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The Legend of Zelda: Titans Seal is the twentieth installment in the franchise, and the third installment on the Nintendo Switch, including original games and remakes. The game is set to be released in 2019 for all regions and is being developed by Amuza.

The story follows Link on a quest to save Hyrule from Ganondorf's successor, Cyn. According to legend, every hundred years a new Gerudo male is born. This new male has reignited the Gerudo power after being in hiding for a century. The Gerudo see themselves has having been unfairly treated, and so intend to have their former crimes wiped from history so they can overthrow the Hylian monarchy and run Hyrule democratically.




The Hundred Year Echos

Hyrule is living through a hundred year Age of Light, uninterrupted by the forces of a dark evil. Princess Zelda and Impa arrive on the small Diyon Island by boat looking to find new warriors for the Hyrule Imperial Guard. However, unknown to the public, Zelda and Impa are actually looking across Hyrule for the reincarnation of the hero of the land. They run a training session for the Diyonian people, and soon find who they are looking for. Afterwards, Link is called upon to give an offering to Zelda as thanks for visiting the village.

Zelda opens up to Link about her true reasoning for coming to Diyon Island, and tells Link that he may be the hero of the land who can stop the rise of the Gerudo race and their leader, Cyn. Zelda and Impa take Link to the Hyrule mainland and he bids his friends farewell.

On the mainland, Impa takes Link to Monank Forest. Impa informs Link he will enter the forest and, if he truly is the chosen one, it will be revealed to him within the forest. As Link traverses through the forest, he comes across the Tree of Life. Link speaks to the spirit within the tree and learns about the foretold prophecy of a boy from the woods and a man from the desert. To save the land from Cyn, Link needs to awaken the Four Titans of Hyrule and harness their power to place an indestructible seal on Cyn. Before Link leaves, the spirit within the tree awakens one of the strange sculptures etched into it's side. The creature introduces herself as Oolla and joins Link on his quest.

Call of the Titans

Impa greets Oolla and Link as he returns from the woods. Impa and Link ride to Hyrule Castle, and along the way are ambushed by a tribe of Moblins. After defeating them and arriving at Hyrule Castle, Zelda tells Link of the Titan's Seal. Zelda wishes to encase Cyn within the seal, trapping the spirit of Ganondorf and making his rebirth impossible. Zelda hands Link the Golden Chrysalis and teaches him the 'Royal Tune'. The location of the Titan's spirits and the Titan's Sanctuary, their homeplace, has been lost, with the tune being the only remaining relic passed down. Zelda asks Link to please find the Titan's Sanctuary and revive the dead Titans to save Hyrule.  With no clues as to the Titan's Sanctuary whereabouts, Link ventures off into Hyrule to search for clues. 

End of a Generation


The game plays very similar to previous The Legend of Zelda titles, mixing puzzles, action, adventure, battlling, and exploration. The player traverses a large overworld completing missions and exploring dungeons across the world to further the story. The game takes pages from Breath of the Wild's open world exploring, and features a similar overworld to the aforementioned game.

The Golden Chrysalis is an instrument within the game that can play numerous songs that can affect the world. It is modelled after the chrysalis instrument, and is a handheld version of it featuring a spinning wheel with strings that are attached to an inner circle. Many of the soundtracks songs predominately feature a chrysalis playing the melody.

The player also collects a number of items from dungeons. Each item can help solve puzzles and get the player through the story. Unlike previous installments, items are capitialized on throughout majority of the game rather than being stuck to a single dungeon. Items are also able to be used simultaneously or merged together to create a new purpose similar to the Bomb Arrows from Twilight Princess. For example, the player can combine the Bombs and the Slingshot to sling bombs into far off places.


One of the game's new mechanics takes form of Link's new partner, Oolla. A member of the Oocca race, Oolla was one of the etchings made into the Tree of Life. The spirit within the Tree of Life revived Oolla and gave her the task of helping Link on his journey.

Oolla follows Link around by flying over head. She is very intelligent, knowing the history of all of Hyrule, allowing her to help inform Link on the many different areas he explores.

At any time, the player can switch to Oolla's top-down field of view in the sky. In this state, the player can fly above the ground and perform many functions. Oolla's abilities play a heavy role in puzzle-solving throughout the game. Some of her abilities include going to areas inaccessible by Link, picking up items that are out of reach and passing by enemies undetected. Oolla can also warp Link any around Hyrule and out of dungeons. 


