The Legend of Zelda: Sounds of the Shadows is an upcoming Legend of Zelda game that takes place sometime inbetween the events of Majora's Mask and Twilight Princess with Link embarking on a new quest to save Hyrule from the shadows.



Many millenia ago, three godesses descended from the heavens to create Hyrule. They were Din, goddess of power, Farore, godess of courage, and Nayru, goddess of wisdom. Each goddess created a diffeent part of the land, Din formed the terrain, Farore created nature and life, and Nayru created the laws and physics. Eventually, before returning to the heavens, An evil spirit, Harud the goddess of shadows, decided to try to overthrow the three goddesses and use their powers for herself. The three easily defeated her, and banished Harud and the Orb of Shadows inside Mount Vlonan, a volcano found in the Arubak Sea.

Journey for Zelda

Link, a young man, wakes up from a long sleep in his small house in his usually quiet little village, Ordon Village. He steps outside in his scraggy clothes and notices a lot of commotion near the entrance to Faron Woods. His friend, Ally, tells him that a terrible beast has made a nest in the forest and that it is disrupting the plant life and animals living in it. Link decides to venture into the forest to see this beast for himself. He grabs his Ordon Knife and sets out. Before he goes he must get permission from the village leader, Elone. Link enters Elone's house only to see the window broken and a bunch of leaves everywhere. Link heads behind Elone's house and sees a bunch of Deku Babas surrounding him. He quickly kills them, and saves Elone. He is then granted permission to go into the woods. He also recieves the Ordon Shield.

Link enters the Faron Woods, and sees three Deku Baba guarding a chest. He defeats them, and gets the Fairy Bow. Near the end of the woods, he sees a small waterfall. He jumps down and lands in the Forbidden River. He travels downstream until he comes across a big Octorok. He defeats it, and gets back on land. Following the river, Link finds his way to a giant temple of sorts. As he approaches it, a fairy approaches him. He introduces himself, and says that this is the Forest Temple, the center of all live in Faron Woods and Ordon Village. He tells Link inside is the queen of the arachnids, Gohma. Link uses his Fairy Bow to hit an eye above the door and unlock it. He then enters.

Inside, Link is given the choice of going right or left, he must go left and defeat a Deku Scrub and grab the key to unlock a room in the right. He returns to the main room and goes through the right door. He them fights a Quadro Baba, and continues on through the locked door. He finds himself in a room full of grass. Link must pull the brown grass to reveal a hidden hole. Through the hole he finds a key, and continues on through the room above. Link enters a room with four doors, and a wall of stone. Link must enter the door at the very right, defeat a Quadro Baba, and open the chest with Bombs. He then has to return to the room with four doors, blow up the stone wall, and enter the cave. Link then enters a room with a giant hole in it. He must jump down and fall to the floor below. He then must defeat all the Deku Babas and get a key to open the nest door. He then finds himself in a small room with a hole in the roof. Link must use his Fairy Bow to hit the eye directly above him to expand the walls. He then finds a large treasuere chest with a Boss Key in it. He then must open the door in front of him to fight Gohma.

Link enters the dark room, and after taking a few steps, is confronted by a giant spider-like creature poking its head through the ceiling. Link must hit it's eye to make it fall. The creature gets angry, and starts chasing Link. He must then hit Gohma with his sword so that it climbs the ceiling and starts spitting acid at him. After he does this 4 more times, Gohma falls to the ground, and starts circling around the room. Link must throw a bomb at it to defeat it. It then disappears and its eye falls out, shrivles, and reveals a small, green ring.

Link returns to Ordon Village, and is congratulated by Elone, and i believed to be the Hero of Time from a century before, and is given the Hero Tunic. Elone then tells him that Princess Zelda has been waiting for this hero for years, and that Link should go to Hyrule Castle to give her a visit. Link enters Hyrule Castle Town, and crosses through the busy market only to find Impa waiting for him at the entrance to Hyrule Castle. She introduces herself, informs him that Zelda has headed to Clockwork Town, and that if he wants to see her, he must go there.

Link advances across Hyrule Field to Rubiak Gate. The guard there tells him that Impa informed them of his arrival. He enters the thrving Town, and heads toward the Clocktower. A strange man clad in black warns Link that a girl looking for "a green man" headed into the sewers, and warns him of the great terrors below. Link enters the sewers, and runs to the back, where he sees a hole. He approaches it, and is then sucked in. In the large room below, he sees a giant grandfather clock spinning. It eventually grows a bunch of strange, golden arms, and crawls around the room. Link must use his Bow to strike the figure in the eye in the center of the clock. The golden shields around its arm the retract, allowing him to strike them. Once all 6 arms are destroyed, the monster stars shooting fire out of it's eye. Link must carefully use his Bow to close it, strike the glass surrounding the pendulum, and strike it, breaking it, and destroying the monster. The pendulum then glows and transforms into a small, golden sword. Link grabs it, and then sees Impa again. She informs him this was a test to prove that this was the Hero of Time from the legends. She claims that Clockwork was a dangerous beast that even a Sheikah would not be able to beeat, let alone a single Hylian, and that only the Hero of Time would be strong enough to. She then takes him to Hyrule Castle to explain more.

The Three Rings

Hylia's Keepsakes

The Nine Shrines

The Sky

Quest for the Triforce

The Final Battle





Allies and other NPCs


Ordon Village

Goron Lakes

Zora's Domain

Deku Town

Kokiri Forest

Gerudo Trench


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