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The Legend of Zelda (film)
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Studio(s) Nintendo Films Co. Ltd.
Distributor(s) Toho (JP)
Universal Pictures (United States)
New Line Cinema (Europe, Australia, East Asia and Latin America)
Type Live-action
Genre(s) Fantasy epic
Country of Origin United States
New Zealand
Brad Pitt
Jennifer Lawrence
Maurice LaMarche
Rooney Mara
Dan Akyroyd
Theatrical Release Date(s)
Part 1 The Hero of Time:

August 22, 2015 (US)
November 15, 2015 (EU)
February 21, 2016 (JP)
Part 2 The Twilight Princess:
November 16, 2016 (US)
December 2, 2016 (JP)
December 8, 2016 (EU)

Age Rating(s)
PG-13 (US)

12 (UK)

Original Language English


Budget $160,000,000
Box Office N/A
Runtime 240 minutes (total)

(The Hero of Time -100 minutes)
(The Twilight Princess -140 minutes)

Series Nintendo Cinematic Universe
"The Legend of Zelda" is an American fantasy film based on The Legend of Zelda series of video games by Nintendo. Directed by Guillermo del Toro and produced by Satoru Iwata. It stars Duncan Dyer as Link, and Tristan Hebert as Ganondorf. "The Legend of Zelda" will be released on August 22, 2014 on the United States, while Europe will see the film on the holiday season, on November 15 of the same year. The Japanese release is set to almost 2 years later, on February 21, 2016 (Which will be the 30th anniversary of the original Legend of Zelda's Famicom Disk System release). 'The film will be distributed by Toho in Japan, by Universal Pictures in the United States and by New Line Cinema in the rest of the world.

It is the fourth installment in the Nintendo Cinematic Universe.

It features a unique story, incorporating new elements from a new start, but mostly inspired on Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess.


Link is a Hylian that lives in Karariko Village, but his peaceful life soon ends when his childhood friend, Princess Zelda, goes missing after a walk together around Castle Town. The blame is put on Link,who then vows to find Zelda. Soon, Link meets an old man who tells that he can help Link on his quest. He gives Link the Master Sword and a shield, and tells he's been keeping it safe if Ganondorf were to return. So, Link sets out an adventure to rescue Princess Zelda, get the Triforce and defeat Ganondorf. Meanwhile, Ganondorf gets a report from one of his henchmen, that a Hylian is planning to stop his reign of terror. Ganondorf orders his minions to bring him Link's head on a silver plate.

Link, meanwhile is instructed by the old man whose name is Rauru, to obtain three medallions, which are kept into three temples - one in a deep forest, another one in a mountain, and the last one, under a frozen lake.

Link first ventures in the Forest Temple, which is guarded by a child-like woman named Saria who is playing an instrument similar to that one Zelda gave to Link when he was little. Saria is playing a beautiful song, whom she teaches to Link as it is useful to leave the temple. After facing several skeleton knights known as Stalfos and capturing four ghosts of a quartet of sisters, known as the Poes. Link faces (seemingly) Ganondorf, riding on a horse, holding a lance and wearing a horned mask. Link first tries to attack him, but then discovers he is intangible. When "Ganondorf" attacks him with magic bolts, Link figures that the way to fight them is to volley the blasts with either his sword or his shield. Link turns the fight into an even sided match until "Ganondorf" finally loses all of its stamina and is hit by one of his own blasts. It falls to the ground and dissolves, leaving the medallion behind. Link thinks the fight is finally over, until he remembers that he has two other medallions to obtain. The real Ganondorf suddenly appears before him, proving the other Ganondorf to be a simple puppet. Link tries to fight him but the real Ganondorf grabs the blade and throws it to the ground. He tells Link he is no match for him. Link once again tries to attack him, this time with his bare hand, but Ganondorf disappears.

As Link gets out from the temple... He meets with a peculiar young woman in a ninja outfit, whose name is Sheik...


I hope soon


Part 1: The Hero of Time has received generally favorable reviews from critics and universal acclaim from fans of the Legend of Zelda franchise. On Rotten Tomatoes, it holds an 85% "certified fresh" Tomatometer score and a 95% audience approval rating. It was a huge box office hit, grossing $200 million on it's opening weekend.

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