members and their truck. Sreel takes out most of the truck, and hops off the car to interrogate them. Before he can, the repaired robot smashes through the steel backside of the truck and begins battling Sreel.




After a tough battle, Sreel takes down the Robo-Killer and destroys it's body with a concentrated blast of electricity. Sreel looks at it's gauntlets before he does so, and sees that they closely resemble his own, and considers what this means.

Following the credits, factory-workers are constructing millions of gauntlets like Sreel's in a dark, claustrophobic room. As they work, they hear screams of pain, but continue working before they join the person feeling such anguish.

Episode 3: Uh-Oh (Part 1)!

A ray named Ray Manta is watching the Electric Adventurer from his couch. He recalls that the star of the show is Sroop Srok, an old friend. Ray writes down Sroop's name on a notepad full of notes that plan out an arms company called Ray Industries.

Sreel is sitting in his chair at work when he learns about an industrial sabotage case that happened last night where a Ray Industries lab was attacked and burned down. Sreel heads for the burnt-down building to get information for a story on it.

Once there, Sreel follows footprints and clues to a wallet. He calls the police to it, and they claim it as evidence. Sreel takes a peek at the wallet, and sees a card showing the logo for a small packaging center. Sreel writes that down on his notes and heads back to the Ray-ly News building and begins typing his story.

Sroop is heading home one day after a day of shooting, and finds Ray waiting for him.

Sroop: Ray?
Ray: Hey, buddy! It's been too long!
Sroop: You look great! What have you been doing?
Ray: Working on a new company. It's gonna be big. I hear you're doing big things.
Sroop: Yeah! Using my powers and ideas to entertain people. Inspire them! That's what I want to do with them.
Ray: Huh. I've seen the effects on your show. You have skills. Those gauntlets are amazing. And the electrokinesis! It's amazing. I have a proposition for you. Something that would use your skills.
Sroop: I really like doing entertainment, but alright.
Ray: Sell the gauntlets to me. The electrokinesis part can be worked around, but the gauntlets are important to it. With you endorsing it, the gauntlets will sell easily. We'll be rich.
Sroop: Who are you selling it to?
Ray: Militaries. Police forces. Secret organizations. The big buyers.
Sroop: Look, Ray. I'm flattered, but I can't do that. My gauntlets are meant to entertain and inspire people. Not to kill people and conquer. If someone got their hands on this with bad intentions, things could get very bad. I don't want to be attached to that.
Ray: Fine, then.

Ray walks away, angrily, and gets in his car, sketching up gauntlets and calling the bank for a loan. Ray gets out his old notepad and smirks.

Sreel suits up that night, and heads to the small packaging center quietly, where he is immediately shot by tranquilizer darts. Sreel falls to the floor, and is picked up by the thieves who carry him into a truck.

Sreel wakes up in the truck, tied down, with his gauntlets removed. Sreel struggles, but can't get up. He unleashes an uncontrolled blast of electricty that frees him and takes out his captors. Sreel hops out of the truck, but finds it driving away madly. Sreel trails the truck through the evening traffic, blasting it at every opportunity.

Sreel eventually catches up with the truck, which stops at the main Ray Industries building. Sreel heads in to find an army of gauntlet armed soldiers who attack him.


Sreel takes them all down, and heads forward into Ray Industries, realizing he has finally found the source of all his enemies.

In the post-credits scene, Ray sits in a newly constructed tower, as he looks out at the small tribal village quickly expanding with new construction. He calls up the head engineer, and hands him a blueprint that shows the gauntlet's design.

Episode 4: Uh-Oh (Part 2)!

A young Sreel is playing with his father, Sroop in the backyard happily. Sroop says he has to go for his show, and Sreel waves goodbye before going to play with his action figures. Sreel plays through the day, and hears his mother getting a phone call. His mother begins crying, and Sreel goes to comfort her. She cleans her tears, and sends him off to his bedroom.

