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It says here Jumpman has two sons. I bet their names are The Jumpboys

Klubba, The Original Donkey Kong

The Original Donkey Kong is a game starring Donkey Kong for the Nintendo Wii. It came out in 2009, and is a sequel to the original Donkey Kong games. It is the first game in a decade to have Donkey Kong Jr. in it.


One day, Cranky Kong is in his lab working on some new potions. However, he does not know that King K. Rool is watching him. He has recently researched on Donkey Kong's past, and has found that a man named Jumpman nearly defeated him. When DK and Diddy Kong enter, K. Rool activates his Time Warper and sends the three Kongs to the 1980s, where the original DK swoops in and grabs Cranky, while a strange man with red overalls starts attacking DK and Diddy. So DK must try to save Cranky, while protecting himself and Diddy from Jumpman.



Non Playable

Game Modes

The main menu of the game takes place in the same area that the menu in Donkey Kong 64. However, instead of random events going on in the background, a laser occasionally crosses the screen, changing the time zone. While Donkey Kong holds barrels in the present, DK Jr. holds oil barrels and the Donkey Kong Cyborg holds Steel Kegs. The modes consist of Story Mode, The Barrel, which is a shop to by upgrades for the main game and the Arcade, Pauline's Arcade, a place to play the three original arcade DK games, and Options.