The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Resurrection
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Developer(s) Paperback
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Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
Age Rating(s)
OFLC PG rating
Genre(s) Action, Adventure Exploration
Series The Legend of Zelda (series)
Predecessor The Legend of Zelda: Resurrection of Soul
The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Resurrection is a Semi-Remake of the game, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, it was made for the Nintendo Switch and acts as both an expansion and improvement over its predecessor offering a more open experience with a greater level of difficulty and more detailed story.

Major Changes from Skyward Sword

There are a number of changes made between Skyward Resurrection and Skyward Sword pertaining to the various areas of story, gameplay and game systems.



The game starts several days before the events of the original Skyward Sword. During the first of these prior days the player is tasked by Gaepora to retrieve some rare insects from around Skyloft's Gardens (a new location near the Statue of the Goddess) for the Loftwings in preparation for the upcoming Wing Ceremony. This has the player learn the various mechanics of the game primarily around movement, i.e. Climbing, Sprinting, Crawling & Dodging. Once the player is actually in the Skyloft Gardens each insect they need to collect has different ways of being approached and thus allows the player to use the type of movement they're most comfortable with to retrieve them or experiment with balancing on beams, depending on the player's approach they can retrieve high quality insects which Gaepora will reward Link with Rupees for getting.

The second day has the player confronted by Groose and his crones, during practise with the wooden sword, the player's first combat battle is against Groose where they learn the basic attacks for Swordplay, Eagus guides the player to learn the basic Stab and Slash techniques as well as the Block technique. The main fight against Groose allows the player to experiment with these techniques and if the player is able to use more complex techniques such as Countering, Charged Attacks & Jump Attacks to defeat Groose instead then Eagus, impressed with Link's swordsmanship will give him the Grip Gloves, an optional item that increases Link's attack speed slightly.

During the third day Link will awaken to find that his Loftwing has been stolen and a ransom note has been left in the Loftwing Shelter stating the demands of the kidnappers. Horwell & Owlan greet Link at this time and notice the ransom note and remind Link that he could try to find his Loftwing by using the Loftcaller in the Town Square in case it's nearby. The player goes to the Loftcaller which again gives the player multiple options to reach due to it being located atop an elevated section of Skyloft, by using the Loftcaller, Link listens for the sound of his Loftwing which leads the player to Waterfall Cave. Inside the cavern the player searches the small maze solving a few simple puzzles while avoiding enemies as Link has no way to defend himself until the player reaches the top of Waterfall Cave where Link finds his Loftwing chained in a small cove, as Link frees his Loftwing, Groose and his crones arrive annoyed that Link didn't pay the ransom.

If the player defeated Groose in the battle from yesterday then Groose states that he'll take his revenge from that battle out on Link directly instead, however if the player lost to Groose from yesterday he'll state that he's going to send the player into a world of pain all over again, before Groose can do anything however Link's Loftwing charges out of the cove knocking all three of the bullies off the cliffside causing them to fall into the pond below. Link's Loftwing then lands back and Link hops atop, this initiates the first Loftwing flight segment where the player is taught to fly their loftwing, due to the new way Loftwing flight works this section is designed to teach the player during Low Loftwing Flight to make it easier although the player can freely push into High Loftwing Flight if they wish, the main goal is to fly through three rings carried by Peahats which Gaepora brought up in conversation on the first day, completing this the player lands their Loftwing atop the Statue of the Goddess where they find Zelda quietly playing the Goddess Harp, after a short conversation with her about the upcoming Wing Ceremony, Zelda gets Link to promise to win the Wing Ceremony.

The fourth day, of which the Wing Ceremony is on is cut down substantially in terms of length with the player waking up and being informed by Zelda who left a note on the player's door to meet her at the Statue of the Goddess, arriving there she reminds Link of the promise he made to which Gaepora interrupts seemingly oblivious to what Zelda was talking about, he asks Link and Zelda if they're ready to commence the Wing Ceremony and the three head to the Pier (a new location which features a large number of jump sites for Loftwings as well as where Airships can dock. Here the player and Zelda have another confrontation with Groose similar to the one in the original Skyward Sword with Groose gloating about his likelihood at winning the Wing Ceremony to which Zelda berates him for his hubris. Groose reluctantly apologizes and hurries off to prepare for the race. Before the race begins Zelda gives Link a pendant which she exclaims will give him luck, Link along with the other Loftwing racers await at the pier as the first part of the Wing Ceremony commences with Gaepora giving a small speech. Unlike the original race this race has Link compete against 15 other Loftwing Racers, the player must fly through hoops (once against held by Peahats) as well as through floating fragments of earth to gain speed boosts to fly past the competition. The player must complete 3 laps, flying through the giant Red Rings which signify each segment of the lap, the rings are easily visible from one another making it easier for players to stay on course. After completing the race (unlike the battle against Groose the player must win the race to continue) the scene plays out much like the original involving the remainder of the ceremony however with the Bird Statue already being present at the Statue of the Goddess. Unlike the original game however the appearance of the tornado does not occur as the day ends after Link successfully jumps off the Statue of the Goddess.

A fifth day is included after where the player wakes up and is informed by Gaepora that now that the Wing Ceremony has been completed Link must venture out and activate the two Divine Lights a pair of floating mini-temples that are activated to signal the conclusion of a Wing Ceremony. Gaepora informs Link that to do so he must go to the Statue of the Goddess and find the Hero's Chamber, the player has several options on how to do this and is given the Wooden Sword by Eagus after exiting the Knight's Academy. The player must find one of the three Switches located around the Statue of the Goddess, one requires the player to perform a series of climbs and sprints, another has the player go up against a few enemies and the third has a puzzle revolving around light refraction, regardless of which one the player chooses, by activating one of the switches a the Goddess Statue's wings will splay to reflect the Hylian Ensignia, in addition a chamber behind the Statue will open leading Link to the Hero's Chamber where they'll find the Goddess Sword much like in Skyward Sword and Gaepora will confront Link stating that he had believed that Link was indeed linked to the sword and that reaching it was no small feat, although Gaepora follows this up by informing Link that he still must activate the two Divine Lights, he informs Link that the lights are not marked on any map and that due to the strange weather of miniature tornadoes and fog they'll not be easy to see simply by flying, Gaepora suggests that Link go and talk to people at Pumpkin Landing and Kiro Village to see if they have more information about the locations. The player uses their Loftwing to fly to the two locations Gaepora mentions and after talking to various locals Link is able to retrieve some information about the location of the two Divine Lights, although the player may also find this information by paying Beedle who possesses a comprehensive map of the Skyloft Sky Region which costs 150 Rupees.

One of the Divine Lights is noted as being located within a giant floating island surrounded by four orbital islands which form a tail while the other Divine Light is stated to be located in an area known as Twister Whirlpool which has high winds which force Link to fly in particular directions making reaching it somewhat difficult. Regardless the player is able to enter these two Divine Lights where they'll find a few rooms which must be progressed through either by finding a key hidden somewhere (including on the exterior of the Divine Lights) or solving puzzles which expand upon the previously mentioned Light Refraction Puzzle. Upon activating the first Divine Light the Goddess Sword will glow faintly although nothing strange happens, however upon activating the second one when the Goddess Sword glows it will state Link's name. Link somewhat perplexed by this heads back to Skyloft, on the way back the faint voice heard will state a few random words although just as the player is about to reach Skyloft it will say "Drive the Blade into the Divine Pool". Landing back on Skyloft having accomplished the task required of him, Gaepora thanks Link for his service and states that Link should return the Goddess Sword before sundown, Link heads back to the Statue of the Goddess however if he attempts to enter the Hero's Chamber the voice will remind him of what it requested, Link decides to go to the pool in front of the Goddess Statue and notices a small notch located in the center, driving the sword into it, Link hears a click causing another Divine Light to raise up between the Statue and the Pool. Zelda comes to see what's going on and is confused by the presence of the Divine Light, Link then twists the sword in doing so causing two giant stone walls to erupt from the edges of the pool revealing the ancient legend of Hylia, the First Hero and a shadowy figure, though the mural only shows the two individuals fighting the shadowy mass. 

Zelda inspects the mural and states that it seems to show a great battle held between Hylia and the shadowy figure although she brings up that such a thing doesn't exist in any book or mural on Skyloft elsewhere, confused by this the third Divine Light suddenly activates, sending out two beams to connect to the other divine lights. The three form the Triforce Symbol before the light dissipates as the three beams center on a location just a bit south of the Pier where the light is focused until a beam is shot downwards blasting a hole through the clouds. The citizens of Skyloft including Link and Zelda gather near the pier trying to see what's beneath the clouds however before anyone can see a massive Tornado of dark shadows erupts from below ramming right into Skyloft damaging several buildings and knocking people all about the place, in the panic of the tornado several Bokoblins appear from it as Link sees Zelda located on a nearby bridge, battling his way past the monsters Link attempts to reach Zelda however just as he is about to reach out to her a shadowy figure appears behind her grinning menacingly at Link before darting off with Zelda in hand taking her down into the Tornado. The Tornado soon disappears after that leaving the clouds covering up the hole that'd formed. Gaepora shocked by the turn of events informs Link he'd feared the entity within the Goddess Sword would call Link to action unaware of what was going on, Gaepora tells Link to meet at the Statue of the Goddess. Link does so and after Link arrives Gaepora arrives soon after carrying a large stone fragment with a white Crystal embedded on it, Gaepora informs Link that the tablet will act as a conductor allowing Link to use the charm Zelda game him to access the land below the sky, Gaepora also tells Link to not mention the existence of the land beneath the sky to anyone as the hole the Crystal will create is only visible to those that wear the charm. Gaepora places the Stone Fragment into the alcove of Divine Light causing a beam of light (that Link notices but Gaepora is oblivious to) to shoot out from the Divine Light causing a pillar of light to erupt out of the clouds a fair bit out from Skyloft. Link hops on his Loftwing and flies out to the Pillar of White Light preparing to dive down.

Faron Province I

Upon first flying down the Tornado once again appears during Link's descent however the shadowy figure doesn't kidnap Link instead knocking him out causing him to land in the forests of the Faron Province with only his Wooden Shield to protect him. Link traverses along a path learning how to use Deku Nuts to hit weak vines as well as to distract Bokoblins who patrol the area. This also gives the player an opportunity to practise using the new Shield Bash ability. The player also finds that Deku Nuts are needed to break through thorny vines and can be rolled along the ground through holes to hit things on the other side or grab the attention of an enemy.

Eventually Link makes it through this small path and reaches enters the Sealed Grounds where they find an old lady tending to the Goddess Sword sharpening it with a whetstone. Upon walking up to the old lady, she asks Link if he was the one who brought the Goddess Sword however before Link can respond the Goddess Sword glows and the voice informs the old lady of Link to which the old lady nods and stands up, handing Link back the Goddess Sword and formally introducing herself as Impa, the guardian of the Sealed Grounds, telling Link that just prior to his arrival she sensed weaknesses in the sky and asks if something attacked the people of the Sky, Link responds with a yes to which Impa pauses and sighs before turning to face the large temple pressing her hand against the door as the engravings on the door light up revealing a strange Eye symbol on the door as it opens. Impa then indicates for Link to follow her inside.

Within the Temple, Impa informs Link that his arrival was expected as the weakness in the clouds gave a servant of a once great evil the chance to attack the people of the sky. Impa tells Link that with the barrier having been broken once already it may be broken again, to which the Goddess Sword chimes in once more informing Impa that the incarnation of Hylia had been kidnapped. Impa pauses and then quickly runs to a nearby room inside the temple before quickly darting back, opening up a book to show Link, Impa reveals that the incarnation of the Goddess is the safeguard against an ancient evil sealed away beneath the Surface and that if she is sacrificed then the Surface and the Sky will be lost to the great evil. Impa tells Link that in order to locate Zelda they must go seek an individual named Bucha who can sense great powers of the Goddesses across the Surface and will be able to help Link find Zelda. Impa tells Link that there is no time to waste and informs him to head East until he reaches a meadow.

Link heads east of the Sealed Grounds, travelling along a path previously blocked by trees that Link can now cut down with the Goddess Sword, he soon arrives in the meadow that Impa mentioned. Searching around the Meadow Link will eventually find that most of the meadow has been blocked off with rubble except for a path to the south which is guarded by a strange creature. The creature introduces itself as a Kikwi, the Kikwi known as Machi. Machi tells Link that their home the Kikwi Treefort was overrun by strange plant monsters and that his family had hidden around the meadow in fear, Machi asks Link to find his family as he believes with someone like Link along with them they'll be able to repel the monsters. Link agrees to help and uses his Sword in various methods from cutting trees to clear paths as well as cutting vines to create paths and defeating a few enemies Link is able to locate the other Kikwis who can be found as distinct flowers in small gardens making them easy to identify. If the player has the ammunition they can bypass some of the work needed to reach the Kikwis and can throw Deku Seeds at them if the player has good aim.

Link returns to Machi who pleased that his family had returned agrees to let Link pass informing him that he and his family will join in after they psyche themselves up. Link heads on to the Treefort, the first proper dungeon of the game, within the Kikwi Treefort the player must be vigilant not only of the numerous enemies that lurk within but also the traps the Kikwis had laid about, the player is able to use these traps to lure enemies to walk into them. The player must also search for a number of small wooden keys which when fitted together correctly form one giant key which unlocks the door leading to the third, fourth and fifth floors of the treefort. After the player has an encounter with the Mini-Boss of the dungeon, a Poe they recieve the Boomerang which allows Link to knock vines down to help climb up to the sixth and seventh floors as well as activate levers from far away, and carry flames to burn obstacles in Link's way. Once Link reaches the Throne Room of the Treefort the Kikwi catch up to him stating that they're surprised Link was able to make it all the way to the top of their Treefort without their help and say that he should've left a monster or two for them to handle. Machi states that their elder, Bucha had locked himself in the Throne Room and was probably fighting some fierce monster within. With no way to go through the main entrance Link finds an alternative entrance by using the nearby trees and vines to get in through a window.

Entering into the Throne Room, Link finds Bucha hiding behind his throne in fear, Bucha warns Link that a monster lurks in the room however just as Link readies his sword a Cahmaralo attacks Link revealing its ability to turn invisible, this leads to the first true boss fight in the game.

After the player defeats the Cahmaralo the player receives a heart container from the defeated boss and Bucha thanks the player for defeating the monster and saving his treefort from the invasion. The Goddess Sword chimes in and asks Bucha if he is able to sense strong great powers, Bucha pauses to think from what the Goddess Sword said and then replies that he can although he'll need to go to the meadow to do so, he informs the player he'll be waiting for them to arrive and states that it's the least he can do for the player saving him.

After Link heads back down to the meadow Bucha informs the player that while he was waiting he sensed an unbridled presence to the north, pointing towards some rubble blocking the pathway. Bucha tells Link that in their haste to stop the monsters the Kikwi blocked the pathways out of the area, although Bucha informs Link that there is a solution and pulls out a strange orb-shaped seed, planting it near the rubble the seed quickly grows turning into a bomb-like shape from which Bucha tells Link that the plant before them is a Bombflower and can be used to destroy obstacles with its explosive power. Link picks up the bombflower and blows up the rubble blocking the pathway, Bucha congratulates Link and wishes him luck on finding the person Link's searching for stating that there are likely other obstacles further along the Kikwi set up that will need Bombflowers to destroy.

Link continues heading north reaching the main section known as Faron Woods, here Link finds that much like Bucha indicated there are a number of obstacles that the Kikwi had set up to prevent monsters getting in, Link must destroy at least some of the obstacles to get past, this also acts to teach Link about Bombflowers and using them including rolling them through logs, throwing them over gaps and holding them to make them explode in mid-air. In addition the player learns that adjusting a stream of water that flows through the area will cause Bombflowers to grow from one of two sets of vines. As Link progresses into the depths of Faron Woods they'll enter a foggy area which seems to turn Link around when he's not looking causing him to be unable to delve through fog, however the voice in the Goddess Sword notes that the Goddess Sword is blessed with divine light and if Link holds the sword upward it will gather light showing a path when one is seemingly not present. Following this instruction Link uses the sword to guide him through the fog, as it periodically changes direction Link follows along eventually getting through the fog to the other side where he finds himself in front of an impressive stone structure, some sort of ancient temple.

Searching around Link reaches the top of the temple's exterior and finds a large symbol engraved into the stone, the engravement has a small channel that is shown to be broken into four sections with a ring of water around the outside. The voice in the Goddess Sword suggests that there is some way to rotate the stones to connect the channel together. Link finds that around the edge of the temple's top are four indents that Link can drive the sword into, each one controlling two or three of the four rings of the stone. After turning the rings Link is able to line up the engravement to allow water to flow into the engravement causing an impressive light to shine as a door at the base of the temple opens up allowing Link to enter the Temple.

Entering into the Temple Link has to deal with a number of the puzzles found in Skyview Temple before reaching the bottom of the Temple where the player finds the Shadowy Figure with Zelda laid unconscious on some sort of altar, the figure takes form introducing himself as Ghirahim, who teleports around the cautious Link taunting him with insults and superior movement, Link catches onto Ghirahim's movements however and slashes his sword right as Ghirahim teleports next to it narrowly missing the demon. Ghirahim smirks at Link's attempt on him and states that if Link wants a fight he will give Link one. Ghirahim then clicks his fingers causing Zelda and him to float up into the air sitting atop a stone arch as a bellowing noise is heard from behind the wall of the room, suddenly a large centipoidal creature breaks through the wall crumbling it into numerous pieces in its rage.

Ghirahim introduces the monster proclaiming it to be called Gohdamorm and orders the monster to attack Link. Link swiftly dodges the creature and uses the Slingshot obtained in the dungeon as well as the Boomerang from earlier to defeat the creature, after it is destroyed Ghirahim claps his hands as he and Zelda float back down to the altar, Link readies his blade and charges at Ghirahim however just as he's about to strike another figure seemingly appears out of thin air in a push of smoke ramming into Link knocking him over, the figure, a tall slender woman wrapped in religious garbs and light armour tells Link to stand aside as she attempts to deal with the Demon Lord. The woman attacks Ghirahim with incredible speed seemingly catching the Demon Lord off guard causing him to repeatedly teleport out of the way, after getting him far enough away from Zelda the mysterious woman quickly runs back to Zelda and picks her up before darting towards the door that enters into the chamber.

Ghirahim gives chase however and Link is left alone in the temple's chamber. The voice in the Goddess Sword chimes in and informs Link that they'll need to find another way to track down Zelda and that Link will need to unleash the power of the Goddess Sword so they may track Zelda, the voice indicates towards a pedestal in the room which has Hylia's Crest engraved in the wall. Looking around the room the player can determine that to activate the engraving the player must strike with a Skyward Strike. Upon doing so a magical crystal erupts from the engraving and spins around rapidly before shooting a blast of light into the Goddess Sword. The light causes the crystal of the blade to glow as a figure springs out of the crystal appearing as a humanoid entity with a bright blue and lavender colour to her body.

The entity introduces itself as Fi stating that it is the voice of the Goddess Sword and that she is a construct of the Goddess, Hylia much like the sword itself and is bound to it and the one who wields the blade. Fi explains that with the sword's power unlocked the monsters of the surface will now be aware of Link's presence and likely more aggressive however Fi states that in a need to rescue Zelda the risk is nothing. Fi explains to Link that they need to return to the Sky and that Link must plunge the Goddess Sword into the Divine Light. With this information Link heads back to the sky to head back to Skyloft.

The Sky I

Returning to the Sky via one of the various Loftcallers located in the Faron Province the player finds they're unable to immediately return to Skyloft due to a freak weather storm, the player has no option but to land at Pumpkin's Landing where they find out from locals at the Lumpy Pumpkin that Levias was raging around Skyloft at the time and that there was no way to get to Skyloft. The player is able to research about Levias in both the Knight's Academy earlier in the game as well as in a few books in the Lumpy Pumpkin. After the player exits out of the Lumpy Pumpkin they'll see the shadow cast by the monsterous whale as some sort of orb seems to shoot off its body landing in the forest nearby.

As the player heads into the forest they have a run-in with a few Miniblins and a Lizalfos, the first encountered in the game. After defeating the Lizalfos the player can enter the clearing where the strange orb is located, the orb is revealed to be an egg from which a Bilocyte Larvae hatches from, the creature squirms around the clearing and Link must attack it by slashing at its eye while avoiding its fast movements. Defeating the creature causes it to screech in pain before exploding. The player can inspect the egg shell if they want where Fi comments on the strange nature of it, however the player is free to leave the forest after defeating the Bilocyte Larvae.

Exiting the Forest the player is greeted by Groose who wonders what the player was doing in the forest and quickly makes the assumption that Link was cowering in fear from Levias, Groose then boasts that he valiantly protected Skyloft from the creature going head on with Levias with his trusty Loftwing. While Groose is gloating a Miniblin sneaks up behind him and jabs him in the back with its pitchfork, Groose screams from the ambush and runs away with the Miniblin prusuing him.

Link is now able to freely return to Skyloft with the weather cleared, returning there the player finds that Skyloft has suffered a great deal of damage however the structures are still standing with no structural failures. The player meets up with Gaepora who is surprised to see the player having returned and asks if they'd been successful in retrieving Zelda, the player states they weren't to which Gaepora ponders and states that even though they're yet to be successful he knows that Zelda isn't in peril as the Goddess Statue protected Skyloft which it wouldn't have done had the descendant of Hylia perished. Gaepora allows Link to then access the Statue of the Goddess where the player drives the Goddess Sword into the Divine Light causing it to crack and break, this reveals a stone tablet similar to the one Gaepora had brought to reveal the Faron Province, taking the Stone Tablet and placing it with the other one the two resonate with the remaining Divine Lights causing the Pillar of Light to intensify causing the a trail of light to shoot off from it causing the clouds to thin out.

Fi then appears and suggests that the clouds clearing might be an indication of change on the surface and that following the light from the surface may lead them to where Zelda has gone. With this new goal in mind Link heads back to the Pillar of Light and dives back down to the Surface to follow the trail of light to his new destination.

Faron Province II

After Link returns to the Faron Province they'll be able to look up to the sky and will be able to see the distinctive tear of light that courses along, the player is able to follow the light back towards Skyview Temple, upon arriving here they're greeted by Ghirahim who wonders if Link can see the tear of light and if he had something to do with it, Ghirahim however dismisses the potential and remarks that Link lacks the potential to be able to protect Zelda and that he sees more potential in the unknown figure who captured Zelda back in Skyview Temple, before Link can do anything about Ghirahim however he teleports away allowing the player to continue.

The player continues north of Skyview Temple, finding that they eventually reach a dead-end with a wooden barrier set up, the player seemingly unable to continue turns back however as they do so Ghirahim appears again creating a force field on the path the player came from preventing them from escaping, Ghirahim states that he doesn't enjoy it when an unknown like Link invades his realm and declares that Link's destruction of his monster in Skyview Temple requires punishment, Ghirahim whistles and a rumbling sound is heard as a large creature barrels down the path and rams through the wooden barrier standing before link with the camera being from the enemy's perspective initially, the camera pans around to reveal this to be a Moblin, unlike its original Skyward Sword counterpart the Moblin is more muscular in appearance with a mixture of its Ocarina of Time and Link's Awakening designs. The Moblin roars at Link, Ghirahim laughing while sitting perched on a ledge far above he states that the Moblin should make quick work of Link as the Moblin begins its attack.

Link dodges the Moblin's attacks working his way around the creature to attack its back, attacking from the front proves useless as the Moblin uses its shield to block any attack however working around to the Moblin's back Link is able to land several attacks causing the chest armour the Moblin is wearing to fall off. The Moblin, in frustration, throws away its shield and begins swinging its club wildly attempting to strike Link, with no defences now Link is freely able to strike the Moblin who the player sees fit eventually causing the creature to collapse from its injuries and disappear. Ghirahim frustrated that Link was successful states that he'll consider Link's debt paid since Link put on a good show however warns Link that if Link gets in his way again he'll personally deal with them. Ghirahim then teleports away lowering the force field allowing Link to progress onwards through the hole in the Wooden Barrier towards a large grassy field which leads up towards a mountain path between two giant mountains which takes Link to the next province, the Eldin Province.

Eldin Province I

After passing through the mountainous Goro Trail an area infested with Tektites and also home to a small group of traders who refer to themselves as the Gorons, Link arrives in the Eldin Province. This volcanic region is proven to be extremely dangerous for Link to travel in as getting to close to the lava pools or steam vents will cause Link to take heat damage. Traversing the area for a short while Link comes across a strange creature being attacked by some Bokoblins, defeating the Bokoblins the creature is grateful to Link for saving him and introduces himself as Ledd a Mogma, subterreanean creatures that call the Eldin Province their home the Mogma explains that he initially was afraid Link was another Bokoblin that'd come to attack him as his species' poor eyesight makes it hard to differentiate creatures of similar appearance.

Ledd tells Link that he had a run in with other creatures that he thought were Bokoblins but didn't attack him, wondering if those creatures are related to Link he states that he remembers they headed deeper into the Eldin Province towards an area known as Dragon's Bridge which Ledd points out to be far in the distance down near the lava pools. Ledd however notes that Link couldn't possible survive near Dragon's Bridge in his current state noting that Link doesn't smell of a creature that could survive in heat, he then suggests Link come to Mogma Village where his brothers, the other Mogmas might be able to help. Ledd then disappears leaving Link to figure out where and how to get to the Mogma Village.

After some travelling around Link eventually comes across the Mogma Village, an unassuming set of small mounds in a ring. Upon arriving the Mogmas all appear as a group wondering if Link is another Bokoblin however Ledd quickly dismisses this stating that he recognizes Link's scent and joyously commends Link for deciding to visit their humble village, Ledd quickly explains that Mogmas much like Link couldn't survive in the hot conditions of the Eldin Province however are able to survive thanks to special apparel they wear called Fireshield Armour, Ledd shows his bracelet while the other Mogmas are shown to have gauntlets, necklaces, rings, chestplates, etc. Ledd explains that the Fireshield Armour is fairly rare and although he's grateful that Link saved him he can't just give Link the equipment due to the cost of making it, Ledd instead suggests that Link save up some money and talk to Cobal, their blacksmith if Link has the money otherwise he'll have to go into the Mogma Pit, pointing to a massive abyss near the village, where the village leder, Guld had once dropped some Fireshield Armour down. 

Link can't actually buy Fireshield Armour from Cobal due to the price Cobal asks for (5000 Rupees, Link's maximum possible Wallet at this point in the game can only carry 3000 Rupees) so Link must head to the Mogma Pit. Upon reaching the pit Link is greeted by Ledd again as well as two other Mogmas, Nackle and Tyto who explain that the Mogma Pit became infested with some monsters because the Mogmas kept dumping unsalvagable metals into it which some monsters turned out could eat. Nackle and Tyto inform Link that if he wants to get to the bottom he'd best stock up on Metal Scraps which will distract any enemies that eat metal long enough for Link to progress without disruption, Nackle and Tyto give Link 10 Metal Scraps to start off with stating that they'd only be encouraging the monsters if they just tossed them. Once the player is ready to go into the Mogma Pit they can talk to Ledd who's standing in front of the entrance Ledd wishes Link luck and begins opening the gate, however while opening the gate a pair of Bokoblins are seen in the distance chasing Plats who quickly charges towards the pit trying to draw the Bokoblins to it, in his haste however Plats accidentally rams into Link sending him and the Bokoblins flying into the Mogma Pit. Ledd is initially oblivious until seeing Link fly into the depth of the pit, turning to face Plats, Ledd wacks Plats on the top of the head and the two scuttle off unwilling to help Link.

