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The Loathing
SPECIES Human (formerly)
AGE ??

Time Manipulation


The Loathing, formerly known as Cyrus, is a deity that roams between the realms of the new Fantendoverse. He has no goal or purpose in life and is most often only encountered at random. He ranks among the strongest deities despite being a former human possibly duo to his gluttonous powers.


The Loathing is a tall olive colored monster that roams through the dimensions. He is a bit chubby compared to his original self. The most notable part of his body is the enormous mouth covering his front that is able to consume anything as it basically falls into a dark abyss. On his arms are darker olive colored stripes that contain his time manipulation abilities. He has a high color in the same darker color which is attached to his head through hair/vein-like things which contain his gloom powers. He has a hollow stare in his gray eyes and always looks bored. He also only has two fingers and three toes.


Like his name already can tell he literally loathes everything and everyone. He however also has the feeling that everyone loathes him, but doesn't seem to be bothered by that in any way. Most of the time he seems like an empty dusk who is just roaming the dimensions and has no personal opinion, is indifferent and really does not care about anything, including himself. He can get quickly annoyed by things and will swallow them in his tummy into a dark abyss, which seems to be a pocket dimension on its own. Not liking it that someone gets in his way, even though he has no purpose in live. He always sends out negative emotions like depression, sorrow and similar things.


See: A Loathing Story
Once the story is finished a summarized backstory will be added here


Even though he is one of the more powerful deities he only has a total of three abilities. His main ability is the giant mouth spread across his body. It can swallow anyone close easily but can also do it from a distance. He can decide to crunch them, making sure they are dead, he however can also choose just to transport them to the pocket dimension inside of his body, in a dark abyss. His second ability is one to manipulate time. Even though it is said to be time manipulation he only has been seen slowing time down and rarely uses it duo to not having come across many situations where it would be needed. His last ability is called 'Gloom' and specializes in negative thoughts. The Loathing only sends out negativity which may or may not effect someone. But by touching them he can insert gloomy thoughts in their head with the keywords; depression, sorrow and despair.