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The Legend of Zelda: The World Below
Developer(s) Nintendo and Pyro Enterprizes
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Cryogon
Genre(s) 2D Action-Adventure
Series The Legend of Zelda
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
Age Rating(s) E10+
Media Included Cryogon cartidge
The Legend of Zelda: The World Below is a Zelda game developed by Pyro Enterprises. It acts as a pseudo-sequel to A Link Between Worlds while taking elements from Paper Mario, Minecraft, and Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.


It is said that once, a long, long time ago, there was a kingdom known as Hyrule. This kingdom was the most glorious in all the land of Hylia, an almost utopian land which extended from sea to mountain peaks. However, not all was right in this land. It was constantly besieged by an evil warlord by the name of Ganon, who sought to obtain a sacred power known only as the Triforce. Every time Ganon appeared, however, a hero in green would step up to save the land and slay the pig-like demon, restoring peace to Hyrule. The hero, the princess guardian of the Triforce, and Ganon himself were part of a vicious cycle of rebirth that spanned eons.

It is said, however, that one generation, the goddesses that protected Hyrule and kept watch over the cycle of rebirth... simply stopped keeping it in balance.

Ganon returned to Hyrule, as the ancient Hyrulean legends had said would happen, but no hero ever appeared. Ganon laid waste to the land, unable to be stopped by anything. The princess prayed to the goddesses to help them, but to no avail- they did nothing to help the people. Ganon had burned the kingdom to the ground, and the remaining Hyruleans fled underground, the only place safe from Ganon's wrath. But just as Ganon was about to finally obtain the Triforce... it disappeared from the Sacred Realm in which it had been guarded.

No of us know what happened to the Triforce, or what Ganon did afterward, but one thing is certain... the Hyruleans never returned to the world above, for fear of incurring the warlord's malice.

The game begins with Link's mother waking the young boy from an apparently fitful sleep. She tells him that he's been sleeping for far longer than he should be, and that his sister has been doing her best to cover his shift in the mining operation. Startled, Link leaps out of bed and puts on a uniform, rushing out the door with very little breakfast.

Upon reaching the mining site, he sees his sister, Zelda, speaking with the mine operator. When Link approaches, Zelda smiles while the operator barks angrily at him, asking him why he hasn't gotten to work in the mine yet. Link sheepishly walks off toward the mineshaft, after receiving his pickaxe from Zelda, who claims that he had left them at the mine the night before.

Inside the mineshaft, Link is met by his fellow miners as the player is instructed how the game's new mining feature works. As Link mines, finding some Goddess Ore along the way, he eventually uncovers what appears to be a flat wall of some kind behind the rock wall. Excavating further, he discovers that it is actually a door, with strange yet familiar designs swirling around on it. The bell for lunch rings, and the other miners walk for for a break, but Link, determined to find out what the door's purpose is, enters it.

Link discovers that the door leads to a strange temple, with architecture incorporating the same designs portraying what appears to be a place with large, tall plants and a massive orb shining down on the Hylians- a far cry from the Starstone-lit caverns that the Hylians had known for thousands of years. Just then, he heard the sound of footsteps behind him- Zelda, who had ventured into the mine to check why Link hadn't returned for his lunch break. Link began explaining why he had ventured in the door when he suddenly heard another noise, which sounded infinitely more monstrous.

Link ventured onward, wielding his pickaxe to the best of his ability. Zelda refused to stop following him, saying that their mother would kill her if Link came back injured, and that she had brought her slingshot to protect her. They made their way through the strange building, looking at more strange glyphs and artwork that depicted a land filled with light, something the children were not used to. Eventually, they reached an open room, with the source of the monstrous noise being revealed- a bat-like humanoid.

Slowly, the bat creature turned towards them, its face shifting from a frightened expression to a sinister smile. It slowly began walking towards Link and Zelda, trying to calm their nerves with a deep voice, and saying that the two would be the first two Hylians to behold his master's glory in a long, long time. Seeing the two were confused, the bat creature introduced itself as Cachiro, servant of the dark lord Ganon and leader of Ganon's underground excursion force.

Link and Zelda were confused; the bat creature was implying that the caves they had known for all their lives were just a second world compared to this "surface", one ruled over by the beast named Ganon. Cachiro, becoming angry at the children, decided to end the conversation and attack them. The children managed to beat the creature, but it survived, deciding to refocus its efforts in collecting something it called the "Sun Shards", teleporting out of the temple.


The World Below is a top-down Zelda game akin to A Link Between Worlds, but takes on the Triforce Heroes "Toon Link" art-style. The game is heavily based off of the former, with the ability to tackle dungeons in any order, though returns to the traditional method of obtaining items instead of a rental system.

Unlike the previous games in the series, the overworld is procedural generated. While dungeon layouts remain the same, dungeon locations vary every time a new save file is started, as does the rest of the overworld. To compensate for this, Link has been granted more methods of exploration, including carving tunnels through certain types of rock.


The main new mechanic of the game is Partners, inspired by Spirit Tracks, Triforce Heroes and the Paper Mario series. Link comes across multiple partners throughout the game, and each possesses unique abilities that assist Link in puzzle-solving and combat. Link can switch partners in real-time using a relic on the lower screen called the Partner Wheel.

Name Description Abilities
Link The latest incarnation of the Hero of Hyrule, this time as a mining worker in the underground area below the kingdom. Link is a bit of a klutz, but he's an undeniable hero, and now ventures across the caverns that he calls home to find a method of returning to the surface.
  • Primary Character
  • Omniwielder
Zelda Link's sister, also part of his mining community. Sweet, kind, and helpful, Zelda is always there for her twin brother, ensuring he stays safe during his epic quest to save everyone from the Underground.
  • Slingshot
  • Bow Aptitude
  • Legendary


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Located
Every able-bodied Hylian boy is put to work mining, so each one gets this pickaxe. It's in poor condition, but it can carve through weak rock with ease.
Given by Zelda upon arrival to the Mining Site.
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