Sreel makes his way through Ray Industries, taking down the power generators that lock down the elevators. Sreel battles through the increasingly difficult guards, armed with gauntlets that rival his own in power. Sreel destroys the generators, and enters higher and higher.

Sroop is driving through a rainy night when he swerves into an alley, blinded by the rain and with his wipers jammed. Sroop crashes his car in a wall and gets out to find Ray.

Sroop: What are you doing out in this rain?
Ray: Sorry, Sroop. Our friendship meant something to me. But I can't have you devaluing my brand.
Sroop: What do you me-

As Sroop is talking, Ray gets out a rough gauntlet and blasts a powerful bolt of lightning at Sroop, stopping his heart. Ray destroys the gauntlets and walks away to his car slowly

Sreel finds himself in an ambient section of Ray Industries where he has to find a key card for the elevator. Sreel investigates around and sees the CEO of Ray Industries, Ray Manta, who he vaguely remembers. After following a paper trail, Sreel comes upon the key card.

Sreel enters the elevator and heads up to the top floor, ready to end things.

The young Sreel is attending his father's funeral, crying and sobbing and remembering having fun with his dad. Sreel looks out at the many admirers his father had, all mourning.

Later, Sreel is walking out and begins talking to someone who says he's an old friend.

Ray: I knew your father. He was a good man.
Sreel: He really was.
Ray: I want to continue his legacy. In a different way. But I want to do something with the concept he had.
Sreel: Yeah...

That night, Sreel draws himself in a superhero costume, armed with gauntlets, and labels it "The Electric Adventurer.

As Sreel looks out, he realizes what Ray meant after all these years, and looks for him to attack him, but finds no one there, but instead a note left behind that he reads.

"Dear Sreel

I'm doing what your father should have done. He wouldn't do it. So I had to. He was a hazard in my way. You are a hazard in my way. That has to be solved."

Sreel looks behind himself and sees a drone armed with Sreel's gauntlet and charges toward him, ending the episode.

In the post-credits, a vault is shown inside Ray Industries. Ray walks into it and types a 4 digit code that reads 2012. He opens the vault and heads inside, revealing a giant mecha armed with massive gauntlets.

Episode 5: Showdown!


Iron Drone

Sreel defeats the Iron Drone after a tough battle, and it falls onto the floor, lifeless. Sreel then hears a piercing sound as the lights turn red and Iron Drones flood the room. Sreel finds himself outmatched, and dashes away, smashing through the window. Hanging from the ledge, he slowly drops down the building.

The Iron Drones look downward aimlessly as Sreel makes it to the ground. As he does, a giant mecha armed with large gauntlets blasts through the door, knocking Sreel down.

Ray: You and I are doing the same thing. Continuing what Sroop did. Using his powers like he should have.
Sreel: He was an entertainer. He gave hope. That's what I try to do. You want to use his powers to strike fear into people. That's not right.
Ray: What a childish outlook on life. You leave me no chance then.


Ray Mecha

Sreel and Ray battle each other across the city, both evenly matched, with Sreel using his smaller size to outweave the sheer power of the Ray Mecha.

Ray smashes Sreel into the ground, heavily injuring him and smashing his gauntlets. Sreel struggles for air as he sees the Ray Mecha walk away slowly. Sreel groans in pain as he slips into a near-death dream, seeing the Electric Adventurer show.

He remembers smiling at the show, and gets up for a moment, blasting uncontrolled lightning at the Ray Mecha before falling onto the ground. The Ray Mecha shorts-out and explodes as ambulances and police cars pull up.

A while later, Sreel walks to the site of the battle and realizes that Ray, the crime started by him, and his gauntlets are gone. Sreel is happy that things are peaceful and that he can move on, and begins walking home.



In the post-credits, Sreel wakes up after hearing a loud sound and walks over to the counter, where he finds upgraded gauntlets with a purple button on each of them. Sreel cautiously presses the buttons, ending the episode.


