The Legend of Zelda: Soul Compass is a Legend of Zelda game co-developed by Nintendo and Pyro Enterprises and released for the Midas. The game expands on the gameplay of the hit Nintendo Switch game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but adds many new gameplay mechanics, such as the inclusion of a secondary "dark world" akin to classic Zelda titles, as well as all-new gender options for Link.



Long ago, the kingdom of Hyrule was attacked by the relentless forces of a powerful warlord from another nation. His name was Ganondorf, and he sought the power of the Triforce, a mystical wish-granting artifact left by the goddesses who created Hyrule. Ganondorf kidnapped the young Princess Zelda, holder of one of the Triforce pieces, and it was up to Link, chosen hero of the goddess Hylia, to rescue her.

After many trials and hardships, Link came to the stronghold of Ganondorf, slaying the vile conqueror where he stood. Zelda freed at last, she came down to welcome her hero... but the celebration was not to last.

Link took the Master Sword, weapon of the Golden Goddesses, and stabbed themselves right in the chest, the blade shattering as the divine essence it had scattered across the land. Zelda was horrified, but things took a turn for the worse as the shambling Link, a look of pure insanity across their face, slew the princess in a single blow, exhausting the last of their strength.

All three bearers of the Triforce had been slain, and Hyrule was coming to a slow and painful demise. However, the scattered power of the Master Sword and the spirit within, an emissary of Hylia, prevented the catastrophe from growing too great... Using its diminished power to shelter the souls of all of Hyrule, the kingdom became a spirit world, lost to time itself.

Or so they say....

Link, after hearing strange screaming and crying sounds in their sleep, awakes in their bed inside a military bunkhouse, soldiers all along the walls sleeping soundly. Getting out of bed, they put on some nightclothes before leaving the bunkhouse and entering the courtyard of a massive castle. Walking up some nearby stairs, they eventually made their way to a balcony, and stood there watching the sunrise and surveying the beautiful landscape visible from it. As the sun rose, a door behind Link opened as a young girl popped her head out, rubbing her tired eyes.

Hmmmmm... Link? What are you doing up this early? Is something wrong?
Princess Zelda

After a quick wake-up session between the princess and Link, Zelda asked them if they were prepared for the attack on the Yiga hideout he and the other soldiers were assigned to carry out that day; not even she, the princess of Hyrule, was let in on what the purpose of the strike was for. Link's unwavering expression was proof enough for the princess that Link was prepared to do anything for their kingdom, and she smiled and complemented their courage- something Zelda herself felt she lacked. Before Link could ask what she was worried about, a soldier entered the room, telling Link to get away from the princess and prepare for the attack.

The sun was high in the sky when Link and the other troops finally made their way to the village where the Yiga had been sighted. It was a small town in the middle of Hyrule Plains, a Lonia settlement... although nobody was settling there anymore, as Link and the other soldiers looked over the pale, lifeless bodies of the townsfolk. The Yiga had come and stolen their souls. Most of the soldiers looked frightened, but Link walked on, spotting something slinking in the shadows. When an arrow whistled over their heads, the soldiers drew their weapons, and a horde of Yiga warriors emerged to battle them.

Link's hand is hit with an arrow from afar, knocking the weapon from their hand, and control is passed over to the player, thrust into a battle against Yiga forces as a tutorial introduction to the basics of combat. Eventually, the Hylian soldiers are driven back by the Yiga and their powerful magic, and Link is knocked to the ground along with the remaining troops by a massive explosion of unknown energy. As the smoke cleared, Link saw a woman in eerie-looking robes emerge from the shadows, her head and eyes wrapped in bandage carrying the mark of the Yiga clan. The woman surveyed the battlegrounds, and nodded to the troops seemingly under her command, who began scurrying about and cupping their hands to the necks of the fallen soldiers. Their skin went pale as small blue wisps flew from their bodies, which the assassins grabbed and seemingly absorbed into their bodies. Link struggled to get up, but this garnered the attention of the woman herself, who walked over to Link.

You... I sense great potential in your soul. You possess courage unlike any my eyes have seen before... Your soul will make a fine weapon for the Yiga Clan.
Mysterious woman

The mysterious woman lunged for Link's neck, but a flash of golden energy let loose from their body, knocking her on her back. Link struggled to stand, grabbing a nearby sword and the woman stood up herself. Asking Link what unholy capabilities they possessed to prevent her from taking their spirit, she decided that their very prescense was a threat to Hyrule on a grand scale. Confused, Link simply stared at the woman as she got up off the ground, strange black fire leaking from her wounds. In a split second, she vanished, reappearing behind Link with a blade of strange shadowy matter emerging from her wrist.

