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Oh, it's so unfortunate that your worlds are colliding. But now, you will all exist in the same universe, one melded from five. And you will be led by you-know-who.
Dr. Doom, Irregular Show


The Mysterious Five Project is a game combining the efforts of Exotoro (tbc), MeGa eXal (tbc), PabloDePablo (tbc), Locky (tbc), and Touko (tbc). The game is a fighter, and will be released for Wii U on an unconfirmed date.

A sequel under the name of The Mysterious Seven Project is currently under development on the Lapis Wiki.

The game has two theme songs played at the main menu: Imagine Dragons: Demons (Dzeko & Torres Remix) and Anamanaguchi - Endless Fantasy.


Nintendo eShop Description

The mysterious five has reunited. A mysterious force has appeared. Legions of heroes appears from all places, all universes, all dimensions. One irregular being wants to take over the entire multiverse. One day outside earth might not be enough. After the other stuff, things aren't done yet. Meet the Mysterious Five Project. A project created by five of some of the umbrella game makers, who combines different ideas into one game.

Game Modes

Brawl is the main mode of the game, working like any Super Smash Bros. game. Up to eight players can be on one battlefield, but Exo recommends that you use only four. You can also toggle items on and off.

Irregular Show, One Day Outside of Earth, and After the Other Stuff are the story modes of the game.

Target Practice allows you to practice your fighting skills against moving targets.

100-Man Brawl pits you against brainwashed versions of characters you have unlocked.

Adventure Mode has you choose a character and travel through several stages, with characters going up against you in each stage. There are also minigames. At the end, you fight the Ender Dragon. Like Fighters of Lapis, every character has a unique ending.

Classic is like Adventure Mode, but without the minigames. You'll be pitted against Master Hand (and Crazy Hand if on Hard difficulty) at the end.

Blast to the Past is once again like Adventure Mode, but with time travel elements added. There are gateways to the past and future that you can pass through to travel through time. If you're in the past, there is no past gateway, and if you're in the future, there is no future gateway, much like Sonic CD. At the end, you face the Time Eater.

Robot Rampage is a mode based off of the Super Duel Mode in Mario Party 5. Here, you face off in 3D battlefields unique to the mode, using mechas. You can customize your mecha using several parts from different franchises, which you unlock in other modes.

L-Mode returns from the Fighters of Lapis series. It is a dating simulator using models from the game. It features its own overworld -- the Multiverse Plaza, and dating is not the only thing available to do here; you can also buy items for use in the Crafting Room.

Crafting Room is a mode where you craft objects Minecraft-style using items you've earned in Irregular Show or the L-Mode. Crafting allows you to make improved versions of normal items, as well as unlock a few characters.

Chaos Mode involves swarms of enemies charging after you, and you get points for defeating anything hostile. This mode was partially inspired by the mode of the same name in Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The Think Tank works like King Candy's Fungeon in the Fighters of Lapis series. After beating Irregular Show, this mode is unlocked. The Think Tank has several floors, each with different fighters; once they are KO'd, they will be unlocked as playable characters. As Exo always says: These characters are not counted as part of the roster initially, leaving them a complete surprise to the player. After defeating all of the fighters in the Think Tank, you'll battle Lord Business.

Cosmic Crals is an arcade-style space shooter that works kind of like Overclocked's game, Space Invaders Odyssey. Up to four Wii Remote users can play. The four main players shoot alien ships coming down from the top of the screen, and can hide behind barriers. They receive points as they defeat more enemies. A fifth player, using the GamePad, can spawn power-ups that can help the players with the Wii Remotes. Some aliens just fly downwards, like Space Invaders, and others attack in different formations, like enemies in Galaga and Galaxian.

Additionally, a mode to input cheat codes is available. Codes will be listed in the article.


The Mysterious Five Project is basically a Super Smash Bros. clone, but with major differences. For example, there is no percentage showing damage, but rather a line graph. The line goes higher as you take more and more damage, and lower as you take less. Also, environments are more interactive, allowing you to destroy certain structures and explore the stage you're fighting on.

Most elements from the Fighters of Lapis Series return, such as Bro Specials and the L-Mode.

Another major feature is chemistry, which works the way it does in the Mario Baseball games. Bro Specials are more common if characters like each other, remain the same if they are neutral towards each other, and are less common if they hate each other.


The screen starts out black, then slowly fades into white and focuses on Tropical Resort, where Sonic is dashing around looking for fun. Suddenly, Mario attacks him with a fireball. He then turns into Tanooki Mario and spins his tail at Sonic, who homes into him.

The two continue fighting as Luke Skywalker arrives in the zone via X-Wing. He steps out and enjoys the view, when Finn the Human challenges him to a battle. Luke accepts and takes out his lightsaber. Finn jumps towards him with his sword, and the metallic and laser weapons collide, sending out a shock wave a la The Avengers.

Gaston is distracted by this shock wave, and Ryu comes and punches him into a wall. The two fight for a while, Gaston with his manly bow and Ryu with his martial arts skills, but they see Knuckles gliding towards them and team up to battle him. Knuckles, however, takes a chunk of rock and smashes them with it.

Palutena and Rosalina are fighting high above the resort, with the Angry Video Game Nerd watching from a large TV screen. But the goddesses don't notice for some reason, so the Nerd decides it's time to show himself. He leaps out of the screen, but falls down into the resort, where Sonic and Mario are still fighting each other, but Iron Man soars in to catch him. AVGN says, "...OK, this is kind of awkward."

Calvin and Hobbes, who have come to the resort due to one of their misadventures, wander around until they encounter Mega Man and Beck, who are fighting. Calvin approaches them with his transmogrifier gun, but Mega Man mega-busts it out of his hands. Calvin looks at Hobbes, and the two run away, with Mega Man and Beck in tow.

The camera centers back on Sonic and Mario, who are now fighting near Luke's X-Wing. Mario pounds Sonic into it, and R2-D2, who had been told to stay in the X-Wing, shocks him.

But all of a sudden, Degen and her army arrive. However, so do Inori Aizawa and Chuck D. Head as they gather up the other fighters to fight them off. All of the heroes charge at the ships, ready for battle.

Story: Irregular Show

Irregular Show

The first story in the M5P universe. It is penned by Mariogumballx and Sorastitch. It is similar to the plots featured in Fighter of Lapis, with mutiple stories going on at once.

It tells of the story of "Irregular", a irregular force that both benefits and corrupts. Some want to use it, some want to stop it.

See here.

Story II: One Day Outside Earth


Unlocked after beating Irregular Show. It will be penned by .vectorDestiny and it takes place after Irregular Show, in an alternate universe without Irregular, returning back to square one with Inori and Chuck D. Head, however it features other characters and other settings.

See here.

Story III: After The Other Stuff


Unlocked after beating One Day Outside of Earth. Uses procedural generation to form short self-contained story modes.

Starting Characters

For movesets, go here.