Link begins the Mogma Pit Dungeon unlike previous dungeons instead starting right at the bottom, Link must use the Sailcloth to safely reach the bottom where they'll land atop a grating above a small lava pool, the temperature is too hot for Link to stay on however so he must retreat to a nearby cavern room where Link sees that a creature underneath the grate rams it flipping it over causing the Bokoblins to fall into the lava where it eats them both. Link unable to return to the central chamber continues investigating the dungeon trying to find a way out.

On his way out Link does find the Fireshield Armour which turns out to be Fireshield Boots allowing Link to run through the rooms too hot for him to do so initially, with this new item the creature that was hiding in the lava periodically makes an appearance revealing itself to be a Gemmack, a draconic creature with small stubby legs and a gemstone covered shell. The creature will periodically chase Link through small sections of the dungeon creating new paths from old ones however Link does eventually reach a large metal arena near the top where the Gemmack makes its reappearance and becomes the boss of the dungeon which Link must defeat with the Eldin Megahammer, Mogma Pit's true Dungeon Item. Using the Eldin Megahammer Link is able to destroy the Gemmack allowing him to escape, the creature's defeat also causes a massive amount of rupees to erupt from the pit causing the Mogma's above to scramble against each other for them in joy. After Link exits the dungeon he meets up with Ledd who notices that Link now has Fireshield Armour and wonders if Link knew about all the Rupees that had rained down, stating that there was probably enough for Link to have bought the Fireshield Armour from Cobal.

With the Fireshield Armour that Link does have however Link is able to progress onwards towards Dragon's Bridge whcih Ledd mentioned earlier to try and track down Zelda and the unknown individual. Crossing onto the bridge Link is halted by Fi who notes that she feels an ominous presence watching them, although unable to dismiss the presence Fi suggests they continue onwards. Link carries on progressing through the volcanic area finding strangely few monsters given the previous areas in the Eldin Province were teeming with Chuchus, Bokoblins and Pyrups.

After reaching a small island in the volcanic lake around Eldin Volcano Link is halted by a landslide, dodging the oncoming boulders Link sees that the cause in the mysterious individual, said individual calls out to Link warning him to keep away from the reincarnation of Hylia and proclaiming that Link cannot interrupt the awakening process. The individual disappears up Eldin Volcano having blocked off the path around the volcano, Link has no other option then to begin traversing up the mountain.

Progressing up Eldin Volcano Link has a run in with some more Gorons who warn Link about the boulders that rain down from Eldin Volcano and the Bokoblin encampments on the mountainside which will shoot at intruders with arrows if they spot Link. Despite these warnings Link continues upwards successfully avoiding the boulders and destroying the Bokoblin encampments reaching what appears to be some strange ancient ruined city atop the volcano. Upon reaching here Link is suddenly ambushed by a group of Gorons, Link awakens to find himself in a strange little village near the Volcano's summit, the eldest of the Gorons walks up to Link introducing himself as Gonduga and he apologizes for kidnapping Link as they feared he might've been a monster attempting to interrupt the awakening process of the reincarnation of Hylia. Fi suddenly appears and states to Gonduga that they need to ensure Zelda's safety, Gonduga is slightly shocked by Fi's sudden appearance and ponders on her sudden appearance and seems to mutter something to himself before turning back to Link and informs Link that if he's come to help the reincarnation of Hylia then he must pass a small test the Gorons have for him. Gonduga explains to Link that the entrance of the Earth Temple atop Eldin Volcano's Summit, the location of the reincarnation of Hylia's awakening process is locked by a special key made of pure gold, Gonduga informs Link that one of the Gorons on Eldin Volcano Summit has the key, if Link can figure out who has the key then he may enter the Earth Temple.

Accepting Gonduga's request Link begins his search, there is no explicit answer for player's to find instead they must notice the sheer size of the lock on the Earth Temple's door and visit the various Goron's homes, this however will seem to conclude that the key is not with any of the Gorons or in their homes as it would be too big, however an observant player may notice that behind the Earth Temple itself are some very large fingertips hanging from the side of the mountain, Link can't interact with this giant individual however upon returning to Gonduga Link is able to choose from the list of Gorons he met which includes "The Very Big Goron", as long as the player has inspected the fingertips they will have this option.

Choosing the option Gonduga will be shocked that Link noticed and explains that the giant Goron that lives on the side of Eldin Volcano is called Giggaro and is actually Gonduga's younger brother. Gonduga takes Link to Giggaro and calls out to the giant Goron who climbs up the mountain much to the shock of Link, the immensely huge Goron perchs himself next to the comparatively small Earth Temple and apologizes to Gonduga stating he tried to hide as well as he could, Gonduga merely laughs however and tells Giggaro that Link has come to help the reincarnation of Hylia, Giggaro upon hearing this becomes elated and quickly grabs the golden key which he'd hidden in a small cave far below, using it to open the Earth Temple for Link. Gonduga wishes Link luck as he begins his charge into the depths of the Earth Temple.

Entering the Earth Temple Link must contend with new enemies not seen previously in the game as well as the danger and puzzles that arise from the volcanic themed dungeon. During Link's exploration of the dungeon he brings down the central room of the dungeon allowing him to reach the spring at the top however to do so Link realizes that he must in fact traverse into the very bottom of the dungeon and turn on an elevator, in doing so he unleashes the boss of the dungeon, Scaldera. Link's battle against Scaldera occurs along the twisting bodies of the dragon statues around the elevator and the battle progresses into the more complex dragons as Scaldera takes more damage from a combination of the Bombs which Link can carry thanks to the Bomb Bag found in the dungeon as well as his sword.

Eventually Link is able to bring down the hulking spider-like magma creature, it collapses from exhaustion and sinks into the lava which solidifies allowing Link to easily reach the elevator. Taking the elevator up to the spring located on the top floor of the dungeon Link finds Zelda and the mysterious figure, Zelda is seen praying to a small statue of the Goddess, Hylia in the spring while the mysterious figure watches over her. As Link enters the area however the mysterious figure warns Link that his attempt to take Zelda will be punished, Zelda seemingly oblivious to Link and the mysterious individual continues praying as the unknown character unsheathes a long katana from her back readying it to face Link. Link engages in direct combat with the individual having to deal with her lightning fast movements and requires the player to counterattack to even damage her, during the fight the unknown individual uses a number of techniques including teleporting, slashing and stabbing with the katana, throwing sets of knives, creating false copies and even unleashing smoke bombs to fog up the field making it difficult for Link and the player to see.

Despite her best efforts Link is able to stand his ground and defeat the unknown individual, seemingly unphased by her defeat however Link witnesses as Zelda stands from the spring, a faint glow emanating from her hands she presses one on the unknown individuals back seemingly giving them a complete recovery of their energy. The mysterious figure informs Link that though his swordplay is impressive for a young warrior she will not give Zelda up so easily and quickly darts away carrying Zelda with her. Link attempts to give chase but watches as the mysterious character disappears to the south of Eldin Volcano towards a colossal mountain range.

Fi chips in and informs Link that though he was unsuccessful in retrieving Zelda there is still something they can do in the Earth Temple, explaining that the statue of the Goddess hides a Symbol of Hylia which if Link hits with a Skyward Strike will awaken another dormant talent of the Goddess Sword. Link follows Fi's advice and heads back to the Goddess Statue in the spring and searches, finding the symbol located on top of its head, striking it from above the stuate breaks open revealing a crystalline symbol of Hylia which fires a beam at Link which he blocks with the Goddess Sword. The energy from the symbol causes the sword to glow brilliantly and Fi appears her design changing slightly with her cloak elongating and becoming tipped with blue crystals as well as her hair ending in two spikes instead of one like before. Fi informs Link that much like her the Goddess Sword has also changed now possessing the power to charge the power of the Gods within it which allows Link to perform the Charged Spin Attack an impressively powerful technique which can cause Link to become dizzy if he uses it too much or for too long.

Fi also notes that given Zelda and the unknown individual were heading southward they're likely heading towards an ancient gate of time referred to as the Gate of Eras which is where a third goddess statue is located, however to reach the land where the gate is located would be no easy feat as the path southward is protected by a holy barrier and only those blessed by the goddess herself could cross it which Link isn't. Fi notes that there is another path they could try and suggest heading back through the Faron Province and trying to head west of the Sealed Grounds.

Faron Province III

Returning to the Faron Province Link finds that the Kikwi's are hiding in a giant tree and request Link's help explaining that a group of Lizalfos are roaming around the Faron Woods and were attacking them earlier, they explain that they wanted to give Link something but they can't due to the numerous Lizalfos. Link takes it upon himself to track down and defeat the nine Lizalfos located in Faron Woods, using his new tools, the Eldin Megahammer & Bombs to clear out new sections of the woods leading to the encounters. After defeating all nine Lizalfos Link returns to the Kikwis who climb down from the tree, Bucha thanks Link and they quickly head back to the Treefort telling Link to meet them there for his reward.

As Link heads back to the Kikwi Treefort to recieve this gift he is ambushed by a much larger reptilian monster, a Dinolfos. The Dinolfos bellows at Link before attacking, using its club-like tail to try and smash Link while also protecting itself with its heavy armour and its massive axe which is able to destroy parts of the arena where Link fights it, the Dinolfos is also capable of breathing a ring of fire around itself and can ignite its tail to cause more damage. After Link defeats the Dinolfos he hears laughter as looking above Ghirahim appears commending Link for defeating the creature stating that he wondered if he could truly face something tougher than the poor excuses the Faron & Eldin Provinces call monsters, Ghirahim hops down from the cliff around the Arena and warns Link that the Dinolfos was merely the first test and now Link must prove he's worth Ghirahim's time by dueling him.

Ghirahim clicks his fingers and causes a rapier to appear in front of him, grabbing it and jumping back taking a fighting stance as he gestures for Link to fight him. During this boss fight against Ghirahim he mostly stays on the defensive blocking most of Link's attacks and summoning magical projectiles to attack Link from a distance, Link cannot directly strike Ghirahim as he will block and counterattack Link, instead Link must repel the projectiles with precision slashes back at Ghirahim leaving him vulnerable to attack. After dealing considerable damage Ghirahim changes up his tactics and goes on the offensive becoming much more dangerous, testing the player's ability to block and counterattack and even has the player forcibly learn to chain-counter to overcome him, eventually after dealing enough damage against Ghirahim Link makes a powerful thrust and strikes an impressive cut through part of Ghirahim's face and shoulder. He quickly reels in pain from the attack and then seemingly laughs it off having covered his injuries with his hands he reveals that his skin is multi-layered, taking the opportunity to warn Link that getting greedy with his attacks could result in him being left open to a massive counterattack. Ghirahim then teleports away allowing Link to continue towards the Kikwi Treefort.

Upon arriving Bucha greets Link and hands Link a strange rod, Bucha explains that the rod is an ancient seal passed down the Kikwi family lineage from the ancient dragon, Faron. Bucha informs Link that though the rod doesn't look like much is possesses untapped power and Faron had said long ago to pass the rod on to one who showed great courage, Bucha states that he believes that to be Link as he'd never met anyone like Link before. Link accepts the rod from Bucha and Fi quickly inspects it noting the rod seems to have some ancient Hylian text inscribed on it. Fi translates the text for Link;

"Forged in the skies above, wielder of this rod know that great power is stored here that can be awoken, a great barrier will halt entry into the deadlands west, seek the knowledge in the sky to progress."

Bucha wishes Link luck and Fi suggests they head to see about this supposed barrier. Link traverses more rough terrain finding a new path to take thanks to the Bombs and using other items like the Beetle & Boomerang to progress through some minor environmental puzzles. Upon arriving Link and Fi indeed find a magical field had been placed amidst giant cliffsides that lead westward, Fi inspects the barrier and notes that it was created by ancient magic and could be Faron's Magic. Fi states that they'll need to find out this knowledge in the Sky if they wish to surpass the barrier. Link heads to a nearby Loftcaller and heads back up into the sky.

The Sky II

Upon returning to the Sky, the player has the freedom to choose where they want to go for this segment of the game, since most players aren't aware of where to go consolidating Fi will have her suggest checking the library in Skyloft. Going there Link will be able to find an old book on the dragon, Faron which notes that Faron had lifted two great islands up into the Sky that were bound to protect crystals that would synergize with an ancient weapon, referring to the Rod.

The player may search the Sky for a while however eventually after the player lands on Kanos Tear or Din Icefield they'll note that the rod is glowing likely in resonance to something on the island. Investigating Link will find either the Temple of Flames or the Temple of Snow. Though these large structures are near the entrance of each island they're not immediately accessible. The story assumes that Link went to the Temple of Flames on Kanos Tear first.

Upon arriving at Kanos Tear link finds that the volcanic island is covered in a dense layer of steam making traversing it rather tricky as Link must be vigilant of holes in the island that he can fall through. Finding the entrance to the Temple of Flames Link finds the door is sealed with a large lock, unable to enter Link looks around the island for a while using Bombs, Deku Seeds and/or the Slingshot to access more areas beynd the temple.

The player climbs up the natural terrain the temple is built into and reaches the peak finding a strange occurance where amongst the boiling hot surrounding terrain a small peak is covered in ice with a strange key made of carved ice held atop a pedestal. Link takes the Ice key and carries it back to the temple door, the player must be quick however as the key melts after the player leaves the peak. The player is able to open the temple entrance and head inside.

Within the temple Link must contend with fire-themed enemies much like those seen in the Eldin Province, throughout the dungeon the player's main goal is to find and ignite six chandeliers, this can be easily achieved with the dungeon's item, the Bow which can be used in various chain reactions, there are other solutions to all but one of the chandeliers with bombs, the slingshot and boomerang being useful i this regard. The dungeon also features some puzzles revolving arund the boomerang to test how skilled the player is with the item which lead to some optional treasures.

After delving deep into the Temple of Flames, Link comes face to face with an impressive ruby coloured crystal held in place by a large golden scepter, as Link approaches the crystal however a barrier forms locking Link into an arena as a ghostly aura reveals itself stating that it is the Champion of Fire and asks Link if he seeks the Flame Crystal. The player replies with a yes and the Champion of Fire takes form appearing as a very large Stal-Hylian standing nearly twice Link's height. The Champion of Fire declares that Link must best him in combat to earn the crystal before charging to battle.

After the player defeats the Champion of Fire he admits defeat declaring Link to be the successor of the Flame Crystal, taking it out of the Scepter and handing it to Link before drivng the scepter back into the middle of the arena and disappearing along with the barrier. The Flame Crystal allows Link to activate the elemental ability of Fire for certain items giving Link the; Fire Rod, Fire Arrows & Flame Seed Slingshot. Exiting the Temple Link finds that the steam that covered the island had dissipated and he could now see the island clearly.

After flying around the player soon reaches Din Icefield, a series of mountainous and freezing cold islands connected by small wooden bridges with strange stone totems built around them. Link arrives on the small island chain in the south and works his way towards the major islands in the center if this part of the map. Upon reaching this main island Link finds that the entrance to the Temple, the Temple of Snow, is open however an intensely powerful wind is preventing Link from entering it as well as making it impossible for him to access other parts of the island. Searching around Link solves a few Ice Puzzles which can be bypassed if Link uses Bombs effectively or has obtained the Bow from the Temple of Flames. Eventually Link will come across a strange shrine with a large stone chest, opening it Link finds the Iron Boots which provide Link with enough weight to move through the high winds without being pushed back as well as allowing him to not be staggered by attacking monsters.

Link makes his way back to the temple and enters into the cold catacomb of the dungeon. The blistering temperature makes some rooms too cold for Link to traverse in and thus limits his ability to move around the dungeon. The dungeon's main puzzle has Link using the Iron Boots to stomp on giant blocks destroying them and revealing switches, the trick being that Link must find a way to reach a height where he can break the block with larger blocks requiring a greater height.

Throughout the dungeon Link comes across a number of enemies not encountered anywhere else thus far, strange Ice-elemental enemies most notably Freezards, White Wolfos and Ice Wizzrobes. As Link progresses through the temple he'll also come across a Chilfos, a large and imposing icy-humanoid who wields an impressively long spear which serves as the Mini-Boss of the dungeon. Defeating it Link is able to obtain the Loftwing Armour, a superior armour that not only protects Link against extreme heat and extreme cold but also slightly boosts his defence.

Using this new armour Link can progress through the previously impassable sections of the dungeon opening up paths that eventually lead him to a bridge crossing from the central island to the far West Island of the Din Icefield Chain, crossing this bridge Link finds himself inside a Colosseum built on the island with an Icy Scepter in the middle, entering into the colosseum an iron grating closes behind Link trapping him in the arena as a duo of Stal-Hylians rises up from the snowy ground revealing themselves, they declare themselves the Champions of Ice and warn Link that his trespassing on their sacred ground means that he has come to challenge them for domination over Ice, the two break the scepter in half and quickly jump to the far sides of the colosseum and gesture for Link to attack them.

The player will find that the Iron Boots are useful in the battle against the powerful Icy Winds the Champions of Ice can conjure and if the player has already bested the Champion of Fire the Fire-Elemental Items will deal more damage against them, this is also true against the Champion of Fire had the player defeated the Champions of Ice first. Eventually the player defeats both of the champions who stagger in defeat and admit Link is a greater warrior than them both, fusing the scepter back together they take the Frost Crystal out and drive the scepter into the ground disappearing in the process. Link retrieves the Frost Crystal. This item allows Link to activate the elemental ability for Ice for certain items giving Link the; Ice Rod, Ice Arrows & Freezing Boomerang. The iron grate will open allowing Link to leave the temple where they'll find the violent winds have settled on the island making traversal much easier.

With both crystals in hand the Rod glows a strange colour and suddenly channels both crystals carving a message in ancient Hylian onto the ground. Fi translates the message for Link;

"Return to the gate and awaken the stone giants to open the path to the golden land"

Fi suggests they head back to the gate however just before Link is able to they're greeted by Groose who flies in on his Loftwing noting how hot or cold (depending on which island Link is on) it is and wonders what Link has been doing, Groose explains that ever since Link and Zelda left some folks in Skyloft have been in a bit of a panic. Groose looks around the island and wonders if Link's hiding something on the island and delves into the island to investigate, despite Link attempting to stop him Groose marches into the Temple and seemingly disappears, without time to search for him however Link heads back to the surface to open the gate.

Ordona Province I

After returning to the gate Link uses the information provided by the message to strike the eyes of the two giant statues on either side of the gate, one with the Fire Rod and one with the Ice Rod. Upon doing so the mechanisms in the gate activate causing it to open, providing the player with access into the Ordona Province.

Upon entering the province Fi comments on the strange and ominous atmosphere the area gives off. As Link progresses through the stark valley and cliffs with dead trees sparsely found he comes across numerous Stalfos as well as two new enemies; Redeads and Gibdos which force the player to use their other items to defeat due to their unusual methods of attack, in addition the player has to deal with their first instance of groups of Poes which plague the area. Eventually Link reaches a large stone structure seemingly made of the same material as the gate to the Ordona Province, the structure appears to be some sort of Temple and Fi suggests they head inside as it may provide a passage through to the Lanayru Province, however she also notes that the Temple appears to be locked by a similar mechanism and suggests for Link to search for how to open it. Link looks around the area of the Temple's exterior and finds that the mechanisms seem to disappear into the cliffside walls, using bombs on suspicious looking patches in the walls Link finds strange symbols on the cliffside, after finding four of them Link uses the Rod to activate them with magic opening the doorway to the temple allowing Link to enter properly.

Within the Temple Link finds that the main puzzle is awakening the spirits of the four generals in the mass graves by hitting gongs in each of their burial rooms. These gongs are blocked by various barriers meaning that Link must either find a path around the barrier or use one of his items like the Bombs and Bow to hit some of the gongs however the player will find that they're unable to hit all the gongs in this process. Investigating the Temple further Link will delve into the underground cave that's connected to the Temple, within this cave Link must solve a few puzzles where he must find a way to block passages of water to allow doors to open, upon getting to the end of this section Link comes face to face with a Stal-Hylian, the mini-boss of Dead Man's Gate. Link is informed that this Stal-Hylian is the Champion of Shadows and states that Link's trespassing on hallow ground is a death sentence.

Link fights and defeats the Champion of Shadows collecting the Shadow Crystal as a reward, this crystal allows Link to activate the abilities of the Shadow Rod allowing Link to create Shadow Dopplegangers he can control from a distance. Link must initially use this new ability to escape the underground cave as a cave-in causes the path of escape to change. Returning to the main temple area Link can use the Shadow Link to hit the remaining gongs (or all of them if Link didn't strike any) which causes the four generals to appear thanking Link for putting their fellow general to rest, referring to the Champion of Shadows stating that his soul was corrupted by the malice of the demon king and the disgrace of his burial caused him to seek a deep hatred for others.

The four Generals open up a magical doorway for Link allowing him to enter the second half of Dead Man's Gate, an impressive open arena with hundreds of swords, shields, spears, bows, axes, armour and other weapons, the large open area is stated by one of the generals to be the place of great and terrible battle between the monsters of the Demon King and the ancient armies of Hylia. Link is informed that for him to pass on from this cursed land he must defeat the shadow that lurks in the battlefield, to do this Link must locate the dungeon's second item, the Goddess' Spirit. Exploring the area around the arena Link finds a number of small structures which he can explore in a small set of rooms leading to various treasures, these rooms all follow similar puzzles that have Link working with the Shadow dopplegangers he creates to solve various puzzles, Link also learns that intense Light will destroy these dopplegangers which Link must be wary off and utilize elements of the puzzles to allow Shadow Link to progress onwards.

Meanwhile on the arena itself Link must also be wary of the shadow which can be heard but not seen, if Link hears it approaching the player must remain still until the shadow passes, the shadow moves around in a big loop which can be noted by marked tracks on the ground providing the player with knowledge of the shadow's movements. Eventually Link finds the structure howing the Goddess' Spirit, Fi instructs Link to dip the Goddess Sword into the Goddess' Spirit (A pool of silvery water) which gives the blade a glistening appearance so much so that it seems to alert the shadow which charges at the structure destroying it, Link guards himself from the oncoming rubble and the light from the Goddess Sword strikes the shadow revealing small segments of it indicating to Link how to fight the monster which serves as the boss of the dungeon.

Eventually after a long fought and multi-phase battle Link takes down the shadow beast and the sky clears of its stormy complexion as the arena seemingly clears up with the armour and weapons disappearing with the sunlight as the generals inform Link that he has undone the curse on the lands and freed the spirits of the deceased to the afterlife before shortly disappearing. Fi notes that she had sensed something strange about the arena and states that there was a temporal anomaly occuring in the arena causing it to appear as it had long ago in the past. With nothing blocking his path, Link progresses through the exit of the dungeon and continues through the small canyon area crossing over a bridge above a ravine and soon arriving in a giant golden desert seemingly reaching far into the horizon.

Lanayru Province I

Upon entering the desert environment, Link finds that intense desert winds blow across the area forcing Link to use the Iron Boots to cross some areas of the desert. In this area Link finds a number of new enemies, a small scorpion enemy called Aracha. These small scorpion enemies appear out from the sand and attempt to scuttle towards Link and stab him with their stinger. Another creature link encounters is the seemily indestructible Ampilus, a crustacean creature that rolls around at high speeds inside a shell generating high electricity in the process.

Link successfully dodges these enemies and must tempt three ampilus to ram into small pits where they becme trapped exuding their electricity to charge up and open gates for Link to progress through. Eventually Link reaches a large chasm with various structures built around it, Fi appears and ponders on the presence of the structure noting that they look more for delving into the chasm rather than living on the surface and suggests they explore. Link begins heading down although passes by a tripwire which causes a gate to shut behind him locking Link in he chasm.

Within this dungeon Link must pass through different puzzles in a linear progression revolving around electrcity and redirecting it, the dungeon predominantly features Ampiluses as well as Electric Chuchus which can be used to power objects. Link himself can act as a sort of reverse Lightning rod by standing atop special switches with the Iron Boots and using his sword to direct lightning from the switch out of the sword to hit switches to open doors, sometimes having to use metal plates to make the electricity bounce in different directions. Link heads into the last room of this section of the dugeon wehere the Mid-Boss a humanoid robot called Plater attacks link. Defeating this mid-boss Link receives the dungeon's item, the Magnesis Gloves.

This soon opens up into the main area of the dungeon, a massive mining shaft filled with large mine carts carrying numerous minerals within. In this more open area of the ungeon Link can explore a number of shafts each with their own twists on the previous electricity puzzle, some lead to treasures while others lead to the main puzzle of the dungeon which has link rewire circuits to flow into the main shaft so link can pull levers to move some stationary carts out of the way. Along the way Link must also contend with Stalfos, Keese among a number of other enemies in the way. Link surpasses these trials and reaches an area in the mines where a large mining robot lies inactive, upon entering the electricity Link redirected activates the robot which confirms its designation to be DEE-05 as it prepares itself to attack Link.

Eventually Link through use of the Dugneon's item as well as other items the player may have collected is able to defeat DEE-05, upon its destruction the facility seems to properly reactivate with electricity flowing freely throughout giving Link access back out to the initial area of the Lanayru Province but also heading north into what Fi refers to as The Automaton Valley, this large sand-filled valley has many autonamous robots that wander around seemingly functioning normally despite the long time since their creators existed, here Link runs into malfunctioning Armos and Magunesu the Armos seem indestructible as they clumsly jump about only chasing Link if they see him and being easily outrun. The Magunesu however seem to possess the ability to pull Link towards them by flipping their face over causing their magnesis to pull Link close where they can fire off a laser to damage him, they are defeated by using the Magnetic Gloves which cause them to rocket in the direction Link is facing as long as their in his line of sight usually causing them to be smashed into a wall.

Exploring this area Link finds more mine carts this time carrying a strange mineral that has a slight blue-purple appearance to it although doesn't appear to do anything, Link guides one of the Mine Carts through a series of small outposts eventually to a Plateau where the player finds Hylia's Crest located on a small elevated platform which the mine cart terminates at, using Skyward Strike at this elevated height Link activates the stone revealing it to be a Timeshift Stone, doing so reactivates a defunct Ancient Robot nearby.

The Ancient Robot introduces itself as Scrapper and wonders what's going on however notices the Goddess Sword on Link's back and wonders how long it's been, seeming to refer to something that happened in the past, however pauses before completing its train of thought. Scrapper asks Link to inspect the Goddess Sword which Link reluctantly agrees to cautiously handing Scrapper the blade, Scrapper's eyes suddenly glow brightly forcing Link to shield his eyes as a strange pattern runs over the Goddess Sword before Scrapper stops, handing the sword back to Link, he explains that Link's blade is made of an ancient metal that Scrapper's species, the Ancient Robots can interface with to gain a greater understanding if they're inactive for a long time. Scrapper also notes that it had a talk with the "strange dancing lady", referring to Fi and states that it knows that Link is searching for another Hylian and notes that the path Link seeks to the Gate of Eras is blocked due to the Lanayru Mining Facility having been shut down, Scrapper notices that some power is coming through from the mining shaft but explains to Link that the Mining Shaft is just one of four power generators and that Link can find the other ones to the North and West of the facility noting that they're much easier to activate.