Main Characters

Image Name Description
Link SSB4 Link

Link sets off on the journey to defeat Cyn and the Gerudo forces as they try to overthrow the Hyrule monarchy. He is the wielder of the Triforce of Courage and the one destined to save the land of Hyrule from the evil forces upon it. Link travels across all of Hyrule to open the Goddess Altars so he can reach the Four's Fortress and awaken the Titans. Once all the Titans are awakened, Link can harness the power of the Titan Seal, an impenetrable seal he can use to lock Cyn away forever.

Latest cb=20090711224928 Oolla

Oolla serves as Link's companion in his quest to save Hyrule and defeat Cyn and the Gerudo forces. Oolla stems from an ancient race of sky beings who were highly intelligent and speak numerous different languages. She is bird-like in appearance with a very large head and bright orange feathers that are said to be blessing from the gods. Oolla's intelligence translates into her wide knowledge of everything in Hyrule.

Princess Zelda

Princess Zelda is a member of the Hyrule royal family, and heir to the throne of Hyrule after her father. She possesses the Triforce of Wisdom and mentors Link on his outset to defeat Cyn. Zelda, knowing of the impending Civil War due to the rise of the Gerudo forces, has been travelling across Hyrule in search of the Hero of Legend.

TBA Cyn Cyn is the main antagonist of the game. He is the successor to Ganondorf, as Gerudo legend foretold a man would be born every hundred years. Cyn tries to restore Ganondorf to former glory by saving him from his imprisonment, whilst at the same time making the Hyrulean race extinct for their mistreatment of the Gerudo race.
Hyrule Warriors Impa Longsword Artwork
Impa Impa acts as Princess Zelda's guardian and the Commanding Officer of the Hyrule Imperial Guard. Impa leads the group to stopping the Gerudo race from overthrowing the Hyrule monarchy.

Supporting Characters

  • King of Hyrule
  • The Four Titans
  • The Seven Maidens of Hyrule



  • Beamos             
  • Bokoblin
  • Bulblin
  • Chuchu
  • Deku Baba
  • Darknut
  • Dodongo
  • Dynalfos
  • Freezard
  • Gohma             
  • Goron
  • Helmasaur
  • Keese
  • Like Like
  • Lizalfos
  • Moblin
  • Poe
  • Puppet
  • Skulltula
  • Stalfos
  • Tektite
  • Tile Worm
  • Toadpoli


Dungeons are large structures in which the character has to traverse through to progress the story. A dungeon mainly consists of puzzle-solving but there are also treasures to collect, enemies to overcome, and a piece of equipment that Link can use throughout the game.

Typically at the end of a temple is a prized item that the hero needs, or a Titan that the hero needs to awaken to form the titular Titans Seal that will be used to lock Cyn away for good. Sometimes, the purpose of a dungeon is different, such as the Gerudo Keep which is designed to be completed so that the Gerudo Forces will be weakened.

There are three kinds of dungeons within the game. These include Key Dungeons, Story Dungeons, and Mission Dungeons. Key Dungeons will include a key item hidden within them, Story Dungeons are essential to completing the game's main story, such as waking a Titan or locating the final boss. Lastly, Mission Dungeons will relate to a side-mission within the game.

Similar to Breath of the Wild, all dungeons are accessible from the start of the game except for the Titan Dungeons, which requires the Four's Fortress to be completed before the four Titan reviving temples can be accessed. However, the Titan's Sanctuary can be accessed from the beginning of the game.

The list of Story Dungeons are as follows.

  • Titan's Sanctuary
  • Temple of Earth
  • Temple of Air
  • Temple of Ice
  • Temple of Fire
  • Temple of Hyrule

The list of Key Dungeons are as follows.

  • Great One's Haven
  • Inside Mount Din
  • Arms & Armour Palace
  • Tomb of the Ancients
  • The Hundred Moon Graves
  • Goron Mines
  • The Bottom of the Well
  • Pyramid of Doubt 
  • The Blind Opera
  • Fourth Fortress
  • Waters Edge Ruins
  • Palace of Winds
  • Loch Moon Fish Monastery
  • Arbiter's Grounds

The list of Mission Dungeons in the game are as follows.

  • Gerudo Keep
  • The Sands of Blood Ocean
  • Cave of No Return


Hyrule Field


Hyrule Field

Hyrule Castle Town A town of permanent happiness. The town is the central trading district of all of Hyrule, and so it attracts a wide array of different people. Many of the town's citizens are blissfully unaware of the Gerudo presence rising. 

