The Legend of Zelda: Shadows of Mastery, often referred to by fans as LOZ: SoM, is an action/adventure game for the Nintendo Wii that was originally released in early 2010.

It is a completely stand-alone Zelda game, and has no ties to any previous games in the series.


The bosses in Shadows of Mastery, called the Magicians of Mastery due to their command over a certain element, are servants of the Master of Shadows, and are among the most powerful operatives in the Shadow Army. Each possesses a Shadow of Mastery, which is needed to open the way to the Realm of Shadows and confront the Master.



Shadows of Mastery implements a new ally system; that is, certain characters Link meets during his quest join him and assist in the overworld or on the field, and he uses their unique powers to his full advantage in combat and when solving distinct puzzle

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