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The Legend of Zelda: The Axeron Sundial
Developer(s) Moonlight Studios Logo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii u
Genre(s) Adventure
Release Date(s) Spring/Summer 2015
Mode(s) Single Player, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) 12Rating

The Legend of Zelda: The Axeron Sundial is the nineteenth canon-game in the Zelda Series. It is the second game released for the Wii U, succeeding Zelda Wii U.

The game is viewed to be similar to Twilight Princess in terms of design and gameplay. However, it is considered to be part of a new timeline, since the locations and map of Hyrule are much different to any seen before.

The game has an estimated release date of Late Spring to Early Summer 2015, however this is yet to be confirmed.


Unlike previous Zelda Games, the game introduces new modes into the series, such as Antagonist Mode and Brawl Mode.

  • Single Player - Take control of the fated hero and save the land of Hyrule from the power of Ganondorf.
    • Boss Rush - Battle all the Dungeon Bosses consecutively.
    • Antagonist Mode - Take control of some of the Antagonists and Bosses within the game, and see if you can beat Link.
  • Multiplayer
    • Time Trial - Battle locally or online to see who can beat certain dungeons the quickest.
    • Brawl Mode - Take control of characters you have unlocked and fight in a Super Smash Bros. style arena with the battles taking place in certain area's of the game.


The gameplay is much more choice based than many other Zelda games, since most dungeons can be completed in no certain order. Despite that, some still have connections between them. For instance, keys now correspond to certain dungeons, so keys for the Water Temple may be found in the overworld or in other dungeons, so you must find them in other dungeons to help you advance. Or, events in other dungeons may be needed to access certain areas in others.

In certain parts of the game, Link may not be the only one playable. During the quest, Zelda, Midna and Ghirahim will be come playable.







  • ??? - Sage of Grass
  • ??? - Sage of Fire
  • ??? - Sage of Water
  • ??? - Sage of Light
  • ??? - Sage of Shadow
  • ??? - Sage of Spirit
  • ??? - Sage of Twilight
  • ??? - Sage of Sky
  • ??? - Sage of Space
  • ??? - Sage of Time


Bosses and Minibosses


Image Name Description Location Unlocked
Axeron Sundial An item that revert the time periods in any location. It also contains the power of the sages. Unlocked when the first 10 Dungeons are complete.
Ball and Chain (Item) Ball and Chain Temple of Time
Beetle Beetle Derelict Tower
Bomb (Item) Bomb Goron Hot Springs
Bomb Satchel
Boomerang An item that can be used to destroy certain things. It also has two attachments: The Gale Segment and the Razor Segment. Faron Treetops
Bow Crafted Bow A Bow made especially to cope with all sorts of arrows, such as Fire, Ice and Light. Zora Palace
Clawshot (Item)
Clawshot/Clawshots Humid Citadel, Space Terminal
Creation Quill It can bring certain drawings and paintings to life. It can also send certain items back into them as well. Sky Pyramid
Dominion Rod Dominion Rod A rod that is able to control statues. The statues will view the user as their "master" and copy their movements. Light Shadow Cave
Gallant Sceptre This Sceptre is able to fire bolts, just like Zelda does. They can break seals created by even the strongest sorcerer's and sorceress's. Light Shadow Cave
Goronian Gloves These gloves allow the user to climb certain surfaces. They can also go underground. Goron Hot Springs
Gust Bellows Gust Bellows Zora Palace
Hylian Shield Hylian Shield
Iron Boots Space Terminal
Lasso A simple item that can latch on to far away objects. It can used to bring them close or bring the user closer. Faron Treetops
Mallet Temple of Time
Master Sword Master Sword Temple of Time
Reflector A Tecaz Creation that can reflect mostly everything. It can also create duplicates and set down in different objects. Twilight Chambers
Sheikah Cloak It enables the user to become invisible. It also allows them to see objects that normally they couldn't see. Twilight Chambers
Spinner Spinner Humid Citadel
Twilight Ring It allows humans, and other species to survive in the Twilight Province.
Whip Whip Derelict Tower
Wingéd Boots The Oocca created these to allow other species to walk among the clouds. Sky Pyramid
Zora Armour The user is able to swim, and survive, under the water.



Province Notable Locations Province Notable Locations
Hyrule Province Hyrule Village
Castle Town
Hyrule Castle
Castle Outskirts
Northern Field
Outcrop Village
Amazon Province
Faron Province Tech Province
Eldin Province Twilight Province
Lanayru Province Cloud Province


Name Location Province Theme Key Items Key Design Mini-Boss(es) Boss Reward
Goron Hot Springs Eldin Province Water, Fire Goronian Gloves, Bomb Satchel, Lantern Ruby Shard
Sage of Fire
Faron Treetops Faron Province Grass, Air Lasso, Boomerang, Gale Segment, Razor Segment Emerald Shard
Sage of Forest
Zora Palace Lanayru Province Water, Desert Zora Armour, Gust Bellows, Crafted Bow Sapphire Shard
Sage of Water
Derelict Tower Tech Province Electric Beetle, Whip Topaz Shard
Sage of Spirit
Humid Citadel Amazon Province Jungle, Shadow, Magic Spinner, Clawshot Opal Shard
Sage of Shadow
Light Shadow Cave Eldin Province Light, Shadow, Rock Dominion Rod, Gallant Sceptre Quartz Shard
Sage of Light
Sky Pyramid Cloud Province Wind, Air Creation Quill, Wingéd Boots Aquamarine Shard
Sage of Sky
Space Terminal Cloud Province Space, Light Clawshot, Iron Boots Moonstone Shard
Sage of Space
Twilight Chambers Twilight Province Twilight, Darkness, Water Twilight Ring, Sheikah Cloak, Reflector Amethyst Shard
Sage of Twilight
Temple of Time Faron Province Ice, Rock, Light Ball and Chain, Mallet Moonstone Shard
Sage of Time
Poe Mansion Hyrule Province Ghost All Key Part
Abandoned Factory Tech Province Factory All Key Part
Colossal Ruins Amazon Province Rock, Time, Light All Key Part


Name Location Province Theme Key Items Key Design Mini-Boss(es) Boss Reward
Temple of Time Faron Province Light Master Sword


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