Hyrule Castle
Hyrule Castle North
Castle Towers

Home to the royal family, Hyrule Castle sits directly in the centre of the kingdom. Hyrule Castle North is home to the many of the greatest soldiers of the Hyrule Imperial Guard, where they train up the newest recruits. Princess Zelda, Impa, and the King of Hyrule can typically be found within the Castle Towers when they are not out trying to stop the Gerudo forces.
Diyon Ranch A ranch inhabitied by the few Diyonian people to leave their island. Due to the conditions on the island, the ranch is used to farm much of the food consumed by the Diyonian people. A harvest can be seen taken to the island once every three days.
Lon Lon Ranch A small ranch neighbouring the Diyon Ranch. The place is known throughout all of Hyrule for the milk they make.
The Eternal Flame Surrounded by a shrine, this flame burns eternally no matter what condition. Many villagers of Hyrule Castle Town visit here to make wishes to the gods.

Imperial Bridge
Night Market

The one bridge leading out of Hyrule Castle. Every night villagers run stalls along the bridge to continue selling their items after the town's market closes. Many villagers will sell special items during the night market.
Castle Town Moat The large moat that surrounds Hyrule Castle Town and Hyrule Castle. Many young Hyrulean's seeking adrenaline will jump from the Imperial Bridge into the moat, and have to trek back up through the dark sewers to make it back to the bridge.
Lycanther's Resting Place The body of Lycanther, one of the four Titans, lies here. Its body forms giant cliffs that become one with the scenery of Hyrule Field. Its body boasts a unique ecosystem that feed on the Titan's spirit. On his shoulder sits a Goron camping, studying the Titans.

The New Hylian Ballroom    The Blind Opera
Old Ballroom

A large ballroom constructed where special events are often held, such as Masquerade Parties and Zelda's Ball. One can only attend these functions if they recieve a ticket in the mail. The Blind Opera is a back portion of the building only accessible for Hylian royalty. The Old Ballroom is said to be the place the old Banquets for the Titans were held, but the building has mostly fallen into disrepair.
Sword Master's Dojo A home for any sword-wielder. The old dojo master passes his knowledge of many specialty sword skills down to anyone who brings him Pearls of the Moon Fish. The pearls can be found in mission dungeons, with a total of 6 pearls to collect. Link can also participate in tournaments, where he will fight against other swordsmen of Hyrule to win their weapons.
Cave of No Return A cave popular for explorers looking to find the fabled treasure of the labyrinth. It seems however that the fabled treasure is a hoax, as nothing but an old man weeping over having no friends resides in the heart of these caves. Link can help lost travelers find their way back out of the cave for a reward, or lead them to the old man who will in turn slowly open up to Link about his life.
The Great Coliseum A grand coliseum were battles used to be waged between for the entertainment of the people. The coliseum stopped recieving many patrons after Princess Zelda boycotted the sport, deeming it inhumane. Many people followed in Princess Zelda' steps, however underground fights are still waged.
Whistling Hill A small hill with one tree and a rock that Elder Maria sits upon day and night. This woman is said to have been meditating for fifty years straight. Bringing her back from her meditative state will have her teach Link the 'Song of Whistling Hill', which can be used to make NPCs happy, or increase Link's chance of finding better items and materials around the world.
Castle Town Tollway A small neighbouring portion of Hyrule Castle Town. Anyone hoping to enter the town has to pass through Tritis, the angry tollkeeper, and pay a small amount of rupees to him. It is unclear whether Tritis settled the tollway himself as a ruse to scam people out of money or whether the toll is sanctioned by Hyrule Castle.
Hyrule Imperial Guard Garrison A small garrison were many Hyrule Imperial Guard's first enrol to join the force before moving to Hyrule Castle North. Humm, the Imperial Guard Commander can be fought to get out of being enlisted into the imperial guard.
Millenium Tree
Millenium Village
Mount Daphnes
A very old tree which recently was struck by lightning and now remains a stump. An old village is built into the tree's stump, but it has since been abandoned after the lightning struck the town.
Lon Lon Meadows The meadows surrounding Lon Lon Ranch. Many mammals graze around the grass of these meadows, making the terrain rather muddy. The meadows feel more like a marsh to trek through. Sometimes, cows or goats will launch out of the tall grass to attack Link.
Castle Town Prison Many petty criminals and those running the underground fights at The Great Coliseum end up here. For many Hyrule Imperial Guard soldiers, this is the first place they end up. Link can set some prisoners free to make the undergound fights start again.
Sacred Ground Fountains This large set of fountains have many artifacts from Hyrule's history. In the walls are carvings of events from history, as well as the goddesses and the Triforce. The fountains are a popular tourist attraction in Hyrule. More fountains are often being constructed while the old ones are becoming destroyed.
Windmill Village
Franzia's Orchid