Link heads off leaving Scrapper with the Timeshift Stone Cart searching the more open area activating more Timeshift Stones which in turn returns the robotic enemies to their functioning selves making them more dangerous as well as resurrecting other Ancient Robots as well as a new variant of the Moblin known as the Technoblin a strange cyborg Bokoblin that possesses a wide array of electrical weaponry. Link eventually stumbles upon each of the three other facilities, a giant dam where sand flows through an area that was once water, a colossal wind turbine that has grinded to a halt and large panels made of Timeshift stones that gaze up at the sun. Each of these areas pose different puzzles for Link, the dam has Link explore the usage of quicksand revealing underground passages as well as using Sand in a similar method to water to power up minor systems eventually being able to open the gate to the dam's control tower and reactivating it having it process sand instead of water.

The Windmill has puzzles revolving around obscuring the player's vision introducing them to combat in a limited visual environment as the player must contend with an enemy specifically found near the Windmill, Leevers which burrow out of the ground trying to bit at Link who defeats them. In addition Link must solve some wind themed puzzles using a combination of his Iron Boots and Bombs to get through as well as having to deal with the high winds putting out his Fire Arrows and having to work around that. At the Timeshift Panels Link must clear the dust of some of them, this is initially impossible however once Link accesses the underground control center he's able to re-align the panels which forces the dust off them. With all three facilities back up and running again Link looks out over the Lanayru Mining Facility to see it turn back on as Timeshift Crystals in towers activate causing time to return to the past for large sections of facility even out to the four generators and Link sees that the Ancient Robots have gathered near a large building in the center.

Link heads back to the central building, giving the player the opportunity to try out shieldsurfing down the dunes which shows the player they can quickly defeat enemies like Chuchu and bokoblins with this method. Link finds the ancient robots gathered in front of a large door, twelve of them have gathered including Scrapper who thanks Link for restoring its friends explaining that the central facility behind themis the Lanayru Mining Facility which allows them to refine the metal they collect in large furnaces, however they explain that due to its centuries of inactivity the facility is mostly destroyed with only one furnace still potentially operational albeit covered in a dense layer of sand. Scrapper continues explaining that none of them stand a chance against the security systems inside however notes that Link might and asks him to reactivate the furnace as without refined metal they won't be able to last long due to the need for repairing tools.

Link heads into the Lanayru Mining Facility and finds that through a few chambers filled with sand the central area of the dungeon, a massive pit where the metal is stored and then transported into the furnace, however Link discovers that the facility has a variation of the Timeshift stones, pink in colour which seem to reverse the effects of the timeshift stone cancelling them out, this prevents Link from getting to the furnace at all as the flowting platforms are rendered inoperable, Link instead searches the dungeon for some way to push the timeshift stones off their generators, finding a few more in other rooms which can be deactivated due to the ease of access. Link also finds the timeshift stones used in other objects including a chandelier which Link must swing so that the cancelled effect allows him passage through said room. Along the way Link runs into Stalfos and Ampiluses as well as still functioning Beamos and Magunesu, in addition to Armos and a new enemy, Sentrobes.

During his exploration Link cmes across a room that has a large fan that is no longer functional entering into the bottom of this room Link becomes trapped as a Sand Wizzrobe appears, Link must be quick defeating the boss as sand fills the room, once Link is successful he can gather the dungeon's first item, the Gust Bellows a magical jar that shoots a gust of wind allowing Link to jumpstart the giant fan allowing him to quickly ascend to the top area of the room while clearing the sand. Link continues exploring the dungeon opening more rooms with this new item, being able to push two of the four anti-timeshift stones off allowing Link access to the secnd third of the dungeon.

Entering into this section of the dungeon Link is able to defeat the far more prevalent Armos enemy with the Gust Bellows and disorientate some other enemies. Link now has to solve some puzzles using the gust bellows having him blow sand away to reveal access to the underground floor of the dungeon, in addition Link must blow around baby Ampiluses to open up doors but must direct the, carefully with the gust bellows as if they enter anti-timeshift zones they'll turn into Ampiluses. Searching through the previously locked away areas of the first third as well as the newly explorable second third of the dungeon the player finds there are a number of doors still innacessible due to them being far off the ground with no discernable method of getting to them. Eventually however the player will stumble into one of the inoperable Furnaces, completely covered in sand with large sections of the wall broken, as Link enters this area the door locks behind him as rumbling is heard from underground. Before Link has time to react however a pair of giant sandworms, Lanmolas, burst out of the ground flying in the air briefly before burrowing back down.

Link goes to attack these two worms, dodging the projectiles they spit at Link and shooting at both of them with either the Slingshot or Bow, eventually Link brings one down which enrages the other which now actively tries to burrow up from beneath Link, although more aggressive than before this Lanmola too falls to Link's attacks and the room settles as some of the sand disappears revealing the top of a chest, using the Gust Bellows, Link clears the rest of the sand and opens the chest to find the second item of the dungeon, the Sand Crystal this magical object can be attached to some of Link's items; the Magical Rod becomes the Sand Rod, the Gust Bellows becomes the Twister Bellows and the Magnetic Gloves become the Silicon Gloves. With this new array of items Link is able to progress through the final guantlet of rooms available for him to explore using these new items, the Sand Rod to create giant pillars that allow Link to get up to high areas, the Silicon Gloves which create platforms out of the Sand Falls located throughout the main room of the facility allowing Link to destroy the last two Anti-Timeshift Crystals and the Twister Bellows which is much more ferocious whipping up a twister which tears away the sand around it and even damages enemies. Eventually Link is able to find the dungeon's boss key and enter the boss room of the dungeon.

Within the dungeon Link finds the furnace in surprisingly good shape with the sand sunken towards the center strangely, as Link goes to inspect it however he becomes trapped inside and the sand bellows up revealing the boss of the dungeon Emperor Moldarach an ancient and fearsome Moldarach far more powerful than any of the Arachas or the seemingly invincible Moldarachs found near the other three generators. As Link goes up against the boss he uses a combination of his new Gust Bellows and Sand Crystal to force the arachnid out of the sand and attacks it directly in its eyes and the weak spots in its armour where its fleshy innards can be seen. After slaying the monster the sand begins to drain out of the furnace as Link exits the facility he is greeted by Scrapper who thanks Link for clearing out the furnace, stating his surprise to hear Link fought a Moldarach as they were believed to be extinct in Scrapper's time. Scrapper informs Link that with the facility up and running they can now rapidly produce the materials needed to repair the entrance to the Gate of Eras for Link and tells Link that they (referring to the Ancient Robots) will meet Link at the entrance before heading inside the facility.

With the goal finally in sight Link quickly heads up to the Gate of Eras entrance and meets up with Scrapper who along with a few other Ancient Robots installs some cogs onto the entrance allowing it to open as the electrical connections are made. As the door opens Link sees the mysterious figure and Zelda praying at the third Goddess Statue as Link approaches the two, the mysterious figure stands up and unseathes her sword, warning Link that she will not hold back at all this time and Link will be buried underneath the dry sand for all eternity if he wishes to take the reincarnation of Hylia. Just as she's about to strike however Ghirahim intrudes grabbing the mysterious figures sword with his hand, as blood drips from the catch, noticing the blood Ghirahim frowns in disgust and promptly shatters the sword's blade into a hundred pieces before turning to face Link. Noticeably covered in a more elaborate coat than before and with small red crystals jutting from his shoulders Ghirahim explains that he had enjoyed watching the last of the Sheikah clan and the first Hylian that returned to the surface have a fight earlier but his toying with them was over and informs the mysterious individual that he'll be taking Zelda to be sacrificed for the Demon King.

The mysterious figure visibly shocked by this espouses that she won't let Ghirahim take her for sacrifice to which Ghirahim laughs maniacally frantically teleporting around the gate coming to land right next to Zelda however the Sheikah lady predicts this and moves and grabs Ghirahim's wrist, twisting it causing him to teleport to a distance to avoid further damage. Ghirahim berates the Sheikah lady stating that he'll fulfill his role to his master before teleporting a sword that he takes hold of, the Sheikah Lady quickly reacts, awakening Zelda who seemed to be in a trance during the prayer session, upon awakening Zelda walks up and presses her hand against the giant gear located at the end of the Gate of Eras, doing so causes the gear to reveal its true nature as a portal through time, seeing Zelda and the Sheikah Lady run into the portal Link and Ghirahim give chase however just as Ghirahim and Link enter the portal at almost the same time they attempt to fight in the time portal causing a tear in the time travel knocking them both out of the stream of gears causing Link to black out.

The Time Stream

Upon awakening Link finds himself in a strange environment, seemingly not of this world the land he's on is made of rubble and rock but seems to be located in an abyss of some sort with a strange blue and purple mist making it hard to see the path ahead, Link must use the Gust Bellows to navigate, although the Lantern is also useful too for this, within this strange area Link comes across a giant temple located in the mist with strange golden lights emanating from within.

Upon entering Link finds himself in a strange holy ground that seems strangely akin to the Goddess' Statue Courtyard with a giant Statue of Hylia at the end of the main room with a small pool of water in the middle. Upon entering this room Link hears a voice welcoming him and referring to him only as The Hero of the Sky. Confused Fi appears and wonders where they are stating that she has no knowledge of any such location existing on the Surface or in the Sky, looking around Link finds many doorways to explore, although some doorways are completely inacessible to Link as they're strangely on the ceiling of the room.

Link begins exploring this dungeon finding it mostly devoid of enemies only featuring a few Keese located in the most worn-down of areas, in addition Link finds the area is like a giant maze with many doorways for Link to take, with him being able to drop down and climb up some rooms and move about through passages all around him, the strangely near identical looking rooms pose quite the tricky solution as Link explores solving a few puzzles where the player must memorize patterns like lighting chandeliers with Fire Arrows, an invisible pathway and a series of rock pillars that lead Link to a special room in the dungeon, unlike the others this warm and inviting room seems much like a bedroom from the Knight's Academy, strange in its presence Link looks around opening the closet to find a treasure chest, as Link opens the treasure chest he finds the Hookshot within, a mechanical device that allows Link to pull himself towards special targets on walls and stun enemies from afar with a retractable spike. As Link takes the item however the room seems to morph around him as the true figure within the room, a giant cloaked monster made of Keese called Gomess which attempts to strike Link with a massive scythe that it wields.

Link has to use the hookshot in conjunction with other items including the Bow and Gust Bellows to knock away the bats surrounding Gomess' core which is its weakspot, Link attacks this repeatedly while dodging the numerous Keese flying around as well as Gomess' scythe swings, eventually Link fells the mighty creature and it collapses the keese burning up into flames as the core and the scythe explode in a blinding light. As Link looks around after the light settles he finds that he's back in the dungeon's main room and now only three doors one located on the ceiling and two to each side exist, the two doors on each side merely lead to dead ends but seem to be a culmination of the maze of rooms Link explored while the single door on the ceiling allows Link to explore more of the dungeon using the newly acquired Hookshot to solve some puzzles and also a continuation of Link's memory as he even has to remember where an invisible Hookshot panel is by looking through a purple mirror in an adjacent room (the player can also find a secret treasure chest by looking back through the mirror from the hookshot point's room. Eventually Link is able to find the key of the dungeon although with no indication of where to use if the player must wander around until they're able to figure out to use the hookshot to get on top of the statue's head and use the key on a keyhole located on top of the head.

Using the Key the Statue breaks in half perfectly down the middle revealing a strange portal that Link accidentally falls into while still on the statue's head. Falling through the portal Link lands oddly in a garden, the garden seems to stretch on forever with no end in sight, here Link finds a single pedestal located in the garden, jutting out of the grass, with nothing else to do Link drives the Goddess Sword into the pedestal and at that moment hears the voice again which informs Link that though he is the Hero of the Sky, he has not been reborn into the role yet and needs to prove his mettle to the gods, informing Link that he will not be permitted to leave the Tear between Time until he overcomes this dungeon. Link accepts and the Goddess Sword is enveloped in darkness Link stands back, unsure what's going to happen, the darkness clears itself from the Goddess Sword having turned it into a distinct black hilt with a wing-like cross guard to it and a glistening white blade. The darkness also takes form intially amorphous it looks at Link with beady, red eyes and then begins to change taking on Link's own physical appearance until it seems to be his Shadow, this Shadow Link informs Link that he will be tested on his ability to fight and yanks the Dark Goddess Sword out of the pedestal stating that Link is welcome to use any weapon except the Goddess' blade to fight as Shadow Link readies himself Link stands prepared with his shield equipped.

As Link fights against Shadow Link he must counter many of the different attack strategies Link himself can use and the player will find that this also means that they can rely on a single weapon for the entire fight, instead using a combination of the Hookshot, Bow, Boomerang, Hammer, Bombs, Magic Rod, Gust Bellows & Shield to defeat Shadow Link. Eventually however, Link overcomes his shadowy counterpart and the individual fades away placing the sword back in the pedestal returning it to its former appearance. The voices from before thank Link and know that they can take on the path to become the Hero of the Sky, as they say this the Goddess Sword changes once more with Fi appearing and dancing around it, the two change slightly once more Fi commenting that the blade is near its awakening as Link lifts it out of the Pedestal, the pedestal crumbles and Link sees a small crystal located within, picking it up the voices inform Link that he has been given the Light Crystal an item which allows Link to turn the Magical Rod into the Light Rod and the Arrows into Light Arrows. Link looks around and finds a strange doorway leading back into the timestream which he heads through finding himself on a strange island in the sky, densly covered in plant matter, Serpentine Islands.

The Sky III

Searching around the jungle-like environment Fi ponders on where in time they are as the islands have been long uninhabited by Hylians. While searching Link comes across some Chuchus, Lizalfos, Deku Babas and a new enemy, Snap Dragons which ambush Link by disguising themselves as plants and then attempting to gnaw at Link with their jaws. Link must carefully navigate this jungle-infested area of the islands  to find himself in an open grassland near a lake and along another chain of islands in the Serpentine Islands that leads into another Jungle. Fi comments that with their presence on these islands she may be able to pinpoint when in time they area by travelling to the surface, Link, clearly perplexed by this proposal as his Loftwing does not exist is informed that the Serpentine Islands much like Kanos' Tear and Din's Icefield has a temple that now that Link is blessed by the divine beings he can use for its intended purpose, providing access to the land below.

Link begins looking for this temple on the island, the player needs to head into the other jungle to the far south of the grasslands although is free to explore the lake and first jungle more extensively for treasure, if the player activates some magical pillars on islands near the lake he will awaken the Great Fairy that slumbers in the lake who thanks Link, referring to him as Hylia's Knight and offers to heal Link's wounds and also gives Link the optional item, the Water Crystal which allows Link to turn the Magical Rod into the Water Rod, the Gust Bellows into the Hydro Bellows and Bombs into Bombfish. Link eventually stumbles upon the temple that Fi mentioned finding it covered in gigantic vines that seem to weigh down on the structure causing it to crack in areas, a large metallic door blocks Link's entrance and Link looks around finding that the door is connected via a series of cogs to a lever on the side of the temple however some of the cogs have fallen out forcing Link to figure out which cogs belong to which slots and then using his hookshot to reach and activate the lever opening the door.

Entering into the Temple of Flowers, Link finds the interior to be a beautiful chapel with stained glass windows creating flower patterns on the ground. Looking around this area Link finds there's a general puzzle to this room, there are large mirrors found in the room ensnared in vines that can be shifted around by Link, though tedious Link must figure out where to place each mirror as the four mirrors are slightly slanted causing the light to bounce off them at angles, once Link gets the four mirrors to reflect the light at a point on the ground with the same pattern, the puzzle is solved this causes the floor to open up revealing a massive underground cavern with mixed structures of tree roots, natural caverns and structures, delving into this underground area Link finds the tree roots release a highly reactive gas which can be used in conjunction with fire-based weapons to ignite and explode barriers that bombs can't destroy.

Link also finds there are vines in the area that react to being struck causing some to retract and others to extend, making for blockades and doorways which can flip when Link hits the nodes on them, this however poses a problem as there are five types of these vines (coloured; red, blue, green, yellow and purple) which appear across these lower levels of the dungeon. Link must solve the various interior puzzles of the dungeon while also dealing with the overarching puzzle of the vines which create and block pathways for Link. Inside this dungeon Link comes across various enemies including Lizalfos, Stalfos, Skulltulas as well as two new enemies; Staldras and Moldorms. It is revealed the Moldorms dug out many of the natural tunnels and Link must use this to his advantage by striking several moldorms from behind causing them to burrow through an area and then defeat them soon afterwards.

While searching through the dungeon Link will come to several rooms that overlook a theater area, eventually Link is able to enter this theater area where he finds a strange platform with three large pillars around it, looking at the pillars Link can see three crystals, two of which, a red and blue one are glowing while a third, green one is unlit. Looking around Link sees a Hylian sitting in a throne at the top of the seating area, upon looking at the Hylian the individual stands up and surprisingly teleports directly in front of Link, seeming to look at him in curiosity before seeming to realize Link is really in front of him, greeting Link.

The Hylian introduces themself as the Champion of Nature while inspecting Link's weaponry and attire, he notes that ever since Link arrived the two crystals of his brethren, the other Champions have emanated light meaning that Link has bested them in combat and informs Link that as retribution he will face the Champion of Nature to see if Link is worthy of going to the surface, the Champion teleports to the otherside of the arena and summons a giant metal staff with a shining, green crystal within.

Link battles against the champion of nature dodging his combination of blasts of air and summoned vines and deku babas that attmempt to attack Link, eventually however Link is able to overpower the Champion of Nature dealing enough hits that he yields admitting Link had bested him kneeling before Link, the Champion of Nature takes the crystal out of his staff and hands it to Link giving Link the Wind Crystal which allows Link to turn the Magical Rod into the Tornado Rod, the Boomerang into the Gale Boomerang and the Beetle into the Hornet. After the battle the third crystal lights up as a glowing portal appears, Link steps into the portal as the Champion of Nature waves goodbye to Link as he disappears.

Eldin Province II

As Link returns to the surface he this time lands in the Eldin Province finding the area remarkably less volcanic than it is in the present. Wandering around Fi suggests they consult with the higher beings, doing so they may be able to track down Zelda, Link agrees and Fi notes that the Earth Temple should be near their landing and they can communicate with the higher beings there. Link traverses across the hot, craggy rock of the Eldin Province running into Dinolfos, Fire Chuchus, Dodongos and the fearsome Lynel which inhabit this area. Getting passed these enemies Link soon reaches Eldin Volcano a tiny volcano from its present version the Earth Temple is nestled neatly next to the main chamber, unlike in the present Link can't enter the Earth Temple as it is guarded by Gorons who wonder who Link is noting that the Hylians left for the sky decades ago.

Link is able to trade with the Gorons and upgrade his equipment but his primary objective is to reach the Goddess Statue located atop the Earth Temple, using the Hookshot and Bow, Link is able to navigate his way up the Earth Temple's polished exterior and reach the Goddess Statue. As Link reaches the higher beings call out to him and inform Link that they know he seeks Zelda and state that though they cannot detect her presence they are aware that she and the mysterious woman are in the Hylia Province, the higher beings inform Link however that they will expect him to follow the path of the Hero once he has gone to the Hylia Province.

With the higher beings gone once more Link sets out to head to the Hylia Province however as link returns to the ground he sees a number of Gorons suddenly running towards the Temple as several Bokoblins appear, the Gorons lock themselves in as Link handles the Bokoblins, after defeating them three Dinolfos appear attempting to pincer attack Link, one of the Dinolfos jumps over Link and cuts the bridge over the chamber making it more difficult for Link to move around, however he is still able to defeat thses monsters. It is then tat Link hear's clanging heavy armour moving up the hillside as a massive knight in obsidian-black armour arrives, towering over Link, a Darknut this giant foe wields an impressive Longsword and Shield and duels against Link provig to be ferociously aggressive forcing link to outmanuever the giant foe knocking off bits of its armour before being able to attack the Darknut head on. After a long fight however the Darknut eventually collapses from its wounds and disappears. The Gorons burst out of the temple and crowd around Link lifting him up into the air cheering him on for saving them, calling him their hero.

With the problem resolved Link is able to continue on his search towards the Hylia Province leaving the Gorons and the Earth Temple behind as he passes through the magical barrier over the land.

Hylia Province I

Entering into the holy lands Link finds that the area is unlike any other in the Surface past or present, the land has a hallowed aura about it with beautiful trees growing up a sharp but wecloming mountainside with babbling rivers laced with golden rocks along the edge, the more mystifying elements of the region become apparent with small clouds of fog which as Link approaches form shapes and figures mostly of objects like chairs, Loftwing Statues and archways. In addition Link comes across a strange occurance as he reaches a large open field partway up the mountainside, as the water seems to defy gravity forming an archway allowing for passage underneath the river to continue upwards, this strange formation allows Link to even see the karp that flow along the river swimming along with their scales reflecting the light creating beatiful orange and cream coloured lights as Link passes underneath.

As Link continues up the scenic pathway he comes across some statues of strange entities, some looking vaguely humanoid wielding massive clubs while others appear more orbus in shape wielding dual scimitars, these strange statues seem to change the atmosphere as Link passes them the sun seeming to forcefully set as Link passes by them creating beautiful golden and red hues across the landscape, soon however Link comes to another grassland patch this one with a large building on the other side of a shallow lake, said lake surrounded by the statues from before, as Link walks over the lake however the scene suddenly changes, the sun sets completely as the dusk of night takes over the water changing from a serene dark blue colour to a pale blue like the moon, the statues around the Lake abruptly awaken as intimidating music sets in, Link shocked by this looks around, suddenly seeing the door to the building open with the mysterious woman inside, the woman indicates for Link to run into the building which he does with haste narrowly avoiding the swipes of a Flying Statue and the clubs of a pair of the Humanoid Statues. Entering inside the statues are heard banging on the door for a little while as the music slowly settles down before they return back to their places.

The mysterious woman warns Link that he cannot simply wander around the Sacred Land freely and that disturbing it by touching the Goddess' Water will cause her guardians to awaken and hunt Link down regardless of his relation to Hylia. As Link and the mysterious woman walk away from the door Link sees Zelda seated next to a statue of the Goddess Hylia who greets Link, strangely more calmly than she was at Skyloft, referring to Link as The Hero of the Sky. Zelda thanks Link for his courage and determination to find her but explains that it is her solemn duty to heal the damaged lands of the Surface and unlock her powers as the reincarnation of the Goddess, Hylia. The mysterious woman picks up her blade and walks over to Link informing him that due to his intrusion into the Sacred Land the guardians will hunt him down if he leaves the building and informs Link that in order to repay the goddess he must delve into the Ancient Citadel, the underground structure beneath the temple they're currently in and find the Goddess' Charm as only then will Link be permitted to explore the Sacred Land freely.

The mysterious woman opens up the passageway to the Ancient Citadel however as Link is about to enter the mysterious woman informs Link that he cannot bring weapons intended of harm into the Ancient Citadel otherwise it is seen as an even greater offense to the Goddess, Hylia and has Link leave everything except his Shield, Lantern, Cane of Pacci, Iron Boots, Magnetic Gloves & Gust Bellows behind as he enters the dungeon. Within this dungeon Link finds that it is inhabited by these Guardian enemies which patrol around and force Link to run and hide in sacred circles marked out with the Hylian Crest on them as well as solve puzzles with his limited arsenal, the Cane of Pacci due to its optional nature is used for some puzzles where Link must deal with flipping over spiked platforms to create a way up to a higher area to reach treasure although at the same time the Guardians will flip the platforms back over. The main puzzles revolve around lighting torches and a number of wind based puzzles with the player's main defensive mechanism being the Magnetic Gloves which can temporarily hold a Guardian in place. The dungeon overall has no major puzzle but Link does reach a room where he must contend against a new enemy a Geldman which serves as the Mini-Boss of the dungeon.

Unlike other enemies the Geldman cannot be defeated with the Sword or any of Link's conventional weapons instead Link must use the Gust Bellows to blow away the sand in this room slowly exposing the Geldman until it has nowhere to hide and disappears in a puff of smoke. For Link's efforts he receives the dungeon's item the Dominion Rod which allows Link to take control of the various statues in the dungeon or even one of the Guardians and use them to solve puzzles using their various talents to open up new pathways and eventually help Link collect the boss key of the dungeon and open his way to the boss' lair, inside Link comes face to face with the boss of the dungeon, a large plant known as Manhandla which has rooted itself deep in the chamber and guards the Goddess' Charm. Link must initially avoid the boss using the Gust Bellows to clear away any poisonous gas it attempts to spew at Link and eventually Link will be given the opportunity to take dominion over a guardian due to Manhandla destroying a wall, as Link uses the Guardian to defeat the boss it eventually collapses and disappears from its defeat allowing Link to collect the Goddess' Charm freeing him from the intrusion curse causing the Guardians to return to their sleeping locations and letting Link return to the Temple itself.

As Link returns he is greeted by Zelda and the mysterious woman who apologizes for being harsh to Link as she was unsure if Link was aligned with Ghirahim or not however having seen Link being able to enter the sacred land she deemed that Link was not a threat. The mysterious woman continues informing Link that while Zelda will attempt to mend the scarred land of the Surface in the past to rid it of much of the Demon King's curse they do not know what Ghirahim will appear again and states that the only way to fully vanquish is to awaken the latent power within the Goddess Sword, she informs Link that to do this he must travel across the ancient world and have the sword blessed by the Three Dragons; Faron, Eldin & Lanayru who can be found in their respective provinces.

From here the player is free to explore freely and search for the dragons, there is no set order to this section of the game, in addition there is a major sidequest for the player to take which will allow them to return to the present however it is not necessary for completing the game's story. The story canonically has Link go to the Faron Province, then complete the sidequest, then the Lanayru Province and finally the Eldin Province.

Faron Province IV

The player sets their sights on the Faron province where one of the dragons rests, the player will find that they cannot reach the province via the Ordona entrance as the gate is sealed completely, instead the player must take the highlands of the Eldin Province finding them more verdant and full of life with Blastworms, Deku Babas, Octoroks and Kargoroks roaming about freely, the player must solve some simple puzzles in the highlands where the player must hit blastworms to acquire access to areas using a variety of techniques.

Once the player surpasses this forested highhland they'll come out to see a surprising sight, the Faron Province is completely flooded with much of it's eastern half filled with water and giant vines growing out of the water holding it in place like a giant bowl. Due to Link's abilities he cannot swim a great distance and thus the eastern half of the provnce is completely inaccessible. The western side of the province meanwhile is reduced to a series of small islands that Link will find house strange creatures called Tokays which are very laid back and a bit lazy in nature willing to trade with Link for various ammo that he needs. Talking to the Tokay the player will find that they should talk to the Tokay Elder who can be found near the Elder Tree a giant tree that has grown out of the ocean and players may recognize from its present variant. Link must hop across the islands, soemtimes having to solve small puzzles of how to get across such as finding or creating hookshot locations.

