The New Team is the season one finale of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It first aired in late March 2016.


A few people from an agency known as The Not-So-Wonderful 75 decide to assist The Other Heroes. Amy also returns to the RTAverse alongside Tayshaun and Brendan.


The episode starts out in the team house, with Alex and Carli sitting side-by-side.

Carli: So, what was it that inspired you to save the world?
Alex: I don't completely remember, being fully honest. It was like, some envelope landed in my Cologne home and it was an invitation to this job.
Carli: Cologne? Where's that?
Alex: Germany.
Carli: You're German?
Alex: Ja.
Carli: Huh. You learn something new everyday. This team's basically a few Americans and a lot of people from all over the world. You've got Jess, me, Skye, Nick and Leah from the US, Laura from Australia, Jerry from Russia, Blaze from the Czech Republic, the list goes on.
Alex: If you think that's diverse, wait until you meet the team I work with. They're from all over.
Carli: This city's fairly diverse.
Alex: Yeah.

The two chat long into the night as the camera zooms out to the exterior of the house, then cuts to the Anaheim skyline, with Amy atop a building.

Amy: Oh, how I've missed this town. The absence of odd activity's been like a hole in my heart.

She smiles and lays back on the building.

Amy: Gotta think out that reward for Jerry, Skye and those guys. Maybe this isn't the best place.

She climbs down and runs back to her house, pulling up a large whiteboard and writing down some ideas. Eventually, she reaches a conclusion.

Amy: Hotel it is.

She goes to get some money for the reward while Jerry is seen awake and talking to Link.

Link: So, what's Amy like?
Jerry: She's a beautiful country chick. Her accent and look don't show it, but she's from the countryside.

Skye hears this and tries to think of a time Amy talked about her home, but fails to.

Link: So like, Texas? Tennessee?
Jerry: I think Tennessee. She's never full on said where she's from for some reason.

The two keep chatting long into the night and the camera fades to black.

The next morning, Krystal walks into the house with a large latte in her hand.

Krystal: Hey! You guys up?

Jess is heard walking down the stairs.

Jess: I fucking am now, thanks a fucking bunch.
Krystal: No problem.

Jess gives her a stare as Blaze walks down.

Blaze: Morning, Krystal. What're you needing us for today?
Krystal: We found some more aliens.
Jess: What the fuck do you mean "we"?
Krystal: Me and Amy.

Jerry is heard charging downstairs.

Jerry: Did someone say Amy?
Krystal: She returned yesterday.
Jerry: Cool!
Jess: About fucking time, I felt like I was gonna fucking snap.
Jerry: You've snapped twice already.
Jess: Fuck off.
Blaze: He's not wrong.

Jess flips the two off and walks to the stairs.

Jess: Hey, you fuckheads, there's more assholes out there, get your asses moving!

The others charge downstairs when they see Krystal stood there.

All: Morning.

The team chat with Krystal when they see Amy walk through the door, and they all suddenly act formal.

All: Ms. Jackson.
Krystal: Why does Amy get a formal greeting but I don't?
Jerry: Because my girlfriend can actually be formal.

Amy chuckles and kisses Jerry.

Jess: So, what bullshit do we have to do today?
Amy: We found some aliens I believe you guys were having trouble with?
Alex: What're they called?
Amy: We don't know, but their leader is called Quam, if I remember rightly.
Jess: Quam... we killed that asshole the other day! Did he fucking regenerate?!
Krystal: No, he's dead still. They don't know.
Nina: So, what do you suggest we do?

Krystal pulls out her gun.

Krystal: We kill them.
Jess: Saw the gun coming from a fucking mile away.

Krystal shrugs as the team set out.

The team go to the site of the fight and notice the aliens come in bunches.

Jess: Right, let's fucking go!

The team start to fight as Krystal shoots a horde in their heads, Amy slices through a few with her sword, Aminu, Skye and Kirsti team up to combine their powers and strike some aliens down, while Jess is seen, fists clenched, with her heart thumping.

Jess: This shit right here... this is the last fucking straw.
Blaze: How many last straws do you have?!
Jerry: By my count... three.

Jess starts breathing heavily and her hands become covered in flames.

Jess: Do these bastards ever give up???!!!!!

Jess yells "up" at the top of her lungs and causes an inferno that goes into the sky. Two astronauts are seen outside the ISS, who see the fire pass them.