A small town inhabited by a family that produce milk in direct competition of Lon Lon Ranch. The competition has become quite heated with each other going to great measure to scare the other family off. Urga, one of the daughters of the family, believes that the Lon Lon have even gone so far as to dress up as monsters and terrorise the house at night. The youngest daughter, Franzia, has created an apple orchid in the hopes that the family will switch to selling apples instead of milk.

Forest of Time
Camp Anakwa
A light wooded area where time passes faster than usual. Inside is Camp Anakwa, a place for children to visit during the summer.


Faron Woods
Spring of Courage
A dense forest taming with life. These woods have a large ecosystem where many enemies can be found fighting each other. Many travellers have set up a home within the woods in an attempt to get away from the world. The Spring of Courage is the main watering hole within the woods, with Yowie's Houseboat sitting in the middle of the spring.

Forest of the Forgotten
Temple of Earth

Within the deepest part of the Lost Woods is the Forest of the Forgotten. Many relics from past ages have been left in these woods. One of these relics is the Temple of Earth, a extremely old and sacred structure of Hyrule which has fallen into despair.

Spiral Undergrounds
Deku Town

A spiraling underground chamber inhabited by the Deku. In recent times, the Deku evolved to primarily live underground so they could avoid any confrontation with evil. It was only during the Age of Light the Deku returned to the surface. They built Deku Town around the large underground spiral with many caves stemming off the spiral. 
Sword Sanctuary A mysterious tomb with many wall carvings. In the centre of the sanctuary stands a broken statue of a hero. A sword can be seen jutting out of the statue, but cannot be retrieved. Link can acquire the Mini Sword from here.
Forest Training Facility A hidden fortress housing many Gerudo soldiers. They use the fortress as a home to train their combat, and learn to harness the woods into their battle. 
Floria Dam A stone dam that cuts off the river water. The water collected is used as the drinking water for Hyrule Castle Town. A squad of Hyrule Castle soldiers guard the dam from a watchtower.
Old Lake Floria The Old Lake Floria which has since dried up and turned into more of a dusty canyon. The lake dried up due to the creation of the Floria Dam, which only lets a small amount of water through to this lake. It is a popular spelunking destination.
The Poison Swamp From Lake Floria drying up, the water that once flowed into these channels has remained still for decades, turning the water poisonous. This has allowed a lot of evil nature to grow that will attack Link.

Monank Forest
Tree of Life
Twin Bridges

A forest taming with a species of Monank. These happy-go-lucky agile creatures don't take much interest in the world's affairs, and just laze about all day. In this forest is the Tree of Life, said to be the first tree within Hyrule. The Tree of Life is said to be the heartbeat of all of Hyrule's nature, providing life to each plant and animal. Carved into the tree is a plethora of different wildlife, acting as a tapestry of Hyrule's flora and fauna. The forest can only be accessed from the Twin Bridges, a pair of bridges which the Monank have built their home on.
Lost Woods
Great One's Haven
A maze-like area of confusing forest. It is said if people spend too much time wandering through here they will turn into a Skull Kid. Many people enter the forest hoping to find treasure at the centre. A large tree stands at the centre of the Lost Woods, with a dungeon, the Great One's Haven, within the tree.
Skull Kid Village Inhabited by those that turned into Skull Kids during The Lost Woods Fires, whenever Link visits the town appears uninhabited. In reality, all the Skull Kids that live here are in hiding.
Scarecrow Foothills

Small hills that are lined with a large number of scarecrows. The scarecrows are often decorated like many different species from within Hyrule. Sometimes, a Skull Kid can be found weeping in front of a scarecrow. They are likely memoirs of the past life each Skull Kid used to live before being transformed.