Once the player reaches the Elder Tree, they will find an old Tokay called Eo who lives in a hut next to the Elder Tree, approaching him he'll greet the player mistaking Link for a Tokay and asks for Link to bring him a coconut, pointing to the top of the Elder Tree, he explains that he'd heard from other Tokay that Link was seeking to talk to the Dragon, Faron and Eo could get him an audience. Link accepts the trade and Eo opens up the gate into the Elder Tree allowing Link to take on the dungeon.

As Link enters the dungeon he'll find the interior of the tree is hollowed out with various insect creatures many of which are new encouters for the Player; Tektites, Beetles & Morths as well as returning Skulltulas and Blastworms. For the most part the dungeon is fairly simple with Link's main goal being to cut several ropes holding a suspended platform in place with the dungeon's item as Link is unable to progress otherwise, due to the sturdy ropes only the Beetle will suffice in this and the item itself sees prominent use in the minor puzzles of the dungeon giving the player more complex challenges with using the Beetle.

Once the player breaks the four ropes causing the platform to fall and returning to the ground floor to retrieve the treasue Link will encounter the dungeon's mini-boss, Mothula which had been hiding on the ceiling guarded by the platform to prevent the player from hitting it with the bow. The giant moth will fly around and Link must use the Bow and Beetle having the latter distract Mothula while the prior allows Link to shoot Mothula's weak point on its back. Once the Mini-Boss is defeated Link can collect the item of the dungeon, the Beetle Mandibles which allow Link to upgrade the Beetle into the Jaw Beetle giving it more powerful biting power and also letting it carry Bombs and Bombflowers. With this new upgrade to the Beetle, Link is able to progress through the remainder of the dungeon working upwards towards the canopy.

Reaching the Canopy Link finds a rather beautiful sight as a garden had grown in the canopy of the Elder Tree and despite the Elder Tree being unable to grow any further this small garden seems to contain almost every single plant species seen in the present day Faron Province acting as a sort of Eden to it all. Amidst the verdant garden-scape Link finds the branch leading out to the coconut that Eo mentioned however it is blocked by a wooden grate, as Link enters the area itself however another wooden grate seals his exit out as a loud buzzing noise is heard and a giant Deku Hornet, the Queen Deku Hornet appears descending from the opening in the canopy with its massive abdomen shaped like a hive releasing numerous Deku Hornets.

Link battles against the fearsome beast using the Jaw Beetle's enhanced strength to tear apart the boss forcing it to land and over time reducing its mobility while Link must also dodge the waves of Deku Hornets that appear from the Queen Deku Hornet's abdomen as well as its powerful energy blasts and ear-piercing screech which can lock Link in place allowing Deku Hornets to swarm him. Once Link is successful in taking down the fearsome foe he is permitted access to the Coconut, retrieving it and bringing it back to Eo he thanks Link and informs Link that when he's ready to seek audience with the Dragon, Faron he should go to the Great Stone Pedestal in the middle of the lake pointing out to the coast, Eo also notes that Link is clearly incapable of swimming the distance and breaks open the coconut revealing it to contain a strange scaled chest armour that he informs Link is known as the Parella Plates and will allow Link to swim across water with great ease and even dive underwater for a period of time.

Link reaches the pedestal that Eo mentioned, finding a strange symbol that Link had seen at the Skyview Temple as well as worn by some of the Kikwi in present day, Link stands at the pedestal and Fi suggests perhaps using the Sword in some way to summon the dragon, Link holds the sword Skyward until the light absorbs into it causing it to glow a brilliant shimmer across the water, suddenly a rumbling is heard as the water swells and ebbs around Link as a mighty blue dragon lunges out of the water creating a beautiful rainbow from the water droplets following after it, the dragon soars into the sky causing the sky to become overcast as rain begins to fall, to Link's dismay. The Dragon comes to rest, sitting atop the water and greeting Link, introducing himself as Faron the Water Dragon.

Faron asks Link what purpose he has to seeking audience from her and Link brings out the sword once more causing Faron to gasp in surprise from the appearance as the dragon closely inspects the blade nodding while running his claw down the blade of the sword. Faron concludes that the blade's true power has yet to be unlocked by Link and is somewhat confused as Faron notes that the last time the dragon saw the blade it was at full power, however dismisses the confusion and informs Link that in order to do so Link will need to purify the waters of the Faron Province by accessing the Ancient Cistern and informs Link that the Faron Province was flooded to counter the numerous armies of the Demon King and the evil still lingers on making the area virtually uninhabitable for land-based creatures. Faron then plucks a scale of his forehead giving it to Link informing him that it iss Faron's Scale which will allow Link to breathe underwater and attaches it to Link's Parella Plates explaining that the Ancient Cistern is located in an underground cavern however it is guarded by a civilization of righteous and proud creatures known as Parella and although Link possesses some of their armour they will be unlikely to be friendly towards Link without something in return. Faron informs Link that once he cleanses the Ancient Cistern and drains the Faron Province he will earn Faron's blessing, the dragon then disappears back into the water seemingly disappearing and merging with the water in the process.

Link dives down underwater finding that he can't use any of his weapons although instead gains a new set of abilities from his Magical Crystals which are equipped in place of his items;

  • Flame Crystal - Gives Link the Burning Aura which lets him burn apart rope and plant matter that's underwater clearing passageways, in addition it can also ignite Bombflowers underwater making it useful in conjunction with the Water Crystal. It also passively deals damage to enemies that get close to Link although does not prevent them from attacking him.
  • Frost Crystal - Gives Link the Freezing Aura which lets him freeze objects underwater allowing him to create platforms by freezing underwater bubbles and enemies as well as cooling off steam vents to allow access past them and deters Geozards from attacking Link directly as it kills them instantly.
  • Shadow Crystal - Allows Link to cast Shadow Orb the only ranged attack Link is capable of while in this state, it is weaker than the Wind Crystal but does help at dispatching enemies from a distance, be wary however as it consumes more magic than a small magic jar will refill.
  • Sand Crystal - Allows Link to create a coat of defensive armour made of mud that weighs Link down causing him to fall to the bottom of the body of water he's in but also partially protecting him from attacks, in addition it also helps Link in pressing buttons that are underwater due to the weight needed.
  • Light Crystal - Causes Link to glow in the dark in the depths of the underwater segments, this is necessary for navigating the treacherous terrain at the bottom of the Faron Province but also makes Link an easy target for the enemies that exist in this area.
  • Water Crystal - Allows Link to perform Bubble Trap which creates giant bubbles which can ensnare enemies as well as underwater bombflowers allowing Link to use them for puzzle solving even extending to using them to create air pockets to push pendulums.
  • Wind Crystal - Allows Link to perform the Typhoon Charge which is effective for short range direct attacks allowing Link to also barrel his way through obstacles like boulders to open up new passageways and unlock secrets.

Link will find that underwater there are quite the variety of enemies to deal with while attempting to reach the Parella's Court, ranging from simple Skullfish and Craniocs, to the shark-like creatures known as Gyorgs, the hermit monsters living at the bottom of the lake known as Gyorms and the dangerous and intelligent underwater warriors, Geozards.

As Link explores the underwater environment they're able to find the Parella's home via the glowing bioluminescent lights of the plants that grow around it, entering the territory Link is greeted by the Parellas who are cautious of him often expressing curiosity as to if Link is a threat or not. Link makes his way through the area eventually being halted in the town's center by a larger Parella with a distinct head crest, introducing Gjell the head guard of the Parella community asking Link what business he has in their home, Fi appears to the Parella who can see Fi due to their electrolcation sense she explains that they seek entrance into the Ancient Cistern to cleanse the Faron Province as per the dragon, Faron's request.

Gjell ponders on this request and remarks that Faron is a strange leader noting that the Parella are always loyal to her, he then turns to face Link asking him to prove that he is worthy of taking on the Ancient Cistern telling Link that to enter he will need to collect five pearls located in the dark depths at the bottom of the lake, Link accepts this request and Gjell tells Link to return to him once he retrieves them.

Link swims out of the Parella home and continues downwards into the dark abyss needing to use the Light Crystal to even see where he's going running into even stranger enemies in the form of Shellblades, a clam-like enemy that leaps about in the depths attempting to ram Link with their spiky exterior, Spikes, an iron ball that is able to rapidly change shape and rolls around on the bottom, Link is able to only defeat this enemy by using the Iron Boots to crush it while its not in its spiky form, Biri and Bari, small and large jellyfish-like enemies that electrify the water around them and must be defeated from a distance and Parasitic Tentacles which will attempt to grab onto Link and throw him back up towards the surface damaging him in the process. Link deals with these numerous enemies finding the Pearls which are greedily guarded by another enemy called a Lobarrier which protects the pearls with a giant stone claw which Link can't destroy underwater instead Link must use the Wind Crystal and outmanuever the creature to reach each Pearl.

After Link has successfully retrieved the pearls he returns back to the Parella home greeting Gjell once more who notices that Link has collected all the Pearls and thanks Link bringing him to their queen, Ljefyl who greets Link seeming much more timid than the other Parella, Gjell hands Ljefyl the pearls which she inspects thanking Link for bringing them to her explaining that the Geozards had long been raiding their home and had stolen away her pearls which were an heirloom of the royal family for generations. Ljefyl then informs Gjell to go to the Ancient Cistern showing Link the way and allow him passage, Gjell notes this and heads off informing Link to keep up. Link heads out and swims towards the Ancient Cistern encountering a number of Geozards along the way however dispatches them being able to continue until he and Gjell reach the Ancient Cistern's entrance where a group of Parella are guarding it.

Gjell orders the Parella to allow Link passage and he wishes the player luck in cleansing the Ancient Cistern of its evils as Link heads up to the surface where Link sees the Ancient Cistern. The Ancient Cistern's entrance a beautiful garden located underground and covered in rare treasures made of gold and silver with countless jewels about, as well as a remarkably detailed entrance covered in plates of giant metal that have been carved into elaborate patterns.

Link enters into the dungeon finding the interior of the dungeon to be a beautiful bath house with a giant statue of a god seated within and a large ring around the body of crystal blue water. The main room juts off into several side rooms which are entirely optional allowing Link to learn about the Lilypads which flip over when a jet of water hits them revealing a thorny underside, Link can grab some treasures from these rooms and also encounters one of the new enemies in this dungeon, the Furnix which are tricky to defeat for Link at this stage as he must wait for the enemy to dive down to attack him and strike it as its razor-sharp tail can deflect his ranged attacks.

As Link explores the area he finds that there is a locked door on the center of the statue that needs to be opened to access its interior however the door requires the dungeon's big key which is located elsewhere, while exploring the main area Link will find some doors which lead to small curved room with a decorative set of symbols on the wall which show directional symbols revealing to Link that the statue hides a key in its closed palm and to open it Link must activate these symbols in a set order; Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Up, Right. Link will find that these symbols are located in small underwater crevices at the bottom of the pool where Link must contend with some Geozards and Froaks to reach them, Link strikes each of the symbols with either the Shadow Crystal or Wind Crystal to activate the statue, this opens up the closed palm while also closing the open palm which rises out of the water placing itself near the statue's head.

Link goes over to the now open palm and retrieves the first key of the dungeon which opens up a seperately locked door behind the statue which reveals that it connects up to the second floor of the dungeon, going up to this second floor Link finds that he has to deal with a number of Darknuts that roam the interior rooms of this area as well as some flying Octoroks as well. working his way around this area Link finds that to obtain the Big Key which is inside a chest at the balcony to the statue's head Link must now open the raised hand, to do this Link finds another inscription on the second floor however parts of it are broken forcing Link to find the broken off parts to figure out the next order; Down, Left, Left, Up, Right, Up, Down. Using this sequence the two hands now remain where they are but the underwater hand closes while the raised hand opens allowing Link access to the balcony where he obtains the Big Key, a large one-eyed key with five prongs that appear as fingers.

Obtaining the Key, Link heads into the mid-section of the statue revealing an interior arena where Link finds himself ambushed by a trio of Stalfos once the Stalfos are defeated however a grander and more impressive foe, a Stalmaster appears wielding four giant blades and acts as the first Mini-Boss of the dungeon. After defeating the foe in a sword duel Link is able to obtain the dungeon's item, the Whip, which allows Link to engage a lever inside the statue causing it to lower down, if the player had a keen eye they may have noticed earlier that there was a diagram in one of the optional rooms which showed another big chest beneath the statue, in doing so Link has now blocked himself from reaching this big chest and must explore this underground section, here Link finds an entirely different tone of the dungeon.

This underground area appears cursed and rotten with enemies such as Stalfos, Redeads and Cursed Bokoblins predominantly appearing as well as numerous Keese, the area is also highly treacherous with large open cavernous areas with traps across them. Exploring this area Link comes into a strange room filled with mirrors that form a small maze, it's in this room Link discovers a new enemy which had been inscribed in the area above as a mighty guardian of the dungeon, Wallmasters. These strange disembodied hands float above Link being forewarned by the appearance of a violin in the music before striking, if they're successful at grabbing Link they'll drain some of his energy and take him back to the beginning of the dungeon. Link must progress through this maze-like room while avoiding these tricky enemies as their resiliance makes them difficult to put down.

Eventually after solving some puzzles where Link must use the whip to tear down a barricade built by the Stalfos guarding two unlit torches Link is able to enter a giant skeleton of an ancient monster, inside Link finds a massive pile of bones and a thing thread that he can climb up, as Link climbs up however he is ambushed by Cursed Bokoblins and Wallmaster, the prior climbing up the rope after him and the latter attempting to snatch him from above, Link must swing the rope to avoid the Wallmasters that plummit down and periodically kick any Cursed Bokoblins that reach him. Link luckily reaches the top where upon reaching it triggers a mechanism that closes on the string cutting it causing the Cursed Bokoblins to fall down in a mass down to the lower level. Now back up on the upper level Link must find a way in this sectioned off area of the Ancient Cistern which is referred to by an inscription as the Burning Waters to raise the statue and then return to the underground section once more.

Wandering around the dungeon solving some puzzles involving burning water which must be frozen to create platforms as well as using the Whip to now freely turn over the Lilypads and better combat the previously tricky Furnixes. In addition Link eventually finds a new central room, one with a lever and more of the symbols, in some of the side rooms from this new central room Link finds another set of symbols this time with colours instead of directions and finds another diagram cut into four segments which Link must determine the correct order by noticing their relation to the statue by how many turns the statue in the diagram is from the actual statue. The correct order being; Blue, White, Green. In succeeding with this the statue punches a hole in the ground causing a hole to forms as it creates a ramp down to the first floor via a previously optional room that served only to give Link some rupees as a reward, Link can head down the arm ramp taking him back to the main area of this dungeon where using the Whip he is able to access some new areas to recieve some more treasure as well as find the second lever.

This one however is guarded like the first one by a Mini-Boss, a trio of Armos Knights that jump around the room in quick succession forcing Link to dodge them as they move in elaborate and tricky to predict patterns, occasionally stopping to fire off laser blasts or swipe their swords to hurt Link, as Link defeats each one by using the Whip to tear open their cores and striking them with any weapon the remaining ones speed up until only one is left. The last Armos Knight now seems to break free of its bindings, being able to move about freely stomping towards Link keeping its core guarded by its shield until it is about to strike Link where Link can use the Whip to tear open its core striking it quickly, eventually defeating the creature opening the lever and also giving Link the dungeon's second item, the Hover Boots which allow Link to run across gaps while using up his magic. With this new item Link pulls the lever causing the statue to rise back up allowing Link to return to the well where the thread once was jumping down, using the Sailcloth to land safely.

Now at the bottom Link is able to retrieve the Boss' Key a emblem with six prongs jutting out of it each with their own patterns on them. With the item Link however finds that he cannot return back up as with the thread cut he has no way of reaching the top, instead having to continue investigating the area. Link finds with the Hover Boots he's able to cross the chasms that previously posed as tricky trials of Link's stamina. In addition Link finds that he can cross a noticeably large chasm from earlier near the giant skeleton leading to a stairwell that heads even further down into the dungeon's cavernous underbelly. In this deeper underground Link no longer finds the enemies above instead finding solely Redeads, Gibdos and Wallmasters, the latter much more plentiful than before. Eventually however Link finds a strange cannon located beneath the giant skeleton on the floor above, the cannon however needs electricity to be activated and Link finds that the circuit has been broken and the water wheel that previously created the electricity from above had been stopped, Link uses a bomb arrow (the first instance of this item's usage) to clear the blockage of bones allowing Water to once again flow and solves some puzzles to reconnect the circuit back together, before pulling a lever and jumping into the cannon which launches him upwards blasting through the pile of bones and sending Link rocketing up to the upper levels again, this time when Link triggers the system the well to the underground area is sealed and Fi notes that the water wheel seems to have drained power from the Statue and the levers no longer function.

Despite this Link is now able to reach the boss room, located atop the balcony area Link heads inside finding the locked door and opening it with the Boss Key to enter the Boss' Room. Inside the boss Room Link finds a strange blend of shadow and light, the golden pillars of the room and ornate stonework offset by piles of bones and strange splatters of a shadowy substance that seems to release a strange purple-red mist. In the center of the room Link sees a giant golden statue from which the liquid is leaking out indicating it to be the source of the curse, as link walks past the golden pillars into the middle of the arena the door locks behind Link as the statue awakens rising forcing Link to face off against the Brass Behemoth, Koloktos. Battling against the giant mechanical monster Link dodges its attacks using the Whip to tear off the boss' arms and then later into the fight using the Hover Boots as the middle arena falls down and Koloktos chases Link proving its impressive speed. Link however proves the victor destroying Koloktos' core causing the monster to screech out in pain before falling into the chasm as the middle arena rises back up and the black sludge burns into a green flame as the bones in the arena disappear.

With the monster defeated Link exits the Ancient Cistern watching as giant drains open across the lakebed draining away most of the water now cleansed of the curse as the Parella's home drifts into the new smaller, Faron Lake. Link jumps down from the cliff and is greeted by the Tokay who inform Link that their island paradise disappeared before their eyes and they'll have to go find a new home heading off beyond the brush as a small seed is knocked off revealing a young Kikwi who introduces himself to Link as Bucha and explains that for a lo time his kind had to hide in the trees because of the Tokay but now with them gone the Kikwi can live freely and he thanks Link before heading off. Link sees that Faron is gathered at the new lakeside with the Parella.

Faron greets Link thanking him for cleansing the lake and informs the Parella that with the curse lifted they can safely journey out into the ocean and claim it as their new domain, the Parella are thankful to Faron however some state that they'll remain in Faron Lake to protect it on Faron's behalf before ducking underwater. Faron turns to face Link and informs Link that the Goddess Sword can now be blessed and touches the sword's blade with his claw forcing Fi out. Fi and Faron then perform a dance together as Faron unleashes a blast of water at the sword and Fi flies arund the stream returning into the sword as he transforms into the Tempered Sword. Faron informs Link that he should seek out the remaining dragons (if he hasn't done so already) noting that the sword still needs more power to reach its peak state before divig into the lake and disappearing.

The Third Slab

A completely optional sidequest for the player to do should they wish to return to the present, Link can talk to the mysterious woman who informs Link that there is a way to return to the present if he wishes to see the other Hylians and the present day surface once more, she informs Link of the presence of an ancient tablet that was created by the Goddess Hylia to create abinding energy between the Sky and Surface when the time comes for Hylians to return to the surface, informing Link that her tribe, the Sheikah Clan long ago held onto one of the tablets although through the attrition of war the tablet was lost in another world known as the Spirit Realm, she informs Link that if he seeks to retrieve the tablet and return to his present he must seek out the five divine statues located in each of the provinces to reach the Spirit Realm.

Link accepts this proposition and begins traversing across the province, first the player can find the statue in the Hylia Province, located among the many statues of guardians the statue is distinct for being almost identical to the Statue of the Goddess Hylia in Skyloft, Link must use Light Arrows to solve some puzzles to open up a series of magical doorways leading to the statue eventually being able to pray at it. Praying at the statue Link finds himself now in the Spirit Realm, stripped of all weapons and given a strange vine that a ghostly voice proclaiming to be the voice of the Goddess, Farore informs Link that having stepped into the Spirit Realm he is seeking to take on its challenges, she informs Link that he must collect the spirit orbs located across the Hylia Province's Spirit Realm while avoiding awakening the Guardians in the realm.

She also notes that the Goddess' Charm will guarantee Link remains safe inside the protective barrier of the entrance however once Link exits he must retrieve a Spirit Orb as quickly as possible as the Guardians will awaken and can only be put back to sleep by the Spirit Orbs. Upon exiting the protective barrier Link finds that, indeed as Farore had said the Guardians awaken, however a Spirit Orb is directly located outside the barrier allowing Link to put them back to sleep quickly. As he exlpores the area he can come across a pedestal that informs him that the light beneath the guardians will allow them to awaken if Link gets too close and also the presence of a magical map that will show Link where the Spirit Orbs are. As Link works his way around the area he is able to collect the Spirit Orbs returning to the protective barrier where Farore informs Link that as he completes each of the challenges he will receive a piece of an object known as the Spirit Map which will guide him to the tablet.

It should be noted that the pedestal with information appears in all Spirit Realm Challenges although Farores information is only present for the first one regardless of which Link chooses to do first.

Heading to the Lanayru Province Link finds the statue here to be that of a giant Ancient Robot located near the Sandship to reach it Link must use a combination of the Hookshot and Gust Bellows to reach it, praying at the statue Link is once again transported to the Spirit Realm. While in this Spirit Realm Link must contend with sinking sand and also a powerful sandstorm which obscures Link's vision making it harder to see some of the Spirit Orbs as well as the radius of sight the Guardians have. Link will also find he has to resolve some of the puzzles in this area should he wish to reach the Spirit Orbs, primarily the ones about raising and lowering rail bridges allowing the Minecarts carrying Timeshift Stones which now act as Awakening Stones to travel across opening up new passageways.

Link is eventually successful in retrieving the Spirit Orbs for this Spirit Realm however as he returns to the Protective Barrier something erupts from the sand as Link is teleported back, during teleportation Link finds he must fight once more against the boss Emperor Moldarach whom's spirit chased Link, defeating the monsterous creature once more using the weapons which had returned to him Link puts the creature down once more freeing its spirit from the world. As Link returns he retrieves another piece of the Spirit Map and continues onwards to the next province.

Link soon enters into the next province, the Ordona Province where exploring the vast deadlands using a combination of stealth and also the Boomerang to solve some puzzles is able to find and reach the next statue this time one depicting a strange Eye that is also seen on the mysterious woman and Impa's attire. Praying at the statue Link seems to find himself not in the Spirit Realm but initially in some place in between however unlike the surprise attack of Emperor Moldarach's soul there is no creature that's ambushed him instead a strange voice of an unknown being speaks out to him referring to Link as his successor. The unknown voice informs Link that long ago his spirit fell in the cursed lands and the Goddess Hylia reincarnated him into the embodiment of Courage of which Link is the second Hero after the unknown voice to inherit the embodiment. The unknown voice also informs Link that soon they will meet again forewarning him of a great battle he will have to face.

As Link now enters the Spirit Realm of the Ordona Province he finds that he must carefully navigate around the area being careful to evade the Gibdo and Redeads which act as sentries for Guardians and can even freeze Link in place with their screeches. This is the smallest of the Spirit Realms having the Spirit Orbs spread out across a small maze of cliffs allowing Link to see where some of them are at a distance before even obtaining the map. Link must also be careful as some of the walls in the maze will rise and lower blocking Link's path but also opening up paths for enemies to find him.

Eventually Link is able to retrieve the Spirit Orbs and returns safely, upon returning however Link is ambushed finding that many undead creatures had snuck up on him, for which Link must defeat. Link contends against a group of Stalfos, some Gibdos and Redeads as well as some persistent Bubbles and even a Stalmaster, after defeating these creatures Link is surrounded by a strange enemy called a Pol's Voice which are indestructible but do not fight Link instead blocking him from escaping as a pair of creautres a giant Bat called a Vire and a massive dark knight wielding a ball and chan with a huge and imposing appearance called a Darkhammer appear and contend against Link. He must carefully dodge the slow moving Darkhammer and destroy its sturdy armour eventually defeating it while also dodging the agile and highly mobile Vire which flies around the arena sending Fire Keese at Link and also performing dive attacks at Link and shooting out laser rings at Link from its four eyes. Link is eventually able to defeat both opponents by also pulling the Vire down the ground with the Hookshot and Iron Boots. Link eventually defeats both enemies and the Pol's Voice scamper off as Link continues onwards to his next province.

Heading into the Eldin Province Link finds that he must use the Ice Arrows along with Magnetic Gloves to reach the Eldin Province's statue located in the middle of a lava lake to the North-East of the Eldin Volcano, this statue is found to be that of a mighty Goron one that the Gorons on Eldin Volcano say was the first Goron to lead a conquest into the Eldin Province clearing it of its monsters and allowing them to settle there though the Gorons name has been lost to time. Link then prays at the statue sending him to the Spirit Realm once more.

In this Eldin Province Spirit Realm Challenge, Link must contend with the intense heat of some areas without the aid of his Fireshield armour instead having to quickly move through these rooms, while still avoiding the detection of the Guardians. Link must also contend with rising and lowering levels of awakening water that are found throughout the more hilly north section of the Eldin Province while collecting the Spirit Orbs. Lastly Link will find that the flower that blooms to tell him how much time he has before the Guardians awaken is set on fire instead unlike the other provinces meaning that it drains much more quickly in this Spirit Realm than the others forcing Link to be efficient and quick on his feet dodging the patrolling Guardians.

After Link is able to collect the Spirit Orbs he returns to the Protective Barrier and returns back again however like in the Lanayru Province is ambushed by another old boss' spirit seeking revenge on Link, Scaldera this time, which attacks Link. His duel against this boss proving to be more tricky than the original as Link must now use the Bow to strike Scaldera's eye as it never gets within Link's range with his sword. Eventually however Link is able to put this boss' spirit down as well freeing it of the world and allowing it to pass on as Link himself returns to the real world prepared to head to the final Province.

Entering into the Faron Province Link will find that the statue for this area is located at the lakebed (or the lakeside if the player's drained Faron Lake), to get to it Link must swim through a series of tight corridors to reach it or if the lake has been drained use a combination of the Slingshot and Beetle to open barriers to the statue. The statue in question is one of a Parella which Ljefyl mentions is one of her ancestors and one of the first royalty of the Parella to appear in Hyrule. Praying at the statue Link enters the Faron Province Spirit Realm Challenge finding that he has been taken to the entrance of Skyview Temple and the flooded water (if still present) is not here in the Spirit Realm.

Like the other Spirit Realms Link explores this one collecting Spirit Orbs and evading the guardians and awakening water that are present throughout the area. In addition Link must be cautious as the tall grass in this area has become awakening grass and running or even walking through it will awaken the guardians forcing Link to sneak through it. Eventually however Link is successful in collecting the remaining Spirit Orbs and returns to the protective barrier, returning back to the real world, if Link has already contended with Emperor Moldarach and Scaldera, Fi on the way back will make the comment that it's strange the spirit of Gohdamorm didn't appear and attack them, however as they return they realize why.

Upon returning to the real world Link is confronted by Ghirahim in the small cavern where the statue is, he commends Link on attempting to return to his time period but notes that Link's desire to return to the present would prove troublesome for Ghirahim as it would allow Zelda to evade him completely. Ghirahim then mentions that now that he's returned to the past he'll be able to break the seal placed on his master's tomb from eons ago but will need to ensure Zelda's capture first and then clicks his fingers causing a forcefield to appear locking Link into the arena with him forcing Link to fight as he makes a pair of longswords appear in his hands.

