The Legend of Zelda: Twin Heroes is a new game for Nintendo Prima and Hybrid Delta and it will be released in the begin of 2013. This is the new Zelda adventure that can be played by two players in several modes. There will be two different heroes: Link and Khino. They will join to defeat the new enemy that has attacked Hyrule. The Princess Zelda is kidnapped again by the darkness that has invaded the kingdom. But there is other princess of Khino's kingdom called Belina.


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  • Link: The main hero of the game. He's brave, confident and he will never stop fighting to help Zelda, as soon as it's needed.
  • Khino: He's the new hero of this adventure, he comes to Hyrule to help Link and save her dear princess: Belina.


  • Princess Zelda: She is Hyrule's princess and she was kidnapped again by the Darkness that is invading her kingdom. Link will quickly go to save her.
  • Belina: She's the young monarch of Aridia, a kingdom next to Hyrule. The Darkness has invaded her kingdom and kidnapped her too. She needs Khino's help.
  • Akki: One of the sages of the kingdom. He's almost attacked by the darkness that attacked Hyrule. He has heard about a wizard that hexed Hyrule with eternal darkness time ago.


  • Mephious (the Stolen Light Wizard): He is the villain behind the darkness that is attacking the world. Despite the fact that he controls the darkness, he has a giant mass of light energy.
  • Berika: She is the most similar creature to a witch. She is one of the Mephious minors.
  • Gargolon: A flying creature that lives in the Cathedral of the Dark.


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