The Legend of Zelda: Song of Sages is a Legend of Zelda video game made by FOF, Inc to be released in late 2010. The game stars Link, and has WW style graphics. This game is on the Wii. Not much information is known about the game so far.


This game is supposed to take place between WW and PH. Ganon has survived the flooding of Hyrule after the ending of WW, floating helplessly in the sea, powerless. He eventually washes ashore on the Great Fairy's Isle, a new area. He uses the last of his magic to brainwash the Great Fairy into thinking he is the good guy and the fairy brings him back to full health. He then tricks the Great Fairy into giving him new, stronger, better powers and summon the Sages. Ganon attacks, and the Sages put up a valiant fight, but eventually Ganon kills them all. Right before a Sage is killed, they play the Song of Sages and transport their spirits all through the Great Sea, and the spirits get new hosts. 9 random strangers, all across the Sea, are the new Sages.

Meanwhile, Link is sailing on Tetra's ship with her and her crew. Eventually, they see a small child, dressed in green, floating across the sea. Tetra pulls her on the ship and the child reveals herself to be Saria, the Forest Sage. She tells Link and Tetra about what happened- Ganon is back, and the rest of the Sages are dead. A large, black ship pulls up behind Tetra's, and Ganondorf climbs onto it. Ganondorf draws his sword, and goes after Saria. Link jumps in front of him with his shield, and the battle begins. Eventually, Link loses, and Saria is killed. Ganon then gets on his ship and starts shooting cannonballs. The ship is falling apart! With a dying breath, Saria plays the Song of Sages, and begins to tell Link the new Sages. "Sage of now the one known as...Tet...rrr..a..." Saria passes, and the canonballs are still flying. Soon enough, Tetra's ship is nearly destroyed. Link and several crew members have fallen off, and Tetra pulls away. Ganondorf's ship lowers itself underwater, and Link, tired, floats into the Sea...


In this game you play as Link, travelling across the Great Sea to find the new Sages before Ganon does. This has the same method of sailing as WW. This game also has a partners system. You choose a partner which will follow you around, meaning they are unplayable. Each partner has a special ability, and has their own amount of hearts, but you share magic. You also play as Ganondorf in the beginning and there is also a multiplayer, where up to four players can battle to the death as Link, any of the partners, and a secret character available only after beating the game. There are also 6 areas to battle in.


  • A: Roll attack
  • B: Sword
  • Control Stick: Move
  • +: Pause menu (Quest Status, Items, Map, Partners)
  • -: Camera angle
  • Control Pad Up: Avolia's (fairy companion) Help
  • Control Pad Left: Item (Set it with Control Pad Left on the Item menu)
  • Control Pad Down: Item (Same as above but with Down)
  • Control Pad Right: Item (Same as above but with Right)
  • C: Partner ability
  • Z: Z targeting and such
  • 1: Talk to partner
  • 2: Controls


Deku Sword: A wooden sword given to you by the Happy Mask Salesman. It is weak and fire attacks will burn it easily. Deku Shield: A wooden shield given to you by the HMS. It is weak (Attacks from later enemies will completely destroy it). It also burns if it by fire. Hylian Sword: A metal sword given to you by the Gorons in the Goron Cavern. If you attack an electric enemy, then you'll take damage because of the charge. Hylian Shield: A metal shield bought at the Goron Shop. If you use this to block an electric attack, you'll take damage. Master Sword: A large, powerful sword usuable only by Link. It has no major weaknesses and is gotten after steal it from Ganon. Mirror Shield: A powerful shield with a mirror that shoots back all attacks. You get it after the Light Temple.

Extended Plot

Part 1: Hyrule Castle

Link wakes up on Outset Island, with none of his items and an Owl in front of him telling him to wake up. Link is confused, but the Owl says that he saw everything, and that he can help Link. He knows where Tetra is, but first dismisses Link to retrieve an item from the basement. Then he gives Link a wooden sword. The Owl then picks up Link by the head and flies over to Hyrule Castle. It is flooded. This is the game's first dungeon and it is pretty easy. At the basement, there is strangely no water. Instead, there is a large treasure chest. When Link opens it, the fairy Avolia pops out and says she doesn't remember how or why she got there, and decides to follow Link to get out. Link leaves and tells the Owl all he could find in the basement is the fairy. The Owl tells him that he was supposed to find the fairy to help him on his quest. The Owl then flies Link to Fixit Island, where Tetra is. At Fixit, they find Tetra and her crew there who have hired a mechanic to fix their boat. Link tells Tetra that she is the Sage of time. She doesn't believe it at first, and doesn't want to believe it, but it's true. Tetra decides to help Link find the others too. Link now has one partner.

Part 2: Twilit Tower

Niko, one of Tetra's pirates, runs up to them. He exclaims that he knows where Ganon's headquarters are! He runs off to the other side of the island, leaving you to get across by yourselves. Once you do, Niko will show you a sea chart left behind by some Moblins, showing a tower in the west. It gets marked on the map and they trek back to the ship, and Link sails there. There are several battleships guarding the entrance, and guards, so they sneak on in the back's loading dock. This is Twilit Tower. It's more challenging than the first. At the top of the dungeon, the staircase to the next floor is surrounded by lava, which is uncrossable. Ganondorf will appear and attack you. Do a spin attack to send it flying back at him. Do this a few more times and a cutscene occurs: Ganon fakes being knocked over, and Link does a little victory cheer. Ganon then gets up and shoots a powerful blast of magic and knocks the duo out of the tower, near the ship.

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