Don't think of this as me killing you, Hylian. Think of this as me sparing this entire kingdom from the centuries of torment you would bring it.
Mysterious woman

With one swift motion, the woman stabbed Link through the chest. With one last gasp of life, they fell to the ground, consciousness fading as the woman chuckled before signaling other Yiga troops.

Link awoke with a hollow feeling in their body, an empty sensation that they couldn't determine the origin of. They slowly opened their eyes and struggled to get off the ground before noticing something odd; the sky was a strange pink and red coloration, not from the sun setting or rising, but just seemingly on its own. Confused, Link further realized that they had been moved from the village settlement, placed in a field overgrown with strange, dark blue grass. Link immediately realized that something was extremely wrong; this was not Hyrule. Before they could question thing further, they heard a strange yet familiar humming... Zelda?

Link got up and looked over the horizon; this was certainly not Hyrule. It was almost like a strange, parallel version of the landscape, familiar but with just enough details to feel off somehow. Link was even more confused, questioning what the woman had done to them, but the humming picked up, and they decided to follow Zelda's voice instead of asking questions for the time being. Coming over the hill, they came across the source of the familiar hum... but the spectral figure floating before Link wasn't Zelda. While something about her seemed like Zelda, she too had the strange sensation of being just slightly off. She somehow, without losing Zelda's own child-like innocence, felt ancient and mysterious. The spirit turned around, and her face, resembling that of Zelda's, twisted in a split second reaction of shock and horror.

Wha- No! No! Stay back! Please! Don't hurt me!

The spirit backed away in fright as Link tried to calm her down, saying that they weren't going to do anything to harm her and that they just wanted to know where they were. Eventually, the familiar-looking ghost calmed herself down, and stopped trying to flee from Link.

I... I'm sorry about that. I don't know what came over me. You just brought up dark memories that I can't locate the origin of... Zelda? Yes, that's my name. How did you know? I've never met you before. At least, I can't remember having met you before. I can't remember a lot of things aside from my name, to be fair... Where are we? Well, it doesn't really have a name, but I have come to refer to it as the Lost Kingdom in my time here.

Link was confused, but became even more so when this "Zelda" began looking them over, saying that she'd never seen anybody aside from monsters have a physical, corporeal body; everybody she had ever known was nothing more than a spirit, like her. Link's confusion came to a head, and they asked to know where they were and what the Lost Kingdom was. Zelda explained that she and everybody else had just woken up in the kingdom one day, knowing nothing but their own names. A man named Ganondorf was chosen to be their leader; despite his loss of memory, he had a desire to protect the people, and the power within his soul made others believe he was destined to be a ruler. Under Ganondorf's rule, the Lost Kingdom was prosperous and safe... Until now.

Zelda explained further that ever since a few months ago, strange chains had emerged from the sky and burrowed their way into the ground, creating strange, eldritch ruins near their landing spot. Monsters had been crawling from these ruins, and Ganondorf's soldiers were working double time to protect the kingdom from them. However, she was worried that eventually, her king would fail... But her mood turned from somber to surprised when she realized Link's chest had begun to glow gold.

What is this? I... believe I remember a golden light like this from somewhere... Link, this may just be the feelings of a simple girl, but I feel like you have some destiny far beyond anything either of us could ever imagine. Could... could you be the one who will save the Lost Kingdom from what fate has befallen it?

Zelda pointed off towards a large town in the distance, set at the base of a castle that resembled a cross between Hyrule Castle and a strange Pyramid. She called it the town of Dragmire, and it was the center of Lord Ganondorf's kingdom. She believed that if Link went to him, he could assist Link in somehow destroying the chains that were killing off the land. Before they left, Zelda handed them an item from their pocket; a small purple compass with a spiralling design in the middle. She said she had no idea what it was, but it had acted as a good luck charm for years, and she felt like Link would need it for some reason. Saying goodbye to the phantom girl, Link set off for Dragmire.