The game is a third-person shooter and adventure game hybrid. The game switches between narrative advancement and action sequences. In narrative advancement, the player communicates with others as Sreel from a list of responses and investigates around, doing actions by completing small minigames. In action sequences, Sreel goes through a linear level, solving puzzles, collecting items, and taking down opponents with his electric gauntlets. Although the levels are linear, Sreel can collect upgrades.

The retail edition features The Making of Sreel, which features information and art from Sreel's conception, the Soundtrack, which can be accessed as the music plays in-game, and The Challenges of Sreel, a series of mini-missions that can also be bought as a separate pack.


Character Description
Sreel Srok

The main character. An anthromorphic eel who inherited electrokinesis from his father and decided to use it as a superhero named the Electric Adventurer.

Sreel is kind, honorable, and a strong believer in justice. He has mercy, but will kill if it's required. He can be a bit naive and clumsy.

Sreel was born with electrokinesis that forms itself in many ways, which he uses through his gauntlets. Without the gauntlets, his electrokinesis is erratic but powerful.

Sroop Srok

Sreel's father. An anthromorphic eel born with electrokinesis who decided to use it for entertainment on a show where he played a superhero named the Electric Adventurer.

Sroop is a kind pacifist who believes in the power of entertainment and the positive effect it has on people.

Sroop was born with electrokinesis that he uses sparingly, using primitive stone gauntlets to control it.

Ray Manta

The main antagonist. An engineer and the CEO of Ray Industries responsible for the industrial revolution of Protodon, Ray was an old friend of Sroop who turned on him when Sroop refused to market for him, planning to sell the gauntlets as a weapon.

Ray believes that he is doing the right thing, and believes that he is allowed to do anything, even murder, to accomplish it. He thinks that Sreel and Sroop's outlook on the powers are foolish.

Ray has no powers, but can command various drones and pilots the Ray Mecha near the end of the game.


  • Electric Blast: A default ability. Sreel shoots small spheres of electricity at the opponent that can be upgraded in each episode.
  • Electric Punch: A default ability. Sreel punches, electricity surrounding his fist. It's powerful but has little range. It can be upgraded in each episode.
  • Electric Bang: A default ability. Sreel fires electricity into the air. It'll scare and distract enemies, catching them off guard. It can't be upgraded.
  • Electric Wave: An ability unlocked in Episode 2. Sreel lets out a wave of electricity that will damage anyone in it's radius. It can be upgraded in Episodes 3 and 4.
  • Electric Healing: An ability unlocked in Episode 3. Sreel uses electricity to heal as much health as possible before he gets hit. It can't be upgraded.
  • Electric Stun: An ability unlocked in Episode 3. Sreel blasts a large electric sphere that does no damage but stuns the opponent. It can be upgraded once in Episode 4.
  • Electric Shield: An ability unlocked in Episode 3. Sreel surrounds himself with electricity to absorb damage and hit anyone who touches him. It can't be upgraded.
  • Electric Strike: An ability unlocked in Episode 4. Sreel focuses a sphere of electricity that he can aim around to precisely target enemies. It can't be upgraded.
  • Electric Bomb: An ability unlocked in Episode 4. Sreel blasts a large sphere of electricity that causes a gigantic, powerful explosion. It can't be upgraded.
  • Electric Boomerang: An ability unlocked in Episode 4. Sreel shoots a sphere of electricity that bounces off the walls and enemies to do damage to a crowd. It can't be upgraded.


  • Medicine: The healing items. The basic ones are common, but there are Super and Ultra variations that are harder to find.
  • Conductor: Items that increase Sreel's attack power. The weakest ones are common, but there are more powerful and rare electric conductors.
  • Baseball Bat: Items dropped by Baseball Thieves. Sreel can use them to do a good amount of damage, but in close range.
  • Gun: Items dropped by Gun Thieves. Sreel can use them to do a good amount of damage from afar, but they have a finite amount of ammo.
  • Shield: Common items that Sreel can pick up to absorb some damage. The bigger the more durable, but also more slow.