Zonai Ruins The ruins of a once prosperous village. The ruins run along what used to be the border between Hyrule and the outer lands.
Little Town Ruins This village was discovered in ruins. No map within Hyrule had this location marked as a town beforehand. These ruins led many to believe that there are still undiscovered tribes living in Hyrule.
Goat's Rock One of the largest rocks in Hyrule, many believe it to be shaped like a goat. Many theorise that those that built the Little Town Ruins worshipped a goat figure, and once they fulfilled their duties of carving the rock, they left to do it all over again.
Faron Sinkhole A large, circular cave where the ground sunk, and has since created a pool of water. Many thrill-seekers jump down the sinkhole into the water below.
Cliffs Edge Ridge This ridge leads to a dark abyss that anyone who has fallen down hasn't returned from. A small wooden bridge is the only way for people on foot to pass over the ridge.
The Diyon Walls Large stone walls that encase Diyon Island and protect its villagers. The walls were created to protect the town which recently entered Hyrule's lands. Many of the villagers believe that bad luck of Hyrule will befall them now that their land is part of Hyrule.

Diyon Island
Link's House
Diyon Shop
Miriam's Loft
The Waterwheels

This incarnation of Link's hometown. Diyon Island is a small island that is surrounded by the Zora River, and no seawater. It was once considered outside of Hyrule, but generations ago, the borders of Hyrule were widened in the hopes to protect more people. Many people within Diyon have a grudge against Hyrule for this, however many welcome Hyrule as it has enabled them to establish the Diyon Ranch within Hyrule to grow crops. 
Diyon Beach A beach just south of Diyon Island. The pathway to the beach is very peaceful where no monsters lurk. On the beach, the villagers have established colourful cabins to stay in.
The Pink River Sunrise A river fabled by the old women of Hyrule. It is said that bathing in the waters during an pink sunrise has anti-aging properties. Every sunrise where the sky is pink, Link can find many old women hoping to make themselves younger. A mysterious young woman can be found at the cave the river starts.  
Faron Sea A sprawling seaside at the southernmost part of Hyrule. The sea is very gentle, making it a perfect spot for a day on the sea.
Isle of Gods This mysterious isle has rock formations that seemed purposefully shaped to make figures, however what these figures are and what they mean is still yet to be deciphered.


The Great Abyss Many years ago, a devastating earthquake changed the entire landscape of the Eldin province. Now, much of the region is occupied by what the people call 'The Great Abyss', an intricate network of canyons that stretch far down into darkness. Many of the canyons edges have been carved by Gorons into race tracks and pathways that young Goron must complete as a rite of passage.
Mount Din
Inside Mount Din
Bridge of Din
The result of the Earthquake of Din. Many years ago a large earthquake within the Eldin province caused this large mountain to appear. Many people saw it as a sign from the goddess Din, and rushed onto the mountain to uncover the reason for the goddess deciding to create such a mountain.

The Goron Tribe Lands

Following the Earthquake of Din, the Goron species broke off into three different tribes.
Goron City

The remains of the Goron City were abandoned by the Goron after the Earthquake of Din. The Zora ended up claiming the city as their own, flooding the city and turning it into a giant hot spring that old and retired Zora's claim home.

Death Mountain Foothills Small rollling hills that encircle the path towards Death Mountain. A small shack for weary travellers has been set up by Horin at the base of Death Mountain.
Death Mountain
Death Mountain Summit
The tallest mountain in all of Hyrule, this volcano is a large signifier of the Eldin province and all of Hyrule. The mountain is covered in a large number landmarks with an intricate mine located inside the volcano.
Goron Mines The mines inside Death Mountain which is one of the game's Item Dungeons. Since the emergence of Mount Din, the mines have become rather unpopular despite still having some treasure inside.
Moblin's Quarry This quarry that once belonged to the Goron has since become overrun by Moblin's and The Moblin King. They seem to be using the quarry for some reason, but no one is really sure why.
Western Hiking Trail A scenic hiking track through the Eldin province that has many great sightseeing opportunities. It is a popular tourist attraction, and so many lookouts and plaques with information have been installed along the trail.
Elde Inn An inn located at the halfway point of the Western Hiking Trail. It precariously hangs off the side of the mountain, but provides an amazing viewing deck over Hyrule and the Eldin province. Many of the trail's visitors will choose to stay here to extend their holiday.
Cliff of Aesir This expansive cliff runs along the entire volcanic region of Eldin. There is a steep drop of the cliff to the ground below. It overlooks the Ashlight Wasteland and is a perfect spot to see the red glow of the wasteland.
Kakariko Village
Spring of Power
A large, populated town at the base of the volcanic region of Eldin. Since becoming repopulated, the village has a loving bond with Hyrule Castle as they once did. Many villagers make wishes in the Spring of Power to bring strength to the town to prevent anything bad from happening.
Bridge of Eldin This large bridge covers over The Cracked Lands, and as such is the main mode of transport for people entering and exiting the Eldin region. Many who are too superstitious to walk on the cracked ground will instead take the extra journey to use the bridge.
Zora River East
Highland Falls
Zora Command Outpost
A portion of Zora River that runs outside of the volcanic region. The Highland Falls are popular for teaching young Zora to swim, and the nearby Command Outpost trains Zora's whose parents are residing in Goron City.