Link dodges the fearsome opponent who wields numerous new attacks to keep Link on his toes, however Link is able to overpower him by using the Light Arrows to stun Ghirahim before attacking with the Sword. Once Link defeats Ghirahim he stammers in place spouting at Link that he remembers making the First Hero's blood fall upon the Sacred Grounds and he's shocked that Link can even stand up against him in a more fearsome state. Regaining his composure Ghirahim smiles and then disappears in an instant allowing Link to leave the area.

Once Link looks at the Spirit Map he'll see the pieces converge triangulating a place in the Lanayru Province known as Durge Crater. Reaching the Crater's site Link finds that five spirits have appeared opening up the gateway into the crater, though Link is unable to talk to the spirits once he passes through the gateway Fi comments that she sensed a great pain in them as though they weren't quite aware they were dead. Entering into the Durge Crater Link finds buried under some sand right at the impact point is a tablet much like the first two he found, picking it up Fi wonders how they're supposed to use it to return to their time however in a sudden flash of light emanating from the crystal on the slab Link finds himself back in Skyloft however given the unnatural atmosphere realizes it to be the Spirit Realm of Skyloft unlike the other Spirit Realms however Link doesn't find any Guardians present and no Spirit Orbs or even the Spirit Vine to carry.

Instead Link finds that he can freely wander around the area although no one is around for him to talk or even interact with, Link eventually figures out to head to the Statue of the Goddess where upon reaching it he finds an individual praying at the statue, standing up the man is roughly as tall as Link and is dressed in clothes that have patterns similar to Zelda's ceremonial attire. The individual introduces himself as the First Hero explaining to Link that a long time ago he fought alongside the Princess Hylia against the fearsome Demon King known as Demise and his army of monsters with aide from the species of Hyrule, he continues bringing up that during his fight Hylia was able to seal Demise away while he fought the Demon King however suffered a mortal blow. The first Hero informs Link that Hylia in a great sorrow over the loss of her guardian sought to bind his courage to the world using a powerful ancient magic to connect his soul to the Triforce of Courage and would live on forever, reincarnating as a mighty warrior.

The First Hero then unseathes his sword looking quite similar to the Goddess Sword although more elaborate in design, he mentions to Link that the Goddess Sword has not been fully awakened (even after Link's had the three dragons bless it) and tells Link that he will have to seek out a greater power. The First Hero notes however that it was not a power that Link sought by coming to this Spirit Realm but instead to return to the present and tells Link that he he holds the passage of time and only through combat can Link seek to attain the same power. Link finds that in a flash he's in the real world's Skyloft with the gate behind him sealed and many Skyloftians gathered as they witness Link and the First Hero prepare to face off.

During the fight the First Hero uses weapons Link has not yet obtained in his journey and incredibly powerful Sword attacks as well as many of the items Link has collected. Through the battle Link and the player are pushed to their limit as the First Hero proves to be much more aggressive in combat that Ghirahim or the Mysterious Woman however Link is eventually able to defeat the First Hero, plunging the Goddess Sword through the first Hero's chest where a glowing point from his mortal blow was. The First Hero collapses and commends Link in succeeding him in combat as his body is lifted up by a light from above and disappears into the sky above. The Gate opens as the Skyloftians rush in to congratulate Link, somewhat confused by the presence of the individual but many commend Link on succeeding in proving his mastery of the sword.

Link then walks over to the pedestal and places the third tablet into its slot as the three beams converge they create an intense light that strikes the sky where the original fissure was causing the light to change from a Green to Blue light. As Link follows the light heading back down the surface of the Sealed Grounds he finds Impa standing outside the temple and informs Link that he should come inside, entering he finds another Time Gate, she informs Link that she'd been told long ago by a close friend of her's to watch over the temple for the time when the gate would reawaken. Impa then takes off the bandages around her face revealing a distinct eye pattern tattoed onto the left side of her face and unwraps the bandages around her staff revealing it to in fact be the hilt of her old blade revealing to Link that she and the mysterious woman from the past are one in the same. She tells Link that he can now freely travel between the past and present and must ensure Zelda's safety at all costs.

Lanayru Province II

As Link enters into the Past version of the Lanayru Province he finds much like the Timeshift Crystals had hinted in the present that the land is indeed a beautiful oasis of flowing rivers and technologically advanced structures controlled by the Ancient Robots. As Link heads into the area he finds that the Technoblins are in fact fairly sane and greet Link referring to him as Strangoblin as they mistake him from another Bokoblin. Talking to the Technoblins Link discovers that in the ancient past the Technoblins created and worked with the Ancient Robots and were originally part of the Goddess Hylia's army and had to fight against the common Bokoblins who'd been taken over by the Demon King. Link does however find that despite their fellowship under Hylia the Technoblins are slowly falling under the Demon King's control as the Technoblins beyond the Lanayru Mining Facility are hostile to Link having been driven insane.

Link further explores the area and finds a stark cliffside looking over a vast ocean spreading out to the West that in the future would become the Sand Sea, at this cliff Link finds the dragon, Lanayru who's hunched over the cliffside resting and weak as he informs Link that he's dreadfully sick with a curse placed by the Demon King upon him. He notices that Link wields the Goddess Sword and explains that he lacks his strength to bless Link's blade and notes that if Link could travel to a dungeon in the sky where a splinter of his Ancient Robots built a dungeon called Feverwind Mire where they collected plants from across the Surface and Sky to attempt to create an antidote for Lanayru's affliction. He notes to Link that he can send Link up to Feverwind Mire however doesn't know what has become of it as he lost contact with the Ancient Robots up there long ago.

Link agrees to help Lanayru and Lanayru claps his hands together as a bolt of lightning strikes Link pulling him up into the sky into a swampy island far to the West of Skyloft. Lanayru telepathically communicates with Link informing him that once he's retrieved the antidote from Feverwind Mire to call for Lanayru at the pedestal Link landed on to return to the surface. Link then heads off into the jungle finding countless Deku Babas and Lizalfos as well as strange Levers that dwell in the swamp that rise up to attack Link in groups and a new enemy, Helmasaurs which will charge at Link and Link must dodge as he lacks the means to defeat them due to their sturdy armour protecting their entire body.

Link eventually makes his way to Feverwind Mire a massive stone structure with strange glass tubes bringing in water from the swamp as well as plant matter into the dungeon as well. Link enters finding the dungeon far darker than previous dungeons needing to use the Lantern or Fire Rod to be able to see. As Link explores the dark dungeon he finds that the central room of the dungeon contains a large cog which can be rotated 90 degrees one way and then 90 degrees back, opening up two of the four doors in the area, exploring these two areas Link finds more cog puzzles as well as having to deal with numerous enemies including Stalfos, Boes, Wolfos and Poes that thrive in the darkness. As Link reaches the end of one of these passageways Link finds a giant cog that he could carry around but can't lift due to its shear weight.

Link returns and searches the other passageway dealing with several flooded rooms where Biri and Bari reside as well as pesky Tektites and a strange blob-like enemy called a Gibo. Eventually however Link is able to reach the end of this passageway finding the first room in the entire dungeon with natural light filtering in and finds that the room contains a large chest, however upon entering the room the door locks behind him as he hears water flow into the room although only enough to reach Link's ankles, as a giant Jellyfish floats down, the first Mini-Boss of the dungeon Gigabari which floats around the room releasing Bari and Biri at Link forcing Link to keep his distance while taking on the creature as it pulses with electrical currents making it possible for Link to attack it with his sword. Link must be careful however as the Gigabari lashes out with its tentacles and can even focus to fire a laser at Link.

Despite its efforts however Link takes down the Gigabari and its young allowing him to open the chest, inside Link finds a pair of bracelets, the Power Bracelets which allows Link to lift up incredibly heavy objects and throw them aside or carry them about even being able to use them as weapons if he wants to. With this new strength Link is able to lift and throw the boulders found in the dungeon easily opening small crawl spaces allowing Link to traverse between the first two areas. returning to the room with the cog Link lifts it up and carries it back to the central room where placing it he finds he can now freely push the cog opening the remaining two doors as this one moves in all directions.

With this Link explores these new passageways as well as the new sections of the first two coming across powered down Ancient Robots as well as Gibdos and Redeads in addition to some Armos and Beamos. Solving the puzzles in this section of the dungeon which primarily revolve around using the Power Bracelets to move weights around to open up new passageways Link comes to the main chamber of the dungeon a giant room with a water wheel in the middle which has is keeping the water level in the room raised up, Link also finds that this is no ordinary water but instead a toxic sludge that hurts him if he walks too deep into it. Exploring the room Link finds shockingly there are no doors to the area and Fi notes that it's odd the lack of doors in such a large room, however as the player discovers they're able to interact with the wheel, removing some of the spokes resulting in the wheel spinning faster doing so the water builds pressure causing a jet of it to shoot Link up a shaft into some pitch-black rooms with Helmasaurs in them.

In this series of rooms Link explores avoiding the invincible enemies eventually coming across more spokes for the water wheel, curious about this Fi suggests they might be able to use the spokes although will have to find a way back down. As Link continues exploring he finds that putting the spokes on the platform pushes it down slightly due to their shear weight however on their own they're not enough, as Link continues exploring he eventually comes across another illuminated room with another big chest, however this time Link is far more cautious entering the room with his sword ready he carefully walks across it but as no monster ambushes him he goes to open the chest opening it he finds a Claw attachment for the Hookshot, turning it into the Clawshot which allows Link to tear enemy armour off making the previously invincible Helmasaurs defeatable as well as making other enemies especially Lizalfos far easier to contend with. As Link is about to leave the room however he's ambushed by the Mini-Boss which had been waiting patiently, revealed to be a cycloptian flying jellyfish-like monster with strange acidic orbs floating around it called Arrghus. Fighting this creature Link tears the acid orbs away destroying Arrghus' defence and allowing Link to attack it directly with the Bow or grounding it with the Clawshot & Iron Boots and slashing with the sword.

After Link defeats the boss he returns to the dark rooms finding that the Clawshot opens up three hidden passageways for him to explore allowing him to collect some more spokes and finally enough to push the platform back down. Using these new spokes in addition to the previously removed ones Link is able to slow down the Water Wheel causing the toxic sludge to drain out of the room revealing several doors on the lower section of the room for Link to enter, doing so however Link has also accidentally awakened Torch Slugs found across the floor of this room which when they ignite the toxic sludge remains cause an explosive reaction, in addition Link finds that the sludge had also sealed a number of Bubbles. Exploring the new rooms however Link fortunately finds that they lead to the Boss Key and door of the Boss Room allowing Link to reach the Boss' Lair and confront the creature inside.

Entering into the room Link finds a single Ancient Robot locked in a container high above the arena of this room as Link enters however he hears a blast of steam as a giant machine reveals itself, stating its designation as DEE-02 and informs Link that his trespassing is grounds for termination, seeming to glitch as toxic sludge erupts from the machine's arm cannon. Link battles against the giant machine avoiding the blasts of Toxic Sludge and the boss' rampaging charges in addition to its strange array of laser attacks and its repeated summoning of Sentrobes to fight alongside it, Link is able to use the Clawshot to temporarily disable the creature tearing off parts of its body with the Power Bracelets Link is able to turn the battle against the machine, eventually tearing off its Arm Cannon, Link uses the sludge from the cannon to fire at DEE-02 corroding it and eventually destroying it.

After his success in destroying the crazed machine Link hears the call of the Ancient Robot from above referring to itself as Al, mentioning that it wonders if Link was sent by Lanayru, Link confirms that to be true to which Al, seemingly joyous of Link saving him mentions that they'd finally come up with a cure for Lanayru's illness and brings Link to a giant iron pot, Al asks Link if he can carry the pot out ot which Link adjusts the Power Bracelets and to even his own surprise lifts the giant pot up and carries it out of the dungeon returning to the Pedestal with Al who calls out to Lanayru who uses his lightning bolt once more to return them both to the Lanayru Province.

Lanayru thankful to Link quickly devours the soup, and then the pot as well thanking Al for the hearty meal stating that he feels better already stretching before hearing his spine pop, he notes that he might be a bit bedsore and informs Link that while he would like to bless Link's blade there is another issue that is preventing him, one which is far more dire. Lanayru explains that long ago before the war with the Demon King the Hylians used to live in the Lanayru Province under his protection and constructed great monuments to honour him which is where Lanayru gained his power, however with the Hylians gone after such a long time his power has become drained and he can't use his more powerful magic which includes blessing the Goddess Sword. He tells Link that in order to restore his power Link must travel to the Ocean Sanctuary found high in the Sky however unlike Feverwind Mire, Lanayru can't take him there as there is a sacred barrier over it which prevents access from the outside. Instead Lanayru mentions that Link must travel to the Lost Pier located between Lanayru's home and the Gate of Eras and talk to Skipper an Ancient Robot who can take Link to the Sandship a legendary ship Lanayru constructed a long time ago that's able to sail across water and sand alike.

Link begins to make his way to the Lost Pier with Lanayru wishing him luck in reaching the Ocean Sanctuary. First Link must head to the Lost Pier to find the Ancient Robot, Skipper that Lanayru mentioned, Link finds that the cliffside leading to the Lost Pier is treacherous and only with the aide of the Clawshot is Link able to latch onto flying peahats and targets to cross about. Link also finds he has to contend with pesky Garo enemies which attempt to strike Link with their bows and slash at him with their dual shortswords. Link is able to progress however finding that the Pier lives up to its name seeming to have disappeared with only the very end of its still located on the shoreline. Looking around Link finds evidence that the pier wasn't destroy, but is ambushed by a small pack of Aeralfos while searching and has to deal with them before continuing. Link eventually finds through the use of his Gust Bellows a secret doorway leading underneath the pier that seems to be some sort of underground dungeon.

Entering into the Lost Pier Dungeon Link finds that the place is a series of small cramped corridors wrapping around a giant central room where coral has grown on land and rainwater continues dripping down providing the coral with nourishment. In the central room of this dungeon Link finds a stunning ship that'd been torn in half suspended by the coral far above, looking around Link spies something glistening in the shipwreck. Investigating, Link uses his Clawshot and Iron Boots to tear the ship down causing it to break into many pieces as a giant Octorok called the Big Octo falls down from it wearing a strange pendant on its shell, the Big Octo chases Link around the room, climbing up walls attempting lash at Link with its tentacles and even spitting rocks and ink at Link to blind him.

Link is able to defeat the Big Octo who upon defeat seems to deflate and then disappear into a puddle of water leaving behind the pendant. Link goes to collect the item finding it to be the Pikori Pendant a magical item that allows Link to shrink down to a tiny size allowing him to move about through small passageways fighting now giant Rats and Chuchus and even a (in comparison to Link) colossal Keese as he continues exploring the dungeon using the shrinking powers of the Pikori Pendant to solve some puzzles due to the various broken machines in the cavern that are blocking his progress.

Soon Link reaches a room completely filled with rubble and has no option but to enter it in his Pikori form, within he finds what appears to be an Ancient Robot and while exploring stumbles inside the Ancient Robot finding a parasitic monster known as a Lymola leeching energy from the Ancient Robot being able to blast bolts of electricity from its mouth. This creature acts as the dungeon's boss as Link fights the creature within the strange architecture of the Ancient Robot dodging the Lymolas fast moving body and electrical blasts while using his Clawshot to bring it close and deal considerable damage against the monster. Eventually Link is able to defeat the creature causing it to wither and die in a puff of smoke, soon after the creature is defeated Link hears the Ancient Robot start up and quickly runs out as the Ancient Robot destroys the rubble in the room, appearing from the hole in the wall it creates and greeting Link shaking his hand.

The Ancient Robot introduces itself to Link as Skipper and asks what Link's doing in his workshop, seemingly unaware of the state of the building. Link explains that he needs to get to the Sandship to which Skipper joyously agrees with Link stating that he was planning on going to the Sandship himself as it hadn't reported back in months and he feared it was lost at sea. Link and Skipper leave the dungeon and the Skipper seems to still be oblivious to the lack of the Pier commending its fine architecture and noting the (now non-existent) woodwork on the support beams. He then walks over to a rock crevice and blasts away a blockade of boulders with his energy laser revealing a small cove where he's kept his own ship, explaining that he couldn't dock at the pier anymore since the Sandship needed the space and offers Link a ride to the Sandship in his boat. Link accepts and the duo travel off across the ocean, Skipper openly wondering if Link's one of the Old Kind who used to pray for Lanayru long ago although supposes that they must've died long ago since the last one wasn't seen for at least 300 years.

Eventually the duo come across a dense fog and Skipper informs Link that he'll need him to take the Steering Wheel as Skipper will act as a Fog Light to guide Link through, Link takes control of the ship carefully navigating to avoid the Froaks in the water and having to stop twice due to Geozards and later Garos ambushing the boat and trying to board it. Despite these set backs Link and Skipper are able to make it to the Sandship finding it has run aground against some rocks and suggests Link hop aboard and search to make sure the ship's safe as Skipper reckons Link to be the better fighter. Link heads up the ladder on the side of the ship and enters his next dungeon, the Sandship.

Eldin Province III


More TBA


The Gameplay overall has been reworked to be more open about its solutions allowing the player multiple solutions to certain obstacles giving the player the ability to choose different paths to take, this in addition to offering new challenges to previous areas also sees an increased use for various items that have new capabilities thanks to these multiple options.

Several new items some of which are optional have also been added to the game to give Link a greater arsenal to use, the player is also able to upgrade the various pieces of equipment in their inventory with a variety of activities unlike in the original Skyward Sword where the player had to collect a number of resources to do so. In addition Shields no longer break although the player has the option of several shields for the game with varying defensive capabilities and secondary abilities.

Swordplay remains much the same as the original Skyward Sword although players may also choose to play with a Button Set Up instead of a Motion Control Set Up if they choose.

Fi & Hint System

A major change from Skyward Sword was the use Fi and the Hint System, unlike in the original Skyward Sword, Skyward Resurrection focuses more on the player's on initiative and keeps Fi's hints held back as well as being more vague avoiding spoiling the solution to any puzzle and also being entirely optional. In addition Fi's overall dialogue is reduced for the previously numerous interactions with her, instead having her act somewhat as a voice stand-in for Link during cutscenes.

In-Universe Fi's role has been readapated as instead of being purely an artificial intelligence within the Goddess Sword she also takes on traits of its wielder, which is what allows her to reflect Link's personality.

In addition to Fi's change, hints in general of the text variety have been removed from the game, this includes various stone signs that state very obvious hints and instead some dungeons are altered to gravitate a player's attention towards the early puzzles main set pieces so in later puzzles such a thing isn't required.

The Surface

Much like in the original game The Surface is the main setting for most of Skyward Resurrection, with a majority of the dungeons being located here, however unlike the original Skyward Sword it is now possible to traverse between the now five different regions of the Surface. The Surface is broken up into five major regions each with their own set of enemies, dungeons, characters and themes.

Skyward Resurrection

Faron Province

Denoted as a large Forested area, the Faron Province covers most of the East section of the Surface. It includes dense Forests and small meadows as well as grazing fields and some hilly terrain, to the South-East it has the massive Lake Floria.

  • Sealed Grounds
  • Kikwi Treefort
  • The Elder Tree
  • Skyview Temple
  • Ancient Cistern
  • Temple of Courage

Eldin Province

A large Volcanic region in the North of the Surface, the Eldin Province is an unforgiving and violent region with most of the terrain being dangerous to traverse and numerous monsters that thrive in the intense heat. Some areas of the Elding Province are so overheated that it is impossible for a Hylian under normal circumstances to stay for more than a few seconds.

  • Mogma Pit
  • Earth Temple
  • Meltma Station
  • Fire Sanctuary
  • Temple of Power

Hylia Province

A mountain range and smaller region located in the North-West of the Surface, the Hylia Province is a tricky to navigate area due to its rough and rocky terrain as well as intense winds that blow down from the mountain peak. There are ruins of an ancient culture scattered about similar to those in the Sealed Grounds. The region has many small caves that lead about across the range like a maze.

  • Ancient Citadel
  • Goddess Sanctuary

Lanayru Province

A massive desert that spans across the western region of the Surface, the Lanayru Province is an unforgiving and tricky to navigate location with many traps and machines, the region can prove rather difficult to navigate and the vastness of the desert can create illusions luring unwary travellers to become lost in the sandstorms that batter the land. There is strong evidence of a once thriving civilization here with robotics however only the ruins of the past remain here.

  • Ancient Mining Shaft
  • Lanayru Mining Facility
  • Gate of Eras
  • Lost Pier
  • Sandship

Ordona Province

A valley that seems deprived of most forms of life located in the southern region of the Surface, the Ordona Province is somewhat of a wasteland with a haunting atmosphere to it as the unsettling cliff faces seem primed for ambushes and the howling shreeks from the winds that are carried into the Province from the Lanayru Province send a chill down those that wonder the hollow lands.

  • Dead Man's Gate
  • Barrow's Fall Prison
  • Temple of Wisdom

The Sky

Skyward Resurrection Sky Map

Unlike the original Skyward Sword, in Skyward Resurrection the Sky has a great deal more attention put to it with exploration of the Sky being more similar to the exploration on the Surface. The player is able to fly around the Sky freely and can explore most of the floating islands after completing the prologue. Most areas are blocked from being fully explored until the player has the right piece of equipment however, in addition some locations such as Thunderhead are inaccessible until certain points in the story.

The Sky is divided into 11 areas with the various floating islands comprising them.


In the center of the Sky is Skyloft the home of most Hylians including Link and Zelda, Skyloft is the main trading hub for the player and they can buy various items there as well as compete in a few mini-games and acquire a number of sidequests from the area. Skyloft has several districts which serve different purposes; Knight Academy, Skyloft Gardens, Statue of the Goddess, Waterfall Pond, The Pier, Town Square, Skyloft Residential & Skyloft Bazaar.

The Knight Academy located in the west of Skyloft borders on the small Skyloft Forest where many young Hylians train to become Knights to protect Skyloft and the Sky from the monsters that roam about, the Knight's Academy has numerous rooms and buildings for helping Hylians learn how to fight with a sword and shield, use a bow and ride a Loftwing. The Skyloft Gardens and Statue of the Goddess are located in the North-West on a separate island from the rest of Skyloft, these two scenic locations are considered sacred ground by the Hylians who are often seen praying to the statue for good fortune. The gardens are locked at night due to the monsters that appear there. Waterfall Pond is the main source of water in Skyloft, it is a large natural water basin that is frequently refilled by the rain that comes across Skyloft, the waterfall has a small cavern system within it from which water flows out of creating a dazzling display, supposedly the caverns also have a number of monsters that lurk in them. The Pier is the main location for Loftwing Riders to dive off and take flight, this large wooden construct is able to allow for airships that are seen flying around the Sky to dock as well as is the starting location for the Wing Ceremony Race, during the story part of the Pier is destroyed and is reconstructed over the course of the game.

The Town Square is where many citizens of Skyloft gather to talk and spend their spare time, the courtyard in the middle of the square with the pillar where the Loftcaller is located is often seen as a proving ground for young Hylians who want to become Knights as climbing the Loftcaller Pillar is seen as a rite of passage. The Skyloft Residential District is where many of the homes of various Skyloftian citizens is located, appearing to have been built over many generations the style of the houses changes the further from the mainland they go, the player is able to freely explore the houses during the daytime although most houses are locked at night, in addition there are rumors of a secret house located beneath Skyloft. The Skyloft Bazaar located East of the Knight's Academy is where many go to trade and shop for food and items, there are various shops here that can provide items and equipment to help Link in his venture on the surface.

  • Waterfall Cave
  • Sky Keep

Pumpkin Landing

A small set of islands not far from Skyloft where another splinter of Hylians live, Pumpkin Landing often trades with Skyloft with the former providing food while the latter provides tools. Pumpkin Landing is also a frequent gathering for Skyloftian Knights who visit the Lumpy Pumpkin, a tavern located on the south island where one can procure the well-known Hearty-Pumpkin Soup which is said to alleviate all ails and woes. The South Island also has Sweetato River a river where Sweetatoes are known to grow in abundance and the Pumpkin Estate where most of Pumpkin Landing's residents live. The North Island of Pumpkin Landing contains the Pumpkin Farm, a large plantation of Pumpkins which are tended to by the islands' residents, volunteers sometimes will pick the Pumpkins which can be traded in at the Lumpy Pumpkin for Rupees.

Kiro Village

Located to the West of Skyloft, Kiro Village is a series of islands that are connected together by multiple bridges which can be raised and lowered. Kiro Village has two main islands; Crescent and Lunos Island. On Crescent Island one will find most of the housing of Kiro Village as well as the Goddess Temple, a small sanctuary built for Hylians to pray to the Goddess Hylia in. Crescent Island also has it own Pier on the South side of the island which is next to the Battle Hall, a small hall built by an elder who was once a Knight in Skyloft who continues his art of swordsmanship and offers young Hylians who seek to enhance their fighting skills the opportunity to do so.

Lunos Island is a circular island located just east of Crescent Island where the Kiro Market is, the Kiro Market unlike the Skyloft Bazaar sells a number of strange and mysterious items that can prove rather useful in certain situations and also seem to sometimes have an alterior function. Lunos Island also has the Kiro Graveyard a small area where the deceased lay buried, the graveyard is only open during the day however as the Gravekeeper, Dampe believes that the graveyard is haunted by Poes at nighttime.

Eastern Wildlands

The Eastern Wildlands are a series of small islands separated by vast stretches of sky infested with monsters that seem to keep the area under their domain. The territory is harsh to those that delve deep into it with the threat of attack being almost constant especially the islands furthest from Skyloft, there are said to be a great deal of small caves where the monsters of the region keep tresures they loot from unfortunate individuals who get trapped in the area. No one is quite sure why a Divine Light is located here however the monsters of the region seem to avoid it seemingly out of fear and when the Divine Light is activated the monsters seem to retreat to the outermost islands and stay further away from Skyloft as a result.

  • Tail Island Divine Light

Kanos Tear

A small scattering of islands that have a constant volcanic activity of unspecified origin, due to this volcanic activity the islands are covered in a constant bath of steam that only clears after Link completes the dungeon on these islands. The Islands hold many secrets and can be revisited at several points after Link's obtained new equipment to find more treasures. The architecture on Kanos Tear is reminiscent of the Goron and Mogma architecture although is distinctly run-down from lack of use and care as no one inhabits the islands, some believe a common ancestor of Mogmas and Gorons constructed the Temple and the surrounding ruins.

  • Temple of Flames

Serpentine Islands


  • Temple of Flowers

Din Icefield

This chain of islands located in the northern area of the Sky is rather unique from the rest of the Sky as well as the surface due to its extremely cold temperatures, the islands are all frozen over and no life exists atop the surface, there are also a number of old bridges connecting the islands together although they were constructed long ago as indicated from the wear and tear on them. There is a large temple structure on the two main islands in the chain connected by a stone bridgeway, the West Island, only accessible via the Temple contains an impressive colosseum that has architecture far beyond that of any race in the Sky or on the Surface, such strange architecture has caused a number of individuals to investigate the islands for more information.