There will be 200 starters this time around. 107/200

Image Character Description Franchise
Super Mario ! Mario Mario, of course, is a character. And let's be honest, why wouldn't he be? He attacks with his various power ups, such as the fire flower, the starman, and his hammer. SSB Mario Series
Luigi SSB4 Luigi Mario's cowardly bro is always ready to go ghost-capturing, and sometimes to take his brother's spotlight. He uses his Poltergeist, and can use dream abilities as well. SSB Mario Series
Rosalina ws Rosalina The princess of the cosmos and protector of the Lumas, tiny little cute friendly stars and also the adopted mother of a lonely Luma who lost himself in the galaxy. She uses her magic to battle, or can get help from the Lumas. SSB Mario Series
NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach Peach is the benevolent ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, which is constantly under attack by Bowser and his minions, along with several other villains. She can float, throw Turnips at enemies, and use Toad as a shield. Fighters of Lapis fans, don't worry—she can still turn into her Strikers form. SSB Mario Series
478px-Nsmb2 bowser Bowser Bowser is the King of Koopas and Mario's main enemy. He continuously fails to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, even though he has manipulated dreams, created his own galaxy, etc. Bowser can breathe flames and spin around in his shell, not to mention fly around in his Koopa Clown Car. SSB Mario Series
Sonicinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Sonic the Hedgehog Sonic's his name, speed's his game. He can use the powers of Wisps, turn into the Werehog, and perform Homing Attacks. SSB Sonic Series
Vray adventures 3 0 custom tails winning pose by josh98 official page-d6a3gmr Miles "Tails" Prower Tails is Sonic's best friend. He can use his two tails to fly high up in the air, and use various machines to attack. SSB Sonic Series
Sonic z knux Knuckles the Echidna Knuckles is Sonic's friend and rival, dedicated to protecting the Master Emerald from getting into the wron hands. He can climb walls, which makes for a perfect recovery move. He can also glide for a while. SSB Sonic Series
Pit KIU Pit The angel guardian of Lady Palutena, he attacks with his Palutena's bow, and can use other weapons like Bowl Dash Arm and Guardian Orbiters as well. He also can use his wings to fly for short bursts of time. KIsymbol
PalutenaBrawl Palutena Palutena is the goddess of light. She can attack with potions, orbs of energy from her staff, and other light based attacks. She can also use her mirror shield to deflect projectiles and create grind rails. KIsymbol
1ATFinnStand Finn the Human Always prepared for adventures, Finn lives in the magical Land of Ooo, where there are monsters galore. He mainly uses his sword, but can also use ice ninja techniques. Snaillogo
Iron Man Iron Man Tony Stark, a.k.a Iron Man, built his first suit of armor out of scraps of metal he was forced to use to build a missile. He attacks with his energy blasters, as well as other gadgets he stuffed into this iron suit. He can additionally fly for short bursts of time as well. IronManLogo
War Machine 1 War Machine James Rhodes, the War Machine, also known as the Iron Patriot, he is a true American hero who protects his glorious country with his powerful machine. His moveset is similar to Iron Man's, but it is faster and deals less damage. He can also shoot missiles from the launcher on his back. IronManLogo
LukeSKywalker Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker is a Jedi, like his father Anakin before him. He uses Force powers and his trusty lightsaber to attack. StarWarsIcon
Frollo Frollo Everyone's favorite pyromaniac pervert from France, Frollo is a old man who likes torturing gyspys. He uses pyrokenisis in battle. DisneyIcon
Gaston Gaston The most beatiful man in Gaston, no body fights like Gaston! He eats four dozen eggs every single day. He uses his manly powers and his manly bow. DisneyIcon
Mega Man Mega Man Originally meant to be programmed as a simple boy, Rock got turned into Mega Man after Light's robots were stolen from his lab and reprogrammed to be evil. Mega Man has an unique chip that allows him to copy data from the robots that he defeated. He uses weapons from his previous games as attacks. Megaman Series Logo
BatmanAccent2 Batman Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by criminals, so he planned to take revenge on them. He gained muscle and studied the law, and eventually became the Dark Knight himself. He attacks with his bataraangs, his grappling hook, or any other gadgets he can find in his utility belt. Batmansymbol
Ryu UMVC3 Ryu Ryu was an orphaned child, not knowing anything about his parents, including whether they were still alive. Gouken raised him in his dojo and taught him martial arts skills. As such, he can use such skills like the Hadoken and the Shoryuken. Streetfightersymbol
Beck Beck Beck or better known as Mighty No. 9, returns. Beck is the spiritual successor of Megaman, no doubt about that. But what makes him different is he's a transformer; he can reshape his body to use different types of attacks and weapons. He can turn into a tank, use spring-loaded hands, pull himself apart if he really wanted to. MightyNo9Elb
Chell2 Chell Chell is a lab rat of the Aperture Sciences Laboratory, trapped by the evil A.I. GLaDOS, Chell is forced to go into the test chambers and test the Portal Gun in many puzzles. She uses the Portal Gun, which can create portals and get items to use it as a projectiles. Portallogo
Deputymon b Deputymon Deputymon, the Sheriff Digimon, is the hero of the Digiworld who protects the citizens from the evil bastards that wants to ruin the beatiful Digiworld. He uses dual pistols and also he can turn himself into a gun barrel and fire the BULLET OF JUSTICE. DigimonSymbol
JulietStarlingLollipopChainsaw Juliet Starling Juliet Starling is the cheerleader of a school that got infested with zombies and also her boyfriend died... in a way, his head still talks somehow. She is a fast character and use her chainsaw as a deadly weapon. Lollypopchainsawlogo
HNVert Vert Vert is the human form of the Green Heart, being the oldest and also being smart, calm and polite compared to the others. Vert uses the Gungnir spear as her main weapon. NeptuniaSymbol
HNNoire Noire Noire is the human form of the Black Heart, Noire is a tsundere and thinking she is the ideal goddess. She uses the Durandal blade which can cut anything. NeptuniaSymbol
HNBlanc Blanc Blanc is the human form of the White heart, Blanc is a shy girl, but actually her true form reveals that she is a girl with short temper when things goes dangerous. She uses the CPU Crusher, a legendary weapon that can even crush a CPU. NeptuniaSymbol
AVGN PNG Angry Video Game Nerd This is the guy who reviews crappy games. He can throw pens and F-Bombs at opponents, and can summon BeerBot to throw bottles of beer. Cinemassacre
Grandma new Grandma There are many grandmas, but this one is a nice one, to bake you more cookies. She and her pals are all very nice cookie makers who will do anything for you and your cookie business, but what lies under those wrinkles is a secret. CookieClickerCookie
MakotoNaegiTransparent Makoto Naegi Super High School Level Bad Luck student Makoto Naegi is one of the 16 students of the Hope's Peak Academy. Makoto Naegi is a simple boy from a simple family who got into the academy by luck. He uses evidence as his main attack. Dangan Ronpa
Steven Universe Steven Universe The fourth Crystal Gem, and the only male one. He uses Cookie Cat ice cream bars to attack, can use the Hamburger backpack to store and throw out items, and is able to encase himself in a protective bubble. Generally he doesn't have ton of fighting skills, so he uses his morphing abilities to turn parts of his bodies into cats. Morphing too much will cause him to need to cool down though. StevenSeries
Pearl transparent Pearl Pearl is a motherly figure to Steven, and speaks calmly to him all the time. She is usually the first one to show concern for Steven when they embark on death-defying missions. She uses a magic spear and holographic images to fight. When she is near Amethyst (character not included), they can form Opal. StevenSeries
Madokaaa Madoka Kaname A girl who gave up her practically perfect normal life when the opportunity to become a magical girl arrived, Madoka Kaname has more potential as a magical girl than any other, thanks to a certain someone. She can shoot energy from her bow to attack. Madoka magica icon
Homuura Homura Akemi Traversing multiple timelines attempting to save Madoka from her horrible fate, but unknowingly making it worse, Homura Akemi is a magical girl capable of using time magic. She can use time magic, along with several firearms stored in her shield. Madoka magica icon
Calvin-and-hobbes-e1328550590232 Calvin and Hobbes Calvin is a boy with an overactive imagination, and Hobbes is an anthropomorphic tiger. Together, they attack by constructing snowmen and making them come alive. They also use a transmogrifier gun. Calvinhobbessymbol
Chuck D. Head Chuck D. Head Chuck is a monster created by Frank N. Stein to eliminate Max D. Cap and his undead army. He can stretch his head forward to knock his rivals out cold. DecapAttackLogo
250px-aizawa inori Inori Aizawa The anthropomorphic personification of Internet Explorer. Can use a shield to deflect attacks, use rocket boots, and a tabbing system which will allow her to attack multiple targets at once. She can also use the tabs as a way of swiping at opponents. IElogo
Nessness Ness Ness is a boy who uses PSI abilities, he went into an adventure to stop the evil Giygas. He uses PSI abilities to attack and also he uses either a Yo-yo or a baseball bat as a secondary move. MOTHERearth
435px-Scout highFiveSuccessFull Scout Everyone's favorite Scout... the Scout! He is a very fast dude, when you notice, boom, you are already dead. He uses a baseball bat and a scattergun for his attacks. Tf2symbol
Spider-Girl Spidergirl In an alternate timeline, the daughter of Peter Parker, better known as Spiderman, inherited her father's amazing powers and took up the title of Spidergirl! May 'Mayday' Parker is a fairly average teenager, aside from the whole 'daughter of a superhero' thing. Her skills are very much like her father's, although she's a lot more nimble with more knockback. SpidermanLogo
Minecraft-steve 12 Steve? Steve? comes from the game minecraft. He has mysterious origins, it is never known why he is in the wilderness. He uses a pick, flint and steel, a sword, and a Ender Pearl to attack. Minecraft symbol
Sukapon; Sukapon Sukapon was made by the two doctors Dr. Little Emon and Dr. Ivan Walnuts. When Dr. Walnuts declared his intent to rule the world, Dr. Emon used Sukapon to defeat Dr. Walnuts's robots, and stop the evil doctor. He can use his deattached limbs to attack. He has no projectiles, but he has great range. Sukapon Logo
RubyRose Ruby Rose Trained by her uncle to use the most dangerous weapon ever designed, Ruby has a strong sense of justice and follows her dream of becoming a huntress at Beacon Academy. After hearing of her skills, she is accepted into Beacon by the headmaster, Ozpin, despite being two years younger than regular students. Ruby is nervous to leave her sister Yang and make new friends at first, though after a run-in with Weiss Schnee, soon befriends Jaune Arc and several others, then becoming partnered with Weiss and assigned as leader of team RWBY. Ruby uses her scythe, Creasant Rose, in combat, which is also capable of turning into a high-powered sniper rifle, she is also able to move at speeds almost too fast to see, leaving rose petals in her wake using her Semblance. RWBYicon
WeissSchnee Weiss Schnee Heiress to the Schnee Dust Company and student at Beacon Academy, Weiss can act rather hostile to others at first, but is in reality a kind-hearted person, shown after her initial encounter with Ruby where she continued to antagonize her, ignored the rules in the Emerald Forest when finding that Ruby would be her partner (though settling for Ruby when the second person she found was Jaune stuck in a tree). She then was assigned to team RWBY, outraged at not being the leader, though later coming to terms with things and apologizing to Ruby for her behavior. Weiss makes use of a Multi-Action Dust Rapier, named Myrtenaster, along with her Semblace that allows her create Glyphs. RWBYicon
BlakeBelladonna Blake Belladonna A Faunus, and former member of terrorist organization the White Fang, Blake is a well-meaning and quiet person who joined the White Fang to seek equality for the Faunus, but left after seeing their brutal ways of achieving it. She then joined Beacon Academy to continue fighting for justice, while concealing her cat ears with a bow to avoid prejudice, and hiding her past, she is partnered with Yang Xiao Long, and assigned to team RWBY. Blake later reveals her past to her teammates by accident after encountering Sun Wukong and snapping at a prejudice comment by Weiss. She uses Gambol Shroud, a Variant Ballistic Chain Scythe, along with her Semblance which allows her to create weak shadow-y clones of herself. RWBYicon
YangXiaoLong Yang Xiao Long "It doesn't have to be this way / let's kiss and make up then you'll learn / that you can fight your life away, I get what I want so don't bother and just watch me burn" describes Yang Xiao Long perfectly, she is a confident and energetic person, with a good sense of humor and a laid-back personality, Yang is also Ruby's older sister, being highly supportive and caring for her. Yang is partnered up with Blake Belladonna in the Emerald Forest, and assigned as a member of team RWBY. Despite her personality, she can be somewhat vain and will fly into a rage at anyone who touches her hair. In combat, she makes use of the Dual Range Shot Gauntlets on her arms, named Ember Celica, along with her Semblance which allows her to emit flames and gives her red eyes. RWBYicon
DipperGFArt Dipper Dipper found a mysterious journal, which is what he uses for his attacks. He can attack with the Journal Itself, call gnomes for assistance, have a pine tree lift him high in the air, and create a clone to help him attack. Very sensitive about his maturity and doesn't like being seen as kid. This is reflected in his taunts as well as his winning and loosing poses. Gravity Falls Icon
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Mabel is Dipper's twin sister. While they are nothing alike, they still love each other. Mabel uses her grappling hook to get to platforms or attack foes. She can also ride Waddles, her pet pig, who can run through foes and knock them down. She can also attack with the bedazzler, which may give off less damage then her grappling hook, but is faster and makes things look perfect. Gravity Falls Icon
Nostalgia Critic PNG Nostalgia Critic A guy who reviews crappy movies and has somewhat an issue when it comes to sanity. He can summon Satan, and has a mode from the Plot Hole that enables him to transform into a Muppet or a pencil sharpener. NostalgiaCriticLogo
Deadpool 005 Deadpool Hey, that's my name over there! And here's my description! Oh man, am I in this game? (more of a list of characters, but still?!) Huh. Oh well, ladies and gentlemen, it's me, Deadpool! The fake 'moves' given to me by teenagers on the internet including using my katana, whacking enemies with speech bubbles, and- oh hey, over there is the Marvel logo! (i don't get my own logo? what a lame game.) Marvelogo
MaiMaxImpact Mai Shiranui Mai Shiranui appears with her Maximum Impact alternate outfit. She can project fire to attack, and use shadow clones. She can also control her direction in the air. These powers are based most likely on her fans, which she keeps on her at all times. KingOfFighterIcon
250px-Dante transparent Dante This guy is awesome. He makes the devil (may) cry. He has a big sword, two pistols and he can kick your ass any time he wants to. Dante have a twin-brother named Vergil, who serves as an assist for him. Dmclogo
Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright OBJECTION! The defendant's description is clearly faulty! This attorney is known for solving mysteries from years ago in one single day. He attacks with speech bubles (yep), sneezes and his assistant, Maya, appears to help him. PhoenixWrightLogo
The Kid The Kid He wants to be the guy, but to do that, he has to defeat many opponents! He is somewhat a joke character, due the fact that he dies after one hit, but he does have a large and powerful moveset. He attacks with his gun, throws DELICIOUS FRUITS at the enemies and also can spawn UNFAIR TRAPS. IWannaBeTheGuyLogo
CJ Carl Johnson Carl Johnson is a gangster from Los Santos, who lost his mother during a gang war. He have a brother named Sweet and he is a member of a gang on Los Santos. He uses a variety of guns and melee weapons as his attacks. Theftlogo
PantyandStocking Panty and Stocking Also known as the Anarchy Sisters, Panty and Stocking are angels that got kicked out of heaven. They fight ghosts using weapons made from clothing. Stocking uses her katanas to fight, while Panty uses pistols. One of the sisters fights, the other watches from a couch in the background. PASWGICON
AntMan2 Ant-Man Biophysicist and Security Operations Center expert Dr. Henry 'Hank' Pym decided to become a superhero after discovering a chemical substance (Pym Particles) that would allow the user to alter his size. Armed with a helmet that could control ants, Pym would shrink down to the size of an insect to become the mystery-solving Ant-Man. Using these powers, Pym can take on nearly anyone despite their size. Antmansymbol
Shrek Shrek Shrek is an ogre that likes being an alone and scare people away, but everything seems to change when fairy tales characters starts to invade his swamp, chaning his life. He is a quite strong character, but he is also quite slow. SSB Shrek
Jack Frost Jack Frost The guardian that represents Winter, Jack Frost is an immortal spirit who has control over the ice. He couldn't been seen by anyone, simply because anyone believed on him. Jack can use ice power on his attacks, but he can also control the wind. SSB RiseoftheGaurdians
493px-SSB4 - Link Artwork Link The hero of time, Link is actually not the same Link you might know from other Zelda games. He is the most recent incarnation of the hero, but still have the same skills as the previous ones. He is a skilled swordsman and also can use many different attacks. Zelda Symbol
Bomberman SSB4 White Bomberman One of the many "Bombermen", White Bomberman was a slave on a bomb factory, who decided to escape from it. White Bomberman also became the hero of the galaxy that he lived in, after saving it from many dangerous threats. He uses many variations of bombs on his attacks. SSB Bomberman
90px-KirbySSB4 Kirby Don't try to deny it, Kirby is the cutest video game character to ever exist. But don't let that fool you, because he can inhale his foes and use their powers. SSBKirbyEmblem
Lagiacrus Lagiacrus A Generation 3 blue electric/water leviathan, who lives on deserted islands and flooded florests, Lagiacrus are big creatures, their signature ability is Thunder Burst. Despite the size, Lagiacrus are quite fast and strong, but their weakness is fire. SSB MonsterHunter
LKY0013 LKY-001 LKY-001 is a mysterious robot who is the protector of the Locky's Game Land. He is a part of the LKY series and the last known robot alive from that line. His parts were made using LKY-000 parts. He can mimic the opponent's attacks and appearance, his gameplay stats changes depends who he copies. SSB Fantendoverse
TITAN Reptflux A giant, hulking Titan hailing from the Lapisverse. Made out of pure energy, he is truly something else. This is however, a replica of the original, so nowhere as strong. He is powerful but slow. He uses beam attacks and his spider form to attack. LapisIcon
X Y Serena Serena Serena is the newest Pokemon trainer who originates from the Kalos region. She uses Froakie, Meowstic, and Pyroar to attack. SSB Pokémon Series
9Character 9 To save us. The final creation of the scientist before he died. He is a curious Stitchpunk, which made him turn on the fabrication machine destroying humanity. He uses a lamp post as his weapon. Other Stitchpunks helps 9 in battle. 9
Raymancrosszfsxfvxd Rayman No arms. No neck. No legs. No fear. Rayman was found by fishermen and quicky got famous after saving the Glade of Dreams from Mr. Dark. Rayman can attack using his fists, which can go to pretty long distances. Rayman
Pocky & Rocky Pocky & Rocky Pocky and Rocky are odd friends. Pocky is a normal Japanese girl while Rocky is... a tanuki. Pocky can throw cards and Rocky can throw leaves at opponents. As an special attack, Rocky can turn into a giant Tanuki statue and crush the opponents. Pocky & Rocky
Worms Worm A creature without a brain and only one purpose: kill. anyone. on. their. way. Worm have a pretty large arsenal, which contains jetpacks, bazookas, bow and arrows and etc. Worms
MICKEYnintendolook Mickey Mouse Disney's mascot and most famous cartoon character in existence. Mickey Mouse is smart on battle, he uses a paintbrush, which can create and remove objects and he can also summon Pluto to help him. DisneyIcon
CrankyKong Cranky Kong You scum! How dare you add me without my permission? Oh, I remember the old times that I used to be famous and everyone wanted me into everything. Attacks? I'm not an aggresive monkey, you scum! Only if there is plumbers in my way. If there is, I throw barrels at them. SSB Donkey Kong Series
Samus SSB4 Samus Samus is a bounty hunter with a powered suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. She uses the arm cannon on her suit to attack and can drop bombs. She can switch to a nimbler suit called the Zero Suit. SSB Metroid Series
SamusZSSAsemble Zero Suit Samus Samus is a bounty hunter, now with a sleeker suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating a substance called Phazon. Her plasma whip now has a better grip, and she is a lot more athletic compared to her power suit. SSB Metroid Series
Fusion Suit Samus Fusion Suit Samus Samus is still a bounty hunter, and now uses the Fusion Suit. She exterminated the entire Metroid race once and now she's investigating the space station called B.S.L. Research Station. She can use her arm cannon once more and now has Ice Missiles. SSB Metroid Series
SSBBRZS Quote Quote A mysterious boy who got into an adventure on a land where bunny-like creatures needs his help. Quote can use a jetpack and a variety of weapons. Cave Story
SSBBRZS Sora Sora Sora is a boy who used to live on Destiny Islands, he discovered that he could use the Keyblade and that dragged him into the Disney universe where he saved them from the mysterious creatures known as Heartless. He can attack using the keyblade or using magic. KingdomHeartsEmblem
Blanka SfxT Blanka Blanka was a normal person until he got mutated into a beast for unknown reasons. He gained the ability of using electricy by... eating eels? He is quite slow, but he can use eletricity for his attacks. Streetfightersymbol
MaxwellUnmasked Maxwell Maxwell is a boy who can turn anything he wants into reality. Even DC Comics Heroes. He have a pretty large moveset because the infinity of things that Maxwell that can create. Scribblenauts
Oswald Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Oswald was the Disney's original mascot, until he was bought by Universal Pictures, then bought back to Disney years later. He is pretty much similar to Mickey on gameplay stats, only being faster and his attacks being weaker. DisneyIcon
262px-Axl Axl the Rose Axl is a member of the Reploids, fightning against the Maverick rebels. Axl can float for a while and can shoot in all the eight directions, unlike Mega Man. Megaman Series Logo
SimonBelmont Simon Belmont Simon Belmont is one of the members of the legendary Belmont family. Like his ancestors, he has superhuman skills and can kill even the most creppy things just in one hit. He can also use knifes, holy water, crosses and axes. Castlevania
Jumpman by faren916-d4nqtjv Jumpman Jumpman was a carpenter who used to work on a construction site. One day, he decided to quit from his job and make a circus, he only had one attraction, a monkey. However the circus was famous enough, one day, the monkey, captured his girlfriend, Pauline and Jumpman saved her from the monkey. Jumpman can jump, but not from very high because if he does, he dies. He can also use a hammer. SSB Donkey Kong Series
RE0TLeon Leon Kennedy Leon is a member of S.T.A.R.S., he is a pretty skilled shooter, though he takes a long time to shot, he can also use a knife for fast attacks. Resident Evil
Banjokazooie Banjo & Kazooie Banjo is a bear who plays... a banjo, and Kazooie is his snarky companion. Both, they make a powerful duo, they work together to battle against anyone on their way. Kazooie can fly and Banjo can use his banjo as a weapon. Banjo & Kazooie
JohnnyTheRoom Johnny Johnny is a successful banker who lives in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancée, Lisa. Is slow, but powerful with his footballs and his friends. SSB TheRoom
John-stewart-the-green-lantern-corps-6971546-400-411 Green Lantern Green Lantern is a superhero and an intergalactic police officer in the DC Universe. The weapon he wields is a power ring that translates his ideas into green energy using the strength of his willpower. He is a member of the Green Lantern Corps, an organization created by the Guardians of the Universe that has established thousands of members distributed throughout each space sector. He uses attacks from his ring to attack. He's a pretty powerful character, but has a weakness to the color yellow. DCLogo
Power-girl-psd71019 Power Girl Power Girl is the Earth-Two counterpart of the Kryptonian Supergirl and first cousin to Kal-L, the Superman of Earth-Two. Possessing her cousin's superhuman strength and ability to fly, she took his place in the Justice Society of America after he entered into semi-retirement to focus on his personal life. She can fly and shoot beams out of her eyes similar to that of Superman. DCLogo
Jack Skellington Jack Skellington Jack Skellington is the patron spirit of Halloween, portrayed as being on par with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny within his own holiday. As a living skeleton, he is immortal and can remove parts of his body without harm, as is often demonstrated for comic relief. He is the most important of many Halloween spirits, with the implication that their job is to scare people in the real world on Halloween night. he can throwing flaming Pumpkins as well as send out a sonic scare blast. NightmareSBB
SilverSurferM5P Silver Surfer One of the noblest and most tormented cosmic entities in the universe, the Silver Surfer treasures freedom above all else, but has often sacrificed his liberty for the greater good. He soon confronted the invader, Galactus, who intended to consume Zenn-La. He offered to become his herald and seek out new worlds for him in exchange for Galactus sparing Zenn-La. He rides on his board, being able to speed into enemies and can use the Power Cosmic. SSB FantasticFour
Hanktheranger Hank the Ranger Leader of a group of teenagers who went into a rollercoaster which lead them to the world of Dungeons and Dragons, guided by the mysterious Dungeon Master. Hank is probably the oldest of the group, his weapon is a bow that shoots powerful energy arrows. DADLogo
Sheilathethief Sheila the Thief Hank's love interest and the smart of the group, Sheila is a thief who is always worring about her little brother. She uses a cape that turns her invisible for a short time. DADLogo
Prestothemagician Presto the Magician Presto is a clusmy wizard who always makes mistakes whenever he wants to summon anything with his magic powers. And that's his main attack, he can use his summon magic to summon stuff like cows, shovels and sometimes other items. DADLogo
Shantae main Shantae A half genie who saved her home from a pirate twice. She can use her hair as a whip and can transform into several different animal forms. SBB Shantae
Ib Ib Ib is a girl who's life force got connected to a rose when she stumbled upon a strange world with books and paintings, which she uses to fight with. SSB IB
Bloo FHFIF Bloo Wait, where am I? Oh! Uh, hello. I'm Blooregard Q. Kazoo, but just call me Bloo. I'm here in The Mysterious Five Project to goof off. Hey, who said anything about ATTACKS?! Oh well. Let's see, I can call up my human friend—and best friend—Mac, or I can summon my pals at Foster's. FOSTER'S! Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends?! Are you deaf?? Ah, never mind. FostersSYM
Olimar a Olimar Olimar is able to control Pikmin, using his whistle as a means of command. The Pikmin quite possibly see him as a leader and a hero. Olimar can also launch a punch attack to weaken enemies. SSB Pikmin Series
Filia2 Filia Filia was once a average schoolgirl, but then she woke up with a parasite named Samson as her hair. She uses Samson to attack, who has an array of shapes and forms he uses to attack in. SkullGirlsIcon1
MonkeyDialM Monkey Dexter's caged monkey, simply known as Monkey, which secretly has superpowers, unbeknownst to Dexter, who often tries to give him powers via unusual experimentation. Monkey has the ability to fly, use super strength, and shoot lasers. Working for a secret global agency, Monkey protects the world from intergalactic villains, large monsters, and natural disasters. Dexterlogo
Emmet Emmet Emmet is a rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure. But when he falls through a pit and meets Wyldstyle, a bad*** steampunk girl, and Vitruvius, a grand wizard, he is assigned to put an end to President Business's plan to glue the LEGO world together. He can build several objects out of LEGO bricks, giving him a pretty large moveset. SSB Lego
Grox Image The Grox The Grox are a race of short red cyborgs defending the Galactic Core from strange alien beings like you! While they have thousands of colonies, they have a major weakness in that they cannot live on lush worlds. They're rather fragile, but they can use their military to strike indirectly, or use blasters. SSB Spore
ATV ATV ATV, the legendary Dragonslayer. Captured by Red (under the control of the uncontrollable mob) in the Safari Zone, ATV became one of the best Pokémon on the team. He can use Stun Spore, Leech Life, Disable and Poison Powder, plus can fly and it is pretty fast on the ground. SSB TwitchPlaysPokemon
Mordecai Lapis 5 Mordecai Mordecai's a regular blue jay. NOT. He works at The Park, where he and his good friend Rigby constantly end up in the middle of wierd misadventures. He uses an electric guitar, a golf cart, and Death Kwon Do skills to fight, and his final smash features the spectacular electronic keyboard known as The Power. RegularShowIcon
Rigby Lapis 5 Rigby Rigby is a raccoon who works with Mordecai. He's slightly weaker than his friend, but also faster and can use his sharp claws and a time machine. RegularShowIcon
UntenFissure2014 Unten Unten appears with his Fissure '14 redesign in this game. He mostly uses melee attacks, but can summon Zerita to assist him. SSB Fantendoverse
YEumbraYE Umbra Umbra is a teenage boy who was born during a solar eclipse, which gave him the power to control darkness. He lived with his uncle, and did not remember seeing his parents. Thus, he set out on a quest to find out who they are. He has several darkness-based powers at his disposal, along with the Scythe of Shadows and the legendary White Out technique. Shadowcalypse eclipse symbol
LMV Gaim Kamen Rider Gaim Normal teenager Kota Kazubura found a Sengoku Driver in the streets of Zawame City, and now he's a Kamen Rider on an adventure to discover Yggrasdil's secrets. He's a swift and nimble fighter who can use various Arms like Ichigo, Pine, Orange, and the massive Suika Arms for different weapons and mobility. SSB Kroig
Ridley classic Ridley Ridley is a massive dragon from space and the commander of the Space Pirates. He holds a personal grudge with Samus Aran and always manages to fight her. In battle, he can use his claws, tails, and fangs to attack, along with Space Pirate technology such as blasters. SSB Metroid Series
Ridley superclassic Old Ridley Ridley is a large dragon from space and the general of the Space Pirates. He holds a personal grudge with Samus Aran and always manages to fight her. While fighting, he can fire lasers from his mouth and whip enemies with his tail, and has the power of flight. SSB Metroid Series
Lucky Lucky the Leprechaun Still on the run from kids who are always after his Lucky Charms, Lucky is a magical leprechaun who for some reason uses marshmallows in cereal as magical charms. He's a lightweight fighter, but he can use his Lucky Charms such as Red Balloon, Green Clover, and others to fight or gain new abilities. Lucky Charms
Spyro Spyro the Dragon Looks like Spyro's got some things to do! This is the good Spyro, the version of him that appeared before that Skylanders bullcrap of hyper-easy bosses and having to buy everything. He shoots arrow-shaped flames out of his mouth, but can also breathe electricity, plasma, and water. Plus, he can use his wings as a shield and glide, kind of like Knuckles. Spyro the Dragon
500DollarBill Dollar holla holla get dolla. Dollar appears in the battle. Dollar attacks you with other dollar bills and also taxes. Dollar can also fight by itself and has boxing gloves so watch out. Real Life
Captain obvious Captain Obvious
Captain Obivous:

