The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Legacy is a game in The Legend of Zelda franchise for the Wii U developed by Sequin Suspenders Inc.. It is much more experimental than previous Zelda games, featuring three playable characters, and larger dungeons. 

Revealed Details

  • The three playable characters are Link, Zelda, and Ganon (though he resembles his Ganondorf form), each fighting with three different styles; Link with his sword and weapons, Zelda with magic, and Ganon with pure strength and some dark magic.
  • Vaati will appear as a major antagonist.
  • This game takes place after Skyward Sword and The Minish Cap, but before the other games in the series. This Ganon is the first incarnation of Demise's hatred, but Vaati is the same one from The Minish Cap.
  • Lana, Tingle and Gohma will appear in some sort of role.
  • Masks will return from Majora's Mask and Ocarina of Time, and all three playable characters will have their own.
  • Impa will appear and have a larger role than previous titles.
  • The player characters will speak in dialogue, unlike previous titles, where Link never spoke.
  • Link is a teenage boy from a village in an oasis in the desert, and is shown to be a bit of a prankster with a tendency for overconfidence, needing Zelda to keep him in order. He is heavily implied to have feelings for Zelda.
  • Zelda, unlike previous titles, is not a princess, but simply the daughter of the mayor of the Oasis Village. She and Link are childhood friends, and she is shown to be oblivious to Link's feelings for her. She is snarkier than previous titles, and has a tendency for sarcastic comments. Zelda is a skilled mage, and can use her magic for anything.
  • Ganon, who is younger than previous installments, being only a year or two older than Link and Zelda, leads a gang of thieves that consist of Vaati, who betrays him early in the game, and characters that resemble Onox, Veran, and Zant. They are not the same characters however. Ganon is quiet, but ambitious and always tries his best to put in 100%. He will have a rivalry with Link throughout the game, but is shown to have positive interactions with Zelda. His role as the first male Gerudo in 100 years is shown here.
  • The history and origins of the Gerudo will play heavily into the story.
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