After a bit of travelling, Link eventually reached the gates of Dragmire, entering inside to find it a thriving, happy marketplace with crowds of people talking and doing business with one another. Though the peaceful setting put them at ease, something about the people in the city felt eerily off from what Link remembered from Hyrule. There were plenty of races Link didn't recognize, and those that they did, like the Goron and Zora present in the market, looked different than what they were used to. In addition, everybody flowed with the same ghostly energy that Zelda did, making the normal-looking Link stand out like a sore thumb. Feeling out of place, Link travelled to the base of the pyramid-castle, the residence of Lord Ganondorf.

Link entered the pyramid, walking into a main room where an imposing man sat on a small throne, talking to a few servants dressed in white garb. His body was engulfed in threatening red energy, but the man himself didn't seem to be malicious at all; rather, based on the interactions between him and the servants, he seemed like quite the pleasant man. Link approached the man, fully aware of who it was- Lord Ganondorf.

Ah, and who might you be? You seem familiar, though I have no recollection of you... Link, is it? I am sorry, Link, but I must ask you to leave my presence for now. I am busy dealing with grave matters that concern my people. Please return later if you have important matters to- What? You say you know what malady has befallen my kingdom?! If you have proof of this, I will take it. If not, stop wasting my time.
Lord Ganondorf

Link explained that they weren't from Ganondorf's kingdom, but from Hyrule- Ganondorf seemed confused by this, saying the name did not sound familiar to him in the slightest. Desparate, Link ran past Ganondorf towards the balcony behind him. Looking out over the kingdom, they saw massive chains rising into the sky at various points in the ground, the chains themselves marked with an all too familiar symbol- the infamous Eye of Yiga, worn by every member of the clan. A disgruntled Ganondorf demanded to know what Link was talking about, and they explained that they knew who had created the chains assaulting the Lost Kingdom- the Yiga.

Ganondorf thought to himself for a second. His face turned to silent anger upon looking over Link- he could tell they were not of his kingdom, and for all he knew, they could be directly linked to the blight that had been unleashed upon them. He called for his guards, vowing to track down where Link had come from and engage war if they were resonsible for harming those he had sworn to protect. Link was backed into a corner, and upon hitting the wall, the compass that Zelda had given them fell out of their pocket, landing on the ground and opening. Suddenly, the compass released a burst of purple light as a swirling pattern appeared on the ground, Link slowly being sucked into the vortex against their will...

Link reawoke on a grassy hill just outside Hyrule Castle. Getting on their feet, they held the compass in their hand... It had returned them back to Hyrule. The spiraling pattern under the compass's pointer shifted and spiralled, revealing to the one holding it that it was no ordinary compass. Something about this artifact gave them the power to transcend worlds and cross the barrier between life and death. Link decided then and there they needed to end this- by stopping the Yiga, they would save both kingdoms.

You got the Soul Compass!
This mystical artifact was given to you by the Lost Kingdom's Zelda.
Its strange powers connect the two kingdoms together- it will
guide you to the other kingdom when called upon. Simply equip it and
aim at a valid location to utilize it.
Now, time to stop the threat of the Yiga!

Link's immediate reaction was to return to Hyrule Castle Town- they had no idea how long they had spent in the Lost Kingdom, and were worried what would have transpired while they were gone. Returning to the town, they found it in a worrisome condition: while for the most part, things seemed to be fine, the buildings were marked in occasional spots with definite signs of battle damage, and there was a definite air of uneasiness about the townspeople. Link asked around, but few seemed to believe they was actually Link, and many ran off in fear, saying that they were seeing a ghost. Link came to the realization that he had been presumed dead after the Yiga attack... Their mind immediately shifted to the Zelda they knew and loved, who would have been devastated. Link set off for the castle.

Link eventually made their way to Hyrule Castle, finding the doors locked and guards stationed near the front that were not normally posted there. When they approached the door, they were accosted by the guards, who were certain that Link was either an imposter or a ghost, as there was no way they could have possibly survived the Yiga attack. Link explained that they had been wounded but managed to survive, and demanded to know what had happened.

I... I'm sorry, Link. It appears that the attack you and the others were sent out to stop was... Nothing more than a diversion. They came in hordes, damaging property and killing several people. They seemed intent on breaking into the castle... We drove off as many as we could but we... We cannot find Princess Zelda. She appears to have vanished entirely. I'm sorry.
Hylian Castle Guard

Chains of Light: Hunting a Thief

Link's immediate reaction was that of shock, then anger. Their next move was to ask about what happened after the Yiga attack, to which the guards replied that the soldiers had scattered off in all directions- Zelda could be anywhere in the kingdom. Link began to think to themselves... They realized that this attack could be linked to the Yiga curse that had been placed inside the Lost Kingdom. With a twist of the Soul Compass, they rushed back to the land ot the dead.