Hello citizens of a city! I'm your favorite superhero, Captain Obvious. And my name is Captain Obvious. I fight evil with my fists and my feet and I wear clothes. By the way, citizen you are getting robbed!


And once again Captain Obvious, obviously saves the day. Or not.
M5P Optimus Optimus Prime Optimus Prime, formerly known as Orion Pax, is the valiant leader of the Autobots as they face the evil forces of the Decepticons. His goal is to stop the evil of Megatron and his minions. He's one of the slower fighters, but he can use his Energon axe and his ability to transform into a truck to his advantage in the midst of battle. SSB Transfomers
Pepsiman1 Pepsiman Whether this mysterious fighter is made of sentient metal or if he's just a man blessed with Pepsi is unknown, but one thing's for sure - when Pepsiman enters the fight, he's a formidable foe. His attacks revolve around using his agile physique to his advantage, and of course, using Pepsi creatively to keep fighters on their toes. SSB Pepsi logo
TrisM5P Tris Beatrice "Tris" Prior is a teenage girl who is trapped in the middle of a conflict between five factions—Abnegation the selfless, Amity the peaceful, Candor the honest, Erudite the intelligent, and Dauntless the brave. When she realizes that she is Divergent, meaning that she does not fit into any single group, she struggles to avoid gaining too much attention. Tris uses a gun and fighting skills in combat, and she doesn't gain much damage from falling. Also, she can heal teammates (showing the Abnegation within her), and her Final Smash involves a serum that traps opponents in a world of their darkest fears. Divergent

