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The Legend of Zelda: The Sun King
Loz skcover
Developer(s) TalixArts
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Fall 2011
Single player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platformer
Media Included Unknown

The Legend of Zelda: The Sun King is the direct sequel to Mystic Beginnings like Majora's Mask to Ocarina of Time and Phantom Hourglass to The Wind Waker. In some aspects the game maybe codename as Mystic Beginnings 2 since it does follow events after the previous game. It is set for the Wii for a 2011 release. The teaser tagline is "When There's Light, There's Darkness".


After the events of Mystic Beginnings, Link begins to head home after defeating the evil Ganondorf and saving Princess Zelda; as he travels back home, Link crosses path with a evil sorceress, Lunina. Link doesn't know what kind of situation he stumbles in when a unexpected threat sends him from his path home to Hyrule's sister city, Solaris. When Link enters the City of Pure Light, he realizes Lunina's plan is to take over the city of Solaris and turn the light to complete darkness. Ado returns and in an impromptu time to rejoin Link in his next adventure; and when the Princess of Solaris, Corona seeks help, the lucky duo agrees to help. To save the city and stop Lunina, Link must explore Solaris and re-explore Hyrule to find the one key to victory, The Sun King. As the adventure continues, Ado's past comes clear, Princess Zelda returns to help out Link, and Lunina's plan is further discovered to be the revenge of Ganondorf.


Mystic Eye

The Mystic Eye was a major part of the previous game; it is a object can cast spells from altering time to stopping time to even rewinding time; other spells can activate shields and other defensive powers. In the middle part of the game, Link may need the eye to defeat a challegning battle.

Master Sword

Like many the original series and the previous game, the Master Sword returns in the game and has a main part. It is the ultimate and most powerful double-edge sword Link uses to "repel evil", which enables it to overcome powerful dark magic and evil beings.

Sun Stone

The Sun Stone is a key object in Link's quest. The stone was given to Corona from her father, where legend tolds the stone holds powers of the Sun. When Corona gives Link the stone to help in his quest, the stone gives Link many abilites and powers that echoes the Sun; Link can use his shield to blind his enemies, he can use the stone's powers to recede the darkness that is taken over any light being, can fuse the powers to the Hero's sword or the Master Sword to use the Light Bane attack (the sword can slash any enemy with a wave of light), and can also hone fire-like weapons like the Fire Sword, Fire Bow, Fire Claw, and Fire Boots.

    • One key ability the sun stone can help Link the most is transforming himself into Light Link (or Sol Link). This ability happens when Link finds the Light Armor, and the power of the armor with the power of the stone transforms Link into a angelic/heavenly-like being. Light Link's skills unlike regular Link are five times stronger, the sword attacks is much more powerful, he can summon magical light spheres (long arrow-like shapes that is completely pure light) and light orbs.



Solaris is the sister city of Hyrule; its almost fourty miles away from Hyrule Castle. The city itself is usually dubbed the name as The City of Light. It was the Hyrulian Royal Family that first established the city a century ago, but fifteen years ago, a powerful figure in Hyrule help ruled the kingdom thus making him the title of The Sun King. After Ganondorf's failed attempt to rule Hyrule, The Sun King simply vanished without a clue. And the city becomes helpless when the evil sorcerss, Lunina, starts taking over by turing everything from light into darkness.

  • Sol Ventur
    • Earth Temple
  • Sol Bargo
    • Wind Temple
  • Sol Inferna
    • Fire Temple
  • Sol Aquaraus
    • Water Temple
  • Sol Manor (Kingdom of the Solarian Royal Family)


In the beginning of the game, Link is leaving the castle to head home, but instead finds himself in the path to Solaris. Sometime later in the game, Link travels back to areas of Hyrule to find important stuff—one of them is The Sun King.

  • Kirocuou Hills (Reboot version of Kakariko Village)
  • Death Mountain
  • Gerudo Valley
  • Lake Hylia
  • Lost Woods
  • Hyrule Castle
    • Courtyard


(p) playable

  • Link (p): The protagonist of the game. He must stop the evil Lunina and must find the Sun King.
  • Ado (p): Link's unlucky sidekick from the previous game; he helps out Link again and this time his past is explore.
  • Princess Zelda (p): The beautiful daughter of the Hyrulian Royal Family. She helps Link this time in his quest to find the Sun King.
  • Princess Corona: Daughter of the Solarian Royal Family, she seeks Link's help to find her father, The Sun King to stop Lunina.
  • The Sun King: He is the ruler of Solaris and father of Corona, who suddenly disappeared after the events of Mystic Beginnings.
  • Lunina: The main antagonist of the game; she is a evil sorceress that hones the powers of the Moon; she maybe the reboot version of Vaati.
  • Ganondorf: Vicious tyrant from previou game who Link defeated. It will be discover in the game that Lunina will have a connection to Ganondorf, but more specifically as her plan is nicknamed the revenge of Ganondorf.(He might return some point in the game)
  • Epona the horse: Link's companion when he needs her for traveling.
  • Gibbions: Lunina's monster henchmen, made from her own magic and are entirely made of darkness, they start taking over the city of Solaris.
  • Boss Creatures (True Gibbions):
    • Barbus
    • Kalmedon
    • Malidor
    • Ratchus
    • Neptunis
    • Vasarian
    • Odoen
    • Luptkis
    • Granulegen


The Legend of Zelda: Pandora's Quest

The Legend of Zelda: Pandora's Quest is the upcoming sequel to The Sun King and will be the final entry in the Mystic Saga. In the game, Link ventures to the Badlands to find the Triforce Pendulum while searching for clues for his lost family, and is unaware of a new threat—Darkling Link—and a old threat—Ganondorf. It will be out in 2013.

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