  • Temple of Snow

Great Sky Temple


  • Great Sky Temple (Dungeon)

Twister Whirlpool

A location battered by intense winds, Twister Whirlpool is not advised to be travelled by novice Loftwing Riders as the intense winds can badly damage a Loftwing and potentially knock its rider off, some say there are islands with great treasures left in this treacherous area for those brave (or foolish) enough to take on the winds. One of the Divine Lights is located deep within the Twister Whirlpool and knowning how to reach it is said to be prove of one's diligence to the Goddess Hylia.

  • Twister Whirlpool Divine Light

Flying Jungle


  • Feverwind Mire
  • Ocean Sanctuary



  • Obelisk Keep
  • Hylia's Crown
  • Levias' Cavern


Act 1

Waterfall Cave

The first dungeon of the game, Waterfall Cave is a simple dungeon with only a few rooms, the dungeon appears to be a simple cavern system with several pools of water within that give a unique lighting due to the refraction created. Only Keese and Chuchu appear in this dungeon and the rooms share an overarching puzzles where the player must block several small holes where water is leaking from to create enough pressure to break down the rubble leading to the peak of Waterfall Cave, there are several approaches to blocking the holes as the player can search for and carry boulders to block them or can tempt the Chuchu to jump at the holes causing them to get stuck and block the holes, or alternatively the player can catch the Conqr Beetle which Link can use to apply a special adhesive to the holes to cover them up, said beetles can be found just outside Waterfall Cave in a garden nearby.

Tail Island

One of two dungeons that may be done after Waterfall Cave, Tail Island is a more complex dungeon that Waterfall Cave and is primarily focused around teaching the player about different enemy types, Tail Island contains a number of enemies including Chuchus, Keese, Stalfos and Beamos. The dungeon is fairly simplistic in terms of puzzles with only the overarching puzzle being truly puzzle-like, in the dungeon the player will find that there is a locked door however nowhere in the dungeon is there a key, however the player will also discover that in certain rooms there are levers that can be pulled which cause the dungeon as well as some of the orbital islands to rotate, the player's goal as hinted by a mural on the locked door is to have the "tail" of the island be rotated so its facing towards the door, achieving this a rumbling noise is heard outside and the player goes to inspect finding that on the furthest island from the Divine Light a chest has appeared on top of a small pillar, opening the chest Link will find a key which allows him to open the locked door leading to a mini-boss fight against a Vire before the player can activate the Tail Island Divine Light.

Twister Whirlpool

One of two dungeons that may be done after Waterfall Cave, Twister Whirlpool is a more puzzle focused dungeon than its counterpart. The Dungeon has less enemies by contrast and only has a few Stalfos and Keese inhabiting its rooms, the main theme of the puzzles in Twister Whirlpool is Light Refraction, the overarching puzzles of this dungeon has the player needing to undo the bolts on a giant mirror to flip it over to access the underside of this dungeon, this can be done by solving each rooms individual puzzles and breaking the bolts with the sword although if a player is stocked up on certain items like Deku Seeds they can throw them at the bolts causing them to be destroyed, alternatively the player can use the dungeon's item, the Beetle once its obtained to simply break the bolts although this requires partial completion of the individual puzzles and is not shown to be the required solution. Once the player flips the mirror over and accesses the under section they have to deal with a room with numerous Stalfos in it, fighting in the dark while the mirror is still rotating with periodic rays of light shining down. If the player bought the Lantern earlier in the game that may help them see as well, defeating the Stalfos will allow the player to solve the puzzle of this final room which which has the player using the Beetle to hit several switches in quick succession on the ceiling causing the giant mirror to break in half and rotate so one half is facing 45 degrees towards the sky while the other half is facing 45 degrees towards the lower level, in doing so this activates a large eye symbol on the floor opening up the door leading to Twister Whirlpool's Divine Light.

Kikwi Treefort

The Kikwi Treefort is the first dungeon the player encounters on the Surface, it is a mini-dungeon comprised of several compact and small, easy to navigate floors, the player also has their first proper Mini-Boss fight here, a Poe, though this enemy later becomes an uncommon tough enemy due to the low health and limited weapons of the player at this stage in the game it works more effectively as a Mini-Boss. The player must also deal with Bokoblins, Miniblins, Keese and Ropes that appear throughout the Treefort. Miniblins and Ropes are particularly notable in this dungeon as there are small holes in the walls from which they can appear from allowing them to chase the player through multiple rooms to add tension. The Treefort's primary enemy however are Deku Babas which appear heavily throughout the dungeon and not only are necessary to defeat to open new paths but also pose a prevalent threat alongside other enemies.

There are two over-arching puzzles in this dungeon; Key Construction & External Movement. During the first couple of floors the player will come across a number of wooden keys that are used to unlock the various locked doors, unlike other dungeons small keys these keys won't break and when the player comes across a large locked door leading to the third floor, to open this door the player needs to insert the wooden keys in a certain combination to create a giant key to open said door. Another door of similar appearance but requiring a different order for the keys leads to the Mini-Boss. In the later floors the player must find ways to get on the outside of the treefort to make their way around, this involves various mini-puzzles like lighting plants on fire and finding weak points in walls to open them up, the over-arching puzzle is to lower six vines located across the third, fourth & fifth floors to create a vineway allowing Link to climb up, during this section the player also comes across the Mini-Boss and the Dungeon's item, the Boomerang which helps to reach some of the vines.

The two puzzles are combined together for the final section of this dungeon as the player will find that there are three vines which have keys attached to the end of them and can be pulled to bring the keys closer to places where Link can collect them, this requires the player to flip a number of switches that causes small gates that prevent the Keys from moving between different rooms to be changed as well as locking some doors making the player's movement through the dungeon more restrictive. Upon collecting all three wooden keys the player is able to finally unlock the door which leads to the final rest room before the actual boss. There are alternate solutions to some parts of the over-arching puzzle, if the player acquired the beetle from Twister Whirlpool Dungeon or bought it from Beedle alternatively they can bypass the first vine puzzle but simply using the Beetle to cut the vines down for the player instead mitigating roughly a third of the dungeon. Alternatively if a player has acquired the the optional item, the Cane of Pacci from a small cave in the Sealing Grounds the player can bypass segments of the third puzzles as the Cane of Pacci can flip over particular sections of the grates on the ceiling causing the key to fall to where the player can collect it.

Skyview Temple

Skyview Temple is the first major returning dungeon from Skyward Sword in Skyward Resurrection, appearing after the player has freed the Kikwis from their attackers and after Link has made his way through Faron Woods and opened up the Temple itself. Within the Temple Link will find that the Temple's main theme revolves around plant life, the dungeon contains an over-arching puzzle of bringing seeds from one section of fertile soil to the next to create new pathways, there are several challenges imposed by this overarching puzzle however, seeds appear often somewhere the player has yet to be and later require the slingshot to reach, in addition Link cannot jump while carrying a seed and cannot attack either.

The third challenge imposed is that enemies will naturally attempt to try and steal the seed from Link, usually this is not much of an issue as Link can simply defeat the enemy to retrieve the seed but in some rooms an enemy is able to exit the room causing the seed to reset, thus the player must be vigilant of the Seed's location. There are several puzzles which have Link transporting the seed and himself across sections which are too far for him to simply through the seed or carry it. Initially during the dungeon this sees the player pushing levers and rolling the seed into slides to get it from one area to another, however later on players will be able to use the Slingshot to not only defend the Seed from enemies at range but also activate puzzles from a distance.

The Mini-Boss of this dungeon is a Stalknight, a larger and more imposing Stalfos that carries a large shield forcing Link to work his way around the Stalknight or distract it with Deku Seeds if the player has any, defeating the Mini-Boss will unlock the Slingshot which reveals that there is another type of seed, the Red Vine Seed which replaces the Green Vine Seeds by growing Deku Babas along its vines and also requiring the player to backtrack to certain sections of the dungeon to plant Red Vine Seeds over Green Vine Seeds to create new pathways. Eventually the player will be able to open up the entire dungeon grabbing various optional items as well as the Boss Key allowing the player to progress to the boss of the dungeon.

Mogma Pit

The first dungeon in the player's first exploration of the Eldin Province. Mogma Pit is as its name suggests are large pit that exists near the Mogma Village, it is naturally made with a lava pool at the bottom and various cavern systems connected to it although the Mogmas have built some platforms on it as well allowing for easier traversal. This dungeon is unique from previous ones as Link does not start at the entrance of the dungeon, instead Link ends up more or less in the second-fifth of the dungeon with the first fifth, the actual entrance being located at the end. The player's main goal is to located the Fireshield Armour located in the dungeon, known as the Fireshield Boots and escape. The Fireshield Boots aren't the dungeon's main item however and instead the dungeon is split into three sections for when Link obtains the Fireshield Boots and the Eldin Megahammer.

The Dungeon's main puzzle revolves around Link clearing out lava from rooms by using various methods and emptying it into the main chamber causing that room to become more accessible. Initially this starts out as simply finding a switch or a weak point in the wall where striking it with the Sword, Beetle or Slingshot will suffice in causing the lava to flow out allowing Link to enter the room at all. Later after Link encounters the first mini-boss of the dungeon a Fire Lizalfos they can use the Fireshield Boots to explore these rooms and will often find that the way to remove the lava can be located on the interior as well.

After obtaining the Fireshield Boots Link will also begin having run-ins with the dungeon's boss a Turtle-Dragon hybrid with a gemstone shell that periodically chases Link through some rooms forcing the player to run, this always occurs in rooms the player's already explored so it is also meant to test the player's memory of room layouts. When the boss, Gemmack charges through a room it also causes the room to slightly change, the first encounter of this actually clears out a room of its lava but in subsequent encounters Gemmack's appearance can create new paths for Link to traverse or can block off old ones forcing Link to find a new way around.

After obtaining the Eldin Megahammer Gemmack will stop chasing Link and instead Link goes back to solely focusing on emptying out rooms of their lava, the Eldin Megahammer adds to this as it produces shockwaves allowing Link to strike weakpoints blocked by grates. The item can also be used to cause Stalactites to fall from the ceiling creating pathways however to do so the player must actually strike above the stalactite forcing the player to remember where each one is.

Obtaining the Eldin Megahammer also has the player go up against the second Mini-Boss of the dungeon, a Dodongo. This Mini-Boss must be attacked on its tail and Link must dodge its fiery breath and the lava puddles it creates from the molten rock it spits out. Defeating the Mid-Boss will also awaken Dodongo Young found in the upper section of the cave, these enemies can be easily defeated with the Megahammer although can also be struck to cause them to explode leading Link to some optional rewards. After the player solves some more puzzles they'll be able to obtain the boss key and confront the boss at the top of Mogma Pit.

Earth Temple

The primary dungeon of the player's first exploration into the Eldin Province, the Earth Temple is a volcanic temple which is themed primarily around dragons and gold with giant stone structures delving deep into the magma chamber of the Eldin Volcano. The Earth Temple is a large open series of rooms unlike previous dungeons which forces the player to be more aware of their location and ability to move around.

Initially upon entering the dungeon the player is able to explore numerous segments of the dungeon freely collecting keys to open up more of the dungeon, however this is all on the first and second floors as the wind currents which allow Link to use his Sailcloth to fly across the magma chamber don't reach the third floor and there is a concealed basement floor as well.

The main puzzle of this dungeon sees Link needing to bring down an elevator shaft to reach the Goddess Spring located at the top of the dungeon, to do so the player must destroy six giant bolts holding the elevator shaft in place, unlike the bolts in Twister Whirlpool's Dungeon these cannot be destroyed easily instead the player must search for and obtain the dungeon's key item, the Bomb Bag and collect Bombflowers from within the dungeon which can prove tricky to get to on their own. Alternatively if a player has explored the Sky somewhat extensively they may have collected enough wing medallions to be traded in at Batreaux to receive Roc's Feather which allows Link to perform an impressive jump, this jump can allow Link to bypass needing the Bomb Bag as the bolts are protected by high walls to stop players using the Megahammer however if the player has the Roc's Feather they can use that to jump over hte walls and use the Megahammer instead.

The player also encounters a number of new enemies in this dungeon not seen in previous dungeons, firstly are Spumes which appear predominantly in the main chamber of the dungeon as well as some of the other rooms on the first floor. The player also run into their first Wizzrobes in this dungeon as a Fire Wizzrobe acts as the dungeon's Mini-Boss. The player will also have to contend with a more plentiful number of Dodongos including fighting Dodongo Salamanders which are faster, wall-climbing relatives of the standard Dodongo that need to be hit with a ranged weapon to defeat. Lastly some players may come across an optional, early appearance of an Armos located in one of the treasure rooms in the dungeon, the Armos is unkillable at this stage in the game so the player must navigate their way past it if they want the treasure it's guarding.

Once the player has in some form or another destroyed the bolts on the Elevator Shaft the chamber will come falling down crashing into the Magma Chamber, the player however cannot immediately head to the shaft however as the result of the shaft falling has made traversal more difficult as some previous rooms have been altered, in addition Link must now find ways to empty the lava out of the magma chamber to explore the lower level. The player has several options one of the most obvious being to destroy some walls in the first floor rooms which lead outside the Eldin Volcano with bombs. Alternatively players may talk to Giggaro who agrees to help Link and punches a giant hole in the side of Eldin Volcano allowing lava to flow out, this however destroys several treasure rooms as well. A third option is also available as players can use insects to draw Dodongo Salamanders to a large wall that can't be destroyed by standard bombs, there are five Dodongo Salamanders located across the dungeon, if Link can bring all five to the wall he can attack them causing a chain explosion, destroying the wall and allowing lava to flow out opening up the lower floor.

In this lower floor the draconic-themed architecture is more prevalent and Link must traverse across six twisting dragon statues searching for which one has the power supply to the Elevator Shaft in it, this is done by freeing Boulders from the dragon's mouths and using their momentum to solve some puzzles opening up new paths, the boulder that happens to be protecting the power supply is in fact the boss of the dungeon, Scaldera which after Link activates the Power will awaken in a state of rage.

Temple of Flames

The first of two dungeons that Link can do in any order after the Earth Temple, the Temple of Flames is a Fire-themed dungeon located in the sky on the island, Kanos Tear. The dungeon itself requires Link to carry a large key made of Ice through the hot terrain to unlock the entrance. Upon entering the player will find that the dungeon has a large open middle section with five doorways (excluding the entrance) leading off from this central hub, the player is free to choose any pathway and will encounter a number of puzzles pertaining to the use of the Bombs as well as the Boomerang, these mainly revolve around using these items to ignite objects, sometimes fuses and other times to destroy blockades.

The player will need to light six chandeliers located around the Temple, these can easily be found and for five of them the player can use the Boomerang to ignite them due to nearby torches providing a source of fire. However upon entering one of the rooms the player will find that there is no lit torch due to the presence of a Poe in the room, unable to ignite the chandelier the player must search around eventually coming upon a room connected to the chandelier room with a lit torch and a grate with a hole in it, this is also seen in other areas of the dungeon where torches can be used to ignite other objects however grates are blocking the torch being used by the boomerang. Searching more along the player will come across the Mid-Boss of the dungeon an Igneo Talus which requires Link to attack its weak point on the top of its body, distinguished as a large ruby growth. Using Bombs is an effective method against hte Mid-Boss as it destroys parts of its body reducing its attacking capabilities.

After Link brings down the Mid-Boss the player will be able to retrieve the dungeon's item, the Bow. With the Bow the player is able to open up more paths in the dungeon and along with the Boomerang can access a number of secret areas. The player will eventually return to use the Bow to shoot an arrow through the torch and light the Chandelier. Once all the chandeliers are ignited the player will hear a rumbling sound at which Fi will mention the strange noise and wonders if something happened.

After the player returns to the central room they'll find a large spiral staircase has rised up out of the middle of the room allowing Link to access the second floor of the dungeon, the player could previously only access 1F and B1F. On the second floor the player will find a few more puzzles with using the Bow to light torches as well as defeating an enemy new in this dungeon, Magtails which must be shot with the bow in the eye to be defeated.

Temple of Snow


Dead Man's Gate


Ancient Mining Shaft


Lanayru Mining Facility


Tear Between Time


Act 2

Temple of Flowers


Ancient Citadel


The Elder Tree


Ancient Cistern


Feverwind Mire


Lost Pier




Ocean Sanctuary


Meltma Station


Fire Sanctuary


Goddess Sanctuary


Act 3

Obelisk Keep


Sky Keep


Hylia's Crown


Temple of Power


Barrow's Fall Prison


Temple of Wisdom


Levias' Cavern


Temple of Courage


Great Sky Temple


Sealing Grounds



The enemies from the original Skyward Sword once again appear in this game although some have had tweaks to their gameplay to make them more dynamic and interactive with the environment and against the player.

Common Enemies



The Chuchu is a common, slow moving enemy in Skyward Resurrection that often appear in small groups. Chuchus can hide by clinging atop ceilings as well as in fissures. Their only means of attacking is to lunge at Link if they're close enough however some Chuchus (Blue & Yellow) are Electrified meaning that hitting them directly will hurt Link instead. In addition there are Red Chuchus which leave behind lava trails and Purple Chuchus which leave behind poison trails which will damage Link if he walks on them, they disappear after a few seconds. Chuchus will automatically try and attack Link although if they're closer to small plants they will instead head towards those, Chuchu are now able to eat small plants and in doing so a Chuchu will split in half creating two Chuchus. If a Green Chuchu makes contact with a Red or Purple Chuchu's trail it will become a Red or Purple Chuchu respectively.



Keese are a common, fast moving enemy that are relatively easy to defeat, they usually dwell in caves although can appear outside at night. Keese will usually fly around before attempting to dive attack Link, they also make a lot of noise when they see Link which alerts other enemies to his location. Keese have a Fire, Ice, Electrical & Stal variant which each have their own capabilities. Fire and Ice Keese are capable of spewing a small projectile at Link burning or freezing him if they hit, the Fire Keese's projectile can also burn nearby plants while the Ice Keese's projectile makes the floor slippery where it impacts. Thunder Keese are able to move incredibly fast and can zip around Link in quick flashes before diving him in a surprise attack, attacking them directly will also hurt Link. Stal Keese will usually not attack at all directly instead staying their distance however if one gets near another Stal enemy they can resurrect that enemy even if Link defeated it.



A small animal that's commonly found on Skyloft and some of the other islands in the Sky, Remlits are seen as pets by most Skyloftians however they're well-known for being something to avoid at night. During the nighttime Remlits become feral and aggressive and will attack Link if they see him, they can chase Link at roughly the speed he can run although Link can evade them by sprinting, they attack with their sharp claws and can jump onto Link to try and bite him that way. Attacking a Remlit will cause it to flinch and cower, it will roll up into a ball allowing Link to pick it up and throw it away, Remlits are remarkably durable and cannot be destroyed and even throwing them off into the clouds will only reveal that Remlits can in fact fly. Remlits only use this flight to get back onto the island they were thrown off of however and won't pursuit Link if he gets on top of a ledge. Remlits can be knocked out by using Electricity which leaves them incapacitated for the rest of the night.

Deku Baba


Deku Babas are a common, stationary enemy found in Skyward Resurrection, they come in a number of variaties and can vary in their abilities. Deku Babas have a sturdy bulb which takes multiple hits to destroy however slashing across their mouths can be also effective. Deku Babas will often attempt to bite Link although they can also spit Deku Seeds at him if Link stays far enough away. Deku Babas can also appear as a variant known as Quadro Babas which are easier to strike due to their leech-shaped mouth. A Deku Baba's reach can be determined by the number of spines on its body with them having anywhere from two to six. Deku Babas are able to also be defeated by making them bite a rock which yields Rupees if done so.


SS Octorok

A small enemy that burrows about from underground, Octoroks will often be disguised as Bushes, Rocks, Stumps or Ferns and will reveal themselves if Link gets too close, Octoroks attack by shooting small spits of dirt out of their mouths at high velocity, Link can strike the dirt at the right moment to send it back at the Octorok, usually defeating it immediately. Some Octoroks have different attacks as ones located near water will shoot a jet of water instead while ones located in the desert will shoot a blob of sand which arcs instead of heading directly forwards. There are also Lava Octoroks which don't have any disguise and have a distinct Black and Orange colouration to them, they will shoot a jet of fire from their mouth usually to block Link's path. Link can defeat an Octorok by attacking it if he's quick or can roll a bomb near one instead, if done so the Octorok will inhale the bomb defeating it easily. After an Octorok performs its attack it'll duck underground covering up the hole it made and move somewhere else to attack again.



Miniblins are a new enemy in Skyward Resurrection that are a weak but numerous goblin-like creature. Miniblins attack with a variety of weapons ranging from little pitchforks to daggers and hatchets as well as some using bows to attack from range. Miniblins are often quite fast in their movement although are very weak and easy to defeat, they tend to appear alongside tougher enemies. Miniblins can stack on top of one another to form a Miniblin Tower, this makes them trickier to attack due to the higer number of weapons being used however if Link attacks one of them it'll knock them over leaving them vulnerable to attack.



A common enemy across the surface, Bokoblins are a creature roughly the same size as Link which appear semi-frequently usually in varying groups. Bokoblins can carry a number of weapons; Shortswords, Cleavers, Axes, Hammers, Bows, Magic Staffs & Boomerangs, they will use these weapons in different attack styles meaning that Link must learn how to counter each one. Bokoblins may also wear low-grade armour which Link must destroy to hit the Bokoblin directly, most Bokoblins will attack head on while Bow and Boomerang Bokoblins will keep their distance as much as possible and Magic Staff Bokoblins will usually only appear at a vantage point. Bokoblins will also sometimes pick up and throw Miniblins at Link if he is attacking a Bokoblin. Bokoblins can also throw their weapons as a last ditch effort at Link if they're the last one alive.

There are several variants of the Bokoblin that appear in Skyward Resurrection; Technoblins, Cursed Bokoblins, Para-Bokoblins & Bomber Bokoblins. Technoblins appear similar to regular Bokoblins however their weapon and armour are electrified meaning Link cannot attack them until the armour is destroyed and will suffer damage if he hits their weapon, Technoblins also have more health than a regular Bokoblin and are smarter often dodging Link if he attacks first and commanding other Bokoblins to attack him simultaneously. Cursed Bokoblins carry no weapons and instead will meander slowly towards Link in a zombie-like movement, they take numerous hits to defeat however attacking them with Light Arrows will destroy them immediately although Bombs are also effective, they are considered a Stal Enemy. Para-Bokoblins appear as a Bokoblin with a Peahat fused to its arm, they always carry Boomerangs and will usually fly around avoiding Link wherever possible. Bomber Bokoblins appear as a Bokoblin covered in explosives which will quickly run at Link glowing from the fuses, after a few seconds it will explode heavily damaging Link if he gets caught in the blast.


Lizalfos SS

A long reptilian creature, Lizalfos are fast moving and aggressive creatures that appear fairly often across the Surface, they're usually encountered in pairs and sometimes are accompanied by other enemies. Lizalfos attack by striking with thier mace-like tail, swinging it around forcing anyone nearby to dodge their attacks. Lizalfos also possess a large metallic gauntlet that can protect them from weapon strikes, thus Link must attack a Lizalfos on a way that isn't blocked by the gauntlet. Lizalfos also don't like letting Link get too close and can belch a fireball at him if he gets too close, they can also randomly unleash a flamethrower in their general direction burning anyone caught in the attack.

Lizalfos come in five variaties depending on the region they're located, most commonly encountered are the standard Green Lizalfos seen above, possessing all the abilities listed. Found exclusively in the Eldin Province are Fire Lizalfos, which are able to ignite their back in a burst of flames to deter attackers and will use their fireball and flamethrower attacks much more commonly. In the Faron Province the Mirage Lizalfos can be found, this Lizalfos is able to turn invisible except for its gauntlet and have extremely sticky appendages allowing them to stick to walls, trees and ceilings easily giving them a greater potential for a sneak attack.

Found in the Lanayru Province are Thunder Lizalfos, these Lizalfos have a special hide which if struck will electrocute the attacker meaning a direct attack is impossible. Thunder Lizalfos are also the only Lizalfos that don't wear a gauntlet and instead of breathing fire they can discharge the electricity from their body causing it to turn from bright gold to black, this discharge occurs across a wide area however once done they're vulnerable to attack. Lastly are Dark Lizalfos, these Lizalfos are only located in ancient locations and are more aggressive than their counterparts and can spew a toxic cloud in front of them poisoning anyone who's hit by the attack, their gauntlet is also covered in spikes so hitting it can cause the Dark Lizalfos to counterattack damaging Link.



A large arachnid enemy, Skulltulas are giant spiders that appear in dungeons and other dark environments, they're a defensive enemy that doesn't attack directly instead using their incredibly sturdy exoskeleton to deflect most attacks. To defeat a Skulltula one must flip it over to reveal its weak point, most Skulltulas will drop down from above meaning that hitting them will cause them to spin and breaking their web with the bow, boomerang or slingshot for example, will cause them to fall on their backs. Some Skulltulas will create webs usually blocking pathways and will require Link to find a way around and attack them from behind, alternatively once Link has obtained the Gust Bellows he can use this to flip the Skulltula over, this can also be used on the hanging Skulltulas as well.


Wolfos New

Wolfos are a medium to large sized human-like enemy that appear in the Faron Province and in the Ordona Province in later parts of the game, Wolfos are a fairly weak enemy however in large numbers especially with other enemies they can prove to be quite threatening due to their unique AI which works extremely well with other enemies.

On their own Wolfos will generally jump around hanging onto trees and trying to pounce attack Link, they'll also attempt to hide in bushes to ambush Link although can be easily spotted by their tails. Wolfos can also howl which will cause other Wolfos nearby to rush to their aid, doing this usually when they're low on health. Wolfos in a group are more dangerous by a substantial degree as they never attack alone and will instead attack in duos or trios, attempting to hit Link in quick succession, using the Shield Bash is critical in defeating this enemy when they're in packs.

What distinguishes the Wolfos from other enemies is their adaptability to the presence of other enemies attacking Link. Wolfos in the presence of Miniblins or Bokoblins will usually attack these enemies stealing their weapons to use on their own as the Wolfos are tool-users, Wolfos will also throw Miniblins at Link usually with enough force to knock the hero over and will sometimes order Bokoblins to attack Link even if they lack a weapon to do so. Wolfos can also use a Bokoblin as a distraction for Link so the Wolfos can perform a sneak attack. When accompanied by Chuchus Wolfos will throw Chuchus at Link and even if they miss the resulting blinding effect the Chuchu's jelly has can make it easier for a Wolfos to attack Link. Sometimes a Wolfos will destroy Chuchus if they're low on health, taking the Hearts or Magic Pots from the Chuchu to recover their health. When accompanied by Keese, Wolfos are extremely stealthy and will often hide behind a wall of Keese to make themselves invisible in the darkness, in addition Keese much like Bokoblins can distract Link allowing Wolfos to sneak attack the hero.

When accompanied by stronger enemies like Lizalfos and Stalfos, a Wolfos will usually work in sync with the other enemy to fight Link, timing its attacks to be just after the other enemy's in addition a Wolfos can tear parts of a Stalfos off and throw them at Link or even use them as weapons. Lizalfos are perhaps the most synced with Wolfos however as the duo are able to pull off several attacks by having the Wolfos throw the Lizalfos at Link and thanks to the Lizalfos' quick reflexes it can prevent itself getting hurt as a result.