Unlockable Characters

There will be 400 unlockable characters this time around. 92/400

Image Character Description Franchise How to Unlock
250px-CG Shadow 11 Shadow Created by Gerald Robotnik as "The Ultimate Lifeform", he attacks mostly with his chaos abilities and vehicles. He can also use guns, which Sonic wouldn't even be found dead with. SSB Sonic Series Complete Adventure mode as Sonic.
Dexter Dexter Dexter is a young scientist who constructs several inventions that he uses to resolve his own problems. However, his sister Dee Dee constantly destroys these creations. Dexter uses several machines to fight, from the small laser pistol he is holding right now to his anime-style mechanism. Dexterlogo Complete Blast to the Past mode as Finn the Human.
304px-Akuma Akuma The master of the darkness, the most evil of the World Warriors, Akuma is ready to rumble. Having mastered the original form of the unnamed "Shotokan" art, Akuma has the same moves as Ryu and Ken, only much faster and more damaging. As such though, he has low stamina. Streetfightersymbol Complete the Capcom Cup as Ryu.
Shao Kahn Shao Kahn The master of all things ultimately evil, Shao Kahn attacks with his hammer. He can also use energy constructs such as spears to attack foes. This guy is probably one of the deadliest characters in the game. Mortal kombat logo2 Complete Adventure mode as Akuma.
RobinTTG Robin Batman's sidekick (sometimes) and the leader of the Teen Titans. He relies on various weapons, such as birdarangs and smoke bombs. Teen Titans Go Complete Classic mode as Batman.
MASKEDMAN Masked Man The Masked Man was created by Porky from Lucas' brother Claus to grab the needles. He has PSI moves, and a sword based attacks. He has several powerful attacks, and the ability to glide. EarthboundSymbol Play 50 matches as Ness.
Sonic z classic sonic Classic Sonic Forget Modern Sonic, it's time to go classic! This Sonic loses the Wisp and Werehog powers, but can perform the Spin Dash and the Super Peel-Out. SSB Sonic Series Complete Blast to the Past as Sonic.
Reggiethatstupidturkey Reggie A turkey from a really bad movie. He can use Chuckie Cheese sponsored pizza and pumpkins lit on fire (?!?) to attack. He is somewhat of a joke character though, since all of his attacks require a lot of set-up with little reward. FreeBirdsLogo Lose one match.
ChromeTan Chromium The anthropomorphic personification of Google Chrome. Faster than Inori, but doesn't hit quite as hard. She can also turn herself into the Google Chrome logo, in a way similar to Samus' morphball. GoogleChromeLogo Complete 10 matches.
CammyM5 Cammy White Cammy is a quick, close range fighter. She lacks any projectile or long-reaching attacks, and therefore hurls herself at the enemy relying on speed and priority. Priority such as this makes her one of the easiest characters to use in The Mysterious Five Project. Streetfightersymbol Complete 20 matches.
Eario Eario The long lost Mario brother, Eario is a janitor who had lived the most amazing experiences in his adventures. He uses a broom to attack and he also uses coins as projectiles. Brawlinthefamilylog Beat Target Pratice with Mario and Luigi.
TropeTan Trope-tan Trope-tan is what if TVTropes was an anime character. She has a lot of cool stuff, such as a Russian Revolver, a Big Frickin' Quill that can rewrite reality and googles that do nothing. Tvtropes icon Beat a match without losing any health.
Cpacman Pac-Man Pac-Man was the greatest video game character of all time until the Video Game Crash of 1983. He does whatever it takes to get his #1 spot back from Mario, but fails each time. His moveset is based off of his Ghostly Adventures incarnation, so he can suck up enemies and use special powers. PacmanIcon Complete Classic as Mario.
NES Mario NES Mario Everyone's favorite classic NES character, NES Mario is a small and weak character, he can use the Super Mushroom which turn him Super and allow him to take one more hit, when he is small, he can be KO'ed in one hit, he can use the Fireballs as projectiles and jump on the opponents head many times he want to. 120px-MarioSymbol.svg Complete Blast to the Past as Mario.
Wreck It Ralph Wreck-It Ralph One of the newer Disney characters. He's the bad guy in his game, Fix-It Felix Jr., but he's not exactly a bad guy. He is one of the strongest characters in the game, and he can knock opponents far. Wreckitralphcherry Synthesize the Wreck-It Brick.
ReggieEnjoyingDat3DS Reggie Fils-Aime Everyone's favorite president of everyone's favorite company. Reggie is a all-around character with a large moveset with moves based on Nintendo's products such as Wii Remotes, Stylus and more. Nintendo64Symbol Beat Story Mode with every starter Nintendo character.
Dreamboy Dream Boy A purple Yoshi with a green Mario-esque hat and a single glove? ORIGINAL THE CHARACTER DONUT STEEL! Dream Boy uses his dream glove to make people go to sleep for a while. Other than that, he uses some of Yoshi's abilities. SSB Fantendoverse Complete Target Practice as Eario.
Ashura by jackydik-d5h27at Ashura the Hedgehog A glitch that was intended never to exist. Became a real character as of the result of the events of Fighters of Lapis 2. He stays true to his glitchy nature though, attacking with "glitchy" projectiles and causing lag to opponents. Glitch symbol Complete Blast to the Past as Classic Sonic.
Lilithmon Lilthmon Laylamon is a Demon Lord Digimon whose names and design are derived from the mythological Lilith. One of the "Seven Great Demon Lords", it has the appearance of a woman and represents the Moon and the sin of Lust. Can rot it's opponent's bodies, corrode, and attack with love and darkness based attacks. DigimonSymbol Complete Adventure Mode as Deputymon.
MsMarvelFull Ms Marvel After being caught in an explosion with the Kree superhero Captain Marvel Carol resurfaced with super powers as result of the explosion which caused her DNA to merge with Captain Marvel's. Ms. Marvel possesses incredible superhuman strength and durability, can fly very fast, and discharge explosive blasts of radiant energy, which she fires from her fingertips. She also demonstrates the ability to absorb other forms of energy, such as electricity, to further magnify her strength and energy projection, up to the force of an exploding nuclear weapon. As such she is a very fast character but not a very powerful one until she absorbs enough energy. Marvelogo Complete Adventure Mode as five different characters.
Sanic Sanic GOTTA GO FAST. Sanic is totally not related to that Sonic dude, no freakin' way. His moveset relies on going fast because GOTTA GO FAST. Wait, what am I saying? Sanic Hegehog Complete Adventure as Sonic and Classic Sonic.
Superior Spidermano Superior Spiderman Peter Parker and Doc Ock switched bodies in the 616 universe, leaving Ock to take up the helm. Much stronger than Spiderman and with less knockback, but somewhat slower. He can use his Spiderbots to latch onto his opponents and slow them down, and use Spiderman's powers that have been changed for his power set. He can also use talons and the legs in the back of his body to move. SpidermanLogo Complete Adventure as Spidergirl.
Raven from Teen Titans Go Raven The "sorceress" of the Teen Titans. Her moveset consists of powers inherited from her father Trigon. She uses telekinesis, apparition, and spells that make her opponents slower, weaker, etc. Teen Titans Go Complete Classic as Robin.
PacmanSmash World Pac-Man The Pac-Man you see in the Pac-Man World series and some other games. He can use the Rev Roll, Butt Bounce, and Flip Kick to attack. His recovery move is the Pac-Dot Chain, which allows him to chomp his way up. PacmanIcon Complete Blast to the Past as Pac-Man.
Vanellopewirdisney Vanellope von Schweetz Ralph's little buddy, who helped him get his medal back. She attacks with her Lickety-Split kart, and can teleport across the track. Wreckitralphcherry Complete Classic as Wreck-It Ralph.
BrawlPartyBallArtwork Party Ball Once just an item from Super Smash Bros., the Party Ball has traveled the world as a scholar, a fighter, and a champion. Every heart he touches learns something from him, and his wisdom is reflected through his fighting. He can swing into enemies like a wrecking ball, break himself open to get one of several randomized weapons, and trap enemies within his body. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Synthesize the Big Party Confetti.
John Harper John Harper Once just a drone maintenance worker, now a leader of the resistance. Uses the rifle, smaller sized drones, and stealth shielding. Oblivon Logo Defeat three drones in Irregular Show.
E-123 Omega E-123 Omega A robot of the E-100 series designed by Dr. Eggman to guard Shadow's chamber. He can use his weapons, such as the Omega Cannon, the Omega Missile, etc., to attack. SSB Sonic Series Beat him in Irregular Show.
Goeniko2 Goeniko A girl who can control wind and is the female version of Goenitz. She goes by many names, but Goeniko is her most common one. She uses basic winds attacks and create hurricanes and blades of air. Her hands can cut and pierce like knives. She is overall and very fast and powerful character, but with has weak defense. KingOfFighterIcon Play 40 matches of Mai Shiranui.
AgentVenomM5 Agent Venom Once bully to Peter Parker, Flash Thompson was recruited by the government for Project Rebirth 2.0, where he was bonded with the infamous Venom symbiote (which was tamed via sedatives) to become Agent Venom. Has low knockback and fair speed. His moves include using his pistol, turning his hands into swords, and turning into Savage Venom for a brief time. SpidermanLogo Win 15 matches as Spidergirl
Ficklepoof3D Ficklepoof Hello there ladies and gentleman, my name is Ficklepoof and I'm here to introduce you to my description in this project called "M5P". I'm what you guys consider a "joke character", because I am a intentional Sonic recolor with a top hat. Well, my attacks are gentle versions of Sonic's, they are weaker and slower, but they are stylish! That's all. SSB Fantendoverse Craft the Gentleman's Hat.
Nightmare IV Nightmare In the conclusion of Soul Edge, Siegfried battled with the corrupted pirate Cervantes de Leon and eventually came into possession of the Soul Edge with its lingering spirit, Inferno. Eventually, Soul Edge consumed him and Nightmare was born. Nightmare attacks slowly with explosive damaging attacks. He can do nearly endless combos. His main drawback is his speed, which is very slow. SSB SoulCaliber Find the Soul Edge. Once found, Nightmare will drop down and fight you.
Galacta22 Galacta Galacta is the estranged daughter of Galactus and has been living on Earth for an undetermined amount of time in the guise of a Human Woman named Gali. She uses purple plasma beams from her hands and bites other characters. Marvelogo Play as Deadpool 60 times.
102333 Irate Gamer 2 Irate Gamer Everyone's favorite Irate Gamer... who is also a paranormal detective for some reason. His moveset consists of copying someone's attacks and he will use it, but 50% weaker and slower. Also it is impossible to win as him. IrateGamerSSB Lose 15 Matches.
250px-Zero10 Kopie Zero Created by Dr. Wily to be a killing machine, Zero is a Reploid from the year 2XXX who protects the world from the evil robots known as Mavericks. He attacks them with his Z Saber, Z Buster, Chain Rod, Shield Boomerang and Zero Knuckle, which steals the power of any enemy. Megaman Series Logo Play Blast to the Past as Megaman.
LemongrabEarl Lemongrab What is this? Lemongrab on M5P? No... it is... UNACCEPTABLE! The Earl of Lemongrab is a... lemograb that seriously doesn't like young kings. He shouts UNACCEPTABLE as his main attack, though he can also use a sword. Snaillogo Play through Adventure as Finn.
Statue of Liberty as a fighter MDCCLXXVI Liberty herself has come to dish out judgement. The 1776th model of the Liberty Protection Android fights with her torch, her tablet, and corrosion. M5logo Play Blast to the Past with 17 characters.
Sf4-bison M. Bison A would-be world dictator and a pure incarnation of evil, M. Bison's ambition is to control the world's governments through his covert crime syndicate, Shadaloo. He uses a fighting style called Shadloo-ism. Streetfightersymbol Complete Adventure as Cammy.
Rouge000 Rouge the Bat As both a part-government spy for G.U.N. and expert thief, Rouge is one of the strongest female characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Swift and powerful, Rouge has proved herself to be a force to be reckoned with in terms of physical abilities, both by her allies and her enemies. With the wings on her back, Rouge possesses the natural ability to achieve flight and is also able to glide by using her wings to manipulate her descend. SSB Sonic Series Complete Adventure as Shadow the Hedgehog.
Wasp3 Wasp "The Winsome Wasp", as she is sometimes called, has the abilities to shrink to a height of perhaps several centimeters, grow to giant size, fly by means of insectoid wings, and fire yellow energy blasts. Antmansymbol Complete Adventure as Ant-Man.
Dex mandark 174x252 Mandark Dexter's archenemy, who constantly attempts to destroy him, like Metal Sonic does with his organic counterpart. He uses a blaster like Dexter's, but the lasers are faster and deal more damage. His mech is more agile than Dexter's, but deals a little less damage. Dexterlogo Beat him in his third boss battle in Irregular Show.
BetterTDM Diamond Minecart Guy Wait, who's this? How did he get here? Also known as Dan, the Diamond Minecart Guy uses several items from the mods he reviews, like the Niobium Arrow (NIOBIUM!), "evil" minions, and even a mining robot. He is kind of a joke, however, because he has to download the mods before he can use the special powers they offer. Social-youtube-logo-grey Complete Blast to the Past as Steve(?).
1730100-mace windu Mace Windu A Jedi Master of the Old Republic, Mace Windu is calm, serious, and always prepared to risk his life. He is slightly slower than Luke Skywalker, but his attacks are swifter, stronger, and more precise. StarWarsIcon Complete Blast to the Past as Luke Skywalker.
Super Skrull Super Skrull A Skrull with the Powers of Mr. Fantastic, The Invisible Woman, The Thing, and The Human Torch. Able to fly, blast fire, turn invisible, stretch his limbs, and hit hard, Super Skrull is extremely versatile. He is heavily impacted by loud sounds though. Marvelogo Complete Adventure Mode with Deadpool.
Xenomorph2 Xenomorph An alien monster. This alien injects acid and can grow into a group of 5 during a match if successful with facehugging. Once at five aliens, they are stronger than any character in the game combined, but it takes about 10 minutes. Each Alien has corrosive blood they spit out and dangerously sharp hands. AlienSeriesLogo Hatch the Alien Egg in Irregular Show.
Tifa222222 Tifa Lockhart Tifa is a hard worker and spends her time caring for everyone but herself. In battle, Tifa relies on her martial arts techniques thus her physical stats are better than her magic stats, and she equips claw and glove type weapons. She has pretty bad knockback though. FinalFantasySymbolM5P Complete 500 matches.
RickandMorty Rick and Morty A tag team character. Rick and Morty can be switched to by using the down special. Rick uses scientific gadgets like a portal gun and a ray gun, while Morty uses mostly weak melee attacks. As a team they work very well, but alone they are not as cable. RickandMortySym Complete 700 matches.
3059613-tony kindlephoto-195894254 G-Man from Heck And we're back with another episode of... I don't know what this is, and I don't care. This is where I talk about my description in this table of contents... or whatever it is. I mostly attack by answering questions, throwing comic books at my enemies, or becoming Super G-Man. And that is it for this description. Comic Vine Complete Adventure as all Marvel starters.
Shuma Goroth Shuma-Gorath Shuma-Gorath is the archetypal Class Three demon, native to an extradimensional realm. He is one of the "Old Ones" who came to Earth untold millions of years ago, ruling it and feasting on mankind's ancestors. Attacks using attacks from his eye, chaos dimensional attacks, and rays. DoctorStrangeLogo Complete Classic as all Marvel starters.
ActZeroBomberman Act Zero Bomberman Killer machine created to battle another killer machines, Act Zero Bomberman is a slow fighter but his attacks are deadly fast and can easily kill weaken foes. SSB Bomberman Complete Classic as Bomberman.
MightyBomberman Mighty Bomber Mighty Bomber is White Bomber's older brother and a more faster and more stronger fighter. Mighty Bomber has more than just bombs, as he also can use a cool bike. SSB Bomberman Craft Cool Visor.
Rathalos Rathalos King of the skies, Rathalos is a generation 1 Fire Flying Wyvern, which can be easily find on Forests, Hills, Gorge, Swamps and etc., Rathalos is capable of flying and is a very fast character. His signature move is Flaming Meteor. SSB MonsterHunter Craft Lagiacrus Blade.
SpiderWoman Spider-Woman Jessica Drew is the daughter of Jonathan Drew, research partner to Dr. Herbert Edgar Wyndham. When young Jessica suffered uranium poisoning in 1931, Dr. Drew was forced to inject her with his untested spider serum and seal her in a genetic accelerator. She woke up years later not knowing who she was. She can focus her bioelectric energy into "venom blasts". She can also stick to any surface and fly. SpiderWomanSym Finish Classic as Spidergirl.
Beetleworx5 Beetleworx Abomination Beetleworx Abomination is a character lost in the stash of concept art. Having no real moveset, Beetleworx Abomination analyzes moves and copies them, using them as his own. He differs greatly from LKY-001 due to the fact Beetleworx abomination can cherry pick the moves he uses. LapisIcon Finish Classic as LKY-001.
AztecTITAN Azteflux A artificial titan created through the tapping of Irregular. Lightning fast and huge, it seems like Azteflux is the best out of the Titans. However, being created through artificial means leaves it rather fragile. Azteflux has a pyramid form that creates hieroglyphs around him, protecting him from harm. M5logo First face off him in Irregular Show, then return to the level he appears in on Hard, beat it.
CarnageM5P Carnage Another symbiotic. Far more violent than every other character. Fast but not overly strong. Can morph his hands into weapons. SpidermanLogo First face off him in Irregular Show, then return to the level he appears in on Hard, beat it.
FrozenElsa Elsa The Snow Queen of Arendelle. Elsa born with ice powers and while still a child, accidentally hurt her younger sister. She can control the ice and create anything related to ice. SSB Frozen Finish Adventure as Mickey.
Wisecrackingcomicrelief WISE CRACKING COMIC RELIEF will smith reprising his role as WISE CRACKING COMIC RELIEF, i just guess this situation just got... poopy. he is very funny but he can't attack. he is a joke, geddit? SSB Fantendoverse Craft UNHOLY TRILOGY.
Sonic-Free-Riders-Silver-artwork Silver the Hedgehog A hedgehog from the future who is determined to catch the Iblis Trigger, whoever it may be. He yells "IT'S NO USE" as his main attack, but can use Psychic abilities. SSB Sonic Series Beat him in Irregular Show, then return to his level on Hard and beat it.
JonTronTrans JonTron JonTron, like AVGN, reviews bad games, but he reviews them with a comical attitude without being too insane. He can summon his sidekick Jacques to attack enemies, or he can use an object from one of the games he has reviewed. JonTronShow Complete Classic as the Angry Video Game Nerd.
Inquisitor Samus Inquisitor Samus A heavier and stonger version of the Samus Armor. Hulking huge, this armor lacks a lot of the mobility features that the normal armor has, such as morph-ball and screwattack. Can shift into an giant cube, as well as let Samus out without getting rid of the armor. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus through Tony Stark's Lab and activating the Armor Switch.
