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The Milky Way is the main setting in the Boundless Fantendoverse. The majority of characters and species originate from this region of space. The Milky Way contains eight sectors that extend out in a radial from the galactic core.


A map of the Milky Way, overviewing all known Factions
  • Sagittarius - Very little information known about this sector. Some Doomuli territory from the neighbouring Aquila sector located towards the Galactic Edge. Speculations estimate there should be a large galactic community in the Centaurus Arm.
  • Centaurus - Home to one of the wormhole colonies of the Doomuli. Reports suggest this sector has the lowest density of intelligent life.
  • Vela - Home of the Zhinfeng, considered one of the most powerful mono-species factions. Zhinfeng colonies extend into this sector beyond their governed territory. Other intelligent species exist closer to the Galactic Core, only photonic pings confirmed.
  • Monoceros - Currently empty, although shouldn't be. Speculation points to an ancient super state once existing in this sector. Ruins found on Border Worlds with Auriga back up the theory. Recent expeditions have further supported this theory.
  • Auriga - The most well-documented sector. It is home to many factions, most notable, the Orion Trade Federation (OTF). Sol is in this Sector and under the protection of the OTF. Humans from Earth aren't part of the OTF due to lacking necessary technologies. Humans from colony planets are part of the OTF due to their contact with other species. A secondary faction in the sector is the Central Military Committee (CMC). They are in conflict with the OTF over disputes in territory and the CMC's use of slavery. A small Doomuli wormhole colony exists on the opposite side of the CMC's territory. Near the border with the Monoceros Sector is Magnetized Space. Magnetized Space is a strange region where silicon-based life developed into dominance. The region is difficult to navigate without help from the locals. Next to the OTF is the Order of the Divine Light. Though not allies, the Order and OTF have had a long-standing peace and strong trade. The Sea of Spirits is a contested territory claimed by the Wharanagi. As part of Terraforming Wars, the territory is being conquered by the OTF. The conquest is a retaliatory strike for early attacks by the Wharanagi on OTF planets.
  • Perseus - A well documented sector, it is home to the second largest power known in the galaxy. The Neo-Terra Community (NTC) has been in a prolonged cold war with the OTF. They are currently using the Sea of Spirits territory in the Auriga sector as the main front. The Chain of Flowers is a small but important faction in the territory. They use Pollen-based travel, capable of crossing large expanses of empty space. They allow safe travel for the NTC vessels due to trade agreements. The Zhinfeng wormhole colony is between the NTC and Chain of Flowers. Having been aggressive in their expansion, the Zhinfeng are at war with the NTC. The NTC manage to keep the Zhinfeng at bay whose main target is the Chain of Flowers. The last faction in this sector is the Hunting Grounds which is a neutral territory. The Hunting Grounds trades with both the NTC and OTF. They allow travel as long as neither side gets in the Hunting Grounds way.
  • Cygnus - Currently unknown what exists in this territory. The NTC may have knowledge on factions in the sector but is keeping it from the OTF.
  • Aquila - Home sector of the Doomuli, beyond their presence there is little information on it. The Doomuli's presence includes two wormhole colonies close to the galactic core. Some believe the Doomuli intend to use these colonies to take control of the Galactic Core. There is no evidence supporting them having any success in this regard, this may be due to an unseen faction.