To their worry, they were sent immediately back into the town of Dragmire once again. Guards rushed about, their faces full of unease, and Link was certain that Ganondorf had set them on the task of hunting them down. However, since nobody seemed to be accosting Link at all, they assumed that they didn't have any idea what they looked like. Link walked on through the town, looking up in the sky to witness the massive yellow Yiga chain emerging from the ground nearby. They thought about what they could possibly due to get to it, and how they could manage to break it... Then, lost in thought, they bumped into a small girl in the marketplace. After apologizing, Link and the girl realized who each other was. They has encountered the strange spirit Zelda once again.

W-What are you doing back here?! I give you my compass and tell you how to get to Dragmire, and now all of a sudden you're a wanted criminal? Are you serious?! ...Wait, the compass managed to get you back to your world? I have no clue how that's possible... But why did you come back, then? ...You want to destroy the chains that are corrupting the kingdom? I'm beginning to wonder just who you are... You show up, cause mayhem, and now you want to save us all. I can't thank you enough, but... How are you supposed to go about this?
Zelda (Spirit)

Just then, a small boy with blond hair rushed by the pair. Crashing into Zelda, he took nary a look back as he ran off. Zelda floated up and dusted herself off before realizing that the boy had stolen not only her money, but also the food she had just bought. Link patted down their pockets as well; to their horror, they realized the child had stolen the Soul Compass from them. Yelling at the thief, Zelda began chasing him down, with Link following behind. The pair successfully managed to catch the boy... However, they were immediately accosted by a pair of Ganondorf's guards. Zelda tried to explain that the boy had stolen their stuff and that they were merely trying to catch him, and they understood. However, Link was wanted for questioning about the dark chains, and as Zelda was found with them, she was considered an accomplice until they could prove her innocence. The three were hauled off to prison, their punishment to come later.

When Link awoke, Zelda was already floating about the cell they had been put in, panicking and worried. She immediately started cowering and crying, saying that Ganondorf's guards were going to kill the two of them and it would all be Link's fault. Link tried to comfort her, but she backed away, the fear returning from when she had first met them. The two were promptly interrupted by a young but gruff-sounding voice from elsewhere in the cell, telling Zelda to stop crying before the guards came and silenced her themselves. Link turned around and saw the voice's source- the blond-haired boy from the marketplace, who was busy flipping the Soul Compass in his hand.

Hmph. Good timing. Name's Keye, and I've been in and out of Ganondorf's prison hundreds of times. I'm not too happy about you two getting me thrown in here, but what I am happy about is the fact that you two are getting some sweet commupance. This is what you get for throwing me down here. Now if you'll excuse me... I'm off to go pawn this little trinket off. Get some cold hard Rupees for it, I'd imagine.

Keye exited the cell through a small hole, vanishing out of sight quickly. Link was officially worried; without the Soul Compass, there was no way for them to return back to Hyrule at all. Thinking quickly, Link concentrated and kicked at the wall, knocking down a portion of it that widened the hole that Keye had exited through. Leaving the cell, the pair ran after the thief across Ganondorf's prison.

Making their way through the Phantom Prison, the pair eventually caught Keye at a dead end. The boy attempted with all his might to escape, but Link just picked him up while Zelda took back the Soul Compass. She demanded to know what exactly was going on, and Keye said that he had been stealing stuff across Dragmire in an attempt to find the key to the Light Sanctum. When questioned further by Link, the pair of spirits stated that the Light Sanctum was a religious temple set up many years ago to a religious order that no longer existed. However, the sealed temple was now the site where one of the dark chains across the kingdom had been placed, and nobody was able to access it... until now. Keye pulled out a small tablet and handed it to Link.

You got the Prismstone Slate!
The key to the Light Sanctum, this item also has the
magical power to harden light beams into physical form!
Simply aim and fire while reflecting light to activate it!

Link began to walk out of the dungeon, compass in hand, but Keye begged them to let him come along as well. Zelda asked why he was interested at all in coming, but the boy explained that his mother and father had ventured in to the Light Sanctum when the chains had showed up in an attempt to destroy it. However, the Sanctum sealed itself up, and the fact that the chain still existed meant that the pair had failed in their task. Keye's goal was to join the pair in search of his parents; Link agreed, and the trio walked out of Dragmire, the search for them ended as the guard believed they had been already caught.