Dark Suit Samus Dark Suit Samus A slighty more weighty version of the suit that hits just a bit harder. All of Samus' attacks are dark-based and can use seeking missiles. It resists poison pretty well, but not entirely. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus through Tony Stark's Lab and activating the Armor Switch.
Light Suit Samus Light Suit Samus A lighter weight suit that allows for better mobility and resistance to poison. Samus also has light-based attacks here. When switching to the Zero Suit, she keeps a thinner version of the helmet and still resists poison. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus through Tony Stark's Lab and activating the Armor Switch.
Hybrissamuslapis Hybrid Samus A mixture between the Zero Suit and the Varia Suit. Features the arm cannon and missiles, but with the mobility of the Zero Suit. Loss of the laser whip, though. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Zero Suit Samus through Tony Stark's Lab and activating the Armor Switch.
Gravity Suit Samus Gravity Suit Samus With this suit, Samus is able to move around normally in any environment because she is able to simulate the gravitational conditions she is used to. Gravity Suit Samus can walk underwater, and her damage taken from magma is reduced. The suit also negates low or extreme gravity effects. SSB Metroid Series Unlock it by playing as Samus through Tony Stark's Lab and activating the Armor Switch.
Zygarde Zygarde A serpent like Pokemon. It's hypothesized that it's monitoring those who destroy the ecosystem from deep in the cave where it lives. Attacks using ground and dragon attacks like Dragon Breath and Bulldoze. SSB Pokémon Series Beat him in Irregular Show, then return to his level on Hard and beat it.
Eynv Mewtwo Mewtwo was created after years of horrific gene splicing and DNA engineering experiments based on Mew. It is said to have the most savage heart among all Pokémon, lack compassion, and strike fear into its enemy with cold, glowing eyes. Because it was engineered to be the ultimate in battle, it can only think of defeating its foes. Mewtwo is capable of levitation, telepathy, and mind control. SSB Pokémon Series Play through "Lavender Town" or play 12,000 matches.
ProjectMMewtwo Armored Mewtwo Has most of Mewtwo's moves but is slower and stronger. In addition, his attacks can also have an electricity base behind it, meaning that all of his attacks have a shock effect. SSB Pokémon Series Defeat Mewtwo as Mewtwo in Cinnibar Island on Hard.
GrimBillyMandy Billy, Mandy, and Grim Billy is a somewhat dumb boy who throws tangelos at enemies, and sneezes really bad. Mandy is a demonic young lady who sees attacking as "stupid" and simply throws bombs and eggs at opponents. Grim is, of course, the Grim Reaper, being able to cast spells on his rivals. These spells work similar to Raven's, but last longer and are stronger. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Destroy Mandy's syphon in Irregular Show.
Fionna Fionna the Human Fionna is Finn's genderswapped counterpart from the land of Aaa. Her attacks are swifter and more agile versions of Finn's, and can summon Cake the Cat to assist her. Snaillogo Beat Classic as Finn the Human.
BoomBoomBamBam Boom Boom & Pom Pom Bowser's two hench-koopas. Boom Boom can spin around and knock enemies over, and can also turn invisible. Pom Pom tosses boomerangs and shruikens and can create up to five clones of herself. 50px-MarioSymbol.svg Beat them in Irregular Show, then return to their level on Hard and beat it.
MachOneIronMan Iron Man Mark 1 The first version of the Iron Man armor. Has limited flying compatibility and a flamethrower. A bit weak compared to the newer versions, but his flamethrower attack gives him a longer attack time. IronManLogo Play through "Tony Stark's Lab" in Irregular Show.
3469154-im hulkbuster2 Hulkbuster Armor A super strong version of the Iron Man armor with limited range options. While not as versatile as the later armors, this can take and give a lot of damage. IronManLogo Play through "Tony Stark's Lab" in Irregular Show.
Solmon Grunty Solomon Grundy Solomon Grundy is an immortal zombie super-villain from the 19th Century with several origins. Originally murdered in the mysterious Slaughter Swamp, he resurrects and regenerates there every time he is killed again in his zombie form. He can use zombie hands, super strength and has great knockback. DCLogo Play through "Waterfall of Death" in Irregular Show or play on the Halloween Town stage 66 times.
SuperBestFriendsForever Super Best Friends A three character group consisting of Wondergirl, Batgirl, and Supergirl. Wondergirl can use her lasso, Batgirl can glide, and Supergirl can use flight and super strength to attack. DCLogo Play 800 matches.
LegoBatman Lego Batman While possessing most of regular Batman's abilities such as Batarangs and what not, he can construct additional weapons and objects using lego bricks. Only black and very, very dark gray bricks, though. He is also shorter than Batman, and also slower. SSB Lego Play 50 matches as Batman.
Ofclboxart cfm Hatsune Miku-illu Miku Hatsune Miku Hatsune is a Vocaloid. She attacks using her singing and leeks. She can pull off a special move that summons characters such as the Cheetahmen and Super Mario. VocaloidIcon Play through Adventure as Inori on Normal Difficulty.
DrDoomFull Dr. Doom The son of gypsy witch Cynthia Von Doom, Doctor Doom is a archenemy of the Fantastic Four, and leader of the fictional nation of Latveria. He is both a genius inventor and a sorcerer. While his chief opponents have been the Fantastic Four, he has also frequently battled Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, the Avengers and the Silver Surfer, among others. Doctor Doom 's armor augments his natural physical strength to superhuman levels, to the point where he is able to hold his own against Spider-Man in hand-to-hand combat, although he tends to rely on long-range tactics when engaging physically stronger foes. It is also highly resistant to harm, sufficient to withstand blows from Iron Man's armor. SSB FantasticFour Play 10,000 matches or defeat his level "Spaceship of Doom" on Hard.
Uirusu Uirusu The Queen of Viruses. Can inject needles into her opponents, which will cause them to sprout black tentacles that attack the opponent, as well as creating new viruses from her mobile lab which she carries on her back. She is a heavy character. M5logo Play through Classic as Inori on Hard or find her character token on the web (which only spider-based characters can climb on)in "The Deep Web".
Raremon Raremon Raremon is a Champion Level Digimon that resembles a sludge-like monster with metal and wires on his body. He known to have a horrible stench and bad breath. He uses gas and sludge attacks, attacks that can pile up and spread fast. DigimonSymbol Beat him in Irregular Show, then return to his level on Hard and beat it.
Fuchikoma-toy Fuchikoma A "think tank" robot with the appearance of a spider. The Fuchikoma is able to jump, thrust forward, strafe to the side, climb walls, and hang upside-down from ceilings. The Fuchikoma is also equipped with twin machine guns and missiles. GhostInThemAchine Play 900 matches or defeat his level "The Deep Web" on Hard.
Dee Dee-1 Dee Dee Dee Dee is Dexter's extremely ditzy, simple-minded, energetic, hyperactive older sister, who inexplicably makes "squishy" sounds with her feet on every step. She can using her dancing abilities and her imaginary friends to attack. Dexterlogo Play through "Dexter's Lab II".
Sentinel Sentinel Sentinels are designed to hunt mutants who often represent the protagonists of Marvel stories; therefore, the Sentinels are usually employed as supervillains or as the tools of other villains. While many are capable of tactical thought, only a handful are self-aware. Sentinels are technologically advanced, and have exhibited a wide variety of abilities. They are armed, capable of flight, and can detect mutants at long range. They possess vast physical strength, and their bodies are highly resistant to damage. Marvelogo Play 13,000 matches.
Zelflux Zelflux His Titan brother may be more powerful, but he is more agile. He has better recovery and what not. He can also transform into a snake like state, where he can gobble up opponents. Again, this is not the same Zelflux, but a copy of the original as it is smaller and less powerful. LapisIcon Play through Classic as Reptflux.
Endflux Endflux The last of the original three titans. Like his brethren, he is a replication of the original. He has strong attacks and is rather quick. He also has great recovery, due to his ability to teleport. He can transform into coal as well. LapisIcon Play through Adventure as Reptflux.
RiskyBoots Risky Boots The nefarious lady-pirate Risky Boots, and Shantae's nemesis, is known throughout Sequin Land for her love of wealth, power, and all shiny things. Risky is an unchallenged and self-appointed 'queen of the Seven Seas', and will caution and toll anyone to think otherwise. Attacks with her sword and minions, the Tinkerbats. SBB Shantae Play through Adventure as Shantae.
Robocop 01 Robocop Harvesting what was left of brutally slain police officer Alex Murphy's organic components, doctors turned Murphy's remains into the OCP Crime Prevention Unit 001, or RoboCop, as he is more widely known, a cyborg with computer and mechanically assisted reflexes, memory and a 'lifetime' of law enforcement programming. In short, the ultimate crime fighting machine. RoboCop's primary weapon, the Auto-9 remains stored in a mechanical holster which deploys from RoboCop's right leg. SSB Robocop Play through "The Laboratory I" or complete Adventure with 10 characters.
Mary-mary-ib-31833567-600-800 Mary Mary is a young girl who Ib and Garry find on their way getting out of the gallery. Thought at first to be a live person from the gallery, Ib and Garry allowed her to join their party. She attacks using paintings, dolls, and palette a knife. SSB IB Play through Classic as Ib.
Terminator T-800 The T-800 is from the Series 800 of Terminators. The character begins with the skin of another human character in the roster, however they use the T-800's moveset. He is armed with a pistol and hard hitting melee moves. TerminatorIcon First face off him in Irregular Show, then return to the level he appears in on Hard, beat it.
Junko (8) Junko Enoshima Known as the Ultimate Fashionista, Enoshima often switches between moods, which includes her Monokuma persona, and four other manners of speech which included complexes of cuteness, severe depression, sophistication, and superiority; she switches between moods unpredictably. She attacks using Despair attacks. EyeMonokumaRompa Finish Part One of Irregular Show or play through Classic as Makoto.
Louie w/ White Pikmin Louie Also known as The King of Bugs, Louie is an anomaly among Hocotatians, as they subsist almost exclusively on vegetables, but Louie was taught by his grandmother to play with and eat insects. He uses them to attack, whether using them to charge into his enemies or put him back on ground. He can also attack using White Pikmin. SSB Pikmin Series Finish Adventure as Olimar.
B&M Nergal Jr Nergal Jr. The son of Nergal is a boy-monster hybrid, always looking for new friends. When he feels angry, he's not afraid to show his monster side. Nergal Jr. has tentacles on his back that he uses to attack. He can freeze his opponents in suspended animation or even take their form and use their powers. The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Beat him in Irregular Show, then return to his level on Hard and beat it.
Doclouisscream Doccy Louie "The Doc" is here to battle. He can inject the Doc Louis Virus into a character, giving them just minutes to survive as the virus beats them up from the inside. Other than that, he can't attack. He's a joke, see? SSB Fantendoverse Find all six Doc Louis Virus canisters in Irregular Show.
Bayonetta-character Bayonetta Bayonetta is one of only two surviving Umbran Witches, along with being the child of a Witch and a Lumen Sage. She is a witch who shapeshifts and uses various firearms, along with magical attacks she performs with her own hair, to dispatch her foes. Bayonettasymbol Complete the event "Bad Hair Day".
Cucumber Cucumber An aspiring wizard sent on a quest to stop Nightmare Knightmare. Uses his "borrowed" wand to attack. (which has a standard star attack or a water wave attack) CucumberQuestSBB Complete Paralouge 1.
Flutter Moth Flutter Moth A little moth who can use his magical sword to attack! He also has the ability to flutter in the air and summon spiders to grab opponents. FlutterMothSBB Complete Paralouge 5.
Titanfall pilot and titan Pilot and Titan Hailing from the Frontier, the Pilot and Titan are a combat duo. Pilot is a fast-paced agile gun-user, and your Titan can be summoned, switching fighting styles to a slower, bulkier fighter. Titanfall Find the Titanfall Beta hidden on Cinnabar Island.
BennyM5P Benny This ‘70s era spaceman suffers from a cracked helmet and lack of oxygen. His first love will always be spaceships but he will do anything to help his fellow LEGO Master Builders. Attacks using laser pistol and hacking skills. He can also build a spaceship and float up in the air. SSB Lego Finish Blast to the Past as Emmet.
Uni-KittyM5 Uni-Kitty Hailing from Cloud Cuckoo Land, the capital of rainbows and puppies, she is half unicorn, half anime kitten and one endless dance party. She is happy to join her fellow LEGO Master Builders in the quest to defeat Lord Business, but she also has a powerful secret which is to turn into a raging powerful state. She can also attack with butterflies and rainbows. SSB Lego Finish Adventure Mode as Emmet.
Wyldstyle-1 Wyldstyle A free spirit who loves pushing boundaries and being creative. She has a strong, independent streak that makes her question when things are wrong. Able to use master building and athletics to attack, but can also use a laser cannon to attack. SSB Lego Complete 15 matches as Emmet or Lego Batman.
70807-metalbeard-2 MetalBeard He is a pirate obsessed with revenge on Lord Business for taking his body parts. He is a super strong as well as a huge character; even bigger than the titans. As such, it is cautioned to be careful while playing as him. He can use his cannon and grappling hook to attack. SSB Lego Complete 60 matches as any of the Lego Series characters
MiniBeard MiniBeard A smaller version of MetalBeard. While not as powerful, he is a lot more manageable to use. He attacks using weaker versions of MetalBeard's attacks. SSB Lego Complete 30 Matches as MetalBeard.
Gandhi Gandhi Gandhi may seem like a joke character due to the fact he won't and can't attack. But through the introduction of Democracy (Snaily Joe, Kid President, President Business all trigger democracy) Gandhi goes into nuclear rage, attacking with missiles and attacking like a savage. M5logo Summoning Kid President 5 Times.
151Mew Mew Mew is an extremely rare Pokémon that has been seen by only a few people. Information on every Pokémon in the world is contained in Mew's cell structure, so it has the ability to use any and all TMs and HMs. Some Pokémon scholars believe Mew to be the ancestor of all existing Pokémon, but the idea is debatable. It has a wide set of moves and can even learn from it's opponents similar to Beetleworx Abomination, but only from Pokemon characters. SSB Pokémon Series Playing as Mewtwo 222 times.
435px-Mario Artwork (alt) - Super Smash Bros. Wii U 3DS Mario (Lapisverse) ???! LapisIcon !!!
Tumblr mgw4pervfA1rsc8uro1 5001 Mai Shiraui (Lapisverse) ???! LapisIcon !!!
MalvaM5P Malva Malva appears as an Elite Four Trainer of Kalos. She is a news reporter and a self-proclaimed star of the Holo Caster. In addition to this, she is a member of Team Flare and expresses animosity towards Serena for the team's defeat. Although her rank in Team Flare is unknown (she never battled the Serena as a member of Team Flare), she does know classified information. Uses Pyroar, Torkoal, and Talonflame to attack. SSB Pokémon Series Finish Classic as Serena.
Twitchplays!red Red (Twitchverse) Formerly a normal boy, Red was possessed by a group of voices most commonly known as 'the Mob' and sent on an odd journey to become a Champion. Against all odds, over the course of two weeks, he completed his task. Uses Pidgeot, Charmeleon, and Omastar to attack. SSB Pokémon Series Find the Helix Fossil in Irregular Show (Lavender Town)
Knd numbuh1 174x252 Numbuh One A rebellious fourth-grader who leads a squad that rebels against adults. He uses a skateboard, a nacho cheese gun, and Rainbow Monkeys to attack. Codename: Kids Next Door Play Blast to the Past as Bloo.
FixItFelixJrHQ Fix-It Felix Jr. The "good guy" of the game of the same name. He uses his golden hammer to heal himself, but he can't attack. Wreckitralphcherry Play through "Fix-It Felix Jr. Cabinet".
Giga Bowser Art Giga Bowser The bigger, meaner version of Giga Bowser. While stronger and faster than Bowser, he can't grapple onto ledges, making it nearly impossible to recover. He can also be grabbed by his tail and spun. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Collect his character token in "Unown Dimension".
80px-Marceline2 Marceline A vampire princess and a good friend of Princess Bubblegum's. She can turn into a huge bat and bite opponents. Snaillogo Complete Target Practice as Finn the Human.
ShadowPeach Shadow Queen A copy of Peach that has shadow based moves. All of her attacks are different, and she can pull off stuff like Dark Tendrils and Shadowshroom attack. SSB Mario Series Complete Target Practice as Peach.
Metal Mario! Metal Mario A robotic clone of Mario that was create to usurp power from the plumber himself. Heavier, stronger, and harder, it seems like nobody will be able to beat this metal plumber. However, his recovery moves are the worst, and he cannot go into the ocean without sinking to the bottom. SSB Mario Series Complete Target Practice as Mario.
Decapre Art Decapre Originally from Russia, her appearance resembles Cammy, albeit with the Shadaloo Doll outfit and a blue mask. Decapre wears a pair of retractable daggers, originally simply claws like Vega's, that she uses as weapons. Decapre's fighting style revolves around her great speed and unpredictable cross-ups, along with the use of her Psycho Power-infused daggers. Streetfightersymbol Complete Target Practice as Cammy.
Spooky Spooky A menacing phantom who was held in his prison underneath the Golden Fruit Tree... that is, until Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde came along and goofed off with the fruit. Spooky can shoot lasers out of his staff, call down a meteor shower, and summon ghosts to assist him. PacmanIcon Complete Adventure Mode as World Pac-Man.
BlackWidowM5P Black Widow The Black Widow is a world class athlete, gymnast, acrobat, aerialist capable of numerous complex maneuvers and feats, expert martial artist, marksman, and weapons specialist as well as having extensive espionage training. SSB Avengers Complete Adventure Mode as any three Marvel character.
440px-Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Mario (Spursverse) The Mario that appears in the Super Mario Silver Spurs saga. This Mario leads an entire squad of heroes to protect the meta-universe from total destruction. He mainly relies on his Flame Fist powers in battle, and can also perform the Star Spin. Super Mario Silver Spurs Play through "The End".
Lucina official art Lucina Lucina is the child of Chrom from the future, who has come back in time to challenge her fate and prevent Grima from causing her apocalyptic future. She uses extremely quick sword strikes and can fight or enhance her skills with powers inherited from her possible mothers. FESymbol Beat Blast to the Past with 130 characters.
Massive Ridley Massive Ridley Ridley is a ginormous dragon from space and the ruler of the Space Pirates. He holds a personal grudge with Samus Aran and always manages to fight her. He is absolutely the largest character in the game by far and can barely fight due to his large size making him slow and clumsy. SSB Metroid Series Play as Ridley 200 times.
Wind-up Wind-Up what the fuck is this bullshit doing here even irate gamer hates him, even goddamn irate gamer hates him.