Bosses & Enemies


  • Thieves: The basic enemies. They're pretty easy to take out and use their fists to attack Sreel. They are strong in crowds.
  • Gun Thieves: Thieves armed with guns. They can do decent damage to Sreel, but aren't that durable. Defeat them before they kill you.
  • Baseball Thieves: Thieves armed with baseball bats. They can do decent damage to Sreel and are durable, but fight close-up. Keep your distance.
  • Ray Truck: An enemy that only appears once. It leaves behind other enemies to attack Sreel, and tries to flee from him, being pretty durable. Sreel has to attack it often.
  • Gauntlet Soldiers: Tough enemies armed with gauntlets. They can do a lot of damage, but aren't very durable. Sreel should attack fast.
  • Armored Soldiers: The strongest enemies. They do a lot of damage with their gauntlets, and are very durable. Use your strongest attacks.


  • Robo-Killer: The boss of Episode 2. The Robo-Killer is agile and powerful, fighting from afar with machine guns and lasers. Sreel has to get up close to catch him off guard and use ranged attacks to damage him. He's not that durable.
  • Iron Drone: The first boss of Episode 5. The Iron Drone is strong, fast, and can fly, as well as use his gauntlets. Sreel's advantage is his skill, as the drone is un-trained and predictable. Sreel must counter his attacks and then do a strong attack to defeat him. He's pretty durable.
  • Ray Mecha: The final boss. The Ray Mecha is gigantic and very powerful, using giant gauntlets to do massive attacks. Despite this, it's not very fast and Sreel can use his size as an advantage against him. Sreel must dodge his attacks and climb up the arms and legs to rip out the 4 energy cores to beat the final boss.


The soundtrack is a bonus feature of the retail version. It's total runtime is 20 minutes and 12 seconds.

Song Time
Weezer - Hash Pipe

Meet Sreel


Scuba - Black on Black

Robo-Killer Battle


Green Day - Know Your Enemy

Gauntlet Onslaught

The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony



The Challenges of Sreel


Released as a standalone episode, The Challenges of Sreel is more expensive, featuring a handful of old challenges with new twists and new tasks. It also comes with the retail version.

  1. Complete Episode 1's action sequence with no damage.
  2. Complete Episode 2's action sequence with no damage.
  3. Complete Episode 3's action sequence with no damage.
  4. Complete Episode 4's action sequence with no damage.
  5. Survive the boss rush.
  6. Take down 20 thieves, 20 gun thieves, and 20 baseball thieves.
  7. Take down 20 Gauntlet Soldiers and 10 armored soldiers.
  8. Take down 3 Ray Trucks.
  9. Complete every puzzle section before time runs out.
  10. Defeat 50 enemies with a gun.
  11. Defeat 50 enemies with a baseball.
  12. Defeat 50 enemies with melee combat.
  13. Defeat the Robo-Killer with no damage.
  14. Defeat the Iron Drone with no damage.
  15. Defeat the Ray Mecha with no damage.


The Origins of Sreel: Electric Adventurer Badges
Badge Unlock Conditions

Sreel Badge

Unlocked by completing an episode.

Sroop Badge

Unlocked by completing every episode.

Ray Badge

Unlocked by completing the fifth episode.

Robo-Killer Badge

Unlocked by defeating the Robo-Killer.

Iron Drone Badge

Unlocked by defeating the Iron Drone.

Ray Mecha Badge

Unlocked by defeating the Ray Mecha.

Upgraded Sreel Badge

Unlocked by completing The Challenges of Sreel.




  • Sreel's name comes from a combination of the creator's nickname Sroo and eel.
  • Sroop's name comes from a combination of Sroo and a mispelling of Sroo, Srop.
  • The surname Srok comes from a mispelling of Sroo.
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