Hidden Village

A small, abandoned village with no people living in it. The village is hidden inside a large gorge and everyone is unsure of what the purpose of the village was initially, as it was only discovered within the last five years.
River of Tears This strange, inexplicable river of fresh water runs adjacent to the many streams of lava flowing from Death Mountain and Mount Din. Many believe the river to be formed from the tears of Din after the earthquake destroyed many parts of the land and changed the landscape completely.
Eldin Mountains Small mountains when in comparison to Death Mountain and Mount Din, but many of the mountains and caves within the Eldin Mountains have gone unsearched as many are more interested in through Mount Din.
Ernald's Carving
Carving Gardens
Ernald runs a rock carving shop out of this large shack. Many builders in Hyrule will travel to Ernald's Carving to create their own rock sculpture to add to the large collection in the gardens.
Darunia Lake
Crab Island
A large lake of lava, Darunia Lake is situated on Death Mountain towards the summit. In the centre of the lake is Crab Island, given its name for its apparent similar shape to a crab claw. It seems odd that a perfectly formed island would be in the middle of the lake.
The Great Crater An extremely large crater, the biggest in Hyrule. Many believe that the crater was caused by ship from outer space, but there doesn't seem to be much proof of this theory. Nevertheless, many people still scour the crater looking for clues.
Eyre's Resting Place The body of Eyre, one of the four Titan's, resides here. It's body stands up almost perfectly straight, creating a unique identifier in the Eldin region. Its a popular location for climbers, who have races up the rock to see who can climb it faster.
The Cracked Lands The outskirts of the Eldin region, from the earthquake the ground is characterised by large cracks. This leads to many sinkholes appearing near the cracks, and sinkholes that will activate from people running on the ground. Many Gorons will warn people to stay away from the cracks.
Ruins of a Lost Village This lost village is rumoured by many people to once have existed, but was swallowed up by a sinkhole and lost to the ground. The ruins can actually be found by falling into one of the many sinkholes in The Cracked Lands.
Ashlight Wasteland A dry, desolate wasteland where the ashes from the volcanic mountains of the region rain down. All the ash that rains down has covered almost everything in the wasteland, giving everything a red glow at night.
The Wall of Zonai This large wall structure runs along the backside of Ashlight Wasteland, creating a large barrier between Hyrule and the outer lands. It seems that the inside of the walls once held a purpose which has since been lost to time.


Zora River North
Zora's Domain
Lake Floria
Floria Channels
Water Ride Co.
Floria Bridge

The Tallest Place in Hyrule
Temple of Air

Not actually the tallest place in Hyrule, but an attraction created by Fillip. Underground, there are many empty caves where strong winds flow through. Fillip uses these caves to create air holes, where the strong gusts burst through the ground and can lift people up high into the air.

Land of the Dead
Zonai Sinkhole

Phasi's Resting Place The body of Phasi, one of the four Titans, resides here.
Hundred Moon Hills
Village of a Hundred Moons
Hundred Moon Graves
These hills are covered in small, perfectly circlular hills. The village people that live here believe that these hills once were moons that fell from the sky. There is great superstition about standing on top of any of the moons, and the townspeople will actively warn travellers not to walk on them.


Temple of Ice
Snowpeak Village A village which has since become covered in ice, and its only remnants are the rooftops that can be seen poking out of the ice. The village is said to have frozen over in a minute, with those betraying the ruler of Snowpeak being frozen in their homes.
Zi's Resting Place The body of Zi, one of the four Titans, resides here.
Axelle Mountains
The Dumping Ground An open plateau where the ground is covered in a heap of discarded metal and weapons.