what kind of bullshit moveset you need he just kills himself goddamn

why do you want to know why do you want to know
3d ridley Charidley Charidley is another Ridley, he has the ability to breathe fire and fly and use punches and stuff. It also resembles a Charizard. Only resembles. No, it is not a Charizard. SSB Metroid Series Play as Ridley 400 times.
Kamen Rider Zangetsu Shin Kamen Rider Zangetsu-Shin Takatora Kureshima is the head of the mysterious Yggdrasill Corporation's research department, and one of four super-powered Energy Riders, using a Genesis Driver instead of a Sengoku Driver. While he lacks Gaim's ability to change Arms and can only use the Sonic Arrow, he's much more agile and has stronger physical attacks. SSB Kroig Win 50 matches as Kamen Rider Gaim.
Blue9 Irregular Mario A Irregular clone of Mario. M5logo ???
Marioluigi Irregular Luigi A Irregular clone of Luigi. M5logo ???
200px-Rosalina ws Irregular Rosalina A Irregular clone of Rosalina. M5logo ???
200px-Sonicinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Irregular Sonic A Irregular clone of Sonic. M5logo ???
150px-Vray adventures 3 0 custom tails winning pose by josh98 official page-d6a3gmr Irregular Tails A Irregular clone of Tails. M5logo ???
150px-Sonic z knux Irregular Knuckles A Irregular clone of Knuckles. M5logo ???
150px-1ATFinnStand Irregular Finn A Irregular clone of Finn. M5logo ???
120px-Iron Man Irregular Iron Man A Irregular clone of Iron Man. M5logo ???
175px-Mega Man Irregular Mega Man A Irregular clone of Mega Man. M5logo ???
200px-BatmanAccent2 Irregular Batman A Irregular clone of Batman. M5logo ???
TransmutedGrandma Irregular Grandma A Irregular clone of Grandma. M5logo ???
200px-Steven Universe Irregular Steven A Irregular clone of Steven Universe. M5logo ???
200px-Calvin-and-hobbes-e1328550590232 Irregular Calvin and Hobbes A Irregular clone of Calvin and Hobbes. M5logo ???
200px-Minecraft-steve 12 Irregular Steve? A Irregular clone of Steve? M5logo ???
PrismoM5P Prismo Prismo is an omnipotent, pink, two-dimensional being who is the dream of an old man. Prismo attacks using wishes and pickles, as well as getting cosmic entities to help him out. Snaillogo Find his character token in the "Time Room" or finish Classic as all Adventure Time characters.
Sonic 2006 pose 2006 Sonic Imagine Sonic the Hedgehog, from the worst possible timeline you can imagine. It would be this Sonic. 2006 Sonic cannot transform into the Werehog or use Wisp powers; all he can do is spin. His attacks are 75% weaker than normal Sonic's, and he glitches out a lot, making him damage himself. SSB Sonic Series I don't see why you would even want to unlock him at all, but you have to lose three matches as any other version of Sonic.
Th Lil Wayne Don't come running to us when you unlock this guy. He's the worst in the game. Lil Wayne can attack with bad beats, objectifying women, comparing his body parts to candy, and his annoying voice, but none of these abilities do so much besides give 0.5% damage to others and 20% to himself. RealityM5P Lose 25 matches.
ShikiM5PFOL5 Shiki She is a woman who was tailored to be Yuga's servant before her birth. A sad woman in her heart, she never understood what it is like to be a normal woman. During her time with Yuga, she would give her body and soul to her master's wishes. Her fighting style is focused in her twin katanas. She can also poison enemies, teleport, and drain life from opponents. KingOfFighterIcon Play through Adventure as Mai Shiranui.
Ibuki Ibuki Ibuki is a young girl from Japan who is raised in a ninja village that is hidden from society's watchful eyes, where she trains in the deadly art of ninjutsu. Ibuki's fighting style is characterized by her speed and agility. Several of her special moves are useful in both closing distance and evading her foe and/or their attacks. Streetfightersymbol Play through Adventure as Cammy.
IbukiM Ibuki Mioda Ultimate Light Music Club Member Ibuki joins Mysterious Five Project. She uses fourth wall breaking attacks and musical based attacks. DanganRonpaLogo Play through Adventure as Makoto Naegi.
M5P Optimus 2.0 Beast Hunter Optimus Prime After nearly dying in the destruction of the Autobot base, Optimus Prime was given a stronger body when struck with the legendary hammer, the Forge of Solus Prime. Despite looking similar, this version of Optimus has a much different set of skills and attacks, such as hovering and a bulkier new transformation. However, he is a much bigger target and moves slower than his original counterpart. SSB Transfomers Complete 100-Man Brawl with Optimus Prime.
Lego Luke Skywalker Lego Luke Skywalker The LEGO version of one of the most well-known heroes in the galaxy. He has most of normal Luke's abilities, but he also has a blaster that shoots quickly, and he can double jump in mid-air. However, he is slightly shorter and slower, and he can only take four hits before he disassembles. Fortunately, Hearts will pop up around the stage, and Lego Luke can collect them to replenish health. SSB LegoStarWarsIcon Complete Adventure Mode as Luke Skywalker.
SnafuComicsDexter Snafu Comics Dexter An alternate universe version of Dexter who fell in love with Blossom from The Powerpuff Girls. He moves two frames per second (literally!), and uses Powergloves, Geometry Triangles, a grappling magnet, and a lightsaber (wait, what?) to attack. However, these attacks don't do a lot of damage. Snafu Comics Lose ten matches as Normal Dexter.