After a quick venture across Dragmire Field, the trio arrived at the abandoned ruins of the Light Sanctum, the yellow chain emerging from the top a clear sign the Yiga had worked their dark magics here. Sliding the Prismstone Slate into a slot in the front door, they opened up the sealed entrance, feeling the darkness emenating from within. Keye rushed in quickly, ignoring the others entirely, and Link and Zelda did their best to follow him, wandering into the ruined place of worship, now infested with dark spirits birthed from the Yiga's dark chain. The adventurers walked onward, using the Prismstone Slate as a means to purge the darkness...

Eventually, the duo re-encountered Keye at the final room before the chain's base, moments away from being able to destroy it for good. However, they noticed that the young boy was struck with fear, gazing towards something in the back of the room. Link brandished their sword, while Zelda struggled to make out the two twisted shapes lurking towards them. Keye stepped forward as the two malformed specters, their bodies wrapped in chains bearing the Yiga's eye symbol, rose up, blade and shield ready to strike, and uttered a simple question:

M-Mom? Dad? Is that you?

Purified Spiritual Guardians

Link managed to slay the dual spirits as the chains around them shattered, the two dissolving and shrieking in pain as they vanished. Link sheathed their sword, the battle won. Zelda congratulated Link on a job well done... but Keye ran at them, crying and yelling at the top of their lungs. The boy began pounding on Link's leg, sobbing and fuming at the fact that Link had just killed what he believed to be his own parents. The boy was inconsolable, and after his tears had stopped flowing, he just sat there, in the middle of the room. Zelda decided it would be best to move onward.

The final room of the Light Sanctum held the Yiga Chain centered in the temple. The massive chain of light was centered on a small, seemingly mundane shard of metal floating in the air, the construct spawning from it. Link slashed through the chain, destroying it instantly. The duo prepared to leave when the shard of metal floated into their hand.

You got a Lost Fragment!

Chains of Shadow: The Eye of The Sheikah

Link returned to Hyrule victorious, the chain embedded near Dragmire gone and the hero resting easy knowing they had helped the people of the town. However, their end goal was still the search for their own Zelda, and while the spirit Zelda had been a great deal of help in breaking the chain, they needed to distance themselves so Link could focus on their own quest. Their next idea was to talk to Zelda's nursemaid, Impa- she was a wise woman, and would likely have some clue as to the whereabouts of the Yiga captors.

Link entered Hyrule Castle in search of Impa, but the guards they spoke with all said the woman had left the town, taking a journey somewhere into the Hebara Mountain Range. Link found this odd, but they left without hesitation towards the snowy peaks to the northwest, eventually arriving at a small cabin marked with a strange symbol- the eye of the Sheikah, properly drawn as opposed to the inverted version seen in the Yiga troops. Link entered and found the old woman Impa huddled over a strange sheet of paper, turning back and looking shocked to see Link.

O-oh! Link! Is that really you? Did you survive the encounter with the Yiga? No... That can't be right. I must be seeing spirits again... This is never a good sign. If you are really Link, spirit, then know this... You will be avenged. I am working with my tribe to find a way to eliminate our rebellious brethren once and for all... We will save the princess.

Chains of Fire: A Warrior's Dying Flame

Chains of Water: Dormina, The Enchantress

Chains of Wind: The Koriki Trials

Chains of Spirit: Princess of the Storm

Final Battle

Ending 1

This ending triggers if the player fights Master Kohga without having completed any dungeons at all.

Ending 2

This ending triggers if the player fights Master Kohga after completing between 1 or 3 dungeons.

Ending 3

This ending triggers if the player fights Master Kohga after completing between 4 or 6 dungeons.

Ending 4

This ending triggers if the player fights Master Kohga after completing the game 100%.


Gameplay in Soul Compass is intended to be a bridge between the massive exploration of Breath of the Wild and the more compact free-roaming of A Link Between Worlds; while the world is open and free to explore, it is also smaller in size than the former game, with more of a focus on classical elements such as dungeons and the complete removal of weapon durability in favor of having a simple sword, shield, and bow available at almost all times.

While for the most part, the core gameplay is very similar to Breath of the Wild, there are several changes and new additions put in place.