Astronaut #1: That's not normal.
Astronaut #2: We've seen a gigantic portal open almost directly next to us, we aren't in a normal universe, Armstrong.
Armstrong: True.

Back on Earth, Krystal and Amy are seen, gazing at Jess's inferno. The aliens wimper as Jess stops screaming. She runs toward the aliens and goes on a murdering spree. She rips one alien's head clean off, she snaps a bunch of the alien's necks, she cremates some aliens into nothing and eventually killing every last alien. They then hear two voices, revealed to be Tayshaun and Brendan.

Tayshaun: Jesus Christ, what happened here?

Jess turns around, with her hands still covered in fire, until she sees Brendan. She then calms down and runs toward him.

Jess: I missed you so fucking much...
Blaze: S-She just went from mad as hell to calm as hell in, like, two seconds. How?
Amy: I guess she's attracted to Brendan, and he's the only thing that keeps her from going insane. The concept of love is something no one can escape. We all fall in love with someone eventually. Regardless of who it is. Clearly, even rage-filled, brutal murderers can love too. Our only situation is finding out who we love, and whether we can commit. This is all stuff Jerry has taught me. I came here from where I did with one objective: save Earth. And now look at me. I have a boyfriend, I'm saving the world, I've got great friends, I've had great adventures. This entire experience has been great for me. Now, how about that reward?
Jerry: Yeah, alright!
Blaze: Let's go!

The rest cheer as Unconditional by The Bravery swells up and the team go off to the destination.

Unconditional can still be heard as the team are sat in a large room in Amy's house.

Amy: So, we got word from Jerry that you guys caught a leader of D'Angelo & Sons?
Skye: Yup! Not D'Angelo level though, sadly. What about it?
Amy: Well, we were in Seattle when we got the word and we decided to get you guys some stuff for your work.
Jess: Oh, shit, cool!
Amy: So, for Jess, we managed to get...

Amy pulls out a large bottle of wine and gives it to Jess.

Jess: Fucking nice!

Jess goes into another room as they hear her glugging it down.

Amy: We managed to get these for Blaze...

She pulls out some battle axes and gives them to Blaze.

Blaze: Cool! Now I have shurikens and battle axes!
Amy: For Skye...

Amy holds out a Blu-Ray of Frozen.

Skye: Oh, come on!
Amy: Just kidding! I actually got you this!

She holds up a season ticket for the Anaheim Ducks.

Skye: Awesome!
Nikolai: Wait, who's the Blu-Ray actually for then?
Tayshaun: My niece.
Amy: And I've saved the best for last... Jerry.

She walks over to him and they share a long, tender kiss.

Nick: Get a room!

The others laugh as the screen fades to black.

The team walk into a fancy hotel where they are greeted by a doorman.

Doorman: Is this Ms. Jackson's party?
Amy: Yes, it is.
Doorman: Okay then. Continue.

The team proceed to the front desk, where they receive some keys. They then go up to a long line of hotel rooms. and all go off to their rooms. Amy and Skye are seen chatting while Jerry is flat-out asleep.

Skye: I've always been curious... what was your home like on Mars?
Amy: Where I was born was nice. Like, a nice little countryside town with barely anything to worry about. The city I moved to was hell. It was virtually owned by D'Angelo & Sons and it was like living under a dictator.
Skye: Does Mr. D'Angelo have complete power over the future or something?
Amy: Yeah.
Skye: Huh. So, what happened while you were through the portal?
Amy: We met a bear guy called Unten, I ended up meeting some guys who worked for a team called F.A.N.T who had a member who apparently idolises me, there was so much...
Skye: Wait. A F.A.N.T member who idolises you?
Amy: Yeah.
Skye: Was her name Ashlee?
Amy: Yeah, how come?
Skye: We ran into them too! She was ecstatic as hell to hear that Jerry was your boyfriend.
Amy: Oh, cool. I got caught by D'Angelo and those guys rescued me. I ended up meeting Ashlee toward the end of the day and she exploded with happiness. How come you guys ended up through the portal anyway?
Skye: Jess was knocked through and Krystal took me, Blaze and Jerry through to rescue her.
Amy: Oh.
Skye: Anyway... Jess went insane earlier, didn't she?
Amy: Yeah. Don't know how those aliens' families are gonna find out.