Think Tank Hidden Characters

Characters locked in Lord Business's Think Tank. Here, they must be fought before being turned into a trophy and joining you. The Think Tank is unlocked after beating Irregular Show and unlocking all of the characters listed above.

Image Character Description Franchise Floor
Sackboy grabinators Sackboy An adorable little guy who turns out to have a really large moveset, due to a device known as the Pop-It. Sackboy has plenty of moves and summons, but he doesn't do much damage and is slow compared to the other characters. His moves are easy to make combos out of, though. SSB LBP Floor 1


Image Item Description Franchise
TransparenLS07 Lockseed The mysterious fruit of Helheim used to transform into a Kamen Rider. Upon using it in battle, a large Arms fruit drops on a random enemy, flattening them for a few moments. SSB Kroig
BlueShellMK8(flying) Blue Shell Hits whoever is currently winning the match. A real game changer! SSB Mario Series
Meeseeks Box Meeseeks Box Summons a Mr. Meeseeks to attack a opponent. SSB RickandMorty
Light Speed Shoes Speed Shoes Makes the player run faster. SSB Sonic Series
Homemade Ridley Juice Homemade Ridley Juice A jar of Mama Ridley's Homemade Ridley Juice! It might taste of space dragon blood, but it'll make you big and strong like Ridley for a few seconds! Sometimes a bit too big... M5logo SSB Metroid Series
Robotic arm Robotic Arm Allows you to grab an opponent and slam him/her back and forth across the freakin' room. Dexterlogo
Goombashoediy Kuribo's Shoe Stomp on your opponents and leave them in the dust! SSB Mario Series
Rainbowstartrans Super Star Turns you invincible to all damage except falling into the abyss or walking off. SSB Mario Series
Ringing clock MKWC Groundhog Clock Creates a temporal anomaly that creates a area where time keeps repeating in a five second loop. Characters inside the loop are forced to replay whatever they were doing in the past five seconds, while players outside of the anomaly can affect it from the outside. M5logo
Dragoon Dragoon Three pieces are lost and must be found. When joined together, a targeting reticule will appear on screen and will hit an opponent who is in the path of the Dragoon. SSB Kirby Series
Hydra Hydra Boosts up on the side of the stage and anyone in the way of the Hydra will be slammed into it. SSB Kirby Series
Game-Boy-Color-Purple Game Boy Color Summons pixelated creatures to attack. 100px
200px-Diceblock MP9 Dice Block Boosts up stats of the character using it based off three dice rolls. SSB Mario Series
DKCRbanana Banana Heals a small bit of health. SSB Donkey Kong Series
BanhammerM5P Banhammer "Bans" a character for a certain amount of time. They will be KO'd and will not respawn for a long period of time. A very rare item. M5logo
MonsterSpawner Monster Spawner Spawns a enemy from the enemy list. They'll attack everyone. Minecraft symbol
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl Teleports the user where the pearl landed. Not so handy for small stages, but hugely useful for large stages. Minecraft symbol
Volleyball Volleyball Can be spiked to hit a person in the upper platforms, causing tons of damage. M5logo
Soccer ball1 Soccerball Can only be kicked. When kicked, it will go to the direction kicked at a high speed. Anyone in the way of the soccerball will get majorly hurt. M5logo
ETank E-Tank Once the player uses the E-Tank, it will put their damage back down to zero. Almost as if nothing had even happened! Megaman Series Logo
BeeHive Bee Hive Hoo boy! Coming across this item will send a swarm of bees after you, which will chase you unless you manage to get into water in time. Otherwise, they'll leave a big sting mark and a lot of damage. SSB Animal Crossing Series
Transmorph Gun Transmogrifier Allows the user to transform his opponents into different animals and creatures. Each animal has a weaker moveset and lower in just about everything. For some joke characters though, this is practically their salvation. Calvinhobbessymbol
GriefSeed Grief Seed These can heal a fighter but if they stay out too long they will spawn a Witch. MadokaSymbol


Image Character Description Franchise
KidPresident Kid President Gives character various effects such as dancing or attacking with copies of Space Jam. M5logo
SSBBRZS Starfy Starfy Walk around and when the opponent gets close to him, he starts to spin to attack the opponent. Starfyicon
Doomguy-color Doomguy Shoots the opponents with his BFG 9000. Doomicon
132Ditto Ranger3 Ditto Creates a clone of the player who summoned him. SSB Pokémon Classic
Lg-thomas tcm657-94748 Thomas Crashes into everybody except the person who summoned him. Breathes fire. Thomasicon
304px-Strider Strider Slashes everyone except the one who summoned him. Stridericon
Unclemoneybags Uncle Moneybags Either throw dices, houses or money at the enemies. Monopoly
391157-marcorossi large Marco Rossi He will appear on the stage and shoot everyone with his HEAVY MACHINE GUN. Metal Slug
Large Judge Judy Judge Judy She transforms the stage into a courtroom and selects two random characters to serve as plaintiff and defendant. If the defendant is found "guilty", he/she will be smashed (KO'd) by the mallet of justice. If he/she is found "not guilty", the characters not in court will be smashed instead. Judge Judy
Pretty Bomber Pretty Bomber White Bomberman's close friend, Pretty Bomber appears on the stage and throws bombs everywhere. After throwing at least 10 bombs, she will run and then the bombs will explode. Bomberman
AlfonzoArt Alfonzo Alfonzo takes place of a random background object of a stage and allows the player to play as them for a short amount of time. "Leave it to me!" SSB The Legend of Zelda Series
Monita Monita Talks in really large text bubbles, blocking players' view. Nintendo Land
Ghost Hitler Ghost Hitler Switches the souls of characters, allowing other characters to control each other. Deaths when bodies are switched do not count for the character, but the soul inhabiting it. Fantendo
Cgumball Gumball Watterson Selects a random character other than the one who spawned him, and scratches him continuously. SSB Gumball
Eggplant Wizard-Uprising Eggplant Wizard Turns all the other players into Eggplants. This effect wears off over time. SSB Kid Icarus Series
Substitute Substitute Takes out the user and takes the damage for them. SSB Pokémon Series
Minecraft Ender Dragon Ender Dragon Flies around the stage, spewing Ender Acid at the opponent(s), and summons several Endermen to assist it. Minecraft symbol
Deathlok Deathlok Fires at opponents, aiming towards certain targets decided when spawned. If he fails to kill a target, he will explode. If he succeeds, he teleports out. SSB AgentsofSHIELD
Vorash Vorash It leaps out from lava created in the stage, and boulders fall down as it attacks the opponents. SSB Metroid Series
Daft Punk Daft Punk They attack using techno beats. When the song finishes, one of them will blow up, followed by the other Daft Punk member. RealityM5P
DRYBONESBOWSER Dry Bowser It leaps out from lava created in the stage, and attacks the opponents using hammers and it's fire breath. SSB Mario Series
Bowser Jr MP9 3 Bowser Jr A Koopaling that when summoned, flies around in some weird clown face propeller thing. He throws out blue shells and Mechakoopas. SSB Mario Series
Dry Bowser jr.... Dry Bowser Jr Only appears if Bowser Jr. was defeated when summoned. He rises out from lava created in the middle of the stage and begins to slash at people. SSB Mario Series
Toadman Toadman Toad Man will hop around the room, trying to land on opponents; opponents should slide under him to avoid getting hit. He will occasionally stop hopping to attack with his Rain Flush, which consumes the entire area with acid rain. Though the attack does a great deal of damage, it can be canceled altogether by shooting Toad Man before the attack is used. Megaman Series Logo
AdmiralAckbar Admiral Ackbar While you'd expect this guy this to be a joke of an assist, he's actaully of one of the more handier ones, telling you where traps are laid. StarWarsIcon
Gamecube Controller Gamecube Controller Summons characters from that era and gets them to attack opponents. 100px
270px-Batman arkham knight harley quinn by ivances-d7b0qa11 Harley Quinn (Arkham Knight) Hits characters with a bat. Batmansymbol

Bro Specials

Character 1 Character 2 Special Name Description
Super Mario ! Luigi SSB4 Super Mario Bros. The two brothers pop into two green pipes and launch themselves into the air, coming down with hammers and taking out two opponents.
Super Mario ! Rosalina ws Planet Collision Mario and Rosalina send a large planet crashing into the stage.
Super Mario ! Sonicinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Hyper Inferno Mario transforms into Inferno Mario (credit to Supermarioorigins (tbc) for this transformation), and Sonic turns into Hyper Sonic. The two soar across the stage, with Inferno Mario shooting large fireballs and Hyper Sonic dashing into enemies. For the grand finale, Inferno Mario shoots a fireball into Hyper Sonic, who speeds into opponents, dealing tons of damage.
Sonicinsupermariosupermario3dsupermario3dworld Vray adventures 3 0 custom tails winning pose by josh98 official page-d6a3gmr Super Spin Attack Sonic and Tails roll up into a ball and unleash a fast and strong spin attack.
1ATFinnStand Dexter Destination Timewarp Finn upgrades his sword to be 4D, and Dexter enters a mecha that can create black holes that suck in other players. The latter spawns time holes everywhere in the stage, allowing them both to traverse through time and space.
Iron Man War Machine 1 Missile Mania Iron Man continuously fires rockets, and War Machine shoots missiles. Then, they zoom forward and deal plenty of damage.
AVGN PNG Nostalgia Critic PNG Extreme Rage The Nerd and the Critic drink tons of beer, and they let out a huge rage that destroys any nearby objects and causes instant KO's for other players.
Pepsiman1 M5P Optimus Pepsi Convoy Pepsiman jumps into Optimus's Matrix of Leadership, infusing his spark with Pepsi. This gives Optimus a brief boost in power, speed, and 30% more Pepsi-branded decals, along with several of Pepsiman's attacks.


Image Announcer's Name Description Franchise Unlocking Criteria
Shigeru-miyamoto-profile Shigeru Miyamoto The default announcer. He doesn't do much other than announcing things that happen in the game. 100px Default.
AnaisSeason2 Anais Watterson Announces events in a match, while whining about how the characters are fighting too much and how they should settle their differences. SSB Gumball Unlocked from the beginning.
TheRunawayGuys letsplayers The Runaway Guys NintendoCapriSun, Chuggaaconroy, and ProtonjonSA announce events and complain about the AI, stage, players' actions, etc. Social-youtube-logo-grey Unlocked from the beginning.
QT3000Computer Quadraplex T-3000 Computer Dexter's computer. It announces events and calculates how long the players have been fighting, who is currently winning, and senses items dropping down. Dexterlogo Unlock Dexter.
Ringside Reporter Ringside Reporter The announcer from the Ringside. Her arrival adds an extra continuing beat to the music, and she'll often attempt to ask the fighters questions. 100px Unlock 20 characters from Nintendo series.

Starting Stages

Image Stage Description Franchise
Starship Starship Mario A planet shaped like Mario's head. The starship's captain is Lubba, the SOMEWHAT porky Luma. The only gimmick here is a change of gravity across the planet. SSB Mario Series
Tropical-resort1 Tropical Resort The base of Eggman's interstellar amusement park. Egg Pawns (and occasionally the Big Boy) may attack you. SSB Sonic Series
GLaDOS Central AI Chamber Portal GLaDOS Chamber Where the mastermind has been hidden all this time. GLaDOS will summon Turrets and gels that will affect the battle. Portallogo
Tetrisplayerdesktop Windows Desktop A typical Windows desktop. The cursor may move around and hit you, or it can pick you up and move you into a folder. You can jump into different screens. Just watch out for the recycle bin. Microsoftlogo
Minecraft Castle Randomly Generated World The world of Minecraft. The level changes every time, changing platforms, graphics and more. Creepers, Spiders, Zombies and Skeletons appear as hazards. Minecraft symbol
Mc-minecraft-beta-1.9-nether-upgrade The Nether The underworld of the Minecraft universe. Ghasts may spit fireballs at you, but they can be hit back or into opponents. Zombie Pigmen may swarm and charge after you. Minecraft symbol
Emerald Forest A vast forest outside of Beacon, full of Grimm. Players start out in an opening of the forest, after a while Ursa and other Grimm creatures may show up to bother players, forcing the battle to move on, eventually leading to a temple full of chess pieces that students at Beacon were tasked with retreaving. RWBYicon
CentralParkM5 Central Park Central Park - the definition of a serene, flat, uninteresting stage. That is, until portals to various Marvel universes open up. Watch out for Zombie Captain America, Ultimate Venom, and several others, dropping through to fight anyone in their path. Marvelogo
Sea Invasion Hello Kitty's Sea Invasion Coming from Japan, Hello Kitty arrives in America. She uses floats that bob in the sea, that will eventually deflate if hit too much. Hello Kitty 9000 will attack once in a while, getting in a uppercut that can do serious amounts of damage. HelloKitty
NewPorkCity New Pork City All hail Porky. This is the best city in the world, created by our milord, Porky. Porky watches the battles from the heavens. In this level, Pigmasks and the Ultimate Chimera are serves as hazards. If you touch the Ultimate Chimera, it is one-hit KO. EarthboundSymbol
The Amber Room The Amber Room A room that encases the Lich. Has no edges, so characters must be KO'd the old fashioned way. You can hear the Lich speaking as you fight. Snaillogo
FlameTerminal Flame Terminal The terminal where the journey of Takuya and his friends starts. It is a very large arena, there is only one pit, located at left. Hazards include Trailmons, Poyomons, Guilmons and Bokomons. DigimonSymbol
StarWarsEmpire Galaxy Far, Far Away The galaxy of Star Wars. The battle begins in space, where there is low gravity (of course), not to mention spaceships everywhere. If you touch the lasers, it's a one-hit KO for you. Then, you land on one of five planets in the galaxy: Coruscant, Tatooine, Hoth, Kamino, or Mustafar. Coruscant is one big city, with plenty of speeders; Tatooine is a desert where Tusken Raiders serve as hazards; Hoth is a snowland where Wampas and an AT-AT may attack you; Kamino has roaring oceans that drift you away if you land in it; and Mustafar has loads of magma that you'll burn yourself in. StarWarsIcon
Bomberman stage Bomb Arena A small arena where Bombermen fight to death. The arena is small, with blocks sometimes blocking the player's way, power-ups can be randomly found on the stage and some other Bombermen will appear putting bombs. Bomberman
Halloween Town Halloween Town Halloween Town is a town that focuses solely on Halloween. It features a acid fountain and Halloween Town residents as Stage Hazards. NightmareSBB
FinalOblivionM5P Final Oblivion A floating canyon with a black spire on the left. A battlefield for the ancients, this is place is truly the Final Oblivion. It has no hazards. M5logo
25m 25m A construction site to which Cranky (in this case, Donkey Kong) normally carries Pauline. DK will toss down barrels that can slide down the ramps or go down ladders. SSBDKEmblem