  • The player's Stamina Gauge now drains slower in general, and there are now food and gear effects that reduce Stamina consumption even further.
  • Link is now able to cook at normal fires without the use of a pot lid; however, the selection of available food is limited without it.
    • The available types of food without a pot lid include skewered foods, roasted meat, and steamed vegetables.
  • Water physics has been overhauled and revamped entirely, being designed to act like a true fluid and responds to the environment as such.
    • Water now reacts to the temperature of the environment; if water is in cold enough environments, it will freeze over, and it will evaporate if exposed to high enough temperatures. Bringing solid ice into a warm enough area will result in it reverting to a fluid water state.
  • Puzzle focus has shifted more towards classical dungeons than shrines, with both the World of Life and the World of Death having a total of eight dungeons (increased over Breath of the Wild's four primary dungeons) for a total of 16 dungeons. Shrines are removed, though overworld puzzles still exist.



Name Description



A young man/woman in their early twenties, Link works in the Hyrulian Royal Guard and helps to defend the kingdom of Hyrule from threats that may seek to cause chaos and instability. One of the most skilled soldiers in the army, they are resourceful, skilled in combat, and a highly skilled chef. Despite this, they are a tad anti-social, rarely speaking and really opening up to Princess Zelda, who sees them as a big brother or sister despite not being related. Their past and parentage are largely unknown, but Link's sometimes referred to as a bit of a "mutt", suggesting they have heritage from multiple of Hyrule's more humanoid races, such as the Gerudo or Lonia.
More TBA
Princess Zelda Tetralyna Hyrule
The fifteen-year-old princess of Hyrule, beloved by her country and her parents. Despite her age, she is a well-rounded scholar with a major interest in her country's mythology and history, which she studies avidly out of both curiosity and in the hopes of becoming a better leader in the future. While she is content to look to the past for answers, she is scared of the future: the inevitability of change and death frighten her deeply. Happy to spend more time in the library than with other people, she really only opens up to Link, who she sees as an older sibling- Zelda is among those most impacted by the soldier seemingly dying.
More TBA
Princess Zelda Nylin Hyrule
A former princess of Hyrule in ages long past, slain and residing in spectral form alongside the rest of her kingdom. Like all those who are citizens of the Lost Kingdom, she lacks any memory of her time pre-mortem, only remembering that her name is Zelda. While she's normally a kind, sweet, and outgoing girl beloved by those that know her, she is also prone to traumatic episodes where portions of her memory- and her murderer- return for a brief instant. While she is inexplicably afraid of Link when they first meet her, she soon grows attached and pleads them to save the Lost Kingdom from the Yiga's grasp.
More TBA


Name Description
The Yiga Clan
A rogue clan of the noble race called the Sheikah, the Yiga were outcast for practicing in the dark forbidden arts; the Yiga had learned to bend souls to their will, granting them indescribable arcane power that the Sheikah feared would be used against them. Now a renegade faction, the Yiga have been hiding in the shadows gathering power for generations. Now, they strike across Hyrule, attacking settlements and stealing the souls of their victims in an attempt to gain power. It is rumored that the clan, lead by the venerable Master Kohga, desires something more than control over the kingdom...
More TBA
This mysterious cloaked woman acts as a field commander to the Yiga Clan, commanding strike forces all across the kingdom of Hyrule. Her head bandaged to obscure her identity, nobody is sure of Tomoichi's past, but she serves as the right-hand woman to Yiga leader Kohga, and seems to take her role as a warrior far more seriously than he does. Her right arm is constantly leaking a strange black ethereal substance; the source is unknown, but the miasma is known to deteriorate spirits on contact. Tomoichi is the one who kills Link, stating that she believes their death to be beneficial to Hyrule for some unexplained reason.
More TBA


Name Description
Lord Ganondorf The wise, powerful, and benevolent ruler of the Lost Kingdom, chosen by the populace for his sheer strength and might. Ganondorf is a kind but firm ruler, doing what he can to best protect those who have elected him to rule over the land. When he realizes that his kingdom is in danger from the mysterious chains linking it to the Kingdom of Hyrule, he decided to go to all-out war with the other kingdom, hoping to protect his people.
Keye A child thief who hangs around Dragmire. He puts on a show of confidence despite his age on all times, and has the skills to back up his cockiness. Meeting Link in the Phantom Prison, he reveals his plans to steal the key to the Light Sanctum, the Prismstone Slate, in order to enter the fallen religious grounds in the quest for his parents. However, once the player slays his parents in the form of boss Twinocti, his facade finally drops, revealing him as the scared, emotional child he really is... and making an enemy of him in the process.
Impa An old woman who acts as the nursemaid for Zelda. When the princess is kidnapped by the Yiga, she leaves the palace in order to return to her secretly-held position- high priestess of the Sheikah- and plans to lead a vengeful strike on the Yiga to retrieve her. This eventually leads her and her tribe to test Link in a deadly trial, meant to determine if they are worthy of saving Zelda. Impa is nice, but ultimately strict and dedicated towards her tribe's goal of eradicating the Yiga.



