The Nullifier
The Demon, the Great Shadow, Lord of Evil
SPECIES Demon/Demigod
Magical spirit (formerly)
AGE Immortal
ALIGNMENT Neutral Evil

"But my belief is that these kinds of people are what makes the galaxy inherently chaotic. They have to be purged from existence. Otherwise, the cycle of violence will keep on going."

-The NullifierZalvar Online

The Nullifier was a demonic being responsible for the birth of shadow magic and the founding of the Circle of Shadows, and an extremely powerful entity.


The Nullifier can appear to be kind to his servants, offering them power and telling them that they're working to purge chaos and violence from the universe. In reality however, he's far more merciless and cruel, and will kill anyone who even considers betraying him. He also regards the Circle of Shadows as a tool that will help him achieve godhood.

His powers are far-reaching for someone with the status of a demigod. Shadow magic is extremely powerful in his hands.



Before the Circle of Shadows, the Nullifier was one of several magical spirits that inhabited the planet Jalgor. When its residents began to utilize shadow magic, he betrayed his fellow magical spirits and became imbued with it, before killing them and enslaving the locals. Jalgor was transformed into a shadow magic-ridden wasteland, and the Nullifier would relish in its power.

At that point, he founded the Circle of Shadows and sent them out to conquer worlds and expand his influence.

War of the Stars

The Nullifier would eventually wage war against Kalnar's magical spirits in what would be known as the War of the Stars. The Nullifier sought control of Kalnar to turn ALL magical energy into shadow magic, and essentially gain control of the galaxy much faster.

Yet, the war was lost, but the Nullifier would continue to watch Kalnar and see if its defenses weaken.

The Eternal Conflict

When the Vanguard of Spirits came into existence, the Nullifier would actively wage war against them. This conflict would see countless planets come under siege, and worlds becoming contested territory. It was a long and arduous conflict.

Eventually, the Nullifier would arrange for the wife of Kalgosh to be murdered through extensive manipulation, so that he could bring the gringar to his side. And he would succeed, transforming him into the being known as the Soul Grazer, his champion.

Hour of Reckoning: Part 2

The Nullifier was defeated when Jalgor was destroyed.


  • The Nullifier's tendency to manipulate situations as a godlike being is very different from usual villains this powerful, who tend to rely on brute force.
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