The Legend of Zelda: The Twin Blades is a fan game by Darklight Studios, inc. It centers around the young Nill, a young gil who is seeking retribution for what she believes was an attempt on Zelda's life. During her hunt, however, she finds who she believes to be the culprit in Link, and the two begin a deadly game of cat-and-mouse that ultimately threatens both their lives as well as the fate of their beloved Kingdom.


Link, who has returned to his home village and his life as a farmer, is attacked by several monsters. He defeats them easily, only to see that Dark Link was with them. He duels with his other self, defeating it. Link reasons that if the evil dopplegangher has apeared, then the Master sword has been disturbed. It turns out he was right, and he sets out to retrieve it. He finds it missing, and immediately rushes to the castle to warn the princess.

When Link enters Hyrule castle, he is shocked to see Dark Link, carrying the Master Sword, has slain all of the guards and defeats him easily. The shadowy creature then grabs Zelda, but instead of kidnapping her, slits her throat and throws her through a window, killing her. Fleeing the scene, Link is seen now not only as an attempted murder, but a full-fledged assassin in the eyes of the people. Link flees Hyrule, entering a neighboring country and working there as a mercenary.

Ten years pass before a young woman named Nill finds Link, and while their duel is close she still loses. This is not before she tells the village what Link has done, however, and the entire group turns on Link. With his pride shattered, Link flees to a temple deep in the woods, where he finds Dark Link waiting.

Link pursues his dark self deep into the temple until they reach the end, where Dark Link explains that he intends on reviving Ganondorf,then ressurects a huge Shadow creature, which Link defeats. Determined to get something of equal power of the Master Sword and stopping Dark Link, Link sets out to find any way for him to contact Midna, who he hopes will have a solution.

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