The Badlands

Gerudo Desert

Gerudo Valley
Gerudo Highlands

Desert of Doubt
Zuna Plains
Zuna Village
Pyramid of Doubt


Jala Coastline
Jala-Jala Marina
Broken Pier


Blood Ocean

A small ocean that was once said to have been filled with only blood. Could the rumours be true?
Village of the Blue Maiden

Key ​Items

Image Name Description
TBA Golden Chrysalis An instrument that was said to be played at the Banquets of the Titans. It can be used to awaken the Titans from their slumber as well as serve many other functions across Hyrule.
OoT Fairy Bow Great Bow

Allows Link to shoot arrows at a far away target. They can activate switches, stun enemies and interact with the world in many other ways. The Great Bow is found within the Great One's Haven.

Dominion Rod Move Light Baton

Shoots a large beam of light that can carry Link across horizontal distances. Shining this beam of light on marked walls can also make them disappear, allowing Link to travel through the wall. The Light Baton is found Inside Mount Din.

ZeldaBombs Bombs Creates a large explosion after being set by Link. They have a timer which lasts a couple seconds, and will flash red and pulsate before exploding. Bombs can be carried and contained by Link with the Bomb Bag that is found within the Arms & Armour Palace.
Clawshot Clawshots Large claws attached to a chain. They can be shot a far distance and grab onto numerous different terrains to pull Link to the target. This allows him to cross chasms and reach previously unexplorable terrain. It is found within the Tomb of the Ancients.
TSMagic Cape Magic Tunic The Magic Tunic is an item that can transform Link invisible for a limited amount of time to bypass terrain. When invisible, Link cannot be seen by some enemies and can sneak attack them or avoid them completely. It can also be used on NPCs or objects. It is found in the Hundred Moon Graves.
IronBoots Iron Boots Heavy boots that will weigh Link down. This can allow him to fall to the bottom of bodies of water, withstand strong winds and solve weight-based puzzles that require a differentiation between heavy and light weights. Wearing the boots will make Link move at half the pace he usually does. It is found in the Goron Mines.
Lens of Truth Artwork Lens of Truth Allows Link to peer into the ghost dimension. With this on, Link can see ghosts and hidden objects around Hyrule. It is found at The Bottom of the Well.
Sandwand Sand Wand A magic wand that can elevate sand to construct temporary walls. It is found in the Pyramid of Doubt.
MagatamaTS Magatama With this equipped, Link can read the mind of any one that holds a secret. It can be used to learn more about Hyrule from NPC's that don't want to talk to Link. It is found inside The Blind Opera.
TitansMitt Titan's Mitt A legendary glove that grants its wearer to be as strong as one of the fabled Titans. With these equipped, the player can lift large objects, such as boulders, enemies, trees, etc. It is found in the Fourth Fortress.
HW Silver Scale Zora Scale Allows its wearer to swim through water as swift as a Zora. With this on, Link can also walk on still bodies of water. If the water has a current he will be unable to walk on the water. It is found in the Waters Edge Ruins.
ST Whirlwind Whirlwind Creates a large gust of wind that surrounds Link and pushes enemies and objects away. It also can be used to instantly lift Link high up into the air. It is found in the Palace of Winds.
TBA Heavens Touch A small, metallic, egg shaped contraption. Throwing it onto a moving object will make it freeze in time and retain its kinetic energy. It was said to be a present to the Moon Fish, given by the goddesses of the future, but it fell from heaven along with the Moon Fish. It is found in the Loch Moon Fish Monastery.
HW Ancient Spinner Icon Spinner The spinner can dig into the walls of almost any terrain, allowing Link to travel across walls and tough surfaces. The spinner has been given a significant speed boost and retains its speed whilst spinning. It is found in the Arbiter's Grounds.

Timeline placement

On the canonical timeline, The Legend of Zelda: Titans Seal takes place on the Child Era, exactly one hundred years after Twilight Princess when Ganondorf was executed by the Hero of Light.

The Gerudo legend foretold that every hundred years, a Gerudo male would be born. Cyn is the next Gerudo male after Ganondorf. Over the last hundred years, the Gerudo tribe went into hiding and left Hyrule to rebuild their faction and live a simpler life. Cyn has since reignited the Gerudo power and sent them on a mission to overthrow the Hylian monarchy.

Many changes in Hyrule have occured since Twilight Princess. Most notably, the abundance of new structures in the kingdom. During the hundred year Age of Light, there were no major threats or wars in Hyrule, meaning the people were quickly advancing as a species in technology and architecture. This lead to a plethora of new villages and buildings that were soon abandoned for even newer structures.