A doorman goes to the room, with a large platter.

Amy: Oh cool, the food's here.

Amy goes and shakes Jerry to wake him up. He then sleepily walks to the platter as they help their selves.

Jerry: This is probably the best day we've had since doing this.

Amy chuckles as she kisses him and causes him to blush heavily as they carry on long into the night.

Krystal and Nick are seen in a room together.

Nick: Don't tell Laura I told you, but me and her may have... y'know...
Krystal: Banged?
Nick: Yeah.
Krystal: I thought she was only into chicks?
Nick: I'm a womaniser, what else can I say?

Krystal chuckles.

Nick: What?

Krystal takes off Nick's shirt and climbs into bed next to him.

Krystal: Okay, you might be right.
Nick: I didn't even do anything but alright.

The camera pans down to show Krystal's combat boots being kicked off, before the light goes off and the camera cuts to another room, with Brendan and Laura.

Laura: It's nice to have you back.
Brendan: Thanks. I heard you became more independent while we were away?
Laura: Yeah. My body stopped folding in on itself and I can use my powers.

Laura makes an S shape with her ice powers and creates a plant.

Brendan: Awesome! This looks real nice!

Laura beams as a platter is brought in.

Waiter: We were told Ms. Palmer is a vegetarian, so we have brought two different choices.

The platter is lifted to show a bunch of salad and a burger with a side of fries.

Brendan: Nice.

Laura starts digging into her salad as Brendan starts to eat his burger.

Jess is seen in a room with Blaze. Blaze is reading a book while Jess is tied to her bed.

Jess: I don't fucking get why you had to fucking tie me to my fucking bed.
Blaze: Did you forget 6 hours ago?

Jess has a flashback to the murdering spree.

Jess: Fucking fair enough.
Blaze: How do you manage to put profanity in every single sentence you say?
Jess: I don't fucking know. I have fucking anger issues and I tend to fucking swear a shit-ton. Probably my shit life and shit that's happened to me that's made me want to just fucking explode.

A waiter enters their room with a platter.

Waiter: A juicy veal with mashed potatoes and a fine Bordeaux for Ms. Pierce and a medium-rare steak with home-made fries for Ms. Zednik.

The waiter walks out of the room as Blaze unties Jess.

Blaze: Are you sure you want that veal, it's got blood on it...
Jess: I'm a fucking vampire, vampires fucking love blood. You should fucking know that.
Blaze: True.

Jess sucks the blood off the veal before eating it and glugs down the wine as Blaze raises her eyebrows at her. The waiter is seen going to Nick and Krystal's room.

Waiter: I have bro- Oh, okay then.

Krystal squeaks and covers herself up.

Krystal: Sir, can you not?
Waiter: I am sorry, Ms. Pérez. I wasn't aware you were doing... that.
Krystal: Yeah, well next time be more careful!
Waiter: ...Again, sorry. Anyway, here are your meals.

The waiter lifts a tray showing a ham and pineapple pizza and some chicken nuggets.

Waiter: The nuggets for Ms. Pérez and the pizza for Mr. Anderson, ordered in from Domino's.

Krystal uses her telekinesis to grab the nuggets and wakes Nick up, who grabs his pizza as the waiter walks out, putting a "do not disturb" sign on their door as the two begin to eat.

Alex and Link are seen in their hotel room sat side-by-side and Carli is seen sat across from them.

Link: So, why aren't we in the room with Beth again?
Alex: I can't trust her after what happened when we met these guys. Y'know, when she burned by thigh.
Link: Fair enough, I guess.
Carli: How do you guys know Beth anyway?
Alex: We work with her in an agency known as the Not-So-Wonderful 75.
Carli: Huh. Is it anything like our agency where we fuck around most of the time?
Alex: Nah, we usually get down to business.
Link: What do you mean by "fucking around"?
Carli: We just slack off until some guy comes to fight us. That day we met you guys, we went to Disneyland and got kicked out because I transformed while we were in the park because I got pissed off by the line for a ride.
Alex: Aw, why couldn't we have met you a day earlier?
Carli: 'Cause you would've had the risk of being knocked into another universe.
Alex: Oh.

A waiter goes into the room with three dishes.

Waiter: Bratwurst for Ms. Schmidt, chicken wings for Mr. Perez and a mythical meat for Ms. Bailey.
Carli: Wait, where the hell did you get mythical meat?
Waiter: We have our ways.

