The Los Angeles Crew is a 2D animated action-comedy TV show conceived by RTA fan (tbc). It airs on Adult Swim and follows a group of underdog heroes.

Season synopses

  • Season One - A small group of people decide to give saving the world a try.


Character Description
Dave Sikes An obnoxious, wannabe basketball player from Iowa, Dave is someone who wants to just get on with whatever he wants to do.
Connie Webster A toxikinetic from New York, Connie is a girl who wants to use her powers and uses saving the world as a chance to do so.
Chris Thomas A strategist and motocross enthusiast from North Dakota with plenty of training in preparation, Chris is a girl who likes to use her strategy skills to do many things.
Helen Willis A British woman with metal controlling powers, Helen likes using her powers for multiple things.
Vyacheslav Trovorski A powerhouse from Russia who likes to show off his power, Vyacheslav is a guy who likes to just sit back and relax.
Cameron Hudson A native of Alabama, Cameron is an experienced martial artist who likes to get up close and personal with a good amount of things.
Jane Nunez An Argentinian girl gifted with telekinesis, Jane enjoys pranking people for a living and tries using a chance to save the world to mature.
Wally Pierce Twin brother of Jess Pierce (feel sympathy now), Wally is a guy from Santa Ana who is somewhat inspired from his sister's fighting ability and wants to try it out himself.
Aloha Vaega A Samoan girl who traveled to the US for a job, Aloha ended up getting sidetracked by the team on the way to her interview and worked with them instead.
Wolf King A Niue native who managed to get to reach the States after a treacherous boat trip, Wolf is someone who wants to get to know the world but ended up stuck in Los Angeles.
Fatima Temiz A Qatari woman who traveled around the US before she settled in Los Angeles, Fatima is a person who uses joining the team as a chance to go out and meet even more people.


Episode Description
The Roots of the Team An unlikely team of characters join forces to save the world.
Irresponsible, But Capable Dave and Jane go out on their own mission while the rest of the team are busy with personal things.





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