Many instances of evolution between Twilight Princess can be seen throughout the game. For example, the monkey race residing in Faron Woods have evolved into intelligent beings known as the Monank and formed their own forest, Monank Forest. The Deku, long thought to have gone extinct, return to the surface of Hyrule after having living underground for centuries to avoid evil. As such, they have become far less agressive creatures that uses their words to try and manipulate others.

There are also many references to Four Swords Adventures which canonically took place after Twilight Princess but before Titans Seal. For example the Seven Maiden side-quest which opens up the Sword Sanctuary introduces the Maiden's and implied Four Sword Sanctuary in the form of The Sanctuary.

Major Events

  • The Expansion of Hyrule: Following the Twili Invasion, the rule of Hyrule was expanded to include new areas to protect more people. Many villages were in ruin as they did not have the resources to fight back against the Twili. From the expansion of Hyrule; Akkala, Necluda and Hebra were three new provinces that were formed.
  • The Lost Woods Fires: For one full moon straight, a large portion of the forest was slowly burning to the ground. The fires led to the destruction of the Kokiri Forest. Many Hyruleans tried to help stop the forest from burning to the ground but were subsequently transformed into Skull Kid's. Those transformed have adapted to their new life and formed the Skull Kid Village.
  • Earthquake of Din: A large earthquake struck the Eldin province that altered much of its geography. From the earthquake formed Mount Din, a mountain that rival's Death Mountain in height. It also lead to the dispersal of the Goron species, who have now split into four different tribes with their own unique culture.
  • Monank: A race of happy-go-lucky monkeys that have carved out their own piece of Hyrule within the Faron province. Within the last hundred years, the Monank have formed their tribe and become intelligent.


All of the game's side-mission are delivered as folklore. In general, there is a common myth that has been spread by people, but doesn't have a clear answer. The player then can investigate into the myth to get to the bottom of it. For example, one of Eldin's folklore is known as 'The Moblin Quarry'. An abandoned quarry has become overrun by Moblin's for some reason. To complete this side-mission, the player must kill The Moblin King and all the Moblin's of the quarry, to discover that the quarry has an entrance into the Goron Mines accessible by the Moblins, in which the entrances are typically guarded by Gorons. This access point has allowed them to gather gems and sell them for riches.

Listed below are the game's folklores;

Name Mission
Monsters from the Sky The owners of Lon Lon Ranch and Windmill Village are at a heated rivalry between who makes the best milk. The family at Windmill Village believe the family from Lon Lon Ranch have purposely been trying to sabotage the business by dressing up as monsters from the sky. Link tries to make a peace treaty between the two families, but find that monsters from the sky have actually been coming down and stealing milk from Windmill Village. In the end, the family decide to just sell apples like the daughter, Franzia insists.
The Cave of No Return An intricate tunnel of caves that is said to hold a fabled treasure at the centre of the caves. In actuality, at the centre of the caves is a lonely old man weeping. By bringing travellers to the old man, he will open up about his life to Link and the travelers. It turns out he used to be an important messenger that traveled across all of Hyrule on foot. It is presumed that he was the Postman from Twilight Princess.
Matched with an Outlaw In the Great Coliseum, there is talk of 'The Fighter that Never Existed'. He used to be one of the greatest fighters in the coliseum, but vanished one day. If Link wins works his way through the ranks and wins over twenty fights, he can work up many of the outlaws to help Link break into Juro An Mie's Quarters. Juro An Mie is the organiser and of all the fights and the number one fighter, and it turns out he locked up 'The Fighter that Never Existed' in his quarters and learnt all his moves.
The Elder of Whistling Hill Elder Maria has been meditating on Whistling Hill for the past fifty years non-stop. The player can return Maria from her meditative state by presenting her the Lock of Blonde Hair, found within the mission dungeon Whistling Gorge. Once Elder Maria awakes, she will teach Link the Song of Whistling Hill, which can make NPCS happy and alter their dialogue, or the way they interact with Link.


  • The Titans of the game are considered to be the Hyrule version of Termina's Four Giants.
  • Similar to Breath of the Wild, the game features an expansive Hyrule that is entirely accessible once the player is tasked by Zelda to find the location of the Titan's Sanctuary and awaken the four Titans.
  • The 'Song of Whistling Hill' is a form of 'Saria's Song' from previous games. It's likely that Whistling Hill is Saria's grave.
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