Apologize my friends but i am not doing stuff on Sundays. Also this game is supposed to take place on Saturday.


Link wakes up in his room & Zelda is yelling at you, she tells you that today you are becoming a knight. You then get out of bed & you can walk around, then you go to the academy & you get your sword. The leader tells you how the knight academy begun there was 3 Triforce pieces & 3 people protect it 1 of the guards named Gannon got greedy & tried taking it. The Triforce protected itself & blew up the Triforce still exists but Ganondorf does not. He then tells you that you can go to Faron Woods. You go & almost immediately you find danger at least 15 bokoblins you beat them & you get the Slingshot you then find a hole in the ground you shoot that hole with the Slingshot & a little wooden hut appears. You go in when a mini scene starts (Gannon who everyone thought was dead appears) he then says you wont survive & sends in a Stalfos appears & a mini boss fight begins. You win & a chest appears. In that chest there is a key. You go back to the village & go to the academy there is a locked room you put the key in & it works. You walk in to find another hole in the ground you use the Slingshot & you fall into a tube that leads behind Faron Woods. You then see about 25 bokoblins once you beat all of them a switch appears you pull it & the dungeon appears. i am not telling you about the dungeon but i am telling you about the boss. It is called the Deku Dragon. How you beat it is well even though it is called the Deku Dragon it acts as a Hydra so you have to use the Slingshot when its mouth is open you shoot a Deku Seed into his mouth making it possible to cut it. So anyway you win & you see a piece of the Triforce you try grabbing it but it shocked you then your helper is introduced. Her name is Lilly she tells you that you need to grow with Faron more so you run off to grow more with Faron. Thats all im telling about the story in tell March.





  • Sword
    • Types: Practice, Hylian, Triforce
  • Sheild
    • Types: Wooden, Iron, Golden, Hylian
  • Bombs
    • Types: Normal, Pheonix, Catapult
  • Arrow
    • Types: Iron,Golden, Hylian, Lock on
  • Slingshot
    • Types: Deku,Quadro, Iron
  • Clawshot
    • Types: Hook, Painful
  • Bug Net
    • Types: Net, Cage,
  • Bug Whistle
    • Types: Quiet,Medium, Loud,
  • Boxing Gloves
    • Types: Soft, Fighter, Hylian
  • Element Rod
    • Elements: Fire, Ice, Water, Grass, Air, Rock,
  • Ghost Flashlight
    • Types: Dim, Shiny, Star Bright
  • Axe
    • Types: Wooden, Iron, Golden
  • Size Staff
    • Sizes: Small, Large


  • Horse
    • Types: Horse, Jaugaur, Cheeda
  • Spider (For when your mini)
    • Types: Baby, Daddy, Speedy
  • Giant Bear (For when your a Giant)
    • Types: Giant Cub: Giant Dad, Giant Speed Bear
  • Bird
    • Types: Little, Mommy, Eagle
  • Bug (For when your mini)
    • Types: Ladybug, Fly, Hornet
  • Griffon (For When Your a Giant)
    • Types: Griffon, Pheonix
  • Dolphin
    • Types: Baby, Pro, Shark
  • Mini Sea Creatures (For When Your Mini)
    • Types: Baby Eel, Baby Fish, Baby Turtle
  • Overgrown Fish (For when your Giant)
    • Types: Baby Whale, Giant Whale, Whale Shark


Thats all of the weapons & images. But in about 45 days i am going to add more in the Story along with new Bosses
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