The waiter then walks out as Carli eats part of the meat.

Carli: I feel weirdly empowered on the inside...
Link: You sure it isn't just gas?
Carli: No, it feels like some spirit inside me.

The camera shows a griffin spirit flying around inside Carli, before it eventually goes into her heart. The camera zooms out to show her sat still.

Alex: ...Are you okay?
Carli: Yeah, I just had some weird feeling.

Alex and Link shrug as they continue to eat. The camera shows the griffin spirit again, roaring.

Leah and Kirsti are seen in the next room over from Alex, Link and Carli.

Leah: So, when are we gonna have the wedding?
Kirsti: I haven't thought that far yet, to be honest. I mean, we've only been engaged for a week. When would you say a good time is?
Leah: Whenever, really. But first, we have to get all the invitations out and that lot.

Kirsti smiles.

Leah: I came here from Snoqualmie for a job and honestly, I'm really glad I did. I met you, got a great job, and this circle of friends we have from saving the world is amazing. Joining this group is better than anything, 'cause I can be with you all day, everyday. I love you, Kirsti Jones.

The two kiss as they're given meals by a waiter. Leah is given a seafood platter and Kirsti is given sausage and mashed potatoes.

Leah: Nice!
Kirsti: Ooh. How was Amy able to afford all of this?
Leah: Maybe she's rich?

Kirsti shrugs as she starts to eat.

Leah: Actually... we might be able to get married in a few weeks. I have a break for a week in April.
Kirsti: Oh cool!
Leah: Are you up for April 13th?
Kirsti: Yeah.
Leah: Alright then, we're getting married in three weeks then!

The two kiss and hug as they continue to eat their food.

Hitomi is seen in a quaint little house.

Hitomi: Weird, Ken's normally here...

She pulls out her phone and dials Kenji Yamamoto's phone. Kenji is then shown in the Journey team mansion as his phone vibrates.

Kenji: Gah!

He falls off the couch he was sat on and looks at his phone to see "Hitomi". He then frantically answers.

Kenji: Hitomi! Are you okay?! What happened?! You scared the life out of me then!

Hitomi giggles.

Hitomi: Ah, classic Ken. Don't worry, I'm fine.

Kenji sighs a breath of relief.

Hitomi: So, where are you anyway?

Kenji stammers.

Kenji: So, you know that portal you managed to open?
Hitomi: You went through it didn't you.
Kenji: Possibly.
Hitomi: Ken.
Kenji: ...Yes. It was so I could train myself up.
Hitomi: Fair enough. Well, I guess I'll see you when I next see you.

Hitomi hangs up as Kenji puts his phone down. Matt Bosh is seen sat next to him.

Matt: Smooth.
Kenji: Shut up.

Matt smirks as they look over to see Tommy Djekovic and Ashlee Murphy sleeping, with Ashlee's head resting on Tommy's chest and Danielle Parker and Donnie Fox are seen across from Kenji and Matt, drinking coffee.

Danielle: Who was that?
Kenji: My sister.

Kenji shows them a picture of Hitomi.

Danielle: Aw, she looks sweet.
Kenji: She really is.
Matt: How old is she?
Kenji: 19.
Danielle: She's older than me...?
Kenji: That is correct. I'm the only person in this team who's older than her, as far as I know.
Matt: I'm 19 too, y'know.
Kenji: She's a June birth.
Matt: Damn.

The four continue to talk as Hitomi is then seen simply lying back on her bed.

Hitomi: Well, on the bright side... I have the house to myself for a bit... but then again, I don't want to disturb the neighbours.

She shrugs as she looks at her alarm clock, which reads "2:41 AM". She then sighs as she goes to sleep.

Nina and Nikolai are seen in their room, sat next to each other.

Nina: Do you think the store's fine?
Nikolai: Should be. It's got tight as hell security. If anyone can get in there without triggering an alarm, I'll be surprised.

The camera pans to the side to show Beth tied to her bed.

Beth: Why am I tied up?
Nikolai: You seem to be forgetting three days ago.
Beth: I was possessed! I've told you this about seven times already! Just fucking trust me for one fucking day, Jesus Christ!

Anna is then seen in the next bed over.

Anna: There's no way of proving the spirit's left your body though. It could still be inside you for all we know.

