The Nintendo Cinematic Universe (NCU) is a licensed media franchise and shared fictional universe in which a series of films produced by Nintendo take place. It is a crossover of the multiple story elements and characters featured in Nintendo's video games, and also features multiple third party characters such as Megaman and Sonic.

The first film released in the franchise was Super Mario Bros, which spanned the first phase of the films. The series alludes to Marvel's own cinematic universe with multiple characters bearing similarities to those from Marvel.

Phase 1

Super Mario Bros , Donkey Kong , Super Mario World ,The Legend of Zelda , Megaman , Super Smash Bros

Setting: The Super Mario films take place in the Mushroom Kingdom like in the games. Within the outskirts of the Kingdom is the Jungle, the main setting for Donkey Kong. Hyrule, another kingdom far away from the Mushroom Kingdom is the main setting for the Legend of Zelda. Megaman takes place 100 years in the past in a city called Metropolis.

Super Mario Bros Plot:

Mario and Luigi are twin brothers and plumbers from Brooklyn, New York. They come to the Mushroom Kingdom to scout for good job opportunities. They are hired and commissioned by Toadsworth to rid the Mushroom Kingdom's pipe travel system of an infestation of turtle-like and fungi creatures, Koopas and Goombas.

While the brothers handle the matter at hand a creature going by the name Bowser begins to plan a coop against the Mushroom Kingdom's castle, kidnap the Princess and take control of the Kingdom. Mario and Luigi are then confronted by a horde of Koopas and Goombas and are forced to engage in battle. After emerging victorious, the brothers are then confronted by Larry Koopa, a Koopaling hired by bowser to aid him in the coup. After a short but brutal battle the brothers are able to apprehend the Koopaling and learn that Bowser has been using the Mushroom Kingdom Pipe system to initiate his plans.

The brothers hurry back to warn the Princess only to witness Bowser's minions taking over the Castle grounds. After a confrontation with Bowser who kidnaps the Princess on his clown-copter and flies off the brothers are then faced by Kamek, who manages to defeat the brothers with ease.

The brothers wake up in a Toad's house, within the Green Plains. There they are informed that Bowser's minions have already ceased the castle and most of the Kingdom. One of the Toads suggests calling for outside help, but Toadsworth who is also there brings up the fact that there is no way to communicate with other kingdoms or to get past the Kingdom's blockades and that they are on their own. But the brothers insist that they can handle Bowser themselves and take the Kingdom back.

Mario and Luigi head off on a journey around the Mushroom Kingdom to get it stabilized again, taking the same elements from the game but converting them into a montage like form. They go through worlds such as the desert, the underwater levels and the underground, defeating the rest of the Koopalings along the way.

Eventually the brothers finally make it back to the castle and are confronted by Larry Koopa along with multiple minions who they defeat with ease. Finally making it inside the castle, they are confronted by Kamek one again who barricades the staircase with fire to prevent the brothers from going any further. Luigi then gives Mario a boost to jump over the fire and onto the second level of the castle telling him to go and find the Princess while he takes care of Kamek himself.

Mario hurries to the top of the castle while Luigi handles Kamek. As Mario makes it to the top, he spots Bowser within his clown-copter and the Princess tied up and quickly chases him up to the roof. Meanwhile Luigi fights against Kamek who throws multiple fireballs at him, he is burned several times and eventually pitted down to the ground.

Meanwhile Bowser hops off his Clown Copter and face Mario. Mario's jump attacks have no effect on Bowser's hard shell and he is forced to repetitively dodge his strikes. Eventually is cornered onto the roof and forced off by Bowser's flame breath, Mario begins to the fall into the pit of lava that Bowser placed under the bridge.

As Kamek is about to the deliver the finishing move with a fire attack. Luigi reaches into his front pocket, withdrawing a fire flower, consuming it and using it to withstand the fire that Kamek threw at him. Meanwhile Mario withdraws a cape feather and uses it to quickly fly back onto the roof. Mario quickly overpowers Bowser while Luigi manipulates fire and defeats Kamek.

Bowser then falls back knocking of the tied up Princess Peace off the roof and himself, as they fall towards the lava Mario quickly flies in catching the Princess before she can hit the lava, while Bowser falls and drowns in it.

Bowser's minions witness this and see it as a sign to retreat. Mario and Luigi have won the Castle and Kingdom back to the Princess. As the Kingdom celebrates, the Mario brothers are awarded the titles of the Kingdom's Royal Guards.

While the celebration is happening, Bowser who was saved by the Koopalings watch the fireworks from the outskirts of the castle. Bowser decides that next time he'll use some outside help.

Mario and Luigi's picture is then seen on the Castle's walls, ending the movie.

In an end credits scene. Mario who walks down the new house that the two brothers bought is greeted by a man who states that he's heard of the brother's acts of hero-ism and that they've become part of a universe which they are not aware of yet. The man reveals himself to Masahiro Sakurai of Hal Laboratories and that he has come to talk to Mario about the Smash Bros. Initiative. 

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