The US logo for The Lion King Maker

The Lion King Maker is an upcoming game to be released for the Nintendo Switch by Nintendo and Disney on the 19th July 2019 to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of The Lion King. This game allows you to create your own Lion King games, like the game Super Mario Maker for the Wii U.

Online Access

There are other features like Pride Worlds and 100 Lion Challenge can be accessed online. These are stored in The Lion King Maker Bookmarks online.


The Lion King Maker included three types of items: items used in past games, items taken from the films and items created for this game. Most of the items come from the 4 chosen themes: The Lion King SNES , Simba's Mighty Adventure GBC, The Lion King 1½ and the Kingdom Hearts series. The list can be found at the page, The Lion King Maker: Items.

Playable Characters

The Lion King Maker has a range of playable characters with different personalities and characteristics. Different powerups affect powers making them stronger or weaker. The Lion King Maker: Cub Creator allows you to create your own characters. The list of characters can be found at the page, The Lion King Maker: Playable Characters.

This game is part of the Super Mario Maker series.

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