The Legend of Zelda: The Golden Sword is the latest Legend of Zelda adventure for the Wii U developed by Aples Industries. The game takes place a century after A Link Between Worlds - the father of the hero that appeared in A Link Between Worlds is the hero of this game.

The start of the game is really different from other Zelda games . . . sort of. You'll find the young-looking hero sleeping in his special white-and-green sweater bundled up in his bed. He seems cozy when all of the sudden he tumbles out of bed. What a Link Awakening! . . . whoops, I mean rude awakening.

You'll soon find out the town you live in is Beach Harbor, a small village on the beach. Talking to your grandpa will tell you that your grandpa has knitted all of your special sweaters - the one you're wearing is no exception. However, it seems that he's missing your favorite blue sweater (which was apparently the thing you came to your grandpa for) and he recalls that he might've left it in the Deku Forest down south while he was picking berries. After venturing a long way into the Deku Forest you'll find something - but it isn't the sweater. It's a sword buried in the leaves - yellow but shiny. Pick it up and find out that it's the legendary Golden Sword, and then a relationship shall begin.

Knowing that the Golden Sword is in the title of the game, it's probably a big part of the game. And it is! You'll find out your grandpa's sweater was blown into the Great Deku Tree's dungeon, a dungeon that no one has survived long enough in. (That's why there's some bones around the dungeon. Eughhh!) But with your Golden Sword, your grandpa forces you to get his sweater. How nice!

You'll breeze through the dungeon no sweat. Every enemy will be killed with one blast from the Golden Sword, and since the dungeon is mostly battling, it'll go really fast. Hands down the easiest Zelda dungeon ever. Once you uncover the sweater, though, you must go back through the whole dungeon AGAIN to exit. However, there is no battling this time.

Sounds easy? Of course it does. And that's why this game isn't all about the Golden Sword. It's about dragons and giants. The dragons are very common bosses. You'll find many different bosses with many different designs. The eighth dungeon (Lava Dungeon) has a treasure chest that contains the stick of love. If you ever find the rare baby dragon you can tame it, wait for it to grow up, and then ride it around or give it orders, like destroying a village, a person you really hate or the more powerful enemy, the giant. Giants are no doubt harder to kill, as you have to climb their leg and up their back to the spot where their heart is (or at least close to it). Then you cut through for an instant kill! Of course, your tamed dragon can also fight the giant (a pretty epic fight) but half the time the dragon will lose and be killed. It'll take a long time before you find another baby dragon.

There are 30 dungeons in the game (8 are fire dungeons, 10 are earth-based dungeons, 2 are dungeons involving a lot of water, 5 are combat dungeons and 5 are wind-based dungeons). Each dungeon has a boss dragon at the end of it. Each dragon looks different and some may not even look like dragons at all. Giants are encountered at random, but never in dungeons.

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