Name Description
Hylian The race of beings directly descended from the goddess Hylia herself, Hylians are said to be the closest race to the gods and as such are among the most plentiful found in Hyrule. Hylians are found all across the land, and are a rather religious folk dedicated to the Golden Goddesses said to have created Hyrule. As per tradition, the Hylians ultimately have royal dominion over the land by virtue of their royal family, though other races are given dominion over their own sectors of the kingdom. This has lead to some aggression towards Hylians by certain members of other races, who feel they are being discriminated against.

Lost Kingdom

Name Description



Name Description
Soul Compass A strange keepsake by the Lost Kingdom's Zelda, she has no clue how she got it and does not understand why she has a strange sentimental attraction to it. She grants it to Link, hoping that it will be of use to them. One of the most crucial items in the entire game, the Soul Compass is built to navigate between the Lost Kingdom and Hyrule. Simply using it will, if Link's location is valid (i.e., not over a pit or in a wall in the destination target), instantly warp them to the other kingdom, making transport a breeze.
Crystal Tears Icon
Crystal Tear
A cold, crystalline relic created from the tears of those who have died without saying goodbye to their loved ones. The Crystal Tear relic is an explosive device similar to that of classical Zelda bombs, and relies on a cooldown similarly to the Remote Bomb in Breath of the Wild. While they only come in spherical shapes, the player can use the Midas's right bumper while a tear is out to freeze the tear over, causing it to stick in place. Using the assigned button detonates the tear- the explosion is ice-elemental, freezing anything and everything within the blast radius.
Double Spidershot A hexagonal black device marked with purple runes, with hooks protruding from both sides. Holding down the right bumper with this item equipped slows down time and forces the camera to behind Link's shoulder, letting them aim freely. Pressing the assigned button on a target throws one end of the Spidershot to that location, and pressing the button on another target links the two selected positions with a web. This web tethers the two objects together, and also acts as a tightrope that Link is able to walk on. Pressing the assigned button a third time drags the two ends of the Spidershot together, dragging the lighter object towards the heavier one and returning to Link after the two ends collide. The best part? You get two of these items at once, letting you perform acrobatic feats of tethering by assigning a Spidershot to each item button.
Chronolite Coin
Chronolite Coin
A gold coin studded with a small crystal of Chronolite, a blue gemstone that has strange effects on the flow of time when interacted with. Pressing the assigned button has Link toss the coin into the air, where it will spin and hover in the air for a short while. While it is spinning, time is slowed to a crawl aside from Link, enabling them to react to things typically far too fast for the naked eye to see. The coin will eventually fall to the ground, requiring a cooldown before use again. Shooting the coin in the air with an arrow or other projectile causes time to outright stop aside from Link, essentially applying the Stasis ability from Breath of the Wild on every available target at once, complete with momentum mechanics. Use of this supercharged time-stop doubles the coin's cooldown.
Olinna's Javelin The prized weapon of the Gerudo people, this spear was once held by the young princess Olinna before her untimely demise. The javelin grants access to the Spear moveset when equipped by using the assigned button, resulting in a two-handed fighting style oriented around pinpoint jabbing rather than slashing in wide arcs. Holding down the assigned button enters an aiming mode, which allows Link to throw the javelin towards a target. (The aiming mode will automatically skip if an enemy is targeted, and will automatically aim towards them.) The javelin will stick into walls, enabling Link to climb on and swing off of it, and the mystical Gerudo magic within grant the weapon electrical powers, allowing it to be charged with electricity to create a burst on impact or acting as a circuit breaker of sorts. Once thrown, it must either be retrieved manually or summoned back to Link by pressing the assigned button again. The javelin can also be jammed into holes surrounded by a lightning bolt pattern in order to act as a lever, controlling objects linked to the switch. The javelin can be dragged into objects via the Spidershot.
Wind Spinner A mechanical ring with a propeller built inside, the creators of the Wind Spinner are unknown even to this day. Hitting the assigned button makes Link hop on the spinner, dashing forward until the spinner runs out of momentum. Running into an indented wall allows the spinner to grind along it, reaching maximum speed and resetting momentum once the player leaves the rail. The spinner also hovers upon leaving the rail, allowing for gliding. As the spinner grinds, it also builds up kinetic energy, visible as a meter on both the spinner's icon and on the spinner itself. Once the meter is full, the player can charge a jump to create a massive updraft that sends them skyward, gently hovering down.
Psyhammer A magical hammer used to judge souls, using the very weight of their sins against them. Equipping this by pressing the assigned button allows access to the Hammer moveset, a slow yet extremely powerful two-handed fighting style. Pressing the right bumper while using the hammer detaches the head of the hammer and suspends it via a beam of energy, allowing the player to swing it around freely via the right C-pad. The D-pad's up and down buttons can be used to move the hammer head farther away from and closer to Link. Releasing the bumper causes the weight to become affected by gravity and fall, and pressing the assigned button while Link is holding the hammer's handle causes it to warp back on.
Dormina's Tear A rod tipped with a glass teardrop, said to belong to an ancient Zora sorceress who sought to revive her lost husband, but could only create a shallow copy. Equipping this by pressing the assigned button allows access to the Rod moveset, enabling shield use and allowing Link to throw small watery projectiles by attacking- this is not very powerful as an offensive technique. Holding the right bumper allows Link to aim a small circle by moving the camera, and pressing Triangle while this aiming reticle is active spawns a duplicate of Link made from water. This copy follows the player's controls exactly, even attacking in unison with the true Link. If the clone takes damage, it vanishes. The clone is made from water, allowing for strange puzzles and diversionary tactics.
Bug Net A simple bug net. When equipped by pressing the assigned button, it replaces Link's sword, enabling them to swing the net around and catch bugs and various other objects. It may have additional hidden properties...

