The Not-So-Wonderful 75 is an action-adventure game created by RTA Games. It was announced on 14/2/16 and will release on the at an unspecified date.




There are a total of 75 characters that you can play as in the game, as the title suggests. They can all be found here.


In 2014, a man named Sammy Johnson decided to open a crime-fighting team. Thinking he'd only get the odd few people to sign up, he decided to launch some signup sheets out globally with a walkie talkie. He ends up getting 74 replies from around the world. As he prepares the team, the people come in from around the globe to Los Angeles. They all get a weapon of sorts as they prepare to go against many unusual things. Two years later, the team is still going strong, when a young girl named Emma runs into Sammy's office telling him about a deadly alien force. Sammy questions the location of the people who normally protect Earth, to which she replies with "They're through the portal". Sammy gets everyone and tells them to prepare for battle.

In an old, beaten down neighbourhood, two young people are walking, one in a baseball jersey and one in a bright outfit and red combat boots. One of them is revealed to be called James McCloud, and the other, Alex Schmidt. Alex feels a bit of a strange vibe. She sees a lightning bolt heading toward McCloud and tackles him out of the way. She manages to protect him and grabs the attacker, who is revealed to be a young woman. She is dressed in all black and introduces herself as Beth Johnson. Beth attempts to distract Alex by creating a small garden in the street. Alex, however is not phased and drags Beth back to the headquarters, only to discover she is in the team. A young woman named Anna approaches Beth out of curiosity, asking why she has the odd outfit. Beth explains that she wears it to fool villains into thinking she's on their side then infiltrate the plan. Anna seems interested, but feels that she could indeed be a bad guy.






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