The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow King is the 20th game in the Legend of Zelda series (excluding non-canon games and spinoffs) and a direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It was released on the Nintendo Switch in March 12, 2021.


In 2017, Nintendo released The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild as a launch title for the Nintendo Switch. It received critical acclaim from almost all reviewers for its pioneering open-world structure, but attracted some criticism for its lack of traditional dungeons and weapon durability system.

At the end of Nintendo's 2019 E3 direct, Nintendo showed a short trailer for a yet-unnamed sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The trailer showed Link and Zelda exploring in a dark cave, until what appeared to be Ganondorf's corpse awoken from a seal placed by a mysterious green hand, which then fused to Link's hand. This fuelled speculation on what the glowing green hand was and whose corpse it was. Nintendo later confirmed that the sequel was being produced due to the developemnt team having too many ideas for DLC.


Hylian Renaissance

After the events ofThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wildand the defeat of Calamity Ganon, Hyrule underwent a renaissance. The decontamination of Central Hyrule allowed for the resettlement of Castle Town and the conversion of the Hyrule Field into farmland.

Champion Festival and Ganondorf's Awakening

On the 30th anniversary of Calamity Ganon's defeat


Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: The Shadow King is divided into 16 provinces (Akkala, Central Hyrule, Daltina, Eldin, Faron, Gerudo, Gongoro, Great Plateau, Hebra, Kamikari, Lanayru, Necluda, Ridgeland, Tabantha, Yaltum, and Zonai). 11 of these return from Breath of the Wild, while 5 are new.

Region Subegion Location Description
Akkala Akkala Plains AK1
Akkala Ancient Tech Lab
A laboratory built out of an old lighthouse dedicated to researching ancient technology.
Akkala Hills AK2
Tarrey Town
A small town built on an island in Lake Akkala. It is one of the most ethnically diverse towns in Hyrule.
Central Hyrule Hyrule Castle and Castle Town CH1 Hyrule Castle Crypt Caves underneath Hyrule Castle that were once the burial location of Ganondorf, the Shadow King.
Castle Town
The largest city in Hyrule. Was repaired after the Great Calamity.
Hyrule Field CH2
Kalame Ranch
Daltina Daltina Shrublands DA1
Ikana Delta DA1
Daltus Town
A Western-aesthetic village on the delta of the Ikana River. Has constantly been plagued by Yiga Clan raids.
Eldin Eldin Mountains EL1
Death Mountain Foothills EL2
Goron City
A town built in the midst of Death Mountain, home to the Gorons.
Eldin Canyon EL3
Rauru Hillsides EL4
Great Hyrule Forest EL5
Korok Forest
A small vilage carved into the Grest Deku Tree by Koroks for Link's arrival.
Faron Faron Grasslands FA1
Gerudo Gerudo Desert GE1
Gerudo Town
A walled town in the Gerudo Desert, home to the Gerudo. Have recently started allowing voe in.
Kara Kara Oasis
A town built around an oasis on the road to Gerudo Town.
Southern Oasis
A town built around an oasis in the South Gerudo Desert.
Gerudo Research Lab
An otherwise unassuming laboratory in the most lightning-prone area of the Gerudo Desert built and run by Renami for the sole purpose of researching and harnessing electrisity.
Gerudo Highlands GE2
Gerudo Canyon and East Gerudo Highlands GE3
Gongoro GO1
Tal Tal Archipelago GO2 Ocean Temple
Indigo IslandGO4
Great Plateau
Hebra Tabantha Tundra HE1
Kamikari Great Ice Cap KA1
Polari Pyramid
A mysterious pyramid encased in the ice of the Great Ice Cap.
Kamikari Steppe KA2
Kamikari Town
A sprawling village of yurts home to the horse-like Kamikari race.
Lanayru Crenel Plains LA1
Lanayru Wetlands LA2
Zora Riverina LA3
Zora's Domain
A city built out of luminous stone over Lake Ruto. Home to the Zora.
Lanayru Heights LA4
Kakariko Village
A village inhabited by the Sheikah.
Hamaqa Etsa Shrine A shrine buried under the Kakariko Graveyard, uncovered by an earthquake.
Mt. Lanayru HE1
Necluda West Necluda NE1
Necluda Valley NE2
Hateno Valley and Coast NE3
Necluda Plateau NE4
Lurelin Coast NE5
Ridgeland Satori Mountain and Field RL1
Hyrule Ridge RL2
Serenne Grassland RL3
Tabantha TB
Yaltum Karah Lowlands YA1
Yaltonian Wetlands YA2
Dakure Wilderness YA3
Fortress of the Bokoblin King
Exactly what it says on the box. Heavily armed by advanced monsters
Zonai Lake Gustaf ZO1
Zonai Rainforest ZO2
Ordor Hills ZO3


Gerudo · Goron · Hylians · Kamikari · Komaya · Rito · Sheikah · Yiga · Zora

For more info on the races, see each of the individual pages.


Character Information Description
Hero of the Wild
Race Hylian
Location Plateau Outpost GP
Princess of Hyrule
Race Hylian The damsel in distress many games over, Princess Zelda fulfills the role of obligatory assistant in SK.
Location ? ?
Impa Race Sheikah Kakariko Village's elder and Princess Zelda's trusty assistant. One of the few non-Zoras who witnessed the Great Calamity 130 years ago.
Location Kakariko Village LA4
Purah Race Sheikah Impa's older sister and researcher at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab.
Location Hateno Ancient Tech Lab NE3
Robbie Race Sheikah A Sheikah researcher at the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab. Has a robot forge that produces gear from remnants of ancient technology.
Location Akkala Ancient Tech Lab AK2
Renami Race Gerudo A researcher at the newly-established Gerudo Research Lab. Is busy investigating the power of electrisity.
Location Gerudo Research Lab GE1
Khan of the Kamikari
Race Kamikari The proud and charismatic leader of the Kamikari race. Has a crush on Link.
Location Kamiakri Town KA2


Items return from previous Zelda games. Most items are given to you in dungeons, but some are acquired through different means.


The Hookshot is given to you somewhere.

Korok Leaf

The Korok Leaf is given to you in Port Hateno. It can be used to create a gust of air to blow away small elemies or sail a raft.



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