Potion Ingredients

These ingredients are utilized to make potions, healing items with greater variety and potency than basic Chu Jelly. There are two subtypes of ingredient; Bugs, which are found in Hyrule, and Flowers, which are found in the Lost Kingdom. The process of potion creation occurs when the bug pollinates the flower, and the result is made into nectar which is then made into a drinkable potion. Bugs determine the basic ability of the potion, while flowers determine how the ability takes effect.


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Name Description

World Map

Hyrule (World of Life)

The beauteous kingdom of Hyrule, founded over the remnants of a long-forgotten land and grown to prosperity, power, and harmony. The kingdom of Hyrule is currently in the midst of a feud with the Yiga Clan, a rogue sect of the Sheikah religion who have been assaulting villages across the realm, stealing souls for their own dark purposes.

Name Description

Lost Kingdom (World of Death)

A strange, ghostly kingdom inhabited by spirit-like individuals, all of whom seem to have had past lives but had their memories erased or replaced. It seems that it's nothing more than the spiritual remnants of the kingdom Hyrule was built upon. Now, the Lost Kingdom is under siege by mysterious chains, which are corrupting the land and flooding it with monsters.

Name Description


Name Description Location Boss
Light Sanctum A ruined place of worship for a long-lost religious order, the Light Sanctum is a chaotic ruined temple, filled with both trapped statues and the spirits of those linked to the order itself. Many puzzles in this area involve the reflection and manipulation of beams of light, both to pierce the many illusions scattered around and to solidify with the Prismstone Slate. In addition, many of the ghostly enemies that reside in the Light Sanctum are intangible, and must be solidified using the same item to become damageable. Lost Kingdom, Western Dragmire Field Twinoctis


Name Description Location Boss
Phantom Prison Once the player begins the Chains of Light quest, they are thrown here along with Keye. The Phantom Prison is a stealth-based dungeon, as Ganondorf's magic has enchanted the area to prevent the player from utilizing their weapons. Players must utilize both their stealth skills and the environment in order to clear the dungeon and escape, receiving the Prismstone Slate from Keye at the end.
This dungeon must be cleared to unlock the Light Sanctum. As Keye has stolen the Soul Compass from Link at this time, the player cannot warp out or return to Hyrule once they have entered.
Lost Kingdom, Dragmire Darkhammer
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