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You call me a mistake, I call myself perfect.

Shattered Panes

The Mistake, also known as The Vagabond or by his real name Derezzt, is a clone of both The Enemy and The Fan, mixing their DNA not unlike The Duplicate. It was a failed experiment that led to project being ultimately compromised. The Mistake is quite possibly more powerful than both the Fan and the Enemy, albeit far more unstable. While the character had been created as far back as 2012, the character would not see a proper appearance until 2018's Fantendo - Zenith where they would become the main antagonist.


The Mistake takes on an appearance similar to The Fan and The Enemy, although facially resembles the The Enemy the most with his X-shaped eyes and red facial features. He takes on The Fan's blue skin tone and has a infinity symbol etched into his chest. His legs feature open holes combined with leg spikes that resemble The Fan's. He has wide shoulders that are covered with spikes. His right arm is mostly broken up into cubes and appears to glitch the most. His left arm is mostly put together but still features "data crystals" across the fingers and arm. Across his belly was discolored squares that resemble enlarged pixel glitches. The amount of "glitchiness" around him is dependent on his mood, getting bigger when less in control of himself and smaller when more in control.

As the Vagabond, The Mistake took on a white cloak similar to Unten's but with an X across the chest area and a new sigil resembling The Fan and The Enemy's, but turned on it's side and being a mix of white, blue, and red. His glitchiness is still present but more in control.


Concept and Creation

Exotoro said that the character was based off glitch characters in video games, and how they were programmed but ultimately shoved away due to time constraints or instability. She based off the character off the idea if they were sentient and didn't realize they were really mistakes.

She also based off the clone aspect off Mewtwo, and the elements of being superior through being a living program that could be modified came from the ISOs from Tron.


The Mistake has been somewhat of a mysterious character since their inception on December 1st, 2012‎. Although the character was originally meant to be in the original draft of what would become Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, they ultimately did not pop up in what would become the final product. They later appeared in other projects of varying canonical importance.

The Mistake would finally make a canonical appearance in the New Fantendoverse as the main antagonist of Fantendo - Zenith, written by PabloDePablo (tbc).


Derezzt is a deeply conflicted individual. Having been created by The Fan and The Enemy, he views the two as older brothers, despite knowing he's one of their creations. Despite his immense power and knowledge, he behaves very differently from the other deities, with an unbiased but naive approach to protecting life. He's much less committed to utilizing a standard physical form or conventional forms of communication, often teleporting around without even realizing it. Due to the circumstances of his creation, Derezzt suffers from various physical instabilities that cause him stress, creating a negative feedback loop. He is altruistic and kind, but also prone to lashing out at others, and he's desperate for approval to a fault.

After stabilizing himself with a User Crystal, Derezzt seems much calmer and remorseful about his actions, both because of the events that led him there and the physical stabilization. He also seems less tolerant of his "brothers", although still respectful of them. He willingly agrees to isolate himself from the universe, but seems to carry some bittersweet happiness about his work as a deity.

Canon Appearances

Fantendo - Zenith

Derezzt is the main antagonist of Fantendo - Zenith. The story opens with him waking up from hibernation, learning from Shiki Shidare that the war against The Threat has ended. He assembles a new force of heroes to protect Earth, failing to recruit Unten Bluzen, and retreats to space to build a second Kolob. When Unten, Quartz, and his brothers come to confront him after his heroes go rogue, The Mistake explains to Unten his origins, before discovering from his brothers that his flaws were intentionally recreated from the pre-Shattering universe. He mortally injures The Fan and flees, isolating himself in deep space and planning to use Yggdrasil to destroy nine worlds at once as the start of wiping the universe clean. When Unten and Silence face off with him physically and mentally, he gives up his plan and helps to heal The Fan, stabilizing himself in the process. As penance for his actions, he agrees to leave for the edge of the known universe, to watch for cosmic danger and plant Yggdrasil seeds.

Non-Canon Appearances

Shattered Panes

The Mistake appears early in the story, with the intent on destroying The Fan. He gets close to doing so, before being stopped by The Enemy.

He is ultimately captured later in the story by Time-Wharx, and is implied to be gone for good after the story ends.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive

The Mistake makes a surprising appearance in Fantendo Smash Bros. Contrive as the final boss of 1P Mode. Being larger than most of his other appearances, he uses variations of attacks used by The Enemy and The Fan. He will also use some original moves such as slamming the ground with his foot to make the stage fly downwards quickly, and rushing forwards as he screams.

This marks his first appearance in a Fantendo Smash Bros. title, as well as his first appearance since Fantendo RPG: Evolved, back in 2012.

Powers and Abilities

Derezzt has access to many different abilities as a cloned deity. Notably, since he's cloned from The Fan and The Enemy and acts as a fusion between the two, he has access to god-like abilities such as creating things, full access to Power Chaotic and is able to act like a EMP to take out electrical devices. He has a constant glitching effect around him that can also influence his visual appearance and even the space around him, making these areas numb the body when near him.

However, he doesn't have very good grasp over his power. In Fantendo - Zenith, it's shown that his creations tend to come out warped and wrong. He can also fire energy from his hands, create X-shaped portals across the universe, and teleport.