Beth's face goes red with anger.

Beth: You're a physicist, not a fucking psychologist!
Anna: How does psychology play into this?

Beth sighs in frustration.

Nina: You're a physicist?
Anna: Yeah. Got a PhD from Yale a few months back.
Nina: Nice.
Anna: I ended up working with Beth, Alex and Link after I got my PhD with some agency called the Not-So-Wonderful 75. I normally do research for them but I'm trying to get out into the field more now.
Nikolai: Yeah, you may experience a change in how you find out how to save the world.
Anna: What do you mean?
Nikolai: We usually just fuck around and do stuff actual heroes wouldn't do.
Anna: Such as...?
Nina: Playing Super Smash Bros. for 6 hours, Disneyland, kicking each other in the balls for mentioning a shitty TV show, going around Anaheim searching for people the one pissed off person attacked... the list goes on.
Anna: Sounds absurd, but... whatever gets the job done I guess.

A waiter enters the room.

Waiter: A sirloin steak for Ms. Chevoski, shrimp straight from the barbecue for Ms. Johnson, a double cheeseburger for Mr. Popovic and Canadian bacon for Ms. Edmondson.

Anna unties Beth as they all eat.

Krystal is seen sleeping, twisting and turning. The camera shows her dream, with her being in a wasteland with nothing around.

Krystal: Is anyone here? Amy? Tayshaun? Hitomi?

She turns around to see a being made entirely out of electricity. She then stumbles.

Krystal: W-who are you?!
Electrical being: I am the god of lightning. Or at least, the former god of lightning.
Krystal: Former god of lightning? What're you on about?
God of lightning: Remove your gloves.

Krystal takes her gloves off to show two lightning bolts on the back of her hands.

Krystal: No. No no no. I can't be- How even- What?!
God of lightning: You are, indeed, the goddess of lightning.

The god disappears and Krystal wakes up, gasping.

Krystal: It was just a dream, Pérez, just a dre-

She looks at her hand to see the same lightning bolt.


Her scream echoes through the hotel room and through to Amy, Skye and Jerry's room.

Amy: Krystal, you alright?
Krystal: I just found out I'm a goddamn, motherfucking goddess, do you think I'm fucking okay?!

Amy's eyes go wide as she goes over to Krystal's room.

Amy: You're a what?!
Krystal: Goddess. I'm a fucking goddess!
Amy: Holy shit. Since when?
Krystal: A god just passed his role down to me! I'm now an inter-dimensional traveler, a goddess and a ruler. How do I manage all this shit?!
Amy: Because your will is huge. Me and you have only been working together for about... 4 months? And I gotta say, you're strong willed. You power through any stuff thrown your way, and for us, that stuff comes in gigantic bunches. The other universe, D'Angelo, the aliens, you were honestly the strongest out of us all in terms of stomaching what was going down. You're a great ally and an even better friend.
Krystal: Thanks, I really needed that.
Amy: No problem.

The two hug as the camera zooms out of the window before Tayshaun breaks the fourth wall.

Tayshaun: Wait, what the fuck, why didn't I get a scene?!
Director: Shut up, Tayshaun.
Tayshaun: Fine.

The team are seen the next morning back in the house when they get a knock on the door. Tayshaun goes to answer and DeMarcus Bolton and Adele Sampson are seen at the door.

Tayshaun: Hey, DeMarcus and... whoever you are.
Adele: Adele.
Amy: Like the singer?
Adele: Yeah, yeah, yeah.
DeMarcus: You guys needing help saving the world?
Amy: Not really, but you can help if you want.
DeMarcus: Cool.

The two walk in as the camera cuts to Hitomi again, calling Kenji.

Kenji: Agh! Are you okay?!
Hitomi: Yeah, I love it when that happens.
Kenji: When what happens?
Hitomi: When I call you and you shit yourself.

Kenji sighs.

Hitomi: Oh yeah, you aren't that big on swearing. Sorry.

The two chat and the camera cuts to Krystal sat with Laura.

Laura: So, you're a goddess?
Krystal: Yup.
Laura: Huh. How does it feel?
Krystal: Well, I feel a lot more powerful and confident, and I can do this...

She shoots a bolt of electricity at one of the spikes on her jacket and it covers her jacket in electricity.

Laura: Oh cool!
Krystal: Yeah...

The two chat as the screen goes black.




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