The Nintendo 24 is a console released in ??/??/?? made by Nintendo. It's a "collection" Console that plays both NES and Game-Boy/Game-Boy Color games.
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The Console itself playing Metroid 2


The Nintendo 24 has a basic layout similar to the Nintendo Switch or the Wii U: a pad with buttons on each side and a screen in the middle. And it has more or less the same button layout as the Game-Boy, with the control pad on the left and the buttons on the right. However, for more persist playing, an Analog stick was added for those who preferred using those.



The games available for the Nintendo 24 are from the NES and both Game-Boys. The Console comes pre-packaged with 3: Super Mario Bros 1, Tetris, and Duck Hunt. In order to get more, you'll need to purchase them in an virtual store. Most only cost $0.99, though bundle packs (which come with 3 or 4 games a pack) cost $3.99.

NES Games

Boxart Name Description
Super Mario Bros. box Super Mario Bros. In this classic NES game, play as Mario and his brother Luigi as they both jump, duck, and run there way through 8 worlds to defeat King Koopa and save the Princess!
Boxart 2 Super Mario Bros 2 The follow-up to the classic, join Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach as they travel to Subcon to free it from Wart! With exciting new gameplay and other new stuff, it's tons of fun!
Super Mario Bros. 3 coverart Super Mario Bros 3 The 3rd game in the exciting trilogy, Mario and Luigi once again face off against Bowser in an adventure never before seen. Jump your way through over 8 worlds of adventure!
Dr. Mario box art Dr. Mario Take a break from Mario's exciting adventures and help Mario take on...being a doctor! Throw pills into Viruses as you progress through harder and harder stages. A brand new multiplayer included!
819 Qg5Uh0L. SY550 The Legend of Zelda In the fantasy world of Hyrule, play as Link as you fight your way through hoards of enemies to collect the peices if the Triforce, defeat the evil Ganon, and save the Princess!
Zelda II The Adventure of Link boxart Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link In this exciting sequle to the hit classic, our Hero Link must find all 3 Triforces and reawaken Zelda before the bad guys can reawaken Ganon! Packed to the brim with excitment and fun!
Download-Tetris Tetris In one of the first puzzle games on the NES, you stack blocks in a row and try to get as much points as possible. It's simple fun that's harder then you think. Includes a new Multiplayer mode!
Download-Metroid Metroid Join Samus Aran in a quest to find and defeat Mother Brain and her army of Metroids. This classic exploration game is filled to the brim with excitment, with an Iconic plot twist!

Game-Boy Games

Game-Boy Color Games

Bundle Packs


  • Nintendo recently released a Link Cable that allows for certain games to be played with 2 players. Most of these are the Game-Boy ones, but games like Tetris and Dr. Mario (NES versions) have been modified to be compatible.
  • They also showed off customizable cases you can use to customize your Nintendo 24. One (a SMB-inspired one) was sold along with pre-ordered versions of the consoles.



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