Black Boe

Black Boe

This strange dust-like enemy, Black Boes are commonly found in the small corners of rooms and under tree roots, they will tend to jump at Link although pose little to no threat on their own, however they frequently attack in groups with up to 30 appearing at a single time, Black Boes are fairly easy to defeat with a single strike of any weapon even the Lantern sufficing.

When Link encounters this enemy they will also attempt to fuse together becoming larger much like Chuchus however defeating a fused Black Boe will cause it to split apart rather than deal damage, this can make them trickier to defeat as they can refuse rather quickly meaning a player can have more trouble with a greater number for reasons other than the sheer number. Black Boes also have the rather unique property of providing defence for other enemies, if a Block Boe jumps onto another enemy they'll stick to that enemy and can take a hit for the enemy if Link strikes in the direction of the Boe.

Pol's Voice

Pol's Voice PH

A strange and seemingly invincible enemy, the Pol's Voice are able to be struck with any weapon although will merely bounce back into shape once struck taking no damage, instead the only way to defeat them is to play music which seems to cause them to violently shake about, spinning in place before exploding. They hop around although pose little threat to Link aside from physical contact.



A gelatinous enemy that is able to float about freely, Gibos come in a variety of colours each with their own abilities and require different tactics to defeat as such. The most commony Gibos are Red Gibos which will simply float around and only need Link to stab or slash them with his sword to defeat them, they're the smallest variant of the monster as well although have the strange ability to absorb ranged attacks meaning the Bow, Slingshot and Magical Rod are useless against them. These Gibos always drop hearts when defeated unlike other Gibos which can vary in what they drop.

The next variant are Blue Gibos which are faster moving and bounce against the walls of the rooms they're found in, they also emit a faint light and have an icy aura about them freezing Link if he touches them, dealing slight damage from the freeze. To defeat Blue Gibos Link must use Bombs as it's actually revealed these Gibos are semi-solid and thus can absorb piercing attacks and due to the unnatural material can negate magical attacks. This also makes them especially dangerous in rooms with other types of enemies in them as they naturally attract magic towards them meaning enemies that Link would have to defeat with the Magical Rod can't be defeated until the Blue Gibo are.

Another variant are the Yellow Gibos, these are strangely found in the Ordona Province only and emit a powerful surge of electricity, they can attach themselves to the weapons of monsters to increase the damage output and electrocute Link, this can even extend to Archers making their Bows take on lightning properties. This Gibo can be defeated through the Magnetic Gloves causing them to explode but can also be defeated by using Ice Arrows as freezing them causes them to drop to the ground upon which the electricity in their body disperses into the ground defeating them instantly.

The fourth variant that can be found are Purple Gibos, these bizarre relatives are unable to float like the others and instead clump together forming often giant Gibos that roll around, they're invincible to direct attacks and can only be defeated through specific environmental hazards like crushers. These Gibos will chase Link through the environment they're in and can pose to be quite threatening in tight corridors as they can mold themselves around sharp corners allowing themselves to keep up with Link even when he's sprinting.

Finally there are Aqua Gibos which are the fastest moving Gibos and actually will avoid touching surfaces, they're unique in their ability to actually shoot projectiles and will send off energy rings at Link which can be easily avoided although since this enemy is often encountered in groups of at least three this can prove overwhelming. These strange Gibos are move in fixed patterns and can be defeated by shooting Arrows through them.

Uncommon Enemies


Moblin (A Link to the Past)

A large and imposing enemy, Moblins are a strange mix of goblin, bulldog and pig features and are much larger than Bokoblins and Miniblins which are frequently seen in the games. Moblins are often encountered on their own or with Bokoblins and Miniblins aiding them and rarely are multiple Moblins encountered together. Moblins are tougher and smarter than Bokoblins and use long range spears to attack Link, they're fairly tough to take down as well and some where helmets making it difficult to use ranged weapons on them for critical damage.

Moblins will attack by performing thrusting moves with their spear and can also swing the spear in an arc forcing Link to time his dodges, Moblins are also fairly intelligent when it comes to Link's arsenal, they are able to block most ranged weapons freely and ones like Bows which are too fast for them to simply knock away they'll block with their arms reducing damage, in addition they can counterattack Link if the player is too ambitious with their attacks and the Moblin unlike Bokoblins is not distracted by certain other items.

Generally the Sword and Shield are the most effective weapons against Moblins although some magical items can be useful as well since they bypass standard blocking, Moblins are generally seen in the Faron Province especially during the later parts of the game although can also appear in the Eldin & Ordona Provinces.


Wizzrobe BotW

Strange humanoid-like creatures that are often found in dungeons usually guarding special treasure, the Wizzrobes are tricky creatures as they're unrelenting in their attacks and possess teleportation magic allowing them to disappear and reappear and can chase Link through a dungeon until he defeats them or is defeated by them. Wizzrobes will usually dance around before attacking and when they detect Link will usually scream and chant for a few seconds while holding their staff above their head which alerts other enemies to Link's location.

Wizzrobe's attack by casting spells, depending on whether they're Fire Wizzrobes, Ice Wizzrobes, Thunder Wizzrobes or Wind Wizzrobes this magical spells will have different effects. A Fire Wizzrobe's spell when it impacts the ground will stagger for a few seconds and then unleash three bursts of fire 120 degrees to one another, it has a short radius. Ice Wizzrobes' spells when impacting the ground will freeze a small area, damaging Link if he's nearby and making the ground slippery for a short while. A Thunder Wizzrobe's Spell deals the most damage of any Wizzrobe enemy and will unleash a powerful Lightning Bolt down on the area it strikes. Lastly Wind Wizzrobes don't unleash a conventional spell but instead create a blast of wind usually with the intention of pushing Link into Spikes or a Pit. 


Hyrule Warriors Dragons Dinolfos (Render)

A vicious relative of the Lizalfos, Dinolfos are larger and meaner than their lizard-based cousins. Dinolfos wield a multitude of weapons most commonly large battle axes capable of taking down Link in a few swipes as well as a large club-like tail that can knock over Link as well as other enemies. Dinolfos also possess higher grade armour than Lizalfos making hitting their oversized gauntlet very dangerous as it leaves Link open and even attacking them directly can prove troublesome without knocking their armour off first.

Dinolfos are also more experienced with their innate ability to breathe fire and can create a ring of fire around them to keep their opponent at a distance and can ignite their tail on fire for greater destructive potential. Dinolfos are rarely encountered with other enemies and are always encountered in groups no greater than two, they're seemingly summoned by Ghirahim.



A humanoid, bird enemy found in some of the dungeons in the Sky, Fokkas are a tough and intelligent enemy that is one of the most complex swordfighting based enemies in the game, Fokkas rarely appear with other enemies and usually only appear in groups of one to three on their own. Fokkas will fight with a Shortsword and Shield giving Link a slight advantage due to their reduced range. Fokkas are very acrobatic and will use walls and higher platforms to avoid Link and usually attempt to regain their energy, Link must attack them with ranged weapons as well as melee weapons depending on their stances, Fokkas have three distinct stances which indicate weapons they're immune against during that time.

Fokkas that stand with their sword arm held high will deflect direct ranged attacks like the Slingshot and Bow and will also counter Link if he uses a stab attack, this is the fastest stance although is very liable to being chained by Link's other sword attacks and easily defeated. The second stance has the Fokka hold its shield and sword close to its mid-section, this is the most defensive stance of the three and blocks magical attacks from the Lantern (despite it being short range) as well as the Magical Rod and Gust Bellows. This stance is also able to deflect Link's more powerful attacks like the Spin Attack and Skyward Strike although is very weak to being stabbed.

Lastly the Fokka's third stance has it holding its Sword and Shield out to the sides of its body, this is an indication that the Fokka is going to use a lot of its mobility generally jumping around and being difficult to hit, attacking with Slash Attacks will cause a Fokka in this stance to retaliate with a number of quick slashes dealing considerable damage, in addition Fokkas in this stance are immune to Deku Seeds, Bombs and other lobbed projectiles.


Club GuardianFlying Guardian

Holy guards of the Goddess Hylia, the Guardians are powerful, nigh invincible enemies that can reap Link's soul with their magical weapons, though not the fastest enemies they are relentless with the Flying Guardians stopping at nothing to attack Link the only way to evade them is to search for an area blessed by the Goddess to hide within. Later on after Link obtains the Dominion Rod he can control a Guardian allowing him to use it to temporarily disable other Guardians as well as solve puzzles.

There is no way to attack these enemies or defeat them however due to their low rate of appearance they're not something Link must often deal with.


Darknut TP

A fearsome adversary, Darknuts are the elites that rule over much of the army of demons, they're ferocious fighters who are relentless and highly strategic attacking in rapid succession, they're indiscriminate in their onslaught tearing apart Bokoblins, Lizalfos, Stalfos and other enemies that get in their way, they carry giant longswords and shields making them a challenge for Link in a one on one duel due to their greater reach.

The Darknut is able to use many techniques and is resistant to most attacks able to use their shield which is imbued with dark magic to reflect Link's attacks from the magical rod back at him, they can even kick Bombs at Link and counter Link's Shield Bash if his timing is off.



A strange bird monster that has an elegant design of Red, Orange and Golden feathers. Although large in size the Furnix is fairly slow and relies on being able to breathe a jet of fire and striking with dive attacks using its razor-sharp feathers. It is a tricky opponent to defeat as dodging its fiery attacks and attacking it during its dive attack as the only way to harm it, that is until Link obtains the Whip which is able to latch onto the Furnix's long tail and drag it down the ground allowing Link to rapidly attack the creature defeating is much more easily.


Vire Oracle

A strange bat-like enemy found in the Ordona Province, it is one of two remarkably tough enemies found in the area and is a predominantly ranged fighter tending to keep its distance from Link casing laser rings to ensnare and damage Link as well as performing dive attacks to swoop Link and moving extremely quickly in the air to dodge Link's own attacks.

Vires are also capable of summoning Fire Keese which will swoop at Link but disappear shortly afterwards not making them as dangerous as their real counterparts. Vires are tricky to defeat as only when one is about to or is attacking Link can it be harmed otherwise its fast movement makes it night impossible to hit with ranged weapons, that is however with the sole exception of the Hookshot. Using said item along with the Iron Boots can allow Link to latch on and ground a Vire allowing him to wail on the enemy with his Sword and other weapons with great efficiency.



A giant and fearsome monster that is heavily armoured and wields a might ball'n'chain weapon. Darkhammers are very slow and easy to navigate around however their tendency to swing their ball'n'chain over their head forces Link to keep a distance. They're completely immune to ranged attacks and Bombs only stun them temporarily, using the Fire Rod on them can prove useful however as it heats up their armour causing them to panic and run around while it cools down allowing Link to attack them, alternatively Link can use the Iron Boots to grab their ball'n'chain in this state and hold it as once the chain becomes taut causing the Darkhammer to trip opening it up to an onslaught of Link's attacks.

Alternatively once the Darkhammer throws the Ball'n'Chain Link can run behind the Darkhammer and attack its back knocking off parts of its armour and damaging it eventually causing it to collapse in defeat.



Small, reptilian creatures which are impressively sturdy for their size, a Helmasaur should not be underestimated as their tough iron masks protect them from attacks and only after attaining the Clawshot is Link able to unmask them. Even then these aggressive little creatures will fight Link charging at him at high speeds and also breathing fire from their mouths proving to be quite dangerous, they're even able to climb up walls and can headbutt boulders launching them at Link.

It is best to fight one at a time as their sturdy hides mean they can take quite the beating before falling even without their helmets.


Garo MM3D

The Garo are a strange stribe of hooded individuals who once lived in the Lanayru Province acting as the eyes and ears of the Demon King, though still loyal to him the Garo act on their own accord being vicious and relentless in their onslaugh and prove this in combat. Fighting Garo is a tricky encounter as Garo are extremely agile and highly aggressive despite being fairly weak defensively. Garo are also very selfish and will greedily kill other monsters to ensure they're able to act Link without distraction, the Garo will attempt to strike with their dual shortswords and fast movement some even carry bows to attack Link from a distance.

The best method of defeating a Garo is to use the Gust Bellows to temporarily blind one with its own cloak and then slashing it with the Sword, the Bow is completely ineffecitve against this enemy although there many other weapons also work. If Link uses the Enhanced Fire Rod he can outright scare off Garo from attacking him.

Sky Enemies

Sky Enemies are ones encountered while flying on Loftwings, they can also be fought from islands although are more commonly found and fought during flight.



A large flying insectoid creature, although slow in their movement they often attack in groups, usually attempting to bite onto Loftwings, they're relatively weak however and can be easily dispatched with Charge attacks or a ranged weapon. Skytails can also be found in Thunderhead where they are charged with Electricity, attacking them with a Loftwing is ill advised and they most noticeably faster than regular Skytails, it is best to attack them with a ranged weapon.



Found flying about in the Sky as well as rarely down on the Surface, Peahats are a highly mobile creature that appears to be a flying flower, it is able to keep itself airborne but spinning its petals at high velocity, it can fly about often in patterns although small groups of them are known to wander about the sky, latching onto one with particular items can help Link traverse from one area to another where landing with Loftwings is impossible. Peahats will naturally attract themselves to Loftwings although can be easily avoided and attacked, destroying them and often revealing items like Hearts or Rupees within. Some Peahats will carry about other monsters on them like Miniblins or Stalfos.

Sky Octorok

Sky Octorok

A strange relative to the land-dwelling Octorok, Sky Octoroks are mobile ranged attackers that can shoot out gusts of air which can damage Loftwings and can knock Link back with the intention of knocking him off the floating island he's on. Sky Octoroks come in various sizes as well with smaller ones moving faster although having weaker gusts while larger ones are usually stationary with air gusts that knock Link easily off a platform.



Found in the Western regions of the Sky, Aeralfos are powerful flying creatures that are distant relatives of the Lizalfos, they will appear in packs and hunt together usually attacking Link on his Loftwing from above, they can be attacked with the Bow and other ranged weapons although are highly acrobatic and will avoid slower weapons like the Slingshot and Magic Rod. Aeralfos can cause Link to crash into islands and can even fight on the ground being significantly faster than Lizalfos although not as durable as Dinolfos. There is always an Alpha Aeralfos in a pack, distinguished by its crimson-red wings which if killed will cause the others to run away, unless Link is on the ground in which case they'll still attack him.

Aeralfos can also carry bows with them instead of their standard swords and shields and will avoid Link focusing on making clean shots against him, some Aeralfos will also grab and throw small enemies like Peahats and Sky Octoroks as well as even land-based ones like Remlits at Link to damage him.

Forest Enemies



This small slow moving enemy appears commonly in sheltered areas like dungeons and the inside of trees and logs, although non-aggressive it does have a rather unique defensive mechanism. If struck the Blastworm will roll up into a ball and detonate after a few seconds, if it's picked up and thrown it'll explode upon impact with another enemy, the ground, a wall or an object. Blastworms have small spikes on their body although they're not strong enough to damage Link from picking them up.



A small creature found in the Forested area, they're a close relative of the regular Moldorm although lack the armoured bodies of their relatives, Mini-Moldorms do not grow into Moldorms however. Mini-Moldorms are encountered above ground and frequently scuttle around at high speed, their sharp, metallic jaws mean attacking them head-on can prove dangerous, instead attacking a Mini-Moldorms tail or using a ranged item is more effective. They're usually encountered in large groups with up to eight at a time in some instances.

Like Like

Like Like OoT

A strange creature that appears to be a blind worm sort of creature, Like Like's shuffle around slowly and generally don't pose much of a threat being easily dispatched with any weapon that Link chooses, most effectively are bombs since Like Like will eat them. Like Like do pose a threat however since they can steal some of Link's equipment if they latch onto him, they then will attempt to disappear by burrowing into the ground and if successful means Link will need to buy a new piece of equipment.

Some Like Likes disguise themselves to tempt the player towards them, some will have lures shaped like Rupees, others will have a treasure chest shaped mouth among numerous other objects they can use to hide in plain sight.

Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon

A strange plant-like enemy, Snap Dragons will attempt to ambush Link by hiding among bushes and will lunge at him with their spring-like legs and bite him with their jaws, they usually attack in groups and require a precise downward or upward slash to be defeated, using some weapons like the Boomerang can stun them however.



Strange insectoid enemies that appear predominantly in the Faron Province (Past), they rarely appear in the present sticking to the lake around South Faron Province and also the isolated island in the Lanayru Province. Tektites are tricky and large enemies that jump around on land, sand or water being able to suspend themselves via surface tension, they will usually attempt to attack Link by jumping at him using the spikes on their body to ram him, they're relatively easy to defeat, striking their eye with the Sword Stab, Bow, Slingshot, Beetle, Magic Rod or Hookshot or simply using Bombs will defeat the creatures in a single hit.

Some Tektites, known as Moonlit Tektites appear at night and are significantly more powerful taking upwards of eight hits to defeat, they're also capable of a ranged laser attack from their eye and will instead keep their distance from Link instead of charging at him, they're distinguished by their glossy white carapice and shining Purple eye.


Morth TWW

A strange small spiky enemy that appears in the Faron Province especially at night, Morths are harmless enemies that don't hurt Link directly instead slowing his movement and preventing him from using his items, Morths are always found in conjunction with other enemies often ones with ranged attacks like Bokoblin Archers or Octoroks. They can be defeated by performing a Spin Attack or by sprinting for long enough, alternatively jumping into water will also remove them. Morths also increase the amount of fall damage Link takes making them particularly dangerous around cliffs even short ones.

Undead Enemies


Stalfos ss

The most common of the undead enemies, Stalfos are undead humanoid enemies that will appear often in small groups and wield two swords usually of a low-grade. Stalfos will often attack and block with these swords requiring Link to strike in particular ways to defeat this enemy. Some Stalfos also wear heavier armour protecting them from direct attacks and must be attacked in different methods to remove the armour.

Stalfos will often attack in duos regardless of how many there are, one will usually block while the other prepares to attack, stunning them can make this easier however. Bombs are also an effective method of dealing with Stalfos as their explosive damage causes Stalfos to fall apart leaving them completely vulnerable to attacks. Furthermore using certain items can knock a Stalfos' weapons out of its hands forcing it to retrieve the weapon or leaving it more open to attacks if it only has one sword. Some Stalfos will combine together linking their bones to form a more armoured variant with four swords instead, this is extremely rare and will not occur at all until the player has completed the first act. In this fused form the Stalfos have considerably more health than the two Stalfos on their own however they're slower moving and gain a few new attacks from this combined four swords formation.


Stalfos (Twilight Princess)

Unlike its standard counterpart, the Stalknights are a more elite and fearsome enemy that have more health and better tactics. Stalknights are often encountered with other Stalfos but rarely with another Stalknight. They will usually command Stalfos causing the Stalfos' attacks to be faster and usually more complex, the Stalknight itself will attack with a sword and shield and is capable of performing a number of different attacks as well as effectively blocking Link with its shield and also performing shield bashes to daze Link if the player is too greedy with their attacks.

The Stalknight is better armoured than the Stalfos and to attack it directly this armour must be destroyed, many of the items effective against Stalfos are effective against Stalknights however Stalknights can block Bombs if they're standing in front of the bomb with their shield. If Link and the Stalknight are fighting in a duel the Stalknight will sometimes throw its shield if Link gets too far away, the shield deals considerable damage and will usually be picked up by the Stalknight without it leaving itself open to attacks.


Blue Bubble (Ocarina of Time)

A small flying skull-shaped enemy that appears in dungeons only, Bubbles are a strange enemy that can't harm Link direclty but instead can curse him, resulting in Link losing the ability to use his items for a period of time, Bubbles often apppear in corridors to maximize their difficulty to avoid but do not appear in arena-like encounters due to the complexity of the battle. Bubbles come in four variaties; Blue, Red, Green & Purple. Blue Bubbles are the most common and will Curse Link making it impossible for him to use his items for a short period of time.

Red Bubbles function much like Blue Bubbles however their effect is limited to the room where the Bubble is located and doesn't have a time limit, thus forcing the player to leave the room to regain their items unlike the Blue Bubbles whose effect carries to multiple rooms. Green Bubbles will curse Link for longer than Blue Bubbles and also will chatter if they run into Link alerting enemies to his location, Green Bubbles are also more aggressive and will directly head towards Link. Purple Bubbles are the most tricky as they are stationary and instead will spit cursed fireballs at Link which will Curse Link and not deal damage. Purple Bubbles also commonly appear in areas where Link can't attack them like behind grates or glass so they can only be avoided instead.

Bubbles can be defeated although not through conventional means as direct contact will cause Link to be cursed, Boomerangs are also useless against them as is the Slingshot. Magical Rods as well as the Elemental Arrows for the Bow and Magic Powder work against Bubbles and will destroy them.


ReDead(Ocarina of Time)

A large, foreboding enemy, Redeads are reanimated corpses that have been cursed forced to wear torture devices that appear as wooden boxes covering their faces, they can be easily distinguished by a moan they make as they wander about and an ear-piercing shriek when they detect a living entity. Redeads are relentless in their onslaugh, paralyzing their targets with fear before attempting to jump onto them to drain their spirit away. Redeads will attack anything alive making them somewhat effective for dispatching other enemy types that aren't also dead, Redeads are also rather unstoppable excluding killing them with various weapons most effectively being the Goddess Sword especially after getting the Goddess' Spirit which doubles its damage against undead.

Redeads can perform every action that Link (without items) can albeit slower including scaling climbable surfaces in addition they're intelligent enough to follow Link through rooms although if Link evades their detection long enough they'll give up and return to their original location.



A ghostly enemy that appears vaguely humanoid, Poes wield giant scythes and wander around at night on the surface as well as in some dungeons where they can devour the souls of those that died recently. They're very weak against attacks of Light which includes any form of fire, merely using a Lantern against one will render it tangeable to attack. Link must be careful however as this enemy is known to retaliate rather violently swinging its scythe in long arcing motions.


Wallmaster Artwork

A gruesome enemy that appears as a disembodied hand, they seem to lurk in the shadows and originate from a different world to the one Link is familiar with, they appear only in dungeons and are able to grab Link and take him back to the start of a dungeon draining his energy in the process, Wallmasters can be distinguished by a sound cue as well as their shadows lurking over Link. The only way to defeat a Wallmaster is to strike it with the Sword or shoot it with the Light Arrow or Light Rod causing it to burn up.

It is a tough enemy and is often better avoided then attacked as defeating it with Light Arrows or the Light Rod consumes a large amount of magic.

Volcanic Enemies



These strangre creatures appear across the Eldin Province usually living in holes in walls that they've burrowed or on occasion within the shells and bones of ancient monsters. Pyrups attack by poking their head out of their hole and spewing out a flamethrower, they also have a lure which tempts creatures like Keese towards them where they'll attack them. Pyrups cannot be defeated by most weapons due to their tricky location and Pyrups also will hide deep in their spots to make sure Link can reach them with a bomb, only Pyrups that hide in the bones of other monsters can be killed by Link's Sword.

For other Pyrups it is only possible to kill them with Bombs, the player must roll a bomb into their hole which will cause them to squeal before it explodes, the angle at which the bomb is thrown is important as some Pyrups make holes at angles instead of directly forward to trick attackers.

Dodongo Young

Baby Dodongo

The immature form of the Dodongo, the Dodongo Young are small serpentine creatures that are commonly found in hot environments, they're fast moving although quite weak only taking a single sword strike to defeat. The key ability of the Dodongo Young however is their ability to detonate by making the chemicals in their body react violently this causes their bodies to flash shades of red rapidly before exploding, damaging others nearby this can in turn set off a chain reaction.


Dodongo OoT3D

The mature form of the Dodongo, this rather uncommon, reptilian enemy is encountered in the mountainous Eldin Province. Unlike their young counterparts, Dodongos posses hardy exteriors which make them impervious to most attacks, only their tail is unguarded striking it enough times much like with Dodongo Young can cause the Dodongo to explode. Alternatively Dodongo's can be defeated by feeding them bombs which will automatically trigger the explosive chemicals.

As a mature Dodongo, they possess the ability to breathe fire from their mouths and can move about by climbing walls and even the ceiling using their clawed feet to grip into their surroundings. It is said that there is a stage beyond this form of the Dodongo however no one knows what it is.



The Lynel is a monstrous enemy found in the Eldin Province (Past) they're a gigantic centuar-like enemy that appears to have a vaguely Lion-like appearance, they wield massive Axes that they use in close combat with Link and are highly aggressive charging at him at high speeds, swinging their axes with enough force to send Link flying and being able to breath fire in a powerful flamethrower as well as shooting out fireballs that rain down from above.

Lynels are always encountered on their own and can be used somewhat for puzzles as their charge is powerful enough to break down walls that would otherwise require bombs, in addition their fire is just as intense as the Flame Crystal allowing for puzzles revolving around fire to be useful with their appearance. Defeating them is often quite demanding on the player as they have a large variety of attacks with their axes and are even intelligent enough to block arrows with their hardened forearms reducing the damage significantly, in addition attacking one with any form of Fire is ill-advised as this enrages the creature making them attack without any form of warning for a period of time, freezing them is also ineffective as the Lynels can instantly break out of the icy prison.

Lynels are the most powerful enemy located in the Eldin Province.

Snowy Enemies


Mini Freezard

These small, icy enemies appear in cold climates often in accompanyment with other icy enemies, Mini-Freezards are generally little threat on their own although in groups can pose a problem, their spiky exterior makes it dangerous to run into them and their ability to periodically propel themselves across the room they're in with their icy breath can pose both a threat from the icy breath freezing Link to also them ramming into Link.

If multiple Mini-Freezards are close together they can fuse into a fully-formed Freezard posing an even greater threat to Link.



The result of several Mini-Freezards fusing, Freezards are more dangerous than their smaller counterparts having a powerful icy breath which can freeze Link solid and deal heavy damage, in addition they can shoot the icy spikes that grow on their back in numerous directions making attacking them from behind a dangerouns and ill-advised tactic. Freezards can move about by unleashing a blast of cold air propelling them, they are also considerably more bulky than Mini-Freezards as it takes multiple hits from even fire-based weapons to defeat them.

White Wolfos

White Wolfos

A more powerful and larger variant of the normal Wolfos, unlike their forest-dwelling counterparts, White Wolfos tend to stick to themselves often attacking in solitary groups, their white fur allows them to blend in seamlessly with snow and they can also attack in quick succession making it quite difficult for their prey to fight back. White Wolfos are stronger than regular Wolfos and also are able to create Ice spikes on their back to bolster their defences and make them even more dangerous if they charge at Link.

The White Wolfos is also able to breath a freezing-cold blast of air from its mouth freezing Link in place if he's hit. White Wolfos are however uncooperative with other species and will attack other enemies instead of solely focusing on Link, potentially helping Link by reducing the number of enemies he has to face.

White Boe

White Boe

Much like its dust-based cousin, the Black Boe, the White Boe is a creature that is made of snow that will jump around. Posing little threat on its own although can support other enemies by providing defence and can combine together proving rather tricky to defeat. White Boes take thisa step further as they must be struck horizontally to be defeated, due to the snowy climates they're in they can quickly reform it their cores (commonly mistaken for eyes) aren't destroyed.