Unlockable Stages

Image Stage Description Franchise Unlocked
Felt mansion Felt Mansion The mansion where the Felt reside. No real gimmicks other than The Felt themselves appearing to attack from time to time. SburbLogo Playing 1515 matches.
SSBBRZS Battlefield Battlefield The battlefield where the smash happens. No gimmicks here. SSB Super Smash Bros. Series Defeat Master Hand.
640px-Bob-omb Battlefield (Super Mario 64) Bob-Omb's Battlefield The battlefield of the bob-ombs. Occasionally, Bob-ombs or bubbles appears and explode. SSB Mario Series Beat Mario's target test.
Futuristic-landing-pad Tower 49 The tower of operations where John Harper gets assignments. Drones will attack occasionally, and the ship can be controlled when it comes back onto the landing pad. Oblivon Logo Unlock John Harper.
BulletBillExpressM5 Bullet Bill Express One of Bowser's latest endeavors in locomotive stage design. Cat Bullet Bills will occasionally fire from the background, and you may find yourself on the wrong end of a Cat Banzai Bill. SSB Mario Series Beat Adventure with Luigi.
LostCathedralSC3 Lost Cathedral A magnificent palace of water that seems to contain every form of architecture known to Europe. No one knows who made it, or where it is located. However, it is said that only those with a strong will and a willingness to bet their own lives can reach it. Features lots and lots of water, but you can't drown in it. Soul Caliber Unlock Nightmare.
Edge of madness concept art Edge of Madness Edge of Madness is a small, simple arena, a circular platform with Chaos's throne at one end, and the stage reaches very high vertically. In the background meteors fall from the sky. The stage itself features no gimmicks and is a rather simple platform. It is an awesome place to fight though! Final Fantasy Unlock Tifa Lockhart.
Arena Ferox Arena Ferox A large arena. Located in Regna Ferox, it is where the Khans hold fighting tournaments to determine who will be the full ruler of Ferox. Another gimmickless and edgeless stage. FESymbol Unlock Lucina.
ActZeroArena Act Zero Arena Act Zero is pretty similar to Bomb Arena, with some changes. First, the stage is bigger, second, Bombermen will appear more frequently and third, if the player touches the blocks, they will be electrified and get a 1% of damage. Bomberman Unlock Act Zero Bomberman.
Lab background by tookishperiannath-d3fla5b Dexter's Lab Here lives the smartest boy you've ever seen... maybe. Dexter's drones serve as hazards, and there are several machines that can cause various problems for fighters. Dexterlogo Unlock Dexter.
Crisis city Crisis City A city filled with chaos and disaster. Lava may cause platforms to rise and fall, and tornadoes may drift fighters away. This stage has the most gimmicks of any stage in the game, making it one of the hardest. SSB Sonic Series Unlock Silver.
WhaleNaturalHab Humpback Highway In a time before deforestation impacted the species of the Humpback Whale, the whales used to hangout by this highway. A simple stage, but watch out for the Humpback Whale migration! M5logo Collect the Humpback Key.
Bayonetta 2 Jubileus The true name of Jubileus, as recorded in myth, is actually constructed from unutterable syllables. This is because humans remain incapable of capturing her true glory, as she is the total embodiment of Divine Will. You fight on top of her as she heads into the sun. Bayonettasymbol Unlock Bayonetta.
Cultosauruserectus Cultosaurus Erectus Based off the cover art of the seventh studio album by the American hard rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1980, Cultosaurus Erectus takes place on the titular dinosaur. No real special gimmicks for this stage. M5logo Find the Carcosa Key.
ElsasCastleStage Elsa's Castle Elsa created this castle as a way of letting her feelings go. The stage itself is slippery and cold; standing still will have the fighters shiver. (Except for Elsa and Jack Frost; the cold never bothered them anyway.) Snowballs the Ice Monster will make occasional appearances to attack the fighters. SSB Frozen Unlock Elsa.
Critical Mass Ridley Critical Mass Ridley A Ridley that has grown large enough to fight on. It is one of the largest stages in the game, and tilts dynamically due to being set atop Ridley's head. Occasionally Ridley lets out a massive roar, tossing the fighters into the air. SSB Metroid Series Unlock all Ridleys.
Emerald Hill Zone Emerald Hill Zone One of the most recognizable stages of the Classic Sonic era, where Sonic and Tails probably first met. The stage moves quickly, so you'll have to move fast if you don't want to end up eating your opponents' dust. Buzzers, Coconuts, and Piranhas serve as stage hazards. SSB Sonic Series Unlock Classic Sonic.

Robot Rampage Stages

Image Stage Description Franchise
TheBeach-AdventureTime The Beach A simple stage with no gimmicks. Snaillogo
Deathstar Death Star Here, stormtroopers may come out of hiding and throw thermal detonators at your mecha, dealing damage. Also, there is a narrow bridge that you can fall of off. StarWarsIcon


Image Character Description Franchise Where Fought
Omochao Omochao Actually serves as the tutorial guide, but usually malfunctions and tries to kill you with bad tutorials until you hit it. SSB Sonic Series Tutorial Stage
Wraith Mommy Wraith A Wraith, but bigger. M5logo Part 1 Intro
E-123 Omega E-123 Omega Sent by G.U.N. to Chemical Plant Zone to inspect its collision with Huber, and soon battles Dexter, seeing him as an "invader". He is then unlocked as a playable character. SSB Sonic Series Huber/Chemical Plant Zone
Excompanioncube Ex-Companion Cube An evil companion cube that was burned during the events of the first Portal game, this companion cube was remade by Wheatley and turned into a monster. M5logo Aperture Sciences Lab
SallyO Sally The alien who has been behind everything in the future. She attacks with clones of John Harper, drones, and water. Oblivon Logo ???
2322 twoface-render-arkham-city-prev Two-Face One of Batman's foes in Gotham City. He kidnapped Commisioner Gordon. Batmansymbol Arkham Warehouse
M5Carnage Carnage The spawn of Venom mixed with a serial killer. His fighting style is as savage as that sounds. SpidermanLogo Earth-982
StormBolt Storm Bolt Filled with hate, Storm Bolt is a fusion between Oswald and Shadow Bolt. He is quite powerful and fast. He can only be defeated from inside. DisneyIcon Disneyland
LisaTheRoomMutant "Lisa" Lisa as effected by Irregular. She mutates into a monstrosity, spewing hate and vomit everywhere. SSB TheRoom Johnny's Apartment
Apartment of Irregularity Apartment of Irregularity Johnny's apartment that has been formed into a face of Irregular. Spews bolts of pure energy as well as mutating things around it. M5logo Johnny's Apartment
KingOfBugs King of Bugs Louie as effected by Irregular. Mutating into his self proclaimed title, Louie is more bug-like than human. He can attack with the legs on his back and climb on the walls. SSB Pikmin Series The Laboratory II
DemonCat Demon Cat The Demon Cat is a large, teal, cat-like creature, with razor sharp teeth and retractable claws. The Demon Cat seems to take great pride in his "approximate knowledge of many things," meaning that he "kind of knows things." He uses this knowledge in his fight, where the player must avoid his attacks that may or may not miss. Snaillogo The Laboratory III
EVA-04 EVA-04 Attacks wildly like Carnage while trying to rip itself apart. Since Tony Stark is trapped inside, you must prevent itself from fully ripping itself apart. EvaliegonLogo ???
MystiqueM5P Mystique Who am I? That, my dear, is an excellent question. Though not one easily answered.

Mystique is a mutant that is able to shape-shift. She is part of the Brotherhood of Mutants, and has gained favor with Doctor Doom during his takeover of the world, becoming warden of his massive prison.

SSB Xmen Doom's Prison I
MagnetoFull Magneto Leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants and has good ties with Doom. He is able to use magnetic powers to attack. SSB Xmen ???
FEA Walhart Walhart The bloodthirsty conqueror of Valm, who seeks the unification of mankind, but only under his control. He battles whoever dares to face him with his crimson axe Wolf Berg and by switching between the battlefield and background to toss spears at his opponent. FESymbol Doom's Prison II
Lockeflux Lockeflux One of the "Irregular" titans; a manifestation of Irregular. Known as the blue titan, Lockeflux attacks with energy based attacks and he has a long reach. M5logo ???
Exoflux Exoflux One of the "Irregular" titans; a manifestation of Irregular. Known as the orange titan, Exoflux attacks with his construction based hands; he can scoop up fighters or roll them flat. M5logo ???
Elisflux Elisflux One of the "Irregular" titans; a manifestation of Irregular. Known as the purple titan, Elisflux attacks using dark-based spells and creating thorns. M5logo ???
Gumflux Gumflux One of the "Irregular" titans; a manifestation of Irregular. Known as the light-blue titan, Gumflux attacks with darkness based attacks and acid. M5logo ???
Pabflux Pabflux One of the "Irregular" titans; a manifestation of Irregular. Known as the yellow titan, Paflux attacks with his long feet and laser blasts from his chest. His arms can be used as platforms. M5logo ???
IrregularDuplicates Fighting Irregular Team Duplicates of the fighters in Irregular Show! They are lighter than their counterparts but they hit pretty darn hard! M5logo ???
Dagon Dagon From the nightmares of Lovecraft comes the Dagon. Able to summon storms and oozes around the arena. SSB Lovecraft ???
GalactusFOL5 Galactus ??? SSB FantasticFour ???
SymbioteGalactus Symbiote Galactus A Galactus that has merged with the Venom symbiote. SSB FantasticFour ???


Image Stage Description Franchise
Wraith Wraith Giant flying creature. It slams down, creating fire rings that stay around for five seconds. M5logo
Eggpawn Egg Pawn Dr. Eggman's basic troops. They charge towards you on sight. SSB Sonic Series
Stormtrooper Stormtrooper Darth Vader's troops. They shoot you with a blaster gun. StarWarsIcon
Drone Drone Used to take down the remaining scavenger and whatever they find to be a threat. They scan the area and then proceed to fire if they find something to terminate. They are extremely durable and are capable of flight. Oblivon Logo
VirusDrone Virus Drone Drones of Uirusu. They resemble cats and use laser cannons. They attack in numbers. IElogo
Irregular Hand Irregular Hand These hands crawl around and form into different shapes and portals. They come in a variety of colors such as light blue, orange, yellow, purple, and green. M5logo
Mass-Produced Evangelion (Group) Mass-Production Evangelion The Mass Production Evangelions are the final Eva units to be produced. They were manufactured in secrecy under SEELE's mandate at seven different facilities around the world, including ones in Germany and China. They fly and attack and must be destroyed through their cores. EvaliegonLogo


Players may select any song to play before a match, or choose set songs to play on certain stages, otherwise only songs related to the series the stage is from will play.

  • Soak Patrol Alpha: Mighty Switch Force 2, unlocked by playing 5 matches as Fire Fighting Patrica

  • Jive Bot: Mighty Switch Force, unlocked by playing 5 matches as Lawful Patrica

  • Waking Up: Oblivion, unlocked by playing 5 matches as Jack Harper

  • Destiny (Ablaze): Fire Emblem Awakening, Unlocked by playing as Lucina for ten matches.

  • Ghost in the Cell: Ghost in the Cell, Unlocked by playing as Fuchikoma for ten matches.


  • This is the first collaborative baby waffle/umbrella game.
  • SuperSonicDarkness was originally on the Mysterious Five Team but he was kicked out by the other members. Elise replaced him.


The Mysterious Five Project has been critically acclaimed on Fantendo. It placed first in the Best Fanon Game category during the Fantendo 7th Anniversary Awards. Sr.Wario (tbc) of Wario Inc. praised the Mysterious Five Team for focusing less on commonly-used characters, but criticized the game for reusing game modes in the Fighters of Lapis Series. An update for M5P will be released, adding new, more creative modes to the game.


What do you think of The Mysterious Five Project so far? Is it nearly perfect in every way, or can it be improved? Tell us here with a description of your feelings, your score on a scale of 1-10, and how you think the game can be improved.

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