The Legend of Zelda: The Jewel of Life is a game made by Vectrix, inc. It brings with it a new Zelda experience: button-press jumping. You can now make Link jump at any time, adding a platforming sense to the well-renowned series.


Prologue: In a distant desert, the Okai were a developing civilization. Then the legendary demon Golorus put together a massive sandstorm that wiped out every citizen in the sands. Then a great light god named Dinok constructed a jewel with the existence of the Okai in it, hoping that a hero would come along and resurrect the civilization and stop Golorus.

Story: Link, a young postman for Roadrunner Postal Service, wakes up from his sleep in his wood hut. He puts on his uniform (a green-colored tunic, obviously.) and runs over to the post office. Reku, the postmaster, gives Link 4 mail deliveries (which utilize the manual jump and roll functions.) After that, Link is sent to deliver a letter to the Royal Island Capitol. During his journey, he is stopped by the Mail Jackers (a gang that takes peoples' mail.) Link has to take out his Emergency Blade and fight! After beating the gang and reaching the capitol, it disappears! Then Epona, Link's mail horse, turns evil and throws him onto the ground. He struggles as his trusty steed turns evil and becomes the officially named Golorus Horse. The first boss battle begins! To be continued.

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