White Boes can also freeze Link on contact and turn enemies like Wolfos into White Wolfos, Keese into Ice Keese and Chuchus into Ice Chuchus.

Electric/Desert Enemies



The immature form of the Moldarach, Aracha's are small and easy to defeat enemies who attempt to overpower Link with their vast numbers  and ability to quickly burrow under the hot sand. Arachas will attempt to pinch Link or sting him with their stinger which can inflict Poison on Link. Arachas can be easily defeated by slashing at them and other enemies like Armos and Ampiluses can crush them on accident. If the player attacks an Aracha in the proximity of a Moldarach the latter will rise up from the sand to attack the player meaning one must be careful when dealing with these small foes.



A large crustacean creature, Ampiluses roll around at high speed and cannot be destroyed easily, they do however generate impressive amounts of electricty, enough so that Link can use them to charge up generators to open up passageways and use ancient machines, they tend to scuttle around when not attacking link and are known to talk to one another through clicking sounds.

When exposed to a Timeshift Stone an Ampilus will revert to its larval stage still retaining its electrical shell although not being able to chase Link effectively making them electric orbs that can be pushed around with a certain piece of equipment.


Beamos - Skyward Sword

A large totem-like enemy, Beamos are immobile but very defensive enemies being able to fire off a powerful laser from their eye, to defeat one Link must chop apart its body at the weak unarmoured sections and then stab it in the eye to finish it off, meanwhile dodging this machine's attacks. Beamos can vary in height with some appearing with just their head while others having up to five body segments.



A flying robotic enemy that has two magnetic faces which can pull Link close and then shoot a laser at him, Link can defeat this enemy by using the Magnetic Gloves to disable it and then drive his sword through its eye, Link can also use the Mirror Shield to reflect the magnetic pulse from a Magunesu freeing Link from it and leaving it stunned forcing it to flip over.

Magunesu can also appear from slots in the wall and generally wait until Link has cleared a room of its other robotic enemies before doing so, this is because Magunesu are also able to repair other robotic enemies, creating new parts for Beamos and Armos as well as recollecting the scrap from Sentrobes and rebuilding them. Magunesu also can steal enemies like Lizalfos and Stalfos' weaponry making those fights somewhat easier for Link.


Armos SS

A robotic enemy more commonly found indoors than out, Armos have limited mobility although once they spot Link they'll begin jumping towards him, using the spikes on their body hurt the player. To counter this enemy the player must use the Magnetic Gloves or Gust Bellows to spin the metal fan on the top of their heads which causes their jaw to open forcefully, doing so will reveal the crystal core inside their bodies which Link can stab to destroy, some Armos have two cores meaning Link must attack from both sides.



As its name would suggest the Sentrobe is a sentry robotic enemy found in some of the buildings in the Lanayru Province, they're flying cannons that can shoot laser beams at Link if they detect him, in addition they can unleash bombs which will scuttle towards Link or any other organic life in their vicinity, they're fairly weak being defeated with a single Skyward Strike or by using the Bow or two shots from the Slingshot.



The Geldman is a rather strange enemy made entirely of sand, though humanoid in appearance they're believed to be some sort of spirit that is born from the malice of other creatures nearby, Geldman cannot be defeated with standard weapons and can only be harmed by blowing away their sand with either the Tornado Rod or Gust Bellows or by freezing them and then attacking them while they're solidified.

Geldman rarely appear on their own usually accompanied by enemies that make it hard for Link to focus on the Geldman like Ampiluses and Sentrobes. Geldman will attempt two tactics when they see Link either they'll shift towards him attempting to ram him or will appear right next to him and attempt to grab him, if they're successful in the latter case then the player must tap multiple buttons rapidly to escape.

Underwater Enemies



The Geozard are an aggressive and dangerous enemy found underwater that are a fierce competitor to the Parella for domination of the water, Geozards are able to wield weapons and shields making them quite tricky to fight due to Link's limited arsenal underwater. Geozards are able to swim with greater ferocity than Link, able to keep up with him even while attacking. They tend to attack in small groups and are primarily found in the North-East areas of the Faron Province.

There is a stronger variation of the Geozard known as the Geozard Elite which are red with a distinct mowhawk crest and wield larger weapons including battleaxes and giant cleavers while carrying circular shields, they're able to breathe fire unlike their standard counterparts and can give orders to regular Geozards making them an enemy to prioritize.



A pufferfish-like enemy, Froaks are fairly harmless creatures as they will not aggressively attack Link instead slowly swimming around, if Link gets too close to one however it will violently shake before exploding sending venomous spines in all directions damaging and poisoning Link if he's too close. Link must also be careful as setting off one Froak can sometimes set off surrounding Froaks causing a chain reaction which is sometimes useful for puzzles but can also prove very dangerous.



A large enemy that will attempt to charge at Link if it sees him, Craniocs are bully-like in their nature and will attack other enemies as well although despite their brutish appearance are easy to defeat as ramming them with the Wind Crystal will defeat them easily. Craniocs also tend to attack in small groups of two or three so often Link must dodge them while attempting to charge at the ones inbetween charges.



A strange small enemy taht appears to look like a fish made purely of bones, despite this the creature is actually fairly vicious and will chase after Link in schools often and bite him dealing damage, Link can quickly defeat this enemy however by using almost any of the crystals, even the Light Crystal will cause them to run away as they're photosensitive. Skullfish will also attack other creatures although are often defeated easily due to their smaller size and weak bodies.


Gyorg Enemy

The most ferocious enemy underwater, Gyorgs are fast and very dangerous creatures which will attempt to ram Link and also bite him with their serrated teeth. Their tough helmet-like skull makes them resistant to attacks from the front so attacking them from their side or rear is the optimal solution, they take quite a few hits to defeat although are fortunately only encountered on their own as they'll even attack other Gyorgs if they wander into each other's territory.



A strange creature which floats around underwater with a propeller-like shell, Gyorms will shoot air bubbles which hurt Link if he's hit by them, they're a tricky creature to defeat as they will retreat into their shells if Link gets close and physical attacks will only hurt Link. Instead Link must use the Flame or Frost Crystals, the prior will heat up the shell forcing the Gyorm to abandon it and swim away allowing Link to use the shell for puzzles or alternatively freeze the Gyorm creating a platform at the surface for a while for Link to use to progress to other areas.



The Shellblade is a curious enemy that is hard to defeat due to its sturdy shell which protects it from many types of attacks, the creature will attempt to ram Link by quickly hopping backwards keeping its maw away from Link, the only way to defeat it is to activate a Bombflower underwater and then use the Shadow Crystal to strike its weak interior defeating it in a single hit, the creatures can also be attacked by Parasitic Tentacles which will grab them and take them into their pits effectively defeating the Shellblade and allowing Link to pass by the Parasitic Tentacle more easily.


Spike Zelda

A strange iron-ball enemy that will roll around on the surface of the lakebed while periodically revealing its spikes to propel itself upwards off the lakebed or to deter attacks, the Spike enemy is invincible and fairly fast being able to keep up with Link even if he's swimming, they're useful in defeating other deep sea enemies like Parasitic Tentacles, Biri and Bari. While Spikes cannot be defeated they can become trapped in pits.


Biri OoT

A small jellyfish creature that floats around in deep sea environments they're easily distinguishable due to their bioluminescence and can be easily defeated, Link must be careful however as they constatnly emit an electric field making them dangerous in close proximity, it is best to defeat them with ranged attacks.



A larger variant of the Biri, Bari are a much tougher creature that will aggressively target Link and chase after him, they have long tentacles which they can use to strike Link from a distance, they're not much faster than a Biri however and Link can easily escape them if given space to do so, they also produce an electrical field and strangely when defeated will split into three Biri which must be defeated separately.

Parasitic Tentacle

Parasitic Tentacle

Strange organic growths found deep in Faron Lake, they appear to be directly related to the curse and disappear once Link drains the lake, they're not easy to defeat and take a tremendous amount of magic to destroy, although effective use of the enemies in the environment can also put them down more easily. Parasitic Tentacles attack by lashing at Link and grabbing him smashing him into the lakebed to damage him, they deal considerable damage and are best avoided.



A strange crab-like creature that wanders about near the lakeside and in Faron Lake, Lobarriers have giant stone claws which are impenetrable to direct attacks and main work in small groups to try and corner Link. Using Bombs or the Megahammer to destroy the arm Link can attack the soft inner body of a Lobarrier, alternatively if the player is quick on their feet they can out manuever a Lobarrier and strike it from behind taking the creature down quickly through that method. Once Link obtains the Clawshot he can use that to tear the Lobarrier's arm away and even throw it back at them to defeat them instantly.



The first proper boss of the game, Cahmaralo is found in the Kikwi Treefort in the Faron Province and is fought to rescue the Kikwi Elder. Cahmaralo is a fairly straightforward battle, during the fight the large chameleon-like enemy will turn invisible and crawl along the walls it is impossible to see except for a distinct long stripe on its back which does not camouflage, the player has several options when it comes to defeating Cahmaralo as a result since they can use the dungeon's item, the Boomerang to knock Cahmaralo down revealing him or the player can throw Deku Seeds at him as well.

Players can alternatively wait for Cahmaralo to attack, this is signalled by the stripe flashing red and him making a screeching sound before attempting to pounce on Link, if Link successfully dodges the attack the boss will be left open to a few attacks, however shortly afterwards Cahmaralo will either strike Link with its long claws if Link is close enough or attempt to use its rubberband-like tongue to lash out at Link, the claws deal more damage than the tongue. The player can attack Cahmaralo freely in between dodging its attacks with the use of the sword.

A third solution to the boss fight comes from an insect found in the Sealed Grounds and Faron Woods called the Faron Grasshopper. If Link brings one of these insects with him to the boss fight he can use it to distract Cahmaralo which will cause it to turn visible and chase after the Grasshopper leaving it completely open to attacks, after a while Cahmaralo will catch and eat the grasshopper however so the solution is merely temporary.

Unlike later bosses in the game Cahmaralo only has one phase however the player will find that dealing considerable damage will cause the boss' tail to fall off which will lash about the arena and can damage the player if they get close, other than this additional factor Cahmaralo's fight remains the same until the player defeats it.


Found in Skyview Temple, Gohdamorm is encountered when attempts to rescue Zelda, the large athropodic creature is fought somewhat akin to the numerous encounters of Gohma in previous Zelda games, during the battle Link must find a way to force Gohdamorm to open its eye, this is primarily done with the Boomerang although the Sword works for the first hit. Striking Gohdamorm's tail is key for the first two instances with the first time it's tail trailing along the ground, simply using the sword to hit it will cause Gohdamorm to open its eye, Link must follow this up with a strike from the Slingshot as it is out of range for the sword.

Once Link hits Gohdamorm's eye the creature will reel in pain and collapse allowing the player to wail multiple hits on the boss before it recovers. Once it does the process repeats itself however Gohdamorm will summon Mini-Moldorm to fight alongside it, these enemies must be quickly dispatched as they can make hitting Gohdamorm difficult, this time Gohdamorm holds its tail in the air forcing Link to using the Boomerang or strike one of the Blastworms in the arena to throw at the tail. After damaging the tail again Gohdamorm will this time fight back, using an eye laser to strike Link faster than a player can line up a shot against the boss' eye, to counter this the player must find and strike another Blastworm and throw it at Gohdamorm's underbelly which is shown to be unarmoured, doing so will cause it to be stunned giving Link a chance to shoot it with the Slingshot and deal more damage with the sword again.

In the third part Gohdamorm will reveal armour plates which cover its tail, protecting this weak point the creature becomes much more difficult for Link to hit, due to this the player must come up with a different tactic to defeat Gohdamorm, there are a number of ways of achieving this. The first is using a Blast worm and having Gohdamorm run into it will cause Gohdamorm to reel back giving Link a quick chance to hit it with the Slingshot in the underbelly causing it to collapse. Alternatively the player can shoot bombflowers growing from the ceiling that appear in this phase to drop on Gohdamorm causing it to go into its eye laser attack at which point Link can use a Blastworm and the Slingshot to deal more damage.

The third option is made available after Gohdamorm has been moving around for a long enough time, Gohdamorm will eventually charge into a wall causing a large rock to fall down, Link can push this rock, although must be careful to avoid Gohdamorm at the same time, once Gohdamorm rams into the rock it'll be knocked back allowing Link to shoot its now exposed eye with the Slingshot and deal the final attack against the boss defeating it.









Champion of Fire


Champions of Ice


Shadow Beast




Emperor Moldarach


Shadow Link


Champion of Nature




Queen Deku Hornet


Ghirahim II


The First Hero







Goddess Sword/Master Sword

The Goddess Sword (later referred to as the Master Sword) is the primary weapon of Link's arsenal, a longsword which allows Link to perform most of his combat techniques while also functioning to solve a number of puzzles. The player uses the sword primarily in combat as a means of attacking enemies.

The player can attack enemies with their sword in a number of ways, performing slashing and stabbing motions will create quick attacks that deal low damage while charging attacks can lead to Link's infamous Spin Attack as well as the game's signature attack the Skyward Strike. In addition Link can charge his Stab and Slashes as Thrusts and Overhead Swings which like the Skyward Strike take longer to charge but deal more damage, the Thrust will knock an enemy back while the Overhead Swing can hit multiple enemies. Link may also now perform a few new moves with the sword.

By repeatedly slashing in opposing directions Link can often break through most forms of defense that would not damage him in the process of doing so. Link may perform a Slash immediately after an Overhead Swing resulting in a Sword Beam which acts like a Skyward Strike with slightly less power. The player can perform a Spin Attack by charging the sword for an extended period of time which is signalled by the second charge sound. Players may also perform more complex counters than in previous games with the player being able to perform counters by attacking in the opposite direction to an opponent if they attempt to slash at Link, this deals considerable damage compared to a regular slash and leaves most opponents open to follow-up attacks.

Outside of battle the Sword has a number of exterior uses from the Skyward Strike being useful in activating objects  with Hylia's Emblem on them as well as the Sword being involved in some puzzles. Holding the Sword up out of combat will allow the player to use it somewhat as a dowsing tool as it will pick up on hidden items nearby and make a chime if there is an object that is accessible to the player. The Sword may also be used to cut down grasses and small plants to retrieve Hearts, Stamina Potions, Magic Potions and Rupees.


The player's shield is a multi-purpose defensive weapon that Link wields from very early on in the game, the Shield comes in many varieties and can be upgraded at the Blacksmith in Skyloft for the right price. The Shield is a rugged and useful piece of equipment that when used can block Link from incoming attacks from enemies sometimes causing them to stagger leaving them open to a counterattack, in addition it may be used to Shield Bash opponents as an offensive variant of blocking, if this is timed as an enemy is about to attack Link then it will result in a critical block which leaves the target much more open to attacks.

The Shield may also be used in conjunction with sprinting to allow Link to ram through weak enemies as well as break down some obstacles, it does slightly lower Link's sprinting speed when doing so however. The Shield when upgraded can be used to block magical attacks as well and when upgraded even further it can reflect said magical attacks back at the target, the shield's design changes throughout the game starting out as a simple training shield made of low-grade wood progressing to a high-grade wooden shield capable of deflecting attacks much more quickly to the powerful Iron Shield able to repel Magic attacks, the Steel Shield which offers greater coverage against attacks, the Magical Shield which is able to reflect Magical Attacks back at the attacker and finally the Hylian Shield which is able to block any form of attack when used correctly.


The Lantern is an optional item the player may acquire from the Bazaar in Skyloft early on in the game, it is a useful method of transporting and using fire and helps as an alternative method of completing some dungeons' puzzles, the item allows Link to wave around a small fire lighting up areas and also acting as an alternative (albeit noticeably weaker) to the sword for close quarters combat. Hitting enemies with the Lantern will ignite most of them and will severely damage Ice based enemies including one-hitting Freezards, it can also remove the Ice Element from Ice Keese turning them into regular Keese.

Later in the game the player has the option to upgrade the Lantern into the Magic Lantern, this upgraded Lantern allows the player to choose two modes; Blue Fire & Red Fire. Red Fire is strictly a more powerful version of the Lantern dealing more damage to enemies and has a larger radius of attack, it also deals bonus damage against ghostly enemies like Poes. The Blue Fire is a cold variant which is distinguished by the cold vapor that emanates from the flame, it can freeze enemies solid and can be used to extinguish fires as well as freeze water surfaces. Blue Fire Lantern is also able to remove the Fire Element from Fire Keese (turning them into Regular Keese) and Red Chuchus (turning them Green).

Deku Seeds

Deku Seeds are a collectable item that Link can use for a variety of situations, they're effective at creating a small explosion which can distract enemies and also knock down some obstacles like vines and small plants, it can also be used to cause chain reactions on other objects like Bombflowers and Switches. Deku Seeds are most commonly found in the Faron Province and can be found by cutting down various plants as well as defeating Deku Babas. Deku Seeds can also be bought from Beedle and Traveling Merchants in large quantities.


A mechanical device created by an ancient race of robotic beings, the Beetle is supposedly one of their last creations intended to aide in aerial fine movement, although seemingly rudimentary in appearance the Beetle can be controlled and flown about cutting ropes, Deku Babas, vines and Skulltula Threads. The Beetle appears to be merely a prototype however as parts of its design leave it without protection thus a single hit can disable it returning it to Link.


The Hornet is a special variation of the Beetle (and its respective upgrades) that is able to be used at the cost of some magic, the Hornet is a mechanical device that flies in a fast and straight line wherever Link is aiming and can tear through objects like vines and ropes and break boxes and other containers, it is not useful against enemies as most enemies block it either through armour or body composition. The Hornet is a viable alternative to the Bow for many puzzles as it is functionally identical but is capable of being controlled allowing the player to also bypass some puzzles earlier in the game through its usage.

Jaw Beetle



A ranged weapon that moves about in an arc motion and returns to its user, the Boomerang can be used for targetting enemies and objects at a distance although is fairly slow in comparison to other ranged weapons. The Boomerang can be shot down by enemies like Archer Bokoblins and some enemies like Spumes can grab it with their tongue and temporarily steal it from Link.

The Boomerang is useful when Link needs to hit switches from behind a wall and also for general arcing motions. It has two modes; Free-Aim and Target-Aim. Free-Aim will show the player the arc the Boomerang will travel in and can be adjusted using either the motion controls or directional pad (depending on which mode the player is using). Target-Aim works much like how it did in other 3D Zelda Games with Link being able to target up to eight enemies, objects and/or switches in a single throw.

Freezing Boomerang

A magical variant of the Boomerang, while active the Freezing Boomerang consumes some magic in trade for taking on ice properties allowing Link to freeze enemies solid for the longest time due to the added stun effect of the Boomerang, in addition it creates large ice platforms over water and can even freeze waterfalls revealing secret entrances.

Gale Boomerang

Another magical variant of the Boomerang, the Gale bomeranng can be used to spin fans opening up pathways that require external means otherwise to access, in addition it also lets Link blow out torches at a great distance helping him sneak by tougher enemies or stealth attack hem as well as revealing puzzles that rely on a lack of ligt to be solved. The Gale Bomerang is also useful in combat as it can knock shields out of enemies hands leaving them defenceless.


The Slingshot is a ranged weapon found early in the game, this simple weapon allows Link to fire directly at enemies and objects at a fair distance. The Slingshot is able to break quick weak walls and can also damage supports built by Bokoblin Archers making it easier to get past them. The Slingshot is able to fire numerous different seeds with varying effects;

  • Skyloftian Seed - Standard damage, has the fastest shooting speed with no special effects
  • Deku Seed - Has similar power to a bomb although has the shortest range of all ammo, it can be used to destroy walls
  • Gale Seed - Is able to be used for wind-based puzzles and creates a mini-cyclone upon firing, it deals the least amount of damage to enemies although does stun them.

Flame Seed Slingshot

By using up magic Link can convert Skyloftian Seeds into Flame Seeds which allow him to fire more powerful ammunition capable of damsging many enemies and dealing greater damage against plant and ice enemeies, in addition its effects are similar to that of other fire weaponry able to melt ice and burn ropes and vines as well as destroy wooden blockades and shields. Flame Seeds can also be used to solve spinning wood panel puzzles whcother fire elemental items cannot pass through.

Cane of Pacci

An optional that Link can get by exploring the area around the Sealed Grounds finding a hidden cave, the Cane of Pacci allows Link to be able to flip objects over this has a variety of effects from flipping over platforms to make them able to be climbed upon, disarming an opponent by causing their weapon to flip out of their hand. This can also be used for rather special effects on open flames.

When used on a flaming torch it will cause the fire to become icy and allow Link to make early use of the Freezing Boomerang and Ice Arrows before obtaining the Ice Crystal. The Cane of Pacci also has some special effects on enemies with some enemies like Chuchus, Boes, Torch Slugs and Ampiluses being flipped over and temporarily disabled allowing Link to easily defeat the first three and allowing him to carry around Ampiluses for a short period of time.

Eldin Megahammer

A powerful hammer that Link finds while escaping from the Mogma Pit, it is a very powerful albeit slow weapon that can defeat enemies and is usable in combat unlike other weapons which are mainly only able to stun enemies whereas the Megahammer can in fact defeat them. The Eldin Megahammer also generates a shockwave if it hits the ground temporarily stunning smaller enemies. In puzzles the Eldin Megahammer can be used to knock immovable blocks out of the way and can also break open platforms that are stuck allowing Link to access new areas, the item is also useful for gongs found along the surface which can be interacted with to reveal secret optional mini-dungeons for the player to try out earning treasure and what not.


An explosive device that's supposedly constructed by the Gorons long ago, Bombs and their natural counterpart, Bombflowers are explosive devices that can be set, thrown or rolled and will explode a short while after being useful for damaging enemies, breaking apart damaged walls and boulders as well as for miscellaneous puzzles such as using one for a temporary weight.

Bombs are spherical and will roll around a bit and can be pushed down hills, Link must be careful as enemies are fairly smart about bombs with humanoid enemies like Moblins, Dinolfos and Darknuts being able to kick Bombs away making them fundamentally useless against those enemies. Bombs have the useful application of being used with the Bow once the latter item is obtained allowing Link to use Bomb Arrows an optional additional item that has a greater range than a Bomb Throw with as much power, albeit at the cost of an Arrow and a Bomb to use as opposed to other special arrows which use Link's Magic.

Bombs can be bought from Beedle or Gorons usually in stacks of 10 although Beedle sometimes has a special offer for 30 at a discounted price.


In exchange for some magic for each Bomb, Link is able to use Bombfish, an underwater objective seeking variant of the standard bomb, while underwater Link can use Bombfish to blow up submerged walls, solve some puzzles and can even attack enemies dealing damage by ramming them as well as exploding after a few seconds.

Magical Rod

On its own this item is functionally useless merely acting as a vessel for the elemental crystals allowing Link access to other variations. The Magical Rod has no functionality in puzzles on its own and does less damage against enemies in combat than the Base Version of the Goddess Sword, it does have the unique ability ofdistracting some enemies akthough most will quickly see past the trickery and others like Darknuts, Garos, Fokkas and Moldarachs won't be entranced at all.

Fire Rod

The Fire Rod allows Link to cast a blast of fire from the Magical Rod incinerating enemies, igniting torches, ropes and plants as well as melting ice and evaporating small puddles of steam. The Fire Rod is useful in combat for being faster ot use than the Fire Arrows although has worse range making it less effective for puzzles unless the puzzle requires Link to use fire through a barrier which Arrows cannot pass through.

The Fire Rod also can be used on Heart Radishes found on the surface to quickly cook them into Crisp Hearts which heal more, the Fire Rod is the best weapon to use against Ice Wizzrobes as it is their elemental weakness and works better against Ice Enemies than the Goddess Sword does.

Ice Rod

The Ice Rod allows Link to cast a cold freezing gust of air from the Magical Rod, this can freeze enemies solid as well as damage them and can unignite torches as well as create frozen platforms in water for Link to run across or to create ice cubes from puddles of water to use as weights to solve puzzles. The Ice Rod fires in a wave expanding outward from the focal point at a 60 degree flat arc in the direction the player is facing, it is effective for dealing with many enemies at once although is relatively ineffective against larger and armoured enemies.

The Ice Rod can freeze Chuchus solid and make them usable platforms, it is also very effective against Plant based enemies and is the most effective way of defeating Lizalfos due to it being their inherent weakness. The Ice Rod can be used against insects to make them easier to catch as well as they're frozen solid.

Shadow Rod

The Shadow Rod allows Link to unleash three different spells based around darkness, by firing with a quick hit Link can unleash a shadowy orb that damages enemies and is amplified in dark locations and works especially well against Electric enemies although is weakened and can even vaporize in direct sunlight.

By charging the attack for longer Link can create a shadow tether which can latch onto the shadow of enemies trapping them in place temporarily and can be used as a substitute for the whip. By charging even longer Link is able to create shadow dopplegangers to fight alongside him creating up to tree at a time, these doppleganggers can only harm enemies with shadows making them useless against ghosts and undead enemies. The Shadow Rod will also unveil Gibdos revealing the redead beneath.

Sand Rod

The Sand Rod is a magical variant of the Rod that imbues it wth powers that allow Link to alter the sand around him, using it to create waves pushing heavy objects and even some enemies around to solve puzzles as well as push enemies over platforms. Link is also able to solidfy sand by focusing on a specific spot creating platforms that allow the hero to cross over treacherous pits and block moving obstacles.

The effects even apply to certain enemies made of sand, causing them to become immobile and vulnerable to attack. In addition Link can also reverse the flow of sand rivers and subdue quicksand pools temporarily to aolve puzzles and provide access to areas otherwise inaccessible.

Light Rod

The Light Rod allows link to emanate a powerful light that can pierce inky darkness found in some of the dungeons across the surface and in the Ordona Province, unlike the lantern it cannot be used to burn enemies although it will weaken enemies made of darkness and is even effective in destroying some of them. In addition it can be used to solve puzzles revolving around lighht and reflections as well as helping Link create decoy orbs to distract enemies for him to ambush them.

Water Rod


Tornado Rod



An effective weapon for ranged combat the Bow is able to fire fast moving projectiles, Arrows that can pierce weaker enemies and also be used to knock down targets at a great distance the player will find the Bow is fairly versatile as it offers excellent range allowing Link to efficiently deal with enemies from a distance only having to engage them if they're immune to arrows such as Ghostly Enemies and Armoured Enemies. The Bow is also good for knocking down Deku Hornet Hives to retrieve Hornet Honey (one of the best healing items in the game) at a distance to prevent the Deku Hornets from immediately attacking Link. The Bow does have its drawbacks, its specialized variants consume more magic than other weapons making it difficult to persistently use Elemental Arrows without running out of Magic quickly, in addition the Bow takes some times to reload as opposed to the extremely fast reload of the Slingshot and instant reload of the Magic Rod, this makes it very difficult to use in combat unless it's the enemy's primary weakness or the enemy is more defensive in nature.

Fire Arrows


Ice Arrows


Light Arrows


Iron Boots




Fireshield Boots


Loftwing Armour


Goddess' Spirit


Goddess' Charm


Parella Plates


Magnetic Gloves


Silicon Gloves


Gust Bellows


Twister Bellows


Hydro Bellows




Dominion Rod


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  • This is the second Semi-Remake done by Shadow Inferno, the first being Metroid Beyond M.